January 03, 2023


NBA DFS Podcast January 3: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast January 3: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast January 3: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Jan 03 2023 | 00:29:38


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Giannis Antetokounmpo against the Wizards.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on? FA Nation? Jonathan Pema, James Graney, welcome into the Fantasy Alarm, N B A DFS podcast livestream recording here for Tuesday's. Three game main slate. Uh, James, we had a pretty strong Monday slate of games here, uh, hopefully turned out well for everybody in f Fa Nation. Uh, you and I, uh, both had some pretty good lineups. Uh, you had a near take down last night if it just wasn't for that double overtime. Uh, nobody knows the pains of overtime, probably more than me, me to my God. So certainly understand what it's like to, uh, have something so close to taking down and then having overtime, uh, snatch it away from your grass there. But, uh, you know what, some money, some money you put in our account and we move forward to today's three game slate. Speaker 1 00:00:45 Yeah. And, um, I just wanna thank you because, um, as definition as Definit Nation knows, you are the anti Donovan Mitchell whisperer. Yeah. And I messaged you a little bit beforehand. We got word you weren't playing Donovan Mitchell. So I got, that was the green light that I needed. Um, if anyone knew was in our discord the other night, uh, John did play down for Speaker 0 00:01:08 Mitchell <laugh>. Complete mush Speaker 1 00:01:10 Did not do anything. Sorry, my voice is, uh, going out, going down as we, uh, as we record here. But, um, John gave us the green light down at Mitchell. Ben put together one of the best performances maybe in NBA history Speaker 0 00:01:24 Last time. Actually, you know what, it's not even the best performance of the last seven days, which is, which is what's wild there, right? Like, uh, Donovan Mitchell going for 101 fantasy points outshine by the one 10 from Lupe. True. Just five days ago. Speaker 1 00:01:37 True. At Triple double. Yeah. Donovan Mitchell, uh, was a, I think his yesterday was the first ever 70 point double double he had cuz he had the 11 assists or first ever 70 and 11 assist game. Um, so shout out to him. Shout out to Luca. Shout out to your, the point you made last week where like, since the Luca game John people are just going nuts. Yeah. Like people are just out here. Um, Speaker 0 00:02:05 I think it's real. Yeah. I think people saw what Luca did and it's just like, well, I can, I can beat that. Like, that's the benchmark now, right? Like, is Speaker 1 00:02:12 This the bubble? This is like when the bubble happened where like, every single night. Like Jamal Murray 50, Donovan, Mitchell 50, tj Warren 50, like everyone was going crazy. We're back in, uh, we're back in Speaker 0 00:02:23 The Yeah. Cause of the bubble. They all seen each other at the dining hall, you know. Right. You know, they're like, Hey, I saw what you did last night. I did this today. Right. Like, I mean, the night after that Luca game KD and, and Giannis went off like nuclear games, right? Like Yep. Um, James Haren had a big game a couple days ago. I mean like, yeah. These guys are all now just kind of upping their game here. Um, let's take a look at this three game slate. You know, generally we do position by position. We're just gonna break him down by game here. Uh, with just the three games, um, you know, top price guys are on the slate. Giannis is here. He is questionable to play. Uh, he's, he the, he's probable, sorry, he's probable to play. He didn't play the other day. Uh, should be good to go here. Tatum Sabone sga. Your four guys over 10 K. Uh, we'll bring it down game by game, like I said. So let's start with this Boston KC Matchup. Um, we got a game total for this one, James. Speaker 1 00:03:11 Yeah. Game total is 2 33. Boston Favor by nine. Speaker 0 00:03:15 Yeah, that one, that one makes a little sense. You on the robots coming off of a loss to Denver here. Um, breaking down the players on this one though again, we kind of know the top guys we're looking at, uh, Tatum, sga Brown, giddy. But where do we go after after that group? Are there any sort of ancillary guys here that you like building lineups around? Speaker 1 00:03:35 No, it's the thunder. I hate Thunder. Um, Speaker 1 00:03:41 I don't know. Um, I think you can use all those guys you mentioned. Um, Jalen Williams has been fairly consistent. Uh, and that's Jalen, j l e n not the center. Um, very consistent lately. 