November 07, 2022


NBA DFS Podcast November 7: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast November 7: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast November 7: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Nov 07 2022 | 00:59:51


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as the Cade Cunningham against the Thunder.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, you're listening to the Fantasy Alarm DFS NBA podcast with those John Peba and James Grande, Speaker 1 00:00:11 What's going on? FA Nation, John and Penha with James Grande, welcoming to the Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS podcast and live stream for Monday's fifth 15 game. Main slate, James. It is voting day on Tuesday. So the NBA decided to grace us with two monster slates this week. We have a 15 gamer on Monday, then we come out of Tuesday's, day off with a 13 game slate. Uh, so there are a lot of players. There are a lot of Speaker 2 00:00:42 Injuries. All of the, all of the players. Speaker 1 00:00:43 All of the players, a lot of injuries, Uh, some interesting matchups here. All of that to kick off the week here, 15 games, you will be the, uh, lucky enough person to be doing the playbook for the 15 games to deal with already in the nba. And it's, uh, it's madness with these guys being ruled out, uh, going around ro lock, all the updated injury news that we get. So, uh, congratulations to you. Uh, I am sure you will lead us to another successful playbook as we had, uh, we had a pretty good week last week, uh, with our playbook content, discord calls, uh, value video that we've done last week was great. Uh, and even some of the showdown content has some success there. So, uh, again, you gotta get in our discord if you're, if you are a member here, um, because we talk through everything. Speaker 1 00:01:35 We give updated plays as news breaks as well. Um, not everything always makes it into the playbook update. We do the best that we can. Um, but if you want the most up to date information, you've gotta find it into that discord. So if you're watching us and you subscribe the fantasy line where you say, Hey, I'm not in the Discord, give us a message either on the YouTube video, hit James and I up on Twitter. Our Twitter handles are right below us, Uh, on this video here. Uh, you can also find the Twitter on the, uh, on the, uh, YouTube video as well. Um, you know, I'm at j j and Pemba, 7 77 James at the Real grande real underscore grande. Uh, they're over on Twitter for those listening. So, uh, get us, let us know. We can get you into, uh, into the discord track cuz there's always moving pieces to everything we're doing here, especially with the nba. Speaker 2 00:02:22 Yeah, I think you nailed it. Um, and it, and it was prevalent last week, right? We got news right before Lock Donovan Mitchell was out and we got news that Darius Garland was out and we got news that, um, there was a bunch of guys out. And it's not gonna be any different on these big sls like we have Steph Curry, Trey Young Gsbi, like there is a lot of high profile guys that are potentially in potentially out. But you need to be hip to the news like NBA dfs for anyone that is new to this more than anything, right? John? Like we both play baseball, we both play basketball, we both dabble in sees go, right? Like from every other dfs Sport does not require, I would say, as much attention to the ins and outs than basketball. And it doesn't happen as rapid in any other sport as it does basketball. Speaker 2 00:03:13 You need to be hip, you need to be in the discord. You need to be paying attention to the content updates. Um, usually it's labeled update <laugh> in letter, like big bold lettering in the content at the bottom of the, of the playbook or at or in the core plays. Like, um, and you'll see us constantly commenting in the discord, Hey, just made an update to the core plays. Hey, just added these players to the playbook. Like need to stay hip to the news. 15 game slate, John, Right? 15 game slate. If you are not hip to the news, you have to play light, play light, play light, play light. Yeah. Um, because you're just, it's very hard to keep up. And John and I and Dylan Clemons and Ray Coon and everyone in the Discord is there doing that for you. We're helping. We are, um, Speaker 1 00:04:01 We have, we have the lineup channel in the Discord, right? Right. Like all of the updated news when someone gets ruled out. So if you, you're just popping in after work and you wanna know what's going on, like check the lineup, channel first, scroll the bottom, see all the most recent news, see who's in and who's out. Um, to get that and listen, just to close that pulling out before we start breaking down these positions, uh, it was so bad with the NBA that they had to come out with a rule that teams had to release their lineups 30 minutes before Tip Bob, right? Because teams were literally waiting until the game started, basically to rule people out. And uh, as they started becoming more integrated with sports betting in Vegas and all of these things, they're like, well, we kind of need these rosters on a little bit more for this information to be kind of out there for the betting people. Speaker 1 00:04:41 So, uh, and even then they still don't do it. They'll, they'll call 'em a game time decision. They're gonna work out before warmups and next thing you know, they're all, they're all ruled out. Anyway. So with that set, 15 games, let's get into it. Uh, top price plays on this slate. Again, everybody's on the slate. So Giannis is at 12 six, Lucas is at 12 five. Both of them again, once again over $12,000. Luke, uh, uh, Yoic is at 11 six, Durant is at 11 one. Those are your top four price guys. So keep that in mind as we go through the slate cuz we're gonna need some value on a big slate. Uh, we talk about it all the time, sometimes on big slates, we don't find the need to spend up, uh, on big guys, but I think we're gonna probably find a way, given all these injuries that you see just at the point guard spot, there's gonna be value on this late. Speaker 1 00:05:26 So top price point guards Luca Don is at 12 five. Trey Young against Milwaukee is at ten three. John Morant ear is at ten one, he's obviously playing tonight. He'll be on it back to back. Steph Curry, $9,900. He should be fine. There's just a rest day for those warriors the other day. Uh, Deonte Murray's at $9,800. SGA is at 94. Uh, you know, Donovan Mitchell's at 92. Drew Holiday is nine k, you know, that's your nine k and above point guard range. I'm gonna go big tier here because like, there's so, so many players. Um, you know, and different ranges of guys. I'll say off the get, I love SGA 8 94 against Detroit. Um, you know, they got blown out against Denver. What are you gonna do there? He played 32 minute or Milwaukee rather. He played 32 minutes still, you know, he gave you, he didn't give you what he usually gives you, but I'm gonna give him a pass. You know, tough spot. They, they were down to billion, uh, and every other night he's giving you 30 plus. I like this spot. Oklahoma versus Detroit. I think it's a spot where we can get another ceiling type performance out of sga 9,400. Speaker 2 00:06:27 Yeah. And it wasn't as as efficient offensively, which has been become a staple of his right? 56% shooting over his last five games. 