January 04, 2023


NBA DFS Podcast January 4: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast January 4: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast January 4: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Jan 04 2023 | 00:49:44


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Steven Adams against the Hornets

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on? FFA Nation, John Pehi, James Roney. Welcome into the Fannie Slim N B A DFS podcast in livestream. Recording here for Wednesday's 12 Game main slate. Uh, James, big big slate here today following Tuesday's. Three Gamer, uh, I'm on the playbook here for today. We looked at the spreads, uh, setting up this playbook, and we have some massive totals. No game has a total under 2 26 and a half. At last I looked. The late night hammer is 2 46 and a half. Atlanta Sacramento, Sacramento's on a back to back after their game last night against the Utah Jazz. Uh, just some, some pretty big, big totals here. I think it's six games over two 30, uh, on this 12 game slate. Uh, a lot of star power on this one being a 12 game slate. Of course. Uh, Giannis is on a back to back coming off of his 80 fantasy point performance. Uh, a lot of guys are out. Zion Williamson is out for the Pelicans the next two to three weeks, so that strain hammy, um, it's gonna be just gonna be a pretty big slate here. Speaker 1 00:01:04 Yeah, I mean, I think, um, there's definitely some interest, maybe a rest day for Giannis. He hasn't played it back to back since October, so keep that, um, in mind. Um, drew Holiday, coming back from the injury off the bench, maybe we see him get rest. Uh, some of these back to backs, maybe SGA doesn't play again, or maybe SGA plays again. Maybe they just never play SGA again because O K C's the best team in basketball without 'em. That's true. Um, I mean prove, prove us wrong. Speaker 0 00:01:30 Well, you gonna have Trey, man. Why do you need sga? Speaker 1 00:01:33 Prove, prove us wrong. Aaron Wiggins, Trey man, leading the charge. Um, so yeah, I mean, interesting. I think people bet the under here, uh, two 18 in Phoenix, Cleveland. Yeah. Um, but yeah, it looks like a good total, a bunch of games. Um, 2 45 and a half is interesting considering the Kings are on a back to back. Um, they went under that 2 42 last night. Now they're in a back to back, I guess, like they're still homes, so, you know, they get, go home, sleep, get a good night, rest, come back to the, to their home floor. So maybe they'll be well rested, but interesting to see 2 45 in a game, um, that features the team on a back to back. But yeah, a lot of star power, potentially some rest spots, some smash spots as well. Julius Randall back against the Spurs too. Um, I'm excited for this. I'm excited for this slate. Usually I'm not for, for 12 gamers, Speaker 0 00:02:25 12 games like we talked about in our Discord, right? You know, there's gonna be a billion different lineup, combinations out there. We're gonna get late news at some point. That's gonna open up value on the slate as well, which a lot of people will likely pivot to because there is such a large slate and they're trying to kind of build out these lineups here and get some of that value in. So, uh, you know, keep your ear to the discord there. Uh, keep it, the updates coming. We'll have it obviously all day long. Uh, playbook will be out. Core plays, you know, you name it. We'll have it for you today. Uh, getting you ready before roster lock at seven o'clock. Uh, let's kick it off here. Memphis, Charlotte is that first game we got the top two guards on the board in that game. Speaker 0 00:03:03 Lalo Ball, John Morant, ten two ten one. Uh, both of them. I think you can pretty much count for 50 fantasy points in this one. Uh, Lalo ball. I kinda lean a little bit more over Ja here just because like, it seemly, doesn't matter what Charlotte, this is one of those things we like about Charlotte, like about Toronto. Uh, their starters just play like 38 minutes. It doesn't matter if they get blown out if they're in competitive games, the only thing that inhibits Lamella ball sometimes is himself. He'll, he'll, he'll foul out of games. But, um, you know, looking at this match up here, I kind of lean ball over Moran just because of it does end up a blowout. Moran's more likely to sit down, it feels like then Ball is going to be, Speaker 1 00:03:40 Yeah, I'm definitely, I think it's definitely close. I think they're both elite plays. Um, Charla dealing with a bunch of injuries too, like Uber we just heard is gonna miss extended period of time. Yeah, Gordon Hayward, um, is doubtful here. So Lam's gonna have the ball in his hands a lot here. The only thing I'll say is we've just continuously seen Charlotte just get torched. Their head coach said they stink defensively. We can all see that they stink defensively and John Moran can smell blood in the water sometimes. And um, you know, I don't disagree with you, where like this game could get outta hand and we see Ja play 28 minutes and that's, you know, unlucky go next, especially on a 12 game slate. Yeah. But if this game somehow does stay close in Charlotte, um, it's an eight point spread, 2 36 total man. Ja gets, excuse me, 35 plus minutes. I mean, we could be talking about 60 fantasy points we could about another like Ganna did. Again, like this crazy play of just crazy stretch of people just scoring 50 points and 60 and 70. Ja could be that guy tonight who scores 50. So, um, I don't disagree. I think the opportunity is better for Lam Melo. Um, but I think the matchup for Jah is just, Speaker 0 00:05:00 Yeah, uh, that definitely a great matchup for him. I'm just looking through some of their bo his recent box scores where there were kind of blowouts, you know, 15 played 31 minutes against the Pelicans and a 15 point win played 31 minutes against Phoenix and a and a 17 point loss played 28 minutes against Phoenix and a 25 point win, um, 26 minutes and a 30 point win over Milwaukee, you know, 30 minutes and a 20 point win over O K C. So like, yeah, he'll play probably 30 minutes at minimum, which is, which is certainly enough time for him to, you know, do what you're looking for, um, outta him for sure. You know, but you look at balls, you know, you mentioned they get blown all the time and he's playing 38 minutes in those games, right? So, right. That, that was the only reason I I, I gave the edge to Lalo here because in the blowouts and in the fact that you also pointed out no Uber likely no Hayward here, um, you know, 25 shots maybe for Lolo, you know, he fills up the spreadsheet, right? Speaker 0 00:05:55 Uh, so I, I, I think that's kind kind of where I lean in, um, ball. But I, I'm working on the playbook, uh, you know, this