November 23, 2022


NBA DFS Podcast November 23: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast November 23: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast November 23: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Nov 23 2022 | 00:34:42


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Nikola Jokic against the Thunder.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, you're listening to the Fantasy DFS NBA podcast with those John Peba and James Grande, Speaker 1 00:00:11 What's going on at Fan and Jonathan Peba here with James Grande. Welcome to the Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS podcast and live stream recording here for a Wednesday's 12 game main slate. Uh, James is a big day games here before Thanksgiving. Uh, obviously Thursday is an off day for the nba. Uh, then we come back at a pretty decent sized slate on Black Friday. Uh, so they're loading up here on Wednesday before everybody has the off day for Turkey Day. We got Big 12 gamer. Speaker 2 00:00:35 Yeah, solid slate, lots of star power obviously. Um, couple teams on a back to back, including Philly, Speaker 1 00:00:44 Denver, Speaker 2 00:00:45 Brooklyn, Denver, Sacramento, Detroit. So we have five teams on a back to back and then, um, you know, the off day. So we should get a full compliment, run a better out of everyone. Um, in terms of Vegas 2 35 in Minnesota, Indiana, we only have two totals at this point. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:01:07 Lot guys are questionable out already, so, Speaker 2 00:01:09 Yeah. Um, one of 'em is two 18 in Portland, Cleveland and one's 2 35 in Minnesota, Indiana. So, um, we sh will know more, uh, to tomorrow, but, uh, not much on the Vegas front. At this current moment, Speaker 1 00:01:24 We have two guys over $12,000 on this slate. Again, Luca and Giannis Lucas, 12 eight Giannis is 12 three. Uh, Yogi is 11 six, Durant is 11 K. So, uh, these top price guys are certainly getting expensive. Uh, let's jump over to the point guard position. We'll start off, as I mentioned, Lucas's at 12 a going up against Boston here. Uh, Celtics may be without Jason Tatum for this game. Uh, currently considered questionable with an ankle injury. Uh, obviously, uh, we don't really love guys against Dallas as it is, but um, you take way one of Boston's best players here. Um, and I wonder how competitive this game, uh, current will end up being. Uh, sounds like they still one of the best teams in the nba. They're, they're fine one way or the other, but Lucas has been such a monster, um, this year. That said, I, I'm still not paying the 12 eight, uh, he's only paid it off twice basically since he's been this high. So, um, I'm out. You got cover against the Clippers there off of his, uh, his rest day at, at ten eight you got SGA against Denver, uh, at, at a $10,200 for him. I think he's faced Denver a few times here at a 48 Fantasy point game at a 42 fantasy point game. So under five x both times against Denver so far this year. Um, thoughts on the top three? Speaker 2 00:02:42 Um, yeah, I think Luca is very tough to get to. It's just one of those like MME plays. If you're playing multiple lineups you can obviously get to Luca. Um, Curry has been the best of the three has the highest ceiling of the three, um, 70 fantasy points and two of his last three. So like can obviously get there if you want. It's a tough match up against the Clippers. Um, they play slow but you know, no Kauai, no Paul George, um, noard for the Clippers. So like what version of that team is even on the floor. Right. Um, and then sga, you know, Denver on a back to back, he's been, although just 45 pin points a game, 32 actual. And we know, I mean this is a guy, he's a five six against Denver. He's averaging six for the year. He's averaging three and a half rebounds. He's averaging nearly five on the year. Like some peripheral stats may creep up too for sga. Sure. So, um, you know, I think we can get there. Not my, my favorite point guard of the day. I think, um, a lot of people are gonna gravitate to a guy in the next tier. Speaker 1 00:03:46 Yeah. Halliburton right? $9,500 going against Minnesota. I was on pace for like 60, 70 fantasy points the other day against Orlando. But yeah, uh, he was so good. They blew them out and he didn't really play for like the last quarter and a half. Um, so kind of unfortunate circumstances there, but definitely worth paying off the price tag. Um, there are obviously other guys in this range you can go to, but for me, I, you know, Halliburton's where I want to go. Uh, and then just kind of continue my way down into like the seven K range. I mean, again, like Fox against Atlanta, Irving at Toronto, Deonte