November 21, 2022


NBA DFS Podcast November 21: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast November 21: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast November 21: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Nov 21 2022 | 00:35:21


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Haliburton faces the Magic.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, you're listening to the Fantasy SBA podcast with those John Peba and James Grande, Speaker 1 00:00:11 What's going on, FA Nation. Jonathan Peba here with James Grande. Welcome into the NBA DFS podcast here for Monday's eight game main slate. Uh, James loved the eight gamers. We call it our wheelhouse for a reason. They got great player pool size here. Uh, we do have some injuries already, uh, out reporting as well, which is, uh, always a plus to have that information out early. Uh, we know Damien Willard's gonna be out, uh, for at least one to two weeks. You know, Mike Conley is gonna be out for this slate. We know Jimmy Butler is gonna be out for this slate already as well. Uh, waiting obviously on some additional news. You know, we don't know this full status yet of Paul George. Uh, we're assuming, or maybe we don't know, clay Thompson, is he gonna plan a back to back or not? Here he is, been sitting on recent back to backs. Obviously the Warriors played yesterday waiting on the Tower Hero News, waiting on the window. Carter Jr. News still, uh, Zion is probable to play today. Uh, you know, so, uh, some more news to come, but at least we have some of the bigger names that we know are out. Speaker 2 00:01:05 Yeah, some of the bigger names. I don't know if you mentioned Paul George, so that one Speaker 1 00:01:08 Of the, is he officially out yet? I know he Speaker 2 00:01:10 Was. No, but no, he's question no, initially questionable, but, uh, not great that he only played 15 minutes and then at halftime with no injury update, they were just like, no, he's out. Yeah. So, yeah, exactly. Um, that didn't sound great. Um, so obviously trending towards maybe not playing, but, uh, can't assume anything. Orlando, if we head over to Vegas, Orlando, Indiana, running a pack. That was a very fun game the other day. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, 2 26 and a half total there. If Winn Carter sits, it's the exact same scenario we had the other day. Golden State, new Orleans is a slight high, 2 33 Golden State giving or uh, getting six points. Speaker 1 00:01:48 Yeah. So I think that's an indication guys might be sitting. Sure. Yep. I think so. Speaker 2 00:01:52 Yeah, I mean, we've said it, uh, Kerr came out with a statement saying Clay is not going to play back to back. So like he's all but out. We just have to get the official word right, like before we can Right. Car Speaker 1 00:02:06 Concerts their 70 point game again Speaker 2 00:02:08 Last night. So he is just, Speaker 1 00:02:10 Except for the one time I played him, uh, clay was out and Jordan Pool went for 50, so yeah. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:02:16 Um, yeah, of course. Uh, New York, Oklahoma City, a battle of, uh, 280 points earlier this Speaker 1 00:02:23 Year that, that was the random Nick's benching game too. That was, Speaker 2 00:02:27 Yeah, Nick's benching 280 points, everything you could have loved and hated at the same time. Uh, Oklahoma City, uh, this is how bad it is for the Nicks right now. Oklahoma City favorites. Yeah, I know, I know their home, but like we don't, I don't think we typically see Oklahoma City favored against anybody. No, uh, very often, but, uh, Atlanta Cleveland, 2 25 and a half, those are like the most notable game totals we have on the board. And, uh, the biggest spread right now, Portland without Dame Mueller, 10 point dogs in Speaker 1 00:02:58 The walk. Milwaukee. Yeah. And that game open at seven and a half. It's up to nine and a half. It may even be 10 about the time the, Speaker 2 00:03:03 Yeah, I see 10. I see 10 on Vandal. Okay. Speaker 1 00:03:05 I see 10 on. So, I mean, again, it, it, people are not leaving, uh, giving the bullies here much of a chance against, say healthy, uh, Milwaukee team. It's soon to be healthier. Uh, they sent Chris Middleton to the, uh, g lead to get some run in there, so, um, maybe by end of the week we can see Chris Middleton, uh, playing for the Milwaukee Bucks here. So, uh, but that's it. Let's get into it here. Uh, if any news breaks what we're recording, we'll certainly, uh, have that for you guys. Um, at the Point Guard position, Steph Curry, uh, ten six Tri Alexander, 10 K, your top two guys over $10,000 with Trey Young and Tyres Halliburton are in that group as well. Uh, Kurt, as I said, over 70 fantasy points now with two of the last three we, uh, games, uh, for him there. SGA had been balling but did let us down most of recently, but I'm expecting a bounce back. Um, are you running the back of Curry here? Are, are you aware at all with the back to back and the