January 23, 2023


NBA DFS Podcast January 23: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast January 23: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast January 23: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Jan 23 2023 | 00:46:56


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Anthony Edwards against the Rockets.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on? F Nation? Jonathan Pimp Hill with James Grande. Welcome into the Fantasy Sea Alarm, N B A DFS podcast and live sha recording here for Monday's seven Game main slate. Uh, James, good weekend this weekend here. Uh, me, obviously, you know, out there, uh, you, we don't just do N B A DFS in these parts here. We, we dabble in other sports, uh, some, some eSports, some N F nfl, some mlb, some NHL N Hhl touts during the All-Star break. You know, those things happen for us here. True. Uh, I'm also apparently a golf fundage. Now you are a golf pundit. Now you are <laugh>. Um, now all full credit goes out to Drew Phelps. There. Just another fantastic, uh, PGA DFS playbook that he put together for everybody. Uh, came in second in a $20 G P P. Uh, it goes even further into the point that I made on, I wanna say it was Friday, kind of breaking down tournament structure and, and game theory and like selecting the right contests. Speaker 0 00:01:01 Um, you know, I didn't enter the main $20 a hundred K, 3500, 30 5,000 person contest. Uh, if I entered that, my lineup would've come in, uh, I think it was 120 fifth and it, and it would've won like $350, which is still great. Return on a $20 entry, right? Instead, I entered what was the second version of the main, uh, $20 contest, which only had 2,800 people in it. Uh, a drastic drop off in the amount of people that I'm going up against. And I come in second and win $4,000. Same exact lineup in a, in, in a what is essentially the same sort of contest. But because there were fewer people and it paid out a higher percentage of people, my lineup did better. Why? Because I wasn't competing against 35,000 lineups. I was competing against 2,500 lineups. So, um, if you have a chance, go check out the discord. Speaker 0 00:01:56 Understand, uh, go read the post that I did, I think it was on Friday, breaking down, you know, what is the right contest selection, what you should be looking for? Um, cuz I said, you know, the key point of that was like these sites, they blind you with the top payouts. Yes, it would've been great to win a hundred thousand dollars. My lineup, which came in second in this tournament, was a hundred points less than the lineup that won the a hundred K, right? Like, you have to hit the lottery to win a hundred grand. And because I played the smaller contest with the higher percentage of payout, it, it ended up earning me more money. So finding the right contest is something that James and I push a lot. Again, I did a little bit of a writeup and an explanation on that. I even put it in one of our favorite tools, um, in our discord there. Speaker 0 00:02:37 You know, shout out Roto Grinders. You know what? They, they make a good product with that, with that widget. Uh, no other site that I know has an add-on widget for Google Chrome that gives you, uh, right into that interface. Breaking down the contest details, the percentage of payouts and all those things. Like, it's gotta get added on to your Google Chrome browser. It just makes it a lot easier identifying the tournaments to attack. Uh, you, you and I have talked about that a few times. Uh, that's just another example of it, uh, going through and, oh, how would've my lineup have done on this one? Oh, not nearly as good because there's so many more people and it paid out 20% instead of 25% sort of thing, you know? So, um, definitely good to go look out there. So, had a good little weekend. Speaker 0 00:03:14 Have now a little more bit more of a bank roll play some N B A DFS this week. And we have a pretty good week of slates here. Uh, Wednesday is the only day where we have more than seven games on a slate. Um, right now at Wheelhouse Zone that James and I talk a lot about here. Um, we're kicking off with seven games here today. We have some injury news that's already out. Uh, and we have one of our favorite players of all time finally stepping back on the floor. Uh, after like a two and a half year absence, Jonathan Isaac is going to be available and expected to play tonight for Orlando against Boston Celtics. Uh, he has center only eligibility on, on DraftKings here, which is kind of frustrating cuz I think the last time we saw Jonathan Isaac, he was a small forward power forward. Speaker 1 00:03:56 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:03:56 Um, but for those of you who maybe are new to an N B A, Speaker 1 00:04:00 It was 10 years ago. That was 10 Speaker 0 00:04:02 Years ago. I haven't really followed as closely. Uh, Jonathan Isaac was on his way to just being an absolute freak. He's like a seven foot stretch. Um, even though he didn't shoot great from three point range at the G League, um, he gave you blocks, steals a rebounds. Like he's a, he's a DFS darling. He was a great play on FanDuel. Uh, excited to have him back, uh, just in the player pool. He's not somebody that I'm gonna end up playing today, obviously. Um, $4,400 is where he's priced out at. I wanna see how their rotation with Orlando works, where they're actually gonna play 'em. Um, but he's the guy that could rack up a lot of fantasy points in, in a very few minutes of play. Fantasy point, permitted freak. So, uh, good, good week here on Monday. Just kick it off with, uh, with getting Jonathan Isaac just back on the floor. Speaker 1 00:04:48 Yeah, I can't wait to read his book, um, about his return. It's gonna be a great one. Um, Jonathan Isaac book club. It's probably never been, never been better than it is right now. Um, shifting, shifting our attention to Vegas. Almost every game is insane in terms of totals. Every game currently sits at 2 32 or better. Um, the slate low is Boston. Orlando at 2 32. The slate high. Memphis Sacramento opened at 2 45 and a half. Um, 2 41 in San Antonio, Portland. Portland collapsed last night against the Lakers. Um, there's a lot of turmoil going on in Portland right now. Uh, there was a lot of interesting comments after the game by Damien Lillard and the media. So that should be interesting. Lost Speaker 0 00:05:37 Lost three games. I mean, they back little win streak there for a little bit. So, I mean, Speaker 1 00:05:41 They were up by 20 on the Lakers in the first half. Yeah. And they lost, um, 2 38 in and a half in Chicago, Atlanta. 