November 28, 2022


NBA DFS Podcast November 28: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast November 28: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast November 28: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Nov 28 2022 | 00:43:57


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Jonas Valanciunas against the Thunder.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, you're listening to the Fantasy SBA podcast with those John Peba and James Grande, Speaker 1 00:00:11 What's going on? FA Nation, John Peba hero, James Grande, welcoming to the Fantasy Salon, NBA DFS podcast and livestream recording here for Monday's 10. Game main slate. Uh, James, another big slate here to kick off the week, uh, already have some injury news out, which is great to know about. And uh, we should have a pretty strong week. This one. Speaker 2 00:00:28 Yeah, pretty strong week at the time of recording. We don't have too many totals in the Vegas front. We do have Pacers, Lakers, 2 34 and a half Lakers giving five points to the Visiting Pacers, Chicago, Utah, Utah. Just involved in massive total after massive total. Apparently they don't think they could play any defense. They usually can. They usually can't. 2 34 and a half in that game as well. Bulls getting two and a half on the road. Um, and then we have Dallas. No, it's not even, uh, that's it. Those are the only two games we have. So, um, not a lot of current news. Couple teams on a back to back. Let's see, Washington on a, back to back Philly on a, back to back Boston on a back to back Cleveland on a back to back. Orlando, Brooklyn on back to back. Lots of teams on back to back here, John. Um, yeah, that's it. Uh, Indiana, back to back to Speaker 1 00:01:15 Yep. Lots of teams on back to back. So we have on this 10 games slate, looking at seven guys priced up over 10. K uh, nobody over, nobody over 12 though. Yoki is your top price player at 11 four. He gets Houston, uh, Durant gets Orlando at 11 one. So we'll go through, we'll talk about the guys that are in out and the impacts the lineups have go to the point guard position here. Shy Giles. Alexander's at $10,500. He's your top price point guard. Uh, yeah, again, magic against pelicans. The thunder been playing, you know, some relatively competitive games are always high scoring. Um, he's been the guy, but the price tag keeps rising. Uh, you know, so we've only gotten over 52 fancy points once in the last five. You know, the price is starting to get a little, maybe a little bit too much for sca. We know it's always in his bag, but you know, the, as the price rises, the, you know, the ceiling lowers. Speaker 2 00:02:09 Yeah, I don't know. And uh, I know it didn't matter the other day because the pelicans got just torch, but you know, Jose Lvra defense is looming and that's very annoying. So, um, I don't know if we need to go there. I think you can go there. Um, but if he's, if he doesn't give you a per the peripherals, like we're not gonna get 50 as we saw. The points are gonna be there consistently, but I don't know. I think you, I think it's more of a char play at ten five. Speaker 1 00:02:37 Yep. I'm not, I'm not agree with you. Uh, Trey Young's at nine nine Halliburton nine four. Another double double for him today. He gets to Lakers. Uh, you've been all in on Fox of late, you know, $9,300 for him. He gets Phoenix without Chris Paul. Uh, that's your above nine K point guard group. Uh, you know, outside of Halliburton though, again, like the other guys are fine, but I think I'm looking more mid tier here on the slate. Speaker 2 00:03:02 I kind of like Trey. Um, the assist numbers have been kind of crazy and you had four of 16 shooting and give us 52 fantasy points. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> like getting Philly on a back to back. I know Trey himself on a back to back. Um, I don't know man. Like there's something that just speaks to me about like guys that will shoot even when they miss, like can give you 50 fantasy points. Like he makes seven of those shots. What does he get? He gets you 60. Cuz three of those could have been three pointers. So I like Trey tournaments getting Philly in a back to back. Speaker 1 00:03:30 He's face Philly twice this year. Uh, pretty identical numbers for him, but not great for fantasy. 26 and 7, 27 and 11, six and seven turnovers in those two games. Uh, 40 and 45 fantasy points. This is back, uh, November 10th and 12th. So two weeks ago essentially. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:03:47 Two, which, which is, you know, a slightly different Philly team. Sure. Cause Maxie was still healthy during those games. Uh, played in both of them. Yep. Um, so slightly different team. I think Trey's fine tournaments. I completely agree on Halliburton even though, you know, just 44 fantasy points on Sunday out was 61, uh, two nights ago. And that's something that we've kind of grown accustomed to. Halliburton like boom games and Speaker 1 00:04:12 You know, the double digit assist will be there. It's if the scoring follows basically. Speaker 2 00:04:17 Yep. And the steals too, cuz like we're now gotten, we a couple nights ago, four steals and six rebounds and it's like holy smokes. Like this guy breaks the slate. So definitely think Halliburton and play I and Deron Fox. We've been saying it all along, like yes. Two bad games in a row after a tremendous start after a start that it's gonna get him an old star bid. Probably no one's gonna play em. Yeah. So, uh, if you wanna get a sub 5% Darren Fox, you're welcome to. He has 60 in his back. Speaker 1 00:04:44 Yep. Uh, midtier guys here. Uh, Irving's Price was dropping. I'm still not there yet with him though. Uh, we always know he can go for 50. Uh, if you want to go against Orlando, it's certainly a matchup for him to have that type of success. Uh, turn and play only for me though, Kevin Porter against Denver. You've been the one talking about it. Denver's defense isn't as good as it has been in years past. Uh, keep KJ again, a tough game against O kc. Let a lot of people down on that one. Um, but you know, he gave us two 50 fantasy point games, uh, the two games prior in tougher match ups, Dallas and Golden State. So again, turn and play. We know what he is, he's capable of. Van Fleets coming off a big game, but he has a tough match up against Cleveland. So, I dunno, man, again, I'm looking at this mid tier range. Milton's up at eight K, you know, do you feel confident playing there? You know, this again, I'm looking more, I think so seven K, six K for draftings. Uh, you can play some of these guys, but I think there are other