November 22, 2022


NBA DFS Podcast November 22: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast November 22: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast November 22: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Nov 22 2022 | 00:28:21


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Anthony Davis against the Suns.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, you're listening to the Fantasy Alarm DFS NBA podcast with those John Kimba and James Grande. Speaker 1 00:00:11 Well, what's going on at Nation John and Pipa here with James Grande, welcoming to the Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS podcast and live stream recording here for Tuesday's. Four game main slate. James Little four gamer here. Uh, but if you're looking at the front page of the Point Guards, a lot of out already, uh, a lot of guys, uh, potentially not playing. If you look over at the, uh, the primary, we know we have Yoki still trying to figure out, uh, I think I saw that he was not gonna be, uh, eligible for this game. Doubtful. Cause he's in protocol. Uh, Joel and Bead Audi ruled out. John Moran was doubtful. Anthony Davis and LeBron James, uh, are both considered probable ad's. Consider probable, uh, LeBron is questionable, uh, for this game there. We know Des Bain, Tyree Maxey are out. Kate cu uh, device Harris is questionable. Did return to practice. Uh, Kate Cunningham is still out. Chris Paul is still out. Uh, Jamal, Marty was doubtful. J Mons Island is questionable. Like, uh, a lot of guys on a four games late that, uh, yeah, it's gonna make for some interesting roster builds here. Speaker 2 00:01:13 Yeah, definitely gonna make some interesting roster builds. And to no surprise, Sean, uh, even though it's kind of late, fairly late on a Monday evening, we have no game totals. Yeah. Uh, no game totals available to us, which again, shouldn't really surprise us considering all the names you just mentioned are out. Um, definitely good to see Ja elevated from like, hey, he might miss two to three weeks to like doubtful. Like how did that happen so fast, like three days later, four Speaker 1 00:01:43 Days later going down. You know, it's, Speaker 2 00:01:45 It's basically, I don't, I don't necessarily understand it. Um, people are like, athletes are superheroes at times and they just, you know, um, Andy Pet isn't the only one using the stuff to return Speaker 1 00:01:57 Deer Ointment, right? Isn't that what, uh, Speaker 2 00:01:59 Yeah, he's not getting, he's not the only one apparently using stuff to get back quicker to the, to the court. But, uh, yeah. I mean, it, it should be an interesting slate. Uh, John talk about, interesting to open the slate. Ben Simmons headed to Philly. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:02:18 Off his best game season, Speaker 2 00:02:19 Off his best game of the year. And Philly has nobody. Yeah, they maybe have Tobias Harris. Um, Speaker 1 00:02:27 Other than that though, it's, it's melting. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:02:30 It's, it's Speaker 1 00:02:30 Miltons, it's Yang, right? It's it's house. Yep. Uh, PJ Tucker, uh, Zel Har probably starting right? Like Speaker 2 00:02:41 Well let's not get ahead of ourselves with Mon Try. We know, uh, Speaker 1 00:02:45 Paul Reeb. Speaker 2 00:02:47 Yeah, maybe. Yeah. Yeah. One of those too, for sure. Speaker 1 00:02:50 So very interesting slate. So let's get into it. Point guards. Uh, I'm just, again, I'm gonna assume ran out. We know hardens out. You'll have Fox against Memphis here, uh, TAs Jones, uh, it'll be opposite of him. You have Carrie Irving against Philly. Uh, Carrie got off to a, a slow start there in his return game. Uh, only played 26 minutes in that one, but we know what he's capable of doing. Uh, I worry a little bit about that one being a route though. Uh, just knowing that what Philly's gonna be throwing on the floor, uh, I think