2 37 and a half in Utah, Charlotte, um, 2 34. Currently in Houston, Minnesota. So every game looks good. Um, biggest favorites on the board. Milwaukee, they're 11 point Speaker 0 00:06:04 Getting everybody back here. Giannis Speaker 1 00:06:06 Getting Gianni and Middleton. Yep. So it should be an interesting slate. They're expecting a boatload of points, so I'm excited to, uh, get into Speaker 0 00:06:14 It. All right, let's get into it here. Uh, your top priced point guard for the day is Damien Lil. He's at $10,100, uh, 49 57. 61 56. So 60 61. Like he is really, uh, really going off lately. As you mentioned last night, played 40 minutes, only 17 shots, three or 13 from three for the second straight day. But what we really hopped on with Lillard lately has been the free throw attempts, uh, really saving his fantasy managers in terms of scoring 11 of 13, 10 of 10, 14 to 14, 16 of 16, 10 of 10, 13 of 15. Uh, what you wanna see from a guy when he is struggling from the floor is attacking the rim. Uh, and when he isn't struggling from the floor, you get those 60 fantasy point games, uh, double digit assists, six or more rebounds and two straight, uh, great matchup here against San Antonio. Do you, everybody, anybody sitting here on a back to back for Portland? Speaker 1 00:07:08 Um, maybe. I mean, I think that can just be said right now about everybody. Right? True. Just like true. What is the nba? Even Steve Kerr was talking about it like, um, he is going to continue to rest guys if they're banged up and he doesn't care about Speaker 0 00:07:24 It. There was a tweet that went out there and i, I, I wish I could remember the full details, but basically when the Warriors come to town for road games, the average cost of ticket is a, is like up like $55 or something stupid like that. So people are paying a literal premium to go see the Golden State Warriors come to town and, and they're sitting there, they're sitting, it's not even like they're sitting one guy like, oh, clay didn't play tonight. Whole thing. He's at their entire starting five. Speaker 1 00:07:49 Like, I feel bad. I like, I obviously feel bad and I understand like frustrations of fans, but I also, when I was listening to Steve, Kurt talk, like I understand his point of view too because you and I have been talking about it. Like there's, at this point we don't need back to backs. Like if, especially with the way the way league is trending. Yeah. Like they're just, people are arresting, people are injured, and when people are on back to backs and they're at all like hurt at all, they're sitting. Yeah. Like there's just no if and or, but people, Speaker 0 00:08:20 Not, people were, people were responding to my tweet on that the other day saying that it was the players that were soft. I'm like, it's the organization that's making Speaker 1 00:08:25 This decision. It's the organization. They are, they are a business. Yeah. They are making business decisions. Um, I am sure 99% of the players would like to play nine, like 99%. Right? Like literally everybody wants to play, but it's a business, like at the end of the day, um, as much as it is like we watch a, a game that's, and they play a game. Like it's their company, it's their business. Yep. Everything. So I understand from both sides, but we just have to take into consideration if there is a back-to-back at this point, until the N NBA addresses it. Right. Until they're like, okay, Steve Kerr said let's make a 72 game season. And then in then that case you're not probably playing back-to-back. Right. Or we're just extending the season and not playing back to backs. Right. Um, Speaker 0 00:09:16 Like what would it have to be two weeks? Maybe extend the season two weeks to get rid of all the back Toback? Speaker 1 00:09:21 Probably, probably, probably. Yeah. Prob I mean you're, there's probably less off, like less two off days, right? Like you're probably how teams are playing. Like instead of having like a Monday game and then Yeah. A Thursday game, it's like a Monday and a Wednesday game. Right, right. And Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Mon like Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. Like that's your four week game. No, back to backs though. Right. And then next week it's three, it's Tuesday Speaker 0 00:09:49 There play Thursday, six Saturday there's played on the 16th and didn't play again until the 19th. Right. So just play on 17th, have him play on the 18th. You know, like Speaker 1 00:09:57 What is, what is the reason for that? But instead it's like, okay, they're not gonna play, then they're gonna play the next day, then they're gonna play back to back. It's like, well we could have just avoided that by just spacing the games out and I get it. Travel and, and all this. But like I think the NBA needs to come up with a better structure if this is gonna continue to happen. So full circle back to Portland. I don't think they sit because I, they haven't really shown that. Like they're one of the few teams that I feel like have been playing back to backs, especially Dan, he hasn't really sat on back to backs. Yeah. But it's a, it's a conversation every time we have a team on a back to Speaker 0 00:10:32 Back. Yep. I agree with you there. Um, John ran in 9,700 in Sacramento. That feels like a price tag I want to pay. Um, I know Lamella ball is questionable there. He could return. Speaker 1 00:10:44 Yeah. That's an up, that's an upgrade cuz he's been doubtful the last couple slates. So Speaker 0 00:10:48 That's, um, if you're looking at Lamella versus Jah at 98, 97, you know, who do you lean more toward? Assuming Lao's good to go? Speaker 1 00:10:56 Uh, <laugh> it's a really good spot for both. Speaker 0 00:11:00 Um, like this feels like a game where we get full minutes out of Ja Morant. Right. Speaker 1 00:11:04 Like yeah, Sacramento's really good. Um, Speaker 0 00:11:08 He's, Speaker 1 00:11:08 I Speaker 0 00:11:08 Don't know man, 48 fantasy points against them. 30 actual in three games. Speaker 1 00:11:13 To your point, like you've been saying it about Ja for a while, like why isn't he doing more, more like in fantasy because he is like scoring fine and the assistor fine, but there's like nothing, nothing like ever like really together. There's been a couple triple doubles this year. Um, but Speaker 0 00:11:33 We aren't getting enough steals out of him. I think that's the problem. Speaker 1 00:11:36 Yeah. Especially lately, like he's averaging one so