53 on the year, just 43% in that game. And you know, just look up and down the box score. Like we're getting a lot more 50 plus percent performances from sga. We're getting a lot more eight plus free throw attempt games from sga. Like, um, so we should expect that against Detroit who ranks near the bottom essentially in every defensive category. Where do they rank? They're uh, they're actually now dead. Last in defensive rating, John. So, um, spot on with the SGA call. I would go Luca here. Uh, this is a spot against Brooklyn. You know, we just talked about Detroit being the worst defensive unit. Um, Brooklyn getting better there. Um, but 21st still in the league, which kind of surprising they were not, we're not too far removed from them being dead last right there. Speaker 2 00:07:17 So, uh, they are making strides, right? Good for them, but still like something, um, somewhat of a liability on the defensive end. We know Luca has 70 point upside, so I'd go there. I do wanna include Dame in that nine K tier. He is questionable and if Simon's doesn't play, he's doubtful. Uh, I could see Dame if there's no restriction. Dame was a man on a mission, um, prior to the injury. You know, we don't have to go there cuz he is returning his 15 games. You know, there might be a spot where Donna Mitchell, I Speaker 1 00:07:49 Think injured against Miami too. And at that point he had 22 points already in 26 minutes. So, um, you know, in Miami, the team of the past isn't as slow or defensive prowess as they were, uh, before. And Butler is also questionable for this game too, so, Speaker 2 00:08:04 Right. Um, actually I think I saw something earlier that he was off the interior report. Oh, okay. If I saw correctly, I'll, I'll, um, I can verify that. Um, but I thought I saw Jimmy Butler. Speaker 1 00:08:19 Yeah, you're right, you're right. He's off the injury report. Speaker 2 00:08:20 Yep. Off the injury report. Right. Okay. So, um, you know, that's obviously, that's a fair point, like something to consider that Dame could be, but like they can't afford to do that, right? Because they're using Butler and like they're forward Speaker 1 00:08:34 Spots. Yeah, I wasn't say they were gonna use Butler to defend Dame Speaker 2 00:08:37 To Speaker 1 00:08:38 Guard like, uh, the rest of the team there, uh, defensively for Miami, uh, hasn't been as strong, but getting, obviously getting Butler back, their team is a little bit more defensively stout I guess I'll say. Okay. Um, yeah, Drew holidays, this should be a really good match between Milwaukee and Atlanta and Holiday, as we've talked, talked about, um, just continues to be really good. I understand this, this Thunder game, not his best performance, but still double, double there. Look Speaker 2 00:09:01 At the minutes too. They, they like, it's because it was a back to back. They monitored their whole team. It was one of those like no one's playing more like Grace and Allen didn't start played 19 minutes. Like they're just, they were just like, Gianni, you're gonna rest. Everyone else is just gonna chill. And that's kind of what happened and how they still put up 40 fantasy points almost. Speaker 1 00:09:18 We saw this matchup already against Atlanta. It went 1 23, 1 15 and he had 66 fantasy points. So, Speaker 2 00:09:24 Hmm, that seems, that seems quite Speaker 1 00:09:26 Good. It seems good for, uh, Drew Holiday here, uh, under nine k. Young Fox returned the other day against the magic, uh, went for 48 fancy points, 37 actual just basically picked up right where he left off. Uh, from the injury there, uh, that game went into overtime too. Worth mentioning. Uh, Golden State, uh, gonna likely have their starters back ready for this one. So, uh, we'll see how competitive, uh, the, uh, the Kings can be. But that said, the Warriors were on a losing streak at the time, you know, they lost like what, four in a row? Five in a row. So yeah, they've Speaker 2 00:09:57 Lost a bunch of the games in a row. Speaker 1 00:09:59 Yeah, so something to watch there. Uh, Halliburton against the Pelicans, we've talked about the Pelicans and they're pretty good defense there. Uh, three of the last four games, 50 plus fantasy points for our boy Halliburton here. A let us down against Brooklyn two nights ago. But bounce back, uh, with the New York triple double against Miami, uh, again, probably goes overlooked at $8,500. But, uh, if you're being making multiple builds or being contrarian, I think, I think that fits fine. Uh, what are your thoughts on the seven K guys? Speaker 2 00:10:27 Um, the seven K range. I mean Hero now heroes. Questionable, that stinks. Um, but 78 with Butler returning, that's a little steep. Umbi is listed questionable. So 7,800 for Maxi feels properly priced. I don't really have like an opinion. I would obviously, I think we can get there if be's out. I don't know if we can really get there at 78 if be's in. Um, I think Kate is in a pretty sneaky spot here. I'm not sure a lot of people go to C at 77, um, at shop Toilet <laugh>. They should. No, no, they should. But look, I mean, the thing about C is like when he is making shots, he's gonna give you 50 finish. Yes. And when he is not like still has room to get you 40, uh, we just almost saw it against Cleveland. They got blown out. He only played 31 minutes, but 38 fence points, I don't think OKCs blowing anybody out. Um, Speaker 1 00:11:24 That's exactly why I like it. And who's protecting the room for the Thunder right now? Speaker 2 00:11:28 Uh, uh, uh, nobody, Nobody. Mike, Mike Musca. Mike Musca. Speaker 1 00:11:34 That's what I'm saying. People, I feel like we're getting a, a benefit here where he runs up against Milwaukee and Cleveland and back to back games. Two really good front courts, right? Shop lockers, bunch of trees out there. Uh, and he has a, he has a down performance, right? And, and they get blown out. The thunder aren't gonna blow them out. So like I, I'm a big, uh, fan of C Cunningham here, uh, at, at that seven K price tag, uh, T Rose came back, he was on a bit of a minutes limit they told us. Yep. Uh, 36 minutes was, was the limit that he was on. Speaker 2 00:12:04 Yeah. I mean, good limit. Not, not 48, but only 36. Speaker 1 00:12:08 Right, right, right. Yeah. You know, gotta come back. We'll see what happens there. Uh, 39 fancy points for him. Uh, love the price for him against Washington as well. Uh, just a great, a great spot. You talked about Sicca missing now two weeks. Van Fleet, they're gonna run it back. They're playing right now. Toronto, Chicago running it right back the next night here. Um, you know, so you can certainly go there. A pretty good, good seven K range of guys. Speaker 2 00:12:31 It's funny how they're in Toronto and then they have to travel to Chicago to play. Speaker 1 00:12:36 They should just take the same plane and save gas, you Speaker 2 00:12:38 Know, <laugh>, um, I mean they should just play it both in Toronto. Like why, why are you separating the two games? Like we could just not do that. Um, yeah, I think as long as Van's like healthy enough to go on, he has a big usage rate over the last two seasons this season and last without Thia. So, um, he's in a good spot. I think KJ and tournaments is fine. And Speaker 1 00:13:00 Then you see what guards have done to Orlando all year Speaker 2 00:13:02 Long. So yeah, guards, guards are gonna kill Orlando all year long. Um, I think the interesting seven K plays are Scotty Barnes who, you know, is off to another good start on um, Sunday. Uh, we are recording in, you know, pretty early in that game. And then, um, he's been pretty good this year. So I think the Barnes thing is probably more contingent upon, well Van, I mean, uh, Seattle comes out so like, what am I saying? Uh, he's just a good play. Um, but then like Jalen Brunson dude fits in really well on this next team. Um, Speaker 1 00:13:38 There's so, there's so many good guard, like again, big, big player pool sometimes uh, you benefit cuz the ownership is gonna be spread out on a lot of these guys here, especially in this Tier Ranger. And again, we, we talk about this is our first look podcast, right? So, uh, we're breaking down the slate, but we're getting a good look at a lot of these guys for the first time and their pricing and in their tier and guys that we like. And, uh, you know, we don't, you know, Minnesota's hasn't been a great defensive team with their starting unit. No, Rudy Gober is out again as he is in, uh, you know, the Covid protocols for the league, um, here. So they don't really have much rim protection, uh, in that lineup. And Brenton's really been playing well lately. Boston and Philly. Two tough matches for him. He comes outta there with 40 fantasy points in both. So getting a little bit of a price bump, uh, but he is kind of hovered around this low high six low sevens, um, you know, for most of the year. So, uh, I like him in cash, I think. I think he's a cash game play. Speaker 2 00:14:30 Yeah, 7,100 love him in cash. I think there's a, a great floor there. Tennis assist, no turnovers again, John, the guy is the guy cares about the basketball. Yes, cares about the basketball. Speaker 1 00:14:42 Uh, Darius Garland, I told you the other day, he was too cheap against Boson when he was 6,600. He goes out there and gives his 62 fantasy points. 