January 20, 2023


NBA DFS Podcast January 20: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast January 20: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast January 20: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Jan 20 2023 | 00:46:29


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Fred VanVleet against the Timberwolves.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on? FY Nation, John and PE Heel with James Grande. Welcome into the fantasy alarm. N B A DFS podcast for Friday's. Nine Game Main slate. I know on Tuesday I said it was Friday on the podcast. It was not. It was Tuesday. It is actually Friday here. Nine games. Uh, a great way to end the week. We have a pretty good slate here. Uh, Luca and Yoic both on the slate here. Uh, LeBron James, I think he's listening as questionable, but he's at 11 three. Speaker 1 00:00:24 Every slate. Every Speaker 0 00:00:25 Slate, every slate. Uh, Steph Curry on the back to back. It'll be very interesting. Golden State on the back to back here, uh, after losing it overtime to Boston last night. Who plays, who sits? They have Cleveland here. Uh, Donovan Mitchell, I believe is questionable to play, if not, not, he didn't practice, right? So Speaker 1 00:00:42 He's, he's listed questionable, but, uh, it is, it is interesting to note he was listed doubtful going into last game Sure. Before being ruled out. So just something, Speaker 0 00:00:52 Something to watch there. Of course, um, you know, Trey Young is questionable to play in this game here. Um, but other than that, like really not a ton of other major injury news for this slate. So like, at least for now, a relatively healthy team. Uh, the Miro injury could be impactful. You know, we'll get to center obviously a little bit later, but like Hart and Stein could start. Uh, gotta go check out and see what we have for an overrun rebound pro for my guy, Julius Randall here tonight. Uh, if it's 12 and a half again, uh, I think you have to bet the over, uh, six straight games on it. I'm not sure what we're at, uh, right now, but like I said, for the most part, like, we're looking at a pretty healthy slate here. Um, and some pretty good matchups. You have Brooklyn's on a back to back. You know, this Kyrie sit out on the back to back here after not playing couple nights ago. That's something to pay attention to. Ben Simmons, uh, you know, has been better lately, but who knows, maybe a back to back for him, uh, you know, could get a rest up getting ejected last night. Excuse me there. So, uh, interesting slate. What do we have for turtles here, James? Speaker 1 00:01:57 Um, before I get there, just, I don't know if you mentioned the s bonus, uh, questionable tag and then, um, Christian Wood ruled out for Speaker 0 00:02:05 Yeah. You know, I missed the Christian rule. Speaker 1 00:02:07 Yeah. Fractured left thumb. He's gonna apparently miss, um, at least they're reevaluating. They're, yeah, they're like reevaluating. Speaker 0 00:02:13 Listen, Simon Bonus played two days later. So new standards Speaker 1 00:02:17 Here. Yeah. Craziness. Um, in terms of, uh, totals, the Lakers Memphis game opened at 2 42 and a half. Lakers getting six and a half at home. Uh, definitely will be interesting to see if they can keep that competitive, considering how good Memphis has been. Um, Denver, Indiana opened at two 40 Denver, 11 point favorites against an Indiana team that just got smacked in the mouth last game. Um, O K C was the opponent in Indiana game. Their game has opened at 2 39 against the King's. King's, um, giving three and a half at home. Um, those are like the three notables. Um, Dallas, Miami, as you can imagine, two 18. That is the worst total of the, of the day. Um, and then everything else is pretty middling, no spreads to Cleveland set. So here's something for us, John. Sure. Cleveland has opened at seven and had, uh, seven and a half point favorites against the Warriors and Speaker 0 00:03:25 Well, yeah, they're expecting everybody to sit, Speaker 1 00:03:28 They're expecting everyone to sit. So nothing's been official, but Clay hasn't played back to backs yet. Um, and yeah, I mean, but they were only what, three and a half point dogs in Boston last night, right? Was that something around, yeah, along those lines. So like to see them seven and a half the next day, it just totally suggests that they're, it was, so it was two and a half. It closed at two And a uh, hold on. I'm looking at what the line was yesterday, cuz I lied. It was seven yesterday. But is Cleveland and Boston the same? Speaker 0 00:04:07 Cleveland's beat Boston twice. So <laugh> in like, Speaker 1 00:04:11 Just, just throwing it out there, it's seven half. Speaker 0 00:04:13 Cause you're looking at Cleveland as that big of a favorite potential with no Donnie, Mitch or Right. Is an indication that Donvan Mitchell is playing, but I think more so an indication that they're gonna be resting their Speaker 1 00:04:23 Guys in Warriors sit. Right. I think it's, I think that is a very interesting, um, development. Speaker 0 00:04:29 Yeah, I, I agree with you. Um, yeah, something to watch there for sure. Uh, just checked Prize fix does not have the Julius Randall repro rebound prop out, but they have all of his other props, so they're running, it's Speaker 1 00:04:42 Not gonna Speaker 0 00:04:42 Guarantee they're running scared. We got a 39 and a half points plus rebound, uh, which is kind of doable if he keeps going for 15 boards. But, Speaker 1 00:04:50 So what's his points? So what's his points total at, Speaker 0 00:04:53 Uh, his points total is at, uh, let me see here. Uh, no points total. Oh, uh, yeah, no points Total. We have two and a half turnovers, 43 and a half. P r a 39 and a half points in rebounds. 30 and a half points in assist. 17 and a half points in, uh, rebounds in assists. 