October 18, 2022


NBA DFS Podcast October 18: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast October 18: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast October 18: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Oct 18 2022 | 00:32:28


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS slate for NBA Opening Night for DraftKings and brings you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as the LeBron James against the Warriors.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, you're listening to the Fantasy Alarm DFS podcast with those John piva and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:11 What's going on everybody? John and Pen behi with James Grae. Welcome into the Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS podcast here for opening night of the 20 22 20 23 NBA season. James. We've done LB and NFL DFS podcast so far this season, but anybody who has followed us along during our time with fantasy alarm knows that, uh, basketball is where our heart lies. You and I brought the first, uh, DFS podcast two fantasy alarm, many, many, many moons ago, <laugh>, and it was the NBA DFS podcast. So excited to kick off yet another year with this two game slate, which, uh, right before we decided to start recording this, uh, already turn upside down like the NBA tends to do, right? Like the NBA news cycle in mid season form already, uh, Steve Kerr deciding that none of his starters are gonna play 30 minutes. Uh, Clay Thompson, maybe he plays 20 cuz he is only played one preseason game. Uh, the Lakers are dealing with injuries on their roster here. So, uh, I'm glad we got that news ahead of time because it makes this interesting Two games slate already a little bit different. Speaker 2 00:01:14 I mean, like the news cycle and the, like, the news cycle in other sports are crazy in its own right. Like when you find out someone's on steroids in the mlb, it's like, holy crap. And when you find out someone's injured in the nfl, you're like, Holy crap. Those news cycles have nothing on the nba. There has not been a game played and teams aren't playing their rosters full minutes. Guys are getting surgery one day before the season starts. They're, I mean, it's just a wild r already. We only have two games and who knows who to play, right? Because the slate's already in shambles. So, um, that's the fun and the not fun part about NBA dfs, where like it's incredibly fun to, you know, gain leverage on and, and get clear cut value plays and whatnot. Um, and it's also not fun not knowing who's gonna play and who's gonna play 30 minutes and who's gonna play 20 minutes. Um, but you know what, that's what we've navigated through for years, John, and that's why we continue to do this podcast cuz we're here to help you guys navigate through all the right, all the, all the sticky stuff. Um, and, um, I'm, I'm super excited. This is the bread and butter I'd say, um, of the, of our podcasting, uh, experience here at Fantasy Alarm. And, uh, I just, I'm excited the NBA's back man. Speaker 1 00:02:35 Yeah, I'm excited as well. Uh, you know, of course it being a two game slate therefore limits our options as well. You know, if this was the Wednesday full slate and we get word that, you know, the Warriors weren't gonna play 30 minutes, their starters, we get like, Oh, that's fine. We have plenty of other options that we can go to. We'll build it around different acks, yada, yada, yada. Well, not the case. We got two games here. Uh, James, do we have any totals? Has these, have the totals been taken down for the Warriors since this news has come up? Because we know earlier it was like two what, two 20 now it's, yeah, Speaker 2 00:03:02 Two 20 now. Yeah, it was, uh, 2 26 and a half. It's at 2 25 and a half so Speaker 1 00:03:09 Quickly fall. Um, Speaker 2 00:03:12 Yeah, let's, let's, uh, that's over on our site, um, over on financial alarm.com. If you wanna check out our Vegas page, our odds page, financial alarm.com/mba/odds. I wanna check out, um, over on our partners over at Fal, what they have. Yeah, same. So we are in lockstep with Sandal Sports book, Okay. For 25 and a half, six point favorites. I wonder if that does change, um, by the time, you know, as we get closer to game time, I wonder if there's a lot of money coming in the Lakers plus six as we get closer to tip. Speaker 1 00:03:49 All right, let's get into it. We're gonna talk, we're gonna talk about this, this via by position here. Um, point guard. How are we now approaching the point guard position knowing that stuff Curry not gonna play 30 minutes. He played what, a high of 25 during the preseason, right? So yeah, uh, Speaker 2 00:04:05 I think it was 23. Somewhere between 23, 25. Yeah, 25. I said. