January 05, 2023


NBA DFS Podcast January 5: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast January 5: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast January 5: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Jan 05 2023 | 00:39:03


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Luka Doncic against the Celtics

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Well, what's going on? FFA Nation, Jonathan Behe, James Grande. Welcome to the Financial Line, NBA DFS podcast and livestream recording for Thursday's four game main slate. Uh, James, I, I feel like we've had a little bit of a good run here lately. Um, you know, I know roster construction is always a big piece of, uh, you know, being successful, uh, when it comes to dfs, but the playbooks we've had out lately, the Discord conversations, uh, that have been going on, uh, I feel like we've been putting a lot of the right names in the right places and, you know, you and I at the very least know we've had some successful, uh, last few days here. Hopefully you guys watching, uh, the streams at home are also having, uh, some similar success, uh, with your lineup and roster constructions there. Um, and, and hopefully we can move forward here for gamer today. Speaker 0 00:00:48 Uh, you know, I definitely suggest on these slates generally to play a little bit later than you normally would, uh, on when it comes to your bank role, you know, but, uh, we have some, some, some top tier guys here, uh, on this slate. Uh, you know, obviously Yoic and Luka Donk, uh, are on this slate here today. So two guys and can go ahead and give you 80 plus, uh, fantasy points. So it'll be interesting to see what kind of value we come across here today to kind of help fit those guys in your lineups. Speaker 1 00:01:13 Yeah, we probably have what, three of the top four in the MVP race right now. Yeah. And Luca Yoic Tatum, probably I would obvi, like Giannis is probably the fourth member of that, you know. Yeah. Um, quartet. So yeah, I mean, a lot of star power even on a four game slate, John Moran included as well. So, um, should be a fun slate. All the totals, Sean, over 2 28 and a half, all the, um, all the spreads within seven points. We got Memphis and Houston as the two teams on a back to back. Um, so it should be a fun slate like you mentioned. It's going to largely be determined by who's in and who's out. Like right now, the most notable injury designation, uh, is Paul George, who is traveling with the team to Denver. He has listed questionable, they removed Kauai Leonard from the injury report with an illness. But we know how a Kwai Leonard injury goes. We, until the last bell, uh, there's a chance Kawai is <laugh>. That's, I'm saying we're not gonna play. Speaker 0 00:02:19 We have no idea. Uh, we hope we have an idea, but we have no idea if he's gonna be playing or Speaker 1 00:02:24 Not. Um, and then the magic are really the other, um, key components. I guess we could always see teams, rest players, um, Houston likely rest. Eric Gordon, he's hasn't really played back to back just here. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, so he probably sits for Houston. Will Memphis rest anyone after? They've got to rest the whole fourth quarter on, uh, Speaker 0 00:02:45 <laugh>, right? Well, they may be resting guys again in the fourth quarter in this one. It's Orlando, so. Speaker 1 00:02:50 Right. I mean the, the good thing is Orlando is getting people back. Franz Wag, Franz Wagner is back. Um, the Speaker 0 00:02:58 Bob already ruled out, uh, health and safety protocols for tonight. So Speaker 1 00:03:01 Bob Bowl out again. So sh you know, we saw a full compliment of minutes from Wendell Carter last night, so it's gonna be an interesting, interesting, fun little slate. You think he's Speaker 0 00:03:10 At all first back to back for him here. Speaker 1 00:03:13 Um, we'll probably get word, I think we got word, um, ahead of time on Wednesday where they were like, when Carter's gonna start, there's gonna be no limit. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So hopefully we get that same, uh, thing. I don't suspect he would be limited, uh, after being able to get through 30 minutes, he looked really good. Yeah. 13 point double double. So I would suspect Carter's a full go here. Speaker 0 00:03:39 Okay. Uh, let's get into it. Point guard position here. Uh, Luca's at 10 12, 6, uh, he's at home. He's facing Boston who he had 42 actual against in their first meeting. <laugh>, um, Luca actually has, I mean, listen, Luca has ridiculous stats against a lot of teams. Um, Luca's done really well against his Celtics. Me, he just, again, the Marcus Smart has had no effect on Luca probably cuz Luca's just as strong as Marcus is, right? Like smart Speaker 1 00:04:07 Kinda. Speaker 0 00:04:07 He's so big. He's just, so, he's, you know, he is a, a fat fast guy, right? Like, you know, he's Luca, Luca on the corner is just like a, a a square, you know? He is, he is just a brick. So Mark, you know, smart's really good at being physical with a lot of these other guards in the league. Uh, and Luca kinda like hardened at times, just kind of bodies up people, um, because of their, cuz of their size. So, uh, he's had a lot of success. He was 17 of 28 shooting in that game against Boston earlier this year. Um, again, we're never gonna tell you not to play. I mean he's 12 six, he's more expensive than he is been, uh, in recent