like, you know, it's like, but I don't if I'm gonna lean either way. Probably Lalo if he plays and there's no limitation Sure. But Speaker 0 00:11:49 Because there's triple double upside with Speaker 1 00:11:50 Him. Yeah. And, and not that Jack couldn't, but like I think just Charlotte relies more on La Melo where like Memphis is just a, a wagon. Yeah. Right. Like they were down 30 in that game yesterday, so here's another potential back to back. Like they were down 30 to Phoenix and they came back and almost won that game. Um, so I'm gonna lean Lam Melo if he plays, but like I can definitely see a scenario where you get the Ja like you said, he's been very Speaker 0 00:12:17 Good against. Yeah. If Ja if Ja goes for 35 tonight, he probably gets you at 55. So. Yep. Speaker 1 00:12:22 And, and, and this is like the fourth time all year he's been under 10 K. Yep. So like it's, it's a good price. Yep. Speaker 0 00:12:29 Um, any interest in Trayer holiday? Speaker 1 00:12:32 Not holiday. No way. Not with everyone back. Yeah. Trey, you know, I feel like it's, but Desante has just been like significantly Speaker 0 00:12:39 Better than Trey lately. Yeah, yeah. Lately he is been really, he's been pretty good. Um, I mean, scoring to basketball has been great, uh, over the last like five games. So, um, I don't really have interest in either of those guards just wanting to kind of eliminate them from my, from my player pool. Uh, eight K range. You have Fox Murray and Rossier. Rossier obviously too expensive and Lim Meows back. If Lam Melo is out, I think we can play Rossier at ak. Um, yep. The guy went off as we know, 55 fantasy points, 34 actual just what's in his bag when he's the main guy on the team. Um, Fox against Memphis. You've been, you've been liking Fox a lot more than I have this year. He is coming off of one of his best games of the season. Memphis of course though, uh, a really tough team, but against Memphis this season, 45 fantasy points in 35 minutes per in three games against him. Speaker 1 00:13:27 Yeah, I mean I think Fox is a good play. This game environment's pretty good. Um, I liked to, I liked his price sitting in those low eights more than I do in these high Eights. Um, but he has been really good lately. Two of the last threes had, um, at least 31 points and 45 fitness points. So like you can get there. I think all roads lead back to Rossier. He was, if um, Lao sits, he was super popular the other day. So there's gonna be nothing changing here at s Speaker 0 00:13:56 Uh, Kevin Porter's all gonna be reevaluated in a week, so, uh, don't not in the consideration there, uh, for him. Uh, you got Clarkson, Russell Simon, um, interesting that Boston's gonna meet without most Marcus Smart and Malcolm Brogdon. Uh, cuz I mean you have Derrick White now at 5,400 I imagine locked into the starting point guard rule. Speaker 1 00:14:20 Fast Speaker 0 00:14:20 Pp fast pp could definitely is definitely gonna come off the bench and see more minutes than we've seen from him lately. So, um, if you want a tournament dart throw today, I think Peyton Pritchard's probably it. I bet they, did they bump his price at all? Nope. 3,300 bucks for Pritchard here. Um, he played 26 minutes against Toronto, 21 fantasy points in that game. Um, whenever Peyton Pritchard's had the opportunity to play more minutes, he's generally been a productive player. Um, there was actually a story that was written about him the other day, um, about how he's playing the fewest minutes of his n NBA career right now. Uh, last year was like his career high and they talked about like how he understands like on this team that is ready to go and win an NBA finals, like Malcolm Brogden is ahead of him. Derrick White's ahead of him. Mark like he and Marcus Smart, I guess has been kinda like mentoring him, being like, listen, you're not gonna play on this team. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but be ready if we need you. This is a game where they need him. No Brogden, no Marcus Smart here tonight. Derrick White will start pri will be the guy off the bench. Speaker 1 00:15:25 Yeah, I mean I think both White and Pritchard should probably be pretty popular here just considering Boston's guard depth is depleted. Right. Alright. So like they can play Jalen but they don't really play. Speaker 0 00:15:41 They tried, tried playing Jalen Brown at Point Guard one game last year and it was an absolute disaster. I dunno. Speaker 1 00:15:45 Yeah. Mean he can't, I Speaker 0 00:15:46 Dunno if you remember that or not, but it was an absolute disaster. Speaker 1 00:15:49 He's not the best, uh, ball handler. I Speaker 0 00:15:52 Guess 20 turnovers I think happened. Like Speaker 1 00:15:53 You said, I guess JD Davidson is, uh, active the Speaker 0 00:15:58 GT G League Guard. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:15:59 He's on their team. He played on the 14th is the latest. Um, but it just feels like Pritchard and White are in for, um, a pretty heavy workload. Even if we got Pritchard playing 24 minutes, like I feel like at 30, I mean Speaker 0 00:16:13 He played plays 25 in a competi. Wasn't there a competitive game or no? Yeah, 1 0 6, 1 0 4. He played 26 minutes in that game. I mean he, Speaker 1 00:16:20 So there's no reason. Yeah, there's no reason to think he doesn't, he doesn't get, um, a bunch of ruptures. So Speaker 0 00:16:26 Yeah. And he's a, he is a really good three point shooter, so like he gets hot from out there. We've seen that the Celtics like aren't always committed to Derek White. If a guy's playing better than Derek White <laugh>, they'll, they'll go to somebody else, so. Yep. Um, yeah, interesting spot there. I didn't mean to skip over all the other like mid-tier guards, but I don't know, does Clarkson, Russell, Simons, Trey Jones I guess is in a pretty decent spot here. Um, Killian Hayes is questionable, but I don't know if we really want any, you know, go against Milwaukee in this spot. Like are any of those middle guards before Derek White in your player pool today? Speaker 1 00:16:58 I mean maybe Jayden Ivy, if there is no killing Haye just because he's the only ball handler, ball handler available. Um, maybe Alec Burkes in the same, I hope will hold Alec Berks in the same light. Right? Yeah. Maybe no killing Hayes. So they might be forced to play Alex perks even though they don't want to. Um, Josh Richardson's been really good. Yeah. 24 minutes per game, 27 fantasy points per game over his last, uh, four. He's been what? I mean if you look at the game log every game in