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:04:10 So he's, he's at least likely playing 25, I would think. Uh, maybe 25 to 27 minutes. We can guesstimate he'll be in that range. Uh, Russell Westbrook is a day to day game time decision with his hamstring problem that he is dealing with, uh, Jordan Pool. Not a starter, but you know, he does play a lot of minutes. So like, where, where, where does, where does curses words and twists, right? Like starters aren't ready to play 30 minutes. Well, this is Jordan Pool ready to play 30 minutes coming off the bench. Like what's, you know, what, what are we doing here, Chris? So I'll throw, I'll throw Jordan Pool in that same 25 ish minute range for him. Um, you know, James Harden is up at the top, Tyree Max, he's a really good price. And you and I, uh, when we saw the, the price for Malcolm Brogden and 4,900, we were, you're kind licking our chops there. Speaker 2 00:05:01 Yeah. So I think Curry's like the lack of knowledge on what Curry's minutes are gonna be is obviously gonna drive down his roster ship. It's gonna drive it entirely to like the likes of Tatum Brown who were playing full compliment minutes. All the LeBron, all the Anthony Davis, all the Joel and Bead. Um, as long as they're playing full compliment minutes, but I guess that hasn't been confirmed. Speaker 1 00:05:24 Doc hasn't told us yet. Speaker 2 00:05:25 The shape, the shape, the, the shape of the slate could absolutely take another turn depending on, oh, well the Golden State guys aren't playing. They're, they're uh, full compliment minutes. Let's do the same guys. Um, so k I think is contrarian here a little bit. Cause if we do get, let's say 25 to 29 minutes, I guess you can safely project, right? That's probably where the minutes lie. I mean, we've seen Step Curry play 29 minutes and three quarter games when they're up 20 and he's got 35 actual ones, right? Um, so like I think he's a little contrarian on this slate. I still think, I mean, I still think there's gonna be quite pop, He's gonna be quite popular because he's Steph Curry, but I don't think it'll be as much as it would've been if he was playing 33, 34, 35 minutes. Um, you know, the Westbrook thing concerning maybe that keeps people off him, I think his ownership wasn't gonna be very high to begin with, right? Because the uncertainty with his like Andy Speaker 1 00:06:19 Sucks Speaker 2 00:06:20 And he, uh, and he's, he hasn't been great. Um, hasn't been great. Speaker 1 00:06:27 It's not very good. Speaker 2 00:06:28 Not, hasn't been very good with the Lakers. So like that's, you know, a little bit concerning. I think Jordan Pool is someone we could maybe also put in that 25 to 29 minute range. Another guy that that's all he needs. That's all we've seen him really play at times. Um, and he is been, I mean the average 18 and a half points per game, like the guy can just score. Yep. Plus he just got the bag, John, Speaker 1 00:06:48 He got the bag plus Steve Kerr. You know, knitted a point to say that like Clay Thompson's not ready to play right much, right? Like 20 minutes probably for Clay in this game. You know, 25 at the max for Clay Thompson here. Um, he only had the one preseason game he said. So not really ready to play up. Um, so you gotta think Pool could be a big beneficiary of that. Maybe even Dante Divan Zo here, right? A guy that you and I have liked for a while, uh, injuries kind of slowed him down. He found himself sort of grinding his way through that King's rotation last year. Uh, now he is on the Warriors bench, but if guys aren't gonna play 30, 35 minutes, then there's gotta be at least 20 minutes for DV here. Minimum Speaker 2 00:07:29 Dude, he's been playing too. Like I know like obviously the Warriors haven't been a team that have sent their guys out there for a whole lot of minutes. Obvious, you know, because now we're seeing that come to