games. He's working his way back up to that 13 K price tag that we saw him earlier in the year. Lastly though, you didn't have to play him, right? Lastly, you went for 68 fantasy points. Believe it or not. He wasn't, he wasn't Speaker 1 00:04:49 Only 60, only 68 Speaker 0 00:04:51 <laugh> a 39, 12 and eight, you know, double, double there. Nearly triple double Jesus. Um, but like 68 fantasy points is actually a win for fading Luca, right? Like, you know, that's five x, you know? Right. Speaker 1 00:05:03 Like except the guy, except the guy who won the hundred K with Luca somehow. Speaker 0 00:05:08 Yeah, well, yeah. Yeah. He had a pretty strong lineup there. Didn't need him though. Well he also had didn't need him, Donny Mitch and didn't need he Speaker 1 00:05:14 Of both of them. Yeah, he did. He Yeah. Luca do Luca, Donny, Mitch. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:05:17 Yeah, yeah. He didn't play LeBron. You played Luca over LeBron and played Donovan Mitchell. So, um, listen. Yeah, listen, I get it. You didn't, he wasn't the reason you would've lost, I guess is what I'm saying, right? Yeah. Correct. Um, cause I, I didn't play him. I cashed, I, you know, it wasn't a big deal there. Same, so same, same, um, on a smaller slate though, you're gonna be making that decision today. Are you gonna spend the 11 eight on yo first, the Clippers? I, I feel like I will, I feel like that's probably the spot I'm, I'm gonna end up going. Uh, but we'll see how the roster builds, uh, come out here today. Under, under Luca. You got John Morant at ten four. I said yesterday again, if I was picking one, I was picking lame la ball over JA Moran because in a blowout Lamel ball is playing the minutes low and behold 27 minutes outta John Marant Lao played 35 <laugh>, uh, in a game that was a 26 point blowout or 24 point blowout here. Um, I do worry a little bit that Orlando could find themselves in the same situation here, um, because Memphis is, is just really good. Um, so I don't know if I wanna spend the ten four, but there's two spend ups at point Guard and then we go right into the seven K. So, um, you know, do you have interest in John Moran here on the back to back? Speaker 1 00:06:30 Um, yeah, for tournaments? I think on a small slate, um, given his 70 fantasy point upside, I think it's hard not to look at him and be like, yeah, I could definitely see myself getting to Ja the problem is like, let's say you play Luko or you play Yoko Trey, like assuming ha three-fourths of the field has one of those two guys. There's not a lot of value. Yeah, we've, we've talked about it cuz there's not a lot of guys that are out. Um, so like if you play Yoic Moran, you have $4,600 to fill out the rest of your lineup. Yeah. Like that's just not a comfortable roster construction for me. Um, so I think a lot of lineups, you wanna be contrarian, you play John Moran, right? That's your contrarian spend to Luca that you contrarian. It's the same thing with Tatum, Moran and Tatum are in the, so I was gonna ask spend up category. Speaker 0 00:07:24 If you had to pick one Moran or Tatum, which one do you choose? Speaker 1 00:07:29 Um, Moran's in a better spot? You know, that I don't typically target guys against Dallas. They are very slowed to now. They've been a little worse defensively since they've lost Dorian Infinity Smith's injury and they've moved their rotation around. Yeah. Like Christian Woods now starting and they've been better as a team. They won seven straight games. Yeah. And Dallas is better, but they're Speaker 0 00:07:51 They're Speaker 1 00:07:52 Scoring. Yeah. Right. They're scoring more. They're not defending more. Um, so I, it is worth mentioning that Tatum's inter a in a better spot than I think we give, than I probably am. He Speaker 0 00:08:03 Torched them in that first game. He went for 37, 13, and five. Speaker 1 00:08:06 Yeah. Now do, and Spinny Smith is their best perimeter defender, right? He's not there. So like that's worth mentioning. I would probably lean Moran, I think Moran's in a really good spot against Orlando. Um, not to say Tatum's not in a, a good spot himself, but Dallas still does play really, really slow. Um, Speaker 0 00:08:23 Let's see, I'll say this. Boston struggles on the road I think get sucked on a bit. They lost that, they lost a lot of games on that big West Coast swing that they went on and they just lost my 50 to o kc. So Speaker 1 00:08:33 I mean, that was just the most points o KC has ever scored and they didn't have SGA in. Speaker 0 00:08:38 Right. So like, I I think one of two things can happen here. Either they bounce back from that and they come out and just like give Dallas just like a total focused game here. Um, or Boston continues to struggle on the road, you know, again, you know, that's, that's certainly something that could happen here. Luca goes out there, punches them in the mouth early scores like 16 first quarter points and like now Boston's down 13, 14 and the game's over. Right? Like Speaker 1 00:09:07 The Dallas is good at home. Yeah. Like I we've talked about that all year 15 and five at home this year. Yeah. Um, so it, it's, yeah, winners of seven straight, this is gonna be a heavyweight, this is gonna be a heavyweight battle. I think Dallas, um, really coming internal with their new starting lineup. So Yeah. I agree. I mean Speaker 0 00:09:22 It's two MVP guys going back and forth against one another. Yep. Sure. Uh, Boston