6,900 feel the same way. He's just too cheap Speaker 2 00:14:51 Played. So he did play today 24 7 and four, uh, for Garland. Yeah, Mi Mitchell 33 and five. So both, both just having good game after game. Speaker 1 00:15:03 He's an AK player. Even playing next to Donny. Mitch, you're getting him mad discount like it got him. They have to play him. He's just gonna, he's not gonna be this cheap again. He opened the year at 71, he missed a bunch of time. He came back at 66, now he's 69. I'm telling you, the next time they play, if that's Wednesday, like he might be 75. Yep. You know, if he, if he goes out there and gives you another 45, 50 fantasy points at this price point, like that's, that's a borderline core play I think for me. Garland at 69. Um, I, I just, you know, Speaker 2 00:15:30 Clippers on a back, clippers on a back to back John Wall's probably gonna sit, You don't know if they're gonna play Paul George like that could be an absolute depleted team. Speaker 1 00:15:38 Yep. Uh, Gideon tournaments if you wanna go, if you're in a game stack O OKC Detroit do we have, do you have a total on that one? Speaker 2 00:15:44 O OKC Detroit is, um, I don't see one. Okay. Speaker 1 00:15:55 Uh, when we get, wherever we get the total I bet, I Speaker 2 00:15:57 Bet it oh yeah. 2, 2 23 and a half. Okay. Speaker 1 00:16:00 Yeah. In the mid tier there, Speaker 2 00:16:01 Right? I was going through 43 games tomorrow. It's, must have missed it Speaker 1 00:16:06 There. No, no arguments. Uh, so G tournaments I think is fine. Just the, the game flow match up your stacking that one, uh, can flirt with triple doubles. I haven't seen the real upside totally yet, but it's, it's like hard for him to get there when SGA is just so ball dominant at the moment. You really need him to get those, uh, secondary, uh, statistics here. Uh, the benefit of recording live here, James, is that sometimes we get news updates as we're recording, uh, OG at and ob just going to the locker room with a potential injury. So, uh, we're talking about this slate now. Uh, if OG ends up having a, a serious injury or misses time, they're already without Sicom, reevaluate how we're looking at Barnes, reevaluate how we look at at Van Fleet, Gary Trent, you know, you know, in that whole, uh, roster there. Speaker 1 00:16:51 So keep in mind as a recording now, if we get any more updates throughout the rest of this, uh, recording, we'll certainly, uh, Regi you some, uh, some takes on on that situation there. So, um, more mid-tier six K guys. Uh, Kyle Low's been playing really well, uh, gets his spot against Portland. But talk to me about Russell Westbrook man, uh, six man Westbrook is, is really playing well. Uh, you talked about it like get him away from LeBron and AD and sort of like in his own little ecosystem of, of playing time and offense and he's very much paying off this price tag. 34, 39, 34, 42 fantasy points. The last four games, uh, they're just faced Utah gonna run it right back against Utah. Speaker 2 00:17:32 Yeah. And then today. Yep. So they played Cleveland. Uh, he did have seven turnovers. Not great. Tough on, tough spot against for sure. Okay. But tough spot. Even with Pat Beverly off the floor, he played 32 minutes, came off the bench was the key again. Uh, 19 and 10. So I had a double double, three rebounds, two steals and a block hit three threes. So like wherever those turnovers went, made up four steals and blocks hit three and a half, hit three threes got a point and a half back there. Like another double double. I I like you said, I've been saying it like I think that there is you, you just continue to stagger these guys. Like there's no reason to play them at the same time, um, when Russ looks this good. So yeah, I mean I'd go there in tournaments. It's not a cash game play. It's a very risky torment play considering it's a back to back. But like who knows if Anthony Davis and LeBron play in a back to back, like we could also be them without one of those guys. And then if, then what happens? Russ comes off the bench and he just plays 35 minutes and it's, he's just crazy ball dominant. Speaker 1 00:18:36 Might have been a bathroom break for OG is just returned to the bench. So again, we'll keep everybody updated there on any status. Uh, see how quickly those news news updates come. Uh, always gonna have push notifications turned on when you're uh, when you're heavily invested into the NBA DFS realm there. So Ben Tims, I'm very curious here if he does play or not. I know it's not the best spot we talk all the time, like going up against Dallas just feels like a struggle a lot of times for those teams. They play slow, they play good defense. If Ben Timmons is active though, no Kyrie Irving now, like I wonder what that looks like uh, for Ben Simmons, whatever. Like does he now shoot a little bit more? Does he utilize his driving ability more now that there's not Kyrie Irving kind of to handle the basketball? Do the assist totals go up? You know, not he already had good assist totals, but like Right. Is he, is he even more involved? Um, you know, so I'm curious to see how Ben Simmons will look in this spot. Probably a faded just cuz he's coming back from injury and the match against Dallas. But, uh, something to look at there. Uh, under six K or or six K, low six K and under. I mean, do you have interest in Jamal Murray? I guess 62 like Clarkson revenge here? Like any thoughts? Speaker 2 00:19:43 Yeah, I think Jamal Murray is great. 27 fantasy points in 23 minutes. Again, he's over the last three games. He's been out a fancy farm for a minute and or better in each of them. He just looks better offensively too. Like, uh, we're getting a cis we've had a couple games with four or more rebounds lately. So I think marine tournaments, I do like Jalen Sus in tournaments. I I've said it a million times, I know he was really bad last game. He let everyone down. Um, and he, I think that's the roller rollercoaster. Like Jalen Sus is like really high. It's really low, it's really high. It's very hard to trust it's tournament play only. But you know, I've been, we've been saying it for two years, like Houston, what do we know? Yeah, they are very bad defensively. 27th. They're very fast. They are seventh and Pace, like Speaker 1 00:20:26 Good contrarian tournament play. I think my problem with Sus is that he's gotta be, he can't be a core play for you. We're not saying we're not recommending that. He, he definitely is like a one off play. My problem with sus that there are better scores on that team, that if they get hot, it feels like, like any one of them, just like he, he didn't score at all last game. But you look at the box score like Carter, Paul and Speaker 2 00:20:51 Kara and Car went nuts. Speaker 1 00:20:52 Like they all just were scoring. They, they couldn't be stopped, right? So like that's why he had nine assists or whatever it was, um, in that game because he didn't need to shoot, uh, he didn't take a, he had four shots going into overtime. He took three threes in overtime missed them all. Um, so he, he just, not only was he following every time when he was out there, uh, he wasn't shooting because all of those guys are so hot, um, they couldn't be stopped. So I, I worry that at times, like he understands what his role is kind of. It's not to be that bald dominant point car. Like if that was Cole, Anthony, Cole, Anthony's taking 15 shots. Like he doesn't care, right? Jalen sucks. If he starts making shots like we saw against Golden State, he'll take them. Um, but it looked like he was pretty willing to defer to the better match up there. So in tournaments, probably a good game sack play at 5,800 for the price cuz you're, you know, Apollo and all them will be a little bit more expensive. Sure. So, um, I don't mind as a, as a, as a tournament play, um, Melton started in, in the starting lineup the other day. Would you, would you consider running it back with him? He played 30 minutes, gave almost 40 fantasy points against the Knicks. Speaker 2 00:21:50 Yeah, I mean he's a really high fantasy player minute guy. I think if him beats back I'd be more inclined to play him probably cuz the price versus Maxy at 78. Um, maybe that's a bad take, but I feel like, um, I feel pretty comfortable getting to Milton 53. Cause I, I assume, um, with no Heart and Milton's just in the starting lineup anyway. Yeah, that's just my well Speaker 1 00:22:11 That's what I'm feeling. Yeah. And he gives you, and he's always giving us defensive stats, right? I mean always You and I talked about melting for years now. We wanted him to play more while he is playing, but we played 30 minutes and gave you 40 fancy points. Like that's what he can, that's what he can do. Maybe Phoenix is a tough spot for you. Um, but I could be, you know, we'll, we'll see how it kind of, uh, how it, how it shapes out there. More low 5K guys, ao assuming, uh, Levine's still low, but he's starting really regardless. Speaker 2 00:22:36 I think, I think Levine's, I think Levine plays, it's the back to back Sure. That Levine, they, they sat him, he looked bad, he looked really, really bad. The last back to back. So