fruition. But, um, I mean there's a couple games in there that Enzo the last preseason game he played 16 minutes. He played 23 minutes the game before. So yeah, he could be a tournament play. Like now we get the news, Dennis shooters out three to four weeks. We're not playing him, right? Um, we like Maxi 5k, We, we love Broden at 49. I mean he's, that's just far too cheap for him. Um, but if you're being contrarian, even Zo, if he finds his stumbles into 20 to 23 minutes, I think that's viable. Patrick, Beverly, especially if Russ is out 4,300 I think is definitely interesting. So, um, I mean of the 4K guys, right where Brogden is, Zo, Beverly, Milton White, even Zo might be the lowest stone. Yeah. Might be the lowest roster of that, of that tier. And um, we know he's a high up upside guy cuz he can score and he can play. He plays pretty good defensively. Speaker 1 00:08:40 So yeah, his minutes feel at least at the start, the most uncertain of that group, right? So, um, Kendrick none is interesting there at three K as well. Uh, again, no Shroder, we don't know the status of of Westbrook for this game either, you know, none could find himself off the bench or in the starting lineup here. Um, you know, and, and we know that he can score. Uh, we've seen him do it, you know, it's been hurt obviously all last year, uh, but they brought him in. That kind of helps bring up some of that bench scoring. So, uh, you know, depending on the status information that you get out there, none, uh, as long as he is not inactive a come game time, there could be worthy of a GDP dark there. Speaker 2 00:09:19 To your point. I kind of like that John. I think that's a great call. Um, and I think if Westbrook sits, I don't think it will be that sneaky, but like if Westbrook plays, that could be a little sneaky, right? Cause maybe he's still the first guy off the bench at the guards bar, right? Like if they decide to start Westbrook and Beverly together, right? Um, against the Warriors, this preseason take it for what it is, it's preseason 25 minutes, 21 points. He was eight of 13 shooting, uh, seven assist, four rebounds. Yeah. I mean, hello like this. He was a baller. Speaker 1 00:09:54 He was pretty good. Yeah, he was pretty good with the heat. He Speaker 2 00:09:56 Was, he could score like undrafted guy who just can score the basketball. So, um, you know, just worth three K. Look, if you're trying to find a way who game slate. If you're trying to find a way to get three spend up Kendrick, none is the way that is, that is the cheap guy of the slate. You're trying to find a way to get three of these guys on Draft Kings because you can do it on Fandel. Um, because pricing is, you know, free freed hasn't changed. Yeah. For you have you have $10,000 more to spend over there. Um, it'll be easier to do over there. But on Draft Kings the route to get three is using Kendrick. None. Sure. I I like that call quite a bit. Speaker 1 00:10:36 Uh, at the shooting guard position, guys, again, a couple guys we've talked about already are of the top there. Uh, James Harden is fine. Again, it's a tough defensive matchup. Boston's guard play I think got better defensively getting Malcolm Brog and Derek White and his, you know, first full turn here I got acquired last year obviously isn't a horrible defender. Jaylen Brown's a good defender. Marcus smart's a good defender, you know, but James Harden still James Harden. So, uh, a guy that can still give you double, double, triple double type of upside there. Especially with Maxi taking out a lot of the scoring hard and more to the facilitator and and whatnot. Uh, not often if you wanna spend there are probably gonna be lower owned as well. Uh, but I do like Jalen Brown at $8,000. Again, especially I think that news about the Warriors players now, like we, we, we were hesitant to want to game sack this Philly Boston game because it's the lower of the game totals and I think it actually goes under, I think that game is gonna be closer to a 200 total than what do they have at a two 14 or something like that, right? Speaker 2 00:11:32 Yeah. Two currently sits two 14 now. Speaker 1 00:11:34 Yeah, I, I think we're gonna go under, I think Boston's defense just plays there, but if then you can't really trust the Warrior starters here now I think that puts more focus maybe