17 and a half rebounds in assists. Speaker 1 00:05:14 What's his assist prop? Speaker 0 00:05:16 So they didn't give us an assist or rebound prop or points. Speaker 1 00:05:18 They just gave you the, they Speaker 0 00:05:19 Gave us all the combos. Speaker 1 00:05:21 I was trying to figure out, I was trying to figure it Speaker 0 00:05:23 Out. Do the math. Oh, the math equation is there, math equation? Is there 17 and a half P re uh, rebounds plus assists is if he's hitting 15 boards, Randall's gonna get more than two assists, right? Like Speaker 1 00:05:33 Yeah, probably. Speaker 0 00:05:34 Probably. Um, all right. Anyways, we'll talk props later on in the day when I print out the PR six video, uh, get into the, get into the, uh, slate here. Point guard spot. Luke is your top price guy, uh, against Miami here. Uh, not a great matchup or sorry, not a great performance for him against Atlanta the other night. Uh, 30 actual great. Uh, only 44 fantasy points and now 44 and 42 fantasy points. The last two. Now he's got Miami here. Uh, listen again, we always say it, we're never gonna tell you not to play Giannis or Yoku or Luca, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But you know, for this matchup on this slate, where does Luca rank for you in terms of top guys? Speaker 1 00:06:11 So it's interesting because the game environment stinks and we've talked about this a couple times, that like, this is how you can win a tournament if Luca checks in low own and he goes for 90. Yep. For Speaker 0 00:06:21 18. Well, he did a hundred, remember 110 points. He, Speaker 1 00:06:24 Hundred 6%, something like that. Yeah. Very, very loaned. Um, coming off two duds. I think it's interesting to note that Christian Woods out and that's, you know, been a large part of Dallas's, like offense offensive late. Yeah, I mean they, they implemented him in the starting lineup and things have been going well for them. They're very good at home. Luca's very good in Dallas. Um, and there's no Christian Wood without Christian Wood. 38% usage, 1.66 fantasy points per minute, like just insane numbers. So yeah, I could get to Luca, especially if there's like projected low ownership. I'm perfectly fine getting there. Even in uh, like a relatively tough spot. Yeah. Miami's finally healthy, so like Yeah, I was gonna say they have everybody, but that typically doesn't matter when Luca's feeling it. Sure. I mean, I think Christian Wood being off the floor obviously helps the rebounds potentially go up. Um, so Speaker 0 00:07:21 Yeah, this is an interesting spot cuz Kris Wood space is the floor, right? Yep. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, did they get Clea back yet? Speaker 1 00:07:28 No. Clea uh, up but they got Finny Smith. Yeah. Um, they got Finny Smith and Josh Green back. Finney Smith was actually pretty good. Um, Speaker 0 00:07:35 Dwight Powell just not gonna space the floor for Benny to get Bam outta the pants, so I mean, Speaker 1 00:07:39 He, he can, well, Dwight Powell can space the floor. He doesn't, he can, I don't know why he's not shooting threes this year cuz he shot threes last year. Um, it's a, it's a good point for sure. Um, but again, I I Lucas's just, yeah, he's just been so different this year. Yep. Speaker 0 00:08:01 Um, under 10 K we got Kyrie against Utah. Uh, Kyrie last night went for 60, had the Kyrie game. We were looking for 37 and seven. I, I think having, uh, Simmons possibly ejected may have helped, um, helped him a little bit there, a little bit more ball handling. Um, Speaker 1 00:08:16 He did nothing in the first half. He did literally all of this in the second half. Speaker 0 00:08:19 Yep. 37 7 2 and blocks and four steals helping him get there. I don't know if we can rely on six blocks and steals again, but you know, that's, uh, that was 12 fantasy points for Speaker 1 00:08:29 Yeah, it's, yeah. Speaker 0 00:08:30 Uh, SGA under 10 k against the Kings here, uh, hasn't played against Sacramento this year. I feel like, uh, they, they would've run up against one another a few times, but, uh, hasn't, hasn't played against them this year. Uh, not really paying off the price tag either here. Uh, only over 50, twice in the last like 10 games. So, um, I don't know how you feel about SGA here in this pod. John Morant at 96 against the Lakers. Again, my weary here is just a blowout. What'd we say? We hoped against Cleveland they would play competitive game. It was a one point game. Uh, he played 33 minutes only to only 40. Fantasy. Got hurt. Speaker 1 00:09:05 Got Speaker 0 00:09:06 Hurt, he did got hurt. He left that game in the first quarter. Right. Um, ended up missing some time there, but, uh, Lakers obviously would be a pretty decent matchup if they could stay competitive in there for him. Uh, Trey is questionable, as you mentioned. He's got the Knicks, we know their, their story, their history against one another. So, uh, rank out the, uh, nine K range. Speaker 1 00:09:25 I would also play step if guys are ruled out by the way. Sure. Just Speaker 0 00:09:28 Determines out didn't he? Everybody was out. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:09:31 He's, yeah, he's never really been the guy to sit, right. He's been most, I feel like he's been mostly playing. He Speaker 0 00:09:36 Playing, he was sitting earlier in the year. Yeah. Uh, but the last back to back was when he went for 41 against, uh, Washington. So, Speaker 1 00:09:44 Um, so I would play Curry. I like Mer this is the lowest price tag Moran spin all year. Um, I, the game total is obviously, you know, incredible if that game can stay competitive. If LeBron plays, which this is the same, same song and dances last year LeBron was questionable every night. Every night. But he is 6% the other day when he plays and he goes for 60, which he's keeping ga he's literally doing things to keep games competitive. Right. So, um, I like Moran SGA is set it last week. Right. Josh Giddy, just completely just neutralizing the SGA upside right now. Yeah. Um, Josh Giddy has been amazing. I like Kyrie. If I'm ranking nine k I probably go Morant, Kyrie sga, I might pr I probably put Trey ahead of SGA to be honest. Speaker 0 00:10:36 Okay. Speaker 1 00:10:37 I like, I like the spot for sga, but like Josh Speaker 0 00:10:40 GI Giddy has been unreal. So, um, hard to, you know, if he's not, if J J's not gonna score the 35 actual it feels like, right. Like you're just missing out. Yep. Um, under nine K, uh, Russell Westbrook here at $8,800, uh, you know, again, the price went down a little bit. I, I'm still more comfortable if he's in the seven K Ranch here. You can obviously play him at 88 if you want, but, um, you know, not, not really my spot. Uh, Speaker 1 00:11:06 If LeBron, if LeBron, if LeBron Speaker 0 00:11:08 Sits, yeah, always, if LeBron sits, uh, good bounce back. I think opportunity here for McCullum last three games under 40 fantasy points, but now he gets to Orlando, um, you know, Miami, Cleveland, tough spots. Detroit was definitely a letdown. You would've figured more production for him against Detroit. But you know, the minutes are gonna be