volume or is he just the guy to go to here? Speaker 2 00:04:05 Uh, not really all that worried. When you look at the back to back that he played recently, um, in just 27 minutes, he puts up 32 fancy points. Looks like he was well on his way to either a double, double or triple double seemingly every night at this point. Like he's just, the numbers have been absolutely insane. Uh, which is again, once again, like it's insane to think about. He's having, I don't know, how do these people keep getting better? Um, like he's shooting 45% from three. I don't, it doesn't make sense. Um, so I have no problem going to Curry here. Best total on the board, fun game environment. I also have no problem going to shake Alexander. Yes, he let us down. Hasn't really happened all that much and the three games prior, 42, 37, 37, actual 62, 59, 63 fantasy points. Like the guy has as much upside as anyone else in this slate. Speaker 2 00:04:57 Yeah, we just mentioned that this game has already blown up once and SGA had 37 in this matchup and the Xra absolute mess. They are, they're talking about the coaches, the coaching staff being fired, they're benching players, they just don't look like a good team. The clip yesterday of, um, a shot going up for Phoenix and then not a single person guarding the bridges and then not a single person going for the rebound after Macel Bridges shot it. It's like, do they even care? I mean we saw this from Julius Randall a lot outside of one contract here, right? And then Julius Randall gets contract and it's like, oh, oh, he doesn't really care anymore. So, um, I mean, just nothing seemingly going right. So I love SGA in the spot. Uh, Trey Young, obviously tournaments only we saw. Speaker 1 00:05:45 Yeah, really tough match up here about a battle of like two really good back courts, right? Yeah. You have Deonte and Trey versus, uh, Mitchell and uh, Garland here. So, um, should be a fun, fun one to watch. I think for sure. Maybe, uh, a little contrarian for the DFS because of where all these guys are priced. Um, but I mean, Garland's proving like he doesn't care if Donvan Mitch is on the floor. He is out there, uh, giving you 50 plus fantasy points over the last handful of games. So, um, yeah, just some strong, strong tier there. But I think if you're not playing Halliburton or SGA or Curry, you're probably looking a little bit more towards the mid tier here. Agreed. Outside of just being contrarian on your, on your tournament plays, uh, Kyle Low is interesting. Depending on the situation there in Minnesota, if guys continue to be out, we already know that Butler is out. Speaker 1 00:06:32 Gabe Vincent's been missing the last handful of games. See if Tyler Hero is questionable. Um, really alpha matchup again against Cleveland. I didn't recommend playing any of them in that game because there just wasn't a good spot, but Minnesota's not a good defensive team, so Lowry could certainly bounce back here. It's just, you wanna pay the 72 and Bronson's at 71. Clarkson would know my Conley is 64, Jalen Sus is 63 and a really good spot. So it's all, it's all about your preference there of where you wanna play. I, I wrote in the Discord today, um, I'm not in on Anny Simons again. I know the usage rate is really great, uh, with Damien Leard, uh, out of the lineup. We know he has a good ceiling. We've seen it. He just went for 54 fancy points against Utah. But you gotta understand the matchups here, like Utah, not a great defensive front court, uh, back court rather there, it's a low game total on the board. Speaker 1 00:07:18 It's a nearly 10 point spread. Drew holiday's a really good defender, you know, if this game blows out, does he stay on the floor for 38 minutes still? You know, there's a lot of questions I have. Um, here it, it, it's just a tough spot for me. If you wanna go Simon's, he can, again, contrarian play most likely I think because of everything. Maybe, maybe you disagree, maybe you think he'll be popular at 74, but just looking at the other matchups of guys priced in his range, I would just rather go in that direction. Cause there are guys in the same spots with people missing outta the rotations, right? So the usage is gonna go to them as well. Speaker 2 00:07:52 Yeah, I mean I largely agree. I definitely think he's in playing tournaments. Um, it's one of those things like it's on one hand you're a hundred percent right if this game blows out, do we see am for Simons if the game stays closed? Is it because am for Simons, right? It's like, um, right? You look at it from both sides. I think like if you're playing multiple lineups, I think he's, we just saw it, there's 50 fantasy point up side, um, without dam little lawyer on the floor. So tournaments only, but I think in play, not a core play, not like a, you know, I'm building one lineup, I'm using Anthony Simon's type play, but I do think there is merit to using them. But I do like Brunson's Elite Elite in this spot. Clarkson has a very nice ceiling