morning. And we, we are pausing here to do this, um, this podcast breakdown. Uh, I have 12 point guards <laugh>, and it's, it's, I understand like you look at that player pool, some of these guys have multi-position eligibility and on DraftKings you can play four guards, right? You know, and on FanDuel you can play four guards. So, um, you know, it feels like it's too big. But when you're getting down here now into this next tier, right? You have Lillard against Minnesota great spot. He's under $10,000 and $9,700. You have Donovan Mitchell Wood, Darius Garland Doubt full to play again, he's at home Phoenix, tougher matchup at times per se, but Phoenix hasn't really been all they've been in years past this season either. And he is coming off of a smash spot. Now, whether I played Donovan Mitchell or not is the bat signal for whether or not you all played Don or Speaker 1 00:06:53 Not? It sure is. Speaker 0 00:06:54 Um, he went for 102 fantasy points when I didn't play him. It went for 32 fantasy points when I did play him. Uh, I'll make sure to let the Discord know whether or not Donovan Mitchell is in a lineup of mine today or not. Thank you. Uh, I feel like being the company man that I am, and, and wanting f fa Nation to win, I'll probably not have Donovan Mitchell in my lineup here today. Um, just for, for all of you folks, they're out there at home. Um, Trey Young, coming off of a, a really strong performance, 62 fans points against Golden State in that game there. That was the overtime game, um, 2 45 game total, like you mentioned now. Yep. In Late Night Hammer, he's at $9,500. So you know that nine k or tier of Lillard and Mitchell, Trey Young, all in really good spots Speaker 1 00:07:38 And potentially sga right, too, he comes Speaker 0 00:07:41 Back from sga, but if he's back against Orlando, Speaker 1 00:07:43 That's a pretty good spot too. <laugh>. Um, yeah, I mean it's a, I don't think there's like going wrong in this tier. Um, I think Lillard is probably the forgotten man in terms of ownership. Not a lot of people play Lillard 50 Speaker 0 00:07:58 Plus or three of the last four, you know, Speaker 1 00:08:00 Like yeah, just, just casually. Um, and last game was a blowout. He only played 29 minutes and he only scored 19 points, right? And still gave us 50. Um, just shows you the upside that he has, especially I think this Portland team is good and they can score. Yeah. And he's realizes that that, that like he can set people up more than he, I think has in years past. Trey, I feel like the public is on Trey more than I am typically I think probably speaks to you too. I think the public is on Trey more than you and I are. Um, could be the case again here. I don't know, like seven rebounds an anomaly for Trey. Um, and the points in the assists are typically there. Speaker 0 00:08:46 I think this is a ceiling assist game potentially for him. Sure. If that total plays through, that's kind of how I, I look at it. So, um, you know, you could see 10, 12 assists in this game out outta Trey Young, and then you're, again, you're just hoping you get Troy Young that's taking 22, 24 shots and not the 15 shots like he did against the Pacers in Detroit and those two guys. Sure, Speaker 1 00:09:06 Sure. Speaker 0 00:09:08 So kind of where I'm at, but again, you know, people are, I think people are gonna go to him or at least go to that matchup because it's, it's the last game of the slate and it's 2 45. So, uh, you know, $9,500 in that range. I think you'll see a lot of people there. The next tier also loaded Kyrie I $8,800 D Aaron Fox, $8,500, uh, CJ McCullum with no Zion no brainer. Ingram $8,200 against Houston today. I mean, like, again, loaded tier Kyrie Irving is probably a core cash game play for a lot of people here tonight. I mean, he's just locking in 45 fantasy points, right? Like, can can be part of a lot of builds. McCullum probably maybe the highest roster of this group because there is no Zion and he gets that Houston matchup, uh, you know, the, that that's gonna just kinda send a lot of people to him at $8,200. So, uh, again, this AK range and you have the Aaron Fox coming off of a 54 fantasy point game, uh, in that high game total against Atlanta. So this AK range loaded full of talent. <laugh>, lot of guys here you can play. Speaker 1 00:10:13 Yeah, I think the, uh, the Kyrie story, I don't know if you heard this before. Donovan Mitchell scored a 70 points. John, you'd appreciate this. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, Kyrie said he knew Donovan Mitchell was gonna score 70. Um, he was locked in when they were playing Call of Duty war zone that morning. <laugh>. Um, Kyrie said they were playing Call of Duty, Mitchell was locked in and he said he knew he was gonna go crazy and <laugh>. Sure enough he did. But, uh, Kyrie was also going crazy in that game, and then it got out. They had the biggest blood out of the wor in the world. 30. They were up 30 in like the second quarter. Yeah. So, um, yeah, I mean, I keep telling you Kyrie like dude, he is just scoring on like a, in an all time like his yeah. Best basketball. This is why Brooklyn is so scary when Kyrie's playing like this Fox for tournament, no one's gonna play 'em. Um, no one's gonna play Jordan Pool. Everyone's gonna probably play CJ MCC McCall. Speaker 0 00:11:06 I think everyone's dead on CJ for Speaker 1 00:11:08 Sure. I I would be mildly interest and I, and I I erred on the side of caution the last three times your holiday set out his return had been less minutes than previously. If Giannis were to sit, I would have mild interests. We just don't know if holiday is gonna be in the start. Speaker 0 00:11:28 They at least gave us the heads up this time where they're like, he's active, but we're not starting him. It'll play off dimension. We like, so we, we know what's gonna happen here, Jordan. Speaker 1 00:11:36 So Right. So if, but if Gianni sat mild interest in holiday, if then that would go to a substantial amount of interest if you were back in the starting lineup too. Speaker 0 00:11:45 Yep. Uh, under AK guys, I like, I think Thero Russell's a good comeback in that Minnesota Portland game. He's just been very steady, uh, with his production missed last game with an illness, but no designation here for this one. Uh, Kevin Porter Jr's been really playing well. I know this matchup for him last time out against Pelicans. He did not play all too well. Uh, just 26 fantasy points in 33 minutes in that one. I just didn't give you any other stats he scored, but r really nothing else in that game. But I mean, Jalen Brunson at seven K against San Antonio. Speaker 1 00:12:14 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:12:14 It's a like, how do you not just lock Speaker 1 00:12:16 And load, that's