January 19, 2023


NBA DFS Podcast January 19: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast January 19: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast January 19: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Jan 19 2023 | 00:34:30


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Fred VanVleet against the Timberwolves.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on? F Nation. John Phi with James Graney. Welcoming to the fan. Seal alarm. N B A DFS podcast livestream four Thursday's four. Game main slate. Uh, James pretty, pretty big slate here. In terms of talent, we got Golden State versus Boston, Toronto, Minnesota. Brooklyn, Phoenix, Philly, Portland. Here. Uh, we have what, Minnesota's on a back-to-back. Are they the only team? I think on the back-to-back on this slate here, Speaker 1 00:00:25 Um, yes. The only team on a back to back. Yep. Speaker 0 00:00:28 Uh, could have some returning players tonight. Maybe Jalen Brown listed as questionable. Uh, we may Cam Johnson's returning. Chris Paul is listed as questionable, uh, for this game here for Phoenix. So we could have some of those guys, uh, potentially back, you know, Gobert missed last night. Uh, potentially he returns here in the spot against Toronto. Um, so it'll be pretty interesting to see if any of these, uh, players who have missed games recently come back into their lineups tonight. Speaker 1 00:00:54 Yeah, and Kyra Irving expect your return tonight after one game absence too, so. Yep. Brooklyn should have Kyrie back. Um, Chris Paul did practice yesterday, so, but we did see that happen earlier in the year where he practiced and then like just didn't play for another two weeks. So who knows what's gonna happen with him. Um, when we shift our attention to Vegas, Boston, uh, golden State is the top total of the, of the day. Opened at 2 36, but bed up to 2 39. Boston, six playing favorites at home. Toronto are now five point favorites in Minnesota. Um, 2 31 total in that game. Slate low Brooklyn Phoenix, 2 21 Phoenix, getting a point and a half at home. Uh, maybe suggest Chris Paul won't play. We know dumb booker's not gonna play there. Um, and then Philly, Portland in the late night ham, well, I guess both Phoenix game and the Philly game are late night Hammers, but Philly, Portland, 2 33, Portland getting to at home. So Speaker 0 00:01:55 Yeah, far more enticing matchup there. Philly, excuse me, Philly, Portland, uh, at 10 o'clock. So, uh, we'll get into it. Four games. So this is gonna go, this will be quick here. Point guard positions. Uh, got Stephan Lillard up over 10 K uh, Curry last time against, uh, Boston here. Uh, had 32 points, 53 fantasy points. Definitely one of the spots where we would expect 'em to get up. Right? Find those rematch. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, they wipe Boston in Golden State, uh, earlier this year. Now they're going into Boston here. Um, you know, I would expect a good game on Curry, even though they're gonna be at full strength. Uh, you mentioned before we jumped on the pod, though the assist numbers are really down here, uh, for Curry over the last four games. Uh, Draymond Green really having an impact, uh, on that. He is, he's not even, you know, Draymond's not scoring at all. He's just passing and rebounding at this point. So, um, you know, I, I do look for Kyrie here at ten one. Um, if you want to kind of stack that early game, like you said, uh, but little has just been on another level, back to back 40 actual 60 fantasy points and three of the last four on DraftKings. Um, I think if you're looking to, to spend up at Guard, I, I may lean Lillard over our recovery tonight. Speaker 1 00:03:02 Yeah, I think it's interesting, the trend lately, and I guess this has been a trend for a while, but like nobody's playing early games. Everyone wants the late night exposure. Guess what? The best total on the board is tonight, John. Go to state Boston. Yep. They're LA game. So it'll be interesting to see how the ownership falls in that game. And if we get word that, um, golden State Boston is not gonna be popular, that might be a scenario where it's like, okay, try to jam Curry Tatum in if Jalen Brown's not in or get a Rob will or just get pieces of this, of this puzzle, especially if it's going to, you know, play out how Vegas is expecting. Uh, but it, you're correct, like in your analysis that Lillard has been on a different planet, we know this. Like Damon Lillard gets in those grooves and he's unstoppable. Like he is just an unstoppable force. He's gone for 30 plus and six straight games. He's now given us right? Speaker 0 00:03:59 4, 4 40, 36, 50 Speaker 1 00:04:02 Actual points in his last four games while shooting 55% or better and making 10 plus free throws in every game. Yeah. Four plus threes in every game. Oh no, by the way, let's sprinkle