Devon Booker's a core play with no Chris Paul already, uh, here against the Lakers. We saw him uh, go off a couple nights, go for 78 against Utah. Just kind of throwing what his ceiling can be out there. Um, you know, so Paul, I mean Booker at 93, uh, Westbrook, if there's no LeBron I think we can certainly consider here. Uh, even though the price continues to go up for him at $8,300, Milton's at 75. Like I don't, I definitely don't really love the $7,500 price tag for Milton. But again, he is gonna play a lot of minutes here. Um, you know, like what's your overarching thoughts on the point guard position? Only four games. So there's really only so many players here. Speaker 2 00:03:56 Yeah. I mean, you know, it'd be interesting to see if Moran does return. That would be crazy. Um, and I would have interest there cuz I think the match up in Sacramento is great. But on the flip side, the match up for Dan and Fox is great. And Darren Fox has been amazing, uh, of late. He is definitely having a career year. Um, the Kings in general have been good winners of five, six games in a row. Yeah. Um, which I think we're all surprised by. But it is a, you know, a good, I think a good structure to this team. I loved Aaron Fox in his matchup. I think Kyrie, you know, is what he is, uh, didn't look great in his return. Only played 26 minutes. Um, I obviously suspect that will go up. Uh, but 19 days away could be a conditioning thing. Um, tournaments only for me. Cuz you, and you didn't allude to like potential blowout there. Yeah, we do have to factor that in. Uh, like Devon Booker a lot as you mentioned. And, and the Lakers have been better lately. You know, let's give credit work credits due. They've been a little bit better Speaker 1 00:04:59 As Davis is having just a wide Speaker 2 00:05:01 Stretch. Yeah, no, he's, yeah. This is like peak Anthony Davis like as good as ever. Anthony, Anthony Davis after we kind of, I think I questioned him on this podcast. Like, is he what's good with him? Like what? Um, I don't know if I can get to Westbrook 83, especially with the little thumb thing that he has. I know he is not on the injury report. Right. Uh, but he left the game. He had like some something wrapped over his thumb. He got X-rays on it already. Not a great shooter. So like makes you wonder, you know, if we're not gonna get like a lot of shots outta Westbrook, I just don't think 8,300 is appeal. Like, um, I I get where you're coming from on Dancey Melton. I a hundred percent do, but dude, they just like, don't, that's what I'm saying. Have no harden, no maxi no. Speaker 2 00:05:51 And indeed like they're, and maybe no Tobi Harris, quite literally three, their three best players are out and possibly their four best players. The Fme melted by default just becomes their best player. Right. Um, so I, I'll get there, uh, because you know, the five steals, maybe a little aberration but has already done it this year. Once, uh, had has two five steel games on his resume and he does that like he's a fantasy point. We've been at Monster, we've been saying it for years. Yeah. Um, so I'm okay getting to Melton 75 with or without Tobias cuz he's just going to play a huge role. Speaker 1 00:06:27 Yep. Uh, Cameron Payne 47 fantasy points into the last three. I mean he's just been unbelievable. Uh, with Chris Paul out in the lineup. Uh, Bruce Brown, uh, and Bones, Highland Brown's been starting. Highland's been coming off the bench. Highland gave us 46 fantasy points the other day. Brown's giving us in the thirties. We got a little bit of a revenge game here for Bruce Brown going up against the Pistons who gave him away. Literally gave him away to the Nets for free for no for no reason whatsoever. Um, I think both of those guards are gonna be fine. Tie us, we like it. 59 shake it 53 uh, is gonna be in a lot of lineups here. Um, anybody else? I mean, do we, do we need to go lower there? There's a lot of combo