areas of spend up for so far no slate. Speaker 2 00:05:41 Ah, man. Kyrie at 84 is pretty interesting. It Speaker 1 00:05:45 Is. He hasn't been paying it off yet, but like he can, right? Speaker 2 00:05:49 We, yeah, we know he can. Um, that's just interesting. I don't know. Orlando has been just god awful and who knows if they could even stay competitive in that game. Speaker 1 00:05:59 Yeah, they lost bomb tonight. Obama ended up leaving that game with an injury, so Speaker 2 00:06:03 Yeah. And they're, and they're losing to a, I mean they're losing to Philly by 30 against, you know, Philly without their top three players. Yeah. So like, who's to say they can even stay competitive with this form of Brooklyn. Um, but tournaments, I don't really think I can get to anyone else. Like, I think KJ is too expensive, especially when Jaylen Green's just been the better of the two in the back court. So no arguments. Not gonna, I don't think I'm gonna get to KJ at that price. Speaker 1 00:06:27 Clarkson's price is on the rise. $7,500 for him. Yeah. Uh, feel again, feels a little bit tough. Uh, I think Jamal Murray at seven K is probably a pretty good display. Um, just given the match against Houston, he went for 45 i against the Clippers the other night. He went for 45 against the Knicks. Now Yoka just backed, but that's fine. Like Yoka just good pass sets up. It's all about, you know, does Houston stay in this game long enough? But, uh, a seven seven K Murray Works campaign at 69 I also think is a, is a pretty good spot for him. Uh, you know, again, some really good performances lately. Couple games where he is been in the low twenties. Uh, but at 6,900 is a price tag that I can, uh, I can get to there. Uh, any other guys in the six k range for you? Speaker 2 00:07:09 Shake, shake, shake. Dun dun. Shake, shake, shake. Dun, shake Your Milton Speaker 1 00:07:15 Is 55 Good. Is that Speaker 2 00:07:17 A good, I mean, uh, for a backup for nobody, for uh, I'm just kidding. He's not. Uh, he should have been playing all along. And then tonight in this 30 point win, John in 32 minutes, 25, actual six assists, three rebounds in a steel, uh, hit three threes as well. I mean, the guy has been, it's been amazing and we were just talking about it before we started the pod, like there's no way that he can just turn back to Irrelevancy cause that's what he was before these injuries and yeah. Um, so yeah, I think you gotta just keep playing Shake Milton until, I mean, until guys are back. Like there's no reason not to play him if everyone's out. Speaker 1 00:07:56 I agree. Uh, if my is out again, uh, Sexton's been playing really well. Uh, 36, 27, 33 fantasy points for him. Kind of weird that he got benched in that Golden State game. Um, I didn't see anything of an injury. I, you know, only 24 minutes. It wasn't foul trouble. They played ake Alexander Walker. Yep. For, I don't know if it had to do with the front end of it back to back that they, yeah. Didn't play him there, but kind of weird. Um, they only played 24 minutes in that game, but good to see him bounce right back and play 30 the next game. So, um, you know, decent spot for her and big price bump again, 4,900 up to $5,500. Um, you know, for sex in their, uh, let's see. Ma Morris staying interested at 49. Speaker 2 00:08:41 Um, probably not. Um, he's been pretty good on Sunday. I'm also interested, like in all three Boston guys, I don't know if there's been confirmation on Tatum, but Speaker 1 00:08:54 Like Yeah, he'll play. It was just an off day for him. Speaker 2 00:08:57 Well he's, well he's been dealing with the sprained ankle, right? So they Speaker 1 00:09:01 Gave him, he did it seemed more so just a rest day cuz they played um, on Friday I think it was Right. And he had that big game, but I think they just gave him a couple of days off cuz it was Washington. I don't think they really, Speaker 2 00:09:14 Okay. Well, Speaker 1 00:09:14 Washington. Yeah, but we'll watch on obviously. Right. We'll watch on it. If he's out then Sure. For, you know, Speaker 2 00:09:18 Well Washington is 10 and nine this year. That's not, they're in the playoff hunt. Like they're definitely a better team than they have been in years past. Sure. Um, so like we saw it tonight, like Bro's had a huge game. Derek Whites had a really good game and I think Marcus Smart would've had a bigger game if this game was more competitive for longer. Like, he also was into foul trouble. I like all three of those guys for, um, if there's no Jason tape Yep. Speaker 1 00:09:43 Uh, is it's one more game for, uh, uh, for Beverly Right. Suspension. Yep. So Schroder 4,500 on the starting. Speaker 2 00:09:52 Uh, yeah, he's been, Speaker 1 00:09:53 Why take him outta the starting line at this point? Two games starting lineup, 21 and 34 fantasy points just keep on rolling about there for Speaker 2 00:09:59 Us two wins and two wins Speaker 1 00:10:01 And two wins. Yep, yep. Yep. One of 'em didn't have ad LeBron went nuts and, uh, shooter keeps playing. So I like him obviously at $4,500. Um, would you play the Verado 43? Speaker 2 00:10:13 Probably. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:10:14 So what's, I mean, again, what's our CGM status? Is he gonna work his way outta this scope Speaker 2 00:10:18 Protocol? Yeah, I yeah, that Right, right. Like we've seen that Speaker 1 00:10:22 Ruled out, but we'll see. We've seen that before. Speaker 2 00:10:25 Yeah. Um, the people have been coming in, in on a protocol. He must actually like, just have it like pretty badly if he's out for this long. So hopefully he's okay. But if he does work his way out, it no. If he does again, like random blowout in that Pelicans game, right? Like they're down by 20 at half to Memphis. Memphis is a good team, but like, so is New Orleans down by 20 at half and then they end up, they were down by 30 at points in the early, in the third. So, um, we should see closer to 30 minutes in a competitive game. Yep. Speaker 1 00:10:54 I agree with you. There. Any other value guards for you? Speaker 2 00:10:57 Um, I mean, you, again, you could probably take a dart on Devonte Graham if he makes shots when he comes in. Right. If he comes in makes shots, he'll stay in. If he doesn't, he won't <laugh>. So, uh, no, I mean you mentioned n a w like that's a thing maybe, right? Speaker 1 00:11:13 I said randomly played 30 minutes and I game for No, I, I don't understand why it happened. So, Speaker 2 00:11:18 So in Mme, like if you're multi entering, maybe you take a look there, but Sure. Speaker 1 00:11:23 All right. Let's go to shooting guard then. Uh, bookers at the top. Uh, basically I think the recipe now