25 plus fantasy points and three straight. He plays 27 plus minutes pretty much every night. I mean, you have to date back to November 28th for the last time he didn't play 27 minutes. Um, so he's been pretty consistent. I think you can go there, you can always play Marcus Smart in tournaments. Like what Marcus Smart shows up. The one that scores is the one that can win you a tournament. The one that doesn't, you know, just flops kind of, and it'll be like, it's not a flop, but he'll get you what, 22 to 20? Speaker 0 00:04:26 Yeah. They'll give you a four fancy points, give you four X instead of seven x, you know? Right. Speaker 1 00:04:29 Um, Malcolm Broden is back in that weird like not playing big minute range, so it's hard to trust him. I think you could take stabs at like Rob Williams in tournaments, um, one of these days. His minutes will rise. You take a stab at Al Horford. Speaker 0 00:04:47 This is a spot where Rob Williams, I think even in 21 minutes could give us like a did against Houston, right? Yeah. 11 15, 2 and one. So at $4,200 on a smallest slate. I definitely like the tournament upside for him. Speaker 1 00:04:58 Yeah. And to your point, like Al Horford, you know, revenge narrative. Sure. But he played against O KC earlier in the year 12 and 11, not mm-hmm. <affirmative> and Al Horford is, you know, averaging six rebounds. Not, not a bad rebounder. Not a good rebounder by any stretch. Yeah. Um, but 11 rebounds. Yeah. It just shows you, um, o KC is kind of just terrible in the front court. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, but then it, then we get to o kc. It's like when, when you talk about the front court, we know Jre is out, we know pka chefs, he's out. What are they gonna do? Because two games ago you and I sat here and we were like, it has to be Darius Baisley. Everything points at Darius Baisley every game that pka chefs, he's missed this year. Baisley, he's played 18 plus minutes. Right. They doesn't play Healthy Scratch. Yeah. Um, then next game there's basically 14 minutes, but they're starting Big Jalen other Jaylen Williams at Center who on their play who's, who has not hit, hasn't Speaker 0 00:05:55 Hit a shot two Speaker 1 00:05:56 Days. Yeah. Um, with scallops playing 17 to 20 minutes. Kenrich Williams I think is probably the one guy off their bench. Actually, let me, let me just, the one big man off their bench that I think you could, or Big Man slash Wayne Kenrick Williams isn't really big, but like, they use him as like a three, four, uh, I think Kendrick Williams could be a guy. I've been a little intrigued John by Trey man, um, lately and only because the minutes, we know Trey man is like kind of a guy who, um, is not afraid to shoot when he is on the floor. Yeah. He's now played 23 plus minutes in three shirt games. He's taken nine plus shots and then two of 'em, he made all of his shots last game. One of nine shooting. Right. Buried your lineup. But he's 3,600. If this game turns to be a blowout, he's gonna be on the floor. Um, I think Trey Man's interesting for torments. I think he can get you to wear, you're using a Tatum or, and a Giannis or a Giannis and a AEB bonus or Tatum and Saboni. Yeah. You know, like using Treman playing 25 plus minutes with very high score, like scoring upside could get you to studs. So I actually think there's decent value on o KC today. And you know, I, I'm, I don't say that. Not, Speaker 0 00:07:14 Not, not an o KC fan. No, I agree. Yeah. Very difficult to trust them. Uh, Derek White's been the guy playing a bunch of minutes. He mentioned Speaker 1 00:07:20 Yes, he Speaker 0 00:07:21 Has, um, you know, not playing as much white's a guy that has, uh, kind