October 21, 2022


NBA DFS Podcast October 21: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast October 21: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast October 21: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Oct 21 2022 | 00:44:46


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for Thursday, October 21 for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as the DeMar DeRozan with Zach LaVine out for Chicago.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and gentlemen, Ill give you, you're listening to the Fantasy S NBA podcast with host John Peba and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:11 What's going on at Fan Nation John and PE Heel. James Grande, welcome into the Chain Army NBA DFS podcast recording here for Friday's 11. Game Main slate. James, other man on the playbook for this 11 gamer, that's been a strong start to the season so far when it comes to NBA dfs, man, how you feeling about everything so far? Speaker 2 00:00:27 First look, looks pretty interesting. We have some good totals. New Orleans Charlotte's two 30 and a half. San Antonio, Indiana 2 31. Those look like the two premiere. Memphis Houston, two 30 and a half. Denver Golden State, 2 29 and a half. So some really Utah, Minnesota, Great Utah Jazz tricked us all 2 28 and a half in that game. But yeah, it's gonna be a fun slate. Lots to look forward to. Still not a lot of data on the board. Every team has now played one game after right Thursday night. But a lot to look forward to on this slate and I'm ready to get into it. Yep. Speaker 1 00:01:02 Let's get into it. Like you said, it'll go to the point guard position here at the top over on Draft Kings. You have John Rant and you have Steph Curry as your top two price. Guys, Curry's your top price gone Fandel John Rant third behind Deonte Murray. How are we considering again on a large slate, large player pool if you want to take a look at say the guys that are nine k and above on draft, which ones do you find to be the most appealing given their matchups? Speaker 2 00:01:28 So I think without a doubt, just given the Houston matchup, Houston's played as fast as they did last year and game number one, they played as bad defense as they did last year as well. Houston third and Pace. So just go show you that once again gonna be a really fast paced team and they give up a ton of points. So guys is in an elite spot coming off a very good first game. Speaker 1 00:01:50 Both point guards against Houston the other day had double doubles. Yeah, both Dre and Deonte. Speaker 2 00:01:55 So yeah, so it's gonna be, it's gonna be a trendy thing this year to attack Houston. It's gonna be a very popular play but it's a great play at that. So ten one, I'm fine so much for 30 minutes. Curry played 33 in the first game of the year because why not, right? That's obviously was gonna happen the whole time we fell Speaker 1 00:02:14 For today. It's gonna be a couple weeks before he lifts the minutes lifts on Clay and Draymond. So obviously that is big news for Steph when Clay Thompson's not on the floor last on opening night, they said he was gonna limit Clay to 18 minutes if that's what he's got going forward. I mean that's significant. Speaker 2 00:02:32 Yeah, I think ten seven on Fano is a little too expensive but 10 K on draftings. I mean I guess if you're gonna get four steals in a block from Steph, like sure he is fine on Fano but I really like the Atlanta guys again, I think there's gonna be times where we're like who do we play here? But like you said, Deonte went for 60 Fandel points, Murray went for 50, they both had double doubles. So I think they're both in play Dame tough ish spot with Chris Paul defense there. We know Dame is fine. Tough spot for Kyrie as well and Lamella is gonna be out. So I like the top four guys on Draft Kings more than I like Dame and Kyrie, Dave and Kyrie always in play performance. Speaker 1 00:03:13 Yeah, I'm with you there. I really like the two Atlanta guys. I just worry if that is a blowout spot for them or if P band shero is really the real deal and was able to keep Orlando mixed into that matchup against Orlandos an exciting game against Detroit, Atlanta. Mu a big step up in competition for them there for sure. And I'm with you John Moran ten one is gonna be a highly popular if we're going the next tier guys that are under $9,000 point guards. Again, I everybody has multi-position eligibility. I'm gonna try to talk about them as I feel they are that position. So Halliburton, it's every 900. Listen, we should have remembered right? Like he is the guy on that team now. Right? Last year with the Pacers he averaged 15 and a half points per game. During the pre-season though he was scoring buckets and he came out, he played 35 minutes against Washington night, 1 26, 4 and seven opening night. Speaker 1 00:04:05 I was a little bit worried when they bumped his point prop on prize sticks from 15 and a half to 16 and a half. I loved it at 15 and a half, I'm put it in the Discord. I said I like 15 and a half, got moved to 16, I got a little skittish, my mistake, this dude is gonna go out there, he is going to score at will, he's gonna take as many shots as he can handle. He's also a really good distributor there but the pace shows are just, they're the Pacers. So you got this spot against another very bad team in the San Antonio Spurs and I just don't see how this is and all systems go. Speaker 2 00:04:33 Yeah and we saw, I mean the Spurs played absolutely no defense and got Shala first game and that's gonna be much of the case cause we don't really know what the Spurs we're doing now we do like we understand it's tanking for Victor like oh yeah <laugh>, that's, that is what they're clearly doing. Speaker 1 00:04:51 I watched the video on on Victor w I don't, I can't even try Speaker 2 00:04:54 To when Wedding Yama. Speaker 1 00:04:56 Yeah And they mentioned now teams are gonna start tanking and they cut to a press or Popovich before the season starts said don't go to Vegas to win to bet on us to go to the playoffs this year. So he's at least upfront about it like yep you don't trade Deonte Murray and let go the rest of your team there basically if you're not willing to commit to the dead last act. Yep. So yeah, I agree with you there. Tank, full