January 18, 2023


NBA DFS Podcast January 18: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast January 18: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast January 18: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Jan 18 2023 | 00:40:01


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Alperen Sengun against the Hornets.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on? FFA Nation, John. He behi with James Graney. Welcome to the Fantasy Alarm. N B A DFS podcast and livestream for Wednesday's nine game main slate. Uh, James, we had a nice little four gamer yesterday. Uh, wasn't too bad. We had some really good games. We had some dud, uh, performances, uh, of players that we were thought would be pretty good. James Harden, I e six points for James Harden last night. Absolutely brutal. Absolutely tough. I had a, I was cashing in an underdog, uh, tournament with James Harden. I'm like, oh, like this is automatic good. I'm already cashing. Can't not cash for James Harden the way he's playing. No. Yoic goes off and B goes off. Everybody in the late slate goes off, with the exception of James Harden. And Speaker 1 00:00:40 Dame goes off in that late Speaker 0 00:00:41 Sleeve. Yep. And I fall, I fall out of the cash line. Pretty big. Sad, uh, because I ha I had some pretty, pretty much everybody was 40 plus fantasy points for me going into that last game, and he got me like 10. So Speaker 1 00:00:53 Yeah, I played, I I was in the prop world with you last night, John and I, uh, I hit my Kauai free throw prop. Yep. I hit my Tobias Harris points rebounds assist prop. You know what I've played? It's the third Speaker 0 00:01:05 Prop, John, two and a half threes for James. Speaker 1 00:01:06 No, but I did, I played Points. Points. And uh, his points were 20 and a half and he needed prize fix, Speaker 0 00:01:13 Prize fix, taco play of the day. James. Harder downfield. Speaker 1 00:01:16 I should have, I should have known. So I played, Speaker 0 00:01:18 I should have known. That was what killed me, is I placed my play earlier in the day at two and a half threes. And then they put out the taco play of James Harden at 16 and a half points. Do you know how many, and that's the, you know, which money prize six made last night when people playing the 16 and Speaker 1 00:01:32 A half points. And that's the, and that's the kicker, right? Isn't there? There's a, oh yeah, there's discourse about prize picks. The jinx obviously the fixed, the fixed community is the fixed community and you can't do anything about it. But that happens all the time with the, with the taco plays, right? Speaker 0 00:01:45 Usually, yeah. For the, there was a good stretch with the taco play was the worst play you could possibly make. Uh, yesterday was, was again, one of those days Speaker 1 00:01:53 I just almost spit my coffee out. Speaker 0 00:01:54 <laugh>. Yeah. Yeah, it was, that was, that was 16 and a half Pointy scores. Six. Speaker 1 00:01:59 Yes. Speaker 0 00:01:59 Six took two shots in the first half. Didn't make any sense. Anyways, we'll turn our page to Wednesday, nine games here. Luke is on the slate. LeBron Yoic on the back to back against Minnesota. Uh, EB Bonus Kauai on the back to back. Paul George already ruled out. John Moran. Julius Randall sga. Those are all of your 10 K players. We've gotten slates whether there's been like one, two, mm-hmm. <affirmative>, $10,000 players. I mean, this is a, this is a pretty loaded slate for top tier guys. Uh, I'm hopeful we'll find some good value tonight. Speaker 1 00:02:30 Yeah, it's pretty loaded for Vegas totals too. And I think we have a slate high or season high here at Open, uh, Lakers Kings 2 45 at open. I think Speaker 0 00:02:41 That's close. Speaker 1 00:02:42 I think, Speaker 0 00:02:43 Yeah, that's close. We've had 2 43, 2 44 I think. Um, yeah, that's up there. That is up there for sure. We don't have AD back yet, right? Speaker 1 00:02:53 No, but that also could change middle of day, you know. Yeah. Um, Speaker 0 00:02:58 Expected to resume running on the court this week, that early Speaker 1 00:03:01 February. Speaker 0 00:03:02 All right. Well, I guess not. I guess he'll be, he'll be out another couple weeks. Speaker 1 00:03:05 That, that was, that was, that's a little different than what we had heard last time Speaker 0 00:03:09 When they said he could be background at the end of the week. Um, all right, so we have LeBron questionable. Uh, the rough thing with LBJ of course is the fact that they're always this 10 o'clock game and he is always questionable. So, um, yeah, Luca against Atlanta got the, of course, that trade revenge, uh, scenario there with him and Trey Young on draft day. Like what, five years ago now? It seems like Speaker 1 00:03:29 It is a long, yeah, it's been a long Speaker 0 00:03:31 Time. It's been a while. So pretty, pretty stack slate. Um, any other high totals or maybe totals we should be avoiding today? Speaker 1 00:03:37 Um, definitely high totals. Indiana o KC opened at 2 41. Um, that has bet been bet down to 2 39 since, but still huge. Denver on the second leg of a back to back at home, eight point favorites. 