November 25, 2022


NBA DFS Podcast November 25: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast November 25: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast November 25: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Nov 25 2022 | 01:02:02


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Stephen Curry against the Jazz.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, you're listening to The Fantasy Podcast with those John Peba and James Grande, Speaker 1 00:00:11 What's going on? FA Nation and John and Peba ha with James Grande, welcoming to the Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS podcast and live stream recording here for Friday's 13. Game main slate. James, yesterday was Thanksgiving. I hope you had a good one. I had a pretty good one. A lot of food. It makes you wonder how many, how much food these players ate. Did Zion Williamson go and have like nine turkeys yesterday? Whoa. Right? Like, you know, what, what Speaker 2 00:00:33 Was his, Speaker 1 00:00:33 What was his food intake? How much, how much macaroni and cheese, how much side dishes, how many rolls? You know, players like Zion, who we know technically in the past have had maybe some eating problems here. You know, is he gonna be ready to go? Is he gonna be sluggish? You know, what are you thinking? Speaker 2 00:00:52 I'm thinking I can't be part of this. Don't attach my name to this Speaker 1 00:00:55 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:00:56 Don't attach my name to Speaker 1 00:00:57 This. Don't around your favorite player out there. Speaker 2 00:00:59 Oh my God, Speaker 1 00:01:00 Don't around your favorite player. Speaker 2 00:01:02 You know, holy smokes. Um, we know LeBron didn't eat Thanksgiving, you know, that's true. You know, for football. We know Tom Brady. Didn't I? Just anything for Thanksgiving? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, so, you know, I guess it depends, like, uh, you know, I'm sure there's a lot of people that did enjoy some wine, did enjoy some Thanksgiving, then, uh, hopefully it's not the players that we use. Do we? Do we know who those guys are? No. But, uh, we'll find out mighty quick when, uh, they start the night Speaker 1 00:01:30 Overnight. Uh, yeah, we'll, we'll see when they're conditioning is, you know, how quickly is Rick Carlisle pull somebody off the floor tonight? Because they're, they're, they're slugging around out there, you know? Was Speaker 2 00:01:39 That any different than normal? Speaker 1 00:01:42 Not usually. So, uh, 13 games, we do have, uh, quite a few players already ruled out. Uh, going into this one. Uh, you know, at the top we know Joel and B is still out. Damien Willard is still out. James Hardner remains out. Paul George Quig Leonard are out for the Clippers again. Uh, Jimmy Butler is out, as in band remains out. CJ McCullum continues to be out as he's in the leagues protocol. Tyrese Maxey continues to be out. Cade Cunningham, Chris Paul, uh, still out as well. Um, Chris Middleton close to returning. Not yet, though bald Thailand is still out. Um, Marcus Fultz potentially returning shortly. Um, practiced on Wednesday. So be on the lookout maybe for a Mark Ful, uh, return sooner rather than later. His expectation was early to mid-December. But, uh, good to see him back in the practice court there. Uh, you know, my colleagues out. Speaker 1 00:02:31 Kara Lavert remains to be out there. Isaiah Stewart is out still. Kevin Love, uh, is out. So, uh, some notable names that we've been paying attention to. There's a lot more names that were questionable. And if everybody remembers what Wednesday was like in the nba, James, you were on the playbook. Uh, every five minutes a team was ruling out half their starting lineup. Uh, it created some pretty hectic, uh, roster shifts in, in terms of how we were building, uh, our lineups. Some of, of it didn't work out as well as we had hoped. Uh, those who were less reactive to the news on a Wednesday likely did a lot better than those who were, uh, that isn't always the case. And that's sort of the, the tug and pull that we have when it comes to the NBA news cycle. Speaker 2 00:03:14 Yeah, it's frustrating sometimes. Um, but we just have to keep chugging along. And, um, I don't necessarily regret the moves that I think we made collectively, um, because a lot of them panned out. A lot of them didn't. I mean, if you played, if you pivoted to the Denver Trio, you were very happy cuz they all went for 60 plus fantasy points. Um, if you pivoted to some of the Washington guys, you weren't as happy. So, um, you know, I, being reactive at times works, being reactive at times doesn't, I think we just need to fine tune who we're being reactive to. Uh, Jordan Goodwin not being one of them. <laugh>. Um, so yeah, I mean, I, I don't think the process is wrong. There was, I would say I take the under on the every five minutes, I would say every, almost like 30 seconds. It like, it felt like maybe like a war zone where there was just like bombs going off like every 30 seconds. Just like new player, new player out, new player out, new player out. Um, but we're on Friday, expect much of the same here. And we'll have the injury report again out John, our new, uh, our new, uh, addition to the, uh, NBA DFS content. So that'll be out during the middle of the day. Speaker 1 00:04:21 All right, let's drop into it here. Uh, James got any uh, the top game totals available to us? Again, 13 games, so I'm sure there are quite a few to discuss, but, uh, got any over two 30 today. Maybe a Memphis Pelicans game. Probably venturing into that, into that two 30 range potentially here today. Boston, Sacramento. I could see maybe closing into that two 30 range here. Golden State, Utah, maybe flirting in that, that one as well. Speaker 2 00:04:46 Uh, flirting would be an understatement. Uh, they're actually flirting. Two 40. Okay. Golden State. Golden State, Utah. 2 39 and a half currently. Um, Utah getting eight points, throwing that out there. Utah. Good team getting eight. Um, Brooklyn, Indiana, 2 32 and a half. We've seen this twice I think. Um, Brooklyn giving three on the road. Chicago, Oklahoma City, 2 33. Chicago giving three to O kc. Um, two days after their coach went berserk on how bad the refs are. Uh, Atlanta and Houston. 2 32 Houston got a problem. Seven point dogs at home. And then you mentioned your Boston Celtics. Actually we have two more. Uh, Boston Celtics 2 37. Yeah. Against, uh, eight point favorites at Home against Kings. Feels like uh, that's respect to the Kings that I don't think we were used to, cuz Boston typically that'd be like an 1112 point Speaker 1 00:05:39 Spread. It's blew out Dallas, Speaker 2 00:05:41 So, um, yeah, just blow out Dallas. Um, and then La San Antonio. Um, 2 32 and a half. Lakers giving four on the road. Speaker 1 00:05:52 Potential returning LeBron James today. Speaker 2 00:05:55 So yep. LeBron James, LeBron James, LeBron James. What's Speaker 1 00:05:59 Our pelicans? Memphis total? Speaker 2 00:06:02 Uh, pelicans. Memphis is Speaker 1 00:06:08 2 27. Speaker 2 00:06:09 2 26 and a half. Okay, Speaker 1 00:06:11 That's close. Uh, alright so those are our top totals for the day. Again, big slate. Gotta figure out how to shorten up the player pool here. There is some value, we'll go over that obviously as we break it down. Uh, let's go into the point guard position here. John Morant is your top price point guard to ten seven. Uh, Seth, Seth Curry at ten six. As you mentioned already, that 2 36 game total, right? Speaker 2 00:06:32 2 39 and a half, Speaker 1 00:06:33 Nine and a half game total against Utah. Um, that one's probably gonna be a pretty juicy spot there. Uh, SHA Gil Alexander's at $10,200. Trey Young up in the 10 K range here now as well. Um, is Steph your target here again? I know we've been playing a lot of sga, um, but just the total, just the fact that he is given us two 70 plus fantasy point games in the last four. Um, and he is actually cheaper than he is. Been the last two slates by a couple hundred bucks. Um, gotta think a lot of people are looking to spend up here for tonight. Speaker 2 00:07:06 Yeah, I mean I think Curry's the top dog of this group and no one else on this tier has shown 70. Um, you know, SGA has gone 60 Moran we know can probably has 70 in his bag. Um, Trey has 60 in his bag and an elite matchup. I think they're all good. Honestly, I don't think there's a bad play. Um, there's still no Desmond Bane, right? Like and what injury guy comes back after four days? They said weeks. It was days, yeah. And he's course 34, like, uh, he's a freak. But yeah, Steph of the, of the four is a top target, but again, they're all in play. Um, I actually might put Trey ahead of SGA probably for like the first time all year. Okay. Just because