just lost a Denver on the road as well. Um, you know, so LeBron, uh, LeBron, uh, Tatum is not doing well against some of these other MVP candidates here. Yeah. Uh, when he is not at home. So, um, something to consider there. Uh, middle tier of guys here, you know, Kevin Porter last night again, 31 minutes. It was a tough spot. We talked about it. Yeah. He didn't really play well against the Pelicans the first time they played. Didn't play well again last night. Um, you know, easier matchup here in two games against Utah already. He is averaging 45 fantasy points Yep. On Draftking. So, um, you know, how many of those games did there? Was there No Mike Conley maybe worth looking into, but, um, you know, I guess I can actually go down and find Speaker 1 00:10:07 Conley's played. Conley's played in both. Speaker 0 00:10:09 Go ahead. Played in both. Okay. Perfect. Um, so yeah, listen, Kevin, Porter's in a better spot here. It is a back to back, but, uh, I don't mind it also, like Clarkson had Clarkson in my lineup the other day. He's just kinda locked in for 30 and he has a ceiling of 45, right? Like mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, you know, so if you're okay on a smaller slate, which we talk about a lot, you know, you know, we, we want five x, we want six x, but on smaller slates, like some guys get you four X is enough because not many guys give you a full X at 30 fantasy points. Right? Like they, they come in lower. So, um, I I'm good, I'm good really with a lot of these guards here in this middle section. Speaker 1 00:10:46 I'm, uh, I'm like a little, I guess I'm a little indifferent about Clarkson at this price just because as Utah has gotten healthier and I know Sexton's out, he's just like set and, and nothing against what Clarkson is doing. He's scoring consistently 20 plus points every night, but the peripheral stats are very, very inconsistent. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, and 73 is like not a discount. And I, no, and I guess my, my struggle is like, and I, I've been touting Mike Conley a lot on this podcast lately. Why not just play Mike Conley who has shown like a similar ceiling floor combination lately for $1,600 cheaper, especially on a slate where we're struggling to find value, right? Yeah. And now Speaker 0 00:11:33 To your point, I I was definitely getting the Conley Love Conley today probably gonna be a core play for a lot of lineups. Speaker 1 00:11:37 Clark Clarkson in that instance is definitely a contrarian play because, um, I don't think a lot of people will get to him because the, the the build the construction today, if they're like, let's say nothing changes, right? Right. Let's say like Paul George is the only person ruled out. Yeah. And like the re which is that's a pipe dream. We it's the nba. Right? But let's just say hypothetically, it'll be hard to get to Clarkson cuz like you're gonna either have Luca on your lineup or you're gonna have, Speaker 0 00:12:06 So a Luca cannot, Luca, Leonard Conley build start gives you $4,700 Speaker 1 00:12:13 A player. So imagine that. Imagine it's Clarkson, right? Right. Like I'm, that's why I, I think I'm having problems with like getting to Clarkson instead of like just spinning down. But there's a, there's the tournament appeal of Jordan Clarkson. Cause Jordan Clarkson goes out and scores 35. He's gonna be what, sub 10%? Yep. Sub 15%. So, um, I don't, I don't dis disagree, I'm just talking through the process. Sure. In my head, like I, everyone's gonna gravitate to Mike Conley and I feel like that is the, the correct play, but in a tournament couldn't fall too for getting the Clarkson because he's gonna be severely less armed. Speaker 0 00:12:49 Yeah, no, I, listen, I was gonna get to Conley. I I like him a lot here as well. Uh, I think Jamal Marty at seven K, you know, again, a guy that has shown ceiling, uh, last two games against Miami and Minnesota didn't really get there. The minutes have been great for him though. Yeah. Um, you know, and if he goes out there against the Clippers tonight and drops 25, 5 and five or something like that and he gives you a 46 fantasy points, you're smash. And so, um, more to your point, you know, no one's gonna play Clarkson when they can save their hundred bucks and play Jamal Murray against the Clippers this season one game 45 fantasy points 21 6 and nine in that game. So, um, winners, Jamal Murray ranked for you. Uh, is he your mid-tier guard? Like if we're ranking these tiers, got Luca, you got Jamal Murray and then you go Mike Conley is like your, your lower value guys Speaker 1 00:13:40 Probably. Um, I like K P J I liked your call on kp j quite a bit for tournaments specifically. Um, I might rank K PJ a little ahead of Murray cuz I like that. I really like the Utah spot. I mean we, we've seen it like Utah cannot play defense. Like they cannot stop anybody. Um, I mean Utah <laugh> in the last five games have given up a hundred seventeen, a hundred twenty six, a hundred twenty six, a hundred twelve, a hundred twenty six points. Like they cannot stop anybody. Um, no, Eric Gordon I think gives a little bit of bump to Porter too. So I'd probably go Porter close second to Murray in that hit chair. Okay. Speaker 0 00:14:21 Okay. Um, Foltz has been playing well, but he is, you know, the minutes, the, they're all, he, well the sus play tonight. Let's see, did he play, Speaker 1 00:14:28 He's questionable. They, they, they already, we