in 8, 6, 10 assists the last three games too. Like, it's been unbelievable. Um, you know, pretty good spot when you consider the matchups of like Harden and Maxi on the other side. Speaker 0 00:04:28 Yeah. He'll probably get melting defense tonight, don't you think? Speaker 1 00:04:31 Yeah, Melton. Speaker 0 00:04:32 Cause Melton starts, they they have Maxi off the bench, but not, not that I think Melton's just shut down guy. I'm just saying I think that'll probably be the primary defender there if it's, if it's hardened. I mean, green Light City, you know, well, Speaker 1 00:04:44 Melton's only been playing 20 minutes a game the last two nights. Sure. So like, they're starting Melton. So yeah, you, you could definitely see Melton start on Dame, but if he's only playing 20 minutes, Dame's playing 40 38. Yeah, yeah. Like there's, there's a long stretch of time that, um, Melton won't be guarding him. So Yeah, I mean, look, I think Curry likely comes in less owned than Damien Lillard. Um, but I think both are in play. Maybe maybe play the, the lesser of owned of the two, and I would say Lillard's probably your cat. Speaker 0 00:05:17 I wonder if we see more three guards under Philly tonight. I mean, Josh Hart starting at Small Forward isn't true. You know, the biggest guy, you know, so, Speaker 1 00:05:25 And Grant and Grant's like, kind of like a smaller four too. He's 6 9, 6 8, 6 9. Just super athletic. Speaker 0 00:05:32 So yeah, be interesting to see how, how Philly matches up with this one. Uh, under 10 k slightly, obviously Kyrie Irving's at 9,900 against Phoenix James Harden than 98. Uh, we were all in on Harden, and then Prize six made him their taco play the day. Uh, and he went one for six shooting against the Clippers here, uh, fourth straight road game here for Philly. So definitely could be something that's to consider. Right? Kind of the long road trips kind of wearing some of these guys down at times. Uh, again, I I still think it's a good spot to go back. I can't imagine Harding goes one for six again anytime soon. So, uh, if you wanna spend the 9,800, I'm fine with it. And maybe because the recent game will actually keep some people off of them. Speaker 1 00:06:13 Yeah. I mean, I think I prefer Kyrie to harden Okay. Um, tonight, but I, like I can, I, there's a case for all four of these guys above 9,800. Like there's just a good case for all of 'em. Speaker 0 00:06:26 Might be you like Kyrie just because he's, he's the guy, Speaker 1 00:06:29 He's the guy like, look, I understand he's been bad. There's, there's no denying that he's, I mean, seven Speaker 0 00:06:36 20, he, he just hasn't given us the ceiling we want yet. Speaker 1 00:06:39 Well, well, I mean he's, I mean he's kind of been bad, like shoot at 35%, 37% from the floor. Like, Speaker 0 00:06:48 I guess I'm speaking more towards fantasy points, right? 43 40. He's Speaker 1 00:06:52 Been okay. He's been okay. Now it's like, okay, we need ceiling Kyrie. Yeah, but I think, you know, Phoenix is one in seven, their last eight games, like they're middle of the pack defensively. Yes. They're getting Cam Jan Johnson back, but they're starting Shamu at Point Guard. Like if there's no Chris Ball Dam, Dwayne, uh, Dwayne Washington's outta their rotation. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:07:11 Shannon came back and they just sent Dwayne Washington back to the bench. Speaker 1 00:07:14 Yep. And, and, uh, Saban Lee played almost 30 minutes. Yeah. So it's like, I like the spot for Kyrie as long as there's no Chris Ball. Even if there's Chris Ball, I got Chris Ball at this point. I don't think he can like, do anything that would stop Kyrie. So I think a lot of people stay away from Irving. And, and to your point, hard and I, I think a lot of the ownership might float to Curry Lillard at least more than Kyrie Harden. But Speaker 0 00:07:40 What do you do with Fred Van Fleet? We talked about it in the last podcast. He's been one of the more inconsistent players for us in DFS this year. And then he goes back to back 61, 63, 33, 39 actual great matchup tonight against Minnesota. Great matchup, great letdown spot potentially for Fred Van Fleet lineups here. But I mean, if you're making lineups tonight, you, if you're making a couple of them, you gotta have Van in your lineup at this point. Speaker 1 00:08:07 Yeah, I think, I think it's a a, a very good spot. I mean Minnesota is, where do they rank defensively this year? They're actually decent defensively, but they're very Speaker 0 00:08:18 Is aren't really flute performances. Like we've, I mean he had another two game stretch actually. How about this? How hilarious is this? I just look, went, look back the last time he had two really good games. 1 4 16 Home against Milwaukee, home against the Knicks. 