the matchup. But, um, yeah, I think you can get to any of them and, and you'd be happy with the result. Speaker 1 00:07:54 Would you play Ja or Trey? Speaker 2 00:07:57 Um, I'd probably play, that's a good question cuz we're gonna get a lot of Jose Alvarado defense against Ja. Right. And that, that's like, that Speaker 1 00:08:06 Guy's a great, that guy's intense out Speaker 2 00:08:08 There. That is the uh, he's the modern day Matthew Duodopa. Yeah. You know, like he's how annoying he is. Um, so I'll go with, um, I'll go Trey, but like again Moran's fine, like Moran and tournaments is gonna be low on. Speaker 1 00:08:23 Yep. Right? The price tag alone will keep him low on mm-hmm <affirmative>, so I'm with you there. I think it would go Kyrie Trey Moran SGA for ranking the four today. Uh, next tier down we have Darren Fox against Boston. Uh, we have Halliburton at 94, Garland at 93. Kyrie Irving at 92. Uh, Milton is up to $8,200. I'll try to throw him in that tier, uh, as well given his recent production. Uh, I mean Halliburton is definitely gonna be a guy that I think a lot of people again will be gravitating to his ceiling. If you follow along on like draftings, his projected points by like halftime is general like 60 and then something happens in the Pacers game where like it's a blowout one way or the other. Or you know, he just goes cold for a quarter, he finishes with like 50. So very much capable of putting out just big time numbers here. Speaker 1 00:09:12 Uh, same thing with Garland. Like it doesn't matter that Mitchell's there. Um, I think what's been a little bit more surprising is like zero rebounds in back to back games. It's not that garland's like a big rebounding guy, but you know, he was giving you almost two or three there for a little bit, uh, just to add in some of the value. But the, the assisted legit, the scoring continues to be legit. Um, Halliburton just gives you a little bit more, but we've seen a better ceiling I think outta Garland lately. Uh, when he dropped 41 actual against Charlotte. Uh, tough spot against Milwaukee. Uh, but this could be a competitive back and forth game. Uh, Kyrie coming off of one of his better games of late 29 actual fantasy points haven't really lived up to the price tag though. So for me, um, it's still not my favorite spot, but he is gone for 50 average fantasy points against the Pacers this year. Speaker 2 00:09:56 Yeah, I mean I think this tier is interesting because the one guy you, you started with but didn't go back to is De and Fox. Yeah. And you might have, he might be playing better than all of them excluding that game against Atlanta. Um, which was a, a very big disappointment for me cuz I was got Fox at like 3%. Yeah. After a night before I got Fox at 3%. Right. Like goes for 63%, then he is 3% again, he's going to be 3% owned again. Yeah. So like in tournaments I'm perfectly fine going Fox. Also, the thing about mid, uh, Halliburton ceiling, like that Orlando game was going to be 60. Yeah. Right. And then they blew him out like in a random, it's just a random blowout. So like, I don't know, like the ceiling feels high. Speaker 1 00:10:39 I mean the accessor on scene Right. 14, 14, 14, 3 straight teams. Um, it just, if he scores right. Yeah. Four for 15 against Minnesota. Loved the 15 shots. Just didn't, didn't get there for you. Um, you're right. Orlando who was on, he gave you 60 against Orlando the game before that. So, um, definitely has a good ceiling. I'm not, I'm no arguments on that one. He went for 53 against Brooklyn. The first game only went for 29 against Brooklyn in the second game they played on a back to back, uh, match ups with one another. So, um, but still it's a, it's a good spot. We like him 90 fours definitely a fair price tag for what he can give you. Right. Speaker 2 00:11:15 Um, if I'm like and then yeah, I mean Kyrie in his Sketchers Speaker 1 00:11:21 Yeah. Not playing Deonte 90. Speaker 2 00:11:24 No dude. It's just like we love Deonte Murray, but like you just can't get there right now. Yep. There's just, there's just no ceiling at this price. I mean, we're gonna get a 60 fantasy point game. Right. We all know that it's coming. Yeah. Um, because that's what he does. But like it's just very hard to to trust. Speaker 1 00:11:41 Yep. How are you feeling about like Mel, the next group like Milton Lowry, K pj, Jalen Green's questionable for this game against Atlanta. Um, you know, hero came back obviously wasn't his best performance, more shooting guard, but just kind of throwing him in there. Drew Holiday down to 78, but a tough spot against Cleveland. You know, thoughts on this mid, mid tier range. Anthony Simons maybe at 76. Speaker 2 00:12:03 Yeah. I mean I, this mid tier is interesting. Like Milton I think is fine. Again, it's a price tag that is hard to like stomach, but we know who's in and who's out for Philly and everyone's out. Everyone's on the outside. So we've seen, I mean, dude, we've always said this. He does everything like Mountain does everything. He had four, three and five steals his last three games. Um, along with 19 plus points along with four plus rebounds along with three plus assist. Like the guy does everything. So like I can see myself getting there. Orlando currently ranks 26th in defensive rating. Yeah, that's a good spot. We Speaker 1 00:12:37 Just talked about Halliburton did send them in two strike games. Right. Speaker 2 00:12:40 So. Right. Um, kj pretty good stretch of games here. Um, recently coming off two 50 Fantasy point games in a row. Um, one of, I mean, Dallas and Golden State, you know, Dallas is like a very good defensive team. Golden State can be, I guess has Speaker 1 00:12:58 Different ways too. He scores 30 actual against Golden State and then he goes and double nearly triple doubles against Dallas, you know? Right, Speaker 2 00:13:04 Right. It's a good point. Um, so I'm definitely interested in kj, you know, I like Simon's. I mean he's just, dude, he's just like, so he's just such a good score. Yeah. Um, I'm I'm telling you when, when you watch him play basketball, and it's crazy to think about because they have Dame and like guys he is, he fills it up faster than like anyone else in the league. Like you see he has like four points and then you blinked and he has like 25 and you're like, what just happened? Um, great spot, absolutely great spot for Speaker 1 00:13:38 Him. Good talk for both. I mean, Brenton's coming off Brunton 49 Fantasy point game 34, actual nine. Speaker 2 00:13:43 He's elite. He's elite. He's an elite dude. First Speaker 1 00:13:46 Game, like in all season, he didn't even have a rebound. So he could, if he gave you his usual 3.4 rebounds there, you were looking at, you know, 55. Speaker 2 00:13:54 Yeah. Close to 55 Speaker 1 00:13:55 Fantasy points. So yeah, Speaker 2 00:13:57 He's, yeah. This, this isn't a, another elite mid chair position. Yep. Speaker 1 00:14:02 Um, I mean campaign's giving you 47 twice in four games. Uh, I know we're all gonna really like Devin Booker here against Detroit Tonight with no Chris Paul. But again, Payne's been, you know, just as good as Paul basically since agreed since he's been out. Um, there. So again, a pretty interesting mid midtier range of guys. Um, I don't think you can go wrong. This is probably gonna be a heavily exposed area of the playbook. Um, you know, Jamal Marty, even with Yoki back at seven k I think is a good price tag. Uh, you know, Getty didn't have the greatest game against Denver, but he had back to back 40 fantasy point games before that against the Nicks in Memphis here. Um, you know, we've talked a lot about Jalen Sus lately in, in his production, uh, has been really strong. Again, the blowout is what the only thing that hurt him against the Pacers. Cuz he had 28 fantasy points in 24 4 minutes. Like he was well on his way to another 35 to 40 fantasy points like he's been giving us. So, um, just a really, really interesting, uh, group here in this like 78 to six K range. Right. Because like from Clarkson to Shake Milton, you know, and the guys we mentioned already, they're all pretty strong options tonight. Speaker 2 00:15:13 Yeah. I mean I, it's very hard for me to ignore Shake in current forum with who's in and who's out. And again, six K's not free, but like let's look at the recent logs. 46, that's like eight x nine x 31 6 x I mean, he's hit this in three straight games. He's one of their primary scores. He is doing everything elsewhere. Like, just really hard not to get there. Speaker 1 00:15:39 Yep. I agree. I mean listen, you know, you said 3 28 still almost against 28, 36, 31 46. He's six K. So he's six K. Right. He's gonna be gonna be super, super popular here tonight. Um, you know, we were all in on Bruce Brown gonna be kind hard to go Bruce Brown I think with um, Jamal, Marty