2 36 and a half in that Minnesota game. Yoic, um, well on his way to another MVP if they keep winning, uh, well, I guess Speaker 0 00:04:01 Played his points plus rebounds last night. It was 20 and a half. He went, he had 22. Speaker 1 00:04:05 He did that with points, wait points plus rebounds, right? He did. No, I Speaker 0 00:04:09 Did. Sorry. I did, I'm sorry. I did. Rebounds and assists. Rebounds plus assists were 20 and a half. Mm. Speaker 1 00:04:14 I was gonna say, cause uh, points, he just did that alone. Yeah, yeah. No, Speaker 0 00:04:18 No. Speaker 1 00:04:18 Rebounds Speaker 0 00:04:19 Plus assists to assist. We're at 20 and a half. Speaker 1 00:04:21 Houston, Charlotte, the battle of the worst record. They, they'll officially be the worst record of the nba, the, the loser of this game. Um, 2 38, despite how bad both those teams are. 2 34 in Dallas, Atlanta, Dallas, two and a half point favorites in home. They're 16 and six and home. But, um, yeah, that's, that's about it. Nothing we should really avoid. Miami New Orleans. Slate low two 19 and a half, but ready to rock. Speaker 0 00:04:46 Okay. Uh, Luca is your point guard here. 12 four top price guy. Uh, probable to play. Uh, you know, obviously tough game against Portland the other night, but he had 80 and 72 the two games prior here. First game going up against Atlanta this season. He's at home where we've liked him. He's averaging a few more fantasy points at home, but shooting a lot better. 51% from the floor at home this season here. Uh, he's just a, you know, again, nine game slate. A couple of studs here today. Certainly a guy you can build your lineups around. Um, after that though, I mean, listen, I, I haven't been playing any jamant. I know we always say he's viable. He's just not really, you know, he's not really paying it off. He's had more 40 fantasy point games than 50 fantasy point games in the last 10. So against Cleveland? No, Donovan Mitchell today. So, I mean, again, if you think that there's a spot for Jah, go for it. It's worth noting that a lot of those performances are coming cuz they're winning in blows, right? Speaker 1 00:05:38 They're 10 games. Yeah. They've won 10 in a row, one teams Speaker 0 00:05:41 27, 44 and 25, 40 and 27. Like, the guy doesn't have to play 38 minutes maybe against Cleveland, who's a good enough team. He'll push him the 38 and he gets there. Um, but no, not generally. Not a, a good spot that for, uh, for guards this season going up against Cleveland. Uh, SGA is at 10 k against the Pacers here, I think. We'll, uh, you know, we like the spot, but the way Giddy has been playing lately, again, it's been cutting down on, on some of the secondary stats for Giles Alexander, uh, here to help him give him that ceiling. He did have 62 against Philly, but 47 42 at a 10 K price tag again is not quite what we're looking for there. Right. Um, your track of the slate, as long as he doesn't fall out, probably La Mellow at this price, <laugh>, um, you know, going up against Houston, right? I mean, it's, it's, it's a great spot for him here. Speaker 1 00:06:28 Yeah, it's a tremendous spot. Um, I agree on sga, I think definitely playing tournament. I agree on your job point as well. Definitely playing torments. They're just so good that they're just blowing everybody out. Um, love La Melo, as you mentioned, probably the chalkies of this tier, which does appeal a little bit to everyone else. Um, but yeah, hard not to get to a team or a guy that's giving you basically 50 as a floor, um, and gets one of the worst defenses in basketball. So love, love him. Not gonna get to Trey against Dallas, so don't even Speaker 0 00:07:01 Ask. Yeah, not gonna do Trey. I don't, I mean, I I say I never, I don't like McCullum. I mean, it's a tough spot against Miami, so Yeah, he, he, he is been good lately, two games. He's shot poorly, um, still knows ion his juice race to the roof, but again, not, not my favorite spot in Ik. Westbrook's too expensive at nine K. I know how good he's playing. Well, Speaker 1 00:07:21 But well what if, what if LeBron doesn't play? Well, I know you're not gonna Speaker 0 00:07:24 Do that at Roster Lock though, Speaker 1 00:07:25 So I know the, well, I will say like, there's two really good games at 10 o'clock or later, like Denver, Minnesota, Sacramento, la like if you're, Speaker 0 00:07:35 You'll leave the spots open, Speaker 1 00:07:37 Like not just I, and I say this Senator Discord, and I'll just be quick about it. Um, we, you need to have a plan if you're gonna do stuff like this. Yeah. You can never assume somebody is out. I say this in Discord all the time, like, yes, there are indications, but like last night, Jamal Murray was qu listed, questionable in the day, never like a downgrade, but then he played, right? Yeah. It's usually an inclination that they're gonna sit, but that's not always the case. Have a plan, okay, if this happens, I'm going to play this right group of people. If this happens, I'm gonna play this group of people. So, you know, build with in both scenarios because Westbrook without LeBron against the Kings in a 2 45 total sure could break the slate. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, then again, LeBron's question, questionable every slate and has typically played so, right. Um, Speaker 0 00:08:24 And we were playing Westbrook when he was $7,500. Now we even need, and I'd be okay with like, oh, you know, if LeBron prays, you know, great value, 7,500, if he does play, he can still play Westbrook if LeBron plays Westbrook at nine k. Hard, Speaker 1 00:08:37 Hard to, hard to Speaker 0 00:08:38 Pay off. Yeah. Hard to get there when Lalo Ball is just $600 more. Right. You can figure Speaker 1 00:08:42 That one out. Agree. I know, I completely agree. But again, if the off chance that LeBron does sit and is human for like one night, you know, like just like I, I need a break or like my ankle's messed up, right? Speaker 0 00:08:54 It's why we say leave the, leave your late slate for your, like your forward guard utility so you have the extra flexibility. Yep. Um, don't lock those guys into your positional spots. Uh, under nine K, you Brunson at 85 here against Washington. Uh, he keeps just, you know, playing ridiculously well. Uh, he just went for 61 fantasy points, a few games back against the Wizards here. I think Barrett was, was he returned for that game? Was that Barrett's return Speaker 1 00:09:20 Game? Uh, yes. Speaker 0 00:09:22 Um, yeah, I believe, yeah. Barrett, that was, no, so that was the second game. Barrett was back. So even with Barrett we saw Brunson go for 61 fantasy points in this spot. So, uh, again, great. Uh, legit Fox, you wanna talk about late night exposure here in that game? Total, uh, again, the last couple of slates not great. 