floor combination, um, with Mike Conley out and I mean we're seeing it from Jalen Sus, like these dudes are out and Jalen Sus is going nuts. Speaker 2 00:08:49 Like he had his worst shooting night, took the fewest amount of shots last time and still puts up 35 fantasy points, another five rebounds, another eight assist three blocks. Like he's just a very good fantasy point in a guy Win. Carter Jr. Didn't go through shooter on this morning, right? So, um, you know, if there's no win Carter Jr we're gonna see another heavy workload from subs. It's an elite spot. So I agree on everything you said, but it is, it is worth mentioning that if you, if you're a multi line player, I would say getting Simon's in one could be beneficial. Sure. Um, because again, if that same game stays close, Simon's is likely going crazy. You probably have Giannis going cra like Giannis potentially like on on the other side of that game doing well. So, um, I don't know. I think, I think, uh, I agree largely that the other guys are, are better options. Speaker 1 00:09:39 Yeah, he's definitely a bucket and 7,400 is, is a, is a spot, is a good price tag. Like I said, it's just a, it's just not a good matchup, you know, so, but I agree if you're making, if you're in a three max, put him in one, you're in a 20 max, throw a couple. Cuz if he goes for bingo and he is low rostered, then you're fine. If he's high rostered and you limit your exposure when he doesn't go off, then you're also fine. So, you know, kind of protect yourself there a little bit. Um, but if I'm making one lineup today, I'm, I'm probably not including him in there. I'll go with the lower guys below, um, below him there, uh, value range I guess under $6,000. Tough to play the Boston Guards when everybody's healthy. Again, you know, whites, Martin Brogdon are all gonna be there. Speaker 1 00:10:19 Um, all of them have played great when one of them have been out, but it's uh, now that they're all back, they're all a little bit too overpriced. Brogden is probably the only one that isn't overpriced, but again, you know, what can you trust on his production? 19 14, 18 minutes to last three games after he was trending so well there for a bit, but then Derek White just started knocking down every shot he was taking and they didn't have a reason to put him on the floor. Um, you know, so there's some risk there. Uh, I don't know like where, where do you like at these value guard spots? I mean I guess if Vincent plays you'll play 'em at 46, right? Um, they didn't really use Colin Sexton as much as I would've expected them to when Colley went on. You only played 20 minutes in that game and I texted you, um, after Colley got hurt, I was hoping it was gonna be Beesley that they put back in cuz I was kind of chasing the cash line on a Saturday night. Speaker 1 00:11:09 Uh, and they subbed in town, hor and Tucker and Town Hor and Tucker played 32 minutes. So you know, they used Clarkson as their guard. They used Talent Hor and Tucker is their shooting guard, uh, basically, uh, in that lineup app. So Sex didn only getting 20 minutes a run is a bit concerning with Conley. Um, you know, missing the second half of that game there. So, uh, I don't know if we can trust that I threw quickly in the playbook, uh, just because recent minutes for him have been good. He's just not hitting any shots. Um, but against O KC when they benched everybody, he went for 41. So he is a big g p just kind of dark throw guy, uh, if you're looking to stack that one. But, uh, I don't know man, what are you looking at for guards here? Speaker 2 00:11:46 Yeah, so I definitely think quickly he's in play and I agree everything you said about Utah as well. Um, very hard to trust and Texans minutes have just been like a teeter-totter all year. They were really bad to start then they were really good and then they're just kind of back to like midling minutes. So torments only shade and sharp torments only, we don't know what his minutes are gonna look like, but we saw him start a couple times earlier in the year when Dame was out. Um, I guess I'm interested maybe in what the Clippers decide to do, you know, Speaker 1 00:12:18 Back to back, right? Speaker 2 00:12:20 Yeah. And, and no Paul George. So like, or potentially no Paul George. We know there's no Luke Canard. Speaker 1 00:12:26 Do they play Leonard on the back to back? Speaker 2 00:12:29 Um, so this is not a back to back. Oh, okay. They played, played Saturday. Okay. Um, I don't know if it's the front end. So it could be, it could be the front end of a back to back. That's something we could check. But both John Wall and Ray Jackson looked really good the other day and I don't know if they're gonna play 'em together. I doubt it. Um, Speaker 1 00:12:52 Yeah, I remember Wal had Wal had ten first quarter assists. Remember I messaged you that I was like John said ten first quarter assists. <laugh> only played 24 minutes and went two of a shooting. But the 15 assists and that game