of stepped up and, and taken over some of that role here. Speaker 1 00:07:26 They started, they started, and I I what's your take on this? They started Grant Williams in the second half over, over white, over over Derek White last day. Speaker 0 00:07:36 Was that just Oh, size matchup Cuz maybe, Speaker 1 00:07:39 Maybe. And, and O KC doesn't really have that size. So I'm thinking um, maybe this is a dark white spot maybe. Cuz if they're running Trey man 20 minutes and they're playing Giddy 30 and they're playing like somebody Speaker 0 00:07:52 I, on a small slate, you can kind of throw some darts at Grant Williams cuz he is a three point shooter. So he only needs to make a couple of buckets. He is a good three point shooter too. So he is not a guy that you need to hope he hits three of his 10. He will hit three of his five, you know. Right. So, and Speaker 1 00:08:07 He's down to 35 and he's down to 3,500, which Speaker 0 00:08:09 Yeah, he is down to 3,500 and he, and he's playing 23 to 28 minutes the last six games. So. Yep. Um, you know, I, if he gets you the 19 fantasy points, like he has the last two games, definitely paying it off. If he gives you the 28 fantasy points like you did against Milwaukee, fantastic. You know, and um, he's a guy that could get some late run against o KC as well. Uh, if this game ends up being a blowout. Cuz given the way the rotations are built right now, they'll sit Rob will, they'll sit on Holford Tatum like Grant Williams will be a guy getting those minutes. So, um, I don't mind the dark play there with, uh, with the Grant Williams either Speaker 1 00:08:40 John pick, pick one, Musca, Baisley, Jaylen Williams, Speaker 0 00:08:47 Musca. I think Speaker 1 00:08:48 It's probably Musca just cuz he's actually shown upside, right? Yeah. I mean Baisley has too, but like he's at, I think of all, all three moca has been the one that is playing the most minutes, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative> or at least at most consistent minutes. Yeah. Yeah. I guess, I guess <laugh> I'm probably not playing any, but I think it's worth mentioning that Yeah, there will be people going in that direction. I Speaker 0 00:09:11 Agree. Uh, right. Washington, Milwaukee, what's our total spread here? Speaker 1 00:09:15 Um, the total in this game is two 20 and a half. Milwaukee giving eight points to Washington. Speaker 0 00:09:22 Uh, Giannis and Drew Holiday are both probable for this game. Chris Milton is out. Bradley Beal is questionable. Uh, this is a game that certainly has a few more options when coming to build your lineups here. Uh, Giannis I I imagined is gonna be the highest roster guy on the slate. Right? Right. Three game slate. He's 12 K. It's like one, it's one of those things where it's like you make a stand on a three game slate, you're either paying for Giannis and hoping he doesn't go for 80 or you fade Giannis and hope he goes for 60. Right? Like, and, and you kind of build your lineup, uh, in, in that direction. He's gone for 81 and 84, the last two games against Chicago and Minnesota, uh, running up against Kristas Porzingis and Daniel Gaffer, Kyle Kuzma front court here. I think Giannis is probably gonna be in a, in a decent position. Um, so I, I am looking to spend up for Giannis here today. Um, and then you kind of know the core, you know, Giannis, Porzingis, Kuzma Holiday, all gonna be in play. You've been talking up a little Bobby Portis lately. Um, 38, 45 and 38 fantasy points the last couple games here. Drew Holiday coming back might impact that a bit. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, but there's still no Chris Middleton here. Speaker 1 00:10:28 Yeah. I mean they needed a secondary scorer. And Grayson Allens who bring consistent Brook Lopez, I think at this point in his career, he's, we're not getting the Brooklyn version. I don't think he can like, carry an offense or at least be like the sidekick to honest. So Portis was called upon to do so. I do think it's a little expensive, uh, or a little less, um, Sidy with your holiday back, but we know what Bobby Portis can be. He is a double double machine when he gets the minutes. You know, there's no reason to think he doesn't, we've said it. He's, it's not like Middleton and Holiday presented Portis an opportunity to play more minutes. They didn't. Like he still has Giannis and uh, brick Lopez to deal with at his two positions. So, um, portex for tournaments for sure. Um, cuz there's still no Middleton, there's still a lot of shots to go around. Speaker 1 00:11:22 Chris Milton handles the ball a lot and if Portis is out there making shots like we have a chance to go for 40 51. So, um, interesting note here, John. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, Daniel Gaffer who was amazing the other night, um, left the game with a ankle injury. Okay. Uh, late in that game and that could have been a, you know, a minor sprain that they were already, well they were already dominating Milwaukee, um, in that game. So they could have just like, Hey, let's just take you off the floor and, you know, take the rest of the night off. But interesting to note because if he doesn't play, I mean er, I mean er all Speaker 0 00:12:02 Play playing probably Hachi more anyways, right? Like Yeah. Speaker 1 00:12:05 But I think this only would cuz they're starting gaffer at center. It makes you wonder if they would start posing center and move Hachi murs back into the starting lineup if Gaffer can't go. Speaker 0 00:12:16 Yeah. I I don't even know if I want the way he's playing right now. I don't think I want Speaker 1 00:12:19 Yeah. Just come off the bench. Yeah, just come off the bench. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:12:22 I mean, again, they just had this matchup against Milwaukee. We just saw it and he was 11 of 18 from the Speaker 1 00:12:27 Four. Well just put no Giannis with no gins. Speaker 0 00:12:28 No Giannis. That's true. That's true. No Giannis 26 and four 16 and seven 30 and five. Yeah. 21 like this is, I mean, I'm not gonna say this is the Haji Moore we've been expecting, but I mean like he was a first round pick a couple years ago mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know mm-hmm. <affirmative> and Washington just sort of, they never really gave him I feel like the full opportunity. No. They're always kind of rotating him around on the wing and like, um, yeah, the kids getting a chance to develop and play. Right now he's playing good. He's 4,500 and again, probably gonna be in a very lot of lineups here. Um, you know, Denny may find himself in the same position. The guy that you guy, you and me go back and forth on some nights he smashes, some nights he doesn't. Right. Speaker 1 00:13:06 Oh my gosh. Speaker 0 00:13:08 Ceiling 34, 36, 18, 12 39, 15, 35, 29. I mean, uh, if no, Bradley Beal again, like I think there's some interest here in both Denny and Hoora. If Bradley Beal plays, I'm probably off of those guys a little bit more, but those two, those two right now, um, you know, really playing well. Speaker 1 00:13:27 Yeah. I think, um, Beal and Gaffer make a difference because like that would just shrink their rotation even more, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative> like that would put Hachi in the limelight, which then could mean, or maybe they do keep continue to bring, uh, Hachim off the bench and they put Denny back in the start ramp, right? Like, so I I think Denny and Hachi both benefit from those guys being out. Would you play Beal if he's active? He hasn't played in three games. Speaker 0 00:13:55 Yeah. Unless they say like he's gonna be limited. What is his Speaker 1 00:13:57 Injury? Yeah, it's a hammy, it's a ham, it's a hamstring. Speaker 0 00:14:00 If he plays, I, I can't imagine they're throwing him out there without him being able to go out there. So Speaker 1 00:14:05 It's, it's interesting. They don't play until Friday. Right? So like if he's at all like on the fence, um, maybe they give him an extra Wednesday, Thursday, two days full, two days off to like heal the hammy. Um, this feels like a rest spot for, for Beal and Speaker 0 00:14:23 Yeah, kids first been playing 30 and 38 minutes the last two games for Beal. So not that we, not that he has a ton of upside, um, you know, very Speaker 1 00:14:31 Low. Very, very