I think the Bulls were probably like, alright, let's see. You know, Sure. Let's chill a little bit on these back to backs. Speaker 1 00:22:51 Um, I'm not gonna play shade and sharp even if, even if guys are out, he just hasn't done enough for me there. Nope. Um, Brogdon 29 and 28 minutes last a answer for him. Speaker 2 00:23:00 Yeah. Love it. Love Speaker 1 00:23:01 It. Uh, $5,200 and we, we talked about earlier this year we thought 49 was too low and any kind like fell off a little bit, but I think the Celtics are really starting to maybe come around on him two 20 point games in the last four as well. So, um, just a nice, just a nice price tag for him there. Speaker 2 00:23:18 He's just so good. Like, he's just so good. He's been so good before the, like when he got drafted to Milwaukee, got the, the, and the second round and then they're like, Oh crap, this dude can play. And they gave him the deal and then they like traded him, which Milwaukee doesn't really make mistakes like that, right? Like they just like gave him away. Like imagine that team with Malcolm Brogden right now. Um, I I do, I'm interested I guess two games ago he played the Minutes with Horford and then he plays the minutes without Horford. I wonder, I may maybe it just doesn't matter and he's just gonna start playing like over Derek White, right? Yeah. Or take minutes away from Grant Williams. Cause again, we've talked about it a bunch. Like the Celtics have no problem going smaller. Speaker 1 00:23:57 He was in their Final five the other day. So Speaker 2 00:23:59 With, with the Horford active, right? Speaker 1 00:24:01 Uh, no Horford, Morford knows Nick game. He's in the Final Five against the Nick. They had Brown Tatum, Grant Williams White and Smart, uh, Brogden and Smart was their final five. They played Grant Williams at the five. Okay. Uh, but you sub in Horford for Grant Williams there and that's your final five. So I think he's playing over white in their final five right now. Um, and what's white's minutes? Is the whites minute starting to go down a little bit or is he Speaker 2 00:24:26 Well, the last game, uh, he played 22, 26, 32. The last three, So the minutes, Yeah, Speaker 1 00:24:32 32 was the OT game versus Cleveland. Speaker 2 00:24:34 Right. And it's hard to like the next minutes because there was no al Orford like, and he still only played 22 minutes. That's like super discouraged. Speaker 1 00:24:41 Yeah, I mean, I I think bro should be playing over him the majority of the time then Speaker 2 00:24:45 I'm, I'm all in then. I'm all in on with your, with your bro call. Yep. Speaker 1 00:24:49 Uh, other low 5k. Anybody Reggie Jackson. We assume John Wal doesn't play a back to back here. Um, Speaker 2 00:24:56 Yeah, they've just been like limiting Reggie Jackson too, right? Like he's just Speaker 1 00:25:00 Yeah, it's not, I mean it's Speaker 2 00:25:01 Against Cleveland. It's terrible. It's a terrible spot. It's a terrible spot. Speaker 1 00:25:04 Uh, Monty Morris, what, what's the deal thing? Is that an injury or is he just Speaker 2 00:25:08 Out Yeah, be's in Covid Speaker 1 00:25:09 Covid, right? Speaker 2 00:25:10 Still I believe. I think. Yeah, I think it's, He's in, Yeah, he's in Pro Call. Speaker 1 00:25:14 Okay. Monty against Charlotte. 48. Speaker 2 00:25:16 Yep. Yep, yep, yep. Back to back. Um, start off this game. Start off Monday's game or not Monday, Speaker 1 00:25:22 Sunday. Ooh, Speaker 2 00:25:23 15. This is what happens when you go through 15 games of point guards, John, like you Speaker 1 00:25:27 Just do where you're at. We're still in, we're, we're currently 25 minutes into this recording and we're still on point guard. So, Speaker 2 00:25:33 Um, yeah, Mon Morris I think is perfectly fine. I mean he's had, uh, he's had the, the ceiling was 34, but like there's no Bradley peal. So who's to say the ceiling is in 40? He's Speaker 1 00:25:43 Got eight points in an assist in seven minutes so far. And, Speaker 2 00:25:46 Uh, pretty good man. He's Speaker 1 00:25:48 Out there. Out there. Speaker 2 00:25:48 You know what, And that dude can score, he can score the basketball. Um, and, and they're gonna obviously need that without Bradley. Speaker 1 00:25:54 Yep. Uh, alright, point guard value. Just gimme some names here so we're not running down the entire list. Who are you, uh, who are you in on, who you out on Speaker 2 00:26:03 Point guard value? Um, Speaker 1 00:26:05 Are you reading anything in camera Thomas? 32 and 29 minutes. Speaker 2 00:26:09 Um, that everyone's out, but sure. I mean it, I guess it maybe Simmons being back would hurt that. Sure. But like they, they're starting Sumner playing him 17 minutes and then going to Camp Thomas, Uh, I guess the question is, Seth Curry's gonna ramp up, right? Sure. 15 minutes last game. Uh, Joe Harris is gonna continue to ramp up. He played 24 and 30 in the back to back. So like I maybe Cam Thomas, I guess we'd have to see like ownership there. Like if he's, if the industry's in on him and there's like good projections out there for 'em, um, bef fan injections, then maybe, uh, sure, maybe. But I don't think there's a lot of point guard value other than Cam Thomas honestly at this, at this time. Speaker 1 00:26:55 Let's go to shooting guard then. Uh, we talked about Dejounte a bit here. You can certainly plan against Milwaukee, uh, Paula George on a back to back. I guess you have to wait and see, but not, not really the best spot for him against Cleveland. No, uh, Donnie, Mitch, we've discussed a little bit like him against the Clippers, but could be a blowout if the Clippers do decide to sit some of their guys here. Uh, bookers at nine k against Philly. Um, McCollum gets the Pacers at 85. Jalen Brown against Memphis at 84. Uh, Anthony Edwards against the Nicks Brandon Ingram against the Pacers thoughts in the AK range? Speaker 2 00:27:25 It's all fine, right? Like it's bookers fine. I think Devon Booker's settling in to like two expensive range for both of us. I don't think many of either of us really played Devon Booker, right? I felt like he was having a, it felt like he was having a huge game and I guess he was against Portland, but they, he didn't play in the fourth quarter but like 38 finish points at nine k just doesn't get it done. Um, CJM act to back big games, three straight big games Speaker 1 00:27:53 Healthy too. He's playing Speaker 2 00:27:55 And it's an elite elite spot. Like as good as it's gonna get. Same thing can be said for Ingram. Speaker 1 00:28:00 Do the pace paying with the Pelicans. Speaker 2 00:28:03 I know, dude, the pelicans are so good. Maybe the writing, maybe like, because Speaker 1 00:28:08 The pace definitely have some scores though, right? Like Matran dote is out. So, um, dorte out, you know, Matran healed, you know, Halliburton can certainly score Miles Turner can certainly score, but you know, they're, I don't think, I don't know if they can hit shots consistently enough to not just fall back double digits here against the Speaker 2 00:28:26 Pelicans. Let's see what the spread is. Uh, it's only 6 2 35 total. Biggest on the board, I believe. Just scrolling through. Yeah, 2 35 total. Uh, the only, the only problem is gonna be with the Pelicans and I guess like, maybe it, I should shouldn't be looking into it that much because Ingram's been really good both games fantasy wise. He was really bad shooting against Atlanta. Yes. Um, he's, uh, McCollum's been just really good from a fantasy perspective lately. And Zion's been good from a fantasy perspective. They're just so many of them. Yeah. But, um, apparently Zion's questionable, but they're talking about cramping. He's not gonna be cramping from Saturday until next. Probably not <laugh>. So that's the only thing I would like. I caution, I I like fight with in my brain, John. Like, I'm like, damn, can all these guys get there? Cause they're all priced up, right? Yeah. There's no one like priced like, ooh, like that's a value. None of 'em are a value. I think they're all kind of like Speaker 1 00:29:23 You're paying top dollar Speaker 2 00:29:24 For, you're paying top dollar. So for me, like I think the pelicans are fine as a whole, but I just feel like they're, they're priced appropriately and you're not really getting any type of, It Speaker 1 00:29:34 Would seem unlikely any of them go for Speaker 2 00:29:37 60. 60. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I, there's like obviously the opportu, they obviously can because they're very talented. Like would Zion scoring 40 actual surprise you would Ingram scoring 40 actual surprise you? No. Yeah, but like they're all such high usage guys that it's hard to, to really get excited about 85, 8,000 and would Zion 86 Yep. Speaker 1 00:29:59 Uh, band at 77. Would you consider running him against Boston the way he is been shooting the basketball Speaker 2 00:30:04 Maybe back to back, uh, you know, back to back. He's at home. They're, they're playing a home and home, so it's like not terrible, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative> like, they get both these games at home, so, um, I don't hate it, but like, it's, it's fine. Sure, it's fine. Speaker 1 00:30:18 Uh, he gets a little bit of a revenge game there at 66. Uh, you've talked about it. He's expensive, but I mean, big price bump finally 6,600. Speaker 2 00:30:28 But like, but it doesn't even matter, does it? Like he's, Speaker 1 00:30:32 He wants be traded so bad, he's like, I look who I can do like Lakers or somebody come get me dude. Speaker 2 00:30:37 He's making twos. He's making all his threes. Yeah, he's rebounding the crap out of the ball. Speaker 1 00:30:43 Steal per game. Speaker 2 00:30:45 I know. Like, and then the first he goes for 40 without any assists and the two games prior he has seven and eight. Like he's, he's really doing no wrong right now. And you mentioned no dote, like just pencil him in for all the minutes because there's no one that can come get him off the floor. Speaker 1 00:30:58 Yeah. A vaal is on some sort of minutes. Restruction. Speaker 2 00:31:02 Yeah. It's been so annoying coming off the bench on a minutes restriction and still dominating and Speaker 1 00:31:05 Dominating. So I don't know. I don't know. So Speaker 2 00:31:08 Annoying. Speaker 1 00:31:08 I probably can't pay 6,600 because of it, but I mean like if they don't tell us he's on a minutes restriction tomorrow, I would consider it. I mean he's been very good. Uh, Jalen Green is questionable here. That's a, that's one probable I guess, uh, knee contusion again, I like, I like, I just like game stacking. Orlando, Houston, we don't, I don't think we need to break down every play in that game. They're just kind of in cuz of the game they're in. Uh, let's see here. Feel the same way about Uber a against Washington. Probably just kinda run that one back. Uh, did Wi Revenge against Brooklyn. I think we had this match of already. Do you not have Brooklyn version? Yeah, we did. We did. He had only 24 fancy points in that game there. Speaker 2 00:31:46 Yeah. And there was almost 250 points score or there was 250 points score in Speaker 1 00:31:52 There. Yeah, that was that the 80 game? 80 point games? Speaker 2 00:31:54 Yeah, that was the 80. Yeah, that was the 84 bit. Speaker 1 00:31:56 The overtime Speaker 2 00:31:57 Game. Yep, sure was. Yep. Speaker 1 00:31:58 Sure was. Uh, again, Matran at 59 out of interesting score Tournaments. Speaker 2 00:32:03 Tournaments, Speaker 1 00:32:04 Uh, Jayden, Ivy, again, sort of the same sense. Uh, you can game stack it if you want. He had a tough shooting night against Milwaukee but actually bounced back and was pretty good in that blowout loss to, uh, Cleveland. There 30 fantasy points for him. So, uh, I'm fine. I'm interested in it. Uh, any other guys in this 5K range for you? Speaker 2 00:32:20 Yeah, Clay in tournaments has looked pretty good lately shooting, um, especially last game where he score 27, actual, I think he's still too cheap. I Speaker 1 00:32:28 Think Barkley got under his skin a little bit. Speaker 2 00:32:30 Charles Barkley did and he made sure Charles Barkley knew that he hurt him. Um, so I think Clay is fine. Um, we talked about Melton, we talked about IO Rodden 52, um, and then we get to like the 5k guys, um, and or, and under. Speaker 1 00:32:47 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:32:49 I Speaker 1 00:32:49 Don't, do you play Bones? Speaker 2 00:32:51 Could play Bones. There was like, I mean, Speaker 1 00:32:53 And those are ridiculous numbers Speaker 2 00:32:55 And you know what, two, when you think about it, he was comes off the crazy game against Utah and then comes off a crazy game against the Spurs. They're gonna blow the Spurs out. So like probably Speaker 1 00:33:09 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:33:09 Right. Highland's gonna play another 25 minutes, right? Yep. So like in game theory, I know it's expensive and it was less, it was 41 44, the last two. Like if there, if you think blowout, um, the line in this game is only seven and a half, which is kind of surprising, but 2 35 and a half total, if you suspect blowout, then I think it's pretty, Speaker 1 00:33:36 I'm surprised he doesn't play anyways. 25 minutes, but Speaker 2 00:33:39 Yeah. Yeah. Um, I mean I guess it maybe like the liability defensively is not good there. Sure. Um, it would be like there's only one ball for him. Porter, Yoki and, uh, Murray all on the floor at once, you Speaker 1 00:33:57 Know, uh, Sexton's at 46, we like that. We might have talked about data point guard, but Speaker 2 00:34:01 No, I didn't. And you know what, I, I was a little worried about the back to back, but 20, the 28th and 29th of November, he played 16 minutes against Denver, then played 32 against Memphis the next night. Sure. Uh, just seems to be just the guy now off the bench. Yeah. Like he's just their guy. Speaker 1 00:34:18 Uh, and isn't Joe Harris here played 30 minutes the other day? 4,300? Speaker 2 00:34:23 Yeah, I would have more interest I think if there's no Simmons just because like the necessity. Okay. Speaker 1 00:34:28 Uh, he's shooting a lot. He's not hitting anything, but he's at least shooting. Speaker 2 00:34:31 Yeah. A tough spot too. Not, not the, not the best spot for Speaker 1 00:34:35 This guy did win a three point contest, so Speaker 2 00:34:36 He did. No, no. Very good shooter. Very, he's going to come around. Speaker 1 00:34:40 So doing the Speaker 2 00:34:41 Shooting, shooting, Joe Harris is gonna come around. Speaker 1 00:34:44 Um, Yeah, for sure. Uh, Jalen Williams, the other Jalen Williams, 20 minutes there probably tough to get to. Speaker 2 00:34:49 Yeah, he's coming off the bench too. Speaker 1 00:34:51 Yeah, he did start randomly for that like one awkward Speaker 2 00:34:54 Game, that one game where they're just like, well dude, here's the thing, it's a 15 game slate. If you're playing anyone on the thunder other than sga, you're doing dfa, like maybe Getty you're doing, I feel like you're doing things wrong. Okay. Not you just like the masses, like it's Speaker 1 00:35:10 Okay. Uh, maybe Terrace man, if somebody else is ruled out here for uh, for the Clippers. Speaker 2 00:35:16 Yeah. If, Yeah, we are Kard are, I think Kard is already out. He's Speaker 1 00:35:19 3,300 bucks. I'm just saying like if nobody is playing for them, you know, there's gonna be surprise some value for the Clippers, so. Agreed. Agreed. Um, we'll see what goes on for there. All right. Small Ford, uh, k e d at 11 one. Uh, are you paying the price against Dallas? You Speaker 2 00:35:34 Can. You can because it's again, only, only chef in town and the last time he went 12 of 21 for 37 actual Simmons was in that game. Yep. And he took all the re back Simmons. Yeah. And Carrie is in that game and Carrie scored a lot. So Speaker 1 00:35:48 If Simmons is active, does that change your feelings on Durant at all? Speaker 2 00:35:51 Maybe a little. A little. I I'll say not like, I'm not like overly concerned, but I am, I am slightly concerned. Sure. Speaker 1 00:36:00 Okay. Uh, Taum and tournaments, if you wanna go there, you can again, he gave you two, he gave you two 60 s basically in the last three. Um, so if you wanna go on run some jt that's fine. I don't think many people will be on that train with you. Uh, we talked about George briefly. Uh, Speaker 2 00:36:16 Fun game. Fun game by the way. The, the Boston Memphis game two 30 and a half total. I I don't think there's gonna be a lot of defenses. Speaker 1 00:36:22 No, well, Rob Williams, Boston just doesn't play a lot. Speaker 2 00:36:24 Just they don't care. Speaker 1 00:36:25 They're, I mean, however coming back will help that a little bit, but they literally had noon Cornett and Grant Williams playing the five the other day and like it, I played Randall, you, you, you like, I eyeballed me when you saw Randall in my live, I've been like, dude, they have nobody to play. I know to play the five. So, um, and they were, yeah, they just kind of went in that direction. So, uh, d Rosen on a back to back at 83, but again, you mentioning the uh, uh, the Levine likely return there, um, markings at 75, Kels at 72. Any, any of these guys stick it out to you here. Speaker 2 00:36:59 I mean, marking just went for 27. Dude, he is crazy this year. This is nuts to see as a guy who was like very high on, high on him out of the draft, right? Like going to your favorite team. It's like where the fudge was this guy. Yeah. Um, but hey man, 2 55 plus Fantasy Point games in the last three. One of them coming in LA against the Lakers. Um, and you kind of alluded to it like the Lakers defensively are rating out like pretty well, but like they're slowly falling back. Teams are scoring a bunch of points against them now. So like, you know, maybe it was a facade and maybe they're not actually that good. Um, so yeah, I think marketing is fine. Scotty Barnes is having a huge game. I think that's just gonna be a thing if there's no sicom. Like it's, we play Scotty Barnes, um, and Kelvin, Kelvin just feels stale at this price. I just Speaker 1 00:37:58 No, no real upside. I agree. No. Uh, again, Houston, Orlando play 'em all. Bowlo, France, whatever you want, you know, bowls play 37 minutes. Why he played 19 against Golden State, but 37 against Sacramento. Speaker 2 00:38:10 I'm so, you know, you know, and I, I had him that night. We Speaker 1 00:38:15 Both had him that night. We both, we both were all Speaker 2 00:38:17 Oh yeah. True. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:38:18 It's, uh, Jojo was out Toby, we love, we were all over that play the other day. Uh, 46 fantasy points. I would run that back in a heartbeat against Phoenix. And no, uh, no Cam J who's playing Power Forward for, uh, Speaker 2 00:38:29 Tory Craig, Tory Craig Tory Craig, good defensive player started Yeah. Good defensive player for, Yeah, he had a lot of, he had a big, uh, defensive game in that game and again, they blew him out and didn't play in the fourth quarter, but he had like 26 fantasy points. Yeah. In limited time. Speaker 1 00:38:43 So yeah. And we all remember like the 50 point Tory Greg game from last year, so Speaker 2 00:38:46 Yep. Uh, Bowers, our, uh, longtime listener longtime friend, longtime member of the affirmation. I think he went out and like got to Craig's number tattooed on at back or something like that. So, because I think Tory Craig, I don't know if he won him a tournament, but he something Tory Craig did something to like, um, win him a bunch of money. So Powers, Powers has Powers is getting super excited. Hearing Tory Craig's Yeah, Tory Craig. Speaker 1 00:39:12 Yeah, exactly. So OG if he's healthy and good 62 we talked about he's got 16 steels the last three games. Speaker 2 00:39:19 Yeah. He's playing right now at John b. He's like back in the games. Speaker 1 00:39:22 Yeah. Yep. Uh, so definitely gonna be in on that for sure. Uh, let's see here. Any guys in these 5K range jumping out to you? Speaker 2 00:39:30 Um, Speaker 1 00:39:31 53 maybe Speaker 2 00:39:33 19 MI today. I don't know. That was the first time in a while. He's seen decrease in minutes, but Speaker 1 00:39:39 Maybe back to back problem Speaker 2 00:39:40 Or maybe, I mean, I mean Speaker 1 00:39:43 He's nothing to lose minutes. He's been outstanding. So, Speaker 2 00:39:46 So he, let's see what the reason was cuz there foul, there's foul trouble. Okay. He had five foul, so random foul trouble can't, not gonna happen. Like very unlikely to happen again. So yeah. Um, tournaments. That's Speaker 1 00:39:55 Fine. Jalen McDaniels May a favorite of mine. Um, no Hayward again in this game. Maybe, I know, I know Rozier's back, but he still played 28 minutes against Brooklyn. Uh, it wasn't his best performance, but, uh, still we saw him against Chicago when I, when we called him on the podcast and he went for 34 fantasy points, uh, five steals in two blocks in that game. I I just think he's gonna be active. The McDaniels brothers right? They're just like energy active guys. Yeah. So, uh, and you're getting him in a good spot against Washington here in my opinion. Speaker 2 00:40:26 Yeah. I don't hate it. Um, I'm just, I'm a Speaker 1 00:40:28 Little actually the exact same price. Both MCGs brothers are the exact same price. Speaker 2 00:40:33 Uh, they both is Jayden only power forwards. Speaker 1 00:40:36 Yeah. No small Ford Jay, Jayden is small Speaker 2 00:40:40 Ford. Oh, I see him. They ran next to each other. Holy smokes. Okay. Um, Speaker 1 00:40:43 They're twin of those who aren't, aren't aware. Speaker 2 00:40:46 Yeah. Uh, Jaylen just let, let us down big time in that, uh, Memphis game when he started, they got absolutely torched, they got absolutely blown out. They didn't even deserve to be on the floor that night started and he was like 30% on and just shit the bed. Yep. So that's still fresh on my mind. Not gonna lie. Speaker 1 00:41:06 I'm willing to run him back in a better Speaker 2 00:41:08 Spot. I'm willing to, I'm willing to go back as well. Yep. You gotta, you gotta, And dfs he just, you gotta, you gotta forget about the, the last performance. Speaker 1 00:41:15 Yep. Uh, Jayden gave you 35 minutes against Houston. Um, again, no, no Gobert uh, 13, five and three. I think the minutes are gonna be pretty secure for him without Gobert there because towns moves to the five basically. Or they played Nas Reed at the five, but I don't think he didn't play like 30 minutes there, so. Speaker 2 00:41:33 No, you know what they did? They played Kyle Anderson, Speaker 1 00:41:36 Kyle, they started Kyle Anderson to Power Four. That's what they did. Speaker 2 00:41:39 And he, he played 31 minutes and had a classic Slowmo performance. 16 6, 3 and three steals. Um, on seven shots, 4,100 for, for law model. I Speaker 1 00:41:53 Think both are in play. I think both are in play. Yeah. Um, there for sure looking for some value on this big slate. Uh, anybody else, I mean norms at 47 but again bad spotting against Cleveland. Uh, if Winslow's active, I'd be willing to play some Justice Winslow here. Yep. Speaker 2 00:42:09 Uh, especially, especially if both point cards are out. They started 'em at Point Guard the other day. Yeah. So he would essentially he's Speaker 1 00:42:18 12, nine and nine and that game against Phoenix two nights Speaker 2 00:42:20 Ago. Yeah. He's essentially the starting point guard. If Dame and Simon's Dame, questionable Simon's doubtful if they both sit it's gonna be Winslow's gonna be key on Johnson off the bench. Yep. Speaker 1 00:42:31 Uh, let's see. K Speaker 2 00:42:32 I would say Pat, I would say Pat will. Speaker 1 00:42:34 Okay. Yep. Katie Martin minutes lately as Speaker 2 00:42:37 Well. AJ Martin, he started the other day. I think Jabari Smith. Let's see. Jabari Smith already ruled no Jabari Smith probably so he should be back. So Martin should shift back to the bench, but we'll see. Speaker 1 00:42:49 Did you see uh, Ke say that Commingle will be in their rotation moving forward? Speaker 2 00:42:54 That's awesome. I'm really excited about that. Cuz the guy is a good basketball player. Speaker 1 00:42:59 But what does that mean? Does he get wiseman's 15 minutes or, Speaker 2 00:43:02 Well did you see the whole thing with Wiseman where like he like was complaining about not getting a Speaker 1 00:43:07 Yes, I tweeted about it. I said on a game where they bench all of their starters. James Wiseman only managed 17 minutes. Speaker 2 00:43:14 Yeah. Uh, I think, I don't know if Wiseman's gonna be outta the rotation, but like, you know, they, Speaker 1 00:43:20 What's wild to me is they just uh, exercise his option too. Speaker 2 00:43:23 Yeah. Yep. Just exercised his option. Um, Speaker 1 00:43:25 They paid him 12 million not to play. Speaker 2 00:43:27 I mean they could, I mean so they're giving like think about it, the minutes, right? They're giving jmic green minutes. Like he could be taking some to Michael Green Minutes, they're playing Moses Moody a bunch off the bench. Like he could just be like that three, four swing man. Yeah. Maybe even the small ball center as you mentioned. Um, so he could play three through five if they go small. Um, because they can go small and they'll just have Draymond. Right, Right. Like that's their small ball center anyway. So, um, I don't think I can, I don't think I'd go to Minga. I wanna see what the minutes look like if with him in the rotation moving forward. Close. Speaker 1 00:44:03 Okay. Uh, I don't mind the Pad Williams call. He was playing 30 minutes. Uh, Troy Brown, is he in the rotation still? Sort of, kind of. Speaker 2 00:44:09 He started and played 30 minutes today. John 12 and six did nothing else. Um, 12 and six hit two three, so, Okay. Don't hate it. Speaker 1 00:44:18 Not, not the worst I guess for value there. Um, just trying to see if