Speaker 0 00:12:17 A lock load load you Speaker 1 00:12:18 No, it's Speaker 0 00:12:18 A lock and load. You just lock it in. So like, great play here. Jalen Brunson at seven K, and then after that I didn't really find any value that I liked. I, Killian Hayes and Trey Jones were the only other two point guards I put in the playbook today. Nobody under 5,600 made the playbook at, at least at the point guard spot. I don't know if there's anybody to you that stands out, but there's a lot of guys that are back. There are a lot of guys that are healthy. There's, you know, the, the roles that were there before aren't really there, um, you know, with Hayes back and whatnot. So if you find a guard, a point guard under 5,600 that you think is worthy of putting into a lineup today, like let me know. Like Dennis Schroder's playing the minutes really tough match up against Miami. And um, and what, what is it there? Russell ER's probable, Dennis Sch Smith Jr. Came back, but he didn't really play a bunch of minutes, but maybe no Hayward, maybe they move, you know, Rossier and they do the three guard rotation like they were doing before. Uh, but I don't know, I didn't really see any value guards that really popped to me. Speaker 1 00:13:18 I mean, um, $100 more than your asking price. I like Trey Jones in this matchup against the Knicks and have been very bad defensively. Um, you know, random blowout, well not random, but like they get housed in Brooklyn. Um, they just beat the next, not too, not too many days ago. Trey Jones, 33 fantasy points. I think he's very consistent. Um, d look, pat Bev played 33 minutes. Yeah. Um, 23 fantasy points. Like we're, I'm not like out, I hate best, huh? Yeah. It's not the best matchup, but like are we, we don't like the matchup for guys that are gonna ha be high volume shooters. Patrick Beverly, uh, like is going to, we hope, get defensive stats, get rebounds, have a couple of assists, and then knock down two, he's knocked down two threes and four straight games. Like, again, I'm not, he's not a core play for, for me at all. Speaker 1 00:14:14 I'm just saying I think the, the minutes and the price tag are both solid and the production has kind of followed suit. Jose Alvarado could be potentially somewhere who starts, especially with Zion out, especially with Brandon groom out, we've seen like them ship Ma Callum to the shooting guard. Sure. And then we can go back to Trey, man, I think, um, yeah, given sga, depending on the SGA status, Trey man, and, and I, I tweeted it yesterday, like it was cool to play Trey man before the SGA rollout, before he was 75% owned. Um, cuz you and I, I talked about it on the pot. He's been playing minutes regardless. So Speaker 0 00:14:53 Yeah, I threw, I threw man over at the shooting guard spot. Speaker 1 00:14:56 Oh my Speaker 0 00:14:57 Apologies. My apologi. No, no, it's fine. He's in the, but I agree with you. He's in, he's in there today. Um, I got, I got nobody else though. I mean like Ola Depot's minutes lately, you know who 35 and 30? I think one of those games, maybe No Butler, but I mean, the Butler played against the Clippers. He played 30 minutes in that game. Um, Speaker 1 00:15:16 Yeah, there were no Butler in that first in the Utah game, I believe. Right. But definitely played in the Clippers game. Hey man, fold Depot's gonna be <laugh>, you know, he, this is a guy who's been an Allstar. It's not, and he's not old, he just said his old Speaker 0 00:15:32 Niece. Yeah. So maybe, maybe, maybe he'll, he'll find a way in there. Speaker 1 00:15:36 4,700 is a good price potentially. I, I will say that it's a good price, Speaker 0 00:15:40 Uh, shooting guard position. Uh, Anthony Edwards do. Oh, let me ask you, do you have any interest in Harden or Maxey? But they're both back, like I don't, no, Speaker 1 00:15:48 I mean, no, max, he's gonna continue to come off the bench too. They've already said, and I, I think he's too expensive for that. No interest there. And Harden too expensive Speaker 0 00:15:59 Right Speaker 1 00:15:59 Now too. Too expensive. But it's, it's a gpp play. Like you can, if you wanna go there, we know what his upside is. He's still very good. So, but it's not like a I'd, I'd rather pay Mitchell $200 less Edwards, $400 less, you know? Speaker 0 00:16:15 Yep, I agree. Um, so yeah, so Edwards for me for sure, against Portland, uh, Tyler Hero has been really good. 89. He's only, I mean the price is just the hangup for me here. I mean, he's hitting it right? 40 52, 51 41 the last four games. Um, I just, he's actually even the cheapest he's been since, uh, the, you know, last week I guess December, December 23rd was the last time he was just cheap. So, I don't know. I, I, I, I just don't think I'm gonna get to the 93, maybe a contrarian play today against the Lakers if you want to go there. Um, but like it's Edwards and then it's Thompson Levine at 76 73 Speaker 1 00:16:55 <laugh>. Wow. Surprising. I'm so shocked that they're 76 and 73 respectively. Yeah, yeah, Speaker 0 00:17:02 Exactly. Levine's actually down a hundred bucks from his last price when he went for 44. Yeah. Um, and then Clay gets the overtime gain goes for 74, does get a bump to 76, but still very much a good spot for both of those guys there. So Speaker 1 00:17:16 Yeah, Detroit 29th and defensive rating, another smash spot for Clay. Speaker 0 00:17:21 Yep. Uh, if there's no sga, I'll go back to Giddy here. Yep. Um, he's been good even with sga, but you know, obviously a little bit of a boost, uh, with him out. So, uh, 71 I'm fine if you're not afraid of the, of the back to back there. Uh, Simon's is still being pretty good at 69. Yeah, the price is actually up on him a little bit though, so, uh, you know, he was 65, 66, 67, the last three, he is up to 69, uh, here now. But a good spot against Minnesota. Um, Desmond Bain's been shooting better in the last couple games since he's been back. Jalen Green's in a good spot against the Pelicans. Again, just a strong mid-tier here. Shooting guards, I mean, quickly is $6,200, right? Like you can, you can just kinda roll all the way down this list and just keep on hitting strong shooting guards, small forward options. Speaker 1 00:18:08 Yeah, I like, um, I like all those options. I think Simon's Profiles tournament play, I think Maine does too green outside of one game against the Knicks. He's really profiled for cash games. So tournaments, whatever format I think quickly is more of a tournament play. It's 62. Um, it's a great spot though. It's a great, great spot, but just, you know, we can't forget the 42, 59 50 fancy points came without Jalen Brunson. So Speaker 0 00:18:34 Yeah, I, right. Speaker 1 00:18:36 Brunson, Brunson being back, definitely Speaker 0 00:18:37 Brunson being back certainly