January, Josh Richardson has given you 21 fantasy points. I think Popovich is like, you know, I can't not play you anymore. Like you're just, you're like, you're Speaker 0 00:17:38 Long. The only one as long as Pace is out, he's, Speaker 1 00:17:40 He's, yeah. As long as Vall is out, I think Josh is fine. Um, Speaker 0 00:17:44 Plus they're gonna trade him so they need opposite value. So Speaker 1 00:17:47 Plus they're gonna trade him. Um, Sexton randomly booms to 29 minutes. You can never predict when that's gonna happen, but in tournaments Speaker 0 00:17:55 That's fine. I mean, we were talking about sex. Yeah. I mean, when he came back from his injury, he played 29 or 24 minutes or whatever it's like right away. Um, he's been good. He had that one game against the Clippers where he struggled shooting, but everything else has been your typical sex and game I score and I don't really do a lot else but <laugh>, I get you there. Speaker 1 00:18:12 I think. I think that's it though. Like, um, barring Memphis sitting people, we've seen Memphis sit people on back to backs. Like obviously Ty Jones becomes, if Josh sits, he's Ty Jones is the cha of the slate. Sure. And, um, for good reason. Speaker 0 00:18:27 All right. Uh, look, we, we mentioned already, uh, PRIs your, your value today at shooting guard mm-hmm. <affirmative>, point guard rather. 3,300 bucks. Yep. Uh, shooting guard Zac Levine bumped to $9,600 here. Um, do Rosen's Healthy, right? I'm Speaker 1 00:18:41 Like where? Yeah, they played both played in, uh, in French. Yeah. That was Speaker 0 00:18:45 Prince Game six for Levine. I don't know how you're feeling about him. I know he's, Speaker 1 00:18:49 No, I'm not, I'm not, Speaker 0 00:18:49 I'm not. Um, Anthony Edwards here, 71 in the same matchup the other day. Uh, couldn't have go bear back today, but I don't think that's gonna matter. So, uh, if you want to go in Edwards, uh, I am not gonna tell you no. So Speaker 1 00:19:02 I think it matters in like the rebounding department, but we've, we thought that before, it's not gonna matter in like at all. He's not, it's not gonna stop him from shooting he 30 times. Speaker 0 00:19:14 Yeah. Yeah. Like maybe you don't get three blocks here. So the take away six points. Okay. He gave you 65, so, right, right. Um, yeah, it's Houston, it's just a great, it's, this is the, the best DFS spot, right? It's Minnesota Houston. So no DF defense, high scoring totals we're in, uh, Desmond Bain at 72. I've been playing his props, um, lately. He's been, he's been really good. What I tell you is his p r when he plays at least 30 minutes, I sent you that screenshot. He is gone over it like every game this season. Speaker 1 00:19:44 Hundred percent Speaker 0 00:19:44 Percent. Yeah. Um, still doing that. Still going over the p r a uh, I didn't check to see what it is this morning, but if we're looking at another 30 minutes tonight, he's averaging 47 fantasy points. Well, averaging, he played one game against Sacramento. He went through 47 fantasy points. Speaker 1 00:19:59 <laugh>. Yeah, I mean, I think, um, and here's, I think Desmond Batton might be the reason why it's like, I don't need to play Ja when I can just play Speaker 0 00:20:08 Desmond ba it's the SGA issue, right. Cuz Giddy is just doing too much. Yep. So. Speaker 1 00:20:12 Yep, yep. Exactly. Speaker 0 00:20:15 I'm with you there. Uh, Simon's said 31 actual can always throw Simon's in a gpp. That's fine. It can pop off here. Um, harder at 55 is a really good price tag for him. Um, again, we, we talk about it, he add some really good ceiling games this season. You know, even with Saboni playing, he goes for 35 fantasy points against Philly. This is just the best version we've seen of Kevin Horter in his career at this point. So, yep. Um, great price tag for him. Never really moves. I'm, I'm in on, on that spot there. Um, any other value shooting guard for you? Speaker 1 00:20:51 Um, Speaker 0 00:20:52 Diallo, did you take a guard on Diallo? No, no, no. Stewart and maybe no Hayes today. Speaker 1 00:20:58 Yeah, probably. I think that helps. Um, we should see Jalen Duran start at center. That means we'll probably see Sadiq Bay and Boen start small forward power forward. Right. It just puts, it just puts um, Diallo on the floor more. So Yeah, I would, you know, 4,200 is not what it was like it was under 4k and that was much more comfortable. Just they don't like to extend Diallo. Like they play him low twenties minutes almost regardless. Speaker 0 00:21:27 Yeah. Unless they yeah. Unless they have Speaker 1 00:21:29 To. Unless they, unless they have to play him mid twenties. Right. Right. Um, but I mean, every time he's played mid twenties minutes, he's been awesome, so. Yep. Uh, I'm okay getting Speaker 0 00:21:37 There. Yep. He, again, he is another one of our, our guys where we were super excited we got traded and then they, like, they never used him. It didn't make any sense. Just don't use him. Speaker 1 00:21:44 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:21:44 Thanks. Um, yeah, nobody else really down here for me. Um, Speaker 1 00:21:50 Yeah, Houston doesn't play, Speaker 0 00:21:51 Only play a good game the other day, but again, I mean 26 minutes out nowhere. So Speaker 1 00:21:55 I think he, it's, he, it's just one of those like, I'm, he made shots. I'm gonna keep this guy on the floor. Speaker 0 00:22:01 Yep. I'm with you there. Um, all right. Small forward. Uh, JT is at ten nine here. I don't, I can't, I don't know. I I don't think I'm paying 10 million for Tatum <laugh> 71 back to back one had no Jaylen Brown one was an overtime game against Golden State. Speaker 1 00:22:19 Boston has a lot of guys out. Maybe Rob Williams too, like Yeah. Do we like, I mean, do we think he'd get 19 rebounds again? Probably not, but like Speaker 0 00:22:29 Maybe a ceiling assists game. He did have a double digit sis game earlier this month. Speaker 1 00:22:34 I think that there is merit to getting to Tatum. He's not my top spend, but I think there is. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:22:41 We didn't really go over to the top spend. There is not a, he's 11 eight coming back from an injury against Detroit Tatum's number twos Bonis Lillard to the only four guys over Ken. K Speaker 1 00:22:50 Yeah, there's no, that's the, like, there's not a lot of, Speaker 0 00:22:54 And maybe you don't even spend over a 10 K player today. Like that could also be very true on this slate. So Speaker 1 00:23:00 I agree. Speaker 0 00:23:01 Uh, under Tum here we have, we talked about Levine, we got Lori marking against Charlotte, uh, 42 fans points 22 and 11. The rebounds continue to come. I was very confused about the usage of Walker Kessler in that matchup against Brooklyn. They only played him in 25 minutes. Didn't really understand why he wasn't in foul trouble or anything. Um, they just went with Sexton, uh, and they play, I think CL might have played marketing at the Five or Vanderbilt at the five in that one. Like Speaker 1 00:23:28 Yeah, I think Klaxon was just too, I think Clarkton was just too athletic for him and they, they're just like, eh, we're just gonna take you off. Speaker 0 00:23:34 Shouldn't be the issue today for Walker Castor. He's gonna probably be one of our favorite plays of the day. Uh, but Lori is very much in that conversation here at 94. Um, yep. As long as those that rebounding continues to come, like we're gonna like that spot. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, we didn't talk about Ja, Jalen Brown shooting guard. Did I just miss him? Speaker 1 00:23:50 Um, yep, you did. Okay. Speaker 0 00:23:52 J jb do you like him better than Tatum today? Speaker 1 00:23:57 Mm, it's a good, it's a good contrarian play. Um, Speaker 0 00:24:02 And your 42 fantasy points in three games against Orlando, Speaker 1 00:24:06 Which is what, less than five x? I mean, it's fine. Like it's on Speaker 0 00:24:11 I tell line Speaker 1 00:24:12 Five x. Yeah. I tell you this all the time. It's like Jalen Brown has tremendous upside, just doesn't always, I, I I like Jaylen a lot. If like, no Rob will, I think Jalen Brown's a good rebounder in Rob Will takes away from him a little bit. So Speaker 0 00:24:26 Not having smart or Brockton out there also good for the re Speaker 1 00:24:29 Yeah. Yeah. I Speaker 0 00:24:29 Think both of those are good rebounding guards. Speaker 1 00:24:31 They are. I I I like both. You can go either way with Tatum Speaker 0 00:24:35 Or Pete Bridge is not rebound in the basketball. He's five nine. No, he is not. He has not. Um, DBR r if $8,900 any interest in an under nine K Deeros Avenue, 54 fantasy points against Atlanta this Speaker 1 00:24:47 Year. Yeah, it's fine. Like I think bulls are priced too. A little too high. But you know Speaker 0 00:24:55 What? Kel Johnson shows up today, Speaker 1 00:24:58 The one I tweet about, not not doing, hitting 40 fantasy points Speaker 0 00:25:03 36 and 11 against Brooklyn <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:25:06 It's just unbelievable. Um, yeah, Portland's in shambles so like you can get there. Speaker 0 00:25:12 Yeah. Portland on the back to back, you know, like Yeah, there's definitely, there's definitely a path to that. Um, I don't really like Manny Detroit against Milwaukee. Um, you know, BOKS, they're always just there, but I don't think I'm gonna go there today, Speaker 1 00:25:27 No. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, you can't, you can for tournaments. I think Speaker 0 00:25:31 That's fine. Kyle Anderson went, oh for seven shooting against Houston. It was a big, it was a big disaster there. Uh, I don't think he goes oh for seven again, but he is also $6,300 so, um, Speaker 1 00:25:40 Feels like a fade at the, feels like a fade at that Speaker 0 00:25:42 Point. Feels like a fade. I agree with you. Um, Harry B at 57, I don't mind that. Speaker 1 00:25:48 Um, yeah, Harry B's been pretty awesome outside of the one Speaker 0 00:25:54 I 30 fantasy points in three games against Memphis as well. Speaker 1 00:25:57 Yeah, he's been, he's been pretty good man. He's Speaker 0 00:25:59 Been pretty good. Uh, Gordon Hay would return to Utah, 5,300 bucks. Speaker 1 00:26:04 Um, I would like to see Speaker 0 00:26:06 25 minutes in his return game. Speaker 1 00:26:09 Yeah. Would like to see that like 30. I would, I like the price. I would like Hayward more if we, if Lam's not there. Speaker 0 00:26:18 He started but was on a managed minutes limit. So I guess we'll see. Speaker 1 00:26:23 Yeah, I think Lam Lamella being outs the key for me cuz I'd rather like I could just play Josh Hart or 51 instead. Sure, Speaker 0 00:26:31 Sure. Um, KJ Martin's been really good. Uh, yeah. Great. Eric, Eric Gordon's a small forward. I was gonna say we missed Eric Gordon on shooting Guard, uh, with No Porter. We talked about this the other day. Both of them have been very good. Yeah. Uh, Katie Martin over 40 minutes and over 30 minutes now in four straight games. 28, 25, 29, 36 in those four games for him at 5k, same exact spot. He was just in 15 and nine. Uh, and then Eric Gordon, uh, $4,400. He had, uh, 28 Fantasy points. 16 actual, um, really good price. Even the dud game against Charlotte, he still gave you 19 fantasy points on an absolute killer. Um, I don't think that snowflakes you, it just kind of gives you the projected number. So, uh, with no Kevin Porter, I don't mind, um, that I also found it interesting that our guy Tara Eason, he's a Power Forward, but he played 27 minutes in that game against Minnesota. Speaker 1 00:27:23 He, he started, he started Speaker 0 00:27:24 Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Like, uh, Speaker 1 00:27:26 Truva Smith. Truva Smith is questionable. So Speaker 0 00:27:28 Yeah, if Smith is out again, we're, I mean we gotta, we're gonna be hammering some of our tower Easton's one of our other favorite guys who doesn't play enough but should play more. So, um, Houston, Minnesota is gonna be very stackable today. Uh, especially as we get down to the value tiers. Uh, anybody else that's model forward for you? Speaker 1 00:27:46 Um, if Bo Dan Bogdanovic doesn't play, I don't hate AJ Griffin 3,300. Okay. Um, but he needs to make shots to be viable. Cause he doesn't really do anything else. Speaker 0 00:27:57 What do we make of Grant Williams? Speaker 1 00:28:00 I mean, hasn't like, it's been interesting because Boston, just like if Brogan's on Grant Williams doesn't play and if like Derek White's on Grant Williams and Brogden don't play, like, but now there's two people missing. So does Grant Williams play 30 minutes again? And if he does, like we're, Speaker 0 00:28:20 If they're without Robert Williams, we know they're out with without Smart and Brogden, it feels like Grant Williams could even like start this game, Speaker 1 00:28:28 Right? Yeah. Yeah. Yep. Probably. Um, I mean yeah, because they're starting Rob Will and Horford, so they would just shift Horford to five Speaker 0 00:28:37 And Yeah. Yeah. Horford to the five Grant Williams. That's powerful. Tata small. Speaker 1 00:28:40 I do not like