and every, everybody back in the lineup like in terms of ceiling, right. You know. Yep. He's not gonna give us 59 again with all those guys active. So Speaker 2 00:16:05 Bones, he's yoic he's yoic in like a, in a six five body <laugh>. Right? Speaker 1 00:16:11 I mean, and I, and I played him in that uh, the other night. Him and yo tore my two stack against kc. Um, you know, but with everybody back, I mean he's gonna get run with Bones Holland out cuz we talked Speaker 2 00:16:21 Mpj. Mpj questionable, right? Sure. Mpj Speaker 1 00:16:23 Questionable mpj is questionable Bones. Holland is out. So when we talked about this last week during his like 30 minutes spike there is when Bones Highland was out and he gave us good production and then, and then Bones Highland came back and Jamal Marty was in, he only played 22 minutes and then we got the, the Covid games and they, they, you know, Marty was out and all of a sudden he goes back to playing 30 minutes. So I think Bruce Brown is fine. I'm just saying, I don't think we're gonna get a ceiling here. I think we'll get 30 fantasy points. So, um, probably a better cash game play for me tonight. But Bruce Brown can definitely pop. Uh, we've seen it plenty of times here, uh, under $6,000. Uh, are you looking at Reggie Jackson at all? I mean, again, you got blown out against the Golden State Warriors. I won't hold it against him, but almost a fantasy point permitted in that game. Uh, 33, 33, 38. The three games prior though, Speaker 2 00:17:15 Dude, I, I keep saying it like they need scoring and it's gonna come from Norman Powell and it's gonna come from Reggie Jackson and I think we're gonna get the John Wall games and we're gonna have Marcus Morris games. Um, but John Wall is like, they're just playing 'em off the bench for 20 to 24 minutes, Speaker 1 00:17:33 21 minutes here. Speaker 2 00:17:34 Yeah. Um, they are, Marcus Morris is a very inconsistent score. Reggie Jackson's been their, you know, norm withstanding, cuz Norm has been really good lately. Reggie Jackson's been their best score, so they're gonna need him to score. Denver's defense has not been good, uh, at all 27 in defensive rating this year. The fourth worst, even though they're 11 and seven, like they're just scoring more than other teams. Um, which, you know, not surprising when you have who they have offensively, but they're exploitable defensively. So I'll get to right mentioning while these guys are out, that he's going to be on, I think not most nights, but there's gonna be a lot of nights where Ray Jackson, you look at the box score and he's their leading score. Speaker 1 00:18:15 Yep. All right. I'll take a look at some of these value guys here. Um, Alec Bes could be interesting. Killing Hayes is questionable tonight. Mm. Um, 5,200 bes again, the minutes haven't been great. Uh, 19 and 21, the last two games for him. But again, if, if BES is out, I mean if Hayes is out rather be, could start at point guard. So, um, I know they'll probably go Corey, Joseph, but we like bes a lot here at 52. Um, quickly it was somebody that made the playbook the other day. Uh, the minutes have been consistent, which I think is the, the biggest thing, the key in on here. Yep. Um, yeah, I, the production will go up and down. That's just the nature. That's just the nature of Isaiah quickly. But if you're in a tournament and you can tell me for sure he's playing 25 plus minutes, then I'm gonna, I'm gonna throw some quickly into some G here. Speaker 1 00:18:57 Um, because 31 fancy points against okc, he had 29 against Utah. You know, he, he sort 41 and 23 minutes against the thunder, the game prior to that. Um, Portland we know right now is, is a team that defensively is no great shake. So, um, quickly at 49 in tournaments I think is fine here. Uh, Sexton started uh, and played 35 minutes against Detroit, had a ceiling game. Um, really hit or miss. But you talked about the game total here. If he's, if he's starting again, you know, 4,600 isn't a terrible for, for a game stack. Uh, and I think the chalk is gonna be alverado at 3,800. Noma Cullum you started the other day, 29 minutes, 30 minutes, give you 26 fantasy points. Speaker 2 00:19:40 Yep. Him and Devonte Graham both probably gunner some ownership Speaker 1 00:19:43 Graham. Right. We, we, uh, my boy, my boy came through didn't play 'em, did Speaker 2 00:19:49 Vary. Well, I mean, I mean like how he's played like two good games all year long. I know. And they've been in back to back, he wasn't even in their rotation for the last like month Speaker 1 00:20:02 From No, Speaker 2 00:20:03 From the start of November to the, to the Golden State game when they won by like fifth and Speaker 1 00:20:09 The Golden State game. He only played 22 cuz they won by 40. Speaker 2 00:20:12 Right. He had not played more than nine minutes in like six straight games. So like very hard to predict. But I guess that's gonna be their point guard rotation, right? Right. Jose Alvarado and we have to factor in if there's no Trey Murphy, like that's extra run for him as well. Like there's extra run for both those guys. So Yeah, I think Alvarado is safer for sure. <laugh> like without a doubt. Safer. Yeah. Um, but we know, I mean, you are Devon, the Devonte Graham, like listen, Speaker 1 00:20:39 Graham has played 20 plus minutes now five times this year, um, or six times this year. And in those games, 27 minutes, 21 fantasy points, 28 minutes, 22 fantasy points, 24 minutes, 26 fantasy points, 20 minutes, 21 fantasy points, 22 minutes, 33 fantasy points, 28 minutes, 32 fantasy points. So, uh, if he's giving you 20 plus fantasy points at 3.5, you're getting six, seven x return there. So, Speaker 2 00:21:07 And if he goes for 30, it's like literally like a GPP winner. Speaker 1 00:21:10 Yep. 10 x I mean he is almost 10 x the last two slates. So, um, yeah, I'm, I'm with you there. Alvarado for sure. Safer. Um, he can get you the steels. Uh, Graham's gonna go Chuck, you know, is he gonna go six from 11 from three and back to back game? No, this feels the, like, it feels like the Beasley set up right when we called him like, listen, Beasley's not gonna go 10 of 18 for a month. Right. And then he came out and he had a ice cold game and then he bounced back the other night and had 54 pounds <laugh>. So, uh, we'll get to him right now cuz we're gonna transition over to the shooting guard here. Uh, Devin Booker against Detroit. Uh, yep. Letting a lot of people down against the Lakers. Just 35 fantasy points in that one. The Nick's sort of the same situation. Only 33 fantasy points against Utah, though we popped. He gave you 30, he gave you 78. So, um, we know the ceiling can be there. He's expensive at $9,900. This is definitely a spot where we could get a book or a ceiling game if, uh, if Detroit stays competitive. Speaker 2 00:22:07 Yeah. 29th and defensive rating, they're missing all their pieces. That's just the big, I mean, not that Phoenix has been like lights out with, you know, guys out, but they're still a top team in this league. Um, even without Chris Paul. Um, they're 11 and six, which is tied for like the fifth best record in the league. So, uh, well I guess technically that fifth most wins in the league I should say. Yep. Um, so yeah, I mean they're, they're obviously still elite team. 10 99, very hard, very harder stomach, but again, 29th and defense rating for Detroits. It's a really good Speaker 1 00:22:42 Matchup. Yep. Uh, thoughts. And then the other high price guys here, I mean Donald Mitchell, we talked about Thete Maria already. Uh, Bradley Beal, if he's active tonight, would you play him against Miami? Uh, Jalen Brown gave us another, another Jalen Brown performance, 46 fantasy points against Dallas. 31 actual, uh, we know what he can give you. He's at Sacramento here. Uh, Brandon Ingram with no McCullum, uh, went for 35 fantasy points the other day against in that blowout win. He went for 52 in the blowout against Golden State. Uh, he is $8,400. Uh, we talked about melting already at 82 Heroes at eight K. Not a good shooting day for Hero in his return, but um, you know, again, could just get the rust off now. Speaker 2 00:23:24 Yeah. I mean we talk about Jaylen Brown all the time, it's like, it's hard to get to this price, but if he keeps paying it off, like he's fine. Speaker 1 00:23:32 Right. You can almost like at least rely on him, right? Like that's very rarely is Jill and Brown like Snowflake, you, you know. Speaker 2 00:23:39 Yep. Um, I really like Brendan Ingram here. I love the tennis, don't love the nine shots, but like they were also handling winning that game, um, up by 20 in that. Yeah. Uh, um, those are probably the two guys. I don't think I would get to hero at eight K especially with like Jimmy Butler and Baba, you know, or Jimmy Butler's out. But yeah, Lowry and Bam still there. Like I don't think I could get to AK for um, hero, but, um, I think Ingram is my favorite of that tier. Okay. Speaker 1 00:24:14 No, no arguments. I think, I think it's a really great spot for him. Um, going a little bit below into that seven K range. I'll, I'll keep saying to play Zach Levine at 7,100. Speaker 2 00:24:24 Yep. Agreed. Speaker 1 00:24:25 I That's it. Too cheap. It's too cheap. It's too cheap. Easy. You know, he has a 40 fantasy point ceiling at this price, um, with everybody active. It's the thunder, you know, so it just feels like a really good spot for him there. Um, you, we, we play a lot of a sell, uh, 46 fantasy points again, like that's fine at 74. I know the Lakers are, you know, even in a blowout he played 32 minutes. So like who knows what pop. I mean they've been blowing out three straight games. 