shooting guard point guards there, uh, that I think are gonna be making at the majority of draftings lineups in the sleep. Speaker 2 00:07:13 Yeah. I mean everyone you just mentioned, uh, in play Bone's going off the career game. I like the value better on Bruce Brown. Um, the minutes a little more secure I think. Uh, but they do need scoring. If, if Murray and Yoki do end up being out, uh, definitely something to monitor. Cause we've seen some Covid illnesses like reverse in a day. Remember the Bones Island thing? He was like out the news in then he is out and then like he was in, uh, TAs is obviously in play. Shake is gonna be in a lot of lineups as you mentioned. Uh, I guess the, the what happens with the Pistons is gonna be an interesting job because Sadique Bay ruled out for the next three games they said I believe it was. Um, so now they're down Sadique and they're down Ca Cunningham killing Hayes has continued to play a bunch of minutes and like be decent in terms of fantasy production. Alec Burkes has returned to lineup and been like, you know what he is, he's a bucket. And that's what he's always been and that's kind of just what he's gonna continue to be. I mean 15 plus actual points and four of the five games he's played in this year. Um, not gonna play Corey Joseph no matter what he, there is a 0.4. Um, but it is interesting just to, to talk about those other two guys because typically I don't think we'd pay 5k perion, but he's going up against Bones Highland. I go Speaker 1 00:08:34 Burts for the most part over Hayes for me. Speaker 2 00:08:37 Yeah, well we also just saw Kelly Hayes go for a 40, has a 40 point fantasy ceiling. Yeah. Two games ago. So like, I, I don't disagree. I think Al Bes is at least from like a volume standpoint, safer cuz he's going to get in and he is gonna take a bunch of shots. But I do think it's interesting, um, killing Hayes really might just be matched up against like Bones Island and might be matched up against Bruce Brown and it's a pretty good spot in both those scenarios. So, um, sure. Point guard's a for a four game slate. Point guard's pretty good. Good. Speaker 1 00:09:08 And because it's draftings you have the point guard shooting guard, guard and utility spots to play them. Uh, Bruce Brown was also point guard small forward, so if you wanted to throw 'em in any of your forward positions you can. Right. Uh, then on draft, on fan du of course you have double point guard, double shooting guard, uh, eligibility, uh, for a lot of those guys as well, uh, at the shooting guard position and mentioned, we mentioned Booker in, we mentioned Milton in, uh, Dylan Brooks at 73. Can he get there? 52 fancy points the other day, man? Speaker 2 00:09:38 Yeah, I mean, look, he took, I mean dude, he took 30 shots. Like you're like, I get it that Dylan Brooks is not a seven 300 player. But didn't we just say the same thing about the Anthony Melton? It's just opportunity, right? Like he's, there's now Jared Jackson returning. Maybe that is like something to factor in. Speaker 1 00:09:59 I definitely love Jar Jackson here Speaker 2 00:10:00 For sure. No, definitely love Jar Jackson. And he's taken 30 shots in 50 minutes. He's not afraid. Like he is our man is not is Yeah. Not afraid to shoot, but neither Dylan Brooks, like, so what is Dylan Brook's shot attempts go to? They go from 30 to 20. Yeah. 20 to 25. Like, dude, it's just, it's opportunity. Um, I think we definitely look at Dylan Brook side. It's a good, it's a good matchup. It is too. Like the Kings are are obviously an improving team. Um, but they're, they're improving offensively. They're 27th and defensive rating. Like they're not good offensively. Yep. Uh, or Speaker 1 00:10:35 Defensively Right. Right's fine at seven K. Uh, we don't, I don't mind it there again, price bumping up on him, but again, he is kind of still delivering a pretty consistent production there. Uh, thoughts on contour hoarder