impacted, but not the minutes though. So that's why I'm willing to kind of go ahead and uh, sure. And keep, keep running him out there. Um, again, talking about d DV was unconscious the other day. He continues to, you know, just make plays filling up the statute sheet, um, for us there. So like, like, uh, Zo Buddy Healed keeps hitting shots. I mean, again, you can just kind of run down this whole entire shooting regardless, you know, Caris Levert, you thought it was too expensive the other day and let us down, but still no Darius Scarla, Gary Trent, even with Van Leap back Speaker 1 00:19:12 Going crazy, he's going crazy Speaker 0 00:19:14 Crazy right now. There's just a lot of Kevin Hoarder revenge game in the late night Hammer, you mean? Mm-hmm. You know? Yeah. I'm ran on a bunch of names to you man, but like, this is just how I'm feeling. But it's 12 games. There's so many players. Speaker 1 00:19:26 Yeah, there's a lot of players. Um, I I, I've said it a bunch, I love Gary Trent. I know it's a tough spot, but like, no Middleton, um, defending Gary Trent just is one of those dudes when he gets going, he gets going four more, made three s and three straight. He has 20 plus actual and four straight, 30 plus and two straight. Like, uh, I like Trent in this, in this tier right here. Speaker 0 00:19:51 Yep. I I'm with you. I, I think there's, there's a lot of good opportunities there. Would you do Murphy with no Zion? Speaker 1 00:19:58 Yeah, probably. Yeah, probably. Probably. I like the price back under 5k. Good, right? Yeah, it's a good price. Um, it'll be interesting. I think they'll probably start Naji Marshall. I think he's been old, reliable for them. Maybe they do the big lineup or they start Jackson Hayes too. They could do either of those things. But, uh, or if you should see 30 minutes here, Speaker 0 00:20:18 That's kinda how I'm looking at it. Um, any other value shooting guards for you? Speaker 1 00:20:25 Um, if you, are you considering Austin Reeves a shooting guard or a small farm? Speaker 0 00:20:30 Yeah, I mean, if he fits in, Speaker 1 00:20:32 Um, Reeves, Trey, man, we mentioned, I think, uh, Speaker 0 00:20:38 You remiss, how much does the all get impacted by killing Hayes, do you think? Tw I mean, only 21 minutes against Portland. So it's not like he played a bunch of minutes, but 34 and 30 fantasy points the last two games for him, Speaker 1 00:20:49 He just hasn't played a lot when, uh, Speaker 0 00:20:53 It's not mid-price anymore either too. So I guess like that impacts Speaker 1 00:20:56 It's yeah, like look at the games before, like the Orlando game was the game that they got thrown out. Speaker 0 00:21:02 Yeah. So that's why. So that's why I get like a little encouraged that he was already at 14 minutes and then he got ejected. So like was he on his way to another 20 minute game here? Like it feels that way. He's playing, he's playing really well. Speaker 1 00:21:18 Um, we j this happens all the time though. Like he plays well and then like there's random games where he plays like seven minutes. Speaker 0 00:21:24 If he was still three K, I'd probably maybe be more in on him. 3,700 Speaker 1 00:21:29 When you could just play Isaiah Joe at 3,200. Speaker 0 00:21:31 See I mean, yeah, if there's no, if there's no sga Yeah, for sure. Speaker 1 00:21:36 I mean that was a very sharp play. I think more people might gravitate to it tonight. Um, cuz Thunder Half played him like in spots. He started in a couple spots. Yeah. To this Speaker 0 00:21:47 Year. I, he had, he had 30 fast points against Memphis, um, in 26 minutes. So they definitely haven't given him run. So yeah, those who are paying attention got Isaiah, Joe and their lineup there. Uh, anybody else at Shooting Guard? Speaker 1 00:22:01 I don't think so. Okay. Unless you got something. Nah, I Speaker 0 00:22:03 Got enough. It's small forward LeBron James against Miami at home. Ten seven tough spot. But it's, it's LeBron so, uh, if you want to go ahead and, and pay for it, I won't tell you. No. Uh, same thing with kd. I think this is a good KD spot against Chicago. Um, 53 fantasy points against San Antonio the other day here. Uh, he went for 55 against Chicago earlier this year. I like that He is 10 Ks prices coming down. Yep. It's not, you know, in for an obvious we're right, like they're healthy. He's not, he doesn't seemingly have like a 70 ceiling anymore. No, but like he gave you 62 against Atlanta. So, uh, if this game does stay competitive, would would Chicago tonight? The Duran could have himself a pretty big game. Speaker 1 00:22:43 Yeah, October 31st was the last time he was 10 K or cheaper than that. Um, so he's only been this price 1, 2, 3, 4 times. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> or be five times this year. So, um, yeah, I like the price on Duran. Yep. Speaker 0 00:22:59 Uh, Rosen's 91. Any interest? Speaker 1 00:23:02 Sure, sure. Uh, you know, outside of like two ma games, one against Cleveland, which I think, you know, happens against Cleveland, went against Detroit. That was obviously disappointing cuz Detroit's such a good spot. But he's been largely incredible for over a month now. Right. And they need it. They need it cuz he, they're not even winning games when he is doing this. Right. Speaker 0 00:23:24 So, um, grant 75 feels a little too expensive. I know he had a 60 fancy point game the other day. Minnesota's a good matchup for 'em though. Um, so if you wanna use tournaments, I'm fine with that. Um, I might be willing to go back to Rozier here with no Hayward and Ure. Um, 20 shots against the Lakers, 27 fantasies, 27 points, 35 fantasy points, seven K, um, you know, him and Ball just kind of playing the two man game here. Speaker 1 00:23:50 Yeah. We just need some peripheral stats. I, it's just so hard to get with Lalo. Right. Yeah. And like even Plumley I feel like is such a, like, vacuum for now, Speaker 0 00:23:59 The last two games for Plum career. Career performance. Speaker 1 00:24:02 Yeah. And, and Rosie is doing nothing other than shooting. And so like, I'm, I'm with you. I think that, uh, he could be a good play at seven k. I just, I just, we just need more, you know. Please just, Terry, come on, give us some more dude. Speaker 0 00:24:16 Yep. Another 48 fancy points with Scotty Barnes. Uh, if there's no Giannis, obviously that makes that matchup much more appealing for him there. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> at 67. Uh, let's see here. Uh, boon always in play. It's 62. Yep. Um, just another guy, we just talk, they don't touch his price so we just Speaker 1 00:24:35 Never, Speaker 0 00:24:36 We we just play, we just play Boon. That's fine. Uh, Boggan Revenge 59. Speaker 1 00:24:43 Um, yeah, he is fine. I like that it's under 6k cuz we mentioned it the other day. I don't, I don't think there's like a ton of upside with Murray and, and Collins and uh, Trey around, but I like 59. That's Speaker 0 00:24:57 Fine. Uh, we, we talked Kyle Anderson coming back and then Kyle Anderson goes for 42. Yeah. Uh, fantasy points. Jay McDaniels played 25 minutes in that game as well. Give you 36 fantasy points. Um, both of those guys pretty much the same price point here. 54, 50 $300. Um, Lou Dort had a really big game. So did Jalen Williams. If there's no o if there's no sga, even if there is sga, Jalen Williams is probably more in play here. Yep. Agreed. Um, at his price point. Uh, and then Herb Jones, what are your thoughts on Herb Jones with no Ion? Speaker 1 00:25:28 Um, I mean he's a low floor. He's a low floor guy. Uh, just cause but I do like to see three of the last five games he's taken. Double digit shot of attempt. So I say low floor cuz he is not usually a guy who's shooting, he's a guy. Look at his steals. I mean he's on the floor to defend the other team's best perimeter player. Um, two plus deals in five straight games. Not a coincidence. The rebounds have been nice to see too, so Yeah, I mean it's a, it's a really good spot. It's a good price. I I don't hate Hern Speaker 0 00:25:57 Karma. Yeah. He just needs to knock down. So taking, you know, two of 12, four of 12, he hits a couple of those threes and we're cooking with gas. Does Naji Marshall start for Zion do you Speaker 1 00:26:06 Think? Yep, I think, I think so. I think, um, as a, yeah, I think Naji or Jackson Hayes probably, they either go big or they go small. Speaker 0 00:26:16 Okay. Um, you had 140 $800 really like that price point for him against Sacramento here. Speaker 1 00:26:22 Yeah, I'm interested because he clearly like sprained his ankle at the end of that game and was like hobbling in the corner. Yeah. And he got on the injury report, so I'd like to see how that plays out throughout the day. Um, but if he doesn't pop on the injury report again, then yeah, I'd, I'd have some interest. Speaker 0 00:26:38 Yep. Uh, our guy TJ Warren's still chilling. 4,500 no problem. Running back to that Speaker 1 00:26:45 Anthony Lamb. Speaker 0 00:26:46 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:26:47 No command. Speaker 0 00:26:48 Well not play Anthony Lamb or Jalen McDaniels cuz Jalen McDaniels is gonna get that run for sure today. Speaker 1 00:26:52 Mm-hmm That's true. Speaker 0 00:26:54 4,400 bucks for, for McDaniels 28 the last two games. Speaker 1 00:26:58 I mean, I think, I think they're probably both in play because Lamb, we already know Wiggins out. We already know Domingos out. Yeah. Um, and they get Detroit if that game blows out, lamb's on the floor anyway. And then, um, McDaniels is just gonna be on the floor regardless. So I, I'll split the difference and say both. Speaker 0 00:27:18 Uh, yeah, I agree with you there. Uh, if Lonnie walker's out again, Troy Brown Jr. Started the last time, played 35 minutes. Speaker 1 00:27:26 Yeah. I, it's, you know, Speaker 0 00:27:29 Walker's questionable to play Speaker 1 00:27:31 He need, if he makes his Speaker 0 00:27:33 Lot people play Troy Brown Jr in that game, he was like 26% roster to my contest. Speaker 1 00:27:37 Yeah. 3,100 starting against the worst defense in, now he the world Speaker 0 00:27:42 3,900 against Miami. That's fine. That's a good point. Speaker 1 00:27:45 Like it's not, I'm not saying no, he just needs to make four of eight from three again. Speaker 0 00:27:50 Yeah. Nope, that's fair. Uh, let's see here. Uh, anybody else for you? Speaker 1 00:27:57 I mean, Aaron Wiggins if, uh, sure if the, if SGA is out again. Speaker 0 00:28:03 Sure. Um, Joe Harris is active. I was gonna say Seth Carri started the other day and had Speaker 1 00:28:09 A good day. Harris, well Harris played the other day. Harris Speaker 0 00:28:11 Did play. Oh, Royce O'Neil was the one Speaker 1 00:28:13 That got ruled on Royce O'Neil did not play. Yeah, I think Royce O'Neill is probable Seth. Speaker 0 00:28:17 Okay. Royce O'Neill's Speaker 1 00:28:18 Probable I, I believe. Yeah, I think he's probable, yeah, probably play. Okay, Speaker 0 00:28:22 Well, well, we'll we'll move off then, then, uh, power forward if you, so you don't think he had plays today? Speaker 1 00:28:29 I'm just, I don't know if he plays. I just, he hasn't played a back to back since October. Okay. So like there's no way that they haven't had back to back. The NBA is not like that forgiving to teams, you know, so. Right. Just a, he's typically on the injury report for the knee, so I don't know, Speaker 0 00:28:49 Just 3, 3 80 fantasy point games. Speaker 1 00:28:51 Yeah, he's, I mean the most points he's ever scored in a game yesterday 55. So no problem going there if he plays, I just don't, you know, I'm just, I'm just unsure he's going to play. Sure. Speaker 0 00:29:03 Um, Randall as you mentioned, um, you know, here leading off against San Antonio, uh, we just went for 69 fantasy points against them the other day. Um, 60 straight in full straight games. No, no less than 50 and six straight games here or five straight games. No Barrett, I mean I don't like the idea of paying ten five for Randall, but if you cover the name and look at the numbers, like he's clearly worth the $10,500. So Speaker 1 00:29:32 Yeah. And the Spurs are dead lasting defensive rating, so no problem getting there. Speaker 0 00:29:37 Great spot for him. Uh, if Janna sits a <unk> in a really good spot here Speaker 1 00:29:41 As well. Yep. Agreed. Speaker 0 00:29:42 At ten three uh, buckets at nine K. Any interest? Speaker 1 00:29:47 Hmm. It's Lakers. Speaker 0 00:29:48 Possibly one for 50 against them the other day. Speaker 1 00:29:51 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:29:52 Possibly could go there. Uh, Bobby Poe, you've been on 'em anyways. Another 45 fancy points for him last night. Yep. So, uh, and the price is cheaper. He was seven K yesterday, he was 6,600. Speaker 1 00:30:03 So nothing, nothing wrong with getting to some Bobby Portis. Uh, just if Gianni sits, he's obviously chalk. If Giannis doesn't, no one's gonna play him at 66 and he puts up another 38 plus fantasy points. Like he's done four straight games, so. Yep. Speaker 0 00:30:18 Yep, yep, yep. Uh, triple J always in tournaments. Uh, doable there. Let's see, uh, Collins at 6k, we've been playing a lot of John Collins at least 50 fancy points the other night. Golden the State, so yeah, Speaker 1 00:30:31 He's Speaker 0 00:30:31 Been good. Run that back with Capella out again. Uh, what's our Mobley status? Mobley is questionable if Mobley doesn't play. Uh, Kevin Love I sent you a screenshot was 87% roster in my contest every day. <laugh>, uh, they gave him a thousand dollars price bump, uh, for this slate. So a little bit tougher to get to potentially, but if he's starting uh, $5,700, I'm sure we will. We'll be playing some Kevin Love. Speaker 1 00:30:54 Yeah. Uh, it's in the Moby thing is interesting cuz he went through shoot around the other day and then didn't play in the game. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And I'm not saying those two things are directly correlated. Like you can go through shit around and be like, oh, I'm not feeling good and then not play. But, uh, we'll see if he gets on the floor tonight, I'm, I'm fine with Kevin Love 57. I think that's a good price. And if he's, if Mobley plays, I'm also okay with PJ Washington 56. Sure. I I've liked him in tournament lately. Sure. Um, I know he hasn't been great the last two games specifically, but, um, no, Hayward Nore, he's gonna need to step up. Speaker 0 00:31:31 Orlando is without Mo Wagner, Franz Wagner and Bull Bolt and Health and Safety. So there's potential that he gets activated from health and safety today or he gets ruled out. Um, what's that, what's that front court then looking like for Orlando today? Speaker 1 00:31:45 That's what I um, Ben Carro. It'll be Wendell Carter. We'll definitely have to Speaker 0 00:31:51 64 Wendell Carter gonna start and play Speaker 1 00:31:54 Mobile. We're mobile or Mo Baba. Yeah. They could also do where, you know, we've seen Carter start Power Forward. Yeah. We've seen Carter start Power Forward a bunch. Maybe we see how a Apollo, Ben Carro Baba Front Court, which could be quite interesting. Um, you know, Caleb Houston played th or almost 30 minutes the other day. He's just such a low floor I don't think go there, but Speaker 0 00:32:18 Just interesting to see. Again, it's a great spot against O kc, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, in theory a great spot against o KC that we could have some, some plays there. Uh, Sohan against the Knicks the other day had just 20 fantasy points in that game and fouled out, um, against Brooklyn. He played 22 minutes, only had 10 fantasy points. He's a rookie. He has his ups and downs here. Um, would you run it back to him or does this match up too tough for him? Speaker 1 00:32:43 Yeah, I think it's okay. Um, you know, just obviously the f rule against Randall could be Yeah. A thing. Cause Randall is just such a bully. Speaker 0 00:32:53 Yep, yep, yep. Um, what's his face there? Bagley's gonna missile extended time. So Stewart at 48 probably locked into his minutes there against Golden State. Speaker 1 00:33:03 Yep. He'll be pop. He's, I feel like he's typically popular under 5k at least these days. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:33:10 Um, I don't have anybody else. I guess they could start Kendrick Williams again. O K C here. Speaker 1 00:33:14 Yeah, they could start Kendrick Williams. Um, I would say I don't hate Chetty. Speaker 0 00:33:21 If guys are out Speaker 1 00:33:21 Again, if guys are out again, um, 30, 36 and 25 minutes off the bench, 20 and 30 fantasy points off the bench. I mean he spaces the floor. The Lumar Stevens is a, a lineup filler, right? Like he starts, plays his 15 to 20 minutes, gets his good work in and moves out of the way for everyone else. So I don't hate Chetty if everyone's out and I I like your tenor. What Speaker 0 00:33:46 Was your Alma thing the other day? If Alma's out, Speaker 1 00:33:49 It's Steven Adams. Speaker 0 00:33:50 Steven Adams. Okay. Cause Clark is already ruled out. Speaker 1 00:33:53 Yeah. I mean if Speaker 0 00:33:54 Alma's questionable Speaker 1 00:33:55 We're, we're gonna get the center. If Aldama doesn't play, I mean, just look at this. Speaker 0 00:34:00 Yeah, I know Senator's loaded. Steven Adams is 5,400 against Charlotte here. 2117. It's the spot. 21 and 23 Speaker 1 00:34:07 Rebounds. Dude. It's the spot. And if I'm telling you it's weird, Elma has missed the last three games. Now there's no Clark, they're just forced to play Adams and he's just selling out for every rebound imaginable. And it's not like Plum when he's out in the perimeter, he's just gonna roam the Speaker 0 00:34:24 Paint. You're just gonna bang bodies against each other at all night. Speaker 1 00:34:26 Dude, dude, it's just gonna be, it's gonna be a night for Stephen Hobbs. Speaker 0 00:34:30 Um, Joellen be's at 11 two against the Pacers here. Uh, again, we've seen ceiling games out of Indeed already this year here. Um, he's coming off of 67 Fantasy Point game 42 and 11 against the Pelicans. Um, of course you can go there Saboni, of course you can play Saboni 51 fancy points for him. Uh, last night there Bam gets the Lakers, um, in that matchup for, for him, which is generally a pretty solid spot. Um, Speaker 1 00:34:58 The offense for Bam has been awesome to see. Yeah. 30 and 31 and 32 points the last two games. Mm-hmm. That's pretty cool. Speaker 0 00:35:05 Yep. He had 47 fans points against the Lakers in that game as well. Uh, where's, let's see, <inaudible> out yet. Not questionable the play nor Coach Ball. Uh, Speaker 1 00:35:15 Yeah, that's interesting. Probable, probable. We'll see cuz he played the last game and then left 14 minutes in. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:35:21 Exactly. Um, I wasn't saying for him, I just wanted to see where, uh, Gil Bayer's potential spot was there. Oh, Speaker 1 00:35:27 Okay. Speaker 0 00:35:28 Um, I mean Valk Houston with no n no Zion. Speaker 1 00:35:33 Mm-hmm. <affirmative> got it. Speaker 0 00:35:35 I mean Speaker 1 00:35:36 This, this center center Speaker 0 00:35:38 Is don't if they don't give him the minutes today or if he, dude he's filed out in back to back games, but it was against Memphis and Philly Speaker 1 00:35:47 Center is loaded, Speaker 0 00:35:48 Center is loaded. Like please let Valentina stay on the <laugh>. You win for 73 fantasy points against Milwaukee when he 37 minutes. <laugh> hasn't played 30 minutes since. Can we just, can we let him, can we let him stay on the floor? Um, because Yes. Loaded spot there. I probably don't go Plum, even though he is been playing really well against Adams. But, um, you mean again, ceiling performances on probably the last few Speaker 1 00:36:13 Games here. Yeah. But then you, but then you think about like, you don't want to go plumbing, but then you think about Ure being out and Gordon Hayward being out, you're like, well, hauling me right back in. Speaker 0 00:36:23 Yeah. I mean n Gunk here against Sacramento. 38 minutes. 43 minutes. 