the price. I'm not gonna lie. Like okay, Speaker 0 00:28:43 Let's, Speaker 1 00:28:44 I agree. Don't like the price. I agree. But Speaker 0 00:28:46 You're clear high 25 points scored against Toronto. So Speaker 1 00:28:49 Like, if he's gonna start it's, it's a consideration. But like there is the caveat, like we know what Grant Williams floor can be. Speaker 0 00:28:57 Yeah. It's single duty. Speaker 1 00:28:58 So, so, Speaker 0 00:29:00 Um, all right. Power forward Giannis return game. Am Speaker 1 00:29:08 Yeah, I wonder, I I wonder, I, I don't know like what the, the knee has been an issue for a while, right? And then he sits out 12 days for the first time. Like he hadn't been sitting, they asked Budenholzer if that knee is gonna be an issue. He said no. And then suddenly he sits for two weeks. It's like, oh, you just told us that wasn't gonna be an issue. And then it was definitely an issue because he didn't play for two weeks. Right. So I don't know what to make of this. Um, I'm, if we find out there's like no limit or if it's like a monitored situation, I always feel like monitored is is better because if he's mo if he's being monitored and he is just dominating, they're like not gonna take him off the floor. Sure. But if he's being limited, it's like okay, then there's a actually like, okay, a hard cap at this. Um, I don't know Tor for me right now, it's a tournament play only and we'll kind of wait and see. He wasn't looking great to begin with before the injury. Yeah. Um, yeah, but he has just torch Detroit. They have nothing to stop him in the front court. Like, nope. They, they don't have anything when they're healthy. I mean they just, Speaker 0 00:30:13 He scored 31 and 32 actual 44 and 68 fantasy points against them. Speaker 1 00:30:18 So dude, he's gonna, he's this front cord has literally no chance against him. It just all comes down to does this game stay competitive and how many minutes is he going to play? Speaker 0 00:30:28 It's kind of why I wanna play the guards for Detroit. If anybody, cuz the forwards are just gonna be in foul Speaker 1 00:30:32 Trouble. Yeah. They're gonna be, I mean they, they might not ha end with enough players to play Speaker 0 00:30:36 <laugh>. Um, all right. Other power forwards that we haven't discussed yet. Bobby PEs at $7,600. Um, price just skyrocketing on him goes no Giannis so probably can't touch that one. No, no. Uh, Jarron Jackson at 73 though. Speaker 1 00:30:51 Yeah. To, I mean Jarron Jackson experience last game, ladies and gentlemen. 4,003 Speaker 0 00:30:56 In a row. Five, five and four foul. So Speaker 1 00:30:58 I mean, you know, he is what he is. He's a tournament play and that's it. Yep. You can't, you just can't play him anywhere else. Speaker 0 00:31:06 I agree. Uh, Grant's probably too expensive right now given the way he has been playing. Um, maybe Al Horford would know Robert Williams. Speaker 1 00:31:18 Um, yeah, if there's no Rob Williams, I'm fine with getting Horford. We've seen this song and dance for a couple years now. If Al Horford scores points, Speaker 0 00:31:29 Right. Speaker 1 00:31:30 He breaks slates. If he scores. Yep. If he doesn't, he's just middling. He's like a fine play, right? Yeah. Like it's like 23 to 25 fancy points and it's like, okay, but if he gets you like the 16 and 20 points, he could win you a win you a tournament. So I like El Horford. I also wanna just circle back to PJ Washington a little bit. Okay. Um, last two games. La Melo Ball, 42 Fantasy points in each, uh, 23, 16, 17 actual points the last three games. Yeah. Um, so I like, I like PJ Washington. Speaker 0 00:32:03 Um, yeah, he's, he's slowly working his way into guys I never get right. So, um, I'll avoid him for the sake of the DFS community today. You can, you can play some PJ Washington. Speaker 1 00:32:13 Appreciate, appreciate Speaker 0 00:32:14 It. Um, power food really isn't that great in the mid tier though today. Um, or the value tier for that matter. Um, maybe Jeremy Sohan. I, I don't mind that at 46, 27, 28, 27 fantasy points. The last three games, um, the minutes have been good. You, you just like the shot attempts are just the inconsistent thing, but Yep. Um, you know, 15, 16 and 16 the last three games like Power Forward, not, not awful. We always say you can throw a Dart and Brandon Clark, uh, if Tyre Eason starts $3,000 will be super chalked today. Um, anybody else? Speaker 1 00:32:50 Yeah, I mean, Keegan Murray, um, talk, this is the rookie, this is the rookie tier. Sohan Murray, Tyre Eason, like depending on who's in and who's out, but like Speaker 0 00:33:00 29 and 14 against O K C. Speaker 1 00:33:02 Yeah. Yeah. He had a monster game against O KC and the minutes have been what is like incredibly encouraging. 41 37, 37 um, minutes in. So they're just not taking him off the floor. He had two double doubles in his last three games. He was 23 plus fantasy points. And look, it's a really tough spot cuz he's going to be guarded by Jaren Jackson and that's like not fun whatsoever, but he's very cheap. Um, he's playing a bunch of minutes so I don't hate Keegan Murray just for the fact that he's on the floor so much. I think I'm with you. I like Sohan better and if Taren were to start again, he's obviously like one of the top values of the day. Um, so I like both those guys. Interesting to see what the Pistons do with Isaiah Livers. He played 39 minutes against the Knicks a couple games ago. Speaker 0 00:33:49 Yeah, he started, he Speaker 1 00:33:50 Started that. Yeah. And now know Stewart. So maybe they do that again. Maybe they do start him again. He's Speaker 0 00:33:56 Not a big guy though. He just plays pieces. Not a big guy. Six seven I think. Speaker 1 00:33:59 Well they just don't have like, I mean what what is their other option I guess? Right? It's like Boen who's also 6, 7, 6 8, 6 9. So they're, it's not like they're like blessed with depth unless they or with size. Unless they went like Duran LAN's Noel. But how hilarious would that rotation be if they started Noel and Jalen Duran? Um, so I guess interesting to see. We'll know early. It's a seven thought game. Yeah. So if we, I think I would have mild interest in Isaiah livers if he were to start just cuz you, you have to think he probably plays some blowouts too, right? Like if he starts they don't have other guys so he probably just, if this game gets outta hand, he's probably still Speaker 0 00:34:40 Still running on our team or what? Speaker 1 00:34:42 Um, Rodney Magruder is still somehow, yeah, he is just still must be a great locker room guy. Speaker 0 00:34:48 You know Speaker 1 00:34:48 <laugh> be a great Speaker 0 00:34:49 Locker room. Uh, who is Rodney Magruder? Um, <laugh>, yeah. Uh, center position here. Simonis is at ten six. Uh, gets Memphis fist probably a tough spot for him is averaging double double though 12.7 points. 