already got a status update. He Yeah. Question he's officially listed. Questionable. Speaker 0 00:14:35 Okay. Yeah, he was potentially able to return yesterday but then they ruled, they ended up ruling him out. So we'll Speaker 1 00:14:39 See. How do you think they handled this? Because Cole Anthony got 30 last night and I think that's probably cuz Franz was out, but like how do you think Suggs plays into this equation? Speaker 0 00:14:48 I mean, he was their starter, so Speaker 1 00:14:50 Is it it gonna, do you think that they go back to like a more traditional lineup where they're starting false n sus where then it's like Fran's at the three, Palo at the four Carter at the five and then you're bringing, Speaker 0 00:15:03 I mean maybe I I guess it could certainly work that way. Um, Speaker 1 00:15:08 Because they started Gary Harris and Caleb Houston last night and obviously Speaker 0 00:15:13 Houston, Houston was the unlock that you needed too. He actually had a pretty decent game at Min Price Speaker 1 00:15:19 And it was sub, it was um, it was because of suspensions obviously, Speaker 0 00:15:23 But like Yeah, but you got 34, 3400 bucks, 21 points that would've helped you get a lot of, you know, a lot of guys for those of you out there that played, you know Trey man, you know Right. Caleb Houston was the right was the guy. So, um, you know how you Trey man tough tough night for him. Paul Reed zero minutes out nowhere man, like Oh and he was 11, 12% roster in, in contest yesterday. Yeah. So that's brittle. I mean we all know what that's like. We played Darius Baisley, so, um, yeah. Guy doesn't seems like a, oh this guy's ruled out. He has to play if coaches, coaches think otherwise sometimes. Yep. So. Yep. Yep. Um, and two of the coaches that will do would do that to us too in, in Okay. Speaker 1 00:16:06 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:16:07 Um, so yeah, the guard positions will certainly be interesting to see how the, they handle it. Um, were they starting two guards together earlier? Were they starting sus in Anthony? Is that how that Speaker 1 00:16:15 Rotation was going earlier? Um, yeah I believe, I believe so. Cuz Anthony was definitely starting, um, earlier in the year. Yes. And then he wasn't, uh, let's just look, I'll look early in the year. Let's see what's going on here. Um, yeah, they were starting Nope. Call Anthony not in the, uh, <laugh>, not in that example <laugh>. I'm just looking through like Sure. Fox scores to see what Orlando was doing and I just don't have any examples, so, okay. Call Anthony has only started three games this year. Speaker 0 00:16:47 Oh, there you go man. Well, Speaker 1 00:16:48 But Foltz has, but Foltz has started like every game that he's played. So like what they have, they've had a guard problem for a while now. Right. So Speaker 0 00:16:58 Jalen dog isn't a typical shooting guard either, right. So like they, they gonna have two like Cole Anthony to me profiles more as a, as a two than he does a one. Speaker 1 00:17:07 Yeah, he's just two. He's just small. Yeah. Which is unfortunate for him. He's like, I agree. He's just like a smaller guy. Sure. I don't know, I don't know what they do. They could, they could start two of them. They could start one of the three, which would obviously, um, yeah. Sus isn't even in. I, we'll we'll find out about the lineup later and then we'll discuss it in the Discord. Yeah. Um, so make sure you guys are around. Speaker 0 00:17:34 Um, all right. Other value guys here? Uh, Brogden got blow up minutes. Derek White play 21. Hard to Speaker 1 00:17:39 Really, Brock can get wild to get that Brogden is getting blow up and it's insane. Speaker 0 00:17:44 Kind of difficult to, uh, to figure out how that rotation's gonna go with those two guys there. Uh, the Clippers guards are both gonna be active today, so I don't think he can play either of them unless you have a difference of opinion there. Speaker 1 00:17:58 Um, Reggie Jackson is something, he's there 30 minutes and three of us last four, you know, he's clearly playing over John Wall if there's no Paul George, I think there's potential there. Uh, also, I just wanna note, I don't know if Desmond vain sits the back to back, but he did sit the last back to back. Sure. Um, since he's back from injury and Ty Jones played 32 minutes and had 42 fantasy points. So that was with Jah and Jah was in the lineup. So it was a really sharp play. I think it's definitely something. Is Speaker 0 00:18:32 It weird that he only played 15 minutes in the game where they won by 24 yesterday? Like why wouldn't he get more run as the backup? Speaker 1 00:18:38 Um, did they give Kennedy Chandler They gave Kennedy Chandler seven minutes. He was a, he's a rookie, so maybe they were just like taas. We, I think Taas was also injured in, um, going into the game. Okay. So probably like, yeah, he has, he had an illness, so maybe like, let's just rest you we're up 30, we don't need to put you back on the Speaker 0 00:19:00 Floor. All shooting guard position here. Jalen Brown is $9,500. Um, Speaker 1 00:19:04 That is so expensive. Speaker 0 00:19:06 I'm getting a little expensive. He did go again, him and Tay both had really big games against Dallas. He had 46 fantasy points in that 1 31 actual, so, uh, TA and Brown both went and scored 30 plus actual against Dallas there, uh, in their spot. Uh, Franz is 68. You mentioned Ba potentially on the back to back. Jalen