tank on here. Pacers are gonna try to tank as well but how in a smash spot, what are your thoughts on Van Fleet against Brooklyn? Brooklyn got smacked by the Pelicans. Is that Testa to how good the pelicans are or how bad defensively Brooklyn's gonna be this year? Speaker 2 00:05:32 I think probably the former. I think the Pelicans are gonna be very good. I think this is a good matchup. I think Van Fleet is going to play. We saw last year how many minutes Nick Nurse distributes to his guys. He's gonna play a boatload of minutes, he's gonna take a lot of threes. He took, dude he played 39 minutes in the opener. Like he just doesn't come off the floor floor. You're gonna get 40 minutes out of him every game. So yeah, I don't hate, I don't hate Van Fleet, I think he'll probably be lower owned on 11 game slate. But this is a game. Let's see what their total is in this game. 2 26 is a game with a good total. It's the Nets are favored only by two and a half points. So it's a close expected game. Yeah, I think Van's a a nice safe, safe play on this option. Yeah Speaker 1 00:06:20 For yeah I'm I'm with you there as well. As we go a little bit further down in the mid tier, I mean you have Cunningham, you have McCullum there in their spots. You have Chris Paul at just $7,100 which feels like a nice spot for him. Kevin Porter's also at seven K. Yeah Speaker 2 00:06:33 But we saw, and I know it's John Morant but Ja had 34 9 and four against the Kns. I think Jalen Brunson is a good player. I think a player that can be taken advantage of offensively. I think C is too big for him honestly. I think Cade's gonna present a lot of problems for the Jalen brunson's size there. Yeah so I like c I like Chris Paul's weird man because he wasn't great in that opener. He didn't, he didn't like close the game either. I don't know if you saw that they did not have him on the floor. He only played 30 minutes. Speaker 1 00:07:09 Could be a veteran thing again. Speaker 2 00:07:10 They asked Monty Williams after the game and like he just liked what Dami and Lee was doing. It Speaker 1 00:07:15 Works. Yeah Speaker 2 00:07:16 I mean it works right Speaker 1 00:07:17 The three Speaker 2 00:07:18 So, so it's a good spot against Portland and it's a good price but like I like the game environment for Houston and Kevin Porter a lot seven who's seven K and he showed, I mean 21 7 7 and two 19 shots. Like Kevin Porter is gonna be awesome this year in fantasy. They Speaker 1 00:07:36 Paid him, they know they're gonna be bad and they're gonna play Kevin Porter, Jalen Green, Jabari Smith, 35, Speaker 2 00:07:41 All the minutes. Yeah 1600 on Fandel too for Kevin Porter. Like great price tag. So like when it comes to Chris Poll like I think it's a good matchup but I just would rather get like I can save $500 on Fano, I can save a hundred bucks on Draft Kings and get Kevin Porter. I know Kevin Porter's gonna be more the more popular option obviously like everyone's gonna gravitate towards him but I mean I think it's warranted to gravitate towards him. It's a really good play. Speaker 1 00:08:06 I agree with you. If Cole Anthony does not play, do you like Jalen Sus or again was that a product of the matchup last night, last the other night against Detroit? Speaker 2 00:08:14 Yeah, I mean this is a good, it's a good spot. We just saw again that total in OR or Atlanta, Houston was the biggest on the board. This total in the Orlando game 2 23 is solid eight and a half point spread. Like I think Atlanta's gonna play fast with two very good guards. Where do they rank and pace? They were third and Pace too. 106. Yeah Possessions. So I think they're gonna be an exploitable or not exploit. They're gonna probably be good defensively with their health if everyone stays healthy at least in their front court. But yeah, 6,100 for subs, maybe a little Speaker 1 00:08:49 It's 5k on Ondal Speaker 2 00:08:50 Five Candal. Exactly what I was gonna mention too. I like that price a lot more than I do do on fan on Draftings. Maybe a little more contrarian on Draftings if there's no cool Anthony but you have to like 21 points in 25 minutes he fell out too John Little. So who knows what the upside could have been. So maybe if there's no Anthony we can roll Jalen sus comfortably. Maybe there's 40 fantasy point upside if he's not foul ev in 25 minutes you're foul out dude, come on. Speaker 1 00:09:19 Are you buying or selling Aus opening night here? 17,006 and four for him against Miami in a tough spot. Now he gets Washington knows Zach Levine once again in this game and we talked about it last when he was sort of forced into a lot of playing time when Levine and Ball and all those guys were outta the lineup. He performed pretty well. Do you like him again here? He's 5k on fan. He has $5,500 on Draft Kings. Speaker 2 00:09:41 Yeah, I mean it's a good spot. I'm like, I guess I'm a little skeptical of his offense because he is never really been like this guy offensively. I mean it's only, he's a rookie last year but like second round draft pick he didn't but maybe he takes that leap. I'm fine with it. 5K is a good price, he's a good defender. Get some steals over there too. So yeah, I don't hate it. I don't love the 5,500, I don't hate the 5,500. I think it's like a neutral play. When you look at like, like where would you go other than him I guess for value like you'd, Trey Jones is obviously gonna be once again under 5k. Like what Speaker 1 00:10:20 Do you think of Brogden? Brogden is 5,100. Speaker 2 00:10:22 Yeah I guess it depends on your assessment on Brogden and his minutes, right? He played 24 minutes. Is that 23 minutes rather and he closed both half And I think you and I both agree that Bradman's gonna be in the closing line on this team more often than not and he's obviously gonna be a big part but like is he being ramped up because there was like a little knee ailment in the preseason? Is he being, are they taking caution with him because he has been injury prone in the past, right? Like what are they doing with Broad? I'm okay with it. I think 51 is too cheap. We met you, he shouldn't be under six K in any capacity ever. Speaker 1 00:11:04 Yeah, he's 54 candle so Speaker 2 00:11:07 It's just the minutes I guess scare me and maybe they shouldn't scare me as much as they are but the