around that range. Speaker 2 00:10:48 Contr is back to back 40 Fantasy Point games. That's right. Like, I mean, I think you know the Speaker 1 00:10:54 Rebounds for him or Speaker 2 00:10:54 What's fine. Yeah, he's nuts. He's nuts on the glass. He's nuts in the glass. Um, I don't think we'll see if it continues with Jar Jackson back. Right, right. I think it will because he's a good rebounder in general. I'll see the scoring Speaker 1 00:11:07 Guy, you know, like Speaker 2 00:11:08 You also guy. We'll we'll see if the scoring continues to, I mean, 16 to 19 points is kind of, I think Flukey, but he's fine. Um, same thing with Hoarder. I think Hoarder is definitely a GPP play. We got 40 fancy points in this game. We got 22 in this sports game and you know, or Speaker 1 00:11:27 11, he's 49% from three Speaker 2 00:11:29 On the year. Yeah, he's, no, he's crazy dude. When they run the, when they run the, uh, Terrence Davis, Kevin Hoarder, Malik Monk lineup, like that is just absurd. Like, how do you guard people in that Speaker 1 00:11:45 Lineup? Yeah, Speaker 2 00:11:45 You don't, you just spread the floor and they just all Chuck threes like it's, um, so yeah, I mean I like hoarder is very good. He's very good at shooting at three and if he hits six threes in a game, like you're in a good, you're in a good position. So yeah, I think it's tournament insulting. Speaker 1 00:12:03 Okay. Any other shooting guards for you? Speaker 2 00:12:07 Yeah, Mike Monk always in tournaments for me. That's Speaker 1 00:12:09 Fine. Speaker 2 00:12:10 Um, Lonnie Walker, I think he would've had a much bigger game if that game doesn't blow out. Speaker 1 00:12:15 Okay. Awesome. Recently been better late. Speaker 2 00:12:18 He has been great. He's been really good. He's been really, really good. Uh, 15 plus actual and fourth rate, 21 plus fantasy points. If as long as LeBron's out he's gonna continue to start. So, um, you know Seth Curry's person, he's a little revenge there if you wanna go there. Yeah. Um, who, who's playing for Philly? Like, Speaker 1 00:12:39 I mean Tal but I don't wanna play Tial. He just doesn't do anything. No, Speaker 2 00:12:43 He doesn't even play. Yeah, he's played nine minutes last two games. Speaker 1 00:12:45 But like would he have to play in this instance? Speaker 2 00:12:48 May maybe Co mos is questionable. So always probable. So maybe we got Quirk Comans back not gonna play, Speaker 1 00:12:53 But I don't mind Comans, you know, Speaker 2 00:12:55 If he Speaker 1 00:12:56 Started super low floor, but we've seen them be at times. Okay. Speaker 2 00:13:01 <laugh>, if he started, if he started Speaker 1 00:13:03 Uh, small floor, we was talking about Brooks Bridges against it. 66. I'd play Bo Bog Dan at 65. Speaker 2 00:13:10 I would play Toby by the way, just Speaker 1 00:13:12 Off. Speaker 2 00:13:13 I just probable by the way. Speaker 1 00:13:14 Okay. Yeah. Toby gonna take 20 shots. Speaker 2 00:13:17 Yep. Speaker 1 00:13:17 Right. We're gonna, we're gonna get an old school Toby performance here, so. Speaker 2 00:13:22 Yep, I think so. Speaker 1 00:13:23 Um, I'm, I'm in. I like it. Uh, Bogan 65. I like we talked about Cont Harder Brown, uh, our boy is just not coming through for us. Speaker 2 00:13:32 No, he's been Speaker 1 00:13:33 Horrible. He's just been, he is just not been good. Uh, tournaments you can, that's fine. Tournaments Speaker 2 00:13:38 Wonder, I wonder if it's like, has anything to do with uh, Speaker 1 00:13:41 Is there's just no spacing for him. Like what's Speaker 2 00:13:43 The, like maybe it's no yolk. No, yo Speaker 1 00:13:45 That's what I'm saying. Just like no. Yeah. Nobody good enough to pass about pass the ball. Like I don't get it. Uh, yeah, really low price type for Kegan Marty, but he hasn't done anything Speaker 2 00:13:56 So yeah, Harry B has, yeah, Harry B's been the guy, um, lately, not that I wanna play Harry b cuz he, Speaker 1 00:14:03 I mean