Garland, like those guys are fine. I'd rather just play, I think Halliburton at this point. Speaker 2 00:04:26 Yeah, I mean I'm, that's the one guy that I was pinpointing as well. I think, you know, it's, it's funny, you get a guy, they trade for him for SBOs and he is starting into a superstar and a team that was tanking, you know, or thought to be tanking coming into the air is suddenly 10 and six and it's like, hold on, we're, we're not tanking and we're gonna probably win a bunch of games. And you know, Halliburton is obviously hit to charge that, so love him. 2 35 total. I actually do like Darren Fox quite a bit. I think Atlanta's pretty bad defensively. Um, we just saw Mitchell and Garland both score a whole bunch of points. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, Darren Fox is tremendous this year. Like he's been so good, um, in every front. So I would probably go deer in Fox. I, I don't think I want to go Kyrie. Um, I don't even know what the vaccine status. I guess it's probably all completely gone in Toronto cause we haven't had anyone sit out but just Right. Was just thinking about it like as of baseball season. Yeah. Uh, people couldn't get into Toronto. So, um, maybe interest, something interesting to, to keep note of. Right. Again, I don't know if it's, Speaker 1 00:05:31 Yeah, I don't think it's an issue anymore. Um, cuz we would've probably made a big deal out of that by now. Speaker 2 00:05:37 Probably. Yeah, probably. Um, probably no Ky Ann back to back Murray, the price is interesting but the production just hasn't been there. Four straight games under 35 Speaker 1 00:05:46 Minutes. Yeah. It's, it's hard with all, everything that Trey Young's doing offensively for him to get get there. Yep. Um, again, garland's fine but you know, I don't know what Portland is gonna be in this one. Uh, we know Willard, um, drew Holiday 81 kind of interesting against Chicago should be a competitive game between the two teams. Um, you know, we gave you 35 fantasy points last time out, so just a bit below 5k, five x return. But um, he was giving us 45 fantasy points for a run there. So, uh, we know what his ceiling can be and I think it floors probably 35 so, um, I don't hate it. But then you get into like Fred Van at 78, uh, Kyle LA gets Washington, who knows it's gonna be available for them. I think they've already ruled out a couple guys. We know Butler right is out or Butler might be returning to Yeah. Speaker 2 00:06:30 Butler's Speaker 1 00:06:30 Out or is he out officially? Speaker 2 00:06:31 They ruled him out. Yeah, they rule Speaker 1 00:06:33 Them out. Uh, and I think I said like Vincent May have been out already or Speaker 2 00:06:37 Yeah, they str STRs was out and then they elevated him to Questionable and then the rest of the team is, it's like Butler's out and then everyone else on the team is questionable. Speaker 1 00:06:47 Questionable. Yeah. Um, but call him at 70 seven's pretty interesting. I like that. I like that price on him. Uh, yeah, I don't hate it. He's up over eight K for so long and now you're getting him would, 77 is the cheapest. He benson's like opening night basically. So Speaker 2 00:07:01 It's a great elite matchup. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:07:03 As good as far as just playing games for whatever reason mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, so I like that for him for sure. Um, melting on the back to back, but again they don't, they don't really have other guys there so Yeah. Uh, can certainly run 'em. I know I was down on an for Simons against Milwaukee, but that game stayed closer than I expected it to probably cuz he went out and scored 29 points. So, uh, would you, would you run it back with Simons here against uh, you know, Garland and Mitchell, front court, back court? Speaker 2 00:07:30 Um, probably I just in tournaments on it's the same scenario. Like he is a very high volume player when there's no dame. I mean even with Dame he was taking 18, 20 shots a game. Like there is just a high ceiling because he, I mean look at the games with Dame two assist. Two assist, two assist. Like Dame had double digit assists in all three of those games. Yeah. Dame leaves, seven assists, five assists, like the scoring is always there and then everything else comes with it when there's no dame. So I know it's a really tough matchup, but it's one that I'm willing if I'm playing multiple lineups to, to go to in tournaments. Speaker 1 00:08:07 I got 40 fancy points outta Clarkson last night. Now you got him against Detroit here. I think we can run that one easily at 69. Um, Trey Jones at 61 against the Pelicans. Any interest at him? Speaker 2 00:08:21 Um, I don't know man. I