28, 38, 26, you know, you expect more out of him here, but he's averaging 49 in three games against Lakers. Yep. So, um, and the price is good. You're not, you're not paying nine K for him anymore. You're paying 83. So, uh, a nice little value there. And then what do you do with Garland here, right? I mean, great price, no Mitchell we're expecting, but Memphis is just really tough. You know, they, they just win, right? So it is, they're so good. Is Cleveland good enough to stay competitive in this game? They could be and if they are Garland is is in a, in a great spot here. Speaker 1 00:10:15 Yeah. I mean that's like you said, I, I think Memphis is really, whats the spread on game really? Uh, the spread on this game is seven and a half. Speaker 0 00:10:25 Okay. Speaker 1 00:10:26 It opened at 2 24 and a half. It's been bet up to 2 28 and a half already. So, um, look it, like you just said, we're using Garland and tournaments if you think the game can stay close and that's what it comes down to. Cause he, we just saw it. He has, they Speaker 0 00:10:41 Do at least have Car Laver to fill in for Don and Mitchell. So it's not like, Speaker 1 00:10:44 I think Cleveland's good. No dude, they're good. They're a very good team. Like with or without Donovan and Mitchell. Like, I think like if this team Speaker 0 00:10:51 Bump today, Speaker 1 00:10:52 Maybe, I don't think it would be significant, but like if, if you take down a Mitchell for the year, Cleveland's a playoff team in the East probably. Right? Like, not like a contending team like they are with Mitchell, but I think that they're Speaker 0 00:11:05 Yeah, Garland Levert. Allen Mobley is certainly good enough to be a playoff Speaker 1 00:11:08 Team. Yeah. Dude, Kevin loves still off to Bench Rubio eventually off to bench. Like they have guys. I think they're like a very good team. Memphis is also Speaker 0 00:11:16 Buddy healed small forward away, you Speaker 1 00:11:18 Know? Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I have a Laurie market and small forward away could have had used him, um, this year. But uh, yeah, Memphis is also like the juggernaut of the West. Em and Denver have just are winning every game and just pulling away from the pack. So it's like, do you think they're good enough? That's your determination on Darius Carlin. If, if you think Cleveland can stay close in Memphis, they're gonna be getting Grided on, danced on. Like, can they maintain their composure when Ja hits the roof, uh, in the stadium when he goes up for a dunk on someone's head? Speaker 0 00:11:51 Right. Um, Tyler hero at a big price drop $7,300 for Tyler Hero. The guy was nine K for a bit and then he was high eight Ks, uh, one slate. All it takes and he's down to $7,300 here. Um, I I, I'd be willing to take some shots here. Kyle, Larry could be back. He's only listed as questionable today. Um, but we play hero anyways mostly. So, or we consider Hero mostly it's, but this price point for him, um, I mean, when was the last time he was this cheap 70? He was the December 6th. He was $7,200. Speaker 1 00:12:26 There's some interesting pricing here, John. Speaker 0 00:12:28 That's what I'm saying. Right. Um, anybody else? You see that's kind of Speaker 1 00:12:32 Jamal Murray if he plays $6,500. Speaker 0 00:12:35 Yeah, yeah. Speaker 1 00:12:36 Yeah, that's, he hasn't been that cheap in a Speaker 0 00:12:38 Thousand dollars price drop from yesterday. Speaker 1 00:12:40 <laugh>, he had 40 and, and he did or he didn't play the last back Toback. I thought they or he did play last Speaker 0 00:12:48 Back. Yeah, he played the last back Toback. Speaker 1 00:12:50 Um, Speaker 0 00:12:51 Or he played back back recently, didn't he? If he's, Speaker 1 00:12:54 Didn't he? Yeah, he played it back Toback if, um, sixth Speaker 0 00:12:57 And the fifth five. Sixth five and six. Yep. Speaker 1 00:12:58 If he's gonna play, I don't hate that. TJ McConnell. Speaker 0 00:13:02 Um, yeah, I mean that guy's breaking slates. Speaker 1 00:13:04 So when, I mean he's just really, he's <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:13:09 You've always said it about McConnell. Oh great. Fancy point per player. Guy gets on the floor, gets you a lot of steals, but teams just like him as their backup, Speaker 1 00:13:16 So he's gonna be incredibly popular. Yep. And obviously the pivot is Denard, but Nebar hasn't been like the fill in boom guy that we, mcc Speaker 0 00:13:26 McConnell's taken over for Speaker 1 00:13:28 Her. So Yeah. McConnell's taking over, but nut's still playing good minutes, so if you want go there, you can go there too. But, um, McConnell's, McConnell's gonna be the chalk here. 5,500 for Speaker 0 00:13:38 Sure. Yep. Um, I gave Jalen Williams some shoot pop point guard eligibility Speaker 1 00:13:42 Now. Yeah, he's been, yeah, a couple slates. Yeah, it's been fun. Speaker 0 00:13:46 Um, obviously there is no, um, Marie Bones at 48. Great spot here against them. Um, sexing off the bench, play another 26 minutes. You you liked it? I was, I was a little nervous, but I mean, 24, 26 minutes of back-to-back games. 