36. Speaker 2 00:24:51 They are, this is the team we thought they were gonna be right when they were like competitive earlier in the year. Like we were like, what is going on now? They're just, they're just terrible. Yeah, they are horrible. Yep. Speaker 1 00:25:03 So 7,400 for Visa sale, I'll pay it. They doing you 40 fantasy points. That's fine. Uh, Dylan Brooks, any interest here with the Moran back? Speaker 2 00:25:12 Mm. Speaker 1 00:25:13 Moran and Janet Jackson? Speaker 2 00:25:15 Yeah, I'm okay. I think like the next tier is more interesting, like sure should. Oh, Jayn Ivy is questionable too, John. Speaker 1 00:25:23 Uh, yeah. Is that, I don't, I don't think I remember seeing that initially, but Speaker 2 00:25:28 Interesting. That is interesting because yeah, yesterday, who the heck does Detroit? I mean I not Speaker 1 00:25:33 Wanna put definitely Alec Parks then if Jade and Ivy. Speaker 2 00:25:36 Yeah. Yeah. If they're, I mean him Diallo also questionable like all these three are, um, questionable. They might be forced to play Corey Joseph, which I won't be playing. Corey Joseph. Yeah. I'll play Alec Parks, but a Al Burs for sure. Um, is Speaker 1 00:25:50 Ronnie Mcg still on my Speaker 2 00:25:51 Team? Yeah, he is. Uh, I was gonna say, I was actually gonna suggest Jade and Ivy, um, as an option potentially. I think he's um, but he's not gonna play. That's pretty unlucky, right? Clarkson 67 feels really good. The minutes since uh, Mike Conley's been out have been awesome. 36, 39, 37. You finally left that first game. Speaker 1 00:26:11 Yep. I agree with you there. Um, let's see, max Trust did not play the other day. The whole situation kind of changes in Miami with Hero now active though. Yep. Speaker 2 00:26:20 Yep. I can't, you can't pay 65 for first years if, um, with Hero in, Speaker 1 00:26:24 Uh, Josh Harts at 65. I don't mind that. They probably don't get blown out I don't think by the Knicks. Uh, so you can get some, I think some decent minutes outta Josh Hart. Uh, buddy Healed is averaging 40 fantasy points in two games against Brooklyn, but recent buddy healed only averaging 24 fantasy points over the last five. Uh, only shooting 30% from three during that stretch, which is a lot to do with it. Uh, the guy went from shooting 50% from three to 30% from three, uh, and you just, you just aren't getting uh, you know, nearly the production he was averaging, you know, over two steels, you know, and stuff like that. So numbers slowly starting to drop there on, on our guy Buddy. Uh, we're is fine. Cause when he goes under six K you'll just start running right back out there. Yep, Speaker 2 00:27:05 Yep. Speaker 1 00:27:05 Sure will. So no problems with that there. Uh, any other value guards here? Do you, do you look at Clay at all? Speaker 2 00:27:11 Yep, sure. Um, I mean that game that the Clippers game, he had 18 points in the first half <laugh> and then he, they just didn't play it cuz they didn't need to. I think they're, any ti any time they can like limit Clay Thompson's minutes, they're going to limit Clay Thompson's minutes. Um, so yeah, I would go there 2 30, 9 and a half total. You could, you could suggest anyone to me and I, I'd probably, uh, I'd probably consider him, um, Speaker 1 00:27:36 Plus that ceiling, right? We got Speaker 2 00:27:38 His ceiling. Yeah, I mean we just, yeah, we've see, hey he's been better lately. Um, there's definitely, he's definitely even better I think, um, like under 5k, like obviously Malik Monk has those blow up op like games and he's very, he's in elite game total as well, so I would consider him Speaker 1 00:27:54 As well. Beasley as you mentioned in that same spot. Speaker 2 00:27:56 Beasley. Yeah, Beasley in that same spot. Speaker 1 00:27:57 Definitely, definitely gpp only for Beasley. Like mm-hmm. <affirmative> just, he's never had this stretch of play I don't think before where he has been. I mean this good mean he's been this good in three or four. I mean Speaker 2 00:28:11 No, no, he's don't, he's really, really good. We, Speaker 1 00:28:14 Yeah, we don't, we don't, we we're not familiar with this consistent level for me. League Beasley. So, uh, norm against Denver, another guy that has gone off to a slow start, but now that he is the only guy they have, uh, 36, 41 and 31 tough matchup against Denver. Um, could draw Bruce Brown, you know, defensively here in this game like that maybe worries me a little bit, but, um, again, just talking about, or or Kcp like he's gonna draw our tough defensive matchup here. Um, but he's, he's gonna be on the floor to shoot, so Speaker 2 00:28:44 Yeah, I mean the thing is like historically Denver's been good defense and they have good defensive players, but they're 27th in defensive writing. Like they're just not that team right now. It's like a couple teams that we've seen this year, right? Like there's aren't defending Well and I don't know why Speaker 1 00:29:01 At home too. Maybe that changes to Denver being, I mean, club's being at home maybe helps. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:29:05 And I don't know why he's $600 cheaper than he was cuz he is put up 30 plus fantasy points in three strict games. So like why are we decreasing his price Speaker 1 00:29:14 Point? I mean, and even the three straight games. But I mean it's had the two down games against Detroit and Dallas, but prior to that, I mean five straight or five of six where he went for 20 plus. So I mean definitely turning a corner here for Norm, um, kiss Bird, if everybody's out again, I think is a bounce back spot. I know it's the exact same match that they just failed everybody in, but he played 39 minutes, so Yeah. Um, willing to give him another shot. I I still like Jalen Williams, I'll talk about him every slate, uh, the minutes have been there. Right. Again, just gotta give you something more than zero rebounds, which he had been until that game <laugh>. So, uh, you know, 6 4 6 4 0, you know, if he's gonna give you four rebounds, he gets you 24 fans once there. Right? Um, see, not gonna, I'm not gonna play Gary Harris. I don't know what you Speaker 2 00:29:59 No concern, concern? No, no. And, and uh, Ben Carros was practicing. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:30:03 Actually active. Speaker 2 00:30:04 Yeah. So like now that Gary Harris, I, Gary Harris is probably gonna be in the rotation like as that like veteran presence Right. But yep. Not enough to really move the needle. Okay. Speaker 1 00:30:15 Uh, agent Griffin played 24 minutes even with Hunter back, uh, again, risky spot, but it's also Houston, this blows out. AJ Griffin probably gets those minutes. So, um, he's at 4k. We generally like Cam Reddish if he's in the lineup at 4k, but if he is not and he's questionable here, uh, Quentin Grimes is 3,500. So Speaker 2 00:30:36 Grimes Yeah, they're, they'll start him. Speaker 1 00:30:37 Yeah. 33 minutes back to back games against Phoenix. He gave you 30, uh, against. Okay, so he gave you 19, which is okay at 3,519 is still six x almost. So, Speaker 2 00:30:46 And he had that, he had that 19 at half. So what could have been Yeah, right. What could have been in the Speaker 1 00:30:51 Second half house? So I mean, um, Quentin Grims would be Uber, uber popular. We talked about Dante de Graham already as well. Um, finding himself in a good spot if everybody's out again. Was your run back Will Barton at $3,300? Speaker 2 00:31:07 Probably the Speaker 1 00:31:08 Best game of the season for Will Barton Probably doing nothing all year. Speaker 2 00:31:12 I mean like, like what happened to this guy? You know, like why like they signed him. It was like I listened to um, Bradley Beal on JJ Reddick's podcast, like talk about how excited he was to have Will Barton on the team and then like he's not playing, you know, so like we know there's something better for Will Barton in there. So if everyone's out, I think we kind have to go back to the well if he's $3,300. Speaker 