back onto that game or the, the starter minutes are at least a little bit more in sync, right? Like now it's not a stretch to think, you know, Marcus smart playing 35 minutes or 30 minutes could match a 20 minute Clay Thompson or a Jordan pool. So, um, you know, I I do think that that turns that emphasis back to this Philly Boston game a little bit knowing that these two teams, at least as we sit here now, probably have their guys playing full minutes. Speaker 2 00:12:12 So I just updated the sports book to your point, and I I just wanna get your take on this because it feeds into the Boston guys here. Um, the total's actually risen on Vandal sports book to, it's now the over under is two 16 in uh, Boston. Speaker 1 00:12:27 I still think it's going under. So I guess, I guess that would be good for me if I was betting under is here and, and the numbers up to two 16. So, um, and I know the numbers change sports book to sport book, you're looking at Fandel, there's Draft King sports book and, and things like that. It won't be massive differences there, but Right. Um, I am a little curious to know what, what people are thinking on that, I guess, you know, obviously not having Robert Williams for Boston changes their defense, uh, a bit so that that could play into that as well. But you know, guard play wise, Boston's still a pretty strong defensive team. Tatum's still a really good defender. Brown's still a good defender there, so, um, but because we are a draftings and fan du to the extent as well, a lot of these guys have multi-position eligibility. So we've touched upon a lot of these guys. Um, but Lonnie Walker I think is a guy. Him and, and I guess Austin Reeves now as well, given the shooter news, given the, the Westbrook gate to day, uh, those are two guys on the Lakers that if not Kendrick nun, you know, could also very well see some playing time here in this game. Speaker 2 00:13:30 Yeah, it feels like just out of necessity one of these guys is playing like 30 minutes, right, Speaker 1 00:13:37 Right. Which whomever starts is the one you walk in and then you just take a dart with the other two basically. Speaker 2 00:13:41 Yep, Yep. Um, I think if I were to guess Walker and Reeves have the better chance at starting than none, I still think that none probably possesses more upside than both of them, especially, um, if there's no Westbrook just given his scoring prowess. Um, but we've seen Lonnie Walker be pretty good offensively at times. Um, didn't exactly shoot the ball all too well, didn't stop from taking 350 threes last year, but Speaker 1 00:14:07 He was given the opportunity at times to be like v guys in San Antonio when they sat like Deonte and all those guys. And he had moments, but certainly didn't step up the way I think they would've expected him to. Speaker 2 00:14:17 Um, and then Austin Reeves is not like a, is not that guy who like you expect to go out there and dominate, but he had some really good moments in preseason. He also had, uh, for the Lakers in their final game last year, a 31 point triple double shout out to Austin Reeves, Right. Um, for that. So, um, you know, I think they're both in play. I think both of us probably lean the Lonnie Walker route at least to start. Yeah. But again, they like Austin Reeves, they had him last year, they played him as a rookie last year. Um, so without sugar potentially that Westbrook, like they might all just play a bunch of minutes, right? They all are in play Speaker 1 00:14:58 Small forward. Uh, LeBron James and Jason Taton are both small forward power forward eligible. Uh, we talked about LeBron last year, just an unbelievable season. Uh, you've pointed out that he dominated Golden State last season and now we're looking at a Golden State team that may not, um, you know, not, may not, will not have their starters right. Uh, for a full amount of time. So, you know, what are your thoughts on the James versus Tatum, uh, decision year? Speaker 2 00:15:26 Um, I'm gonna lean LeBron. I think Tatum is perfectly fine to spend up, I think with the recent Laker news and the, you know, cheap options they provide, you could maybe get both, I mean both are small forward, powerful, forward eligible on, um, Draft Kings. Both are small forward power forward eligible on sandal. You could probably get 'em both, um, if