minutes I guess in game one were was a little concerning Speaker 1 00:11:17 In my Okay. Yeah, I mean we could look at some other value options. You mentioned Trade Jones, he's $4,900 and we know that he's gonna play a lot of minutes because they don't really have a lot, Well I guess he only played, he played 24 so we expected him to play a little bit more than he did. Well the blow Speaker 2 00:11:30 Out, well the blowout Speaker 1 00:11:31 The that is further there was the blowout impact for that as well. So, but I mean how like how often do the, I mean they should Speaker 2 00:11:40 Think how often are they gonna get blown out is what Speaker 1 00:11:43 You're about? They're get blown out. Yeah, that's the question, right? The Trey Jones is there AOS five K on Fando? I think we mentioned that already. I mean Dennis Smith Jr. We talked about he only played 21 minutes but again blow out. He had 31 fantasy points on Fano in in those 21 minutes. Speaker 2 00:11:57 Sure, yeah, yeah, yeah. Speaker 1 00:12:00 I mean that's, I mean right there's not, that doesn't seem like there's a lot of value point guards here Speaker 2 00:12:04 So it depends on the Jamal Murray status. Maybe we could get some value there. Bones. Yeah, Bones. Bones is he's wasn't I just looking at it, he's, and unfortunately we're probably not gonna know because it's 10 o'clock, but injury management I feel like injury management has led to people sitting out already. I mean look at i e Levine, like Levine's already sitting for injury management Bones Highland is $3,900 on fan. Yeah $4,000 on draftings. So I would definitely take interest there if there's no Jamal Murray. Speaker 1 00:12:39 Okay, what did they play ish at all or no? No they didn't for me. Okay. Yeah I'm with you on that one. Let's go to shooting guard guys at the top said Deonte is there, depending on who you decide to be the point guard, they both had a level night. One booker against Portland, Bradley Beal, I had a really good game on opening night. He gets Chicago here, Jalen Brown, 35 actual against Philly, $8,200 for him. Ingram's at 80 Speaker 2 00:13:00 Booker's fine. I think you and I are gonna have similar opinions on Booker all year. It's like it's fine. It is what it is. I think probably not gonna pay 8,900 Bradley Beal. I think it's fine. I think the Bulls, I guess the thing is they started Caruso so maybe not like a, the most ideal spot for Beal but I think there's like five x Sixx in there. Maybe he's a cash game play. Jalen another tough spot, but it was tough spot for Dammar Rose. He didn't seem to have many problems either. So he had Speaker 1 00:13:29 S Speaker 2 00:13:29 No problems. Yeah, he, he did whatever he wanted offensively and I mean look, there is no reason Jalen can't carry that over to this game. Yeah and to any game really. Speaker 1 00:13:41 I guess I'm a little disappointed that he, again, he did enough of defensively. 35 points was great. He got a lot of that at the very end. Like you mentioned he just started knocking down threes there at the end of that game. But three rebounds, two assists, one block, two steals. We saw him, Speaker 2 00:13:53 He does that more Speaker 1 00:13:53 Than that. We saw him rebound a little bit better though at at the end of last year. So if that was matchups or whatnot maybe, but we'll see. But yeah, I definitely like him at this price. He's 81 on fan dual as well. So those guys are all kind of fitting in to that same spot. What are your thoughts on Ingram? Again, everybody a normal dude. It's Speaker 2 00:14:12 F what? Speaker 1 00:14:12 Eight game. So Speaker 2 00:14:13 Yeah, I mean 27 points can't Speaker 1 00:14:16 28, 7 and five. Speaker 2 00:14:18 I can't say anything bad about the guy. He's a super good player. I think it's a super elite spot. There's no Lamella ball. The more popular play at a similar price tag is gonna be Terry Rozi. Yeah. So like you can be contrarian ish and play Ingram. I think after seeing what Zion did, game one, I think everyone's gonna like gravitate. I know Zion is 9,200 and there's a discount on Ingram. There's an obvious discount on McCullum as well. Yeah. But I like dude, I like Ingram $8,000. Especially if he's gonna fit in that well alongside like McCollum and Zion. Yeah, no problems going there as you contrarian and play a Rosee. Cause look, everyone's gonna, everyone's gonna play Rose, Speaker 1 00:14:58 Everyone's gonna play on Rosee again. I agree with you. We talked about it on opening night. I said that he, Jayden Ivy was gonna be just way too cheap on Fano. He was like $4,800 I think it was. He's only $5,300 this slate around on Fano. He is $6,100. He's going up against the Nicks. You talked about Guard play against to Nicks the other day. It could very well, I know he is listed as a shooting guard but Ivy could just as easily be the point guard on this team. I know that I think Kate had the 10 assist again. I think Jade and Ivy is just an absolute stud. So I would've no problem paying either price tag for him. Speaker 2 00:15:30 Yeah, I mean I think, I mean as similar boat as it was the first game, like I love the Fandel price tag and I'm a little hesitant on the draft Kings price tag but he proved me wrong right away. So if this is is gonna be what he's gonna be and not, again not to say that I ever thought he wasn't gonna be this guy but maybe 61 was a little too lofty for me off the rib. He's fine. Again, prefer Fandel Price. I'm okay with the draft King Speaker 1 00:15:54 Price. Yep. Jalen Green 64 on Fandel. 61 on Draft Kings. Again I'm fine playing him. Yep. He just, I think he's just again another really good player for him. Moving down the list a little bit, we talked about him, Benedict Mathen Farrin, however we're gonna go ahead and go about pronouncing his name. James we mentioned him at the end of the podcast the other day. 27 minutes. 