1 00:31:36 Yeah, it's just a, it's a tough spot obviously. Yeah. Anybody else for you at treating gear? Speaker 2 00:31:41 No, we're ready tomorrow. Speaker 1 00:31:42 Okay. Uh, top small forwards here. Uh, Katie and Tatum are both power Forward small for, uh, eligible. We got, uh, the Ceiling Tatum game. Yep. They're, they're gonna be here, right? You just gotta pick pick the night is Sacramento the night for probably TA ceiling game. Speaker 2 00:31:57 Probably. And I think like it's clear that you, you just can't play Kevin Durant at this price No. With full strength nets. Yeah. Um, but you could play Tatum in every matchup a matchable. He, dude, he's still good. And you said like the ceiling is there. I mean he's gonna win the MVP if Boston continues to win. So like, yeah, I, you can play him, um, in this spot. Sounds Speaker 1 00:32:19 Like have three losses this year and two of them are some reason to your bulls. So I don't, you know, I don't really Yeah, Speaker 2 00:32:24 That including the recent game The Bulls looked really, really that was Speaker 1 00:32:27 Best. Dunno if the kryptonite is there for Chicago, but, uh, Speaker 2 00:32:30 The best, the, the best game the Bulls have played all year was Speaker 1 00:32:33 Both, both, both losses Were in Chicago too. So maybe that's, maybe that's gotta, maybe it won't matter. Don't us if we have home court, Speaker 2 00:32:40 Shout out to us if we get the eight C we're comfort John, it won't matter. You better hope we don't get the eight C. Yeah. You better hope we don't win the Speaker 1 00:32:47 Uh Yeah, that's fine. If we lose every road game in in the first round, we still win the series, so. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:32:52 True. Hey, hey. Nothing like a good uh, eight one Boston Chicago series. Speaker 1 00:32:57 Huh? <laugh>. Exactly. <laugh>, uh, alright. Apollo's back. I'm not gonna touch him on his first game back. Um, but I do obviously am excited to see him back on the floor. He's a great player. Speaker 2 00:33:06 It's been awesome. John DeMar de Rosen. Speaker 1 00:33:08 Yeah, I know. Speaker 2 00:33:10 Awesome. He's been awesome. We're hitting that stretch like Speaker 1 00:33:14 Him too. Speaker 2 00:33:15 Yeah, they have and but we're hitting that stretch where he was last year. I mean, we are coming off back to Back Winds in home Boston in Milwaukee. Literally the two favorites in the Eastern conference. Tough Speaker 1 00:33:28 41 actual against Orlando. I Speaker 2 00:33:30 No, he's dude, he is on, it's that stretch again from last year. Like he's on that level right now that like, he's just untouchable. Speaker 1 00:33:38 You know how know things are changing for DeMar Rosen, his three pointers, he's taking them, he's Speaker 2 00:33:43 Making, I know he's actually Yep. I know he's hit two or more and don't bet that over John. Cause you know, he's going, oh, for one tonight Speaker 1 00:33:48 He's gonna go half. Speaker 2 00:33:50 He's going Oh, for one. Yeah, he's going, oh for one. Uh, but yeah, he is, he is definitely stretch his game out a little bit, but he's just, I mean he's just doing everything off offense. Speaker 1 00:33:57 Yep. Uh, Toby in a revenge game against Orlando at ak, but it is a, it's not a fun spot for him. Right. Baba Bull Carter Bon Carro like that. Three of those four guys. Speaker 2 00:34:10 Dude, that is crazy to think about how just the length that that team has is crazy. Speaker 1 00:34:15 That is crazy. They don't start all four today, right? They don't go sus and like, Speaker 2 00:34:19 Imagine, imagine they just go Frans at the point Guard too. Six nine are taller. Like that'd be just insane. Speaker 1 00:34:26 So much length and wait till John and Isaac gets back one of these days. Uh, <laugh>. Uh, yeah. So Toby's in a tough spot against Orlando there. Uh, Laurie at 79, I mean Yep. Uh, you know, apparently the Hawks offered John Collins to Utah for Laurie Marketing and he got laughed off the float off the phone. <laugh>, um, because I mean, 20 and tens and two of the three, uh, porting against Denver, Detroit, but uh, a good bounce back spot for marketing here for sure. Yep. Um, Kel at 75, which I mean five, five fancy points the other day. Like what are yeah, what are you doing? So, uh, price will start dropping on him. We're not gonna, we're not gonna run that back. Yeah. No shot. Uh, if everybody's out for Detroit, does Boon just become like, I mean he is already the guy, but like does he become more to the guy and can you and can you pay 69 for it? Speaker 2 00:35:17 Probably Nice. Uh, probably. But like if everyone's out, does this game stay close? That's the question. Speaker 1 00:35:25 Yeah, probably Speaker 2 00:35:26 Not. I don't, I don't know. I mean they, they just beat Utah. They beat Denver, they played competitive, like they've been like competitive in every Speaker 1 00:35:33 Game. They're a good team that time. They're pretty good without their best player. Like they're winning games. So, uh, something to watch there for sure. Uh, Wiggins had a really good game the other day. 30 actual. Yeah, you, you're not gonna get that but I mean 30 plus pretty straight. I mean Speaker 2 00:35:49 Utah, it's Speaker 1 00:35:50 Not bad. Not Speaker 2 00:35:51 Bad prices coming down the he scores 30 actual and they're like, you know what, let's bump your price down. Speaker 1 00:35:56 I'll never find the right Barr day. But you can play him if you want. That's fine. Yep. Uh, let's see here. Caleb Martin had a good day. 5,900 for Martin against, excuse me, Washington, if everybody's out Speaker 2 00:36:07 Mm. Feels so expensive for like Speaker 1 00:36:11 I makes trust in and play, right? So like Speaker 2 00:36:13 Yeah. If he plays, you gotta think. I mean they're getting so close to like full strength the hero back too. Like Speaker 1 00:36:22 It's just the minutes for me. I Speaker 2 00:36:23 Mean it is the minutes. It is Speaker 1 00:36:24 The minutes but obviously if STR is active he probably doesn't play 40, right? Cuz like now they have Hero, Andrus and Bam and Speaker 2 00:36:31 Yeah, I think it's a pass for me personally, but I mean, I get it. If, if if stress is out then maybe like we talk about it and maybe it's like a, a thing. But 5,900 is like not free for a team that now has Hero BA and LRE all back. Sure. Speaker 1 00:36:47 Um, Roy O'Neill's back on something 46, 33, 31 39 fantasy points. The last four with a healthy team. Everybody's in the lineup. Like, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know what's going on. He's just, he's when they have their five best players on the floor, Roy O'Neill is the most productive. I don't get it. Um, so Speaker 2 00:37:05 Triple double in Portland, <laugh>, are you kidding Speaker 1 00:37:09 Me? Double digit fan double digit actual scoring in four straight the assist 7, 6, 8, 11. Uh, Speaker 2 00:37:16 When do we, when does this come back to Earth? Oh Speaker 1 00:37:19 God. But I mean I think if you're a game stack and Roy Sonne has to be in that lineup, Speaker 2 00:37:23 You know, when I played Roy O'Neil John, you know when the first time I played Roy o Neil this year, Speaker 1 00:37:27 Was it like a six fantasy point game? Speaker 2 00:37:29 Sacramento. Sacramento, yeah, I played him in Sacramento. It was the first time and the last time I'm playing Roy, Speaker 1 00:37:34 I just think he's a good player. Sorry. Um, Speaker 2 00:37:38 I don't think he's a bad player Speaker 1 00:37:39 Only cuz it's the macho, but I think Deandre Hunter deserves some looks. 35, actual 35 fantasy against Sacramento. 28 fantasy against Toronto. Now you're getting a Houston spot there I think is a, is a good look. Um, let's see. Good player. Yep. I wish Eric Gordon area small for only 4,400. Uh, if G and Green doesn't play, uh, Eric Gordon is probably the nuts here he was the other day. Speaker 2 00:38:03 Probably the nuts Speaker 1 00:38:04 <laugh>, uh, I guess Ja and Green's actually probable so, um, less likely to miss time there. But we didn't talk about Ja and Green at 72. I don't really like the price but I don't Speaker 2 00:38:12 Know what you're saying. No, I think that's a little too pricey, but you can go there in coordinates. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:38:15 Uh, that said like Eric Gordon's still playing, it's just the usage rate with Porter or Green off the floor is just better for you. Yep. Yep. Uh, anybody else for you here? Speaker 2 00:38:25 Um, they didn't start shade and sharp. Where's uh, wins? Where's our boy Winslow at 4,100? Speaker 1 00:38:30 Patrick Williams for sure. Again, another 24 fantasy points for Speaker 2 00:38:34 Williams. Okay. Speaker 1 00:38:34 Yeah. Um, OKC at 4,200. Like that's a pretty safe floor I think. Speaker 2 00:38:39 Yeah, pat will, um, just like hard to, it's gonna be like 26 minutes. Sometimes we'll get 30, but like it just seemingly that they're comfortable with him in like the mid twenties. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:38:50 But he's productively on the floor. Uh, Winslow's 41. He Speaker 2 00:38:53 Yeah, 41 It started Speaker 1 00:38:55 Two for 10 though. Two for 10 shooting. So Speaker 2 00:38:57 Yeah, but we, yeah, we know what like if that's four for 10, he has 30 fan, we're talking 30 fast points at 41. So like great matchup. They started him over shade and sharp and sha and Sharp like was just out of the like 15 minutes just playing back runs. So. Speaker 1 00:39:10 Yep. Um, Speaker 2 00:39:13 Kevin Knox on Kevin Knox. Let's Speaker 1 00:39:15 Go. Oh no dude. Honestly, you may have to play Kevin Knox if they Speaker 2 00:39:19 Just don't have Speaker 1 00:39:19 Anybody and everybody's out. Yes, I will. Speaker 2 00:39:23 And he gets blow run, right? And he gets blow like Speaker 1 00:39:26 They're gonna, I mean the whole team gets blow run. They don't have enough bodies so. Sure, sure. Kevin Knox revival in Detroit looks to be a thing. Uh, six of eight and eight of 11 shooting. I don't think he shot that Speaker 2 00:39:39 School. Probably, probably not gonna continue. Speaker 1 00:39:43 He's, I mean he is really not giving you anything else. You know, like the eight rebounds against Denver was nice. No assist snow blocks. One steal like Speaker 2 00:39:53 Listen 3,600 if he goes out there and gives us 11 and five and one again 20 fantasy. Would Speaker 1 00:39:59 You rather like Quentin Grimes or Kevin Kns will both start Speaker 2 00:40:03 Um, probably Quentin Grimes, but you also have to factor in if Kns is starting, that means like everyone's out for Detroit. So there will be less going on in Detroit than there will be in New York. Speaker 1 00:40:17 I mean if everybody's out, we just played Bagley probably, right? Speaker 2 00:40:21 I mean that <laugh> probably, I mean the guy started starting start the game with two fouls. Speaker 1 00:40:27 Uh, he only played 20 minutes the other day cuz of that. Speaker 2 00:40:30 Yeah, but no, he only had one foul. Speaker 1 00:40:32 Oh, okay. Speaker 2 00:40:33 What is cuz just Jalen Brown or Jalen Durant? Speaker 1 00:40:37 Well, Jalen Durant is good and he is better. He's or you know, lottery pick. So, um, I got nobody else. Speaker 2 00:40:44 I got no one Speaker 1 00:40:45 Else. Okay. Powerful at the top. Giannis is at 12 four. Listen, 57, 58 last two games. Sure. At half time he had like 18 fantasy points against Chicago <laugh>. So I mean, yeah, he can get there. I don't but is this, it's just not, I only over 43 against him last time. Like I just, Speaker 2 00:41:07 Cleveland is very good. Speaker 1 00:41:08 I just don't want do that. I'm just not gonna do it. Um, pat con questionable illness. So we're, I'm start to get some injury news. We'll see if more pops outta here. Uh, LeBron on his return game against San Antonio, probably gonna watch that one. Not gonna get any exposure. <laugh> uh, Randall at 84, you know I'm a big Randall guy. Uh, just the numbers just, I mean 25 and 11 was great. They gave you nothing else. One assist, no blocks, no steals, so probably not gonna pay him until he gets under seven, eight k. Again, who knows if that ever happens. A Zion at 82. What are your thoughts here? No cgm. He gave you 32 and 1154 fantasy points. Speaker 2 00:41:47 It's interesting. Speaker 1 00:41:48 Jar Jackson defense either shot or follow him, Speaker 2 00:41:53 So Yeah. Or both block shots and maybe at the same time honestly, um, I mean look, the guy has a 34% usage rate without McCullum. He averages 1.45 fancy points per minute. Like those are huge numbers. Monster numbers. So, um, 14, did he play 27 minutes in that game? You get an extra Zion's playing 31 32 typically. Yeah. Mean you give him five more minutes, he get 60. Yeah. So if this game stays competitive, which obviously like it should and likely will be if not for like a random blowout. I mean I'm, I'm going to and the and the price tag, this is the lowest price tag he's been all year leave the lowest price he's been all year coming off his best game of the year. Yep. So I will be playing Zion. Speaker 1 00:42:41 Okay. I figured he would be. Um, good luck with all that Turkey yesterday. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:42:47 You <laugh>, you pos Speaker 1 00:42:49 Uh, Ben Simmons man. Speaker 2 00:42:52 Dude, he is, Speaker 1 00:42:53 You gotta play him right? <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:42:54 Yeah. And um, finger Duran something at it. Yeah. Durant was talking about him, um, on his podcast, on the ETCs podcast that he has on, on his boardroom platform. Yep. Um, that he owns. And he was basically saying that he passed Simmons passed Durant the ball on like a backdoor cut. And Durant basically did the Simmons where he didn't dunk it wide open under the basket and Simmons said dunk the f-ing ball using the language. And uh, Durant was like, that's when I knew he was back and like he's back dude. He is back 35 plus vantage points and Forrey. And you know what John, to all the people who said he is scared to shoot to all the people who said he can't score you were all wrong because this guy scored 17 plus points a game in like multiple seasons. Um, Speaker 1 00:43:41 I don't, I don't think we're wrong. He still can't hit a free throw to save his life and doesn't he Speaker 2 00:43:45 Hit a free throw? But he can't but he can, Speaker 1 00:43:47 He can lay, he can lay it up. Speaker 2 00:43:49 Hey Sha ane he's good at ane couldn't make a free throw. Sha ane couldn't make a free throw to save his life either. Speaker 1 00:43:54 Yeah. Shara's also freak. So, um, in my opinion, and I've argued about this before and we won't have to get into it here. One, if I'm, if I'm picking a guy for a one on one matchup, I'm taking Shaq, right? Like people like, ah, Jordan, Kobe, like love those guys. I'm gonna, I'm gonna take Shaq, he's seven four, two hundred, three hundred and twenty five pounds at had handles. You gimme Orlando Magic Shack, he's gonna beat everybody in the league, right? Like go watch a YouTube video shack grabbing a rebound, dribbling all the way up the court crossing a guy over and dunking. It's the most impressive thing I've ever seen a seven foot four guy do until, until one Bama gets in the league and then that guy's gonna, Speaker 2 00:44:31 I mean we're just, Speaker 1 00:44:32 That guy ruins the whole, the whole world. Um, Speaker 2 00:44:35 Yeah, he's ruining the game of basketball. Speaker 1 00:44:36 Yeah, it's, it's, I mean next year can't come soon enough. Uh, immediately 10 K player do you think went by Yama? Just <laugh>? Speaker 2 00:44:44 Firstly, firstly 10 K, you know? Yeah, maybe. I mean, Speaker 1 00:44:49 I don't know. I Speaker 2 00:44:50 Don't know unless he goes to Thunder cuz then he'll play 21 minutes again. <laugh> Speaker 1 00:44:54 Pop has him on the bench just Yeah, Speaker 2 00:44:56 Pop Pop might not start him. Pop might not even start Speaker 1 00:44:58 Him. Uh, Jeremy Grant, we know he scores when Simmons, uh, Littler's outta the lineup. He gets the Knicks here. Uh, you know, he can, Speaker 2 00:45:04 He's the best match up he's had in a little bit without Willard. I mean Milwaukee. Cleveland not very easy Speaker 1 00:45:10 Spots. No he is done well against him. So, um, you know, can, can go there if you want. I don't think I'm gonna get there as a core play tonight. But um, you know, I think he's pretty safe. Jar Jackson again, tournaments, we love the guy. The block shots have been there. He's got 13 and three games. Uh, the minutes continue to creep up. 14 or more shots in each game. He can't hit a three right now to save his life, but eventually, uh, those might start dropping for him. Uh, he gave you a 12 rebound game then he gave you a three rebound game. That's the ebb and flow of the Jar Jackson experience. But 52 and 41 fantasy points. The price is only gonna get more expensive. Uh, when he is playing 35 minutes, he's probably like an eight K player. Um, yeah. What are your thoughts on the Zion spot though? I mean like does that bother you at all here? Speaker 2 00:45:54 Oh, I mean he could obviously be in foul trouble, but like, I don't know. Um, I think we just, if you wanna play him in tournaments, you can play in Speaker 1 00:46:02 Tournament. The fouls haven't even been that bad so far, Speaker 2 00:46:03 So Yeah, they have not, I mean look, you wanna play him in tournaments, you can play him in tournaments. I think that's really where it lies, right? Like he's perfectly good in torments and he's very risky ev in cash and uh, you should never play in cash Speaker 1 00:46:17 Pretty much. Uh, we know