Green at $6,600 is a pretty good spot for him. Speaker 1 00:19:27 Uh, Paul George too, by the way. Yeah, I Right. If he plays Speaker 0 00:19:30 Iffy place. Right, right. If, if George plays we're definitely in, um, wasn't just skipping him. Yeah. George just assuming maybe he doesn't, but, um, Speaker 1 00:19:39 He tra travel with the team is a good sign. I Speaker 0 00:19:41 Agree. I agree. Uh, they are starting Tim Hardaway Jr. Um, <laugh>, he's been, he's been decent. So 15 hundreds a mid-tier, uh, any just in Dylan Brooks if Banin sits Speaker 1 00:19:53 Yeah, if Bane sits, sure. We just, it's just like this guy is such a wild card. Speaker 0 00:19:59 Yeah. I mean, so is Norman Powell as a wild card? You've been a big Malik Beasley guy. You nailed his call the other day. 33 fantasy points for him against Sacramento. It just, you pick the right Beasley day, that's all Speaker 1 00:20:14 <laugh>. Yep. Yeah, if he's, if he's making shots, they'll play 'em mm-hmm <affirmative>, um, which I don't know why he didn't stay on the floor of his Miami, but different discussion, different day. Uh, yeah, if he's making shots, they're gonna play him. Um, no Sex and Benefits Beasley. So Torments for sure. Who Speaker 0 00:20:29 Would start over for George Man or Kenard Speaker 1 00:20:32 <laugh>? Who knows? Speaker 0 00:20:34 And would you play either of them? Speaker 1 00:20:36 Yeah, I mean, probably, probably. You play the starter. Probably. I don't, I don't know. They, they flip Teran another one of those. Like, I I think Toronto's a good coach, but he's, his rotations are wa are wacky. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:20:52 No, I agree with you there. Um, anybody else here? Speaker 1 00:20:55 I didn't, I didn't see anything. I didn't see anything either. Uh, if, if, uh, Beale sits John Concha. Speaker 0 00:21:02 Okay. Speaker 1 00:21:03 I'm not Beal Bain. Yeah, BA Bain. Sorry. Bain. Speaker 0 00:21:05 Oh, it's not. Wait a minute. Speaker 1 00:21:07 <laugh>. Yes. Not Bradley Beale. Uh, yet? Speaker 0 00:21:12 Not yet. Maybe, maybe Speaker 1 00:21:13 Something not yet. Maybe someday, Speaker 0 00:21:14 Uh, small forward. We got Tatum Brown. Talked about it. Both, both are in play tough spots. Um, I told you the other day, like Lori Marketing was like a must, uh, I get it. 39 fantasy points kind of. Nah, we had 28 actual, so I I don't feel like it was a loss, it just, he didn't give us the, the peripheral stats that we generally get. Yep. Um, you know, he had eight rebounds, just one assists, no blocks, no steels. He only hit one three. So, you know, 39 fancy points at 8,800 feels like a loss. Um, but what I told James that day was, and it doesn't really apply for this slate because there is a lot of small forwards, but on smaller slates where it feels like there's not a lot of good talent at that position, most people tend to just spend down on it and spend up mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Speaker 0 00:22:02 So if you wanna get different, you actually spend up at this spot, take the top right sky, then kind of get different. So I played marketing on the three gamer on Wednesday and he was like 24% roster, which on a small slate is actually pretty low owned. Um, when everybody else is 50, you know, 50 plus percent. So, you know, if you wanna get different tournaments, it's definitely a way to approach certain position groups where you feel like there's not a lot of great talent at it. This isn't obviously one of them. You have Tatum, you have Brown, you have Mark and George Kenard. Ben Carro coming off of a big game. Like there's a lot of small Fords you can play. Um, that said, Houston is also a pretty good matchup now marketing hasn't had great games against him this year. He is only averaging 30 fantasy points and two games against Houston. That feels odd given how successful he's been this year and how bad Houston's been defensively, but I'd be willing to run it back here. Speaker 1 00:22:56 Yeah, I mean I think he probably fits in the same category as Clarkson where like nobody's gonna get to him. Yeah. Um, because he's probably too expensive, but his ceiling even more so than Clarkson is 60. I think we've seen 70 from him earlier. 60 a couple times. Yeah. So, um, just the way he's scoring the basketball, um, as a Bulls fan, I wish, you know, the Bulls had someone like this, I wonder if they could have ever had someone like this. Right. Um, but uh, yeah, I I I fully agree like he's gonna be lower owned and again, it's, he's gonna be lowed because it's tough to play him plus Yoku or him plus Luca. Like it's, um, you're gonna have to really find a, a dumpster dive couple plays, but if parking goes for 60 or at 60 at 5%, it's like, well yeah, now we have a GPP winning lineup on our hands. Speaker 0 00:23:50 Yep. Uh, you mentioned George May and Maria not play obviously. I think regardless though, $8,100 for Aqua Leonard is a good number. Yep, yep. On this slate, even if he does play, he's shown the ability to give us 40 fantasy points plus playing with Ball George. Uh, we know what his ceiling can certainly be without Paul George. Um, again, Bancar at ak, probably nobody gets there with, with Fran's back and, and Win Carter playing full minutes. Plus he's a hundred dollars less on DraftKings in Leonard. So most people just play Kauai. Um, so if you wanna be different, you, you certainly can go, uh, in that direction. Um, mid-tier guys, like