you wanted, but Eileen James, um, I think, you know, the game environment is obviously better. The matchup clearly became better regardless of who the matchup was against. Uh, it doesn't really matter, it's LeBron, but like who's gonna guard him from the second unit, right? Is it gonna be, Speaker 1 00:16:05 Is Minga now on him for period of time, like Speaker 2 00:16:08 Michael Green? I mean if Moses Moody plays like, I mean, it's an advantageous spot for LeBron regardless of who it is. Um, and now it just made it even better. So I, I lean LeBron, I really like Tatum. Um, he's, I know he is a very, he's a popular pick to win MVP this year, especially since Boston on some sports books are the favorite to win the fight. Um, so, uh, I I lean LeBron, but I have no problem if you prefer going Tatum or if you try to jam them both in Speaker 1 00:16:38 Your life. Yeah. Again, nothing wrong with Tatum there. I think given the fact that there is no Robert Williams, uh, Tatum has some really nice rebounding upside here as well. I think even against the Sixers, the average double digit rebounds, he did four games against Philly last year. He averaged 12 rebounds a game. So averaged a double double against the 70 Sixers last season. So, Speaker 2 00:16:58 And no will and no Rob will. Speaker 1 00:16:59 Yeah, no Rob, no Rob will. So Speaker 2 00:17:01 Rob will played in and Rob will played in two of those games. So it's not like Rob Williams wasn't on the floor for any of those. Speaker 1 00:17:06 Right? So Tatum aggressive with the boards last year against this team. Uh, Big Rob for Boston, Philly too. So like they kind of play out Boston's dominated that rivalry, uh, basically during the Jason Taum era, uh, you know, to trust the process hasn't fully worked out yet for Philly, but <laugh>, uh, you know, we'll, we'll see how that goes into this year. Uh, after that top group and I, I'll include Jalen Brown in that group as well, giving Brent Brown, you know, fine, if you wanna spend up for it and we know it is potential could be, uh, I can't pay seven K for Wiggins given the news that's come out. Tobias Harris is a boring cash game play at best. Um, but I do think Jonathan Minga 42 hundred's interesting, right? Like we were, we like what he can be as a fancy point per minute guy and we just wondered would he, he even get the, the fans, the minutes to be a FFP guy. But if the starters are not playing 30 minutes tomorrow and they're playing 25, then maybe coming a place 20 to 22 minutes here and gives you 18 to 24 fantasy points, Speaker 2 00:18:05 Which is, you know, at 4,200, what we're looking for, we're looking for 22 and a half fantasy points, right? 24 fantasy points at five X. So, um, yeah, I think that's perfectly fine. Um, he should in theory play 18 to 24 minutes, given what they're gonna do, given dream months absence from the team when he, after his altercation with Jordan Pool. Um, and Minga had been playing a boatload of minutes in the preseason. Him and Jordan Pool have been playing eight boatload of minutes in the preseason. So I imagine they're the two guys from the Warriors second unit we'd want. Um, but you know, I'll preface, I'll say all that and then circle back to just Steve K being the coach. Like Steve Kerr hasn't always been reliable in terms of dfs, so, um, keep that in the back of your mind. I guess it becomes a little more interesting in cash, um, just given the nature of what we know about the Warriors. But yeah, I probably only play a tournament at least on this. Speaker 1 00:19:06 I agree with you. Um, out there, small Fords, we've mentioned Lonnie Walker already, and Austin Reeves, I'll just throw Sam Hauser out there, um, as a dark throw, 3,100 play, um, you know, Donga and went down for Boston in one of their bigger off season signings. Um, Houser's gonna sort of fill that bench shooter role. You know, that's what what gory was hope was planning on being. Um, guys have knocked down three point shooter, you look at his numbers during the preseason and going back to the G League last year, like that is what Sam Hauser does. He shoots threes. Um, you know, I think he had a game where he had like five during the preseason, uh, you know, so he's just, again, a dark throw on a small slate, but he's gonna get some run like they're gonna, they're gonna