is like AVS facing Utah. Uh, then go ahead. You know, other than that, you know, we, we'll see. Sacramento obviously is a good spot as well. Um, $9,600 though, kind of getting up there in price tag. Yep. Uh, Donnie, Mitch nine K. Again, if you wanna play it, that's fine. We talked about this the other day with like Cleveland, Atlanta. It's like, you know, the guard match ups. Great. Somebody's gonna go off in this spot if you can figure it out. Which one? Like more power, more power to you. Um, you, you know, he had 54 fantasy points in that game. 43 37 the next two nights. Um, tra that we talk all the time plays slow. Uh, so, you know, again, if you wanna play it, that's fine. We won't sit here and and critique you at all. Uh, maybe Bradley Beal at 87 is the first, uh, first look for you. Any thoughts there? Speaker 2 00:12:09 Dude, he's been awesome. Yeah. Um, he's been awesome and they were without Kuzma on Sunday, so it makes you wonder if he, they're gonna be without him again on Monday. And if they are, I mean, Bradley Beal, the offense is gonna flow through him another, uh, pretty good game. Sunday, 26 points, five rebounds forces two steals, still five minutes to go in that game. So, you know, be can end up 36 and six and another 45 to 50 fantasy points later. It's like, oh, Bradley Beal is earning that, uh, highest paid in the league status that his contract tells us it is. So, um, yeah, I think Bradley Beal is in a great spot against Minnesota who has not been the defensive team. I think we thought they would be. Um, it all doesn't matter though. Again, if t Tatum doesn't play Jalen Brown is the lock and load play of the slate. Speaker 1 00:12:54 So Yeah, I mean, what's what's brought up to right now, again, Speaker 2 00:12:57 Blowout in 31 minutes. So they put him, so they, so they were, they had to put him back in the game. They put the starters back in. Um, Washington's having a good fourth quarter. Okay. Um, in 30 minutes that Jalen Brown has played, he has 30 actual five rebounds and assists. So what could be in a competitive format? I mean, Jalen Brown's gonna score 40. Yeah. If that game had stayed more competitive and Boston put him earlier, put him in the game earlier, he scores 40 actual and he still might, there's four minutes left of the game. Right. So, uh, still might, but if there's not Tatum you are because to to, on the opposite of your point right. He gets arrested on Sunday, Charlotte way worse than washed. Yeah. Like Charlotte is dead. I mean, LA Melo ankle dead, Hayward dead again. Um, like they're horrible. Yes. So if there was a, Speaker 1 00:13:43 They could honestly, I bet Al Horford doesn't play in this game. Speaker 2 00:13:46 Yeah. Probably rest back to back. Right, Speaker 1 00:13:48 Right. Like would it shock you if Jalen Brown got got arrested, stay here, which made if, if CA's back, right. Like so Or Speaker 2 00:13:55 Both? Or they just rest them both and they just say we're good enough to beat you without, Speaker 1 00:13:59 I'm almost positive doesn't play this game though. Speaker 2 00:14:02 Yeah. I don't think he's played how many back to backs has he even played this game? Speaker 1 00:14:05 That's what I'm saying. Like I don't think he, I don't think he's gonna play at all. Um, Speaker 2 00:14:09 He has not played, he has not played it back to back. Yeah. So Speaker 1 00:14:16 For sure, for sure. Not gonna play against, against the, uh, the Hornets here. So. Yep. Um, wouldn't shock me if other guys ended up getting arrested date. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> agreed. So just be on the lookout for that one. But yeah, jbs fine and Edwards against Washington. Uh, you know, he, I I never get him right. But I mean everybody else in the, I Speaker 2 00:14:34 Wouldn't 50, Speaker 1 00:14:35 So, um, go for it. 80 one's a good number for 'em. Uh, melting at eight K is expensive. We talked about that. Yep. Uh, you said Jalen Green's like their best player again, hard to argue with the recent numbers. Speaker 2 00:14:47 Well, I didn't say best player. I mean, we, we know who they're best player Speaker 1 00:14:50 Goon. Yeah. Listen. Speaker 2 00:14:51 Yep. So by the way, I have to, I have to chime in here. Yes. And I might, I've let us down this path. So I'll I'll dig us out. Here it is. She goon. Speaker 1 00:15:00 She goon Speaker 2 00:15:01 It Is she, there's a she in there. Uh, I have learned and I, you know what we're gonna all need to know cause he's gonna be the best player in the NBA sooner than that. Speaker 1 00:15:08 Brad. Sooner rather than later. Also say this, uh, we may have a new worst team against centers in the nba. Uh, in the Thunder we always talk about attacking the horns. Um, the last couple nights that I've been, you know, working the playbook or in the Discord, I've just been like, whoever is the starting center against the thunder go out there and, and play that, that match up. And they've pretty much gone out there and dominated. Uh, and sh Goon was no different and nobody 8% rostered in my lineup, uh, there on Saturday. And he just absolutely obliterated them. So <laugh> uh, centers against the, against the, the thunder are certainly a play. Unfortunately the Pelicans, they don't play Valenti enough probably to matter. So. Speaker 2 00:15:47 Well Nancy is questionable. Well, Nancy is questionable. That was, you're so you're saying there's a chance, right? There's Speaker 1 00:15:53 A chance. Uh, so anyways, we'll get the center. When we get the center, uh, again, Jalen Green's great. I don't know about Rosie or maybe if everybody sits 77, nobody else is, is playing for Charlotte, he's gonna Speaker 2 00:16:05 Shoot a lot revenge, revenge, Speaker 1 00:16:06 Narrative game. Uh, Franz the only healthy guy maybe in, in Orlando again, you know. Yeah. So, uh, he's 73. Zach Levine at 72 is still too cheap. I've been for how many Speaker 2 00:16:17 Slates? Every, every how many slates? You said it every slate. I mean, you look at his price every slate that so since, uh, probably since like November where he was 7,500. You've probably said it every slate. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:16:30 42 against KC Speaker 2 00:16:31 40 hasn't let us down. Like Yeah, just, I'll done the Orlando game. He has been nails, right. Speaker 1 00:16:37 And I and one for 14. He got benched in that game and I was like, he's gonna come out pissed and just paint it off. So 7,200 for Lev against Utah. Uh, free, free square for me there, in my opinion there. Uh, you know, you picked the right giddy day, you know, it works out for you. 27 fantasy points against Houston and which should have been a great spot, didn't it happen? Play, play. He's got three 40 fantasy point games in the last five though, so, you know, pick the right day. Speaker 2 00:17:02 I I played the Houston Josh Guinea by the way. Speaker 1 00:17:05 Yeah, yeah. I took him on the underdog draft. I was like, oh, Guinea was like my fourth pick. This is, this is great Speaker 2 00:17:10 Against Houston in, that's in the best part on the board. Speaker 1 00:17:13 It wasn't great. Uh, let's see here. Mil mid Speaker 2 00:17:18 Staying in la Does he, is this the showcase game that buddy healed, uh, Speaker 1 00:17:23 Baby Speaker 2 00:17:23 Buddy healed needs possible Him and Miles Turner to the moon in this Yeah. Game Speaker 1 00:17:29 Brooklyn. I almost played him against Brooklyn and I didn't end up playing him against Brooklyn, unfortunately. I thought about it cuz he had 44 and 40 fancy ones against Brooklyn the first two times. And I was like, we Speaker 2 00:17:39 Talked about it on Speaker 1 00:17:39 The pod, defend the perimeter. And I was like, eh, I won't go there. And then he goes for 40. We Speaker 2 00:17:43 Talked about it on the pod. You brought it. I think you were the one who brought it up in that for the Speaker 1 00:17:49 Brooklyn match. I did. The prices coming down on him. I was like, listen, he, he's 63 now, like it's there. <laugh> uh, Beasley's. Way too expensive. So Speaker 2 00:17:56 Yeah, there's no, yeah, there's Speaker 1 00:17:58 No chance, no upside anymore for the, unless he keeps shooting the lights out, which he won't. Uh, Roy sone touted him 21 Fancy points. 19 fancy points the last two games. Uh, of course when I speak up he lets us down. So Speaker 2 00:18:10 A hundred percent we are off him. He's going for 40. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:18:15 Uh, Lonnie Walker continues to play well. 53. Speaker 2 00:18:17 Yes he does. Yes Speaker 1 00:18:18 He does. We'll keep, we'll keep chugging that train. Anybody else for you? Speaker 2 00:18:22 Um, I mean the, the Boston guys as we mentioned, Mike Monk is always a tournament play. Um, I don't Speaker 1 00:18:30 Daniels out again. Speaker 2 00:18:33 Yeah. Yeah. It's not exciting but it's fine. Right. Um, Speaker 1 00:18:39 I mean you got a lot minutes. It's also blow though, but 22 and 25, 20, 20, 22, 25 minutes last three games. Speaker 2 00:18:45 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:18:47 I'll give you that. Know Ingram? No, Ingram. I question about what we got Speaker 2 00:18:50 Here. Ingram is, uh, doubtful, I Speaker 1 00:18:52 Think doubtful to play. So does he. No, Murphy starts. Speaker 2 00:18:57 Yeah. Well our boy play Murphy Speaker 1 00:18:58 Is the backup of Speaker 2 00:18:59 Yeah, no, it's a, it's fine. Like it's a, it's a, it is what it was the other night. Right. It's like a risky torment play cuz he might only play 22 minutes off the bench. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But like he could play 25 to 30 if he's playing well. Speaker 1 00:19:13 So they didn't even touch Troy Murphy's Price. He's $4,600 against the funder, so. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:19:18 Yep. Perfect. Pivot to small forward, right? Speaker 1 00:19:20 Yeah, we're over at Small forward right now. So Kevin Durant said 11 one. I don't, I don't wanna pay that. Speaker 2 00:19:25 Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Can't do it. Speaker 1 00:19:26 Uh, Paulo by himself against Brooklyn at 83. Speaker 2 00:19:29 Yeah, as long as he plays, I mean he's played big minutes since coming back from the injury, so Yeah, I think he, they, they might just not have able bodies, right? Like I don't think it was only, was it Gary Harris also who got Yeah, Speaker 1 00:19:43 No, Ross and Baba both got ruled out for the game in the second Speaker 2 00:19:46 It was Ross. Okay. I saw, I saw one of, Speaker 1 00:19:48 They got rule out they started Mo Wagner in the second half. Speaker 2 00:19:51 Yeah. That's going And he is, he's being Moe Wagner. Yeah. If, I mean if you ever watch Moe Wagner play, that dude is not shi he does a lot of work in very short Speaker 1 00:20:02 Period of time. You got Mo, Moe and Frans out there doing the double team, you know, Disney movie, Disney original, you know, the don't look behind the backpack Speaker 2 00:20:09 Is the original. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:20:11 Yeah. So yeah. That's great. Uh, anyways, uh, DDR 82 against Utah. You were in on it the other day. 47. You're the Speaker 2 00:20:19 One who played Speaker 1 00:20:20 Him? Well yeah, I played him. But you, you liked it. So Speaker 2 00:20:22 Dude, he is not like, there's just people Speaker 1 00:20:25 In this, to be fair, to be fair, it went to overtime. We kind of needed the OT for him to ceiling for us, but Speaker 2 00:20:32 Yeah. But even without those games, yeah. The last five, he's gone for 43 plus and he is gone for 36. I mean five six of the last seven. He's been great. Right. So, and it's a 2, 2 34 and a half total. Speaker 1 00:20:48 No arguments. No arguments. Uh, Toby's at 79 Speaker 2 00:20:52 Crush, crush tonight Speaker 1 00:20:54 Is Speaker 2 00:20:54 He, if not for a blowout. Yeah, I mean 25, 5 5 2 1. Okay. Priority. Good game. And that's in 30 minutes. They're not letting him play 38 like they are Shake Milton up 20 up uh, 30. But you know, Speaker 1 00:21:08 Uh, Lori's questionable here, but you do got the revenge game against Chicago. So, Speaker 2 00:21:12 Oh, he is playing <laugh>. He's playing, he, he did not enjoy the fact that he like ended up not starting his last year in Chicago. Speaker 1 00:21:21 Yeah. Uh, blame you. Uh, if everybody's missing for Denver, so Michael Porter, bones Highland, if those guys are too out again, Bruce Brown, I'll, I'll play Bruce Brown against Houston Speaker 2 00:21:32 Porter I think is doubtful Okay. I think was the official word. Um, they gave us something Speaker 1 00:21:37 Didn't participate in Sunday's practice. So after that, that's not good for his Monday game status. What was our Bones Highland update? Speaker 2 00:21:47 Uh, I think he is also doubtful Bones Highland is que officially questionable. Speaker 1 00:21:53 Uh, I think we need both of them to be out for Bruce Brown. Speaker 2 00:21:56 Yeah, it's tough. Uh, Michael Porter unlikely to play as the official status. Okay. Speaker 1 00:22:02 Um, cuz we've seen when Bones Highland's been active and Porter was active. Bruce Brown's playing like 23 minutes. Yep. Um, maybe just one of them needs to be out then for him to get the 30. But we talk all the time. The dude just goes out there, can fill up sheets in Houston is certainly the matchup for him to do that. Yep. So, um, definitely a fan. Uh, I played Lou Dort the other day. That was kind of disappointing. He had a good run of those games and then he didn't. So, uh, again, four classic, classic, uh, okc Speaker 2 00:22:30 Wait till you see pka Chefs these minutes. Speaker 1 00:22:32 Blue Dork played 14 minutes in that game. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:22:35 Just And he started, he started, him and Pokaski both started in that game. Wait to, I mean it's just, I I'm never, I'm just saying I'm never gonna play these guys again. I'm just gonna throw it there until this coach is gone. I'm ne Mark Dagal. I'm never playing these guys again. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:22:48 If Al Horford sits, I'd give a little look at Grant Williams at 55 against Charlotte. Speaker 2 00:22:53 Absolutely. And you know who else has been great tonight? John Speaker 1 00:22:56 Luke Cornett probably, Speaker 2 00:22:57 Uh, no, Sam Houser. Speaker 1 00:22:59 Sam Houser. Speaker 2 00:22:59 Yeah, that's true. 14. 14 and five three threes. Look, they just might be without everybody. You're right. Speaker 1 00:23:05 Well that's what I'm saying. Like Speaker 2 00:23:07 Has Speaker 1 00:23:08 Bad team against Charlotte. Like they could, they could be sitting in some plays for sure. Um, you know, he said Grant William was just a guy that could play the five for them. Luke Cornettes been playing a lot of minutes or, or like mm-hmm. <affirmative> sort of a lot of minutes for them and playing Speaker 2 00:23:20 Well, yeah. 20 minutes. Yeah. He actually did have a really good game tonight. 20 minutes. 12, 4, 1 and two blocks. So Speaker 1 00:23:26 Yeah, he had a couple swat the other night against, uh, Sacramento as well. So, you know, just kind Speaker 2 00:23:30 Of thought the murder, the murder, the murder cot is out Speaker 1 00:23:33 There. The Green Cort, the murder cornet, whatever you wanna call it. He's out there and getting some minutes. Uh, Rob Williams, they said we'll be back by Christmas. Uh, and then, and then so's real season starts. So you got Lo City coming, you know, even a rug is probably 10 minutes a night to the playoffs. So keep us. Speaker 2 00:23:49 Yeah, probably. That's Speaker 1 00:23:50 Probably, uh, all that's for nothing. We're, we're playing Troy Murphy. Murphy at 46. Yep. Um, anyways, uh, let's see here. Patrick Williams at 43. We keep calling him out. He keeps giving us 24 fans at point. So, um, they don't touch his price tag. He gives us exactly what he gives us every time we go out there. Uh, which is like six x. He's giving us six x, we ask for five x. He's almost consistently giving us six x every night. So, um, I I like Patrick Williams a lot there again against Utah. Uh, anybody else for you? Speaker 2 00:24:20 Uh, I would play Denny in the tournament, especially if Kuman is out. Denny's been really, really good. Um, didn't have the best game against Boston. Nobody really did. Yeah. Other than Bradley Beal. But 26 or more fantasy points and eight of his last nine games coming into tonight. Uh, been really good on the glass, been very good defensively, which is what his MO is. But he's been scoring a little bit more and, and the assists have been there. So I would go Denny if Kuzma was out, they're giving him, they're giving 'em a lot of Speaker 1 00:24:45 Minutes. Uh, three straight games of 30 minutes for Honcho, no Bot barn. Speaker 2 00:24:50 Yeah. I just can Speaker 1 00:24:50 Already ruled out. Speaker 2 00:24:51 Cannot believe it. Speaker 1 00:24:52 38 believe it. Hundred dollars for Honcho. Speaker 2 00:24:56 Cannot believe Speaker 1 00:24:57 It. So I think we have to just give him some looks. Speaker 2 00:24:59 Is Scotty Barn's officially out? He's listed. Questionable. Speaker 1 00:25:02 Uh, I thought I got an update that he was officially out earlier today. Um, I'll have to go back I guess and take a, take a quick peek at that. I thought I did see him out though. Uh, let's see, N McCollum is still out Ingram. Lot of lot of news updates here. S scrolling through here. Uh, hacha Moore. Moore Kuzma protest Porter. I swore I saw that he was ruled out already. Scotty Barnes. I lied. Scotty Barnes practice Sunday. That's what it was. So did y also practiced on Sunday? Speaker 2 00:25:38 Well, yeah, then yeah, they've officially listened question. Speaker 1 00:25:40 Right. So I I'm pay attention to the noose. Pay attention to news on, on the uh, Toronto team. They could be, uh, they could be uh, out there playing. Would you have played Gary Harris if he starts um, 27 minutes against Philly? Speaker 2 00:25:55 Did he play the back to back the Speaker 1 00:25:58 Other day? No. 1820 first and 25th. Did he played, is he out there? I Speaker 2 00:26:01 Think they had a back. I feel like they had, yeah, he played tonight. Okay. I, I'm anxious. He started time. He actually was off to a pretty good start. He did have a pretty good game. Um, Speaker 1 00:26:11 3,900 bucks. Uh, Speaker 2 00:26:14 If he starts, sure. Cuz they, I mean they just might need able bodies. Like we don't know if Sus is gonna be back. We don't know really what their rotation's gonna look like, so. Yep. Definitely something to, to pay attention to. All Speaker 1 00:26:24 Right. Power forward. Uh, LeBron and the pesos at ten nine quickly gave us just peak LeBron pricing after one game. Uh, they, they never adjusted Anthony Davis when he went off for 90 points for four straight weeks but for Speaker 2 00:26:38 Four straight weeks. Speaker 1 00:26:39 Yeah. LeBron, LeBron comes back and immediately get ceiling pricing uh, against the pace. I was there at ten nine, uh, towns against Washington. Nine one. Those are your top two guys there. Uh, maybe, maybe Tatum if Tatum comes back, but again, I don't how to, if Tatum plays like everybody else is out, then you play Tatum cuz Tatum go for 70. Speaker 2 00:27:00 We saw that already. Yep. We saw that uh, song of dance. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:27:03 Yeah. So, uh, what are you finished here? 67 against Detroit. So, you know, we know, we know what that's like. Yeah. Uh, Z KC at $7,900 James. Speaker 2 00:27:14 Yeah. I mean Speaker 1 00:27:16 There is a spot for him. This is it cheapest He is spent all year. Speaker 2 00:27:20 This is a product of, we talk about it all the time. Like Malik Beasley's Price is a product of that 55 fantasy point game the other day. Yeah. His price is now a product of a random blow where Yeah, he didn't look, I mean he still played 30 minutes but he took 12 shots without with a Ingram Hurt Ingram who left and Noma Cullum. Yeah. He's not going to do that again. He's also rarely taking two free throws a game. At least these days. I mean we had 15, 15 8 and three of the last four were going into the Memphis game. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, he's been good in the passing lanes. He's been good on the glass. Um, Speaker 1 00:27:55 He's gotta take more than 12 shots though without, he's Speaker 2 00:27:57 Taking more shots, he's Speaker 1 00:27:58 Taking more column. He has to take more shots. Speaker 2 00:28:00 And then you talked about the front core, like Yeah, I know this isn't a center but this is a member of a front court. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:28:06 Right. It's an elite spot for front courts. But like look at three of the last four games. Eight, seven and I'm sorry, nine, seven and 12 shot attempts. Like Yeah, it's bad. What is this? He's got, he's gotta be more aggressive, you know, you gotta be a better offensive player there. I mean Speaker 2 00:28:19 One of the, the the Houston game, maybe I'll give him a pass cause he had 12 free throws so like he was clearly being aggressive. If you're getting fouled that many times, that's fair. But I give, I a hundred percent give you the Memphis game and I a hundred percent give you the Golden State game. Just not aggressive. Speaker 1 00:28:33 Just has to be more aggressive. Yep. Uh, Ben Simmons against Orlando. I don't mind I guess running that back, 70 one's a good, I Speaker 2 00:28:40 Mean if you could score two points and put up 34 fantasy points. Yeah. <laugh>, I'm, I am fine because he is going to score more than two points most nights. Speaker 1 00:28:48 Most times, most times he's gonna score more than two points. I agree with you. Uh, Aaron Gordon, if everybody's out again, I mean 50 back to back 50 burgers. Man, we, we even talked about this against the Clippers. I'm like, if everybody's out like he's in there. I think I threw him in the playbook then night too. So. Speaker 2 00:29:02 Yeah. He's balling, he's balling. Balling. Speaker 1 00:29:04 Yep. Yep. Uh, good spot to west now, but there it is. What it's Oh, alright. Any of these six K make 5k guys for you? Speaker 2 00:29:12 Uh, Jabari Smith's been really good lately. Last three games, 32, 40, 35. I Speaker 1 00:29:17 Was a little bit worried about sh goon being back in that lineup. And then he still got you 13 boards, so Speaker 2 00:29:21 Still got 13 boards. Um, so I, I'm okay going Jabari. I think again, I think that's gonna be a fun game. Denver, Houston, um, I damn Grant Williams was 4,500 by the way on uh, Sunday 5,500 is definitely a little, a little expensive I would say for Grant Williams. Yeah. Um, that is, that is Jason Tatum being out baked in. Um, that's the algorithm baking in. Speaker 1 00:29:45 So what is the, what was the starting lineup for the Celtics on sa on Speaker 2 00:29:49 On Sunday? They started Grant, they started Derek White. Speaker 1 00:29:52 Okay. Speaker 2 00:29:53 So it was smart white brown Speaker 1 00:29:57 Ta, the Power Forward Speaker 2 00:29:59 Grant Williams, what you're saying without Tatum, Speaker 1 00:30:02 Uh, sorry, I meant was Yeah, what was Friday's starting lineup. So Friday's starting lineup. It said Williams has come off the bench against the Mavericks and the Kings the last two games. So what was the Friday starting lineup for Consultings? Speaker 2 00:30:14 I'm check it out. Um, but I, I don't, 5,500 is a little scary to me. Yeah. Because I mean it, Speaker 1 00:30:24 I said if people are out though, like he's, we've seen him get a double double Speaker 2 00:30:26 Before. Yeah. If he start, I mean he went for 40. I mean, you know, he has gone for 40, uh, they started, so they started Derek White, um, in the Kings game. Okay. Speaker 1 00:30:35 Yeah. The Detroit game when it, when everybody was out, Taum went for 67. Grant Williams went for 40. So went. Speaker 2 00:30:40 Yep. Speaker 1 00:30:41 Um, okay. Yeah. I wasn't sure if they would, so they moved, uh, they moved Derek White back into the starting line Ofum. So interesting. Uh, spot there for him there. Uh, let's see. Any other value guys for you? Yeah. Poker play. Eight minutes. Huh? Hilarious. Speaker 2 00:31:02 Confirm you Speaker 1 00:31:02 Can never play. You, you can never play him again. Speaker 2 00:31:05 Yeah, no you can. You Speaker 1 00:31:07 Can't play him. Speaker 2 00:31:07 Just can't play. No, it's ipo. No, it's impossible. I'm this what I, but this what, like me, I'm so stupid because I know it and I say it all the time about how terrible their rotation is and we talk about it all the time and you like even you'll be like, what about? And I'm like, no, no, no, no. Yeah. And I still put myself through the torture and I played him. So like this is why I'm very salty. But like you just can't play him. I don't even, I don't care if he goes for a hundred fantasy points. Can't do it. Speaker 1 00:31:33 He'll give you 40 and like, oh this is the chance and it's not. Cuz he won't play the next night. Speaker 2 00:31:37 I will throw this out there John. Just I'm gonna throw it out there and you don't even, we can move on. John Collins went for 47 fantasy points today. Yeah. 23 and 14. Yeah. Um, he is, he is, he has not been this cheap. Speaker 1 00:31:50 He hasn't been that as good as he was today either, Speaker 2 00:31:52 So. No, that's absolutely correct. I think like, maybe like the first slate of the year he was. Yeah. Um, and then I, I'll never forget it. It was like the first couple slates and you were like, why is this the way it is? Why is his prop the way it is? And he hasn't looked at it since. Yep. Hasn't looked Speaker 1 00:32:06 It since. Nope. Speaker 2 00:32:07 But he's 5,500 just throwing it out there. That's all I'm gonna say. Speaker 1 00:32:10 Uh, if Mo Wagner starts against Brooklyn, I promise Speaker 2 00:32:12 <laugh> dude, he is a absolute fantasy point for me. Freak. Yeah. Um, freak Speaker 1 00:32:18 Started the second half today. So like he started the second half today. If bomber doesn't play tomorrow and and Carter doesn't come back, wouldn't it only make sense for him to start the game tomorrow? Speaker 2 00:32:29 Yep. Yep. So he had 12 6 4 in a steel. Yeah Speaker 1 00:32:33 Dude, this is a guy that last year would come in and play 14, 15 minutes and give you 30 fantasy points and he would yell at me when I would recommend him. Um, sounds is Speaker 2 00:32:42 What happened. Sounds sounds Speaker 1 00:32:43 Correct. Um, Eric Gordon got rid, ruled out the other day. Cajun Martin entered the lineup, went for 45. Nobody even, nobody even played him. It