he has been that guy 1616, Speaker 2 00:14:05 But he has been the guy, the the, the shot volume is just so like, discouraging. I know he is taken a lot of free throws the last few games. Um, and that's good to see. Um, so I guess if you wanna go there, it's, it's a pretty good spot against him. Speaker 1 00:14:16 Daniel House by default, you played 39 minutes Speaker 2 00:14:19 The other day. I, yeah. By, yeah, him and him and Ne Yang. I don't know if ne Yang's even here, but like they're both just gonna play like Speaker 1 00:14:24 Yeah, I think NE's Power for only Speaker 2 00:14:27 Yep. Yeah, you're there. Yeah, you're right. He is. Speaker 1 00:14:29 Um, alright, let's go to Power for then. Speaker 2 00:14:31 Oh yeah, hold on, hold on. What? Gotta say it. Uh, two guys who? Two guys who? Speaker 1 00:14:38 Um, Magda Speaker 2 00:14:40 <laugh>, UDA Mat Uda Watanabe Wabi. I know, I know, but like look at the numbers lately. I don't, I don't know. He's just in their rotation. Like UDAs just a guy for them, them, uh, for Brooklyn. And I don't know what you make of Kevin Knox playing 22 minutes. Uh, but it was like, there's no speed debate. Speaker 1 00:15:00 I I will, I will never play Kevin Knox. Speaker 2 00:15:02 Okay, well he play 23 minutes. Speaker 1 00:15:04 Not even there's a fire. Speaker 2 00:15:05 Not even there's a fire. Okay. Say no more. Nope. Speaker 1 00:15:07 Not even, not, not a shot. Uh, power for Durant at 11 two. Again worried about blow it there. I guess. Uh, if LeBron plays at 10 for, would you be worried if he's limited? Does LeBron just go, Speaker 2 00:15:22 I feel like LeBron's an alien so like he probably, Speaker 1 00:15:26 He just goes Speaker 2 00:15:26 Yeah, he probably just goes. But like could we, we probably know, we'd probably know if he was gonna be limited or not. Speaker 1 00:15:36 Uh, 25 minutes in both Gaines for, for Jaron Jackson Jr. Second game gave us the ultimate Jar Jackson performance tune 25 12 3 and 2 52 Fantasy Points is exactly the reason you wanna play Jaron Jackson Jr. But now he's 6,400 and that price tag will only forever go up. Um, so I'm fine running it there. I mean Benson, I can't wait for, he's probably gonna have a day. Benson is gonna have a day here just because of what he's dealing with. But I mean, listen, you can't hate on the guy. He is missed four total shots in three games. So Speaker 2 00:16:08 Yeah, he been really good and he is been really, really good. He started at Center by the way. Yeah. Um, Claxon and No Speaker 1 00:16:15 Healthy though, but Speaker 2 00:16:18 Um, oh yeah, he started at Center without Claxon last year. Yeah, right. Uh, it was a personal reason for Claxton, but he should Speaker 1 00:16:25 Maybe he should still start at center. Speaker 2 00:16:27 Well I guess that's the question, right? Like it really worked for them. Does, so you're starting lineup, is Kyrie Roy O'Neill Speaker 1 00:16:38 Seth, or Speaker 2 00:16:39 No, no, it's Durant Simmons and Joe Harris. Yeah. Does O'Neill or Harris go to the bench and you start Cling or do you just bring Clason off the bench and start Simmons at the five? Speaker 1 00:16:52 I mean, I don't see why you wouldn't start Simmons at the five. Honestly, Speaker 2 00:16:55 I mean I like it, Speaker 1 00:16:56 It feeds to a lot of his strengths, right? Like I like it. He can get at the top of the key and pass. Uh, he can rebound, he can get lay ups. It all feels like it fits. So yeah, we'll see. Maybe, maybe they run that way. Uh, let's see if Gordon is active, I'll play him at 56. He's missed some games, but, uh, if he's there, I'm in. Uh, anybody else for you? No. Ne Yang's at 46. That was the other one. Speaker 2 00:17:18 Um, it's gonna be hilarious that Jar Jackson Jr. Is gonna be talking. He is gonna be in 3000, 3000 by half time, um, to Craig. I mean, dude, I keep saying it like I mentioned this guy, every slate he's had 28, 29, 37, 28 fancy points. The last