put him on the floor that he really liked the kid he played a lot during the preseason. Speaker 1 00:19:52 You look at that, that Boston forward rotation and they don't really have a lot there, right? Grant Williams is, is their backup power forward center. Blake Griffin, sort of the backup power forward center. They have no Avan le but they don't have a small forward, right? Like Sam Houser's their backup small forward without going three guards with Brogden or Right, you know, Pritchard, White, Smart Brown, like that grouping. So I think Sam Hauser could see 20 minutes here, 18 to 20 minutes in that range. And if he takes four threes during that time, like you're fine there, you know, like that's good enough for 3,100 on Draft King. So, um, not a core play, but if you're making a bunch of lineups, you gotta get exposure on a two game slate. You know, why not throw him in in a line upper two? Speaker 2 00:20:36 Yeah. I mean, he's cheap. Another, another route to getting the top spends on this slate. So, um, given what Boston has and what they're, what they don't have right now in the front court, I'm, I'm dealt with Speaker 1 00:20:47 It. Yep. I agree with you. Uh, power forward, uh, at the top here is, again, we've talked to LeBron and Tatum already, but Anthony Davis is $8,500 James. Crazy. That's just crazy. Again, given even what we know now, but Golden State like that is, that is definitely a price that'll make him one of the most popular, if not the most popular play on draftings. Speaker 2 00:21:08 I mean it should be 8,500 is coming into the year healthy other than his two K character, um, Right. His two K character is not coming into the year healthy. Um, and there's no limitations on Davis. He looks healthy, he looks, he looked good. Um, even Darvan ham, uh, head coach said there are no restrictions to start the year. So we should see 30 plus minutes out the gate. I mean, Right. He averaged 35 minutes a game last year. So the expectation is 35 minutes here. Um, they already are dealing with injuries in their front court as well in terms of, um, Thomas Bryant being listed as questionable for, for Tuesday night. So yeah, I I think Anthony Davis is a slam dunk at 85. I think Anthony Davis is firmly in play at ten one on Fandel. Yeah. Given his block and steel upside that he is, I mean he's an elite defender in all. He can defend multiple positions. He's not just like good offensively, like he is elite defensively. He erases people at the rim and he's very good in the passing lanes as well. I mean, 2.3 blocks per game. 1.2 steals per game last year for Anthony Davis. So, um, I'm okay with paying ten one. So you're, I mean he's a core play at, at eight five. Speaker 1 00:22:22 Yep. I agree with you. Uh, after him though, again, we've talked about Toby Harris a little bit. If you wanna play him like he's just boring, maybe he gets you 25 fantasy points. He can Draymond at 5,800 knowing he is not gonna play a lot. Can't go there. No. Al Horford will talk about him at center, but he is Power Forward Center eligible. Like it's a tough spot for him, but they're gonna need him out there cuz they don't have anybody else that can handle and beat. So, you know, maybe there's a spot for him at 4,900 to get you the 20 fantasy points that you're looking for. Uh, I've talked about liking Minga. I think Grant Williams at 3,900 is a, is a pretty decent play. Um, someone that should play 25 minutes for Boston at the minimum here. Yep. Um, can shoot from the outside. He rebounds a little bit. He is a hustle guy. So, um, you know, I I think that's probably where I'm at for some value at Power Forward. Speaker 2 00:23:08 Um, I agree on all fronts. I think grants firmly and play 39. Um, I'll throw a couple names out there, just maybe something sticks it's two games late, we can get wild. Um, if Laker or if Golden State doesn't playing their guys Jmic Green is gonna be a rotation piece for them when they're healthy. Um, he should play some backup for, he should play some backup five. Uh, we know Dr. Michael Green can play both. Maybe we see him get on the floor and play um, 16 to 18 minutes. Speaker 1 00:23:39 Yeah, really good pre, he had one of these games during the preseason, he actually popped off and had a pretty good one. So Speaker 2 00:23:44 Yeah, and he's, I mean we've