happened. Um, yeah, if, if whatever reason Eric Gordon gets ruled out again and Cajun Martin's in the lineup. Sure. Um, can, can probably run some options for you there. Yep. Uh, let's see. Cornets power for started eligible, like I said, if people are out, do you play that Detroit game? Only nine minutes in that 1 25 minutes against Atlantic. Gave you 34 fancy points though in that blow. We'll see, we'll see How happens if Cornet draws the talk there. They were, they started What didn't they sound like Blake Griffin? They Speaker 2 00:33:16 Started Blake last. Yeah, they started Blake the last time. Um, corporate set makes Speaker 1 00:33:20 No sense. Uh, Speaker 2 00:33:20 I don't think Blake, I don't think Blake played like it was just one of those like, uh, the Java McGees. Speaker 1 00:33:27 Yeah, the had the head nods start. Speaker 2 00:33:28 Yeah. 20 minutes. He had 20 minutes against Detroit for Blake. Okay. So Speaker 1 00:33:32 We'll see. I still like Patrick Williams there. Uh, Wagner's fine. Jalen McDaniels. Any thoughts with him? He's playing 30 minutes again, right? Cuz everybody's Speaker 2 00:33:41 Out. No. Well, you know, Speaker 1 00:33:42 Hayward. Hayward, that's some stuff. Speaker 2 00:33:43 So Hayward's dead. Yeah. If, uh, and this could turn in, this could be a blowout. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:33:49 So, all right. Uh, center position, you'll get you at 11 for against Houston you kind of have to go here, right? It's Speaker 2 00:33:55 A pretty good spot. Yeah, I mean if there's no quarter, no bones, um, the ball's just gonna obviously flow through yo. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:34:03 He's just, he's just really good. Uh, Anthony Davis attend seven again, they just Speaker 2 00:34:08 Don't still good with LeBron by the way. Yeah. Ken confirm Speaker 1 00:34:10 He only played one game with LeBron. He went for 25 and 15 <laugh>, so, Speaker 2 00:34:14 And three blocks in a steel and four because you Speaker 1 00:34:16 Know, and they dropped this price tag ten seven. Yep, Speaker 2 00:34:18 That's Speaker 1 00:34:19 Correct. Yep. So I'm good. Good for, I mean, hey, uh, what did, uh, what did Zak do today against Pacers? Just refresh my memory real quick. Speaker 2 00:34:26 I believe he had something along, now don't quote me something along the lines of, uh, 293 rebounds and 400 points I think it was, or it was like 31 and 29 actually I think was the Speaker 1 00:34:39 Yeah, yeah. 30 or 30 point points, 29 rebounds. Say for Aca Zak against, absolutely against the Pacer. So, uh, yeah, Anthony Davis could probably do something like that. So probably, probably probably do something like that. Um, so yeah, I I don't mind it at all. Uh, let's see here. Would you play eight in the way he's going? Dude, I called his game out against Detroit a couple days ago. He have, he went for 50 and then he topped it against Utah. I went for 66, 9 21 against Utah. I mean, Speaker 2 00:35:10 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:35:10 Is it like what, what version, what version of eight are we getting right now? Like who is Speaker 2 00:35:16 This the best version? I mean the number one overall pick version, Speaker 1 00:35:19 Can he do it against the bonus? Speaker 2 00:35:21 I mean, they're either go, this is one of those like when you watch boxers, RMA fighters like knock each other out at the same time. Yeah, this is one of those cuz they both could just pick up 2000 against one, one another like simultaneously. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:35:36 Uh, who gets Utah? We just talked about eight and just destroyed them. Uh, he hasn't really popped though. Even then that O KC matchup, um, got the 40 minutes, no seals, no blocks. 13 and 13. So Speaker 2 00:35:48 Dude, we've been saying it, I've been saying it for like two years. It's just when they're, when three of them are healthy. V is the odd man out. Yeah. Just all Levine and all the Rosen all the time. When it's, when he's the secondary option, there's sometimes where he's the primary option. Yeah. But it's just whenever, when three guys are healthy, it's just, it's just not a, a good fit for him. Speaker 1 00:36:08 After he didn't attempt a shot against, uh, Miami, uh, Guber went for 44 and 48 fantasy points. <laugh>, uh, against Golden State the other day and the blowout loss he had just 22 but he had nine and 10. Uh, would you take a shot at Gobert at 6,600 here against Washington? Speaker 2 00:36:27 Um, I don't know. Speaker 1 00:36:29 It's a good turn Speaker 2 00:36:30 At this point. Yeah, it's, it's a good term at play. Yeah. I mean it makes you wonder if he's gonna be chasing, pursing us around the perimeter at all in this game. Cuz that would be obviously terrible. A terrible idea. But Speaker 1 00:36:41 Nah, you just have towns run out there, especially, there's no Kuzma, right. You just have towns. Speaker 2 00:36:46 That's fair. Speaker 1 00:36:46 Who started today? What about Kuzma? Speaker 2 00:36:48 They started Denny and they started kisser. Speaker 1 00:36:52 Okay. Neil, Kier, Denny and Pingus. Speaker 2 00:36:56 Yep. Okay. Yep. Speaker 1 00:36:58 Interesting. Um, let's see here again, Valenti cus has a great spot. If uh, if Nancy is out, Speaker 2 00:37:05 Dude, if Nancy is out, I think that, I mean I know they have but like Destiny Speaker 1 00:37:10 $5,900 Speaker 2 00:37:11 Man. I know. I no, I think like I won't call, I would not call him a a core play. Right. Because that would be foolish of us just given where he is. But he is one of the more appealing tournament plays in that whole Speaker 1 00:37:24 Book. No Ingram, no McCullum. If there's no n Speaker 2 00:37:28 Dude, he's one of the most interesting tournament plays on the slate. He's probably one of the be I would go on a limb and say he's probably one of the best five tournament plays on the slate. If, if n sit, I mean I don't know if that's like, I don't know if I'm like stretching it a little too much. I don't, Speaker 1 00:37:41 I don think so cuz he gave us 62 already this year in Charlotte. Like we know what his ceiling is Speaker 2 00:37:46 5,900. Like they're not going to play Hern and Goat and they're not gonna play Haye over him. Like they're not, they're not. Speaker 1 00:37:53 Oh, 29 fancy points is five exit 50, 900. So Speaker 2 00:37:57 Dude, and, and there's 60 in there, right? Like we saw he gave gave Speaker 1 00:38:01 Me 40 and 26 minutes two games ago. Speaker 2 00:38:04 One of the best tournament plays on the board if instance. Yep, Speaker 1 00:38:07 I agree with you. Uh, Kelly o also in the tournament play range gave you 