19 seven and two for the rookie here, he's only $4,300 on draft on FanDuel rather a $5,500 on Draft Kings and he gets the Spurs Speaker 2 00:16:24 Match up. Yeah it's a great dude, it's a great spot. There's gonna be game. So I think pretty much what we saw from him is gonna be the role, right? Like Dote Buddy Heel, they're gonna start as long as they're there. The only thing is Duarte got hurt in that game. He got like hit in the nose, only played 20 minutes. What's the role when Duarte's backed? Is Tu on Lou's minutes? Probably. Is he really talented? Should Speaker 1 00:16:50 He miss? Should he though Speaker 2 00:16:52 Right? I don't know. I mean I don't think so. I don't think Buddy Hill should be there to begin with. Like look at this team around like look at the team in Indiana like Buddy Hill just doesn't fit right. Like he's the one that doesn't fit out of all the players And if you're tanking, like why not try to work on your core with Matu on Halliburton and I mean Jaylen Smith, Isaiah Jackson, Duarte, like that's a good young core. Yeah, I like I'm I would be okay in torments on Vandal. I'm not gonna pay 5,500 though on Draftings Just Or 50. Yeah, 55. Just knowing that there might be less minutes if Duarte is at like not limited at all, which it doesn't look like he's going to be sure Speaker 1 00:17:31 Guys a little bit further down. How are you feeling about Josh heart? Terrence Ross, we mentioned Brogden already. Sal got off to a horrible start. Yeah he did Covered and came back a little bit. He's 51. John Con who you were a big fan of once, Dylan Brook, Dylan Bris got ruled out. He's obviously priced up a little bit more of this slate. $4,800. Where are you on the sort of middle value range? Speaker 2 00:17:55 So it looks like Brooks is gonna be out again. Zer Williams is also out. So like you can go to contrary, he was also sub 4K last late so I like that a little bit more than 4,800. All he does is a three and D guy and he's a good rebounder so like you can play him if you want. I don't feel as comfortable. You've been on Terrence Ross since he was starting in the preseason game. Started regular season game. Yeah was good in the regular season game. Well Speaker 1 00:18:20 Dude is so good to start that guy. Speaker 2 00:18:22 So like yeah, I mean if you wanna take a dart he's going to be 1% owned, nobody's gonna play him. Speaker 1 00:18:29 He was less than 1% owned. Yeah he's, yeah, 0.6% is actually what he was Speaker 2 00:18:33 And maybe giving him too much credit. I like the heart price. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:18:36 Up up price though on now obviously he, he went from like $3,800 to $4,600 so Speaker 2 00:18:42 Yeah so Ross and Contour, two of our guys both a little too expensive. I do like the heart price 38 minutes. Sean 19 points in the first game. Yeah. Which isn't like a Josh heart type line but if that's the production we're gonna get outta Josh Hart. Absolutely no problem going Speaker 1 00:19:00 There. No, he is gonna play a bunch of minutes and I mean you say like that's not a Josh Hart line with Speaker 2 00:19:04 The scoring specifically. Like he can score Speaker 1 00:19:07 Score scores. Yeah but that's the thing like it can score. He can score and he was just always on teams that didn't really need him to score. And I understand this team has Willard but there's no obvious number two now on on in Portland That's fair. Like it could be Josh Har so I'm kind of willing to, to go back to the weather $5,900 on Fano for Josh. Har a little bit more expensive than the 54 on Draft Kings but I'm right there. I have no problems paying that price point. Anybody else for you? What did, what did Beasley do on night one? I know the guy just threw up. Speaker 2 00:19:36 He had 15. He had 15 and he played 25 minutes. Yeah but then I mean that could be 30 minutes because the injury but also like Utah has like they're gonna be a nightmare, right? Conley? Clarkson. Sexton, yeah Beasley marking like all all like potential one through three that's gonna me nightmare but Beasley for tournaments, he always can light it up if he gets going. Houston started Eric Gordon for whatever reason you wanna go there. Cody Martin listed doubtful. What did book night do? He wasn't, I Speaker 1 00:20:11 Can't believe he even played. Speaker 2 00:20:12 Yeah he wasn't even on the, he didn't play a lot. He played 14 minutes. I think Jayden McDaniels played a bunch of the minutes but it was also a blowout. So like Jalen McDaniels, he played 23 minutes. He's a small forward. I'm just looking through like any value Bones is shooting guard eligible. Speaker 1 00:20:30 Max Russ is shooting right? I was rolling on fan. Speaker 2 00:20:32 What do you mean he's a Power Forward? Yeah Speaker 1 00:20:34 He's he is uh, yeah he's probably still a power forward right? Yep. He's 4,700 Power forward. What Speaker 2 00:20:38 Do you mean? Why would Max trust everybody at the Speaker 1 00:20:40 Youre on forward on fan. He's only 4K though. 30 minutes the other night. Speaker 2 00:20:43 That's a great price. We're on Speaker 1 00:20:44 It. We Speaker 2 00:20:44 Talked about you were definitely, we were definitely hip to the to that. Yeah for sure. Tough spot. Guess Contr 41 too. I'd be more interested in cont on Fal as well. It's a pretty good price tag. Speaker 1 00:20:55 Yep, I'm in agreement with you there. All right, let's go on over then to small for yeah multi-position eligibility guys here but you know Durant, Tatum, d Rosens still at 87. Rosen playing small Ford this year as well. Patrick Williams active even though he is a is he power for only? Where's the Rosen? Oh he is shooting guard Small Ford on on Fano. He a small Ford Power for on draft Kings. The Rosen $9,600 though over there. Tatum more expensive than Duran Duran as well. 8,800 for Tatum is just too cheap. If this dude is like I'm pissed that we lost the finals mode so Speaker 2 00:21:28 Oh yeah. Yeah I don't, there's no reason he should ever be 88. Like Durant was amazing in that first game even though they got torched but like I'm taking the 1600 savings every day of the week and I'm also taking the 1700 day savings for DeMar de Rosen last year. John with all Lazo Ball and Zach Levine. Marty Rosen 38.8% usage 1.34 fantasy points per minute and he was like 1% owned. Yeah Or something crazy like that. No I had Vita Viche one. I think the Rosen was sub 10%. He is not going to be sub 10% owned here. Yeah like there is a 0% chance he has September Speaker 1 00:22:08 Against Washington. Yeah, no Speaker 2 00:22:09 Shot but like if you're going fair and balanced, which I can't say I hate because you can just plug in Tatum to Rosen like to start your lineup. Don't really hate that start