four games, like he's just in their rotation. He is their starting power forward. Um, and that doesn't seemingly that's seemingly not gonna change while Cam Johnson's out. Speaker 1 00:17:43 Yep. Um, we, we didn't, I mentioned him, but, uh, David Roddy played 24 minutes the other other day. Speaker 2 00:17:49 Okay. And Lavia played 29. So they're both, that was now that was a blowout at the end. Uh, Speaker 1 00:17:55 Rod was getting early rotation minutes just, yeah, they're now, he, he misses shots. He was three of eight shooting. Uh, we had four fouls, only 16 fancy points. But, um, again, they have no guards. So he is, he's on the floor. 3,300 if you're looking for, uh, just like a true punt play, I think on this slate. Maybe Roddy finds the spot there. Speaker 2 00:18:16 I can get behind it. Speaker 1 00:18:17 Um, any other power forwards for you? Speaker 2 00:18:22 No, it's like trying to find anything that like exist Speaker 1 00:18:26 In the world Speaker 2 00:18:28 If, uh, he started, so he started the other day, but he still only played 16 minutes. Okay. So I think like it's a rotation and, and plus like Speaker 1 00:18:36 Did Bagley, he get, Speaker 2 00:18:38 He was in foul, so I played Bagley at a really low ownership and it was super annoying. Well Speaker 1 00:18:43 He went, I know he went to the locker room for a little bit, but he seems like he came Speaker 2 00:18:46 Back early. Foul trouble locker room got booed every time he touched the ball. Speaker 1 00:18:52 Fair Speaker 2 00:18:53 Enough. Cause he's from Sacramento. Right. Or will play for them, but I think livers just loses time now. It works. Okay. So, which is why I think Killian's just staying on the floor too. Sure. Um, so liver's very low floor, just given like 16 minutes even in the starting Speaker 1 00:19:11 Roll. Yep. All right, let's go to center. Uh, Davis of course, if there's no LeBron, like that's a lock and load play for us here. Yep. Yep. Uh, just vintage, uh, Anthony Davis, uh, right now SAS against Memphis. Thoughts on him against Adams or Adams and Jackson. It's kind of a, feels like a tougher spot for him here. Speaker 2 00:19:30 Yeah, it feels like a tough spot and plus like I know that there, there are ceiling games in there, but this is the price is going the wrong way, dude. Yeah. Like there is no reason he got a price bump to this price because of that one game against Golden State. Right. Like he goes 26, 22 and eight and I know he's been good and productive and stuff, but like, look at the rest of the box store. There's no reason he's approaching 10 k. I'm, I'm staying away. I know there's upside and whatever, but I just can't. I could just pay that for Deer and Fox who was consistently giving us 50 minutes Speaker 1 00:20:04 Points. Yeah. All right. Three value centers here. Ya Jordan played 34 minutes the other day. I Speaker 2 00:20:09 Know it's a nightmare. Has Speaker 1 00:20:10 Had had 17 rebounds in that game against Dallas. Uh, mantra. Har. I am just going to assume he's the one who starts <laugh>. Um, we'll see. He doesn't play. Speaker 2 00:20:21 So should we just say Harold slash Paul Reid, whoever starts, Speaker 1 00:20:24 Well, I don't know if I would play Paul Reid, but I would play Harold, would you play Paul Reed if you started? Speaker 2 00:20:31 Maybe it's not like he's been like far off from like a fantasy. Like look at the last two games, 12 minutes in each and like a fantasy equipment. You know, I get it. Harold's definitely like a better player, but he's only playing. I mean, he had the one game where he played 29 minutes and he has 26 bass points. I it tells you all you need to know it's likely gonna be Harold. I'm just saying who knows Doc versus a psychopath. Right. We know Doc is alluded Speaker 1 00:21:02 And then, well, you played Bagoo the other day. I've been playing Jalen Duran. Um, and he is still cheaper. He's 4,100. Yeah. Nearly had the double