26 and 28 fantasy points for Colin Sexton. So I, I don't mind that value. Um, on today's slate here, you, you liked, uh, Alvarado against Cleveland and he played 34 minutes in that game and gave you 27 fantasy points. Uh, would you run Alvarado here against uh, Miami? Speaker 1 00:14:17 Yeah, I mean, I think that his case to be on the floor is dependent on the other team. Like look what Miami has too. They potentially have Lowry Hero Oladipo, right. And they, he's gonna play another 34 minutes. They like it just Dyson Daniels starts and he did play like a bunch of minutes, but it's like Dicey Daniels is also competing with Trey Murphy, Naji Marshall and like those wings and potentially Herb Jones. So if there's no Herb Jones again, who Herb Jones is considered their, their best perimeter defender, their other best perimeter defender is Jose Alvarado, Speaker 0 00:14:54 Who's five seven <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:14:56 Huh? Who's five? Who's five. It was very small but very annoying. Right. Like I think that's, um, how he's been described. So yeah, I mean I think there's another case that Jose Alvarado's gonna play a whole bunch of minutes here. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:15:07 Uh, RUO did play season nine 17 minutes the other day. Um, so maybe Speaker 1 00:15:11 Solid tell three minutes. Speaker 0 00:15:13 Yeah. Well again, he's, he is working his way into things, you know, but the minutes, at least the minute was at least there. Uh, not playing. I'm, I'm just cheering for the guy. Speaker 1 00:15:21 Right. Yeah, no, we, no, we, no, Rubio was a very solid, that's a very solid like mid-season acquisition, right? Like Yeah. Yeah. That's gonna be available to them. Speaker 0 00:15:30 Um, any other point guards? Speaker 1 00:15:32 Not that I see, no. Speaker 0 00:15:33 Okay. Um, shooting Guard apologize already ruled out. Don Mitchell's not likely to play. Uh, Speaker 1 00:15:41 I guess I put Terrence man back. We didn't mention Terrence man at Point Guard. Sure. No. Speaker 0 00:15:45 Uh, no George? No. Speaker 1 00:15:46 George, no. Paul George. He, Terrence Mann was pretty good last night too with Speaker 0 00:15:50 Can I do you think on the back to back He's been interesting. He has played a back. He has. Speaker 1 00:15:56 I don't think he has, Speaker 0 00:15:57 Has played Speaker 1 00:15:58 A back to back. I, it's, so I think what's interesting is they have four games this week. Um, so if he doesn't play, he will play three of the four but hasn't play. It's Speaker 0 00:16:08 Interesting that Speaker 1 00:16:08 Yet Yeah. Hasn't played a back to, to back. But it's interesting they ruled George out so quickly and not Kauai. Sure. So maybe the the window will approach it like he's going to if Sure. Because remember we, we talked about this earlier in the year where I was like, soak Gungho on someone not playing back to back and then they play Yeah, Speaker 0 00:16:23 It was Jamal Speaker 1 00:16:23 Murray. I think it was Sha Jamal Murray like the fifth and the sixth. Yeah. But like, if, if they're gonna list Paul George out and not let quiet out, we, I think we at least leave the opportunity for him to to Speaker 0 00:16:35 Sure. Um, Edwards has been questionable. Uh, but he'll, he'll play, he'll play. Speaker 1 00:16:40 Yeah. He hasn't missed a game. He was also horrible in the first half and then just Speaker 0 00:16:44 Yep, Speaker 1 00:16:45 Yep. No, no reason he's a 700, um, unless they get blown out, but that he's still playing big minutes in Blo. So Speaker 0 00:16:52 Yeah. Uh, Jalen Green at $7,800. I mean, again No, well, well KB J is questionable, Speaker 1 00:16:59 Right? He's questionable. Yep. Questionable. Didn't, I don't think he practiced yesterday. Speaker 0 00:17:03 Um, um, b didn't, I don't see an update on that. Maybe you find it, but, uh, yeah, questionable to play here. Um, either the way it doesn't really impact Jelly Green all that much. He's gonna take a bunch of shots. Speaker 1 00:17:17 I I would not play him at 78. I think if Kevin Porter played, that's very expensive. Sure. Because we need like 40 even Speaker 0 00:17:24 It's the matchup to get it. He Speaker 1 00:17:25 Just, it is the matchup to Speaker 0 00:17:26 Get, he's just not hitting his shots. Right. Like he's got the volume, he's just not making 'em. Speaker 1 00:17:30 That's, that's a fair point. Speaker 0 00:17:32 Um, but, but Bradley Beal, it's questionable. Maybe a return for Bradley Beal here. I don't know if I'd play him right away on a return game. Speaker 1 00:17:38 Nah, no, I don't think we need to. Speaker 0 00:17:41 Um, let's see. Des ban at 74. Um, I'll be interested to see what his three point prop was. It was two and a half the other day. Uh, he's been, he's been playing really Speaker 1 00:17:51 Well. Designe is so good. Yep. Speaker 0 00:17:53 Yep, yep, yep. Uh, Rossier 74. Speaker 1 00:17:57 This, this could be a boom spot for Rossier shots. Just needs to fall. Speaker 0 00:18:01 Shots are back, uh, trending back up after that initial return from, uh, Speaker 1 00:18:06 Volume. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:18:07 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, Clarkson's been good. I guess we'll see if marking plays or not today. Right. Cuz he's missing the last, uh, handful of games there. Speaker 1 00:18:15 Yep. Speaker 0 00:18:16 Um, could be a great spot for a guy Walker. That'd be a great spot for our guy Walker Kesler anyways, so Speaker 1 00:18:21 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it's probably a good spot. Speaker 0 00:18:22 Well, we're definitely playing Chango and we already know that against Charlotte. Speaker 1 00:18:26 Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:18:27 Uh, buddy healed little revenge game maybe. Do he he didn't play for them. Speaker 1 00:18:32 No, he didn't. Pelicans no Pelicans. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, buddy HEAL's been, I think Buddy Healed is best when he has a very willing point guard to pass to mm-hmm. <affirmative> and I mean, McConnell Ball McConnell is that dude. So I, I, yeah, I heeled and tournament and what do we know about Buddy Hill? John? Nobody Speaker 0 00:18:53 Plays them. Nobody ever plays them. No. And, and people will still probably not playing. They'll pivot to Powell. They'll pivot to Mather in probably at 56 cuz they're cheaper. Uh, Kevin Porter at $5,400 I think is a, is a pretty interesting spot. Yeah. What do you make of the last two games from those that just blowouts the minutes 23. Speaker 1 00:19:10 The Orlando game was foul trouble game. Okay. And then they blew him out and then Spurs, uh, he was sick going into that game and then Harry B took over and then they just didn't put him back in. So I think maybe the illness was something that like he could have been struggling with. Okay. Uh, he's fine for tournaments. He's, he's a, we know he's, he can light it up. Speaker 0 00:19:34 Do you favor or file the car? Levert Shock Potential if Mitchell's ruled out? Speaker 1 00:19:39 I like 5,100. That's a good price. Speaker 0 00:19:41 Better. Better than the 6k that he was Speaker 1 00:19:43 Better than the six and he was paying it off. Like, but this is tough spot. Bain's a good defender. Brooks is a annoying defender. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> so you can 51, I can get behind for Casper. Speaker 0 00:19:57 Uh, Troy Murphy's been shooting the ball better lately, but not, you know, not the, the easiest matchup. Speaker 1 00:20:02 Um, yeah. And and there's always the potential, like all these guys could lose minutes as soon as Herb Jones. Herb Jones, I tell you this all the time. Like Yeah. Me and you have different perceptions I think on Herb Johns. Speaker 0 00:20:13 Yeah. I think it's very good. But they do so it is Speaker 1 00:20:16 What it's um, he's very good defensively. Right. That's literally what he's there for. And he's just going to play over guys because of that. Yeah. So I think it will, Speaker 0 00:20:26 You're garden. He might ARD and Marshall though. Uh, herb Jones. Sorry. They're on the same team there. Uh, you're talking about minutes. You're talking about minutes. Speaker 1 00:20:33 Just minutes. Minutes, yeah. Speaker 0 00:20:35 Uh, any other shooting guards here? Speaker 1 00:20:39 Um, Speaker 0 00:20:40 KCP maybe just for the minutes. Speaker 1 00:20:42 Yeah. Kcps been pretty good. Um, you like all the other stats last night just didn't make any shots. Two for nine? No. Uh, we mentioned the Sexton play the maximum given Jayden Hardy some run. Speaker 0 00:20:56 Yeah, that, well that, I thought that was just cuz there was no DeLuca last night. But Speaker 1 00:21:00 He's, that's, that's fair. He's he's like in their rotation. He's not in their rotation. Um, that I think that's it. Sure. I think Speaker 0 00:21:07 That's it. Obviously if there are injuries or guys get ruled out, like it'll impact a lot of what we're talking about here. Yep. Uh, small forward. You mentioned Kauai, maybe Ian, maybe out. He's ten three with Noal, Georgia to pay the ten three. Speaker 1 00:21:21 It's a dang good spot. It's a dang good spot. Utah is not a very good, uh, possibly 10 30 is expensive though. Speaker 0 00:21:33 It is. He hasn't paid that. I think Speaker 1 00:21:35 I'd rather get like Saboni. I'd rather get to Yoic. I'd rather get to LeBron Luca if I'm, if I'm like prioritizing spend up. So, all right. Speaker 0 00:21:43 Uh, Kuzma is at $8,200, you know, price come down on him here against the Knicks. If there's no Beal, would you pay the 82 Speaker 1 00:21:51 Tournaments? Speaker 0 00:21:52 Okay. Tournaments, uh, you mentioned Barnes. I mean that guy has been <laugh>. It's been really good. It's Speaker 1 00:21:58 Been really Speaker 0 00:21:58 Good. Yeah. $5,900 for Harry B against the Lakers. Powell, if again, no George already. If there's no Kauai, um, you know, a decent spot. You mentioned man. Uh, I didn't mean to skip over rj. He's coming off 43 fantasy points. 49 minutes overtime game. Speaker 1 00:22:15 Yeah, I think that whole tier is like all in play. Powell is definitely in play. If both those guys sit, Harry B needs to con, if he makes his shots, like, you know, he could do it again. But he's been also like almost unc, like literally unconscious. But all Rose point to Kylin. Speaker 0 00:22:32 I say triple double 50 fantasy points for Kylin is in the last game. Speaker 1 00:22:36 I mean, it's obviously not like he's not gonna, he's not gonna turn into like James hard and suddenly, but um, he is someone who can fill it up in every category. So, Speaker 0 00:22:50 Um, Malik Beasley played 33 minutes again, again, I'll mark it independent. I'd play market in 94 if he's active too, by the way. So just, Speaker 1 00:22:57 Uh, yeah, Speaker 0 00:22:58 Probably if be, if he's there. Uh, Jaylen McDaniels big game the other day outta him. 26, actual 37 fantasy points gets that Houston spot at under 5k. It feels like a core play. Speaker 1 00:23:08 Yeah, it is. Hayward. Doubtful. Doubtful. Doubtful. Speaker 0 00:23:11 Yeah. Jaylen McDaniels feels like a core play for Speaker 1 00:23:14 Me tonight. Yeah. I