37 minutes. The last three games for him. Yeah. I Speaker 1 00:36:30 Love that. Speaker 0 00:36:31 42. Speaker 1 00:36:32 The blocks. The blocks, the steals, the rebounds, the points. He's doing it all. Speaker 0 00:36:36 Yeah, for sure. Um, I mean you always have Mitch Robin play when he is gonna get minutes. You know, you, the blocks can be there. Um, you know, 47, 45 fancy points in, in the couple of the games here in the last five. Speaker 1 00:36:49 Dude. Holy cow. I'm just going down the list. It is actually. So yeah, this, the deepest center been Speaker 0 00:36:54 All says is healthy. I, I mean out of follow trouble and against some pelicans, like we know he can do some damage here. We're wait on Looney, we're on Adams. Probably Duran's good at 5k with no bag league as we've talked about here. It's loaded. We mobile Speaker 1 00:37:11 Naba potentially <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:37:13 Yeah. Yep. Is it Eubank could start against Minnesota. Speaker 1 00:37:17 Ooh, fish fist. Jackson Hayes might start a power forward for Speaker 0 00:37:21 Jackson Hayes could start a power forward for Zion. Yeah, that's possible. So like Loaded Center's Speaker 1 00:37:26 Position here. Uh, Jalen Williams was really good last night. I don't know if you saw that. I know 16 minutes. But if he were to start, like if they started Mo Baba tonight against him, Jalen Williams could start. Yeah. He eats seven, three and two steals. Just, just throwing that out there. Sure. You know for sure as a, as a, a punt. Yep. Speaker 0 00:37:46 Yep. Uh, Mark Williams. Speaker 1 00:37:49 Yep. We know the Mark Williams. Yep. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:37:53 It gets four 4k. Mark Williams, you know, you, you always call it Drummond in the same breakfast Sam, right? Like Speaker 1 00:37:59 Well they're just two guys that like can just put up ma monster numbers. Speaker 0 00:38:03 Like no, he was seven minutes in that last game against Cleveland. But Speaker 1 00:38:07 Drumming. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, he got hurt I think. I think he hurt, like separated his shoulder. Okay. In that Cleveland game. Speaker 0 00:38:15 Yeah. Left Ackerman VA sprain. What the hell is akra Mayo? Just say, just say Callone. Speaker 1 00:38:24 Would you play and just, you know, throw in one more center out there if Giannis doesn't play Brook Lopez. Cause she, he's had 56 fantasy points last night. Didn't even realize Remember Speaker 0 00:38:35 That stretch where I was just playing bro low like every night and you Speaker 1 00:38:37 Like every night. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:38:38 He was just smashing. Speaker 1 00:38:39 So did anybody know he had 56 minutes? He points last night. Uh, 21 12, 6 blocks. Yeah. Well that's what Speaker 0 00:38:47 Again, he's got, uh, 15 blocks the LA or uh, nine 15 blocks last four games. So, you Speaker 1 00:38:55 Know, it's didn't even know that was a thing. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:38:57 Yeah, yeah. Yeah. He's, I mean he always, he always has that, has that potential. So, um, yeah. Center's loaded. 12 game slate. Just so many, so many goddamn players. Right. Speaker 1 00:39:07 Let's build our Yeah. Line up. Let, let's build. Let's, Speaker 0 00:39:10 Where, where do you, where do you start? Start at center right? Start at center. And you take a picture guy here. Speaker 1 00:39:18 We could honestly, we could play two if we wanted to. There's so many good centers Speaker 0 00:39:24 You started. Do you play, do we just play Adams Speaker 1 00:39:27 And, and I think so. I think so. I'm dude, he's not only has he been so good, he has the best. Ma we need to just hammer the spot. Okay. It's Charlotte. Steven Adams is dominating on the glass. We Speaker 0 00:39:41 Do have a rule here. We al I mean Thomas Bryan went for 46 Speaker 1 00:39:43 The other day. So Thomas Bryant dominated against him. Like, I, I think we just go Adams and, and move on from there. Speaker 0 00:39:49 Okay. Um, power forward then anybody that we like. I mean, Collins in six K. Do you play Collins against Sacramento here? Speaker 1 00:39:56 Yeah, let's play Collins. That's a good call. Okay. Who's do we have a spend up? I know you like Durant. Um, yeah, Durant, Speaker 0 00:40:03 You could also Cobb guy. It's gonna be a point guard. Speaker 1 00:40:06 Mc McCollum. Well we're gonna play McCollum, right? Yeah. 82. Speaker 0 00:40:11 Yeah. McCollum, he point guard only phone. Speaker 1 00:40:16 Yeah, he's a point guard only. Speaker 0 00:40:18 Um, yeah, I'm gonna call him at 82. Um, do you play Clay or Levine? Speaker 1 00:40:24 Um, with the way Clay has played and the matchup against Detroit, I think Clay is in such a good spot. Okay. Speaker 0 00:40:34 Uh, Speaker 1 00:40:35 No one's gonna play. No one's gonna play Levine for if you wanna go there, obviously. Speaker 0 00:40:39 I mean, I guess actually we can play the both Cuz Levine now has dual position eligibility. Speaker 1 00:40:43 True. Shout out Traks. Speaker 0 00:40:45 Uh, so, so McCullum, Thompson Levine, Collins Adams. We don't actually have a spend up. We have, we're we're fair and balanced right now. Speaker 1 00:40:55 We're gonna get a lot of value coming up. Jayna, McDaniels, I or Jay Lynn McDaniels is probably a clear cut play. 44 maybe. Do you wanna take Levine out and see where we go from there? Because we could play a couple of values like, uh, sure, Speaker 0 00:41:09 Sure. Speaker 1 00:41:11 We could play Jaylen. Speaker 0 00:41:13 Do we have, do we have uh, a 4K guy that we liked? Speaker 1 00:41:18 I mean look, we said it yesterday. Train man. Right? You want him to play? Yeah, we said it yesterday. Train man was is playing minutes, right? Like he's just in their rotation and then obviously the Pivot, if you want wigs, there's Aaron Wiggins 33 and there's Isaiah. Joe If SGA doesn't play at 32 mm-hmm. <affirmative> also just beware if SGA is ruled out before like six 30, there's a chance that he plays. It's what the Thunder does. So, you know, keep that in the back of your mind. Speaker 0 00:41:51 Uh, would you rather Edwards or Durant? Speaker 1 00:41:57 Um, Speaker 0 00:41:57 Or Randall Speaker 1 00:42:00 Or Randall? Um, Speaker 0 00:42:02 Probably Randall, right? It, Speaker 1 00:42:03 It feels Randall has obviously shown the ceiling like a much higher ceiling. Um, Edwards is probably the wild card of them and Durant's probably the safest of them. Speaker 0 00:42:19 If we go Randall at Ford, it's $4,300 a player. If we go Durant, it's 45. If we go Edwards, it's 48. Speaker 1 00:42:29 Uh, uh, 43 or 42 for, uh, Randall, Speaker 0 00:42:36 Uh, Randall is 43. Speaker 1 00:42:42 Okay. We have Speaker 0 00:42:43 Something small, four small forward and utility. Speaker 1 00:42:45 It's 43. Oh, I went, okay. I went cuz I used, um, Jalen McDaniels. Speaker 0 00:42:50 Okay. Speaker 1 00:42:50 For mine. Um, just he's gonna play in that. Yeah, he's gonna play at big Minutes and that before that works. So that's why I had, I had 42 