some we've talked about, we didn't touch on Matt, Michael Porter Jr. Yet any interest here? Speaker 1 00:24:31 Um, yes, Michael Porter and Torments, um, probably in play could see Kauai if Paul George plays definitely will see Kauai or Paul George and that's not like Sure the best, uh, most fun matchup, um, on the board. So for tournaments, Speaker 0 00:24:55 I I, I don't know where to go after this. There's not, there's not a lot. This Speaker 1 00:24:58 Is not, if Gary Harris starts maybe 27 minutes, 26 fantasy points yesterday, um, Speaker 0 00:25:04 I think, I mean with everybody back, it feels hard to think you start, but we don't know the rotation I guess. So Speaker 1 00:25:10 KJ Martin has started for Eric Gordon pretty much every time. Um, there's been a back to back involved, so Sure. I assume Eric Gordon sits, I assume KJ Martin starts. Okay. And he's $3,500. Um, again, very rollercoaster ride. Yes. But, but there's no value. There is no value. Like you stopped after Michael Porter and you said, I don't know where to go. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:25:34 I don't, Speaker 1 00:25:34 I don't, I don't, there is no value. I think KJ Martin presents a little more value, a little value to the slate. Yeah, we'll see. Um, but I, I think 3,500 KJ Martin is something I'm willing to, uh, Speaker 0 00:25:49 Explore. I agree. Um, power forward again, talked about it. Most of these guys here will get down to Christian. Woody, we haven't discussed yet. We've talked about Christian Woods moving to the starting lineup. He's been a monster. Um, tougher spot against Boston, but I mean, just a, a really good offensive player here. I would expect Rob Williams and Al Horford to be in this game here. Yeah, they have Tatum. Um, does that worry you at all about Christian Wood at all? I mean, he did again against Boston. The, he had 44 fantasy points, so he had a really good game against them, uh, back in November 23rd, 34 minutes, 10 or 14 shooting 26 and 12 in that game. I don't know if that was a game that didn't have, you know, an Al Horford or somebody to get in. I know there was no, um, there was no Rob Williams. So let's see, did Horford play? He did Horford play 35 minutes in that game. So yeah, I don't know. Christian Wood just had a, just had a monster game there against Boston. Speaker 1 00:26:46 Um, yeah, I mean I think Christian Wood is just, he, you know, you and I love the fit in the, in the off season and then they just like did the start up and you're like, um, I don't really understand this <laugh>. Yeah, I mean Luca had 42, wood had 26 and then did what had 15 and that was like their hold, I'm just like looking things over. Um, DWI Powell played 11 minutes in the starting lineup. Like they just look, there's obviously Horford and what's the name looming? Rob Williams. But like Wood's gonna take them both to three point line. I think he won't have a problem there. He's been, no, Speaker 0 00:27:25 Rob Williams is actually one of the best clothes out bigs last year, if you remember. Sure, Speaker 1 00:27:29 Sure. Um, but it's also like he's also only playing 20 minutes facts. So we're going to get like if this was later in the year, probably we'd see more Rob will IDs I'd assume. Oh yeah. Um, Christian Wood also been super consistent on the blocks in the blocks. Department had five blocks against Houston. Four. I mean he has one, two or more blocks in all, but one of his last like 10 games. Yeah. So I don't know. I'm, I'm okay getting Christian Wood for whatever format you wanna use him in. I Speaker 0 00:27:59 Like it. Um, a thousand dollars cheaper. Aaron Gordon's been playing some of the best basketball of his career. I don't know if that continues against the Clippers or not, but against the Clippers earlier this year he went for 50. So Speaker 1 00:28:11 I mean he's just kind of good. He's just kind of good. He's good. I know it's hard. I know it's hard for you to admit it. John, Speaker 0 00:28:17 Uh, he was the original Donovan Mitchell. So Speaker 1 00:28:19 Like he was the original Don Mitchell. Um, look, I think the evolution of Aaron Gordon, the DFS player is on display on January 2nd where he goes four of 18 from the floor, but he grabs 16 rebounds, has six assists and he gives you 44 fantasy points. Speaker 0 00:28:39 I mean 10 or more rebounds and three of the last seven games it looks like. So I mean he is crashing a glass, six or more rebounds and and five of uh, six of those seven, I mean last two games got 13 total assists. Speaker 1 00:28:52 Yep. The steels have been there, the double digit scoring has been there and we're getting booms too, like every so often. Look, I think it's, I think Denver finally figured it out how to play like everyone figuring out how to play with Yoic. Mm-hmm. Right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative> like it, he just makes things easier and I think that's full display for Aaron Gordon. Speaker 0 00:29:11 And that's the frustrating about playing Yoic sometimes too, is that like he'll have a game like he did the other day where it's like 24 6 and six and it's like, cuz he just, everybody else around him was just open mm-hmm. <affirmative> and you know. Yep. So, you know, he, he's not as, he doesn't take over, he can take over but because he, he's not because he's not point guard. Right. Yeah. Like they have to get him the basketball where Lu just has the basketball, you know? Speaker 1 