12.7 rebound seven. He Speaker 1 00:35:05 Just needs to triple double. I've come to the, I've come to the conclusion that for deto saboni to pay this price off, he needs to triple double because when you look at it like he can, he's obviously doing it. Yeah. Like every other night. Um, so on the per per the de s bonus cycle, um, this is a triple double night. But look at the games where he doesn't, like he had 41 fantasy points in a game. You're like, oh, 16, 10 and nine. That's great. Well he had 41 fantasy points. Yeah. Cause he doesn't get blocks or steals at all. Um, so if you think this is a triple double spot, run it up. I think that, but we just need it because he doesn't get you the blocks or steals and if Jabari Smith sits, I'm just gonna play, I'm just gonna play <inaudible>. Well Speaker 0 00:35:48 You know, like, well, well let me ask you, does it even matter if Jabari Smith sits, I mean Kevin Porter being Speaker 1 00:35:52 No, it probably doesn't. Speaker 0 00:35:53 Kevin Porter being out has been the assist thing for him, right? Yeah, yeah. Um, Speaker 1 00:35:58 Yeah, and he's played with Smith, like he played with Smith against the Laker. So like Speaker 0 00:36:01 He, he's averaging 18 and 10 against Minnesota in general. Now he went 19 and 16 against him the last game, but he went 18 and eight. Uh, and then the first game against him, he went, where is it? Uh, 17, seven and five. So like Gobert coming back potentially doesn't really impact Chango all that much. You should be better if Gobert was out though, Speaker 1 00:36:23 Obviously. Correct, correct, correct. But like you're right, the offenses just might run throw, he might just go like 10, 10, 10. Speaker 0 00:36:30 I don't know what his assist prop is right now, but I've been, I've been sending you my slips. I've been playing over five and a half assists since Kevin Porter's been out. He said game. Um, so if it's at five and a half again today, like I'm in, I'm I'm gonna, I'm gonna go all in on that. So Yeah. Um, they should bump it. They, they just don't, Speaker 1 00:36:47 They probably should. They Speaker 0 00:36:48 Probably, he has like four, he gets forced this by halftime. Like the, he just, they they just run, he's mini mini yoic as you've been calling him. So, um, alright. He's 8,400 though. That's a big, that is a big price bump for him. He's been on his way up that way, but I mean like, you know. Speaker 1 00:37:01 Yeah he was AK last slate and he, I mean 70, 54, 57, you know, playing. And here it is, the minutes here. Another guy that we have been screaming from the rooftops. Give him the minutes. Yeah. 37, 39, 37 domination across the board in every facet of the game. Like what <laugh>, you know, it's like, what Speaker 0 00:37:26 Do you play Shon? Do you play Shon Light in in Plumley here against, uh, against you? Speaker 1 00:37:31 I know, I guess, I guess Plumley is just the best player in the Speaker 0 00:37:34 World. I mean, I don't know, like the guy's averaging 40 fancy points the last five games here, 17, 12 and three. So, Speaker 1 00:37:41 No, he's awesome. He's, I don't know, I don't know what to say. This Speaker 0 00:37:45 Is another guy trying to get traded I think. I don't know, like the guy, Mark Williams mad him. So, um, um, he's been really good. It is a great spot for Nachi. Um, he's sucked though, so Speaker 1 00:37:55 He has sucked and he's been in, he was in foul trouble last night and they've taken him off the floor. He's Speaker 0 00:38:00 File trouble a lot. 4, 5, 5 and four the last four games. So Speaker 1 00:38:03 They are, they're just a nightmare right now. It's a, it's a, it's a nightmare situation right now. Speaker 0 00:38:08 Wow. They don't play perle enough minutes, uh, to get there. Um, Steven Adams, this could be a spot for Steven Adams has to stay on the floor here against Speaker 1 00:38:17 Yeah, he, yeah, you would think, you would think they keep him on the floor and anytime he stays on the floor, double doubles Speaker 0 00:38:23 Averaging 35 fantasy points in three games against Sacramento. There you go. 16.7 rebounds per game in those three games. <laugh>. Um, so is that Speaker 1 00:38:31 Good? Is that good? Speaker 0 00:38:32 It's decent. 9.3, 16.7 in a block in three games, so Speaker 1 00:38:37 Sounds good. That sounds pretty good. Speaker 0 00:38:38 Um, as I mentioned earlier, all roads here tonight leading to Walker Kessler, I have to assume he'll play more than 25 minutes, but I don't know, you never know what these coaches do with their rotations. Speaker 1 00:38:47 <laugh> no. Speaker 0 00:38:48 Uh, you know, wasn't in foul trouble. Great. Hasn't been in foul trouble lately. Great blocks have been there. Great. Um, just two, six and one, you know, against Brooklyn. Don't know what happened. Um, he had 13 and 11 with marketing back against the Clipper, so it wasn't that. So, um, I don't know. Are you worried at all about Walker Kesler here? Speaker 1 00:39:10 I don't know. Maybe. I think, I guess we just have to worry about how rotations are, are in general. Some like, he's been playing so good and then they're just like, nah, like you're off the floor today. And, and maybe it was due to the fact that Nick Clarkson is just an athletic freak and Kessler is seven three and doesn't, isn't like mobile at all. So yeah, tournaments only for me. 58. I thought he was a tournament play only to begin with after seeing how many, like how foul happy he could be at times. Yeah. So, um, tournaments only, but definitely, definitely, definitely. Speaker 0 00:39:45 Speaking of off the floor, NAS Reed only played 15 minutes the other night. Nathan and Night Turtle came off the bench and had a big day here. Uh, if no, go bear this is, is this a fade spot or is it, do you think he just kinda, I mean 22 and 15 minutes only trending down for him the last two games here Speaker 1 00:40:03 It's been, so it's been tough because he's been in foul trouble in three straight games where I know it suggests three fouls, but he, in the Toronto game, he had 3004 minutes. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:40:15 I Speaker 1 00:40:15 Remember. Yeah, he played 18 second half minutes. So he played a lot in the second half. Houston, same thing, two early fouls. But then Nathan Nick catches fire and they Speaker 0 00:40:24 Naza had three fouls in five minutes against Houston. So like Speaker 1 00:40:29 I, I think Nas Reed is a, he is a very, very, very good fancy pointment minute guy. I just like, you know, it's just one of those things like he, he's very good on a fancy point per minute basis, but he hasn't been able to stay at a Fal bowl. So I it's a tough, it's a tough spot. He's been popular. Every single slate. People aren't like losing hope in him, but, you know, I I think he's in our player pool, but it's definitely risky. Speaker 0 00:41:00 Uh, Jalen Duran's gonna be risky obviously because of the matchup against Milwaukee. But, you know, he is gonna start and when he was starting, you know, double doubles almost nightly for him, uh, elite rebounding, they have to put him on the floor here until he follow out. I would imagine so. Um, and he, and I mean like this isn't gonna be the case with Jalen Duran plays 22 minutes cause he is in foul trouble. They're, they have to, they have to play Jalen Duran tonight. So Speaker 1 00:41:24 Yeah, the only, I guess the only worry is that he missed two weeks, comes back, doesn't start and only played 18 minutes. And I know like they've now had four days since like, traveling back from France and like maybe the endurance ended up, but like, I'm, I'm, I'm hoping you would think that they need to play him. Um, Speaker 0 00:41:42 If if he starts, you'll feel a lot better about it, I would imagine. Speaker 1 00:41:45 Yeah. Yes, yes, Speaker 0 00:41:47 For sure. Uh, any other centers here? Speaker 1 00:41:50 Hey, would you play John Isaac? Speaker 0 00:41:54 Um, no. Speaker 1 00:41:59 Um, then Zach Collins and Tournaments 20, if he plays the 24 minutes that he plays, you know, he's, he's pretty, he is a very good fantasy producer. So like last, last member of your lineup in, I I don't hate, um, Zach Collins under 4k. Speaker 0 00:42:16 Yep, I agree with you. Um, all right, let's build our lineup. Where are we beginning? Speaker 1 00:42:24 I have no idea. Speaker 0 00:42:25 Have no idea. I have no idea. Um, I'm thinking Anthony Edwards. Speaker 1 00:42:31 Um, yeah, that's fine. Yeah, that's, that's Speaker 0 00:42:35 Fine. You don't seem too convinced. Speaker 1 00:42:38 I don't, I just don't know. Like I'm, this is like so early in like the process. I think Edwards is, Speaker 0 00:42:46 It's the, is that not the highest game total on the board today? Is that what you said? Speaker 1 00:42:50 Um, I think it was the second. No, it's the second lowest. Second Speaker 0 00:42:55 Lowest. Um, Minnesota. Houston's the second lowest. Speaker 1 00:42:58 Yeah, Houston's like playing, um, Houston's 29th and Pace this year. So Houston, there's been like, um, or 20, they're low twenties. Uh, Memphis Sacramento is 2 45 and a half. And then, um, Portland, San Antonio is 2 41 and those are the two highest of the day. Speaker 0 00:43:17 Interesting. I kind of still wanted to Speaker 1 00:43:19 Go, I mean I, I'm okay playing Anthony Edwards. I Speaker 0 00:43:21 What if we go Bain Edwards? Would you rather go White or Pritchard? Speaker 1 00:43:28 Both. Speaker 0 00:43:30 <laugh>. Oh, I mean one, we can go both if you want. Speaker 1 00:43:34 Um, I mean Boston plays all their guards a bunch of minutes, but now none of them are available. Right. Speaker 0 00:43:40 So I'll plug pri it in just for now. We'll see what we can do for money. So I got Pritchard, Bain Edwards, um, 6K per position here. Uh, did you wanna go Shun Speaker 1 00:43:53 Shun? Probably Shingo. Okay. Speaker 0 00:43:55 Center area. 5,500 player for a power forward guard, forward utility. Speaker 1 00:44:00 I mean, we know, so we know that Houston value is there to us. We don't know the Tar Eason side of things, but we know the KJ Martin. Yep. Eric Gordon's side Yep. Is available to us if we wanted to. Speaker 0 00:44:13 So is KJ Martin, do you think KJ Martin had more benefits? I mean the minutes have been there anyways. Speaker 1 00:44:18 He's starting, he's been good with Porter out. Speaker 0 00:44:21 Right? Does he get a better bump with, with Jabari out, do you think? Or Speaker 1 00:44:26 I mean he had, he took more shots without Jabari. He had more rebounds, but like also seven plus rebounds in four Speaker 0 00:44:31 Strain. Yeah, he does more than Eric Gordon. I guess that's true. Speaker 1 00:44:33 He's been good. I mean, I, I'm Kevin or Eric Gordon has the biggest bump on the team without Kevin Porter. Speaker 0 00:44:43 Yeah, Speaker 1 00:44:44 So like, I don't know, it like Eric Gordon gets the bigger usage bump. Kj Martin's production's been a little better, so Sure, Speaker 0 00:44:52 I'll go. We'll go Martin for now. If we need the money, we can move it around. We have, uh, 5,600 for a guard forward utility here. Um, we could play both Boston guards. We could play hoarder, get the other side of that Memphis Sacramento game. Um, Conley at 5,300 against Charlotte is also in that range. Speaker 1 00:45:12 Sexton 44 Richardson 45. Yep. That's a great game environment too. Diallo, but we don't really have confirmation on, um, or we forward, we spent, we could do Sohan 46, Keegan, Murray 44 Clark. Let's, Speaker 0 00:45:33 Keegan 43. Lets get, let's get exposure to Memphis Sacramento. So Keegan's at 44, we have 6,200 for a guard in a utility play. Was there a seven K guy that we liked? For sure. Speaker 1 00:45:50 I like Jalen Green. If Jabari Smith is out, I know he's been up and down, but, um, it's a, it's actually a really good spot for Houston. Like Pace up spot, Jalen Green's, just like so up and down. He had like his best game of his career followed by his worst game of his career. Speaker 0 00:46:09 In backtrack. Well we can, we can do Jalen Green and Sohan. So if we do Pritchard, Bain Edwards, Martin Shon, green Murray Sohan, it gives us three Houston Martin Sinon Green. Of course if Tyre Eason starts, we would pivot off of Martin, uh, kj and Martin probably play Tyre Eason there. Um, it'd open up an additional like $1,200 and we could figure out something else at Utility. But, uh, we can, we can rock with that right now if you think it's, I think it looks good. Speaker 1 00:46:38 Yeah, I'm, I'm cool with that. All Speaker 0 00:46:40 Right. That's our, that's our play here for at least for now, for today. We'll be in the Discord if you have any questions. Uh, I believe Dylan Clemens is on the playbook today. And, uh, we'll be around. We'll talk to you guys there.

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