don't know. Like the Spurs were competitive in games and then they like weren't and then they just started getting blown out by everybody. So like, I don't know, I'm kind of, I'm kind of down on the spurs unless like we find out somebody's out and like there's a clear value. I'm kind of, I'm little wishy-washy on Speaker 1 00:08:42 That. Okay. Uh, we mentioned everybody that's out for the Clippers, uh, John Wall is in, he only played 22 minutes against you, he gave you 30 fantasy points. Yeah. Um, he's playing a high of 28 minutes this season, but again, maybe with everybody out he gets a little bit Moree in terms of minutes. Played in this game. Um, 5,800 bucks for John Wall against the Warriors. Speaker 2 00:09:01 Yeah. And they played a little bit of Wall and Reggie Jackson together last night too or on um, what is today, Monday or today Tuesday on Monday. Uhhuh they played a little bit together too, so that, that's good to know that they will. And I think they're going to have to, if there's no George, no Kauai, no canard, like they're gonna play those two together. I still prefer Reggie Jackson, um, cause Reggie Jackson is in a really nice groove right now, especially scoring the basketball, another 27 fantasy points. But if we can just get a ceiling minutes game, as you mentioned at a wall, I mean he is tremendous. The eight turnovers not great. Um, but 13, eight and five. Super good. We just need a, a few more minutes. Yep. Need a few more minutes. Speaker 1 00:09:51 Uh, if Tandum doesn't play, I would have to imagine that one of the two guards for Boston moves into the starting lineup. They probably bump Stanley Brown to small forward and then it's either, I imagine it would be white, uh, but still Brogden played 25 minutes off the bench. Gave you 30 was 35, uh, 37 fantasy points against Chicago there. Uh, in that game. Uh, we know White obviously had been playing really well. Struggled against Chicago only 18 minutes and I gained a couple fouls as well, but, uh, one of those two likely in the starting lineup should Tatum get ruled out. So just pay attention. Uh, they're both pretty decent value options there. Uh, any other guys below 5K for you? Sexton started for Utah the other day, played 28 minutes, didn't do much, but he did start. Speaker 2 00:10:33 Um, probably not, probably not going to Sexton. Uh, I don't think there's anything else. Maybe Terence man. Um, out of necessity. 20. I Speaker 1 00:10:49 Didn't mention Reggie Jackson. I know he did, but I Speaker 2 00:10:51 Mean he I did, I did. I Yeah, there was a whole thing. Um, no, that's Speaker 1 00:10:57 Okay. Shooting guard. Then at the top we've talked about Mitchell, uh, Murray, Jalen Brown. Obviously there's no chasing Tatum. We, we play Jaylen Brown can have a ceiling game here, um, even though tough spot against Dallas, but they, they could be without dignity as well. So something to to pay attention to on that front. Uh, Bradley Beale at 2800 8500 against, uh, against Miami. I know he is questionable, uh, for this game, but if he's good to go, I definitely have some interest there. Uh, Brandon Ingram broke slates 52 fantasy points the other night. I know you're not as high on this San Antonio matchup, uh, you know, could be could be a blowout scenario there. Uh, a lot of guys I feel like can give you similar production here. Did any of them really stick out to you more than the others? Speaker 2 00:11:41 Um, nothing. I mean it's Shalin Brown without, um, if Tatum doesn't play Speaker 1 00:11:50 Yep. Anthony Edwards maybe against the Pacers. Speaker 2 00:11:53 Yep. That's Speaker 1 00:11:54 A good run. Is isn't a good spot there for sure. Um, I mean if you can pick the right Rose Day, it could be, you know, 44 wrapped around a pair of twenties, you know, but he is giving you ceiling potential at at times. Um, I said Zach Levine was too cheap at seven K the other day. He is. Didn't really move his price tag. He gave you 40 in that game against Boston. Uh, I would've no problem running it back at 71 against Milwaukee. I think that's a, a good price tag for him. Speaker 2 00:12:21 Yep. Speaker 1 00:12:22 Anybody else for you on the seven seven or mid six K range? Speaker 2 00:12:26 Uh, Jay and Jay and Ivy has a nice floor. Okay. At seven K. Speaker 1 00:12:32 Anybody else? Speaker 2 00:12:34 Um, six K yielded in tournaments. Drew Price Speaker 1 00:12:39 Coming down on 'em, so becoming a little bit more able to swallow the price. Speaker 2 00:12:43 Um, clay coming off, Speaker 1 00:12:45 Why did a revenge game, Speaker 2 00:12:46 Quarter Revenge getting the, uh, the Kevin Durant compliment today too. Um, um, clay coming off at welcome back to the league Clay game. Sure. Uh, with 41. Speaker 