65 and 55 fancy points. His last two games he played at New York. Speaker 1 00:08:39 At Milwaukee. At Milwaukee. That's Speaker 0 00:08:41 Crazy. So he's torched the Knicks and the Bucks the last two times he's played them and they played 'em back to back games both times. Weird. That Speaker 1 00:08:49 Is very weird. Speaker 0 00:08:50 Weird. He also against the Kns on 12 21 44 fantasy points, does he faced Milwaukee a third time this year? Speaker 1 00:08:57 Um, why does he hate the Knicks? Why does he faced Speaker 0 00:08:59 The Knicks three times, torched them all three times? He's faced Milwaukee twice. Torched them both times. Speaker 1 00:09:04 Why does he hate the Knicks? What did the Knicks do to Fair Van Bleed? Um, I can, I can get behind Ben some Van bleed for Internments. Yeah, very. I agree. Very good, very good. Uh, pace, up spot for, um, he Speaker 0 00:09:18 Just, I mean listen, we want the, we want the 20 to 28 shot fan fleet. Yes. Not the 12, 10 and eight shot fan fleet. So Yes, agreed. Um, and I think, I think the Raptors want that too. The Raptors need him to be more offensive, uh, non focused here. Uh, and not deferring to Barnes and OG who've been good. But, you know, van Lead is definitely a guy that can run this team. So, um, love him. Uh, other mid-tier guys and I think, I mean, I think most, I think today is a really good guard. Like you can play most of these guards, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative> Pool. You can play Russell, you can play smart, you can play, especially if there's no Jalen Brown Simon's Deacon play Maxey has been okay, but, you know, could probably get there in tournaments. Brogden, if there's no Jalen Brown you can get to, you know, Derek White with no Jalen Brown. I think you can play. So, um, there's, you can play almost every guard on the slate here today. It feels like Speaker 1 00:10:13 I'm probably, if I were to be out on one, it's Djo Russell. Okay. Just, I just, until he's like six K, I don't, I don't, I don't know. He's just not, he's just not doing it for me. He's, he is even with guys out, he just, it's Anthony Edwards like just being so ball dominant and then it's everyone else. Sure. Speaker 0 00:10:35 Yeah. I, again, I mean the, the, the recent shot attempts definitely worrisome. He had a good stretch there where he was taking, you know, 15 or so shots, but 8 11, 8 not really. Speaker 1 00:10:45 And this is like all centered around like trade conversation too. It's like why? Yeah. Is that, is that correlated now that, now that the trade rumors are swelling again? Like, I don't know. Speaker 0 00:10:56 It took forever for Seth Carter to get there against San Antonio. Speaker 1 00:11:00 It did. It did. Takes so long. Speaker 0 00:11:01 Uh, but he did get there. He's 54. He's playing the minutes without kd it seems like. Um, I, I'd be fine. I'd be fine going back to Seth if you Speaker 1 00:11:11 Want. Yeah, I don't, I don't necessarily love the price, but like I'd be okay. I'd be okay. He's a Speaker 0 00:11:17 Shooter, right? So like Speaker 1 00:11:19 He's a shooter, but like we are dead in the water if the shots don't fall on before. Sure. Because he just, the seven rebounds is much more of an anomaly. That was the most rebounds he's had all year. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So like he needs to make shots to get there. Speaker 0 00:11:33 Yep. Uh, shooting guard position. Uh, JBS at nine K, if he's in 'em in I'll play him against Golden State. That's fine. Uh, Anthony Edwards 8,900 again, same feeling only 17 shots yesterday. Kind of disappointing. Um, you know, there was a close game too, so like, I don't really know why, you know, Minnesota's offense, you know, you'll look at what, 25 total shots between Edwards and D last night. Like you gotta be, yeah. Those guys gotta be taking more shots than that. So, um, I know Yoka had a really good game, uh, against Speaker 1 00:12:05 The offense was flowing through Anderson McDaniels and um, NAS Reed. Well Speaker 0 00:12:11 Did Daniels end up doing last night Speaker 1 00:12:13 Game? Did a big game, 18 points in a big game. Speaker 0 00:12:16 Yeah, his uh, his p was was 20 and a half yesterday and it was one of like Speaker 1 00:12:20 Almost got there. Almost got there with playing. Speaker 0 00:12:23 Yeah. So, um, okay. So anyways, definitely can go there play Clay cuz he's cheaper than pool but if you wanna be different Play pool. Yep. Um, Gary Trent still in play Guy one for 44. Speaker 1 00:12:36 He's, yeah, he's been incredible. Speaker 0 00:12:38 Um, again, you know, play over time or not over time they're playing 40 minutes these guys <laugh> so like um, yeah he definitely can, can play some Gary Trent at 66. You know, I don't, yeah, I don't love og but it's a good matchup for OG if you want to go. Yeah, we talked small forwards against Minnesota for five years. Feels like uh, can certainly can certainly play it out. Royce