against San Antonio as wild. Speaker 2 00:13:05 But Red Jackson has looked like a lot better, at least in the last two games. He scored 20 and 23 actual, um, three of the last four he scored 17 or more points. I mean if you wanna just keep going down the list, like five of his last seven, he scored 14 or more actual points. Speaker 1 00:13:21 I wonder why he only played 20 minutes against Utah the last time they played. No final trouble. He just, just played 20 minutes. Speaker 2 00:13:29 They just iced him. I don't know what was, um, what was John Wall's? Speaker 1 00:13:33 It was the front end of a back to back in that game as well. Speaker 2 00:13:37 John Wall in that game played 28 minutes. Speaker 1 00:13:39 28 minutes. Yep. And then John Wall did not play the second night of that back to back. Speaker 2 00:13:46 Hmm. Um, I'm looking to see if we have a back to back for the Clippers. We don't. So they're, so they're going to play what they're gonna play. Um, yeah, it's just interesting because I don't know if like, if Paul George, if he were to be out, they're also missing Luke Kard. So like would they decide to go Jackson off the ball and play John Wall on the ball together or would they just continue to stagger them? It Speaker 1 00:14:09 Feels like man would start, right? Speaker 2 00:14:10 It feels like man would start, but like, just relationally, like what would they do? Cause like Kauai's still limited, so we're gonna see norm split time there. Will norm play some too? We'll, Ray Jackson play off the ball. I don't, there's a lot of different things they could do, especially, you know, losing a player like Paul George, like they're going to need, you know, an influx of production. So I don't know, I, I don't hate right to Jackson. 5,100 based on, on uh, current performances. Speaker 1 00:14:39 Yeah. Uh, shooting guard here again, if you wanna play Deonte or Donovan, you can top spot for both, but, uh, just an interest, probably a good match for a basketball fan. Maybe not so much for dfs. Uh, yeah, Jalen Brown still in the AK range. Again, use him if you want. He, he again gave us, uh, a ceiling performance against the Pelicans 53 fantasy points. It's in his bag. We know it's in his bag. If you can pick the right day, more power to ya. I still think he's a cash game option. Uh, but still even at that price, I think you can do a little bit better. Uh, Ingram against Golden State. I like, you know, can you use a column? I didn't mention 'em at Point Guard, but I think both of those guys are kind of interchangeable Zion playing, you know, maybe that takes a little bit away from them, but, um, yeah, we're looking at a high scoring game if Step goes for 70 again, I mean this is just gonna be a big back and forth, um, back and forth one for both of those guys there. Um, thoughts on like Anthony Edwards, Tyler Hero if Heroes Active Edwards lately, the way he's been playing Franz Wagner with Likelihood and No Way. No Carter like thoughts on the seven K Guards Levine down to $7,000? Speaker 2 00:15:41 Yeah, I think Edwards and Hero, both profiles, tournament plays. I mean, hero hasn't played since the fourth, so we'll see if there's any type of limitations being almost out for three weeks. And Edwards it's just, you just, you just don't know. Like you just, you think, you know, Anthony Edwards is in a good spot, but you don't know because he's like just such a wild card at all times. Um, they Speaker 1 00:16:05 Just get Paris ruled out for it today for, uh, Cleveland. Speaker 2 00:16:09 That's interesting. Uh, he hasn't been doing like, literally anything in terms of like shots and, um, he's just like not, he just, I don't know. I think we like the, like the spot and then Donna Mitchell showed up and there's just like not a spot him on that team anymore. Yep. Um, it is worth noting maybe for, for other pieces on that team, but, uh, I love Franz Tyler. Speaker 1 00:16:33 Hi. Officially out getting a lot of, a lot of injury news at the moment. Tyler Hero is officially out. Bam is questionable. Gabe Benson's still questionable. Speaker 2 00:16:42 Um, we could be looking at another weird situation for Miami, dun Speaker 1 00:16:46 And Robinson out, so Speaker 2 00:16:48 It's gonna pin another weird one. Here we go. Yeah, um, I mean this puts us into Anthony Edwards like liking Anthony Edwards, but who knows? I already, they already have Jimmy Butler ruled out through today at the very least. Yeah. Like I think, um, his status is gonna be determined after Monday, like see where they go from here, but, uh, I think that really does put us on Anthony Edwards and tournaments. Um, I love Franz, I like Franz. Even if Wende Carter plays, I think there's obviously elite upside if Wende Carter doesn't play right. Um, and Levine, I mean, got benched in Speaker 1 00:17:25 That game. He did, he got benching is very outspoken about it as well. So I I feel like this is an opportunity. I mean, Zach, you went one for 14. Yeah. You know