1 00:13:01 Yep. Uh, shake Milton's at 55. Think we like that point. Speaker 2 00:13:05 Got Yeah, he was the most pop. He's 75% owned on Tuesday, so I kind of fully expect that to be the case again. Yep. Speaker 1 00:13:11 Norman Powell gotta think again. Like we're, are we gonna continue to go back to the Norwell here? And he was uh, you said nobody played him on the Showdown slate last night, right? Nope. And he went out for 30 actual in that game. 41 fancy points. So, uh, $5,300 is the perfect spot for him to let everybody down, but, uh, he'll be one of the few guys active there for the Clippers. So, uh, a good spot potentially for him. Alec Burkes, assuming he'll play the back to back against Utah, I don't mind that spot. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> for him there. Opposite of going off was, uh, Beasley came back to earth. I warned everybody that it was, it was, he wasn't gonna shoot 10 for 18 forever. He didn't, he was two for 11, two for 10 from three. Uh, but maybe bounce back spot for him at 4,800. Speaker 2 00:13:55 He sure didn't. Um, he got all those fantasy points at the end too. Yeah. Like he had nothing going uh, the first half. I mean we know what Malik Beasley is. He's a tournament play only, Speaker 1 00:14:06 Right. Uh, if didn what he sits, maybe him Hardaway at 43. Speaker 2 00:14:11 He'll yeah. He'll get, he'll play, he'll probably approach 30 minutes. Speaker 1 00:14:14 Right. Fines the way there. Uh, you mentioned AJ Griffin the other day and he came through, did you run it back? Speaker 2 00:14:20 Do we have a uh, Deandre Hunter status? Speaker 1 00:14:24 I thought he is questionable. Speaker 2 00:14:27 Is questionable. So is that probable? He's probable. Speaker 1 00:14:31 Probable. Okay. Speaker 2 00:14:31 Yeah, it would have to probably be, um, hunter out, but if there's something that goes wrong with Hunter, you know, then I would pivot there. I think that's fine also if bes out Corey K 32 minutes, 38 minutes. Last two games, 29 33 finish points Speaker 1 00:14:48 If Lavert remains out. Ch Osman last two games. 37. Speaker 2 00:14:51 Oh, I know, I know it feels like, it feels like we're chasing but um, I just like, he's just shooting so well. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:15:02 Oh yeah, for sure. He's definitely a guy that's not gonna shoot this good forever. Speaker 2 00:15:06 He is shooting 40% from three, so you know, it take that for what it's worth, right? Yep. Speaker 1 00:15:12 So, uh, Terrence's man is $3,400. I mean he probably starts right? No George, no Leonard, no. No Canard. So Speaker 2 00:15:22 Started with, started last game just without Kard, so. Yep. Speaker 1 00:15:25 Yep. So, uh, any other value plays for you? Speaker 2 00:15:28 No. Okay. Speaker 1 00:15:29 Small for it. Uh, as we mentioned, Tatum is questionable. Paul George is already out. Uh, you got Laurie Mark in here against Detroit. Uh, yes. Guy continues to just ball. Yes. So yes. Uh, great opportunity for him there. Uh, we talked about Anthony Edwards already, uh, Toby if nobody's there for Philly again. Speaker 2 00:15:47 Yeah. He's like dominating the second half of this. Yeah. Uh, Brooklyn game. So I will definitely have interest. It's clearly like gonna be him. Uh, Milton and Speaker 1 00:16:02 Milton, we may have a uh, Chris Middleton return here recall by the Bucks on Monday. Speaker 2 00:16:07 Yeah, it's cool. I hope to see him. Um, not gonna play him. There's still no time. Well they're saying there's still no timetable, so we'll see. Speaker 1 00:16:15 It's the second time he is been sent down there though, so. True, Speaker 2 00:16:18 True. Maybe soon. Speaker 1 00:16:19 It's close. Soon it's close. Uh, boon is, was snapping early tonight, so 6,500 for him. Speaker 2 00:16:25 No Bay. No, no Cunningham. Speaker 1 00:16:27 Yeah. Uh, Hayward 63 is a decent price tag. Um, 34 36 fans. He points the last two games for Gordon. Speaker 2 00:16:35 Yeah. No La Meow Ball too. So he's gonna be, he's gonna be one of the primary options on the Speaker 1 00:16:40 Offense. Yep. Uh, Josh Hart was one of the only blazers I had in the playbook the other day. Gave you, uh, 17 and nine. Uh, again, I just like Josh Hart when there's no Lillard, so, uh, could be, uh, another good spot for him there against Cleveland. He just, he does enough of everything that if the shot doesn't have to drop for him, it just, yeah. Just gives you some pretty consistent production there. Uh, anybody else for you? Can we talked about Norm Powell already? Uh, if, if there's no Tatum, would Grant Williams jump on your radar at all? Speaker 2 00:17:10 Probably would have to a little bit. Yeah. I Speaker 1 00:17:12 Mean, been Okay. He