34. Speaker 2 00:38:11 He's been good dude. Speaker 1 00:38:12 He's been pretty good. I played him at, I played him at 3% against Golden State. Nobody wanted the Kelly o experience <laugh> Speaker 1 00:38:18 In that matchup there. Uh, cling against Orlando at 55, I think you can play out there. Yep. Uh, Plumley if, if Horford sits Plumley at 54 is kind of interesting, um, you know, double digit rebounds probably locked up and uh, you know, look at the assist numbers for him have been really good. Uh, you know, you know, is he, is he sexy? He's not, we're talking about balls is like a, a possible G winner at 59. But uh, I'd be okay with with Plumley there if he's uh, if he's healthy. I mean if he starts in there's no horford. Um, I think there's some some play there for Speaker 2 00:38:54 Him. Yeah. And I mean you talk about sexy, I mean he look at that dirt stash. I mean let's get a new picture of this guy, you know, like look at this horrible Zorro stash. Um, yeah, 5,400 is a good price and he's got 40 Speaker 1 00:39:09 Burgers already on his Speaker 2 00:39:09 Ledges. Dude, they're gonna start Blake Griffin if they's like they're gonna start Blake Griffin, Speaker 1 00:39:13 Blake Cornett, like they're gonna start one of the two, right? Like, Speaker 2 00:39:19 I mean we, the one thing that we've said about Boston, they're off F-ing wagon. We all understand it. We're like hip to it. We know that. Like they are on a collision course for greatness this year like they were last year. But they're obviously deficient where Rob Williams isn't. Right. Like when Rob Williams comes back that gets shirt up, their one deficiency is their front court defense because H's old and when he's not there it's Blake Griffin and it's noon lane, it's Luke Cornett. So Yep. Yeah, I'm, I'm in on Plum Dog now. I don't we're, none of us are saying he's gonna score 20 points, but there's a lot offensive rebounding opportunities probably without Horford and uh, we've seen some forties as you mentioned. Speaker 1 00:39:57 Yep. Uh, sticking with the rule as long as Harold's the one starting, we play har over Reed. Speaker 2 00:40:02 Yep. Yep. Well Speaker 1 00:40:06 What Speaker 2 00:40:08 Sunday was a very frustrating day. Sure. Because it's another one of those slates where like Harold, I mean yes there was a blowout involved and Paul Reed got all the run. Yeah. 12 and 13 with three assists, one steel, two blocks for Paul Re Speaker 1 00:40:27 No really like Paul Reed. They just don't start him. There may, there may be no Capella in this matchup. Uh, he's still dealing with dental pain, um, whatever, whatever that is for him. He Speaker 2 00:40:37 Didn't, let's see if he played Sunday. Did he play Sunday? Nope, he did not, did not play. He goku 30, 34 minutes. Speaker 1 00:40:43 Yeah, so I, I mean definitely playing a Goku at 43 if Capella's out again, um, I would, I would for sure play that price tag against Harold or Reed. Either one's fine. Not a tough match of, Speaker 2 00:40:56 They're both just torment plays like, but you're right Harold has to start for him to be on the board. Yeah I think um, I think they're both tournament plays either way. Yep. Speaker 1 00:41:06 Uh, I agree with you there. Any other center options for you down here? Speaker 2 00:41:12 I mean if ad doesn't play, I guess you could look at Thomas Bryant. He only played 18 minutes. Speaker 1 00:41:16 Yeah. Super annoying cuz he again, 20 fantasy points in the 18 minutes. I don't know why they didn't run him back Speaker 2 00:41:21 Those day. So Wayne Gabriel played 22 and he had 27 fantasy points. So even if Bryant started, maybe you look at Gabriel as like the $600 less play that played more minutes. Maybe that's like a contrarian pivot but obviously it's all for not a Anthony Davis place and I think Davis is is questionable. So it's a calf dude, what is wrong with this guy? It's been a back, it's been a back of true. It's been a back all year long and now it's a calf and then it was the, it was the elbow the other day where he went numb in the middle of the game like Right. Like dude, what the, Speaker 1 00:42:02 Yep. Yep. Speaker 2 00:42:03 Just Speaker 1 00:42:04 And then if Cort starts you can play cot before. Speaker 2 00:42:07 Sure. Speaker 1 00:42:07 Alright. Build our line up here. Who was our, are we going joker? Are we going? Um, Speaker 2 00:42:14 Probably I don't really like any other spin ups or we just go like, Speaker 1 00:42:17 So I'm thinking double Center we go Joker and Valenti Tune just to start this Speaker 2 00:42:21 Uh, yeah. Right. And then we're gonna use Trey Murphy. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:42:25 Murphy. Right. Speaker 2 00:42:27 And this is the spot I would love to use Zion, but like we can three Pelican. I mean it wouldn't be the worst cuz you're taking two of their top players off the floor. But yeah, it's tough to get, it's really tough to get three Speaker 1 00:42:37 Of them. It is tough. Um, alright, so that's $5,600 a play at Murphy, Yogi and Vals, Speaker 2 00:42:43 Uh, Dennis Scher 45. Speaker 1 00:42:44 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:42:46 I mean that's probably one of our top values, right? I would agree with considering who's considering who's in and who's out. Speaker 1 00:42:51 Yep. $5,900 a play, uh, moving forward Shake at 65. Speaker 2 00:42:56 Yep. A hundred percent right. Lock and Load. Maybe Lock and Load. I guess we don't know if Julian and Beads gonna be out just throwing that out there. That Speaker 1 00:43:03 Is fair. Um, I like living at 72. Speaker 2 00:43:06 Love Lev. At 72 you mean it's Speaker 1 00:43:09 5k play at, at uh, power Forward and Forward. Would you run Pat Will out there? Speaker 2 00:43:15 We would, yeah. 2 30, 4 and a half total. I mean Speaker 1 00:43:18 $4,300. Patrick Williams. That gives us a $5,600 forward to finish off the lineup here. Speaker 2 00:43:24 I mean I think it's, I mean it's obviously Grant if well I guess Lonnie, Speaker 1 00:43:28 Lonnie 53. Speaker 2 00:43:30 Yeah, let's go. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:43:31 2053. Right. So that's our lineup here. Obviously tentative to the news. We're recording here Sunday evening. If guys got ruled in, ruled up obviously we'll be adjusting that. Ryan Kirksey will be on the playbook. You know James now will be in your discord then you're answering any questions you got as you load up closer to Ross Luck. You can also find us on Twitter if you don't need to know already. You can find us there, uh, as well. So, uh, for James and I, good luck and we'll catch you guys.

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