that what, what do you, what do you want him to do? Put you on the floor in a closed game when you're one for 14, your, your liability kind of out there. So Yep. I think it's a spot for him to kind of step up a little bit, but obviously very tough spot. But against Boston, he uh, had 33 fantasy points, uh, in that most recent meeting at 28 in the first one. Speaker 2 00:17:53 Yeah. Uh, I think this whole tier other than Franz is basically torments, right? Yeah. It's just like all torments Frans, you could play all fours. Speaker 1 00:18:00 Sure. Uh, buddy healed Max STRs, both of 'em are gonna be in play Jordan Pool definitely gonna be in play at 5,800. Uh, assuming that in fact, uh, clay Thompson does get ruled out, which we're expecting him to, to be ruled out, um, of this one already. So a good, good six K ranged here, uh, he'll you know, trail it off a little bit, you know. Yeah. But he goes through these spurts where like, you know, you need him to give you the multiple rebounds, multiple assists for him to really get you the 40 points or he has to go knock down like seven threes, you know, take 20 shots. So, um, you know, miles Turner coming back, obviously taking some shots away from him I think as well, uh, could certainly be, uh, impacting. Uh, but he heals a little bit, so maybe a little bit out of our price range, especially when a lot of these guys have multi-position eligibility. Like we, like Clarkson, we can play a shooting guard, you know, we don't have to play and we like stress an hour shooting guard max stress, not a power forward max stress. So that's nice. Uh, putting s in your plays and then Jordan Pool will probably be pretty chalky at 58. Speaker 2 00:18:58 Uh, agree on everything you said, especially the part about healed. I don't think I can get there just with tires, Halliburton doing everything and yeah, if it's not Halliburton, it's miles turn like you mentioned. So, um, yeah, true. 61 is gonna be fine with everyone out again or seemingly out and everyone's gonna go Ur I mean last start he had, he scored 36 actual in 29 minutes, Speaker 1 00:19:22 So Yep, he did. And that was, that was a game that I used Steph sadly. Uh, <laugh>, um, J Loans has been playing really well. We've talked a lot about him during the year. He is been up and down but in the starting lineup again, uh, and, and producing good shooters, but he is also giving you secondary stats, which I think is pretty important as well. We talk about fantasy value, uh, norm as you mentioned as well, uh, could be in line for a big spot here. Um, if they end up having no Paul George tonight. Uh, again, a good performance, 36 fantasy points and that the season high for him. Uh, and then I think it was like five of the last six games or six of the, or four of the last six, he's giving you 20 plus fantasy points. So at $4,300 is a pretty interesting, um, spot for him there. Speaker 1 00:20:04 The only other guy I put in the playbook today, uh, down here was uh, Quent Grimes, uh, cam Reddish is questionable to play, didn't play yesterday and Grimes played 32 minutes, uh, and gave us, gave you a pretty good performance there, um, against Phoenix 30 fantasy points. 10, 5, 8 and one, uh, four for 10 shooting, you know, could have shot better, but, uh, encouraged by the fact that he was out there, you know, filling out the statute a little bit. Stone cold in price. If he was in the starting lineup on a slit like this in a matchup against the thunder at three K, you're, you're gonna wanna play. Speaker 2 00:20:35 Yeah, we're just gonna need to see his status too. Uh, cuz he recovered from the foot injury hadn't played a lot before that game, so we'll see how he bounces back if the foot's bothering him at all. But, um, I completely agree. Speaker 1 00:20:46 I would play reddish too if he's active Speaker 2 00:20:48 Instead. Yep. Um, and starting, sure. Um, I, uh, what was I gonna say? I'm okc dude is just like Speaker 1 00:20:57 No po new baley though. So like Speaker 2 00:20:59 There, okay, so hold, hold on, hold the phone. Sure. Because Derek Baley was upgraded to Questionable today. Speaker 1 00:21:07 Okay. Speaker 2 00:21:08 So is Trey man, Speaker 1 00:21:10 Right? I saw, saw the man. Both Speaker 2 00:21:12 Both were out. Both were out. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and Baley and Trey Man now both upgraded to Questionable and we've seen this, they upgraded Giddy randomly and then they got Speaker 1 00:21:22 Signed for that though remember they got fined for the gi, they Speaker 2 00:21:27 Fine. Well they don't care. <laugh>, they do not care. They do not care. Um, I don't know if that's gonna impact Jalen Williams at all. He has been playing really well and the draft him in the first round and like he might just keep playing. I'm just saying I am sick the more of the stories, I'm just sick of the thunder. Um, Speaker 1 00:21:45 VA I wish Valey starts though for no pku. He probably won't, they'll still do JR Detail, but, Speaker 2 00:21:50 You know, he might not start the first half, but he might start the second half, second half. There's always the second half of the founder. I, I do wanna give, uh, a quick shout out to AJ Griffin of the Atlanta Hawks. Um, 30 minutes last game, eight for 15 shooting. He hit a game winner in that game and Deandre Hunter question mis shoot around and is questionable, so, okay. Um, maybe some AJ Griffin shooting guard, small forward eligible. Maybe he even finds himself in the starting lineup. Sure. If Speaker 1 00:22:20 Starts Speaker 2 00:22:21 I'll, Speaker 1 00:22:21 I'll I'll consider him Tough spot again, just in general, but Yep. Uh, battling q to uses monsters in Dejo, uh, some small forward position here. Uh, Tatum's at the top again, if you wanna apply him, you can. We know he is gotta, what he can do. Uh, I think he went for 60 against the Bulls last time that he faced, uh, 66 the last time he played the Bulls in 40 minutes. So, uh, we know what he can do. If you wanna pay it, go for it, probably gonna be low rostered here, most will play. So, um, you know, can expect that there. Uh, Lori marketing continues to be a menace. Uh, 42 fantasy points for him. 52, the game before that, uh, didn't have a great matchup against or I thought he was a little bit weaker, 37 fantasy points against the Clippers, uh, in that last matchup. So, uh, certainly capable of being a, a strong productive player there at $7,800 for him. I guess it's more so a preference of, you know, with Edwards and Wagner also having small Ford eligibility and being a bit cheaper, uh, if you wanted to go there, but, you know, he's, he's just been very consistent. Speaker 2 00:23:23 Yeah, I haven't, I have no problem getting to, to marketing at all, Speaker 1 00:23:28 Uh, after that. Where do you like Caleb Martin at 54? Probably. Speaker 2 00:23:33 Mm, yeah. Can't really get to Wiggins. He's still too expensive. Um, Barrett Heart or meh to me in the mid tier, like, oh, RJ Barrett is Speaker 1 00:23:46 Yeah, heart's in the heart's in the playbook just because it's position scarcity. Like I was looking around here, I'm like, position stinks. The position stinks. The only six K guy I think could be useful potentially is heart because he can fill the STA sheet, right? Steels three, three straight games that two or more rebounds. I mean the rebounds are crazy for him. He just, yeah, 6, 8, 11, 9, 7, 7, 6, like he's just out there bored, you know? So, uh, and there could be some more shot opportunities with lard off the floor. So the only reason I threw Josh Hart in that Speaker 2 00:24:18 Spot, yeah, I don't, I don't hate him because you mentioned it like Lard leaves that game and he has 10 shots, which is the most he's had in a while. He's only taken 10 or three times this year and twice it's been without Lillard. So, um, I don't hate it. Uh, I also just looking at it, like you said, the position stinks. Like Caleb Bar is gonna be in play. Uh, I don't think there is a very high ceiling at 54, but out of necessity he might just play, he's gonna play 40 minutes against you. I mean all these guys are out, all his backups are out. Oh, they're Speaker 1 00:24:50 All out. Speaker 2 00:24:51 They're, they're all out. So like they Speaker 1 00:24:54 Play 47 minutes against Washington and, and only managed 28 fantasy points. But again, like they have nobody else to play the wings, so Speaker 2 00:25:01 Nobody else Speaker 1 00:25:02 $5,400. Uh, Bey will be the chalk down here though. Uh, you should a guard small Ford eligible, but it's $4,600. Um, for him. He is not gonna keep shooting like this. He's not gonna go 10 of 18 and 10 of 17. He went back to back to that performance. I don't imagine he'll come out and and shoot 10 of 18 again, but while he is hot right, just ride 'em until he burns you basically. It's possible at this point <laugh> like Speaker 2 00:25:27 It's possible he does like, you know, people are streaky, you know, if he just gets on a good run and continues it. Speaker 1 00:25:34 Yeah, look he did against Phoenix Tough defense there Clips are not really a great defensive team so, um, you know, he could, he could keep it going. Uh, pat Williams, you and I have been talk, have generally talked to a lot of Patrick Williams this year down in this price range. He's 4,100 bucks, uh, you know, 20 plus fantasy points in like six five of the last six games. Yeah. Um, giving you 30 minutes almost a night. So I, I don't, you know, not the worst spot. Not a, not a to of upside, but you know, there are worst places, uh, to go. Uh, obviously if the Miami guys come back a high high Smith and Kane and those guys, if they're starting or involved in the game, you're gonna, you're gonna take a peek at them. Uh, and then the only other one I was mentioning, uh, in the playbook was town Horton Tucker, uh, shooting guard, small Ford again, he played 34 minutes or 32 minutes rather, uh, in that game against Portland 21 Fantasy points. The only other