gave you a 40 like a week ago. Yeah. Like, yeah. Speaker 2 00:17:18 Yeah. Um, I think Greg's fine again. He is like, he is what he is. He's a low floor guy. I don't know if like Tatum's absence is going to like really help him that much, but it could, I mean it could, Speaker 1 00:17:33 It would be 25 shots to go to Speaker 2 00:17:35 Somewhere. There are 25 shots somewhere. Yeah. So I mean it, there is a possibility. It does. And obviously all these, we, we haven't really talked about the heat all that much, but like any of these guys are Caleb, Martin, Speaker 1 00:17:49 Kane, Highsmith, you name him. Whoever's in the Speaker 2 00:17:51 Whoever is in Yeah. Who literally just whoever's in We, we don't know the answer to that question at all. Who, who the hell knows, but whoever's in is in play. Yep. Speaker 1 00:18:01 Uh, Jayla Williams got 26 minutes off the bench against the Kns the other day. Uh, again, a little, a little tougher to trust but you know, it is playing. So, uh, how did Winslow do? Only 17 minutes in that game. Speaker 2 00:18:14 Yeah, it stinks. Speaker 1 00:18:15 Oh, pat Williams. I don't know if we're gonna play him against Yiannis, but I just wanna give him some flowers cuz we, another strong game for him at a low price tag. Um, Speaker 2 00:18:22 His offenses looked really good, dude. Speaker 1 00:18:24 Yeah. Efficient shooting, right? Like sucks. There were a couple games where he is taking four and five field goal attempts, but he's hit them, right? Yeah. So Speaker 2 00:18:32 Yeah, he is making threes, but he, he's been better offense Speaker 1 00:18:36 Now to like six of the last eight games, so Yeah. Um, at 4k, like he's definitely in a better matchup. Like we'll probably go back and, and, and consider it there, so. Yep. Uh, Stevens has been starting again. Low floor guy, so just kind of mentioning that he is been starting out there. Uh, anybody else that's mouth forward for you? Mm-hmm. Okay. Yeah, I'm just scrolling down. I don't see anything either. Uh, if Houser starts, I would consider Hauser, but only if he starts, uh, Giannis is at 12 three price tag coming down and Giannis, I like that the price is starting to drop. Like it just makes it a little bit easier for him to get to the 60, uh, 61 and a half we need for five x Speaker 2 00:19:15 Then. Yeah. And he dominated last game and it didn't even matter. Yeah, that's, that's the problem. And that's what you've been preaching that he literally Speaker 1 00:19:21 36 and seven and he didn't hit you five x. Speaker 2 00:19:24 Yeah. He dominated that game. Like we can bullshit here and be like, yeah, he was the difference and it didn't matter because <laugh>, I mean it's Speaker 1 00:19:32 Too Speaker 2 00:19:32 Expensive. Yeah. It's just Speaker 1 00:19:34 Too, he needed 62 fancy points for five x he gave you 58. Yep. Not gonna do it. Uh, KD on a back to back at 11 two. Um, again, yeah, we know what a ceiling can be but probably not, probably not a spot gonna go to, uh, towns is in a, is it a good letdown spot? I think, uh, I, I loved him against Miami. I called it out on the podcast. I think he was in one of the first builds I sent you and then I just, things happened, news broke and I ended up pivoting off of him. Uh, 52 fantasy points. Nearly triple doubles. Rudy Gobert was a zero, uh, in that game. Literally took zero shots. Um, um, but Todds at IK gets, Indy is not bad. It's, it's a good spot for him there. Jalen Smith, miles Turner on the, on the defensive end there. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So I like it. Uh, I mean Zion at 83 we've talked enough about this, right? He only played 23 minutes in that game. Was a blowout. If this one's a blowout, does he play 23 minutes again? Probably so. Speaker 2 00:20:31 Probably, yeah. Speaker 1 00:20:32 Um, let's see here. Grant's in a tough front court matchup. Dunno if I like that too much. Um, where's the next power forward? Bo do you go Bo at 62? Speaker 2 00:20:44 Yeah, I mean Speaker 1 00:20:45 Simmons at 61 against Toronto. He's a Toronto guy. He's a Canada guy. Speaker 2 00:20:49 Yeah, he is a Canada guy. Um, definitely could do play either of those guys. Scotty Barns currently. Questionable. So that would open up some things in Toronto like that would, I would look at Gary Trenton tournaments. I would look at Buch and tournaments. Um, yeah, Speaker 1 00:21:06 We didn't mention og but obviously Speaker 2 00:21:07 Og OG and yeah. Um, all those, all those guys in Toronto would be, um, in play if Scotty Barnes sat, uh, OG 76. Pretty expensive, Speaker 1 00:21:17 But, uh, Marcus Morris is 57. Speaker 2 00:21:20 He's such a let down the other day now there's now there's Speaker 1 00:21:24 No quiet and