necessarily. Speaker 1 00:22:20 So Nope, I agree with you there. Going down again to the Midtier, there's not a ton. What are your thoughts on, I mean we go back to Lori or you worry about the size that Utah brings to the table or Minnesota brings to the table here. I Speaker 2 00:22:31 Mean he's probably going to be the guy offensively for them, at least the guy that's taking all the shots on that first unit. So like you can go there if you want. Not my cup of tea but tournaments 59 hundreds, a pretty good price tag. Okay. I'd probably go, I'd probably go Hayward over him. I think Hayward's in a really good spot and he looked really good. He's healthy Uber 20 points, he's yeah I think Aubrey, I think they're both in play here. I think Aubrey what's Aubrey $5,100 on Fal? Hayward 61. So you get a thousand dollars savings. But I'd be okay with playing 'em both. I think New Orleans is gonna be a really fun team offensively but I'm not sure like other than Herb Jones, I'm not sure what they're gonna be defensively. We know Alvarado's good off the bench and stuff but I mean look there's no Lael. So Hayward Ure, Rosie all elite plays at their respective price points. Speaker 1 00:23:23 France Wagner played 30 plus minutes. Michael Speaker 2 00:23:26 Started was good Speaker 1 00:23:28 To see. Yeah Michael and Michael Porter played 30 plus minutes. I know that both of those guys Wagner 62 Porter down to 54 on Fano on Draft Kings, they're a little bit closer on Fano 59 for Porter 57 for friends, Speaker 2 00:23:41 Dude like I know I get it that Porter's coming off the injury and I get Golden State's good defensive unit and Wiggins is a good defender and they have guys that throw at him but like if Jamal Murray is sitting in this game dude, why are we not looking at Michael Porter 5,400? Like there's no reason Yoki is battling an injury. He's probable to play but like I, what are we missing here with Michael Porter? Speaker 1 00:24:04 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:24:04 I'm with you. I mean look, he didn't have like necessarily like elite stats I think last year at least to the standard. I think that you and I both hold him in scoring the basketball especially but he didn't really play nine games so it's like really hard to get like an assessment on him. I'm just trying to look up real quick the last two seasons. Michael Porter without Jamal Murray cuz I wanted to see what the usage rate was. Michael Porter, 20%. Like there's just not enough sample. We know he's an elite score when he is on the floor. He's a good rebounder. There could be no Jamal Murray. I don't see any way, I'm not in playing Michael Porter if he's playing 35 minutes right A game like there's just not a shot. And again people know that you and I like him a lot, he's too good to be 5,400 without Jamal Speaker 1 00:24:55 Murray. Yeah I agree with you there. JD McDaniels buying or selling 44 fantasy points, 35 minutes against the Thunder Speaker 2 00:25:02 Probably buying now do we expect him to, It's hard to, it's hard to think he's gonna score 19 points a game or anywhere close to that. But what did he do? Two blocks, three steals, right? That's his mo. Like his Mo, they were like people were more excited about him than they were Anthony Edwards at times. Right? Which was is crazy to think but like just what it was, right? Like that's Speaker 1 00:25:28 How he as a higher upside Jared Vanderbilt, right? Speaker 2 00:25:32 Like higher upside Jared Vanderbilt. And that's why they kept, that's why they kept McDaniels. Like I don't think he, again, I don't think he is going to repeat 19 points a game but like if he does and everything else comes along with it, which we expected to, I mean we're talking about a guy who couldn't break a slate. Very low old torment play. I'll say that. Speaker 1 00:25:50 Yep. Deandre Hunter is 47 on Fandel, he's 52 on Draft Kings 22, 3, 1 and one for him in that opening night. Matchup again, we know he can score a little bit. He has these moments obviously there's a lot more talent around him. He gotta kind of pick and choose your spot to to run that one out there. Any other value small forwards for you? Bruce Brown, not Bruce Brown. Roy O'Neill for whatever reason had a huge Speaker 2 00:26:15 Game. I won't, I'm not going there. I'll let whoever else wanted play Roy O'Neill just 11 games late, he's just not gonna shoot. I don't care what he did. Like he just, the guy just like the fact that he even took seven shots as a miracle. Yeah, three steals aided by two steals or three steals in two blocks. I think I like your hunter call quite a bit. I do like Duarte Fandel 4,500 I think is a good price if he plays Cameron Johnson not on the injury report. $4,300 Onal. Good price. Contrary we mentioned stress is small forward pcp, did KCP buy a lot? I guess so. 35 minutes. Yeah maybe if there's no Jamal Murray, maybe kcp Mark Speaker 1 00:26:55 You saw Trey Murphy had a really good game off the bench for New Orleans. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:26:58 Yeah and Trey Murphy was a first round pick last year. Yeah Speaker 1 00:27:02 But and if we think that is a blowout game potentially against Charlotte like Murphy at 41 as a tournament play. Speaker 2 00:27:07 Yeah that could be interesting. He's very cheap on Vandal as well. Ja, Justice Winslow, 26 minutes Sean off the Portland and that was a competitive game. Very cheap on Vandal sub 4k on Vandal. So maybe Justice Winslow 39, I think he's gonna be a regular part of that rotation. Speaker 1 00:27:24 Yeah I kind of in agreement with you there as well. I'm trying to think Don, they even Kenzo played 20 minutes. I don't know, that's probably not enough to uh Speaker 2 00:27:32 Uh Not on this slate. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:27:34 Yeah not on all. I am in agreement with you there as well. A Nick nurse by the way. I'm done listening to him. Tcho played seven so seven minutes. Speaker 2 00:27:41 Yeah Nick nurse just plays the starters. We didn't mention Ono broke the slate the other day. Sure you could play him. He's 61 on draft and he played a million minutes and then Scotty Bardens also played 30 foot. Like they just play their guys a billion minutes and that's just what it's gonna be all. They just play a billion minutes Speaker 1 00:27:59 Power forward again. We've talked about Duran Towns against Utah 94 Zion against Charlotte. I know you're gonna love that. $9,200 for Zion, you've gotta figure it all in 88 for Zion on Fano. That's just gonna make him a very popular play over on Fano. Randall's at 84. You loved him at under eight K the other day. He's eight K on Fano, 49 fantasy points for him in that game. A big bubble. So I'm sure he'll be willing to go back there. What's your price for Paulo? Are you willing to pay the 74 or 6,800 over on Vandal? Speaker 2 00:28:31 Absolutely 68 P Ben car. 6,800 for sure. Probably 74 too John. He took 18 shots. Not enough And he also was a rebound away from a double. He also had five assists. He also dunked on somebody and stared him down, played 35 minutes. He got to the free throw line like he did everything. He's super, super good and he had foul trouble early in the first half and he still ended with the game he did. I think Atlanta's a tough matchup for him because John Collins and Clin Capella are very good friend, court defender. So that's something to consider for sure. But I'm okay, I'm okay going Bank Arrow especially 68 on Fandel. I think that price is a little too cheap. Speaker 1 00:29:12 Yeah, I kind of agree with you there. It's a little low for me. Kels $6,800 on AAL on drafting, sorry, on draft Kings Kel on Fandel is priced at 7,200. Well double play 29 minutes. I mean again he's the go-to guy for San Antonio. Yeah Speaker 2 00:29:28 Dude, he's gonna have so much opportunity this year to be the guy to like prove to San Antonio that like they can build around him. I think there's no reason to not consider him in cash. I think he's a definite cash play. He didn't lead them in usage rate. That was actually Devon Bael. So even though Bael didn't look good, he did lead the team in usage rate, which I think is something that you and I both like to see. Even though he struggled 27% usage rate Kel 25.5 kicker, 1.55 fantasy points made for Kel Johnson. I think he's as safe as it's gonna get all year. He has a matchup in Jalen Smith that he's foul happy and Speaker 1 00:30:07 Very foul happy. Speaker 2 00:30:08 Yeah, very foul happy And Jalen Smith's also questionable if he doesn't six five Terry Taylor could be defending him. We're gonna see Oh she Bri set. Who Taylor Speaker 1 00:30:17 Started at center Speaker 2 00:30:18 Like yeah. Yeah. And there's no miles turn already. So like Isaiah Jackson, another foul happy player off the Indiana bench like Helen Johnson lock and loaded cash and you can go there in tournaments as well. Speaker 1 00:30:32 Yeah, we got the full Jared Vanderbilt experience by the way. I split 18 minutes, seven points, 12 rebounds, one assist, one steal six files. So I do like Ga Smith though, even if he is in there, I know he is questionable with a knee. Sure I consider a game time decision but if he's out there I like it. Just gotta worry about the fouls. Aaron Gordon, what are your thoughts on the Aaron Gordon night 1 22 and 10 for Aaron Gordon in 32 minutes? Speaker 2 00:30:55 Absolutely letting us down in game two. So happy if you played game one, Aaron Gordon. So happy for you guys. You guys are the best but uh, I don't know. I don't know. Aaron Gordon gives once a month so he's already reached his quota for October. Oh Speaker 1 00:31:08 Yeah. 24 5 and two $4,900 on Fano for Boon here. Speaker 2 00:31:14 Uh, 4,900 Yeah's Speaker 1 00:31:15 The price. Yeah, $5,600 for draftings. Speaker 2 00:31:18 Yeah, I mean the Fano price sticks out like a sore thumb. Him and Jabari Smith being 49 and 48 respectively sticks out a sore thumb. I think both those guys are elite at their price points. Speaker 1 00:31:27 You know who the, you know who the chalk power forward is on Sandal Speaker 2 00:31:30 Chalk Power Forward Onhand is Bruno Fernando Speaker 1 00:31:35 San Alma 43 Speaker 2 00:31:36 San Alma 43. Yeah. 1838 minutes. Speaker 1 00:31:40 38, 18 and 11 to 38 minutes. Speaker 2 00:31:43 What is he on Draftings? I he's 51. 51. Yep. Probably still gonna be popular. Speaker 1 00:31:48 Bruno is more expensive than San Alma by the way. Speaker 2 00:31:51 And fan, what is Bruno is, I bet you he's center only on Speaker 1 00:31:53 Uh, he's not, he's Power Forward Center Speaker 2 00:31:55 44 a hundred Center on Draftings. Speaker 1 00:31:57 He's a 4,500 Power Forer center on Fandel. Speaker 2 00:32:00 Yeah so Alma, one of your cash spots for Fandel For sure, for sure. Yeah it's lock and loading cash there. Speaker 1 00:32:08 Yep. I'm in agreement with you there as well. Anybody else? Any other value plays for, Speaker 2 00:32:12 I mean if Jalen Spit doesn't play Isaiah Jackson's right, OSHA Bette. We'll get the news early as 7:00 PM lock so we'll know who's in, who's out for Indiana so be on the lookout there. Speaker 1 00:32:23 Yep, I agree with you there. All right, let's go to center at the top here again we have the Joker, we'll see what his status is for this game. I know he is likely to play his split says probable but he is been dealing with that minor in going on there. Go bear in order. Tove spot at nine K. Any interest for that one? Speaker 2 00:32:38 Yeah, Speaker 1 00:32:39 A little bit. Speaker 2 00:32:40 So yeah I think, yeah I mean I think there was just like such a rift. I don't know who the rift was between, I don't know if like Utah management, there was a Rift, there was obviously something weird Speaker 1 00:32:52 Between well he covid in the nba so Speaker 2 00:32:54 True this is true. Definitely was an asshole. Speaker 1 00:32:57 He was 16 for him against OKC and I won. Speaker 2 00:32:59 Yeah and it's not like this is a tough matchup Walker Kessler good shot blocker has a lot to learn defensively. Yep. And Kelly L was immediately in foul trouble in that Speaker 1 00:33:08 Game. Yes he Speaker 2 00:33:09 Was immediately. So yeah, I mean again another guy on Minnesota that I don't expect he'll like score like this but 15 shot of, if that's what Gobert is gonna get, dude sign me the hell up for 15 shot attempts if go, if that's like what Gobert averages this year, I mean we're talking about a career year, we're talking about Speaker 1 00:33:28 A career. It would feel like that's a lot of shot attempts for him given who else is on that team. But those guys also missed shots so he