00:29:34 Yep. Yep. Exactly. Speaker 0 00:29:37 Maybe they should change that. Just have Speaker 1 00:29:39 Maybe, I mean, well we see it, we'll see it like in times where you just see Yolks bringing the ball up and you're like, that is a big man Speaker 0 00:29:46 Also bringing the ball. Also the fair Dallas does not have nearly the offensive guys around Luca that Yoko has So true. Um, definitely plays a major part there. Um, so yeah, go ahead Gordon at 69. I, I won't argue there if he's in your lineups, the numbers have beared out that he is worthy of your consideration here. Uh, this evening. Uh, jar Jackson played just 24 minutes. You know, the story with Triple J love him in tournaments, has great upside if you can just stay out of foul trouble. The shop Blocking's Elite, the rebound thing's been pretty good lately. Um, hard to get rebounds when, when, uh, Steven Adams is grabbing 20 a night but six, seven, and eight in those three games. Yeah. So like he's at least doing his part when Adams is off the floor to get to pull down some boards there. Um, you got your Utah guys Andrew built had a pretty good game the other day. Um, you know, it doesn't play 30 minutes, but, uh, 14 and nines kind of his, his bag is giving you 28 or more in 3 0 4. Uh, you know, I love Kelly o especially against a team like Houston. It feels like it, yeah. Fits, feels like it fits his skillset potentially. He's averaging 26 fantasy points in two games while shooting. Oh, how about this Only four total three point attempts for Kelly o against Houston this year? There's a guy Speaker 1 00:30:57 Not a lot shots in general. Speaker 0 00:30:58 Yeah. Not a lot of shots in general. Not a lot of shots lately either. Only took two shots for Sacramento. Um, I don't know, I don't know what's going on there, but Speaker 1 00:31:06 That was a, that was a foul trouble game. True. I feel like sometimes he gets in foul trouble and just like takes his offense away. Like he's just like, uh, I'm just gonna be very passive Speaker 0 00:31:15 Here. Two, uh, 5,000, two of the last three as well. But, um, always, always a tournament play, especially on a small slate. Right. He goes up there, he knocks down two early threes and like you're cooking with, with Kelly o so. Yep. Um, Speaker 1 00:31:29 Your boy Jabari has, I was gonna say coming from Monster Speaker 0 00:31:31 Game now, like the pr talk about a guy where the price doesn't feel like it's catching up, right. Like Speaker 1 00:31:37 Well it's just because he's so inconsistent. Like he'll, he has this game where he is four, he goes 14, 13 and he does everything and then look at the four games prior. It's like he's not even close to paying salary off. Sure. And then the two games prior, it's 34 45 fantasy points and then it gets just, he goes Speaker 0 00:31:55 Through he's a rookie, right? He goes Speaker 1 00:31:56 Through the rookie Exactly. Is what a Exactly. Bingo. He's a rookie. So two Speaker 0 00:32:00 Games against Utah though. 33 fantasy points. 15 nine. Um, not only nine of 20 shootings. So, you know, I mean not bad. Speaker 1 00:32:09 Great. I think this is a, I think this is a great game environment for Houston in general. No, Eric Gordon, but probably potentially. I mean he hasn't played it back to back, so that's just me assuming so, um, likely no Eric Gordon and then against the team who's Planos plays no defense. Like it's really, really, really ideal situations for, um, Houston here. Speaker 0 00:32:30 Yep. I agree with you there. Um, wish they would play t Easton more. Do they just don't Speaker 1 00:32:35 <laugh>. They just don't. Speaker 0 00:32:36 Um, Marcus Morris also a good play here. Even if, even if, uh, Paul George, um, is active, he's just been giving you 2020 or so fancy points, uh, would you play Aldama any interest in Aldama here at 34? Speaker 1 00:32:49 Mm maybe if there's no Brandon Clark. Brandon Clark is listed questionable and I I think you could probably play Brandon Clark. Speaker 0 00:32:58 I would play Brandon Clark if he was active. Yeah, I was kind of toting up Brandon Clark there for a little bit, um, in certain matchups as value plays. Especially when you think the blowouts were coming. Um, you know, he had that stretch where he was just kind of hovering around the, the 20 minute mark and he is a fantasy point for a minute guy, so. Yep. Uh, yeah, I like Brandon Clark a lot. If he's active here tonight, um, I got nobody else to power forward Speaker 1 00:33:20 Now. Honda Center. Speaker 0 00:33:21 Okay. Yoic. Okay. Don't need to talk about it. You can just play him. Uh, if Speaker 1 00:33:24 You hold on, we're gonna build soon. You can only build one. Is it, are you building with Luca or you Speaker 0 00:33:30 With Yeah, I'm gonna build, I'm gonna build Luca. I'm gonna build one. Okay. Luca. Um, Ken, if you wanna play Yoic, you can, don't need to, don't need to go into it. Only 50 fancy points against him the first time. 48 fancy points the other day, last couple games here we talk about. Right. 