there's any value like prints like Auto Porter and a back to back probably wouldn't play right the way they're kind. Nah, Speaker 2 00:44:29 It's probably not. It's it's probably the, it's probably the Minnesota guys. It's probably pick your Minnesota guy if Goat Bear. I mean Prince played 31 minutes too. Speaker 1 00:44:38 So Cam Reddish played 37 against Boston Speaker 2 00:44:41 And started Speaker 1 00:44:42 And started with Cr Grimes out. Grimes is out and reddish starts again. Would you play reddish at 30 for 3,400? Speaker 2 00:44:50 Yeah. Yes. Torments only though. Okay. He's just like a, he just doesn't look like that that the same guy right now. Right. Like he just doesn't, I I don't know what it is but he just, he doesn't look great. Okay. Speaker 1 00:45:02 Uh, let's see here. Anybody else? Nausea or litter? Not really played 23. Same Houser had a good game the other Speaker 2 00:45:11 Day. Yeah, he did have a good Speaker 1 00:45:13 Game. Hit five threes. I mean that's literally what his role is on that team. But probably too much of a dark throw. All right. Wasting too much time here. Uh, power forward I guess we'll see what talent to and Tucker does tonight, right? If Vanderbilt doesn't play, if THT ends up getting a lot of that run, we could potentially take a look at him there. Uh, Power Forward Giannis is at 12 six, uh, against Atlanta in that matchup. Earlier this year he went for 64 fans points, uh, which is not five x, it's uh, close to five x uh, on this base point here. That would be 63 would be five x. So he just over five x to you at 12 six. I'm telling you, I it's just too expensive. He needs to go for like 80 to be worthy in my opinion, um, of $12,600. So, uh, I don't think I'm gonna pay s we can, Speaker 2 00:45:57 Yeah, there's not, I mean I don't disagree. There's not a lot of value. Um, I think he is a better option. I don't have the fandel price in front of me, but I think he's just a better option over there. Um, because the blocks and steals. Sure. That's just, I think where I stand on Speaker 1 00:46:14 That. Uh, other guys. LeBron's at at ten seven. Again, if you wanna go LeBron against Utah, nobody's gonna tell you not to again. He just hasn't hit 50 points in a while. 50 fantasy points in a bit. Uh, Towns against Hartenstein is a match I would like to have. Yes. Towns is 10 k uh, at home here. Uh, I think we're gonna be happy to roll this one out here. Speaker 2 00:46:34 We just please man, just stay outta foul trouble please. Like that's the only thing that like we have to worry about. Yeah. Like if he gets in foul trouble. Speaker 1 00:46:42 Anthony Davis, you and I were lick our chops the other day cuz that half time he had 20 points and like five, five Speaker 2 00:46:48 Bounds and a block and Speaker 1 00:46:49 Yeah. And then he played the entire second half just running suicides basically on the floor. He did nothing. Speaker 2 00:46:54 Got a good work. He definitely got a good workout Speaker 1 00:46:56 In. Yeah. Finish a 22 actual points for 39 fantasy points was on pace for like 70 fantasy points. It was, it was the, the spot of the spot. Uh, and he just did nothing with it. So, uh, I'll run it back. Hopefully people got burned by it. 9,100 again going up against marketing in Olin Davis is gonna just ruin, uh, ruin that spot there for them. So, uh, Bon car went for 62 again. Talk about it, Play 'em, it's Houston great spot. Uh, on the flip side, I still like Randall at 76 town's not great defender. If Kyle Anderson is their power forward, like I think Randall's gonna have a lot of size on him there. Um, so I'm, I'm good with that spot. Uh, let's see here. Oh man, Portus is 69. It's too expensive at this point. Yep. Um, Bull Bowl, we talked about it. If you wanna take the chance of 66, you can. Toby, we've talked about any interesting grant here, uh, obviously fell back down a little bit after this big performance against Phoenix. The game prior, they played back to back nights and they got blown out and he struggled. Speaker 2 00:47:58 Yeah, if Dame's out okay, I'd get there. Speaker 1 00:48:01 All right. Any other six K 5K guys? Speaker 2 00:48:05 Draymond I think is okay. 58. Don't think you like need to go there, but I think it's fine. Um, same with Aaron Gordon. Like Aaron Gordon up and down. Rollercoaster ride. 40 <laugh>. Dude. The Aaron Gordon experience is in full effect this year. Huh? Last five games 28 Fantasy points, seven fantasy points 30, 41, 18. Like it's just, but it's the Spurs. I think this is a great spot for him if you think that game can stay close. Sure. Uh, both those guys are, are fine. Um, Speaker 1 00:48:33 Stress played 40 minutes the other day. He just keeps playing a bunch of minutes there. Speaker 2 00:48:36 Yeah, he, I mean even with Butler coming back, I assume he's gonna play and then like you factor in, what if, if Butler comes back and Hero sits like, Yeah, Stress just finds his self playing another 40. So yeah, Speaker 1 00:48:48 I agree with you there. Uh, you and I talked about this, the minutes for Larry n lately, 31, 29, 27, uh, they did not play Val chs basically the final like 13 minutes of the game the other day. They just took him off the floor for n uh, and their lineup. Uh, any interest here at 54 against the Pacers? Speaker 2 00:49:05 Yeah. And you gotta think like Miles Turner being like the athletic player that he is helps n right? Yeah. Cause like n is athletic and baller industry just isn't. So, um, yeah, I think, I think uh, he's definitely in play. Okay. Speaker 1 00:49:26 Um, any other 5k power forwards for you? Speaker 2 00:49:30 Um, Jalen Smith dead with uh, the return, um, Kevin Love, if anyone's out is interesting. Okay. But only if someone's out, I mentioned it uh, two slates ago and you have crazy 21, 10 and eight in 23 minutes. Um, you know, Bo is fine I think for tournaments. Okay. Tory, Craig, 4k, Tory Speaker 1 00:49:56 Craig. Yep. Tory Craig at 4k. 22 minutes and then 2225 Fancy bites, 23 minutes, 19 fancy splits. Speaker 2 00:50:02 Good value. And we mentioned both Minnesota guys in Anderson and uh, um, all the, all the Minnesota guys. Nazare. Speaker 1 00:50:11 Nare, Yeah. Speaker 2 00:50:12 They're all power forward eligible. They're all in play. Yep. Speaker 1 00:50:16 I agree with you. Uh, I've seen if anybody else kind of jumps out here or not, uh, I don't really see a ton. What did Tucker do? Tucker play a bunch. Not really. 25 minutes there. Low volume. All right. Go to center. We'll finish this off here and we'll make our, make our lineup, uh, Joker at 11 six. But again, we're expecting kind of a blowout. I don't think he's gonna, uh, gonna hit the value that we need him to there. Uh, would you do be if he's in the game against Phoenix at ten four or would you rather just play tabs at 10 K? Speaker 2 00:50:46 I'd probably rather play towns, but obviously be without Harden is pretty appealing, right? Like it's, that's a pretty good spot. Speaker 1 00:50:55 Yep. I agree with you there. Uh, so bonus against Golden State at 86. I know you've been going at Bigs against Golden State. Would that interest you? Speaker 2 00:51:03 Yeah, and I mean dude, like the guy just stays outta foul trouble and look what happens. Like we get back to back 20 point double doubles with six or more assists. Like just stay outta foul trouble. That's it. Yep. That's Speaker 1 00:51:17 It. Yep. That's a good spot for him. I agree with you there. Uh, one card and Port Inguez against Charlotte. Love that spot for him. Yep. Speaker 2 00:51:24 Window at Speaker 1 00:51:26 77 for sure. Speaker 2 00:51:27 We did mention, did you mention Kuzma? I'm sorry if you did at Power. No I didn't. I would throw Kuzma would Speaker 1 00:51:31 Throw. I haven't played a lot of Kuzma. You're in on Kuzma obviously. Speaker 2 00:51:34 Well, no, just no Bill. Yeah. Big, big time usage rate without be, uh, this evening at halftime. 