there. The shot of attempts have been there. You're just not giving like zero rebounds, two rebounds, only four assists. You know, you need some more secondary numbers coming outta him here. Um, I think we get that against Orlando tonight. Speaker 1 00:11:35 Yeah, I mean I I don't know if that's directly correlated to like Valentini actually getting on the floor more and like staying on the floor, the rebounds because Valenti Junis is such a vacuum, but yeah, I mean it's a, it's a good bounce back spot. I prefer the guys below like this next tier of guys. Sure. But I could see getting to McCullum, if Speaker 0 00:11:53 You think in Brunson Garland for sure, probably Speaker 1 00:11:57 Well in Fox, if there's no eb bonus true Fox, I mean Darren Fox had 31 actual 23 shots, 46 fantasy points. And again, we're getting to like a price tag that he hasn't been in. Speaker 0 00:12:10 Is there, is there a guard playing? Well, I, I say this but I guess it's SGA does this every night in terms of fantasy points, but like Jalen Bronson right now is playing like Speaker 1 00:12:19 Yeah, he's, yeah, he's Speaker 0 00:12:20 Unreal. But it is kind of funny. You look at the tiers and you're like, oh man, Bronson's great. He's giving you 40 every night. And it's like, well we just talked about SGA giving you 40 every night too, but he is, he's $9,400, you know, so. Right. Um, but Bronson's real Bronson's really playing well. The price tags keeps going up on him, uh, gets Atlanta here. Uh, I like it. But they, I mean Garland if no, Mitchell you went for 59, 58 back to back games here, so Yep. You know, chalk City, unless you worry your about a blowout, but I mean Golden State, you know, they could, they could sell Hank probably a little bit. So Speaker 1 00:12:49 Yeah, I mean you expect, like, I think what we expect is Clay to sit For Speaker 0 00:12:53 Sure. Wiggins played the last back-to-back didn't Speaker 1 00:12:55 He? Wiggins played the back to back. So I think it's like Clay sits were slight question mark on Curry. Jordan Pool definitely plays. Speaker 0 00:13:05 Yeah. Draymond I play, yes. Speaker 1 00:13:06 Draymond probably plays, I would say the most in question are Draymond and Steph. Yeah. And you probably see Wiggins and Pool play and we know if pool gets hot, like they can stay, stay competitive and that's why I actually like Jordan Pool. Yeah. Um, as well who Steve Kerr announced that they're going to stick with the lineup that they're, they played last night with Jordan Pool starting in Draymond at the five. They're gonna do that lineup moving forward. So Speaker 0 00:13:33 Looney still had 12 rebounds Speaker 1 00:13:35 Last night. Looney was still good off the bench and he's still gonna have a role, but they're just gonna start Jordan Pool, which I think is the like Yeah. If they wanna maximize their offensive output, um, I think Jordan Pool is the play. Yep. And I think Jordan Pool is actually pretty good in tournament especially when, not if Clay Thompson is ruled out. Speaker 0 00:13:55 Yeah. Obviously overtime in impacted yesterday, but I mean, Steph seven assists mostly these seven five games they move to, they move to a lineup that has more shooters available to him, Speaker 1 00:14:04 So. Right. Of course we of course we mentioned that and uh, yeah, we, we say that yesterday on the podcast and then he immediately has seven assists. It's like, all right, Speaker 0 00:14:12 Steph, uh, if no Trey Desante at at 78, eight's a really good number for Speaker 1 00:14:16 Him. Yeah, it's a great number. Um, he's been really, really, really good the last few games. Speaker 0 00:14:21 Yeah. Um, giddy as we've talked about, he is been really good, you know, 50 and two of the last, three of the last five games for Josh Giddy, 50 plus fantasy points. Um, great spot there. Uh, no Krisha Wood didn't witty probably gets a bump. You Speaker 1 00:14:35 Yep, yep. Um, I mean they just don't have other people. Speaker 0 00:14:40 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:14:41 Yep. Right. Like they just don't, they don't, I mean, Tim Har Tim Hardaway is back from an injury. He's banged up like then what he's gonna need to be the, the Robin to Lucas Batman, Speaker 0 00:14:53 Uh, Pacers let everybody down the other day. Uh, McConnell still comes off the bench. Uh, are you, are you worried about the 58? Speaker 1 00:15:00 Yeah, I'm not paying. Yeah. I'm not paying 58. I'm 58. Yeah. I've, I mean, I wanna play Jamal Murray 66. Okay. I don't wanna snoop over him. He, I in that Indiana mat, he's been so good. Um, 40 fantasy points and three of his last four. And the price is like, just too, I think it's just too cheap. Speaker 0 00:15:16 He should be, I, I guess I'm, I'm Michelle shocked a little bit still. I mean, if the Pacers just got blown up by O kc, what is Yoki? And, and this team agreed. Speaker 1 00:15:25 I Speaker 0 00:15:25 Agree. Right. So Speaker 1 00:15:26 I agree. I'm not playing him in cash, but I'm playing him in Torments. Okay. If that game stays competitive. Uh, Speaker 0 00:15:31 He's, do we have Paul George status yet? Speaker 1 00:15:33 He's active Yeah. Active. No injur, no injury designation. Speaker 0 00:15:36 Okay. So man, probably downgraded slightly stark, but like slight, slight Speaker 1 00:15:41 Downgraded. I hate value point guard today for me, like Mike Con Conley Good. Yeah. Mike Conley stands out to me and then I don't really know where Speaker 0 00:15:51 Else to go. Well, quickly, quickly is playing minutes anyways. True. Speaker 1 00:15:55 Right. Especially now with Mirab out. They, they might just go with the Randall, it's Speaker 0 00:16:00 Randall five. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:16:01 They could. Or even if they don't like I think Hartenstein started the second half mm-hmm. <affirmative> yesterday or what, uh, their last game rather. But I don't think he's gonna play like he played 12 minutes. Yeah. So Speaker 0 00:16:17 They played Jericho Sims for a little bit. I don't know what his minutes ended up coming out too. Speaker 1 00:16:21 20. So I guess they could in theory start one of those guys and Speaker 0 00:16:27 I don't quickly He is playing in 30 minutes. Yeah. So except for that Toronto game where he had five fouls. So, um, don't hate it. Tournament play for sure for there. Uh, d dv obviously with Clay, we'll get a bump. Um, can, can go there and lottery's on the 5,100. That's a, that's a decent price tag for Kyle Lari. I know. Only 22 minutes in his, uh, doesn't have a strict minutes limit, but he only played 22 minutes. Speaker 1 00:16:53 He blew him out. Well, here I'll only play 24 minutes. Like they didn't play. So. Speaker 0 00:16:56 True. True. Um, so I don't, I don't mind Kyle Larry at 21. Um, Foltz was at 6k, huh? Let's see. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:17:05 I I do Speaker 0 00:17:05 Not like this. All he said was the c of the slate the other day. Um, Speaker 1 00:17:08 He, he ended up not being, he ended up being pretty low on. Oh, okay. Um, he only ended up being like 11%. So that, that hurt me cuz I ended up getting there. Just, I needed a value play. And uh, it is not like he, he killed my lineup, but Sure. He didn't do anything perfectly there. Speaker 0 00:17:25 He's a a down game for Colin Sexton, but he had been good in the two games since coming off of the injured list. So maybe you can throw a dart back on him at 45. Speaker 1 00:17:35 Yeah. It's, you know, torments. That's why I don't like, like all these guys, Sexton Alvarado, Richardson, they're all the same. They're Speaker 0 00:17:46 All, if Ky sits you, I mean can Thomas had 15 points in 13 minutes last night? Yeah. Speaker 1 00:17:52 Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what the, the Kyrie was a calf. Speaker 0 00:17:57 Calf. Yeah. This is a random, there's a random popup. I agree. I know. Um, all right, let's go to shooting guard. We're wasting, I'm just rambling about low and point point guys. We're not gonna play. Uh, Paul George is 91 against San Antonio. This is a quiet Leonard game right against San Antonio. A little revenge Speaker 1 00:18:14 Probably. Speaker 0 00:18:15 Uh, I'm Speaker 1 00:18:17 Probably, I probably don't get to Speaker 0 00:18:18 Anyone's a good Speaker 1 00:18:18 Number for him. I probably don't get to either, but it's a great spot. Yeah. I wish the Clippers were a little cheaper. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:18:26 I know they're expensive now. Uh, b b b blah. Clay Thompson not officially ruled out. Usually we get that, uh, that information already. Speaker 1 00:18:34 Yep. Something, maybe something to watch. Yeah. Just something. You're alright. You're correct, you're Speaker 0 00:18:38 Correct. Uh, Des Banes really good at seven K. Speaker 1 00:18:40 He is really, really good. Speaker 0 00:18:41 Uh, price drop, 45, 39 <laugh> and then we get a dip. So, um, again, don't mind that match up in la la Land can always play Clarkson if you want. Uh, heroes at 67. Um, Dallas's always a really good like perimeter defending team. Um, hero. Yes. Uh, one for 15 from three of the last two games. So Speaker 1 00:19:04 Solid. Speaker 0 00:19:05 Uh, not, not great, not great, but like if he hit a couple of those, he'd be looking at 40 fantasy point games here. So, um, I don't mind the price of 67 considering, I mean, dude 91, 89, 84, 72, 73 down to 67, like they're just quickly dropping his price tax. Speaker 1 00:19:23 Dallas, Dallas, two in the month of January 29th in defensive rating. They have been bad. And I think that had a lot to do with no Finney Smith and it had a lot to do with Christian Wood in the starting lineup. Sure. And now those things are both the opposite of what they just were, so they'll probably get better on that end, but they have been exploitable Speaker 0 00:19:41 Defensively. Yep. I agree. Um, any other shooting guards? Murphy Beasley, maybe some value potential? Speaker 1 00:19:51 Mm. Murphy? Yeah. Naji Marshall popped on the injury report. Yeah. So that's Speaker 0 00:19:56 Interesting. Is he probable or questionable? Speaker 1 00:19:59 Eh, let's see. He is, he's questionable to Right, right. Great toe soreness. Is that big toe? I've never heard it referred to as Great Speaker 0 00:20:09 Toe. Yeah, I guess it's a big toe. Speaker 1 00:20:11 Have you ever heard of it as Great toe? That's a, that's a mystery to me. Um, now I don't know what a great toe is. Uh, car Levert 54. He was super good the other night. Speaker 0 00:20:23 Yeah. I mean he is really good. Him and, uh, hoarder we play. Speaker 1 00:20:27 Yep. 40. I Speaker 0 00:20:28 Mean listen, we talked about this, right? No, no. Eboni Hoarder's the one that like pops. Speaker 1 00:20:32 Yep. Um, both those guys I think are in play Murphy's fine. Beasley we know is a tournament Dart. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I think it was. Utah is tough. I think with marketing back, like the bench guys like Beasley is tough to get to to 5k when marketing's back, especially when marketing's doing whatever the heck Speaker 0 00:20:51 He's doing. Yeah. Comes, comes back after missing a couple games and goes for 34 and 12 and 25, 16, 28, 12 34, 12. The last three games. He's just like recommitting himself because I mean, he was giving you, you know, some, some scoring but not much else there for like a five game stretch. Um, in, in mid-December there. And you're like, ah, I don't know, like where the scoring's great, but Four Rebounds isn't gonna cut it. Well right now he's going 50, 50 and 61 the last three. So, um, Speaker 1 00:21:18 Y'all must have forgot. Speaker 0 00:21:18 Yeah. Must have forgot who he was. Uh, Bon Kero at 76. Kel had a big game the other night. He gets at 75, but a tough matchup for him. Um, what did RJ do? Eh, 21. Actual seven boards. Seven rebounds. Back to that Gz firm's not bad though. Speaker 1 00:21:35 Yeah. No. Metro could, Speaker 0 00:21:36 Could be Speaker 1 00:21:37 Something could continue. Speaker 0 00:21:38 Uh, revenge game for Aaron Riggins in or, uh, Andrew Wiggins revenge game. Speaker 1 00:21:43 Um, Speaker 0 00:21:43 They traded him 25 years ago for LeBron James. Speaker 1 00:21:46 25 years ago he was traded. He was supposed to be the next LeBron. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:21:52 And then LeBron came back and they were like, you're gone Speaker 1 00:21:54 <laugh>. Yeah. Uh, made his first All Star appearance last year. Um, or all star start. Um, I mean yeah, if there's no clay, there's merit to getting to Wiggins. I liked his price. Wigs Speaker 0 00:22:06 Come on high school. Speaker 1 00:22:08 He or college. He went to Kansas for Speaker 0 00:22:11 A year. Kansas. Right, right, Speaker 1 00:22:14 Right, right. He, I liked his price yesterday when he was under six K. Yep. But he went for 40. So like, it just, Speaker 0 00:22:21 Yeah. No Clay. I, I kind, I don't mind it. I know he only went for 23 last time with Oak Clay, but uh, went for six, shooting three in that game. So, um, Harry B keeps knocking down shots. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> can get, can certainly get there at 59. Um, Tim Hardaway, I don't, I don't mind this with no, uh, no Christian, what are the siding lineup? There was that, there was that stretch where Hardaway was, uh, I mean he is still scoring the basketball, but like, you know, I think there's some decent potential here. Speaker 1 00:22:47 Yeah. And his, you know, his dad is like a famous Miami Speaker 0 00:22:51 Crews. True. I didn't even think about that. Speaker 1 00:22:52 Oh. Like, you know, maybe, maybe some extra, like, get a call from your, Hey you better go off tomorrow. You Speaker 0 00:22:59 Know. Did, uh, did TJ Warren get ejected or did he just play eight minutes for no reason? Speaker 1 00:23:03 <laugh>, he just, uh, just played What happened? Nothing. What happened? Uh, so they're talking, so in the blurb there says there's no, Speaker 0 00:23:14 No reason, Speaker 1 00:23:14 There was no communication on an injury. So they opted to go in a different direction. Speaker 0 00:23:20 Great. Speaker 1 00:23:21 So at 51, I will also opt to go in D Speaker 0 00:23:23 Direction. <laugh>. Yeah. Can't, can't get a guy for eight minutes. Speaker 1 00:23:26 No. Speaker 0 00:23:27 Out there. Uh, Lou DOT's been good 22 after the last Speaker 1 00:23:30 Two games. He has been pretty good. Speaker 0 00:23:32 I don't know if you can trust that though. Could be consistent or not. Speaker 1 00:23:34 I mean, we know. We know, right? Like, we're gonna get back on Lou Dort bandwagon Speaker 0 00:23:39 At some point Speaker 1 00:23:40 And what's gonna happen. He's gonna play 24 minutes. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:23:43 Uh, I always like Deandre a hundred under 5k. Speaker 1 00:23:46 Yeah. And if Trey's out, I mean Speaker 0 00:23:48 It can get there. Uh, any other guys that smile forward for you? Speaker 1 00:23:53 Bruce Brown play 32 minutes last game. I'd like to see that if Bruce Brown continues to play, um, Kendrick was like unbelievable the other day in 22 minutes. Like you're gonna get 22 to 24 minutes. But it's the Kings, like the Kings play really fast and they're, despite being good, they're still a bottom five defense in the nba. So you can get to Kenrich. Um, I don't think he's gonna go for 40 fantasy points again, but, you know, I guess there's a, there's a, there's a chance, um, Speaker 0 00:24:25 A Choros played 29 and 34 minutes the last two Speaker 1 00:24:28 Games. Yeah. And he's start and he's starting. So, um, if there's no Mitchell, it's fine. Look, Speaker 0 00:24:34 We know what he can't, we know what he is. Right? Speaker 1 00:24:36 He is a, like there is Floors, there is Low Flos, he's Speaker 0 00:24:40 In the basement. Speaker 1 00:24:41 I take a Floo. That's what his new name is cuz that's what he, that's what he provides. Speaker 0 00:24:46 He's, he is the, uh, he he is the foundation floor. Um, Speaker 1 00:24:49 <laugh>. He is, he is, he is the founder of the, of the floor. So, you know, if he starts, he's the last piece in. Speaker 0 00:24:57 Okay. Uh, max Christie played 27 minutes against Sacramento. Any, uh, Speaker 1 00:25:02 Um, I mean should reason, Speaker 0 00:25:04 Reason why Speaker 1 00:25:05 Just we should have stopped coming. Didn't Doug Christie Yeah. Play for Sacramento's. True. Speaker 0 00:25:09 You know, that's true. All right. Power forward. LBJ is 11 three. Speaker 1 00:25:11 We're all I wanna play. I, dude, I wanna play LBJ because nobody else wants to play him. Apparently like nobody else thinks that playing with LBJ is a good idea because every lady checks in on their own and then every slate it's like, oh. Hmm. Speaker 0 00:25:24 Yeah. Cuz LeBron James 32, 8, 9. Uh, it's fair. Did you play Memphis Fi yet? Not yet. Uh, Kawas a ten three again. Uh, Randall $9,800. Randall love the price coming down on Randall. Um, yeah, you know, as we talked about like the scoring, you know, you know the, there's, you know, Barrett scoring 22, you know, there's not, you know, shots kind of always dominate, but those rebound towels, man. 16. Yeah, they're nuts. 16, 16 15. 1515. Yep. Uh, like I, like I said, I don't, you know, I don't, uh, dude, what, what did I say? His rebound Tosis prop was that Speaker 1 00:26:03 They're, uh, I don't know, Speaker 0 00:26:07 17 and a half. 1923. 1917. 2021. Speaker 1 00:26:13 So he is missed that in one of his last six. Speaker 0 00:26:16 Last six. Speaker 1 00:26:18 It's pretty good. It's pretty Speaker 0 00:26:19 Good. It's pretty. But he needs 15 rebounds. Speaker 1 00:26:22 <laugh>. Yeah. He needs But no mi helps. No Metro. No Metro helps. Yep. Speaker 0 00:26:26 Uh, Capella is back for Atlanta. But anyways, uh, marketing 95 against Brooklyn. Speaker 1 00:26:33 Yes. Speaker 0 00:26:33 Yep. Yep. We're in there. Uh, Butler 83. It's a good Speaker 1 00:26:38 Number. It's good price. A price. Yeah. It's a good price. Good price. It's a good price. Speaker 0 00:26:41 Good Speaker 1 00:26:42 Price for Butler. He, I think, I still think like Speaker 0 00:26:44 Nobody plays Jimmy Butler either. Speaker 1 00:26:46 Usually. So nobody ever plays Jimmy Butler. Nobody really like misses out on playing Jimmy Butler either. Uh, especially lately with like how good BA's been. Yeah. Um, but uh, you, we talk about it all the time. Like he can take a game. Speaker 0 00:26:58 You wanna play Jimmy Butler in the N NBA DFS playoffs. Right. When when, when you have like first round of the N NBA playoffs and you're looking at like a, a four game slate. Yeah. Like you put buckets in your lineup cuz he is gonna, he's gonna tear it apart. So, uh, triple J 7,300 Yes. Just Yes. Continues to be, he blocks and steals machine. Speaker 1 00:27:18 Oh. It's just since this is just Speaker 0 00:27:20 Yep. Everything I needed him to be in my Speaker 1 00:27:23 Life. I'd be surprised if he doesn't win to pencil player the year this year, obviously. Speaker 0 00:27:26 Yeah. You know what? And like for the most part, the foul have been okay. You know, five the Speaker 1 00:27:31 Other night he, he's been a lot better. Five Speaker 0 00:27:32 A lot better San Antonio, but like for the most part box have been Okay. Speaker 1 00:27:37 Um, he's also losing out minutes in some of these games cuz they just, they're just torching teams. Yeah. Right's. Like they don't, they're not losing, they're beating everyone up. So like he could, there's even more upside than what he's showing us. Speaker 0 00:27:51 I didn't see what exactly Ben Simmons did to get ejected, but just super annoying. Speaker 1 00:27:56 Yeah. Super annoying. He was on his way to a pretty good game. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:28:00 Uh, speaking of good game, it was Mobley 1815 the other day against Memphis in a competitive game. Speaker 1 00:28:05 Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and we know Golden State. I mean if Golden State's gonna run out the lineup there, they're running out. We saw it last night. Horford and Rob will both did well. Yeah. So like where I I think it could be troublesome sometimes when Golden State's not missing. I mean, Moby's gonna be guarded by wagons and he's going to have a foot <laugh>. Yeah. Mob and Mobley has the ability to chase anyone around the perimeter. Like he's just a freak athlete. So, um, I, I could get to some mob, especially if there's no, um, diamond Speaker 0 00:28:37 Aaron Gordon went for 18 and 16 against the paces earlier this year. I don't know if you can expect a repeat performance or not, but, uh, he's been okay at 61. Not bad. Speaker 1 00:28:46 Yeah. I think Denver's, Denver's in play for tournaments. Speaker 0 00:28:49 Yep. Denver's in play for tournaments. If Naja Marshall's in, I don't mind going back to Naji. This is a good matchup for him to kind of bounce back. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Uh, same thing with uh, John Collins here. There's no Trey Young, you know, 19 uh, points against Dallas there. Uh, started to slow down after us just hammering him for a while. Yep. Price shot all the way up to like almost seven K now we're down back down to $5,500. Speaker 1 00:29:10 This is where we like, this is where we like John Collins. Right. This is the, uh, this is the territory Speaker 0 00:29:15 I I like, I like this price on John Collins. If Trey Young is in, do you play John Collins? Speaker 1 00:29:23 Hmm. Maybe Capella back, like you mentioned is definitely a factor. Um, because Collins was getting back up, could get back a five run. Yeah. And now that's not with Capella coming off the bench. Um, probably not. Okay. But we'll, we'll maybe we'll see if Collins makes my playbook later. Speaker 0 00:29:45 Okay. Uh, sell hands. That's 47 but a tough spot for him. Speaker 1 00:29:51 Um, yeah. Um, Speaker 0 00:29:53 Yeah, Keegan, if No, no there's no Simon bonus. He's $4,400. Speaker 1 00:29:57 Yeah. Played a boatload of minutes. 37. Played all the minutes. Sorry. Speaker 0 00:30:00 10. 10 points. 10 boards. Only six shots though. Kind of disappointing. Uh, but good uh, good price tag for him there given the run. Um, I always think you can play Brandon Clark as like a one-off guy. He comes off the bench, he gives you 20 fancy points, just what he does. So. Yeah. Um, you wanna punt, you know, not a crazy high floor but like, you know, can get you there. Uh, Trey Lyles only played 20 minutes. Who was it that got you? You, you ra Rashaun Holmes. Rashaun Holmes Got the minute. Yeah. Um, tough to kind of go back there. Uh, Speaker 1 00:30:32 Any other problem it makes you, I guess it, I guess it, we'll see what O KC does if they start Kendrick Williams, maybe we see a Trey Lyles start, right? Sure. It's Kendrick just 6 5 5 starting at center. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, Speaker 0 00:30:45 If home starts, you're gonna play homes Speaker 1 00:30:47 Out there. Yeah. If home starts. Yeah. If home starts playing. I do. I just, I do think Trey Lyles is like viable. He's a very good fancy player for a minute guy. I mean look at the last like since he's started playing 16 plus minutes five games ago, he's given you double digit points. Five plus rebounds and five of, in four of the five games and 17 plus fantasy points with, with a ceiling of 34 Trey Lyle. So like okay, I'm okay getting to Lyles even if, um, Rashaan Holmes were to start. Okay. But like Sean Holmes is obviously the priority of Speaker 0 00:31:20 Yep. Um, center joker against the Pacers warrior were this year only played 20 minutes in that game. I think it was probably, oh he had five fouls, that's why. Yep. Um, still in 20 minutes, 24 points. Uh, four rebounds, 44 fancy points in 2020 minutes. Uh, he took 20 shots in 20 minutes. So, um, yeah he would, he's gonna destroy if he say Speaker 1 00:31:44 When he do and he wants to like, he's so, he's so crazy cuz like you see him versus Orlando, he is just like, I'm gonna take 11 shots. Yeah. And no free throws. And then you see him two games later, take 20 shots, get to the line set for seven free throws. It's like you could literally score 35, you could have a 30. That's Speaker 0 00:32:06 Why he's the back to back mvp. Probably above the Threepeat, Speaker 1 00:32:09 Right? Like he might Yeah. If, I mean, if Denver, you know, if if Denver keeps winning, Speaker 0 00:32:15 If they can stay healthy for once Speaker 1 00:32:17 Yeah. If they can stay healthy and they keep winning all these games cause they've won a whole bunch of 'em in a row and they're the ones, what Speaker 0 00:32:24 Don't they add at the deadline here? Because they have like decent, like this Brown was a good, good ad for them off their bench. They have kcp like what are they missing? Speaker 1 00:32:34 Maybe a backup big. Um, then again they have Jeff Green who's been hurt. Speaker 0 00:32:41 I mean, in the playoffs <inaudible> isn't gonna come off the floor. So Speaker 1 00:32:44 Yeah. I but Aaron Gordon will like, they don't have like who's their can can cars, their backup for right now. Like Jeff Green is gonna prob probably play a bunch of minutes when he comes back, but like do you wanna go into the postseason with Jeff Green and Kakar as your backup? Like Sure. Forwards. Um, yeah. I mean Bones and Bruce h and Bones Highland and Bruce Brown coming off the bench is pretty dang good, right? Yeah. Yeah. And, and they, and the way they stagger it, they played Jamal Murray with that lineup. So it's pretty, pretty pot. Speaker 0 00:33:13 You can get a healthy m pj, I mean think about last year they didn't have Murray or M pj so I Speaker 1 00:33:18 Mean, I told you I took, I took a, when I was in a state that I could place legal bets, I took a futures nuggets, finals prop. So, um, I, I'm in on them. They've been better defensively too than they were earlier in the year. And obviously Speaker 0 00:33:33 I'm 11 days away from being able to place the legal bet in Massachusetts. So there you go. Speaker 1 00:33:37 There you go. Nuggets, Celtics final there you, there it is. There Speaker 0 00:33:40 It is. Uh, all right. Other centers here we've mentioned, I mean LeBron is center eligible. Seb bonus we've talked about. Saboni is healthy. I mean yeah. Against O kc I'm in great spot for 'em there. Um, bam against Dallas and, and Powell, I think that's a really good spot. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> take advantage of the price. Just it's actually down. She C's been since interesting. Uh, December 20th he was 8,400 bucks. He hasn't been cheaper since Speaker 1 00:34:05 He's been and he is been so good and, and uh, there was a comment, uh, they asked UL about like how important it's been for him to score and SP's like his, I think his comments where we cannot get him the ball enough, so I think they're just going to continue to feed should Speaker 0 00:34:21 Have been the most improved player, uh, two years ago. Right. Yeah. Didn't they give it to Sicca instead? Speaker 1 00:34:26 Yeah. Yakum two years ago and then John Morant last year. Speaker 0 00:34:29 <laugh>. Yeah, exactly. Uh, no, no, no respect for Bam there. Uh, Clarkston by the way, just absolutely destroying, um, five foul but still another game. But over three and a half blocks in steals, which has been his prop. Um, 20 and 11, 15, 11, 17, 13, no Duran and this is the Nick Clarkson that we're getting so Yep. Um, big, big fan of that. Um, j Val against Orlando. If he's gonna play minutes then he is gonna be good. He only played 25 against Miami, but it was a blowout and he had 18 and 10 in that game, so. Yep. Uh, if you're gonna tell me Orlando's gonna play a competitive game tonight against the Pelicans, they're gonna need a big body there. Uh, cuz they play a big front court there in Orlando. J Val's in a really great spot here. Um, cover of the pot on Monday, I think it was, was Jared Allen, uh, he popped off for 55 fantasy points. So, uh, we can kinda run it back here. I think I know against Memphis we said it was gonna be a tough spot for him, uh, 14 and eight against Steven Adams, but a better spot against Golden State here. Speaker 1 00:35:30 Yeah. Um, and we talked about it last part. If Mitchell's out, Alan weirdly has like a big usage phone. Yeah. So, um, didn't really showcase it last game. He also, you know, was shadowed by, overshadowed by, uh, Mobley having a big game, so Yeah. Speaker 0 00:35:49 Yeah. Um, when Car is at 62 struggled against Yoki, fine won't hold it against him, but 44, 40, 34, the three games prior, um, stretches the floor a little bit, you know, that could be, maybe the only reason that they maybe pull Valentini off the floor is Carter's stretching them out a little bit too much. But, um, you know, I don't, I don't mind him. And then, you know, all roads are leading to our guy Walker Kessler, uh, at 57, uh, even with Lori back 13 points, 11 rebounds, two blocks of steel, 38 fantasy points. Speaker 1 00:36:22 Yeah. And the, and I mean the MO was the block shots and they're now they're coming in bunches two plus and four straight including the seven block, Speaker 0 00:36:28 Seven block ceiling. So Speaker 1 00:36:30 Yeah. Um, look, I don't know what someone said to him, you know, and there's gonna obviously be games where he gets in foul trouble. I think that's just kind of, you know, gonna happen. We've seen it throughout the years with everybody, but like how many games in row? Six, seven straight games. Mm-hmm <affirmative> out of foul trouble now only 3000 less three games like turn in a corner here. Hard not to like Walker Kessler. Even with the price rising the way it is. Speaker 0 00:36:57 Yeah. Um, anybody else here in this mid tier range? Speaker 1 00:37:04 Um, so I mentioned it on Twitter the other day. I think it's interesting to see how the Lakers are handling their center situation. Um, Thomas Bryant's getting outplayed by way and Gabriel mm-hmm <affirmative> and on the floor being outplayed and in terms of minutes, Wayne and Gabriel's played 24 plus minutes and four straight games. Um, Thomas Bryant hasn't hit 20 minutes in the last two. I would play Wayne Gabriel here. I think it's a pretty good, like pretty game. Speaker 0 00:37:34 I can see that Adams he play Wayne Gabriel, Speaker 1 00:37:37 I think Thomas Bryant's gonna see Wayne and Gabriel or Thomas Bryant's gonna see Steven Adams. Steven Adams isn't really playing like they're playing him now that Clark is healthy, they're back into like the mid to low twenties. And so I think Gabriel's gonna see a lot of Brandon Clark. Okay. Which, you know, Brandon Clark is, we, we like Brandon Clark, but he's a shorter backup center. He's just super spongy, right? Like he can jump out of a building. Um, so I kind of like Gabriel off the bench. It's not like a priority for me. Um, but I also think when you look at the rest of the value tier a Congo and Speaker 0 00:38:15 Is Rashaan Holmes, right? He is the and Speaker 1 00:38:17 And then as and then as Rashaan Holmes, right? Yeah. Um, if he's starting, he's obviously gonna, um, be in everyone's lineup 10 o'clock start. So that sucks. Yeah. Um, but we, we talk about this all the time. It's like, don't go into today. Please don't go into today assuming Savona is out. He didn't practice or he didn't play then he didn't practice yesterday. Not a good sign for him to play today. Like it, it suggests he's gonna sit, but we don't know that. Like we don't know if his illness is healed overnight. We don't know. Right. Just have a plan. Like if you're gonna have, if you want the exposure, potential exposure to homes have pivots, there are two 10 o'clock games tonight. There's a great Lakers game and there's both these games have two 40 totals, like have adjustments ready. Yeah. Right. We have to be able to pivot. Like we can't just be like, oh, I'm gonna just put homes in and then oh sh oh shit, what do I do if s bonus plates? Right? Yeah. Like that's, that's the backwards way of thinking. We have to be like forward thinking, okay, I'm gonna have Wayne Gabriel in or I'm gonna have someone else in. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:39:25 You gotta have Pivot. You gotta have a pivot plan. Right. You gotta, your center and your utility have to be flexible here. Um, you know, and, and you be able to move the guys around. Right. They get, because Right. I mean Holmes is $3,500, you know, unless you're playing Wayne, Gabriel, any pivot is going to open up a couple of thousand dollars worth of cash to pivot. So maybe you leave yourself enough money to play a LeBron James somewhere, uh, at a forward spot or something like that to get bingo you to get you up there. So bingo. Um, definitely a lot of construction matters here. Um, or you just play the late slate, you know, you want, you want some Rashaun Holmes exposure play a play a late slate game. You never know. Um, good work there. Um, all right. Build our lineups here. Who are we, uh, who are we locking in? Speaker 1 00:40:12 Uh, Speaker 0 00:40:12 What position do you do you feel the most confident setting in? Do we, do we go like Walker Cast Art Center? Do we go uh, triple J? Do you want to go LeBron, you know, what's, what's, what's your feel on this nine game slate as like, this is our guy to start and we move around. Speaker 1 00:40:33 Um, Speaker 0 00:40:34 You like them, you like that eight K guard range? Speaker 1 00:40:37 Uh, I really like point Guard is really strong. The only thing is like some of the people in Point Guard, it's like, I like the Aaron Fox a lot and I like Darius Garland a lot. Sure. Both have question marks around their team. Right. I like Jordan Pool a lot. We don't know who's in and who's out. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it's like, there's just so many question marks. I I don't, I don't know. Um, do I think we need to spend up? No. Would I mind having LeBron James in my lineup? I wouldn't <laugh>. So like personally, you know what? Here's our start. Here's where I think maybe we start. Okay. LeBron Desmond. Bain. Speaker 0 00:41:14 Okay. LeBron and Bain. Speaker 1 00:41:17 And then you said Walker Kessler Love Walker. Kessler. I think that's a good start. Um, if we wanna stay on the Utah bit, like Mike Conley was really cheap. I think he's like a, cuz I don't really know what the, like if I'm looking at like small forward value, did you see anything that you were like, yes. It, I mean Rashaan Holmes is the obvious call like that we can pivot to. Yeah. Um, but we, Speaker 0 00:41:46 Uh, even ZOS 51, um, harder or 55, I think we can probably play him e even if Saboni is in, he just gets boosted if Saboni is out. Speaker 1 00:41:58 Yeah. It's the same thing with Hunt. I was thinking Hunter, but it's like, it's the same situation. Yeah. Like we don't know if Trey's in or Trey's Speaker 0 00:42:07 Out. I mean we are, we're at 51 50 a player as of now. Um, so I mean like there are, there are obviously like guys we could take, you know, Sexton instead of Conley, right? 4,500 saves us 900 bucks. He's gonna play 25 minutes. If he gives you the, if he gives you the production you're looking for, uh, we didn't mention Josh Richardson, he played 28 minutes. He's $4,500. Like he's the guy that could certainly, you know, gonna give you probably mid twenties minutes, can give you 20 to 30 fantasy points there. Uh, Keegan Murray is $4,400. Again, a guy that probably benefits more from Ebone being out, but please kind of minutes anyways. So, um, you know, Brandon Clark is a guy that I mentioned, $4,300 comes off the bench. We'll give you 20 fantasy points and yeah, I'm Speaker 1 00:42:54 Fine with, yeah, Clark is fine. We need, let's go Clark. Speaker 0 00:42:56 That's fine. Uh, Joe Harris played 31 minutes last night. I don't know if that anything to do with, uh, Simmons, but Speaker 1 00:43:02 I don't know what to think of Brooklyn. They're a mess. Okay. Who's gonna say it? Who's going to, what are they gonna do with their rotation? They're like, now they're not playing TJ Warren. Why do they play TJ Warren tomorrow? I'm okay with playing Joe Harris, honestly. 4,100. That's Speaker 0 00:43:18 Fine. All right, so I got, I threw Joe Harris and Brandon Clarken. Is that fine? Speaker 1 00:43:22 Yep. Speaker 0 00:43:22 All right. That's $6,100 in for a garden. A utility. Speaker 1 00:43:29 Hmm. Guard and utility. Um, what are you saying? Um, looking at 60, there's Jared Allen at 60 Gold, Speaker 0 00:43:44 Golden State. Um, Speaker 1 00:43:48 I don't hate Jared Allen. I almost, I don't know. I was gonna say I like Mobley more, but I don't think it, I so interchange. They're so interchangeable. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:44:00 Feels like Allen has more boom games than, than Mobley Speaker 1 00:44:03 Does. Yeah, I mean he does. He he for sure does. He for sure has. Uh, he's been more, he's just more consistent like in peripheral stats, like Sure. Mobley is not, um, Speaker 0 00:44:17 I mean you said you like Jamal Murray. If we went sex than over Conley, we can play Jamal Murray. Speaker 1 00:44:25 Uh, yeah, I'm fine with that. I, I'm not like as sold on Sexton today, but like, he's, like you said, he's gonna play 23 to 26 minutes and if the shot's fallen. Yep. He's a high usage guy. Okay, Speaker 0 00:44:41 Well then this is the line that we got. Um, well let me ask you, would you rather play Moran 96 or LeBron at 11 three? Speaker 1 00:44:56 Um, I wouldn't. Would you play Bain and Marant together? Speaker 0 00:45:00 No, I think I would probably adjust, what I'm trying to do is get marketing in this lineup somehow. If we did Ja and marketing, would you have, would you, would you play Kessler and marketing together, I Speaker 1 00:45:19 Guess to be the question? Well, we also, we then have Sexton too. Sexton marketing and, Speaker 0 00:45:23 Well, I touched Sexton out, but yeah, we would have, um, some, some line. Let's go Mario, let's go back to, well you said you didn't wanna do comedy. All right, well we'll just go back to what we had. I think that was fine. I think, I think there's a lot of different ways to build a lineup up today. Um, marketing's just been so good, like he's Yeah, it's fine. He's been kind of giving you LeBron numbers with LeBron, so. Yeah. Um, Speaker 1 00:45:52 I mean we could just pivot to we Speaker 0 00:45:55 Can market. Yeah. We, and, and yeah, we can pivot around. Plus if Joe Harris comes into play, uh, Brooklyn, Utah is a game where we may know the Saboni status by then. It's a nine o'clock start an hour before that game, right? Yeah. So, um, possible we know Saboni and we can move that, move things around there. But Sexton, Bain, Harris, James Kessler, Murray Clark and Allen Line we got for this podcast. Uh, we'll be in the Discord, James on the playbook and we'll be back for Monday. Todd guys later.

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