O'Neil at 57, uh, if you want to go there, bad game against San Antonio, but a lot of the guys on the Knicks had bad game. I mean again the Nets had bad games against San Antonio so Speaker 1 00:13:10 Yeah, they played everybody too. Yeah, like I think with Ky with a Kyrie out, they just don't have a ro a rotation so like all 12, 13 guys played. So I think that should be getting back to normal tonight. Speaker 0 00:13:22 Uh, Damien Lee if no Chris Ball or did Damien Lee anyways, what do you throw? How do you think that plays out? Speaker 1 00:13:27 Yeah, I mean Oh they rolled Sham it out. Huh? Speaker 0 00:13:31 Do we miss that? I guess so. I guess we missed. Speaker 1 00:13:33 Yeah, he is out. Okay so then we have to circle back. We didn't talk about saving Lee at Point Card. Okay. Um, Speaker 0 00:13:41 $3,200 play. If Chris falls just Speaker 1 00:13:46 He'll maybe be their backup because if there's no sham it, they're not playing through Washington anymore. Um, I think we have to pay attention to the Saban Lee, Duane Washington Speaker 0 00:13:56 Thing. Yeah. 10 o'clock game too, which is tough. We may or may not now. Speaker 1 00:13:59 So we may not, we may not know. We may get an injury report throughout the day that states Chris Paul's out. Hopefully. I feel like Phoenix has been pretty good with their injury report. Um, if Chris ball's out, I'm probably gonna play Saban. 3,200. Speaker 0 00:14:11 Yeah, 3,200 bucks. You'll be able to double stack uh, top guys here. So Speaker 1 00:14:15 Only way I would play Dwayne Washington is if there was a fire <laugh> at 5k. At 5k if he's like not and he's just like suddenly out of their rotation. Like he went from playing 24 minutes every game to not playing at all. Speaker 0 00:14:28 Yeah. I feel like that way about Jaylen Noel. Right. He's finally like playing 22 minutes a night. Okay. He is good. And then all of a sudden like 14 you're like, what happened? Speaker 1 00:14:35 Yeah. With guys out like what are we, what are we doing? Speaker 0 00:14:38 Yeah. Um, anybody else here? Shooting guard? Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Okay. Small four position. JT at ten eight certainly can play that if you want 71 fans points. Uh, I don't know if you saw his postgame comments after the Charlotte game. Did you hear that at all? Mm-hmm Uh, so they asked him about if he knew he was on pace for 51, uh, on pace for 50. He said he did. He said the last time he got close to 50, um, they tried to get him the ball at the end of the game. Uh, it was against Miami. He finished with 49, uh, they got the rebound, they went to go give 'em the basketball and he waved it off. He said No, I've scored 50 before. I'm good. He said after that game he got a phone call from Jamal Crawford and Jamal Crawford told him if you ever have a chance to get 50, you get 50 <laugh>. That was the end of the conversation. So he said he was aware that he was closing on 50 and the entire time all he thought about was what Jamal Crawford called him and told him after that game and uh, he got 51. So Speaker 1 00:15:31 <laugh> it's hilarious. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:15:33 Uh, he's crossover. Don't remember that You had 49 points everywhere. Everybody will remember your 50 point games. If you get close to 50, you get 50. So that's what, that's what Jamal Crawford's out there given to. Shout guys and shout Speaker 1 00:15:46 Out Jay Cross shut out. J Crossover. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:15:48 Jay Crossover out there Colin. Guys you get 50 if you get a chance <laugh>. Um, so 10,800 bucks for jt. You can certainly run it there if you want. I really struggled against Golden State in Golden State. Just six of 21 Speaker 1 00:16:01 Shooting. Everyone did though, right? Ev that game was a watch for that game Speaker 0 00:16:04 Was a watch. It was a long, long road trip, you know, for Boston in there too on the west coast. So kind of watered them all down. They lost like the Lakers. I think they lost to the Clippers like it was just a bad road trip that time. Um, Scotty Barnes mid-tier, uh, keeps going another 45 fancy ones like mm-hmm <affirmative>, he's been awesome. Great spot against Minnesota. Can, can certainly run there. Um, other mid-tier guys for you. I mean Bridges, Harris, Wiggins Sure Dots in that group. Speaker 1 00:16:30 Uh, love Bridges. If Chris Balls play, I know Cam Johnson's coming back, but that's not gonna impact Bridges really at all. Cam Johnson's gonna be limited. He hasn't played since November 4th, so he is missed two and a half months. He's not gonna play and they already announced he was gonna be limited. So, um, I love Bridges. He's been awesome lately. Uh, succeeds like expensive but they've needed the production and he's fall come through three of his last four games. That one Denver game back to back getting the hottest team in the nba. Um, like, you know, it is what it is type of thing. Throw that out the window. Love Bridges. Toby's interesting. I don't know if he's gonna go 26, 6 and five again seems more of like an anomaly, but, um, he's been pretty consistent. I I think 6,100 s a fine price tag. Speaker 1 00:17:21 Wiggins love to see under six K. Not gonna lie. Love seeing Wiggins under 6k. The minutes are up. Um, and I just think it's been a slow progression to get back to where he was before the injury or the illness I should say. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, so I can get there, but like I do not want to just play Kyle Anderson right now, right. Like the guy has been, I I don't know like the reason they're in that Denver game is because Point Anderson Point Slowmo is almost back to back triple doubles. We just said yesterday like probably not gonna triple double again, but he can and then he almost does like, he's been incredible. So as long as, and, Speaker 0 00:18:00 And we've notice that Anderson can be this type of guy, you know, we, one of our, one of our biggest complaints generally is that he's boring but he is boring. Oh he's so boring. Like low end near triple double numbers. But when he gives you triple number Speaker 1 00:18:11 With eight shots with like eight shots. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:18:14 Cause what was our complaint? You know, he took 12 shots like well we need to see it again. Not two for two, two for 4, 6, 6 of 10, six of 12. Keep shooting Kyle, he'll be only worthy. So, and, Speaker 1 00:18:24 And go bare off the floor. Obviously helps him in the rebound department too. Speaker 0 00:18:27 Yes. Big time. Big time. Uh, TJ came through for us 24 minutes. Uh, you'd like to see more minutes, but at least two of the three games that o KDS actually shut the ball well here. So Speaker 1 00:18:38 Yeah. Feels kind of where he's gonna settle in right this 24 to 28 minute mark. So, and Speaker 0 00:18:44 If they were more competitive in that game, maybe, maybe he would've been on the floor for longer, so. Sure, sure. Uh, we'll, we'll see. Uh, we always talk Josh hard. He's under 5K here. Whoa. Speaker 1 00:18:54 What? Under 5k? Speaker 0 00:18:57 Oh, I thought you said I was missing somebody. Yeah. Under 5k. No, Speaker 1 00:19:00 That's come, I mean I know he was bad and not Sir Little's back and he, Speaker 0 00:19:04 He didn't really kill his minutes. I mean sort of killed his amendments but he is still playing 29. He's not playing 20, so Speaker 1 00:19:10 That's interesting. 4,900. Yep. Speaker 0 00:19:12 Yep. Uh, d DV also under 5K here. Get getting hit Speaker 1 00:19:16 For. Yep. He's a good, good rotational piece for them. Speaker 0 00:19:19 Um, I mean Grant Williams had a good game against Charlotte. I don't know if we're gonna run back to Grant Williams here. Speaker 1 00:19:26 I'd run back to Speaker 0 00:19:27 Taylor Brown participating in morning shoot around. So JBS playing, JB JB is gonna play today. Speaker 1 00:19:33 Not, it's not like a a hundred percent, but it's a very good chance Speaker 0 00:19:36 Practice yesterday, short shoot around today. Speaker 1 00:19:38 Very, very good chance. He plays Speaker 0 00:19:39 Very, very good. Chancey please. Um, Speaker 1 00:19:41 So no, I'm Grant then cuz that's no, I Speaker 0 00:19:43 Hes out. Yeah. And probably I, Speaker 1 00:19:45 I'd be Speaker 0 00:19:46 Probably I'm robbed in then because like Speaker 1 00:19:48 The minutes are gonna, Speaker 0 00:19:49 The minutes are gonna tank Speaker 1 00:19:51 Probably. Which al it hurts everybody like it hurts Brown. It hurt or it hurts white. It hurts bro. It hurts. Um, Williams. Yep. I think, uh, I would go also Jayden McDaniels, I'd play him if there's no Gober. Mm-hmm Speaker 0 00:20:05 <affirmative>, um, anybody else in the bit to do what what Torian do? 31 minutes. Tori? Speaker 1 00:20:10 Yeah. He, no Torian Prince was gonna be the guy that I mentioned Torian Prince, um, has been good. He's very cheap and they're just playing him. I think, again, I think you know, NAS Reed was in foul trouble. Luca Garza was in foul trouble last night like both their centers and Speaker 0 00:20:25 Which I figured would happen against Yoic shows. I was worried about that last night. Speaker 1 00:20:29 I mean Nas was still really good. Yeah, he's still have 20 face points of 49, like no complain or 4,800 no complaints there. Just, you know, Speaker 0 00:20:37 Joker had a joker stat line last Speaker 1 00:20:39 Night. Yeah. He was yoic. So, um, I would go back to Tori and Prince. Well for sure. Speaker 0 00:20:43 Yep. Um, anybody else? Is that a Ron Harper Jr. Geez. Kind of kinda looks like his dad. Speaker 1 00:20:51 Yeah, he does look like his dad. No, Speaker 0 00:20:53 I played five minutes. I'm just, just, you know, I always laugh looking at these, these NBA sons that we've, you know, seen gonna make, uh, littles three K would, uh, no, no. Speaker 1 00:21:03 Okay. No, he's not in the rotation enough for, uh, I don't think he played 12 minutes last game. Speaker 0 00:21:07 Okay. Uh, power forward here guys. We've talked about, uh, already but you got Ben Simmons at 71. We were all in on Ben Simmons without Kyrie Irving. 