known that for a while. Drew Michael Green, like j Michael Green's like a very, very serviceable player. Um, like very serviceable. I'm, I mean even, um, Cola Yoic was talking about highly about him. Like, get this guy on the floor. Like I, I want this guy to play. Um, and you know, typically when if Speaker 1 00:24:05 So I go Michael Porter too and uh, Speaker 2 00:24:06 You know, he did well. Well let's not go there yet, but he's not injured yet. Okay. Michael Porter's healthy. Um, but Tomic Green 38, um, PJ Tucker 37, I think we could talk about him at center just because they lack of depth there. Yeah. Um, and then I'm interesting, I'm interested in what the Lakers do in the front court because they signed once Scott New Anderson this off season. Yeah. And when you look at like the landscape of the Lakers, is Anthony Davis starting at center? Because if Anthony Davis is starting at center and that's pushing LeBron, I guess it just depends on what they do with Russell Westbrook, right? Because if they start Westbrook in Beverly, that pushes Davis to set. If Westbrook comes off the bench, someone else is starting. I don't think they would start Reeves and Lonnie Walker. Yeah, I think they would start someone big and maybe Tuscan Anderson could be that guy. I don't know. That's just me speculating. I don't think we have any idea what the yeah. What the Lakers rotation is at this point. But he is projected to be the backup power forward. I think he's gonna get some run. We've seen him be very good at times when he is given run. Um, he can shoot a little bit, he's good in the passing lanes. Um, so maybe Juan to Anderson in like a, in like a, in like the $5 mill maker on draft, right? Right. Where, where Speaker 1 00:25:28 Or the uh, or the free one 50 K contest series. Speaker 2 00:25:31 Right? Or the free. Or the free. Right. That still pays 15 K up top. So maybe in one of those formats, like want to Scott, New Anderson, um, based on like what we hear from Dham, what we hear from the Lakers on who's healthy, who's not, who's starting, who's not. Speaker 1 00:25:49 I agree. Center position. Uh, do, do we, do we need to talk more about MB or is there anybody else that you would consider Speaker 2 00:25:56 <laugh>? Um, I mean it's be, it's horford, it's dart throw at mantras. Har would Speaker 1 00:26:02 You, would you consider Wiseman? Speaker 2 00:26:06 It's a hundred feels Speaker 1 00:26:08 Too much. Speaker 2 00:26:10 He was good in pretty season. Like he was good. Um, what is the minutes? What are the minutes gonna look like? Are they gonna look him and Loony are gonna split 24 20 fourth. If that's the case, then yeah, sure. Um, I still think Michael Green's gonna fit in there a little bit too. So Yeah. Wise still exists. Loony exists, right? Well that's what I'm saying. If Wiseman and Loony are splitting time, then I'm okay with going Wiseman cuz he is more upside. Um, I also just throw a dart maybe at Damien and Jones if Thomas Bryant can't play. Okay. If Thomas Bryant who is listed questionable is listed day to day, if he cannot play, Anthony Davis is, I mean there's at least 15 minutes somewhere on the floor for Damien and Jones. So Yeah. Um, maybe a dart at Damien Jones. I Speaker 1 00:27:01 Don't know who the backup center's gonna be for Boston. Um, it could be Blake or Blake. Speaker 2 00:27:06 Could be. It's gonna be Blake. It could be Blake. I mean just So does that put you maybe a little montrel? If if, Yeah, Speaker 1 00:27:11 I mean I, anyways, I like him anyways. So, um, Speaker 2 00:27:15 Drum Drummond average 18 minutes Speaker 1 00:27:17 Again after Al Horford. Like that's my, I I honestly don't know the answer to that question. So Speaker 2 00:27:22 I mean, Blake played 11 minutes in the last preseason game. No Avan le made the team. Is it gonna be no Avan le either in any scenario IBE or Harold should eat against any of those guys. Yes, Speaker 1 00:27:33 I would agree with you 100% there. So that is our look here at this two game slate level full uh, you know, playbook for Wednesday. We'll do a write up for Tuesday. Uh, James, let's build our line here. Uh, we'll lock in and beat I imagine at center we we're gonna play Anthony Davis I believe we like at Power Forward. Speaker 2 00:27:52 Uh, so I'm getting wild here John. Speaker 1 00:27:54 