Speaker 2 00:21:25 Yeah, I know it just felt like qu wasn't even on the floor the other day. I know. Like he just hasn't, who knows what's going on because now it's a new injury. Right. So it's sprained ankle. I mean it could just be a fake injury and they're giving him extended time off, but mm-hmm. <affirmative>? Um, yeah, Morris is, Morris is okay. I mean we know he has that random like 20 and 10 for 40 fancy point game in his bag. Speaker 1 00:21:48 Uh, if Thad starts again, I mean 37 minutes against Atlanta Vintage Fad game, 42 fancy points, 18, 9, 4 and four steals. Um, I mean I'd run that out there. Speaker 2 00:22:01 Yeah, I mean I, I think, I feel like it's not a coincidence that Nick n keeps playing them cuz they've won three games in our, Speaker 1 00:22:09 He never understood why he wasn't playing or like why is dad young not on the floor for San Antonio? Like he's, he's a good player. So Yeah, Speaker 2 00:22:16 If he's yeah, if he's in lineup, I in, Speaker 1 00:22:17 Yeah he's just, he's been strong. Um, who else you looking at here? Power Forward seems a little inma to me after that. Speaker 2 00:22:28 Um, Vanderbilt in tournaments only, he was like crushing. They just limit his minutes. I think they just have too many guys. Speaker 1 00:22:34 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:22:35 Um, Ang is someone you played 1% of Speaker 1 00:22:38 1% on tonight. Yeah. People will catch on to that though. They won't, he won't be 1% tomorrow. Speaker 2 00:22:43 Um, I guess. Yeah. Yeah. He's firmly in play. Pat will you mentioned? Um, that's probably it unless there's news somewhere else that breaks I don't see Speaker 1 00:22:56 Bat app. Speaker 2 00:22:58 Yeah. If, if someone's randomly sits for the Spurs Bates the app would be in play. Right. Um, Speaker 1 00:23:04 Um, auto ports already out right? Speaker 2 00:23:06 Yeah. Auto Porter's already rolled Speaker 1 00:23:07 Out. Uh, if no Auto Porter, no Scotty Byrons Honcho played 32 minutes against Atlanta. Speaker 2 00:23:15 Um, I'm happy for Honcho, um, Speaker 1 00:23:20 If he starts because he was in the starting lineup for that game. So Speaker 2 00:23:25 Maybe, you know, maybe Speaker 1 00:23:27 I'm just saying, just saying if you started to 3,600 All right Center, uh, the Joker against KC should be a really smashed spot for him. Um mm-hmm <affirmative> went for 53 against them earlier. He had 10 turnovers in that game. What a triple double he quad quadrupled, Speaker 2 00:23:43 Doubled Aple double shadow yo. Which Speaker 1 00:23:46 Turnovers Speaker 2 00:23:46 Game? Unreal. Unreal. Speaker 1 00:23:48 Um, and then he had 66 also a triple double against the Thunder in their first meeting. So, uh, the Joker here against the Thunder front court, um, is definitely the top spend up I think here, uh, on this slate as long as he cannot fall out and uh, not turn the ball over 10 times. Speaker 2 00:24:08 Mm-hmm. <affirmative> uh, agreed. Speaker 1 00:24:11 Yeah. After that where are you? Uh, where are you targeting? Speaker 2 00:24:16 Uh, well Angus, if there's no bill, so Bonus's too expensive. We mentioned that a couple times. Yeah. Um, I like the price on Busic. I don't know if I'm gonna get there just based on like, for like recent production. We'd like them to get Speaker 1 00:24:33 You just like didn't do enough. Right. Double only 30 advancements Speaker 2 00:24:38 We're getting, uh, this is relevant news to the position. Um, YCA Pearl listed. Questionable. Yeah. With a knee injury. So there's your spurs, Speaker 1 00:24:46 Zach Collins is probable, but Bassy Collins probably Speaker 2 00:24:50 Playing and Isaiah Roby is playing minutes too. It's just an absolute, this is what I'm like, ugh. These teams are just, it's worse than ever. Um, miles Turner for tournaments. I think like it's harder to get to at the price, but like we, he does have, we've seen his, Speaker 1 00:25:08 He's been more expensive lately so Speaker 2 00:25:10 Yeah. Um, I feel like this could be a Christian Wood game, especially if Dinwoody sits like you factor in how much you, did you see Speaker 1 00:25:19 His recent comments though? He said he is asked to play more but he'll just play his role. Speaker 2 00:25:24 He's asked to play more so he wants to play more but he'll just keep doing what he's asked to do. Okay. Correct. Um, sure Speaker 1 00:25:31 He said he is told the coaches he would like to play more after playing just 17 minutes against Denver. And Speaker 2 00:25:36 I mean I'm, I'm happy for him. Um, Speaker 1 00:25:39 Why would you trade for him and then like not play him? Speaker 2 00:25:42 Yeah, I mean it's definitely, it's definitely a weird scenario cause they did the same thing for