8 6 1 and a block, like pretty good. Um, on pace for 40 fantasy points, so, Okay. Speaker 1 00:51:48 Uh, Valenti Tune, as I mentioned, only 26 minutes in that game. He's still in for 40. I I mean it just 24, 22, 19, 26 minutes. These last five, four games. Like I don't, I don't really understand it cuz he is been pretty productive on the floor. But you think it's just a defensive thing, right? He just Speaker 2 00:52:04 Probably, yeah, Toronto, I mean the, the Nance athleticism and he can probably cover for Zion better than Valenti Jukin, Speaker 1 00:52:11 Uh, Sang goon at 65 is fine. Speaker 2 00:52:15 He's a freak. Yeah. Like the fact that he even got 32 fantasy points in that game is, um, is craziness. Speaker 1 00:52:20 Yeah, I agree with you there. Uh, bro, low at 58. We, we've been playing a lot of Brook Lopez lately, so, uh, even us in or no, I like, we're fine. I know he let us down a little bit against that in that Minnesota game. Only 19 fantasy points there, but he had 36 against Atlanta previously. So, uh, I don't mind it at 58. Just a good price, uh, Turner. As long as he's playing 30 minutes I interest, so Speaker 2 00:52:45 Dude, what Speaker 1 00:52:45 Like, will he play? 30 minutes is a bigger, Speaker 2 00:52:47 I guess, I guess there's, I mean there's no back to back. There's no games Tuesday, so, Speaker 1 00:52:52 Uh, uh, as long as they don't get blown out, we're not expecting to Isaiah Stewart is in a good spot here. Um, Is Jalen Duran back yet or no? Speaker 2 00:53:01 I don't, I think there was a status update on Jalen Duran. Speaker 1 00:53:05 He is probable, Speaker 2 00:53:07 He's probable, Speaker 1 00:53:08 Um, you know, the, but we're still seeing Stewart play 30 minutes games when he was active. I just like this again, the thunder of nobody playing center. So, um, I like, I like Isaiah Stewart at 56. Yep. Uh, Adams at 55. We've talked about Boston against the bigs this year. They just aren't doing it. No. Rob Williams and Horford is just not, it's not, not there consistently enough to, to really make a difference, uh, in that spot. So I like Adams at 55 here. Anybody else for Heart and Sign at 52, Right? We'd run it. We'd run the other side of that one. Speaker 2 00:53:38 Yeah. Yeah. Double. Double had like eight rebounds on the first quarter in that game. So Speaker 1 00:53:43 Super, super active. Uh, Plumley is still playing 30 minutes. Get him against Pingus on the other side of that one Speaker 2 00:53:49 If Jojo's out. Yeah. Plumley. Yep. If Jojo's out, they start, they actually started Monts heroin and he played Speaker 1 00:53:55 29 minutes and they played him. They played him. So, uh, yeah, 4,500. If he's active I'll play it. I played on Montre. That's sure. Speaker 2 00:54:01 Coon, Looney 42 maybe. Speaker 1 00:54:05 Maybe Speaker 2 00:54:06 You don't need to. You don't need to. I'd Speaker 1 00:54:08 Rather it's Bouch or a Chah. Speaker 2 00:54:11 Okay. Speaker 1 00:54:11 Whichever Speaker 2 00:54:12 One. It's Speaker 1 00:54:12 A big slate. Yeah, whatever one happens. 42 and 44 for both of them. So good price tag there. Um, like somebody's gonna play big minutes for Detroit for kc. I just don't know who it's gonna be. It's gonna be PKU Robinson, Earl Baisley, like somebody is gonna play uh, their big minutes. It should be pku. He's been the, it feels like he is been the best or Badley, but I just don't get it consistently enough there. So, uh, that is our look at center. Let's build our line up here. What's our, what are we locking in? I wanna lock in Garland. Will you let me lock in Garland? Speaker 2 00:54:43 Yeah, that's absolutely okay. Speaker 1 00:54:45 I can gar at at point guard. Um, did we have a particular spend up we liked, we liked towns. Did you want any towns versus the Kns? Speaker 2 00:54:57 Yeah, I mean we like towns. I think everyone else is like just kind of too expensive. Speaker 1 00:55:02 Yeah. Kind Speaker 2 00:55:03 Of in that. I use Towns Power Forward or center. Speaker 1 00:55:05 I got 'em at Center for now, but we can certainly pivot if we have the need to. Speaker 2 00:55:08 No, I think that's fine. That Speaker 1 00:55:10 Should be fine. Um, what was our well who are our 4K plays here in Speaker 2 00:55:15 That? Um, the Minnesota guys. So Anderson or Prince or, Sure. Speaker 1 00:55:19 Okay. Speaker 2 00:55:20 Probably one of those guys. Speaker 1 00:55:23 Do you have a preference? Speaker 2 00:55:25 I mean, Anderson started, I think Torian Prince is the higher usage guy. I mean, just 12 shots in 13 minutes compared to seven for Anderson, so Okay. Probably Torian Prince. Speaker 1 00:55:35 Okay. Um, put him at Power Forward. Speaker 2 00:55:38 Mm-hmm. Speaker 1 00:55:39 <affirmative>, Torian Prince. Uh, that gives us 58 a player. Uh, let's see, what other range guys did we enjoy here? Uh, let's, we like Cade. I I get Cade in this line here. Okay. Does that fine? That work for Speaker 2 00:55:54 You? Yeah. I think Cade has 50. I think C has 50 in this bag here. Speaker 1 00:55:57 Okay. Ca fits in our guard spot. Speaker 2 00:56:00 Maybe some Pat Will is a we should, I'm just looking at cheap. We should Speaker 1 00:56:05 Get, we need a, we need a Houston Orlando spot here in my opinion. Speaker 2 00:56:10 Um, Ben Carro <laugh> Speaker 1 00:56:12 Can, can we even fit him in Speaker 2 00:56:14 There? Ben? I don't pro No, he's like a million dollars. Van Carro. He's too, I think he's actually probably Speaker 1 00:56:18 Prince Pince does shoot a small for uh, 4,300 a player for shooting guard Ford and Utility if we, if we threw bank car in there. Mm. Um, what was Wendell Carter? Wedell Carter was 75. Speaker 2 00:56:31 75. Speaker 1 00:56:32 We moved towns to Power Forward Speaker 2 00:56:34 Prints up to small Ford. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:56:36 Let's see. Wendell Carter and Towns to power for $4,700 a player. Speaker 2 00:56:45 We can make that. We can Speaker 1 00:56:45 That Yeah, we can do that. Speaker 2 00:56:47 We can make that work. We Speaker 1 00:56:48 Can make that work. Let's see. Um, let's see. I you have the low four. I mean we liked one of the Toronto guys. Bo or Chua. Speaker 2 00:56:55 Yeah, I'd be okay with, I'd be okay with either of them. Um, which Speaker 1 00:56:58 Ones have the better half? Speaker 2 00:57:00 Either of them particularly had good hat. Okay. It was a, uh, so it was a classic Ner game, John, where it was actually Christian Kaloko, he had five blocks. Oh. So he played 16. So he played 16 minutes in the first half. Interesting. Um, but they played four of the five starters played 16 or more minutes. Van played 20 in his return. Speaker 1 00:57:25 Uh, we're gonna play Tory Craig at Power for Right. Speaker 2 00:57:27 Yeah. At Ford. Yep. Sure. Tory Craig. That's good one. Speaker 1 00:57:30 Okay. Tory Craig at Ford Spot. Uh, that's gonna give us 5k for a shooting garden into Utility. Speaker 2 00:57:36 I think we liked both. There was a couple. Good. Uh, either Broden, we liked Mel, we liked Melting and Brogden in Speaker 1 00:57:44 That. Yeah, we did. Let's go. Which do you prefer of the two? Speaker 2 00:57:48 I Speaker 1 00:57:49 Like either Melton's probably locked in for better minutes, Speaker 2 00:57:52 Right? Maybe more minutes, but I mean maybe, probably. But Brogden is also approaching 30. I'm okay with Mel. I'm, I mean he took 18 shots last game. Speaker 1 00:58:01 Yeah. Let's shoot. Let's shooters for, for him to deal with. Um, okay. So $4,800 util Speaker 2 00:58:09 4,800. Speaker 1 00:58:10 Uh, Monty Morris, Jayden McDaniels, uh, Bones Highland if you wanna, uh, Speaker 2 00:58:16 If we're we're game game theory, Speaker 1 00:58:19 I don't mind it. I don't mind. The game theory Speaker 2 00:58:20 Feels pretty good. Feels Speaker 1 00:58:21 Good. Really good. All right. We'll plug him in. Uh, we're game theory in the Denver play. Uh, so we have Darius Garland, Melton, Torian, Prince Carl, Anthony Towns, Wendell Carter, c Cunningham, Tory Craig, and Bones Highland, that it leaves us $0 remaining, uh, 15 games late. Again, this is just an example lineup for our process, uh, with 15 games is gonna be a ton of news likely to break throughout the day. Uh, James will have to playbook, be in the discord here, uh, and ask us as many questions as you can. We'll be around to answer them for you. Uh, any final thoughts for the, uh, people at home, James? Speaker 2 00:58:55 Nah, just back to what we, you and I both said at the beginning of this pod, like you just gotta stay hip to the all the news. It's gonna break throughout the day. Um, get in our discord, get us on Twitter, get us wherever you can find us. Uh, we'll be in both those places all day. Um, with any questions you have, whether it's strategy, line of construction, whatever it is, just please ask. Um, because there's gonna be a lot happening. So we want you to be Speaker 1 00:59:22 Prepared. Yep, exactly. There. So James and I will be back for, uh, Wednesday. No games on Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen. Uh, maybe go play some hockey. Uh, we'll have Chris Maray, uh, Andrew do Josh Wagner out there giving you some hockey dfs. Uh, but we'll be back for Wednesday's 13 games slate. So be on the lookout for that and we'll catch you guys later.

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