Okay, Speaker 2 00:27:55 I went ahead and I plugged in your Kendrick nun play. Okay. Cause I do think that's viable at Speaker 1 00:28:01 Point Guard and Guard. Speaker 2 00:28:02 I did, I played him at Point Guard cuz we could still play like Brogden shooting guard. Okay. And it's like right on money. Speaker 1 00:28:07 You have Brogden shooting guard Speaker 2 00:28:08 Guard. You too. I do, I do have Brogden shooting guard. Okay. So I went none and I, so this is where I'm getting crazy. I also went LeBron. Okay now if you wanna go Tatum, I'm fine with that. Uh, if you wanna go Jalen Brown, I'm fine with that. But I was just toying around with the idea of doing the triple spend okay with LeBron Davis and Bead using Kendrick Nun and Brogden still has $4,800 on the board, right? Like that's now I guess the problem is we love Lonnie Walker. That would be our fourth Laker. Speaker 1 00:28:43 Well that maybe that's what you pivot to Tatum. Speaker 2 00:28:45 Pivot to Tatum, right? Do want. All right, so let's do Walker. Pivot to Tatum. Yep. 5,200 dude, like we're Minga. Speaker 1 00:28:56 So I non Brogden Tatum, Davis and B gives me $4,900 a player. Speaker 2 00:29:01 So I thought, I figure we go Lonnie Walker but instead we could do a Minga forward and that gives you 5,200 a player for the rest of the positions. Speaker 1 00:29:19 Okay, What about Maxi? At Guard? Speaker 2 00:29:23 Yes. Agreed. Fully agree. Speaker 1 00:29:25 And then 5,500 utility is Horford Speaker 2 00:29:30 Re Celtics one, one Warrior because we don't know what the heck to do with them, right? <affirmative>? Yeah. Yeah. And if we get word, like we can obviously do some type of adjustment and we'll we can put it in our, put it in chat in the YouTube. In the YouTube comments. Um, if we find out like Kendrick nun not gonna be in the rotation or if we find out something about the Warriors more specific, like Jonathan Minga will play 24 to 20 minutes. Jordan Pool will play 28 to 30 minutes. Like something like that we may adjust, but I kinda like the triple spend, right? Cause he still get Maxi and Brogdon playing 30 plus minutes presumably. Yeah. At free, free dollars. Speaker 1 00:30:19 No arguments here. I like it a lot. So that's what we're gonna do then I'm gonna ate him in there. You got James, which is fine. Uh, none. Brogden, Tatum and or DA or LeBron if you want that. Anthony Davis. IMB Maxi Camming. Go Horford. I got 600 bucks left over. You'll have 400 if you play LeBron. Uh, this is on Draft Kings. Uh, if you have any questions, get James I in the Discord. Uh, get us on Twitter. Uh, also, now is the best time to join the uh, financial alarm family there for our AllPro package. Uh, 50% off the first six months. About 20 bucks a month for the first six months gives you access to all of our content, not just nba, but also nfl. Uh, the rest of mlb, PGA mma, College basketball, college football, nascar, you name it, we cover it. Speaker 1 00:31:05 Uh, you can use promo code NBA 50. You can pro use promo code NFL 50 if you want both of those work, uh, for 50% off the first six months. And then more importantly, you get access to our Discord channel where we're in there talking strategy lineup, strategy, giving you price, fixed plays, giving you, uh, you know, crosser construction, giving you contest selection and all the updated breaking lineup news that you guys need to have all in our discord. Uh, so join now. Go to fantasy.com/all pro. Use promo code NFL 50 or NBA 50 gets you the same deal there. 50% off the first six months. Uh, James, great first show. Happy to get it going. We'll be here Monday through Friday, uh, for the majority of the season on the, on the slates that warrant it. Uh, giving you a full breakdown here, video and podcast. Uh, if you're listening, get us on iTunes, Google Play, I think Apple, uh, or uh, Amazon as well. It's all there Spotifys. So you can download and subscribe or we can watch the breakdown video on YouTube all season long. Uh, any final thoughts here James? Speaker 2 00:32:06 Just let's go. We're back baby. We are Speaker 1 00:32:12 Back. We are back. That was his muted scream. Can't wake the baby. That's fine. <laugh>. And we will, uh, catch you guys, uh, tomorrow. Good luck guys. Speaker 3 00:32:23 Yeah.

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