everybody's out for Denver. Um, but Aaron Gordon went for 52 against o kc, uh, Jamal Murray's back and Michael Porter may be out, uh, of this game. Any Aaron Gordon? Just a six K Speaker 2 00:46:29 Tournaments? Yep. He's gone twice in the last five games. He's gone for 50. Um, he has that in his back, so, uh, yeah, I think in tournaments he's perfectly Speaker 1 00:46:38 Fine. Uh, any Draymond love at 5,900? Good, good. I mean, yeah, number's been there near triple Triple, right? Speaker 2 00:46:45 Like he's flirting and I think tournament, I think tournaments again, I think the assists have been there with clay, like the correlation with clay and, and stuff being so good lately. The Speaker 1 00:46:53 Shots just, I mean he does, they don't want him to shoot, you know, but like four shots and Speaker 2 00:46:57 Three, yeah, I mean, yeah, mond's kind of an anomaly with like the, the usage rate because he is so involved in like everything else with everything else. But like he also is only averaging half a block in one steal. Like this is not like, he's not as good defensively as he once was and I think it's just cuz he is old. Speaker 1 00:47:17 Yeah, definitely. Definitely older. Uh, you've been playing Tory Craig, would you run it, run it back to him? Speaker 2 00:47:24 Um, I don't love the 5K price but Speaker 1 00:47:31 I mean 28, 37, 29, 28, 25. The Speaker 2 00:47:34 Last four. Yeah, he's been pretty, dude, he's pretty Speaker 1 00:47:36 Good. I guess. Is this a blow up potential in this one, right? Or Speaker 2 00:47:38 Just wire? Yeah, he's probably not on the floor. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:47:40 Pku at 5k came back, started again. 29 minutes Speaker 2 00:47:44 <laugh> dude. It's just, oh they're gonna, they're gonna make me, he's Speaker 1 00:47:49 Start, he he's gonna get sat in half, half halftime so. Speaker 2 00:47:51 Yep. Torments, torments, torments Speaker 1 00:47:53 Tournaments. Uh, let's see, uh, ne Yang, any interest at 47? Speaker 2 00:47:57 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Okay now, now playing 18 minutes 10 with all his guys out. I agree. Speaker 1 00:48:03 Uh, 40 minutes from Denny. Everybody's out again for Speaker 2 00:48:07 He yeah, he, when, that was one of the things I added in the playbook. Um, when I, they rolled everyone out Washington. He was one of their best usage guys and one of their best fantasy people've ever met guys and he is been great everywhere. He was a rebound shy of a triple double. Yeah. So, uh, he's been really good. 20, Speaker 1 00:48:26 He's a very good player in Europe or Speaker 2 00:48:28 Yeah, I mean that's why he was yeah. Yeah. That's why he was a lottery pick. Um, I agree. Um, four of the last six games, he's been over 20 or six of the last seven, I should say over 26 fancy points. And the price does not reflect that whatsoever. Speaker 1 00:48:42 Nope. You just gotta, you know, be aware he's got a floor. Yeah he's got a floor, Speaker 2 00:48:46 He's got a floor. But I mean that, I think that floor is a little, it's raised a little bit. If we're not, if we're not gonna see be Morris and Speaker 1 00:48:55 Sure everybody's out I'll, I would consider Denny for sure. Um, I still think Patrick Williams at 42 is a, is a free square. Yep. Um, just given the match up against KC as well. I think that's just a really good spot frame. Sure. Um, anybody else powerful forward for you? Speaker 2 00:49:09 I don't think so. Um, still not playing Baisley Stephen. Speaker 1 00:49:13 So we talked about Chetty, he just had the update. Stevens is doubtful to play today. Um, let's see. Dean Wade's in play I guess, but there's no love, no Stephens it seems like. Um, you know, I don't think CH is a powerful forward though. I think he's just Speaker 2 00:49:28 No shooting guard small for, did play 26 minutes last game. Speaker 1 00:49:32 Just something interesting for them there uh, Isaiah Livers could get more run here. Played 20 minutes. He hasn't done much. But again, if they're, they're missing everybody. Speaker 2 00:49:40 Yeah. If they're missing everybody, he just very, very low floor. I mean, he just really hasn't been doing a lot when he Speaker 1 00:49:45 Is out there. All right, Senator, let's close this one out here, uh, at the top here yet. Yogi at 11 four against the Clippers. It's obviously a smash spot for him. The Clipper is center. We just run that all the time. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it's just how long does he play? If this game is a blowout, you know, that's something to, does he get his ceiling? Uh, so use him if you want. Uh, Anthony Davis, biggest question on the board. Like, is he playable with the way he's playing with LeBron James on the floor? I mean 84, 64 70, 63 56. The last five games, right? 30, 30, 37, 38, 37. Actual points. 21 18, 16, 18 rebounds get five blocks and five steals against Phoenix. Can you pay ten nine with a LeBron James return? Speaker 2 00:50:31 Probably. I mean, LeBron's been watching this, right? Like there's no way LeBron can watch this Speaker 1 00:50:36 And you play it until he proves he can't sort of situation. Speaker 2 00:50:40 Yeah. Like I think if you're building one lineup, is Anthony Davis your top play? No. Um, cuz ten nine is like, not chief by any means, but like, man, it's good. Like he, it's a great spot and he's just been so elite. The blocks and the steels are like, every facet of his game has been tremendous. Yeah. Um, so I'm okay going there, right? Like I, who again, who's to say LeBron doesn't come back and be like, dude, like I gotta, I'm easing back into this. I'm gonna look for you all night, whatever. Like I'm okay going there. Honestly, I, I Speaker 1 00:51:18 Am, uh, seeing Zinger had me remember that we didn't talk about Kuzma. Um, Speaker 2 00:51:22 Yeah, we should. He's just 83, I don't think is like a price where he used to, but Speaker 1 00:51:26 45, 5 39, 49, 46. The last four, two of those games had be, you know, the, the last game without everybody. You went for 33 and seven. Uh, only one assist feels like, just sort of an anomaly too. Like you probably should have gone, had a higher ceiling against Miami there. Um, if everybody's out again, kus, my 83 is a, is a really good, really Speaker 2 00:51:46 Good Speaker 1 00:51:46 Spot. Spot. Um, zinger though, would you play him in 89? Speaker 2 00:51:50 I think it's a little too pricey, but he shot the ball really poorly lately. I mean, 35, 21, 40 2% last three games. One of those games, he gives us 56 bass. He points the other two with 36 points floor. Like, there's just a lot of, lot of upsides. So I would play poor Zingus. I would limit it to, um, tournaments, but I would definitely, I could definitely see myself getting there if it Speaker 1 00:52:11 Feels, uh, centers have been destroying the thunder. Uh, we've already talked about liking DN and Levine. Do we just make it a trifecta here with V Speaker 2 00:52:19 <laugh>? Yeah, I mean, VVI has been a little better lately, um, from a fancy perspective. 33 or more fancy points and three straight. I do like the price tag and there's a 50 point ceiling so I can get there. Speaker 1 00:52:30 Okay. Uh, turtles returning any s at 73 for him? Speaker 2 00:52:34 Tournaments. Speaker 1 00:52:35 Okay. Uh, miles Turner 74 had a 30 actual point game against the, uh, Minnesota the other day. Speaker 2 00:52:42 Yeah, I don't, I don't, and I don't think that's a coincidence. Isaiah Jackson was out. Who's, and Turner kind of gets extended a little bit and I mentioned that in the playbook, like Jackson is the direct backup to Miles Turner. Right. Like that's the correlation. And, and Speaker 1 00:52:59 Well they played GOGI and go, came in and played fairly well. Speaker 2 00:53:02 Yeah. And, and they did play gogi, um, 15 minutes. Jackson averaging 17. Right. So couple extra minutes goes Turner's way and we see what happens. And I think if Jackson sits again, that same scenario could play out where couple extra minutes we see 33 out of, uh, yeah. And next thing we're talking about is oh, miles Turner, another 50 Face Point game, so. Yep. Um, yeah, I'm definitely in, uh, I again, I think it's like he's been so up and down, I would probably limit it to, to tournaments, but I, I think he's in Speaker 1 00:53:33 Play. I don't think I've played the under eight in the whole season, but I would play him tonight. Speaker 2 00:53:37 <laugh>, you haven't really missed much. Um, he's been better decent. Speaker 1 00:53:42 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:53:43 He's been, no, he's been better lately and the price has been really good and a lot of people are playing him. Um, he's just like, even you would expect I think that he would shoot more without Chris Paul and he just hasn't. Yeah. We have one game where he