low floor. Yeah, very low floor, very low. And I don't think there's any, like, I don't think there's any puns like Delan Wright is interesting from a fancy pipe for minute cuz he was splitting time, if you remember Monte Morris. Yeah. They were splitting time. Um, his minutes have worked his way up before, back from back from injury. So maybe, I Speaker 0 00:14:52 Mean there's always, there's always the Joe Engels Speaker 1 00:14:53 Dark Throat and the Joe Engels Yeah. He Speaker 0 00:14:55 Got was just terrible after he has, he's been good in one of the five games. He's come back in <laugh> <laugh>. Um, you know, but yeah, just, yeah. Yeah. He's, he was wants a good player. Speaker 1 00:15:07 He's a very good, he's a very good passer. Yeah, he's a very good shooter that is finding his rhythm after a serious injury, so Speaker 0 00:15:16 Yeah. No, I Speaker 1 00:15:17 I hope you make it back. Hope hopefully he gets back to where he was. Speaker 0 00:15:20 All right. Late night Hammer 9:00 PM Sacramento, Utah. Probably the highest game total on the board. Speaker 1 00:15:24 Oh yeah. Uh, 2 42 2. Yep. 2 42 and a half. Um, Sacramento getting three. Speaker 0 00:15:30 Yep. Uh, you can play like half the guys on on in this game, right? Speaker 1 00:15:36 Yeah. And there's some, there's some interesting people who are out right? Um, because they're key rota or out or potential potentially out cuz all key rotation pieces. Speaker 0 00:15:45 Yeah. Hoarder and Monk are both questionable to play. Um, sextons already out for uh, Utah. So, um, if Hoarder and Monk end up being ruled out, then we know that, you know Terrence Davis. Keegan Murray. Oh yeah. Speaker 1 00:15:59 You Speaker 0 00:15:59 Know guys Speaker 1 00:15:59 T baby. Speaker 0 00:16:01 Yeah. You know, we're gonna see some good opportunities out of, out of them. Um, you know, Davion probably gets a little bit of, of a boost, but we're not really in on, on Daveon Mitchell. We want, we want Terrence Davis here. Speaker 1 00:16:12 So I'll I'll Speaker 0 00:16:13 Give you the quick maybe price. Three K Terrence Davis. So Speaker 1 00:16:16 Min Price. Yeah, I mean Speaker 0 00:16:18 You wanna get Dennis in your lineup. Terrence Davis is pretty easy to Speaker 1 00:16:22 Do. Yeah. He's gonna be the most, he'd be the most popular playlist slate. Yeah. I think in that case, um, it is worth mentioning. It's a small sample. Okay. They have not played many minutes without, um, monk and Hoarder this year. Like none <laugh> like those two have been on the floor a lot for them. Um, but a 52 minute sample for Keegan Murray is actually the most on the team. Yeah. Uh, without those guys 26% usage rate 1.01 fantasy punch minute. Yeah. Both similar or better than Terrence Davis. Okay. So just throwing that out there. Um, maybe some Keegan Murray, he has probably been one of the most frustrating dfs slash rookies of the year. Yeah, right. I mean, since I remember the first four games of the year, you and I were like, oh, this kid is good. Like he was scoring first five games a year. I think he scored like 17, 18, 19 points and he just doesn't, he's just so inconsistent since so, um, some Keegan Murray love if, if those guys are Speaker 0 00:17:23 Out. Yeah, no, I agree with you a hundred percent. He's 4K too, so it's like not a bad, uh, not a bad spot here. Kind of messing around with a, a Laurie Yiannis Simons lineup. Doable. It's very, very, you need, you need Davis, you Speaker 1 00:17:37 Need, you need guys to be out. You need Speaker 0 00:17:38 Guys to out, you need Davis in that lineup cuz uh, Simons obviously this is a game. He came back after breaking his hand, uh, and decided to say like, who cares? So 28 and 11, like not, not a big deal, right? Like, uh, you know, guys, guy's playing with a broken hand and he is just going off the 56, 52 45, the last three games on a broken hand. So, um, you can play all these guys Fox in a, in a really great spot again here. Um, you, you know, on the other side guys like Clarkson and, and um, you know, in, in a good place to to with some upside here. Um, Walker Kessler still played 30 minutes the other day against Miami, even with