two times, uh, only other time he played over 28 minutes, uh, it was against Houston and uh, 33 fantasy points. So basically when he is getting 28 plus minutes, he is been giving you decent production. So, Speaker 2 00:26:39 Oh, I'm so excited for talent h and Tucker Chalk night, dude. I know the last time it did you see the report this Speaker 1 00:26:44 11 minutes that said the Lakers turned down our first round pick from him. Speaker 2 00:26:47 Uh, I don't know if uh, the Lakers have literally any idea what they're doing and I'm shocked Rob Belino still has a job. Yeah. Um, Speaker 1 00:26:56 They went in trading for Lowry and then they went in trading for first round pick. That's what the uh, Speaker 2 00:27:00 Um, I will do, I will throw another honorary mention out there in Justice Winzel. Sure we could see him start. Um, I know Simon's is there, but uh, they could run like a Winslow Simon's back court, um, instead of if they like shit and chart just coming off the bench. Uhhuh, Speaker 1 00:27:19 I agree. Uh, power forward you have Giannis again, if you want to go there, go for it. But I've been telling you do not play him. Uh, and 52, 43, 41 40 fantasy points the last four weeks, four games is why I've been saying that. Uh, you're just not getting there. You're just not getting the hardest price. Just, uh, even the 63 fantasy points and 68 fantasy points he gave you here against Detroit, Minnesota, like fringe five x, you know, the Yep. The upside is just not there. Um, talents at 89 is interesting, uh, given who they're gonna be throwing out there at the, in their front court. Uh, he's coming off of a really tough game against Philly, uh, but had really back to back good games against Orlando and Cleveland. So I don't, I don't mind that a Zion against Golden State. What do you think? Would you want him out there? Speaker 2 00:28:03 It's interesting. Uh, we like attacking Gold State Front Court. It's just, dude, it's just so hard to get to 8,700. Like Speaker 1 00:28:10 He hasn't played a bit too, so I wonder if there's any sort Speaker 2 00:28:12 Of mystery sha games. Um, I probably, I'll, I'll probably pass for as much as I like Zion. I'll probably pass hair. Speaker 1 00:28:21 Uh, Randall's the cover of the playbook today. Again, front core guys against the Thunder, Mitch Rob is back, but I don't think that's really gonna impact, uh, Randall too much here. So, uh, I like him at 84 Grant with Lillard, but it's a tough spot against Milwaukee. But I mean, we talk a lot about him. He just, he tends to shoot a lot when, when Lillard's off the floor <laugh>, so, um, maybe for better or for worse, but he is gonna have the Yiannis matchup so a little bit ugly bowl bull at 69 will be chalky if there's no we Carter today for good reason. He went for 40 against the same spot against the Pacers the other day there. Um, anybody else? Anybody else below them? Again, I feel like on an eight game slate there are some strong positions and then there are some kind of math positions, right? Jalen Smith, maybe Larry n maybe like, you know, anybody for you. Speaker 2 00:29:14 Um, maybe Vanderbilt gets extended with no Mike Conley, like maybe they just decide like we could play Clarkson at point Guard and maybe Vanderbilt plays a couple minutes. Both those other guys you just mentioned, Jaylen Smith is fine. Um, we mentioned Winslow, we mentioned Pat Williams. Yep. Yo Yoic will probably start and play 30 plus minutes again, so if you wanna go there, he, yeah, just two for nine shooting. But Speaker 1 00:29:38 Yes, I mean again, he is started next to BA so yeah, that's, that could even be a little bit better for him truthfully. Speaker 2 00:29:44 Yeah. Um, so maybe Yoic, but again you, you mentioned it like he'll get town so do we suspect he'll be in foul trouble? I don't know but there's definitely a good chance, there's definitely a good chance that that could happen. Speaker 1 00:29:57 Yep, I agree with you. Uh, alright, let's finish this off at center, uh, at the top there. Bam, against Minnesota. I don't really wanna go there. Um, against Go Bear. I know. No ba I know no Butler, no hero. Uh, there'll be usage there for Bam, but it's not my favorite spot. Especially when you have Turners at 75. Ick I like at 74 against Boston. Um, you know, we talked about Bull Bull, uh, I actually think Capella and Alan are are two kind of interesting guys. They're gonna battle up against one another but uh, bull should be on the floor. A lot of rebound shop blocking opportunities for both of those guys there. Um, we didn't mention n but I think he could be in play against Golden State cuz they kind of go smaller. Uh, Nancy can kind of play against that. Uh, but Moba was like 44% roster of the other day, but when a Carter comes out, big price bump for him, but still at 58, like I could see a lot of people just plugging him right back into their lineups. Speaker 2 00:30:48 I mean's been really good lately, like on a fantasy point for minute