in a detail. Speaker 0 00:42:59 I was like, yeah, 42 then Speaker 1 00:43:01 I was like, um, uh, Speaker 0 00:43:05 I mean, Eubanks could start here Speaker 1 00:43:08 Jetty, but we don't know the, we don't know the status of those guys. Speaker 0 00:43:12 What was our um, Orlando situation there? What was those centers? Carter 64. Baba was Speaker 1 00:43:19 40. Oh, we just, we could also then not, we could just go to Durant and get Baba. Speaker 0 00:43:25 Yeah. Durant. Right? We're pretty sure Baba has to play here, right? Like, Speaker 1 00:43:30 I mean they don't have, I mean Baba plays anyway, right? He's I thought he Speaker 0 00:43:34 Plays was out. Does he? I thought he was out of their rotation maybe right though. Speaker 1 00:43:38 Um, he had been, um, he had missed because suspension. Okay. But he had been playing 16 to 20 minutes every game. Um, 30 in spots where he started this year. So, Speaker 0 00:43:52 Okay. Um, Speaker 1 00:43:53 You don't have to play, you don't have to. Speaker 0 00:43:55 Did you double up Brooklyn? We can go Durant, TJ Warren. Speaker 1 00:43:58 Yeah, that's fine. That's fine. TJ Warren, we saw him in the blowout. We saw him first off the bench. Speaker 0 00:44:05 Um, so our lineup then as of now, uh, we have McCullum Thompson, Jalen McDaniels, John Collins, Steven Adams, Trey man, Kevin Durant, TJ Warren with uh, 1,000, uh, $200, uh, left over there. Um, if we wanted to kind of move it around, we could play La Melo ball over Durant. Speaker 1 00:44:28 Oh, Speaker 0 00:44:28 That's, that's the money. Or Jah over Duran. That's the money we got left over. Speaker 1 00:44:33 Who will, Speaker 0 00:44:35 Because Warren moves the forward. Speaker 1 00:44:38 Who, what do I mean? Duran is the safest, right? I think Yes. Duran's probably the safest of the three. Yeah. I mean, yeah, it's Lalo and Duran have Speaker 0 00:44:45 The spread of the, of the Brooklyn Chicago game. Speaker 1 00:44:48 Uh, the spread of Brooklyn, Chicago is 5 2 35 total Brooklyn Gibbon five. Okay. So it's a competitive setting. The only problem, like I I think Durant has even talked about it, like the reason why he's never scored 60 in a game is because the Defen defense is like, he just can defer to Kyrie when he, he had 11 assists last game. Right? The shot attempts have been down recently because he doesn't need to score 50, 60 points every night. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> Lao's taken 25 shots. Josh's taken 25 shots. If we wanna go upside, we go with them. If we wanna go safety, I think you play Kevin. Speaker 0 00:45:31 Okay. Um, Speaker 1 00:45:33 I don't, I don't have like a lean, I made my pitch for Jah earlier, but like, that's also me under like Lamel, you're a hundred percent right. Lamel is gonna play 38 minutes regardless. As long Speaker 0 00:45:44 As game. As long as he doesn't follow up Speaker 1 00:45:46 <laugh>. As long as he doesn't follow out, he plays 38. The, the spread in this is eight. Charlotte. What, what's off Portland, Speaker 0 00:45:54 Minnesota. Fred, Speaker 1 00:45:56 Portland, Minnesota is 2 33 and a half. Um, Minnesota getting one and a half at home. Speaker 0 00:46:04 Which a good dame is Dame. I would outside in Durant. Speaker 1 00:46:10 Um, I don't, I think they probably have similar upside. Moran has a couple triple doubles on the ledger this year that I dame doesn't, okay. Um, like Moran had a 66 fantasy point game in 30 minutes cuz he had a 26 point triple double. I don't think Dame could do that. He's actually done that twice since November 27th. Moran. Um, but Dave $400 cheaper in a tremendous spot himself. So, um, if you wanna go Dame, that gives what 5k a play. Speaker 0 00:46:44 4,200 for a utility. If we get rid of uh, um, Trey man, Speaker 1 00:46:53 If we get rid of Trey man, 4,200. Do you not wanna play Trey? Man? I Speaker 0 00:46:58 Mean we could play man. It just don't be get rid of Warren I guess, right? Speaker 1 00:47:02 I don't care. I mean, would you Speaker 0 00:47:03 Rather Caitlin McDaniels or TJ Warren? Speaker 1 00:47:07 Uh, I feel more security with McDaniels. Okay. Just, um, that's a tough question cuz we still haven't had, remember when we were looking at, we're looking at the Brooklyn popcorn machine the other day and we had no answers on what TJ Warren does <laugh>, right? And then they blow the spurs out by 30. Yeah. And we still don't have answers. Like he makes all the shots, but he only plays thir 20 minutes when Royce O'Neill's not there. So what, he Speaker 0 00:47:33 Also had a, he also had a floor rebound game. Like he could've, he could have probably had another 40 fantasy points had he been giving you the 6 3 6 5 rebounds he's been giving you every other game he's played 20 plus. Speaker 1 00:47:44 Right? But, but no Royce O'Neill. So what does Royce O'Neil do all right to this, this equation? Like we, there's just no answers on TJ Warren. He's just such an anomaly right now. Uh, he's such a, like I don't, McDaniels is going to like, he played 31 minutes when Gordon Hayward left last game. We know Kelly Ure is not there. Um, I think I saw that Cody Martin could potentially play here. So, uh, he's questionable. So maybe that's something, right? Like Speaker 0 00:48:14 What? I've got two forwards, right? So Speaker 1 00:48:16 They're down, they're down two forwards at play. 35 fits Speaker 0 00:48:20 <laugh>. Yeah. And Martin's just coming back. I mean like Speaker 1 00:48:23 Very limited. Yeah, very limited. Speaker 0 00:48:26 All right, let's go Warren. Let's keep Lillard in and we'll go. If we have $4,200 still probably treading towards man here, right? We don't have a $4,200 better option to, Speaker 1 00:48:39 Um, not that I see it's Isaiah Joe. Yeah, but again, it's like Yep. The question mark surrounding, um, Speaker 0 00:48:47 That works. We're, we're, what's sad is we're a hundred dollars off of getting Bamba, so. Yep, yep. Yeah, there's, I don't know how else to get us there unless we dropped from Clay to Levine. Um, but like you mentioned Clay is just snapping Speaker 1 00:49:02 Right now. Yeah, he's just, yeah. Um, we could go Nick, I don't wanna keep Collins. I mean you can go Collins if we find out that, um, there's no one in for Cleveland. You go Collins to Caleb. Speaker 0 00:49:15 True, true, true, true. I'll get us there. All right, we'll stick with it here for now. <laugh>. Um, we're good with Lillard over Durant. Speaker 1 00:49:23 Yeah, that's fine. Okay. Speaker 0 00:49:25 Um, column Thompson McDaniels, Collins Adams Lillard, Warren Treman as our current lineup here. Again, 12 games playbook will be out. We'll be in the discord. If you have any questions, stay with us here. We'll talk to you guys later.

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