double there played 27 minutes, 25 fantasy points. He played 22 minutes before the game, before that 25 fantasy points. Um, he's just good. He's been, like I said, when I wrote him up, uh, it was because like he's given us double doubles this year in 20 minutes off the bench as like the backup big to Stewart. Um Right. You know, so whether he starts or is coming off the bench for Bagley, who's a foul trouble guy, um, you know, and now there's no Bay. Like why, what if they start Bagley at the four and they put Bo at the three, you know, like, you know, and, and start, start Duran. You know, I just, I just like this spot for him. Uh, if it's Jordan, it's like Jordan's gonna put him in foul trouble down there. Right. You know, like, so, um, I like Duran at 41. Speaker 2 00:21:53 Yeah. That's a, I think that's a key component. Um, I just wish, like, I feel like every time I walk Jalen Duran it's like he has like eight and eight and half and then you look at second half it's like Kias 12 and eight <laugh> Speaker 1 00:22:07 What? Totally fair. Speaker 2 00:22:08 Totally. Wait, what happened in the second half? Like, uh, not, I'm not saying like he's a bad play at all. Cause 4,100 and he is been productive. Like that's Yeah. Perfectly fine. This does though. Like, and I'm gonna go back to Bag League and you're a bag League fan too. So like, we're both like, like he's so ch like I feel like he's too cheap for like upside and now there's no Sadiq Bay. There's and and that's the thing with Bagley I would like kind of tentatively say is that he just has a higher shot ceiling. Yeah. I think than Jay and Duran. Right? Um, I think Jay and Duran, I think you and I would probably both pick if like who would be more likely to get a double double. It's like Jalen Duran who's more likely to score 20. Yeah. I would say Bagley a hundred Speaker 1 00:22:57 Percent. Yep. I agree with you there. Um, so I like it both. I think they're both playable. Speaker 2 00:23:03 Duran's probably safer. I mean Duran is probably the safer option because Bagley's in foul trouble all the time gets Speaker 1 00:23:08 Hurt all the time. Speaker 2 00:23:09 All the time. Hurt all the time. And Duran, other than, I mean other than Toronto game, he's had 20 more fancy points of four trade. He's essentially had five x every single slate. Yep. Speaker 1 00:23:20 Yep, yep, yep. All right. Let's build our line. Uh, who's our? Anthony Davis, who's our guy? Ad Speaker 2 00:23:27 Ad. Yep. Speaker 1 00:23:28 Uh, for sure a center. Only Anthony Davis too by the Speaker 2 00:23:30 Line. Yeah, he's been, he's been center only for a couple states. I like that though. Cuz they're starting him at center, you know, like they're, they're leaning into that and I, I respect it because they're not playing like they're, they gave Thomas Bryan a bunch of, but it was in blowout time. Like I, uh, I like I like this. Speaker 1 00:23:48 Okay. Uh, I've plugged three other players in. I have and you Speaker 2 00:23:53 Can, we have so many point guard options. Speaker 1 00:23:54 You can let me know what you think. Um, I have Booker at Point Guard. I have Alec Burkes at Shooting Guard and I have Jarron Jackson at Power Forward to go along with Anthony Davis. Mm-hmm Speaker 2 00:24:05 <affirmative> all like all Speaker 1 00:24:06 Of it. Uh, so that gives us 47 5 for a small Ford Guard forward utility. We did have some value plays that we were fans of here. Speaker 2 00:24:16 Daniel House and Georges ne Yang. Speaker 1 00:24:18 Yeah. Does now does Ne Yang get hit by the, by the, um, Tobias? Uh, Speaker 2 00:24:23 Toby. Yeah. Yeah. They cuz they start, they're probably gonna start um, house, right? Speaker 1 00:24:28 Yep. They've been starting house. Yeah. They didn't, did they start ne Yang the Speaker 2 00:24:32 Other day? Well they start, no, they started Tucker and then Ne Yang um, started the second half. Right. But I, Tucker was like dealing with a, a hip