is taken more than 14 shots. How is that possible? Right? Like with no Chris Paul, like for more than half the year. Um, but yeah, I would get to 1870. It Speaker 1 00:54:07 Feels like, it feels like a, a good matchup forum here Speaker 2 00:54:09 Again. It definitely, yeah. Definitely Speaker 1 00:54:10 A good matchup. Duran and Bag and Bagley. Um, let's see here. Uh, would you goner at 68? Speaker 2 00:54:20 Um, Speaker 1 00:54:20 Mitch Rob is questionable tonight. Speaker 2 00:54:22 It just feels like a spot where like, yes, probably in tournaments, but we don't, we know like if, let's let's say the Knicks run Julius Rant Center, like Nico is probably getting taken off the floor, right? Or if like the Knicks go, like Jericho Sims, who's athletic Yeah. Speaker 1 00:54:38 Who do they play? And then instead do they run, Speaker 2 00:54:40 They could just run like a, a UBank, they could do like a small lineup with Justice Winslow. Like there's a lot of different, I I just don't know what they, they could do. They could do. Like again, Winslow like, uh, nor rarely has played over 30 minutes. Um, in like, I mean it's played over 30 minutes once since November 2nd. So, um, I would in tournaments consider it cuz there's no Dame and we know he has a very high ceiling player. Speaker 1 00:55:13 Yeah, he's a, he's a high fancy point per minute guy generally. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, so mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, I like this spot for Capella too at 67 against Houston. Probably 18 rebound, 19 rebound game Revenge game, right? Like yeah. Revenge, revenge Narrative. Um, only played 26 minutes in that first game against Houston. Not eight boards in that one, but, uh, I feel a little bit, he's been playing a lot better Speaker 2 00:55:34 Lately. Yeah, he's been playing more, he's been playing more lately. Like they're just giving him more minutes. Yep, Speaker 1 00:55:38 Yep, yep. Um, could be a bounce back spot for Horford. Um, actually better last game. Bounce back from the game before against Chicago where he is. Oh, for nine, um, $5,600 for him there. Uh, always can use a Len and Gs. That's fine. Let's see. Cls and returned, uh, played 30 minutes, 43 fantasy points for him. Uh, do you think he gets a double double here against the Pacers though? Speaker 2 00:56:03 He could. I mean the Pacers Speaker 1 00:56:04 Seven blocks the last two games. Speaker 2 00:56:06 Yeah. I mean Haer, they like not the best offensive team, you know. Um, yeah, I think there could be a double double here for, Speaker 1 00:56:18 Okay. Uh, let's see. Any value center plays for you Harold Reed? What should be playing Speaker 2 00:56:23 Harold or <laugh>? So here's what I think we need to consider. If they ever make the shift while Joellen beat is out to Paul Reed starting, I think Harold is doomed, but as long as Harold is starting and he, if he plays well, I think that we can, I actually played Harold in one of my lineups the other night. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:56:43 Um, I think you have to kind, if you're doing multiple lineups, you gotta get exposure to both, right? Like Speaker 2 00:56:47 Yeah, agreed hun. I think that's the perfect way to describe it. But I do, I I really think he would be in trouble if he doesn't start, like, I think the, the safeness is like him starting like, okay, he's gonna play 18 to 24 minutes. Yeah. Whereas like if he doesn't start and Paul Reed starts, they might not, he might not play and then they play like PJ Tucker at the backup center, right. It's like, um, so if Harold's starting, he's gonna be alone tournament play. I think a lot of people are gonna play Paul Reed. Speaker 1 00:57:17 Paul Reed has the, the shot a blocks and steals advantage here. So Speaker 2 00:57:22 Heart though, dude, 4,800 is a very, very, very, very difficult. Speaker 1 00:57:27 So like everybody's just jamming in these two guys the last couple of slates as value plays. But you know, it's not gonna be as easy to do now, um, given the situation there. That's why I said like Bagley's at 45, you know, if everybody's out again and then Duran is, is cheaper, he's like, he's 42. 42 Speaker 2 00:57:44 And in a blow. He's playing all the minutes. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:57:47 I mean I wish he shot more three and four shot attempts the last two games, but the games prior to that was seven and eight. Um, you know, that's gonna, he needs to score to really give him a better ceiling. But at 42 you can live with four and seven, two and two for 20 fantasy points. So. Sure. Um, you, I I don't hate that I got anybody else at center for you. Speaker 2 00:58:06 Uh, nothing for me. Okay. Speaker 1 00:58:08 Uh, let's go plug step in and build our lineups. Let's see Steph at Point Guard, uh, value. Did we wanna go? Devonte Graham? Speaker 2 00:58:18 Yeah. Probably Speaker 1 00:58:19 Just the cheaper of the group there. Speaker 2 00:58:21 Yeah, I mean we're building a to line up too, so like he's going gonna sink. We're gonna sink or swim with the Speaker 1 00:58:29 I agree. Um, small forward here. Uh, Speaker 2 00:58:35 Norm, norm value 4,700. Speaker 1 00:58:38 Do you wanna go Norm value? Do you wanna go Patrick Williams at 42? Speaker 2 00:58:41 Well we could play Patrick Williams at Power Forward or the forward spot. Sure. Which we could do for Norm. We could do both, right? Like we could technically play Speaker 1 00:58:50 Both. Let's, let's see what both looks like here. Um, norm or Beasley? Speaker 2 00:58:57 Um, I just feel, I feel a little better knowing that who's out for the Clippers. Okay. But um, cause like it's hard to also ignore sex in at 46. Sure. In that spot. Like if he's coming off the game that he's coming off where he starts plays all those minutes. Double, double. I like that spot too, you know? Yep. Speaker 1 00:59:20 Um, okay, so putting in Norm and Williams, uh, we have 67 5 for a center guard Ford in Utility. I feel like we can get another top guy in a, in a lineup here. Um, Speaker 2 00:59:33 For a center Speaker 1 00:59:34 Or just in general? I think we can get another top price play into our lineup. Speaker 2 00:59:38 What do we have? Center guard. Speaker 1 00:59:40 Center guard, forward utility. The final four spots in the, in the draftings build here. Speaker 2 00:59:45 Um, we could go, would you wanna play Sexton in that game? Is that interesting to you? Um, or is that not something you wanna do? Speaker 1 00:59:55 I don't know. It's my problem with Sexton is that great game against Detroit last time out, but nothing before that. Do you wanna go Bes al Bes? Speaker 2 01:00:06 I mean I think he has a role but like that role is limited if everybody plays. Okay. Like I'm a hundred percent playing them if guys are out. But Ivy questionable Hayes question. Would Diallo questionable if they all play like bes play? Well Speaker 1 01:00:21 I think do you think Yellow impacts bes? I think more so the starting lineup guys would impact Burkes. Speaker 2 01:00:25 Um, I guess not. I guess not, but we don't know if those start the only thing. We just don't know if those starting lineup guys are out. Sure. Yeah. Speaker 1 01:00:32 That's fair. Um, okay, so again, 67 5 a play. Um, let's see here. What did we like in the six K range Levine? Speaker 2 01:00:46 71. Shake Me. Shake. Speaker 1 01:00:48 Yeah. Shake. Yeah. Shake it. Six K Shakes a good one. Uh, seven K A play Center Forward Utility. You want Ben Simmons? Speaker 2 01:00:59 Um, we could play Ben Simmons. You want Speaker 1 01:01:02 Zion? You obviously want Zion. Speaker 2 01:01:04 I mean we don't, I mean it's just like he just, he just, he doesn't give us center eligibility. Speaker 1 01:01:09 I was looking at, we run Simmons at the center. Speaker 2 01:01:11 Okay. Speaker 1 01:01:12 Um, we could do Jar Jackson at, for at 68. Speaker 2 01:01:17 Aaron Jackson at Forward, Speaker 1 01:01:19 That would give us a seven K utility play. Speaker 2 01:01:22 Yeah, that's fine. Speaker 1 01:01:23 Uh, seven K Utility is, I mean, Bohan at 69 if every, if everybody's out. Speaker 2 01:01:29 Yeah, if everybody's out we can play Speaker 1 01:01:31 Boeing or Clarkson at 67 to get a run back in that Golden State game. Speaker 2 01:01:35 Sure. Speaker 1 01:01:35 Right. Seem like it works. Right. So we have Curry, Graham, Powell, Williams, Simmons, Milton Jackson and Clarkson. $300 left over. Just kind of an example of the process, building out our lineups. We'll have the full playbook out there today. We'll have the injury report video, we'll have the value vault, uh, and of course we'll be in Discord. If you have any questions, get us there and we will catch you guys uh, for Monday. Monday's slate here. Good luck everybody.

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