just like grab and boards. Sure Stockham filed out against Cleveland but I always got Brooklyn here at 85. I don't, the problem is that I don't think anybody's gonna play that spot because Vouch is at 81 and he's 75 on Draft Kings, which is like a really good spot for Avi without Levine. Speaker 2 00:33:50 Yeah I mean Vvi had big numbers over 1.2 fancy par minute without Levine Ball last year so he's gonna be really popular. I think Siia outcome is an interesting pivot. John, I think you're on to something there. We know how good Siia outcome can be. We just saw how bad Brooklyn's defense was. Let's see where Brooklyn middle of the pack and pace for that first game. I think that's probably kind of skewed because the starters didn't play full compliment him but yeah I think Siia outcome, he foul out 30 and he still played 34 minutes if he doesn't found out of the game he was playing 40. So I definitely think vouch is the chalk, you're right there. I definitely think Zia is a Speaker 1 00:34:26 Good one. Yeah, I think so as well. Claxton 57 against ym. Onal he's 57 on draft Kings. Claxton is, I pass some here where is he 50? Speaker 2 00:34:37 Yeah I think Claxton's fine. I think he a pretty good price. It's a good matchup. He has obviously has size advantage over Seattle. Speaker 1 00:34:43 Yeah. Anybody else in the mid or valued heres for you? Speaker 2 00:34:46 Sure. Yaka per 6,200 on Draft Kings. I think he has a really good matchup against his future team in Indiana. No, not really but I think we expected more at a hurdle in that game. But Tina nine, he only played 26 minutes, he also had no SH block shots which he's, that's like built into his DNA blocking shots. So I like yo cap Perle quite a bit. 6,200 I think there's some upside there. I like what I saw out of Aon maybe not the best spot against nor but 18 and eight against him last year. 18 and 10 double in game number one. He's pretty so I like Aiden, I like Yca Perle in that mid tier above Claxton. Speaker 1 00:35:24 Yep. I agree with you there as well. Any other guys value wise? Six K 5k in that range? Speaker 2 00:35:31 I mean we mentioned Burtle Fernando. Yep, he's 4,300 if he's gonna continue to start over El Parn Sagoon, I'm not happy about it but there's no reason not to give him a look. He's free so Speaker 1 00:35:42 And he had seven assists. Speaker 2 00:35:43 Yes, I mean that look, there's obvious regression coming right like that's not sustainable but I don't know man. 4,500 he's starting, he's a starting center and he was, I mean a couple points in a rebound away from a double even if he doesn't give you those assists like he's still getting you there. So yeah I think Bruno Fernando kinda looked to see like all these minutes for big guys like Jalen Duran. Speaker 1 00:36:07 Yeah Jalen Duran played 21 or 22 minutes Speaker 2 00:36:09 There, 21 minutes like Speaker 1 00:36:11 Double right him and Walker Kessler, the two first round pick centers from this past draft go and have double doubles on their first nights playing low twenties. So Speaker 2 00:36:19 Yeah, Walker Kessler definitely benefited from Kelly l foul trouble and from the blowout. So Speaker 1 00:36:25 Like and if that isn't likely to happen to Utah all season long. Speaker 2 00:36:28 That's fair. That's a fair point. <laugh> fair point Plum dog 49, 12 7 4 and one. No Lamella ball, Plum dog kind of underrated passer his whole career. I feel like Plum dog is like a good passer so maybe he's something fan that was a Fandel 4,900. I don't know what it's, Did Speaker 1 00:36:44 You see that Bowl? Bowl playing 18 minutes? Speaker 2 00:36:46 Is that sustainable? What Obama? Just at 12 minutes. Huh? So they played bowl over Bob Speaker 1 00:36:52 A close game. It's not like he got not like it was a blowout run. Yeah Speaker 2 00:36:55 It was very close game. Interesting. Something to keep Speaker 1 00:36:59 10 16, 1 for bowl. Speaker 2 00:37:00 Bowl. I mean I think something to keep in our mind, again I don't play like those type of players that aren't gonna play like aren't gonna give me like a ceiling of minutes. Sure. Like that's just a low floor of minutes on an 11 game sleep. Speaker 1 00:37:14 He played 20 minutes it looks like at some at one point last year. So that's like a high for him that I'm looking at his game log. So, but he's a, but I mean again we talk fantasy point per minute guys. Like he is a fantasy point per minute guy. So if you're just looking to get weird, Speaker 2 00:37:28 You know, if you're looking to get weird, that's, I'm fine with Speaker 1 00:37:31 That. Okay. Would go get, start like 10 minutes? I guess not, Speaker 2 00:37:35 I mean who knows what Indiana's gonna do at the Terry Taylor thing is wild. Cuz again you look up his Wikipedia page, he's literally six five. Yeah. And Isaiah Jackson was in Indiana's first pick, first round pick last year. You would think Isaiah Jackson would start. That would be my assumption. Sure. But we'll again, we'll know so sure there's no ties. So Speaker 1 00:37:57 That's how I build our lineup. Yeah, let's do, are we, who are we paying up for? Start Speaker 2 00:38:01 There? I mean I don't, I like, so I like Moran if we're spinning up but I also, I really, when we were talking about small forward, like why wouldn't we just go Tatum d Rosen. Right. Speaker 1 00:38:13 You wanna build a fair and balance build here. Speaker 2 00:38:15 I do. I'm And it doesn't, it feels like yes the pricing is fair and balanced but I feel like we're, we're stealing does these, I mean Tatum's a 10 K player. Sure. I Agreen Speaker 1 00:38:26 Is a, is probably a 10 K player. So <laugh>, I mean who's our, where are we going for our value place San Aldama? Do we use him at Chris Speaker 2 00:38:35 51? He's 51. Would you rather go Bruno or would you rather go all down? Speaker 1 00:38:39 I'm gonna play 38 minutes and it's Houston. I know. So I kind of wanna go there. Okay, we can, we'll temporarily put him at center and we'll continue to build around. Okay. At the point guard then we have 50, we have about $5,500 a player for point guard shooting, guard for and Utility. There was definitely some more value that I thought that we kind of ran across here. I'm just gonna go to the utility spot and see some of the value names that I think we kind of threw out to each other here. Trey Jones was one Concert 48 stresses. 