injury. Speaker 1 00:24:40 They could start Tucker at the five and start to, Speaker 2 00:24:45 And Speaker 1 00:24:47 You know, shake. Yeah. They could shake melting Harris. Um, Speaker 2 00:24:52 Question mark. The four depending on, Speaker 1 00:24:54 Or the three, it's Shake melting house Harris Tucker could be their size. Speaker 2 00:25:01 Um, yeah. Should we? Yeah, I guess we've gotta play Booker with um, Chris Paul already ruled out and Speaker 1 00:25:09 I just like the sw against the Lakers. But we can move. Yeah, we can move off if Speaker 2 00:25:12 You think. Well, no, I mean No, that's fine. I I mean you just, like you said it, he just, he's coming off like 80 fantasy points two years ago and he is been consistent. I mean they blow out the next, he plays, I mean he plays 30, he's averaged 36 minutes. Another six minutes with them. Booker could have been 20 fancy points. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> like, um, Speaker 1 00:25:34 We didn't have a, do we have a three K guy? Speaker 2 00:25:37 No, there was, uh, Speaker 1 00:25:39 You said Knox but I'm not gonna do that Speaker 2 00:25:40 Ever. Yeah, that's fine. I, that was like, I was just like looking through Speaker 1 00:25:45 Cause we're 47 5. So like, um, what did you think his shoulder's return? 40. He played uh, 22. Speaker 2 00:25:54 There was, there was blowout. Okay. I think it was a little blowout induced. Okay. Speaker 1 00:25:59 Uh, Seth at 43. Um, I'm trying to get us into like the 5K range, but it's very, there's not a ton here. Unless you would really go and play Knox <laugh> or, uh, um, Speaker 2 00:26:16 We should not play Speaker 1 00:26:17 I don't think. No. Lavia I think only played cuz Jar Jackson was out. Yep. You wanna do Rod, you wanna do Rod 3,300? Speaker 2 00:26:25 You can 30. Yeah, we can. That's fine. Um, I'm not like, I'm not like I There's a very low floor. Yes. Speaker 1 00:26:33 Um, he's 50. He gives us 52 a player, uh, which gives a shake, which we'll put in a guard I imagine is fine, right? Yep. Yep. We need a Ford play here. Speaker 2 00:26:45 Ford, Austin Reeves Speaker 1 00:26:47 Ford at 52. Uh, Speaker 2 00:26:52 Reeves is 46 or we can go to Bruce Brown at six K. Uh, we could also maybe use, I Speaker 1 00:26:58 Mean, what was our pivot off of Booker if we didn't go there? Did we have a, Speaker 2 00:27:02 Well the, you're using Booker at point Guard. Yeah. I mean it's pain, it's melting, it's tie stone first. Speaker 1 00:27:10 Brown, I mean be pain. You use Speaker 2 00:27:12 Pain or you Speaker 1 00:27:12 Just booker at 63 a player for Ford in Utility. Speaker 2 00:27:16 I was thinking we could go um, slide Anthony. Well you could put Anthony Davis at Till and use Deandre at center. Well I Speaker 1 00:27:24 Mean it can use him either way. That works either Speaker 2 00:27:26 Way. Well I was just thinking for the late Night Hammer in case Davis was ruled out or something. Sure. Because we know Anthony Davis is like, Speaker 1 00:27:33 Right. Speaker 2 00:27:34 The broken, broken piece of glass every so often. Like it's um, Speaker 1 00:27:40 Davis and that will give us, uh, 81 Furor. Speaker 2 00:27:45 81 for, for, that's Speaker 1 00:27:47 Pretty good. Uh, Toby Speaker 2 00:27:48 78. Toby. Yep. Toby Speaker 1 00:27:50 Or Brooks? Toby Brooks. What Speaker 2 00:27:51 Do you like? Uh, I would say Toby just given there's not another human being on that team. Speaker 1 00:27:57 Okay. So Payne, Burkes, Roddy, Jackson, Jordan, Milton, Harrison, Davis. Speaker 2 00:28:04 I like it. Speaker 1 00:28:05 Right. So where we're at, let's line up here. Four games. We'll be in the Discord if you have any questions. I believe it's Dylan Clemens on the playbook for Speaker 2 00:28:12 I think so. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:28:13 So he'll be in there as well. Uh, again, we'll talk to you guys later.

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