the Len back. So is he just like in their, in their rotation here now? Is that what it's going on? Speaker 1 00:18:19 It's just gonna depend on, um, yes. Uh, Vanderbilt was in early foul trouble and then they just took him off the floor cuz Kessler was, Speaker 0 00:18:30 And they can move Kelly to the power forward position, so. Speaker 1 00:18:33 Yep. Yeah, I think, look, I think we're best suited for Walker Kessler off the bench. Mm-hmm. I think it just is what it is. Cuz if he starting, if he starts this game against Devonta Savona, we might as well just stop watching count Speaker 0 00:18:49 Count three, fouls, Speaker 1 00:18:49 Two fouls. I mean, dude, it's, it is 2000 the first four minutes and then he checks in in the second quarter and it's a third foul with it. He five minutes and three fouls. Like it just is what it is. Um, so yeah, I mean I I think Kessler off the bench has been best case scenario for us. Um, I'm looking at minutes the last time we saw Colin Sexton off the, off the court. Speaker 0 00:19:13 Yeah. Mike Conley's been good. 30 in 30 plus minutes and four straight. Speaker 1 00:19:17 Yeah. I, I think dude, I think Conley is the reason that they were so good early was cuz Mike Conley was so good. Yeah. Um, and solid, solid floor. The assists have been there, the rebounds when he scores. It's like the same thing with Marcus Smart. Right? Like when he scores he's has 30, 40 fantasy point upsides. So, um, and now no Sexton. Love that. Speaker 0 00:19:41 All right, let's build a line up here. We're Speaker 1 00:19:43 Gonna, we're um, well I think, uh, just worth mentioning Malik Beasley, um, is firmly in play I think with Colin sex out. I think he, looking at the, the latest box scores with Sex and Out, um, 24 minutes against Detroit, we got 23 minutes. He was one for 10 in that game. Like Beasley was. Yeah. Um, 26 point loss. Not even gonna look at that cause that not gonna tell us anything. Um, he played 25 minutes against uh, the Pelicans. Like Malik Beasley is going to play somewhere from 23 plus minutes depending on how his shot is going with sex off the floor. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:20:23 No good tournament play, Speaker 1 00:20:24 Great tournament play and, and and honor. Listen, I know our guy when we first started this podcast on was Trey Lyles when he was in Denver. Yeah. Right. And he was playing 20 minutes a night way back when and we were like, play this guy more 20, he's played 18 plus minutes in five straight games. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, he has 20 plus fantasy points in five straight games. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:20:46 I Speaker 1 00:20:46 Know. So, uh, I'll, I'll give, I'll give Trey Lao some Speaker 0 00:20:50 Always been a high fancy point per minute guy. Um, Adam, especially on a small slate. You're, you know, we, we talk about this all the time. The point expectations of smaller slates are lower generally. So like, you know, if a guy gives you four x, that's okay cuz there aren't many guys in the slate they can give you fourex. So, you know, it's, it's, it's okay if he gives a 17 fantasy point at 3,800 if he'll let you get Giannis who goes for ad because there's not many guys that can give you that. So, um, totally cool, uh, building this lineup. Are we starting with Giannis here or are we Speaker 1 00:21:19 Yeah, I think, I think, um, just given, given the fact that it's a I Speaker 0 00:21:25 Laney which one agrees? Speaker 1 00:21:26 Laney. Laney agreed. Lane agrees. Okay. Laney agreed. Oh, she really agrees. She really wants Giannis in Speaker 0 00:21:31 Our lineup. Okay. Giannis. Giannis locked in. Speaker 1 00:21:34 Giannis locked in, um, Speaker 0 00:21:36 5,400 a play. Now Speaker 1 00:21:39 I, I really like calmly right? Like no Sexton, she's gonna play 30 plus minutes. Great. Matchup on the board. Speaker 0 00:21:47 Quinn Conley in. Got it. Speaker 1 00:21:49 What do you think the do I mean we could probably get to a second. Um, Speaker 0 00:21:56 I'm gonna put it, I'm gonna put in Hachi Mora here. Um, Speaker 1 00:21:59 Okay, love that. I mean like $4,500. It's Speaker 0 00:22:03 Do we want Giannis in our center spot or our power forward spot? Speaker 1 00:22:07 Well what are we, I mean I think you and I both said if there was a center it would probably be Kessler and tournaments we could play. Speaker 0 00:22:14 Well Rob, I was thinking Rob will, do you think Rob will? Rob Speaker 1 00:22:17 Will? Yeah. Rob will you think Rob will would get blowout Ron too? Speaker 0 00:22:20 No, he wouldn't scenario. No, but I think he'll get 20 minutes. Okay. Speaker 1 00:22:26 Okay. He stinks against centers there. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:22:28 That's Speaker 1 00:22:28 So bad. 29th. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:22:30 So, so bad. Jalen, I mean, what's Jalen Williams gonna do against Robert Williams? Not, Speaker 1 00:22:34 I agree. Speaker 0 00:22:35 No, I agree. You can't hit shots anyways. What's he gonna do against? Speaker 1 00:22:38 No. Fully fully agree. Fully agree. Um, I would be down instead of going like full spend if we did Fox or marketing one of those two is like a secondary spend up. If we could afford it. You think one of those two guys would Speaker 0 00:22:52 Has the better upside marketing Speaker 1 00:22:55 Father? Right? I mean the, the ex Chicago Bull great has been pretty good lately. Speaker 0 00:23:00 Yeah. Marketing's been pretty legit. Uh, let's see, Laurie and Speaker 1 00:23:04 I think that's recent. 4,900 a player. Speaker 0 00:23:06 It's small for. Yeah. Um, Speaker 1 00:23:08 That's a reasonable, uh, Speaker 0 00:23:11 I got, I got 5k, I got Conley Market in Giannis Williams and HoChi Moore. It's Speaker 1 00:23:15 Five. Oh yeah, I forgot. I forgot. Um, I didn't have er Okay Speaker 0 00:23:19 So 5k a play. Um, would you do Derek White at 47? Would you, do you want it hunt Speaker 1 00:23:27 Trey man? Yeah. Do you want Speaker 0 00:23:28 Partner tray man Speaker 1 00:23:29 He's playing or would you rather pun with like Trey Lyles? You know, like one of those two guys we can pun with. Speaker 0 00:23:34 Let's see a man because I think if it gets to a blow, a Boston Man's gonna be on the floor Speaker 1 00:23:39 Here. Yep. And he's playing and he's playing 24 plus minutes right now anyway. Speaker 0 00:23:43 Yeah. So I got 5,700 for a guard in a utility. Speaker 1 00:23:47 We could actually still play Derek White. Yeah. And then it Speaker 0 00:23:50 Gets us, if Terrence Davis was the play, we'd have 8,500 a player, uh, which would be like, uh, drew Holiday or oh, you know, Portis Speaker 1 00:23:59 Or Kuzma or Kuzma. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:24:01 Uh, but we're at 57 if we don't assume the the guy being ruled out there. Speaker 1 00:24:06 Well if <laugh> the only, I would a hundred percent play him. He's just not gonna play if <laugh>, if we're our lineup's dead. Yeah. If, uh, uh, Beasley maybe 46. Speaker 0 00:24:17 Uh, well what do you think about this? What are we, what do you think about? So yeah, Beasley's not bad. I put in Clarkson in the Guard. Do you wanna go Keegan, Murray on, on back and We'll, we got a little three Utah stack there with Clarkson Market and Conley and Keegan Speaker 1 00:24:33 Run it and run it with Keegan. Run it back with Keegan. Um, Speaker 0 00:24:36 Or do you want, or do you want to go Fox as the run back instead of marketing? Speaker 1 00:24:42 Can we? Ooh. Yeah, I mean it's, I think, do you think that it's, Hmm, I could, I could get behind some D Fox. We know marketing will be the higher end of the two guys, right? Yeah. Like no one's gonna play Dr. Fox. I don't think he needs 45 for five x, which we know he, it's in his bag, but it's not like he's been consistent doing it. Right. A 2 42 total bottom 10 defenses. He put up 44 4 against them earlier in the year or two games ago, rather in a game. They went for uh, 251 points in by the way. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:25:22 I know. In case Speaker 1 00:25:23 Mars Power, in case anyone was date, uh, doubting the, uh, this game total. Speaker 0 00:25:28 Let's see, Speaker 1 00:25:31 Who'd you take? So who'd you take out? Uh, I Speaker 0 00:25:34 Mark in, I'm just trying to see if I can play around with this a little bit Speaker 1 00:25:39 Because it, the Keegan Murray, um, I can't get to Keegan. Murray a small Speaker 0 00:25:45 For. Yeah. So Speaker 1 00:25:46 Yeah, he's not a small, why did they remove his small forward? Speaker 0 00:25:49 He's a very small foot, small position. Yeah. It's super annoying. Um, Speaker 1 00:25:52 I'm just trying. I didn't, I didn't realize that until this very moment in time. Jalen Williams at 49, but then we're playing two Thunder and then's like, ugh. Speaker 0 00:26:01 So what I, so when I had, I moved out of, I moved Rob Williams out, moved Giannis the center, played Keegan Maif. We wanted to go the, the the stack here, um, at Power Ford and gave us a $4,500 utility. Um, you know, there's there which it's Conan or Granny Williams. Mm. Speaker 1 00:26:25 Solo for. Yeah. Uh, it would, it would probably have to be Murray or Trey Lyles probably would be the two options. Um, Speaker 0 00:26:33 Yeah, we could go, I mean we could go Lyles over Murray. Right. And that would actually gives us a little better of a, a return there. Speaker 1 00:26:40 47, 700 think I think Lyles only benefits from those guys being out too. Speaker 0 00:26:44 Yeah. We get Beasley. Speaker 1 00:26:46 I I dude, I we know, we know, we know Beasley is what he is. Speaker 0 00:26:53 So our lineup would be Conley, man, Beasley, Lyles, Giannis, Clarkson, hachi, Mo and Fox. What Speaker 1 00:27:01 A stack. <laugh> just full game stacking Sacramento, Utah. Speaker 0 00:27:05 Two. Yeah, we got two. We we got at least one core Sacramento guy and a bench Sacramento guy. And then we got a core Utah. But we don't, we don't have marketing who's been their best player. So that's like, that's a, that's a little, little if little iffy. Uh, I think we're kind of, I think we're kind of in it though, kind of in there. Unless you just don't think Giannis goes for 80 and then we can just play anybody really. So, Speaker 1 00:27:29 Um, I mean if you would rather just use like Sibos, but I, I mean I don't know. I I think Giannis can go for 70. I know holiday's back, but like look what this what he's do it <laugh>. He is crazy. Uh, he's better at home. Speaker 0 00:27:46 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:27:48 Rested. Speaker 0 00:27:49 Would you rather ums Bonis holiday or Giannis Clarkson? Speaker 1 00:27:58 Um, not Speaker 0 00:27:59 Really. Not really a big change there, I guess. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:28:01 I don't, I don't know. We've seen, we've also seen like a couple times cuz Drew Holiday has not been, uh, has been injured a couple times. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, he missed 11 days earlier in November. He then came back and played only 23 minutes against Philly. Um, he like a couple times where he's missed time. Yeah. He did it against Utah where uh, he missed six days. Only place 27 minutes when he comes back. Um, so they like limit him coming back. I don't know if we go to Drew Holiday, he might not be limited at all, but they've done it a couple times where he's been limited and uh, Speaker 0 00:28:41 Okay. Yeah. All right, so let's go back then and we'll, and we'll go with the lineup that we had there with that, uh, Speaker 1 00:28:47 With GNI at center, with GNI Speaker 0 00:28:49 At center. Oh no. With uh, we had Rob Williams at Center, Gianni Speaker 1 00:28:52 Center, Rob Williams at Center. Rob Williams at Center Speaker 0 00:28:55 Williams and our small forward was who, what do we have there? Speaker 1 00:29:01 We had marketing originally. Um, but we had, when we pivoted to our u our Utah stack, we had Giannis at center and we kicked out. Oh, okay. The curb. Speaker 0 00:29:13 Um, alright, well we can do this. Uh, $500 left on the table. Uh, Conley man. Marking Giannis. Rob Williams, Clarks and Hachi Moore. Keegan Murray Speaker 1 00:29:22 Works, works. Speaker 0 00:29:23 All right. That's line we got in here. If anything changes of course make up in the discord, uh, playbook will be out. If you have any questions, we will catch you guys later.

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