Angus. Like, I don't know like how Jason kid, it could just be a Jason kid thing, like the way he handles his rotations, you know? Yeah. I, I don't know, um, tournaments cuz the two games prior, I know one was without Luca, um, but he then followed it up like 26 and 28 points before that game. So, um, throw out there if there's no di witty there could be a lot of shots. Speaker 1 00:26:11 Do we get a bounce back game from Gobert taking some criticism, taking some heat, you Speaker 2 00:26:17 Know, and he didn't take any like he had those free throw shots. Yeah. You got and all those free throws came at the end of that game. Like every single one of them. Um, I don't know. I don't know like where there's no confidence and he like the price is one that we'd wanna attack. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:26:33 That's what I'm saying. It's, it's, you know, with his rebounding and shop blocking ability alone, like he could, he could potentially get there. Um, I also like a bounce back here from Capella. He wasn't awful against Cleveland but you know, four points, 12 rebounds got 8 31 fancy points. I think Sacramento's a bit of a better spot for him there. Speaker 2 00:26:51 Yeah. Ceiling rebound game potentially here. Speaker 1 00:26:54 Yep. That's what I'm thinking. Uh, probably's been very sneaky good this year, by the way. Speaker 2 00:27:00 We've kind of just always mentioned his name and just like avoided him. But Speaker 1 00:27:05 Yeah, I mean, again, probably we'll avoid him again, but I'm just saying like he's just been sneaky consistent there. Um, my boy came through again last night, Kelly, O 38 fantasy points there, 5,200 against Detroit. Uh, don't, don't mind it. Little revenge game on his mind here, you know, was a pistol last year. Yeah. <laugh> only Speaker 2 00:27:28 Seven shots. Speaker 1 00:27:29 Doesn't he's he's not shooting as much as you should truthfully. Speaker 2 00:27:32 Yeah, he is. The offense is flowing through him, that's why. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:27:36 Yeah, I know. But I just, uh, again, dark throw 52. Uh, where's Bagley? Do he pass him? Speaker 2 00:27:43 Is he he thinks he's 48. Speaker 1 00:27:44 48. Okay. Speaker 2 00:27:45 He's just, he's it's only a matter of time before I think Jalen Speaker 1 00:27:49 Durans b's already out. Right? Dude, Montre will come back game against Charlotte. Speaker 2 00:27:52 Nope, nope, nope. If any, if it, if no, if anything tonight showed it is a hundred percent Paul Reeb. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:28:00 But Tre started <laugh> Speaker 2 00:28:02 Trel started 16 minutes. Paul Reed 31 and a double double with three steals and two blocks. All Speaker 1 00:28:08 Right. Well Paul Reed is 37. Oh, Speaker 2 00:28:10 Paul Reed had nineteen ten three steals and two blocks. Mancho Har is never seen the floor Speaker 1 00:28:17 <laugh> a strong start on that Speaker 2 00:28:20 Game. He did too. He did get off to a great start. Mancho har might be cut like, Speaker 1 00:28:26 Like Melvin, Gordon, Darrell, Henderson just outta wear Speaker 2 00:28:28 Waves, you know. Yeah. He literally might just get acts from this team. Like why do you need mans har on this team? Yeah, you don't if Paul Reed, if that's where you're gonna get outta Paul Reed. I mean that's many be numbers. Sure. Speaker 1 00:28:42 Uh, well Paul Reeds 37 then, so Speaker 2 00:28:43 Yeah, I mean we're starting, we're playing Paul Reid. No question. That's why Speaker 1 00:28:47 He's not starting. What if Tressels starting? Speaker 2 00:28:49 I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. We have Charlotte, he is the same price coming off 19 and 10 and, and five blocks in Steels combined. Like anybody that played Paul Reed tonight, I played one of, I played four lineups on Tuesday. I have one Paul Reed. The unfortunate part is I have Keegan Murray in that lineup and Keegan Murray stinks. So, and maybe he won't stink forever, but he stinks currently, uh, 1% for the floor. So I'm, you know, Bening on this pod. Thank you for listening, for shooting. Um, but um, Paul Reed, John is just like, he's just a guy. Like, I think it was not a coincidence that when they cut their roster down earlier, like when they made their final cuts Yeah, Paul Reed was kept and then like they signed him, they like re-signed him and I know like they brought in Harold, but Paul Reed is just the better defender and I think they're like, okay look we can get all, we don't really, I the her thing didn't make sense because they can get whatever they need from Indeed. Yeah. And then go to someone more, maybe a little more defensive oriented. And we saw that on display tonight. So I I I think