70 against Boston was great, but 51, 59, 60 48. Like, eh, eh, you know, for that price. Like it's, it's good, right? We know what he can do, but Luke has been doing it so Speaker 1 00:33:59 Yeah. Every night. Speaker 0 00:34:01 Um, you know, if he goes on a go, if he goes up for 95, like he dig in Charlotte, then <laugh>, you know, when I accept the mos, uh, again, Wendell Carter against Steven Adams. Would you, would you play that Speaker 1 00:34:11 Matchup? Yeah. Yeah. I think it's a, I think it's a really good spot. I think both centers in this game are um, great plays. Um, and I think Shumon as well. I know 22 minutes, very, very frustrating, but Yeah. Speaker 0 00:34:22 Hasn't played either of the games against you Tyler this year. Speaker 1 00:34:26 It's a such a good spot. Speaker 0 00:34:28 I know. I just think it's such a good spot. It's weird that he hasn't played those games Speaker 1 00:34:30 Yet. Um, he's been in and outta lineup a bunch this year. Um, dude, like 31. Speaker 0 00:34:38 31. Speaker 1 00:34:39 He has so many. I I'm not, look, I'm just gonna say this, he has so many nickel yoic qualities. It's crazy <laugh>, he just needs to like play. But Speaker 0 00:34:50 Why are they only playing on 22 minutes Speaker 1 00:34:51 Against normal? I don't know. I don't know. Foul Speaker 0 00:34:53 Trouble against Dallas foul trouble against Dallas. Back to back games. Speaker 1 00:34:56 It could be the back. It could be the back. That's like limiting him a little bit. Sure. Um, cuz he did go into that game with a back injury. So maybe that's the reason. But please just give this man more minutes. Please, please. I'm begging you mm-hmm Speaker 0 00:35:08 <affirmative>. Um, I mean LER caster off the bench has still been pretty decent. Always a foul trouble risk there. <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:35:16 Um, sure Speaker 0 00:35:17 Is Zaks, you know, maybe playing the, has to play at least the minutes. Um, Speaker 1 00:35:22 If you, why Yeah, I mean, look, the guy plays the guy is a ultimate boomer bust. There's 40 fantasy point upside I think more so if Paul George sits because Paul George is a good rebounding guard. Yeah. Um, so I'd be willing to get, I'd be willing to get there for sure. Speaker 0 00:35:42 Um, Obama played 18 minutes last night, um, you know, could be a, a value play. I'm just gonna, we were gonna play Robert Williams the other day. I'll just play Robert Williams again. Um, at 4,100. Speaker 1 00:35:52 Yep. It's even cheaper than it was the other day. Yep. Speaker 0 00:35:55 Even cheaper than it was the other day. All right, let's build, I'm just gonna plug Rob Will at 41 in our center spot now gonna go to Luca. Gonna go to Conley. And where's Conley? 57. I'm on shooting guard, that's why I can't find him. Uh, Conley 57. Uh, you like Kauai or do you want to see if we can double spend here on somebody? Speaker 1 00:36:17 No, we don't need a double spend. That's our lineup's gonna be in shambles. Speaker 0 00:36:20 All right. Luco Leonard, Rob Will Conley 4,800 a player. So shooting guard Power Forward Ford Utility here. Speaker 1 00:36:30 Um, Jabari Smith. Yep. Jabari Marcus Morris. Yep. We have Aari Speaker 0 00:36:34 Power Forward, uh, $4,900 for a shooting guard forward in utility. Speaker 1 00:36:39 You could play, I don't know if you want to play KJ Martin, um, but he provides us a lot of value. Uh, I'm Speaker 0 00:36:46 Just, can, I'll do Martin. That's fine. We'll do Martin. Assuming that he is, uh, obviously this lineup is contingent on Eric Gordon being ruled out. So, and Speaker 1 00:36:55 Paul and Paul George. Well I guess no, Speaker 0 00:36:57 I'll play water anyways, but yeah. Um, 5,600 for a shooting guard and a utility play. Speaker 1 00:37:04 How much? 56. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:37:09 Let's Speaker 1 00:37:10 See. Beasley at 5k. Speaker 0 00:37:12 Do you wanna plug Adams in the utility? Speaker 1 00:37:15 He's been good <laugh>. It's been really good. Yeah, we could play. Yeah, we could play super times Speaker 0 00:37:22 And then a $5,500 shooting guard. Beasley. Yeah. Beasley's fine Speaker 1 00:37:29 For tournaments, you know. Speaker 0 00:37:30 Mm. If Suggs is out, would you play Cole, Anthony at all or no? Beasley missing a lot of shit. Not a lot of shots is the last couple minutes. Speaker 1 00:37:38 Yeah, I like the, I like the 30 minutes, but Speaker 0 00:37:42 Better spot for Beasley here. Speaker 1 00:37:46 Better spot for Beasley I think. Speaker 0 00:37:48 Oh, I agree with you. All right, so we got 500 bucks left over. Let's see here. 6,200 utility, if we want to get off of Adams is Dinwoody is it would be the only, would it be the upgrade there if we wanted to do it, but Speaker 1 00:38:00 Probably not. I don't. Speaker 0 00:38:03 Okay. Speaker 1 00:38:04 All right. I think, I think the Dinwitty over six K Dream is dead until, uh, further notice. Speaker 0 00:38:10 Okay. Um, trying to see here. Yeah, there's no real other upgrades. All right. That's what we're gonna rock with then. Uh, contingent on kj, uh, Eric Gordon being ruled out. Um, otherwise we need like a 4K forward, which I guess we could go with Contra or somebody like that if they're, uh, if that happens. We could also just, just play Eric Gordon Speaker 1 00:38:32 If we, we'll just have to make it. I mean, I, I'm like 95 first percent sure Eric Gordon doesn't play cuz he hasn't played it back to back this year. Speaker 0 00:38:40 Okay. Um, all right. That's a lot I've done. Luca, Beasley. Can, uh, Leonard, I wanna keep on saying Kenard, but it's not Luca Beasley, Leonard Jabbari Smith, Rob Williams, Mike Cony, KJ Martin, Steven Adams, uh, playbook will be up today, will be in the Discord if you have any questions. And James and I will be back for Friday's podcast talk you later.

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