47. Let's see here. We could still play Fernando and go Fernando at center. Alma at Ford. If you wanted to go that route, Speaker 2 00:39:20 We could. It's gonna be very popular. Yeah, like that's gonna be a very popular Speaker 1 00:39:25 Bill. Trey Murphy as the game theory play against the Hornets at 42. Beasley Revenge Game Beasley at 42 and it's Minnesota. Just Speaker 2 00:39:32 Trey. I feel better. I feel better about Beasley I think because the minutes I feel more secure about. Right? Yeah because when you think about Speaker 1 00:39:40 Bones Highland at 4k, if we, I Speaker 2 00:39:43 Just, you think Marty's playing like I just don't think he's, if they're talking to injury management already, isn't that just like just pause for concern already? Yeah, Speaker 1 00:39:52 I think so. I mean again, we can build a lineup and just obviously the caveat is always we're building this the night before if news changes, the lineups change but we can go in the assumption that Bones is gonna be in there, Speaker 2 00:40:04 Wanna run bones at shooting guards so we can get, I think point guard was like super appealing. Okay. To like maybe spend up on, Speaker 1 00:40:11 Yeah let's see if, well if we go, Speaker 2 00:40:14 I was thinking like in the Halliburton or KJ range. Yeah those are the two names. First two names that came to mind were Halliburton and kj. Speaker 1 00:40:22 Okay. Halliburton 79. We can fit in there pretty easily and that gives us about 52 a play if you wanted. Where's Kevin Porter? He is Speaker 2 00:40:30 Seven K. Speaker 1 00:40:31 Seven K. That would give us 43 if you played them both for a forward and the utility. Let's pull that back for a bit. We got a 5K for three spots of guard for and utility. Brogden is 51. Vill is 51. You talked about if you want someone to come back against Halliburton there Vill is at $5,100. Speaker 2 00:40:49 Yeah, I don't hate the va. I mean again you want guys, yes you want shots to be made and stuff but like if he's has a 27% usually drain Speaker 1 00:41:00 Play almost 30 minutes. Right. It's just the blowout. So Oh for eight, I mean guy took eight threes right? He can't, Speaker 2 00:41:06 No one's playing. I think De Cell's gonna go very under own. Okay. When he shouldn't. When he shouldn't be. Right. Speaker 1 00:41:10 We'll run the cell back there. So we have 52 for a forward in a utility if a cell does have dual el. So we can kind of play around with that if we feel it's necessary. Speaker 2 00:41:20 Um, yeah. Stress at 47. Justice Windslow 44. Your Trey Murphy, Michael Speaker 1 00:41:27 Port, Michael Porter, 54. Speaker 2 00:41:29 Michael Porter 54 we're playing Speaker 1 00:41:31 Or we can go heart at 54. Speaker 2 00:41:33 Ooh. Yeah. I like the job. Speaker 1 00:41:36 Depend if you wanna double up on Denver with Bones and Porter here Speaker 2 00:41:42 It tough defense right against Golden State. Probably prefer Speaker 1 00:41:46 Do you put me in Portland? I mean Heart versus Phoenix. Speaker 2 00:41:49 Yeah, that's true. Let's Speaker 1 00:41:51 See, I mean Trust gets Boston, that's not really a great spot for him. I'm fine going contour if you think that Brooks is out again. Speaker 2 00:41:58 He's do, he's listed doubtful. Okay. So he's all but he's all but Right. Speaker 1 00:42:02 Let's run Contra back out there then it's not like it's a, it's not like it's a bad spot for him. Uh, and then that'll give us 56 for a utility. Speaker 2 00:42:09 Kelly Ure. Speaker 1 00:42:10 Yeah, Uber. It's a pe. Well do you ever diverse the Pelicans? That's kind of a tough matchup now Speaker 2 00:42:16 I just, I don't, we don't know right? Cause it could be Herb could be on 'em. That could be tough. But like the Pelicans just smashed Brooklyn offensively. Were they that good defensively or did like they just take them out of the game because they just didn't miss a shot? I don't know. Aubrey also playing without Lamella ball. He was in foul trouble early. So if he's not in foul trouble, like what's the, let's look what Aubrey was doing. Game one. I know again one game sample, whatever. He had a just 19% usage rate but 1.2 fantasy points per minute. Pretty good. It's pretty Speaker 1 00:42:55 Good. Could I, You don't wanna, could I end just you in a Bruno Fernando Utility and then a Jeremy Grant powerful work Speaker 2 00:43:01 Play Or do you have grant Speaker 1 00:43:04 In or I could do a six K guard, which is Trent I guess in that range. Not, doesn't really get us Nah. Speaker 2 00:43:11 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:43:11 Doesn't get us The guy that we Speaker 2 00:43:13 Doesn't move them doesn't move the, Speaker 1 00:43:15 Doesn't not Nece move the need. Right. If we went down, I mean I like Halliburton but if we went down from Halliburton to Kevin Porter, Okay right, that's seven K. This gives us 900 bucks. We can go $6,900 for a Ford, which is Kelvin. If you wanted to go Viel and Speaker 2 00:43:35 Kelly. Yeah, yeah, we could Speaker 1 00:43:36 Do that. Or if you wanted to do a guard at 69, that is Brunson hero. Jayden Ivy 61. This again, this is what Bruno Fernando as our utility. Speaker 2 00:43:48 I kind of like the Kelvin one with Kelvin in Speaker 1 00:43:51 There. Okay. So we'll go Kelvin and Vasel Run, rerun that stack back or would you rather Paulo Speaker 2 00:43:57 Or Kelvin's probably in the better spot. Right. Hello? In kind of a tough spot. Speaker 1 00:44:01 I mean does he is? Yeah. I mean probably. I don't know if he ever sits though. So Speaker 2 00:44:05 That's true. It's up to you. I'm okay with either of those guys. Perfectly fine with either. Sure. Speaker 1 00:44:11 Roos there? Yeah, I'm I'll go Kelvin. I'll keep Kelvin in there. So that's what we got. Then we have Porter Bones, Highland, Tatum, d Rosen, Alma of Viel, Kelman Johnson, Bruno Fernando, that's that's right. With a hundred bucks left over Speaker 2 00:44:27 Broncos Nation. That's Ride. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:44:29 Amen. So that is our draftings lineup. Again, James will be on the playbook. We'll have a full slate of content for you all. If you have any questions, please get us in the Discord and we will catch you guys later.

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