52 fantasy points. 10, 11, 10, um, four of 10 shooting two blocks, four steals all the way up to $7,100. Now <laugh> so Speaker 1 00:21:25 Love the man, love the most importantly the minutes. Yeah. Were great. He's the only one that played like consistent him and Clarkson. I Speaker 0 00:21:33 Think you, you can still play him at 7,100. Speaker 1 00:21:35 I agree Speaker 0 00:21:36 Because you you called it up right. He said after that game where he took three shots against Boston, he needs to be more more involved offensively. Right. And I know Kyrie was out, he took 10 shots, but if Kyrie comes back, Simmons still involved offensively and if nothing else, rebounds and his sister are gonna be there. Defensive stats should be there. Yep. Um, you know, so I'm okay going 7,100 here for Ben Simmons. That's fine. Tim Speaker 1 00:22:00 Sim, Speaker 0 00:22:01 Um, Jeremy Grant. It's fine. Again, 6,900 not, not exciting. These this year isn't really exciting. Grant Harris, you can play them if you want. Uh, you know, you'll, you'll get, uh, they will, they won't give you a zero, right. They won't bottom 'em out for you. They'll give you, they'll give you some decent production. Um, I don't really know. Go back to Jaylen MCs. It's not great spot against Toronto, but Jayden rather, Jayden McDaniels, NAS Reid. Yep. Speaker 1 00:22:26 Yep. I'd play 'em both. If Naza is starting a hundred percent, he's gonna be the chalkies player of the slate. I'd play Draymond 6k, um, yeah, he's coming off his best scoring performance. 40. He had 17, actual 17, 10, 6 and three steals. Yeah. Uh, he's been good lately. Mentioned all these other guys, uh, Sarge Speaker 0 00:22:47 Play 23 minutes against Memphis, but probably blowout run there. Speaker 1 00:22:51 It's also, they're also getting Cam J back. It's gonna be Yeah. Cam Speaker 0 00:22:54 J Backstorian princes. Speaker 1 00:22:57 Um, I I I I mean it's Nari if, uh sure everyone's out. All Speaker 0 00:23:05 Right. Uh, Jojo against Portland here. 11 K, 11 k cheapest, uh, no I guess he was 11 K the other day. 11 three last sleep but 11 K here. Speaker 1 00:23:14 Yeah. Mean he is nuts. Speaker 0 00:23:15 Yep. Yep, yep, yep, Speaker 1 00:23:17 Yep. He's gonna give you 30 actual and then it just depends on what else comes with it. Speaker 0 00:23:22 Yeah, we talked Zakk, uh, you know, number's not really paying off the tag if it's no go bear. This is just another really great spot for him. Um, yeah, I'm not gonna say no on a small slate and 9,700 button. You definitely want to see it's, he can't have ceiling games when, when va elite's having ceiling games. Yep. So. Speaker 1 00:23:42 Yep. And Scotty Barnes, like everyone's Trent, Speaker 0 00:23:45 Everybody's gone for 50. Ciak can't go for 50, so, um, tournaments you can play him, it could be his night. Yep. Um, we certainly can do that. Uh, Clarkston or Aton pick your center on this matchup. Speaker 1 00:24:01 Oh boy. Uh, I mean it's, Nick Clarkson has been insane. He was in first half foul trouble. He fell out, still gave us 44 fancy points at four blocks and a double double. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:24:13 You have all those blocks in like the second half. I bet it's over three and a half blocks in seals. And I was kicking myself like unbelievable. This is gonna be the game against San Antonio where he doesn't do it. Nah. Block party second half, you know. Speaker 1 00:24:24 Yeah. I mean it's, it's hard. It's hard not to go clason. I think Aton will be a little contrarian going up against someone that people probably view as the defensive player of the year candidate. So Yeah. Um, I, I like Clason a little bit more Aden's contrarian though. Speaker 0 00:24:40 Okay. Um, nor it's just forever probable, but we're not gonna really go up against him against and bead, um, could have another ceiling mini game outta Robert Williams here. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, 29 minutes against Brooklyn. Hasn't played less than 27 and three games. Hasn't been the Rob Williams peak yet, but I mean like any day now, right. Like and you know, soon, soon he could get there. Um, so I I'm fine, I'm fine still playing some Rob Will at this price. He's not unreasonable at all. Um, Al Horford tends to get up for these games if you want to go different. Right. Like big moment for, for Big Al against Golden State. Uh, if he could possibly go, he did not play against Golden State in that first game. That was one of the back to back sits for him. So, um, I I think you could run Horford here as a contrarian play. Speaker 1 00:25:34 Um, yeah, as a contrarian play. That's fine. There's not a lot left that's under there anyway. I Speaker 0 00:25:39 Lu Looney probably for rebounds. They'll, they'll have 'em on the floor. Speaker 1 00:25:43 Um, I'm, I'm interested they're like, they're, I don't even know how their rotation work because they played as my dog just wants to be let out of the room and is crying, scratching Speaker 0 00:25:53 The door. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:25:53 It's okay. Yeah. Um, Speaker 0 00:25:55 Tell Amy we'll build a lineup shortly if she can get out of the Speaker 1 00:25:58 Room. Yeah, true, true. Um, I'm interested to see how the boards continue to use their rotation cuz everyone like demo Zo played 27 minutes. Wiggins played 32 pool played 35. Like it just always feels like Looney's gonna be the guy left out. Um, Speaker 0 00:26:12 Yeah, they moved Graymont to the five, but I don't know if they can move Graymont to the five here with Williams and Horford. So Speaker 1 00:26:18 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:26:19 I think, I think Looney's gonna be on the floor for this game. Speaker 1 00:26:21 Yeah, could be. Speaker 0 00:26:22 Um, for sure. And then Atua 26 minutes over 20 fantasy points now and three of the last four at least 18 fantasy points in five straight. He's under 4k. So Speaker 1 00:26:32 Yeah. I wish he had uh, power forward eligibility. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:26:35 I Speaker 1 00:26:35 Know, I know really Speaker 0 00:26:36 Caps at least power forward eligibility, but Speaker 1 00:26:39 I Yeah, one, I know that that's the problem, right? Like one of those two guys should have forward eligibility and they don't. Yeah, they don't. Um, but I do agree Precious is precious. He's gonna probably be pretty popular. Speaker 0 00:26:49 He's a good player. I mean he's good player. He's just stuck in a weird team Right. That they just, you know, not wasn't a good fit. Um, but you know, everybody liking him to baby Bam when he was drafted by Miami, you know, so, uh, we, we'll see. But I, Speaker 1 00:27:05 Calum Brown officially listened questionable by the way. Yeah. They, they just sort that Speaker 0 00:27:08 Out. Got that update. So I, I don't mind you as a, as a little pun play there against Minnesota, especially if it's not as Reid tonight. He just matches up better, um, in that spot. And you said Luca Garzo was the ba as the backup center, right? So yeah. Garza 15 minutes for him. Would you play Luca Garza at three k if, if Gobert is out? Speaker 1 00:27:27 Um, yeah, he was good last night. I said it like he's a a pretty good fancy pipe minute guy. He stretches the floor. Um, and the caveat is not as, Reid isn't exactly Speaker 0 00:27:40 Who is the guy that married Kardashian for like 15 minutes. Speaker 1 00:27:43 Chris Humphrey Speaker 0 00:27:44 Humphrey does he, he reminds me of little Chris Humphrey Speaker 1 00:27:46 Luca a little Chris Humphrey. He is a little Chris Humphrey. He Speaker 0 00:27:49 Can rebound, he can score. He doesn't really, you know, do much else but like a guy that could play 20, 25 minutes a night I think. Speaker 1 00:27:56 Yeah, if Nazare gets in foul trouble, Luca Garza is gonna play a handful of minutes. We saw last night got in foul trouble, gar of plays 17 minutes and scored 16 actuals. So yeah. As an absolute dart in a large field tournament. Don't hate it. Speaker 0 00:28:11 Okay. Build our lineup tonight. Who are we starting with? O Embiid? Lillard or Tatum? Where are we going? Speaker 1 00:28:18 Um, I was gonna say we start with like value on like Torian Prince or something. Sure. Or like just Speaker 0 00:28:25 Kyle Anderson. Speaker 1 00:28:26 Kyle Anderson. Yeah. Just like guys like that that are, we can just build around Speaker 0 00:28:31 Van Lee. Um, Speaker 1 00:28:34 I mean I don't, I don't know what to do about point guard because I love Curry. I love Lillard, I love Kyrie and I like hard and, and I like VanFleet. So like we I'm fine going VanFleet. Perfect. Perfectly fine doing it. Um, Speaker 0 00:28:47 Where's our next, if we in Van Anderson and Bead, we have 5k a player. Speaker 1 00:28:55 Yeah that works. Speaker 0 00:28:57 If we go bead or we go lillard at the guard, van Anderson Lillard, it's 53 a play. Speaker 1 00:29:03 Nah, let's, let's do in bead uh, put it put a beat in the util cuz then we could play like Precious at center if we wanted to Speaker 0 00:29:12 Punch Precious Rob Will Nas Reed probably Nas Reed. Right. Speaker 1 00:29:16 Well I think the good thing about Nas Reed is we can power forward cause we have flexibility where we can use him at power forward or forward. Speaker 0 00:29:22 Okay. Uh, Reid at Power Forward we'll go Precious at center Speaker 1 00:29:27 Is that can put and beads in the 10 o'clock window anyway. So that gives us the, the only thing about Nas Reed is he's not playable If Gobert plays. Sure. Not, not, not, I shouldn't say that. He's not, not playable, but like he is definitely playable but it's obviously, Speaker 0 00:29:45 I would be surprised if Gobert played, he got hurt, played five minutes, missed the game and now they're on a back to back. It's Speaker 1 00:29:50 Been two with a groin. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:29:52 And and it's a groin injury that he hurt against Cleveland on the 14. Yeah. Right. And then missed the day cuz they didn't play, didn't practice, tried to come back immediately re-injured it. It feels like he'd be ruled out today. Speaker 1 00:30:05 Yeah, it does, it does feel like that. Speaker 0 00:30:07 Um, all right, so Van Lee Anderson, Reid UA and in Bead gives us 56 57 a play for shooting Guard Garden Forward. Um, so some mid tier guys that we were in on here, um, Speaker 1 00:30:24 Nothing a shooting guard that I see Speaker 0 00:30:26 <laugh>. Yeah. There really is not a lot of shooting. I mean it was Speaker 1 00:30:29 There, there was forward, there was good forward value. If I Speaker 0 00:30:34 What was, uh, was, was Landry just a guard? Uh, a shooting a guard? Point guard only? Yeah. Oh, not Landry. Uh, Saban Lee was like, it was a guard Speaker 1 00:30:44 Gun card only. Yeah. 3,200. Speaker 0 00:30:49 I don't know. I mean that helps us kind of readjusts. So we get rid, let's get rid of uh, get rid of Kyle Anderson then Speaker 1 00:30:58 What are we getting rid of Kyle Anderson for? I Speaker 0 00:31:00 Don't know. Trying to figure out. Speaker 1 00:31:02 Oh, Kyle Anderson's awesome. Speaker 0 00:31:05 Uh, van Lee is not a shooting guard eligible player. Um, let's see, we have 57 to play so we could double up Van Lee and Trent Clay Thompson could go, I mean three Minnesota guys. Let's see here. Speaker 1 00:31:22 I don't, Hey, I feel like that again. I feel like that Boston Golden State Game's gonna go. Speaker 0 00:31:29 I mean smart is eligible. He's gonna Speaker 1 00:31:32 Overlooked Yeah. Smarts. I think he's probably too expensive. Right. With JV back Speaker 0 00:31:36 Seth Curry, potentially back Seth Color 54. Speaker 1 00:31:40 You like that more than me? I don't hate the Seth Curry play, but if he just doesn't make shots, 54 is very hard to get to. Speaker 0 00:31:47 Yeah, I just don't think they're gonna have anybody really defending. So I mean it's possible. Um, all right, let's maybe move. Will you like, is jojo just to hang up here? Maybe he just too expensive. You Speaker 1 00:32:01 I we can go Lillard, we can go Curry, we can go. We get Speaker 0 00:32:05 Off. We get off that. We go, we go. Lillard gives us 6k a play. If we go Lillard over ibe. Um, Speaker 1 00:32:17 Would you rather play Torian Prince than Kyle Anderson? Speaker 0 00:32:23 Would you play, you would play? Uh, Speaker 1 00:32:27 I kind of want to play Kylie Anderson. Speaker 0 00:32:30 Yeah, so do I Um, let's see here. Uh, 6K play, shooting guard forward and Utility. Do we have under, what was our double other double center that we had? We have Reid Chuah, Speaker 1 00:32:43 Clarkston Speaker 0 00:32:45 Clarkson at 74. Did you play Clarkson or Simmons? Speaker 1 00:32:50 Ooh, Speaker 0 00:32:53 Probably Ben, right? Speaker 1 00:32:55 Mm. I I'd play either of them. Cl been a little better, but, um, oh, we Speaker 0 00:33:01 Play Simmons at Ford. What if we did <laugh>? You well, just works out better for me this way. Uh, all right, so this is what I have with no money left over. Um, van Fleet, Seth Curry, Kyle Anderson, NAS, Reed, Chuah, Lillard Simmons, and Robert Williams. Speaker 1 00:33:24 That's fine. I I like I I, you and I are split on the Curry thing. I think he's too expensive, but it's the last piece in type of deal and there's not like a lot of, um, other options at shooting Guard. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:33:36 And so, and stuff could open up, right? If, if, if Paul gets ruled out, you know, we can move guys into different spots, right? Right. Yeah, we have a three K utility and we can switch around. So, um, let's just check that out real. Say if Paul gets ruled out, saving League goes into utility at 32, that gives us a $7,700 shooting guard. We can play Clay Thompson, right? Yep. So mm-hmm. <affirmative> can move it around if we have to go that way. Uh, but at least for now we'll run out, uh, Rob Will at 55 there. So Vans, Lee, card Anderson, Reid Atua, Lillard Simmons, and Robert Williams, the example lineup for four games. Uh, I believe Ray is on the playbook today. Uh, we'll be in the Discord if you have any questions and we'll be on Twitter as well. We'll catch you guys later.

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