basis, especially the minutes continue to go up and so is the production. So, um, he's making shots, he's elite, he had nothing going early and then he just dominated. Yeah. In terms of fantasy points, the only other name I would mention other than the guys you mentioned is Al Horford just as like a safe, reliable in the playbook 2026 plus Fantasy point guy that he every single night with like nearly 40 fantasy point upside. So, um, Kelly os cheap. Kelly os pretty cheap. Speaker 1 00:31:18 Yep. Kelly was in there as well. Just your dart board, uh, center. If he hits, if he hits hot from three, we know what a ceiling can be. Um, there as well. You know, can't really trust Mitchell Robinson even though he played 17 minutes in his return and is a good spot against the thunder. Just they're never gonna give him the minutes we want him to. So, um, what was the other one? Oh yeah, I had Robinson Earl, but I guess we have to wait now and see on, on the, the Baisley news. Like you played 28 minutes against Memphis and gave you 29 fantasy points. So, uh, whenever this guy gets like 30, near 30 minutes, he actually is productive. Yep. So I mean if he starts I would, you know, it's a dark throw play but um, you know, he's paying off the price tag if he gives a 30, you know, almost 10 x right. So. Right. Um, it could be worth it there. All right, build our lineup. Who's our, who's our guy? Who's our number one? Speaker 2 00:32:07 Probably Mr. Curry. Uh, but I guess it depends if, what are your thoughts on um, pool entering the lineup? Like we could fade curry and play pool and do like an sga, Halliburton or something along those lines. Speaker 1 00:32:21 Could do s yeah, I could, I mean I could do SGA pool. Speaker 2 00:32:26 I feel like you could probably get all three of them. Okay. Right. Sga, you could probably get Speaker 1 00:32:30 SGA pool, Halliburton. Um, Speaker 2 00:32:35 What it was so funny that nobody played Halliburton the other day after the ankle and like Speaker 1 00:32:39 We did <laugh> 50 50. Speaker 2 00:32:42 I just don't understands. He's so good. Speaker 1 00:32:45 Um, alright, who are our value then 5k at play? Uh, for the, for, uh, where we're going out here? Let's see, uh, Beasley, right? We're gonna run Beasley out there. Speaker 2 00:32:57 Six? Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:32:58 Mm-hmm. <affirmative> small Ford. Um, Jovi at Power for, did you wanna run that? Yeah, sure. Okay. He's at 4k. Uh, where? Jovi, Patrick Williams. Uh, any, Speaker 2 00:33:10 Either one of those? Either one or both. Speaker 1 00:33:13 Okay. Well, we'll, we'll Speaker 2 00:33:14 Cause you, because you can run one at the for if you wanted. Speaker 1 00:33:17 So Jovi in there for now. Center position. Um, Baba at 58. Speaker 2 00:33:24 I don't know because it, baba's value at 58 is probably ugly if Carter plays and obviously Carter not trending towards playing well Speaker 1 00:33:33 I'll say if Carter doesn't play, you just pivot down to Horford for a hundred cheaper. Speaker 2 00:33:36 Yeah, that's, that works. Speaker 1 00:33:37 Okay. So we'll throw bomb in there. We have 52 for a Ford and a till. Um, do you wanna go, do you wanna assume town Horton Tucker starts or do you wanna play qu and Grimes? Speaker 2 00:33:50 Yeah, we can play Qu and Grimes Speaker 1 00:33:51 And just see what it looks like if, I mean, again, we don't know what reddish is gonna be today, um, but if we go Grimes at Ford, we have a $7,400 utility play, um, which is sic Simon's Speaker 2 00:34:05 Franz. If we're playing Bull Bowl, probably, well Speaker 1 00:34:09 We don't have bowl in line, we have Bombo. Speaker 2 00:34:11 I, um, baba, I mean if we're running Bombo we Speaker 1 00:34:13 Probably, we could run Bull Bowl instead of Baba if you wanted to. Speaker 2 00:34:18 Let's run Bull Bowl. Speaker 1 00:34:19 Safer option Speaker 2 00:34:20 And probably, and that probably can actually get a su like sus on at the, let's Speaker 1 00:34:25 See. Bowl. Bowl, uh, we have 6,300. Exactly. Speaker 2 00:34:31 Sus 63. Yeah. Boom. Speaker 1 00:34:32 Yep, there it is. All right. So we got sga, we have Pool, Beasley, Jovi, bull Bowl, Halliburton, uh, Grimes, and then jail and sucks that of course if Cam Redis is back, we'll have to reevaluate. We probably go back down to Baba and then go up Grimes. The reddish probably solves that problem for us there, uh, for salary. But that is an example of what we're looking at for tonight's slate. Uh, with the spend up of sga, you could probably also go down Bull Bowl to Baba and go up SGA to Curry if you wanted to fit that in there as well. Uh, playbook's already out. For those of you who are listening and watching this video, you can go ahead and check that out now. Uh, well if the core plays out a little bit later in the day, once the finalized injury news, uh, hits the board. But, uh, for now James and I will be back for tomorrow. Catch you guys later.

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