whether Harold, like if you wanna play Harold in one right? And he gets hot and he scores 10 in the first quarter, maybe we see him play, maybe they split 24 minutes and 24 minutes. So, you know, maybe there's, there's merit to it. But like Paul reads $700 cheaper. He played 31 minutes to Harold's 17 minutes. He had a double double like just ah, Speaker 1 00:30:23 Yeah. You don't need to, you don't need to say it anymore. I, I agree with you there. Uh, Jalen Duran's off to a good start again tonight. Uh, he sure is. Yeah. I've been touting out some Jalen Duran for a little bit. Uh, 4,300 against Utah. I don't mind that one. Um, bassy as we mentioned, early East 4,800, would you run Bassy against the Pelicans here? Speaker 2 00:30:43 If, Speaker 1 00:30:43 If Pearl's obviously out? Speaker 2 00:30:45 If turtle's out, of course. Cuz Popovic thinks again, they started Gorge JG like last game. They were just like, yeah, pearl's out, let's start Gorge J Like what are we doing dude, you know why, why, why? Speaker 1 00:31:00 I don't see a price for Gor. Dang. Speaker 2 00:31:03 He's 30, he's 3,500 Speaker 1 00:31:04 There he is. Speaker 2 00:31:05 It's a, it's fans that's the thing. Like that is a, you know, that is a nightmare that you start Gorge J Speaker 1 00:31:13 Sure. Um, alright, any other centers? Speaker 2 00:31:17 Um, no I don't think we really need to. Maybe like Alford of um, ca shot. Okay. Yoic Center eligible for whatever reason. Oh, we didn't mention like, I don't know if we said Lowry. I don't know if we said bam. I dunno if we said maybe Speaker 1 00:31:32 We did a blanket Miami statement, Speaker 2 00:31:34 But yeah, both those guys would be Elite plays. They both went for 50 again without Butler. Speaker 1 00:31:38 Yep. Gets the, gets the Washington matchup. So I'm a fan. Um, alright, let's build our lineups here. I'll throw Paul Reed in just at center and then I'll follow that up with the Yoki, uh, double stack of our centers here. Uh, 57 8, uh, a player remaining. Uh, we could probably get another higher price play. Um, and this as well. Uh, let's see point. Halliburton. Speaker 2 00:32:04 Halliburton. Speaker 1 00:32:05 Yeah, Halliburton gives us 5k a play. So Halliburton Reed Yoki Core gives us 5k a player remaining. Um, let's see here. Where did we go down to for some value Guys? Speaker 2 00:32:18 We could play Shake. Well I don't know if we wanna go. Um, ne Yang was 46. Ovi 41. Speaker 1 00:32:31 Um, let's see here. Speaker 2 00:32:36 Uh, Terrence Man was super cheap. Speaker 1 00:32:38 Yeah, Terence man, that's what I wanna do. Speaker 2 00:32:40 It's about man US 30, 3400 Speaker 1 00:32:43 Shooting guard. Uh, 55 Norm. Basically Speaker 2 00:32:46 Norm was 53 Speaker 1 00:32:48 Works. Norm Power Works. So we got Man and Norm in there. We'll just leave that as it is. Uh, power Forward guard and forward 5,500 a player. Um, did you wanna see if we can jam Toby in this 43 A Speaker 2 00:33:03 Player? Yeah, I don't Speaker 1 00:33:05 Tough uh, Thad Thad Center only? Speaker 2 00:33:09 No, he's Power Four Power. Did you run Speaker 1 00:33:11 Fad Speaker 2 00:33:12 55? Yeah, I would like it more if Scotty Barnes was out, but um, I think it's fine. Okay. Speaker 1 00:33:17 Uh, two, uh, two players Guard and Ford at 5,500 a Player Speaker 2 00:33:22 Guard and forward, uh, 5,200. You said Speaker 1 00:33:27 55? Speaker 2 00:33:27 55. Shake is Speaker 1 00:33:29 Shake is 55. Speaker 2 00:33:30 55. Yeah. So it was Reggie Jackson, but we have two, we have two Clippers. We don't need to play three. Correct. Speaker 1 00:33:36 Um, let's see here. Is there any cheaper fours that we liked a bit? Um, I mean Ne Yang is 46 Speaker 2 00:33:48 And Simmons is 61. If we wanted to go up a little bit. Speaker 1 00:33:52 Uh, yeah I'll do do you like that spot for Simmons? Speaker 2 00:33:56 He, he just looked so good. Sure. He just looked so good the last couple games. I don't know if we Speaker 1 00:34:01 4,900 guard, um, Beasley kind of CV bounces back. Speaker 2 00:34:06 Yeah, it could be a tournament. It could be a tournament. Dart fruit Lee. Okay. I don't hate that. Speaker 1 00:34:10 Well I clicked on kcp. I didn't want kcp. Uh, if Gabe Vincent's active, we'll play Gabe Vincent though. He's 46. Sure. Speaker 2 00:34:17 Sure. Speaker 1 00:34:18 Um, so Beasley at 48, right line up we have Halliburton, uh, Terence Man, Norman Powell, fad Young Paul Reed, uh, Malik Beasley, Ben Simmons and Ola Yoki are a hundred dollars left over. Uh, that is our example here. Recording four Wednesdays 12, game Slate Get and Discord. Do you have any questions? James is on the playbook. Uh, we will catch you guys later.

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