think they also are missing, potentially missing Cody Martin. Speaker 0 00:23:19 Okay. Speaker 1 00:23:20 Doubtful. So that's Cody Martin came back and started playing 20 something minutes a game and that's just McDaniels is gonna get plenty of time. Speaker 0 00:23:29 Doubtful if k BJ is out, we go back to Eric Gordon. Uh, his scoring, he's four games now this year, uh, without Kevin Porter. He's scored over 19 actual and three of those four games. So, um, he just makes buckets when, uh, when Kevin Porter's out of the lineup there. So look at the free throws too. The last two games. No, Kevin Porter, 19 free throw attempts for Eric Gordon there. So, uh, something to watch $4,500 against Charlotte if no K PJ tonight for Eric Gordon's and is a really good, uh, I think option there. Let's see. Anybody Speaker 1 00:24:01 Else? Hey. Amen. K Hey man. KJ Martin. Both 46 45. Okay. Both been starting and playing big minutes. Yep. Um, Troy Brown is gonna start for the Lakers. He's been playing big minutes. I don't know if we need to get there then. Speaker 0 00:24:12 Never was a guy I hoped you would be. Speaker 1 00:24:14 Never, never, never was. Um, and then I've been playing a little Reggie Bullock lately. Okay. They don't really raise the price. There's been more shot attempts. Um, we saw a boom game. We're not gonna ever see again, eight for 10 from three, but, um, if he goes five hits, five threes, like there's a chance that he gets us 25 to 30 fantasy points. He's starting, he's playing, um, bajillion minutes and he gets to play with Luke Dodge. What Speaker 0 00:24:40 About your, your jazz rookie tonight? If there is no, uh, Lori remarketing, Speaker 1 00:24:45 A baji. Speaker 0 00:24:46 A baji, Speaker 1 00:24:48 Hey, Speaker 0 00:24:48 Actual you call E listen, you know what, you gotta take a victory lap and you can, you, you called him out the podcast Midprice. He plays a season high, 31 minutes and you get 17 actuals. So Speaker 1 00:24:59 He's just like a good look. They drafted him. He, he spaces the floor well for them. Um, and he had been, he's played by 18 minutes or more in 17 in seventh straight games. So, um, if marking it is out, I would go back to that. Well, I think the Speaker 0 00:25:17 Only problem, obviously a low floor, he had six of eight shots, but like Right. You know, he, like you said, talent's there. They're starting to trust him a bit more. Speaker 1 00:25:24 The, the, I'd say the one issue is that Utah has in general is like some, like Horton Tucker plays 20 minutes M four and then eight minutes. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> this game. Like they could very easily just swap roles. Like, it's like large field tournament play only for a bahi. Yep. Speaker 0 00:25:43 Uh, power forward, uh, LBJ is at 11.5. Would you pay if he, if he's active tonight, do you pay 11,500 for LeBron? Speaker 1 00:25:50 He has center eligibility. Speaker 0 00:25:52 He does have center eligibility. Speaker 1 00:25:53 Um, yeah, I would Speaker 0 00:25:54 74, 64. 61. The guy. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:25:57 He's Speaker 0 00:25:57 Incredible. He's that guy. Speaker 1 00:25:59 He's older than every other player in the league. Yeah. He playing Speaker 0 00:26:03 Against, he's playing with sons now. Sons. Speaker 1 00:26:06 I don't, so I don't know if you saw the, you saw the clip, right? The Jabari Smith clip? Yeah. Um, the internet Internet got on this quick. Jabari Smith senior was on that King's team. John. Speaker 0 00:26:17 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:26:18 You know what Jabari Smith, how many minutes did Jabari Smith senior logged in that King? Speaker 0 00:26:22 Zero Speaker 1 00:26:23 DM P <laugh>. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:26:24 Exactly. Speaker 1 00:26:25 He was a DM P So, Speaker 0 00:26:27 Uh, was Kenny Martin on that team? I mean like Speaker 1 00:26:29 Andy Martin might, Kenny Martin. Martin haven't been the league by at that point, you know? Yeah. Uh, that's Speaker 0 00:26:35 Funny. That's what I'm saying. I wonder how many father son combos LeBron's now played up against, you know, so, uh, Julius Randall keeps doing Randall things. Those rebound numbers are insane. Yep. Um, went for, you know, 23 and 16 against Washington. I, I gotta see where his rebound prop is for tonight. It's been 12 and a half. There's no way it's, so it was, it was 12 and a half or three straight days. There's no way. It's at 12 and a half Speaker 1 00:26:57 Again and he's done that in all but one slate, 10, eight games. Right. Like Speaker 0 00:27:03 His last, it's gotta be 13 and a half or something like that. Eric tonight. Um, buckets at 87. What are we talk about with, with Butler the other day? He could take over game, he take over games. Speaker 1 00:27:13 He Speaker 0 00:27:13 Wants 34 actual, he didn't give you much or anything else. 3 3 1 and 2 47 fantasy points for 34 points is not great, but 11 0 16, 11 from 11 from the line. He's just always, always capable of doing that. So, um, you could put him in a tournament lineup or cash game lineup maybe even, and just kind of roll with it there. Uh, zinger in New York, this is the revenge game, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know, going back to Madison Square Garden, um, Speaker 1 00:27:39 He's getting booed. He's gonna get booed outta that place. Speaker 0 00:27:41 Yeah, well he didn't wanna be there so, uh, 8,900 bucks for him. If you wanna play, you can Triple J a tough spot for Jar Jackson here today. But he generally just does well lately. So Speaker 1 00:27:53 He win defensive player. Yeah. This is def him or CL player defensive player that you bets in now. Speaker 0 00:27:58 Yeah. Himer Clarkston who gets in. Right. Another, another big block performance out Clarkson last night. Speaker 1 00:28:02 Yeah. After, after first half of Foul Trouble comes back and has four blocks in the Speaker 0 00:28:07 Second half. Yeah. Yep. Um, yeah, Jackson, you know, gotta deal with Mobley and Alan though at 75. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, Aaron Gordon's been really good. Speaker 1 00:28:14 Um, yeah, and if Murray sits right. Yeah. If there's someone in Denver sits like they've won eight games in a row. Like they, we actually saw Yoic sit the other day. Like there's, there's potential rest possibilities. Michael Porter Jr. Had a big game last night. We can go back to him too, like Yeah. Speaker 0 00:28:29 Scoring only though. He, he just needs a sec. You're doing more. Speaker 1 00:28:32 I agree, but I'm just saying like, if there's people out Sure. I, I'm, you know. Speaker 0 00:28:38 Yep. Speaker 1 00:28:38 Really good spot against. Speaker 0 00:28:39 We're gonna say most of all Charlotte Houston's in play. PJ Washington, Jabari Smith, they're both fine. Yep. Yep. Uh, Marcus Morrison. Oh, Paul George at 4,800. I like Nas Reed if Gobert is out, which I imagine he's gonna be out if not already out. He is questionable. But he only played five minutes in that game after like hurting his groin again. So like I can't Speaker 1 00:29:00 Well he was watching Walker Kessler just be him. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:29:04 It would be weird to see him play, but we'll watch that one. Um, my guy dandre Hunter's at 5K still just out here doing his thing, so, um, can play, can play that route. Any other pow power forward value for you? Speaker 1 00:29:18 Um, power forward value Like, uh, I was gonna say Ni Smith plays like 25 minutes a game if you wanna go Speaker 0 00:29:26 There back to back 20 minute games for Ty Eason. Can we get a little please? Just Speaker 1 00:29:31 Tar Eason? Um, probably not in this slate, but I do agree. Get the guy some, get the guy some money Speaker 0 00:29:37 Please. What are we doing? Come on. Speaker 1 00:29:40 I don't, I don't, don't see anything. If you also, I'm, I'm I looking at Reggie Bullock, I'm gonna pull back a little bit. I didn't, I forgot Finn Smith and, uh, Josh Green both expected to return. Sure. Speaker 0 00:29:53 Um, Covington only played seven minutes last night. You did get in foul trouble, but No, Paul George, Speaker 1 00:29:59 Right? Yeah. I think that's the, I think that's the key. We, I think we talked about it yesterday and then I talked about it in Discord as soon as I saw Paul George in Yeah. I said it in Discord. I was like, no, because that moves platoon back to the bench. Yeah. And now Platoon becomes your Covington Rob Covington. Right. So now Paul George out, platoon's gonna start again. Yeah. Covington back in play 20 plus minutes. So, um, sorry, I don't be worried about last night with Covington. He'll be back in the rotation Speaker 0 00:30:30 Assuming. Yep. I, I think, I think 3,600 is a good, uh, it's a good spot there. Um, alright. Center, uh, joker of course 11 four. You, you're not gonna tell you not to play the man. The guy is insane. 73 fantasy points last night going up against Portland 36, 12 and 10 Triple doubles in, in what, four of the last five games. So, yeah. Uh, he's good. He's good. He went for 24 7 and nine against Minnesota earlier this year. If there is no gobert even, uh, Speaker 1 00:31:00 He's gonna, oh, he's gonna destroy Speaker 0 00:31:02 Isn't that that be uh, that uh, video? Right? Gobert was trying to guard 1 0 1 and he is like, brother, I have like Yeah. 60 or something like that. Speaker 1 00:31:11 Yeah, it was the Jamal Murray interview. Yeah. Yeah. It was the Jamal Murray interview. He's like, brother, I have heard Score 35 <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:31:18 He's like, I don't need help. I don't need help. Help. Yeah. So, yeah. Uh, if you don't go watch it Google, like Jamal Murray Gobert or Yoic story or something like that. Speaker 1 00:31:27 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:31:27 Hilarious. It's, it's hilarious. Yeah. Yeah. Gobert is trying to guard him one on one. Jokers like <laugh> hasn't worked yet, you know. What are you doing? Uh, Seb bonus at ten five again, you kind of mini joker at this point. Speaker 1 00:31:39 Yeah, mini joker. Agreed. Speaker 0 00:31:41 All right, so you're getting a little discount there against the Lakers. Uh, let's see here. Would you go Bam, against J Val? Val Tru. This isn't really a great defender. He's just a big dude. Um, BA's been great. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:31:53 J Val's been great dude, by the way. J Val's. But, uh, yes. Speaker 0 00:31:56 Bam. All those lead to your guy though, who had one of the best performances mm-hmm. <affirmative> maybe of his career. Uh, Speaker 1 00:32:03 That was the best of his script. Speaker 0 00:32:04 70 fantasy points. Best he, he hit like the first eight shots of the game. <laugh>, it just kept on throwing it into him. And Thomas Bryan had zero answer. Uh, 33, 15 6 and four also had five five Fouls. Cuz it's a Shon game. That's Speaker 1 00:32:19 The, that's the, that's part of the package right there. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:32:22 Uh, chalk City probably today, here after that game in this matchup. Speaker 1 00:32:27 And now get Charlotte and Yeah, I mean look Speaker 0 00:32:30 Great spot for three early, you know, that's what I'm saying, Speaker 1 00:32:32 You know? Right. Yeah. I think, I think um, I like it better if Kevin porter's out out cause I think the offense just flows through him more naturally. Sure. I think, look, I'm gonna say it. I think Speaker 0 00:32:44 I might be over assist cuz because look at the, I mean those assist numbers are crazy right Speaker 1 00:32:48 Now. Dude, I've said it to you before. He reminds me and I, I know it's floating around on the internet, but I've thought it for a little while. He's a, he if we're talking about mini yos, he is Yoic light. Yeah. Like he does everything. He's probably better Shop Locker. He's, this was Yoic in the beginning of his career where he's just too aggressive defensively. He picks up cheap fouls. Like there's no reason for some of 'em. You're like, what are you doing? Yeah. Now you have three fouls and you have to sit in the rest of the hat. As long as that doesn't happen in this spot, he should die. Um, cause it's the best spot for centers. Don't love the price, but there's 70 point fantasy upside. I would really prefer if Kevin Porter was out, to be perfectly Speaker 0 00:33:30 Honest. Yep. Uh, speaking of dominating performances, miles Turner against me, Milwaukee went for 38, 2 and four blocks. Now he gets the funder here today. 7,100 no Halliburton again. So, um, like that price a lot for Miles Turner here. Speaker 1 00:33:44 Can't wait for 28 minutes, but I agree. Speaker 0 00:33:47 <laugh>. Yeah. I hope not. Speaker 1 00:33:48 So ready? So ready Speaker 0 00:33:49 For it. Uh, 30 and 35 minutes. Were valentini Do we finally just, do they just keep 'em on the floor here against Miami? Speaker 1 00:33:57 That's a question that we don't have answers for. Speaker 0 00:33:59 Question have answers to, uh, cover of the podcast the other day. Jared Allen, 52 fantasy points 24 11 5 a block and two steals. Speaker 1 00:34:06 I mean, there's never a reason, never a reason. He should been under 6k. Speaker 0 00:34:09 No, no, no, no. That was way too easy. Uh, thoughts on him against Steven Adams tonight. Speaker 1 00:34:14 Tough spot. Um, but no Mitchell, I think, uh, let's see, 1.16 fancy points per minute without, without Mitchell is here. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know what the most interesting thing is for Terry Allen seven and a 5% usage bump, which is insane to see for Jared Speaker 0 00:34:32 Allen because he is not a shooter. Speaker 1 00:34:33 <laugh> 23.7% usage without doubt of Mitchell. Those are massive numbers. Yeah. Uh, for a center who's not like known for offense, I don't know, man. That's, those are pretty high popping numbers and compare like what is his ownership gonna be compared to, uh, Chango and Miles Turner above him. Speaker 0 00:34:52 Right. So, or even Mason Plumley, who's Speaker 1 00:34:55 Dude? Oh Speaker 0 00:34:55 My gosh. I mean that guy's 15, 16, 12 rebounds guy's been, that's basketball of his career I think. Right? Speaker 1 00:35:01 This is, this is, this is trade stock. Like if Charlotte doesn't deal him like tomorrow they are, he's averaging missing the vote Speaker 0 00:35:08 The last five games. He's averaging 16.6 points, 12.6 rebounds, 3.4 sis. Like you have Mark Williams sitting on the bench trade Mason Plumley like get Mark Williams in the, in your lineup here. You're, you're the worst team in the nba. There's no reason to be playing Mason Plumley. Yep. So, um, you have Nick Richs on the bench too. Nick Richs has been, has flashed some things at times. Yeah. Like let the center, just let the young kids play. Great spot for Plumley here. Um, anybody else, I guess in the, the under six K that jumping out to you? I mean Miro, I guess just for block potential lock Kesler obviously at 54 against the Clippers, um, 30 and 32 minutes. As long as the Linux out, he should be getting the, he should be getting this type of minute run. Yep. Um, but you know, usage may be helping with no market in the last two games. Speaker 1 00:35:56 Yeah. I mean I think Kessler is, we're just officially gonna enter in that like Kelly lot. This is the, uh, can we Speaker 0 00:36:05 Play three centers today on the or No. Like can Speaker 1 00:36:08 We drew? I know, I know. Uh, this is the Drew bso. Tom Brady here. Speaker 0 00:36:12 Good day. Speaker 1 00:36:13 Kelly O Lennick was Drew bso. Yeah. And he's never gonna start, Speaker 0 00:36:17 I said this with, I said this with Adam Ronis on, uh, the playbook on on Better Sports Network on Monday that they should have Kelly Lennick come off the bench. Yep. Was like, have him come back and your, your bench rotation is now Colin Sexton, uh, Malik Beasley and Kelly Lennick. Speaker 1 00:36:30 Yeah. It's super scary. Speaker 0 00:36:31 All offense right there, right. Just three guys coming off the bench scoring a bunch, bunch of buckets. So, uh, or at least spacing the floor enough to score a bunch of buckets. So I thought, I thought that would be a pretty good bench floor. So Speaker 1 00:36:42 You Speaker 0 00:36:42 Sure would ke Walker Kessler there in the starting lineup. Speaker 1 00:36:46 I don't think there's, I don't think there's anything else. I mean you could, you could Speaker 0 00:36:50 Probably That's a tough spot against Denver if there's no go gobert. Speaker 1 00:36:53 Yeah, I think he'll be pretty popular regardless. And if you wanna be, if you wanna be different, um, Luca Garza has been their, the team's third center. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, and when you look at Luca Garza, he played 18 minutes when Nas Reid got in foul trouble and I believe, um, Gobert was out that game. 20 something fantasy points. So like, if you wanna be like really different, well, Speaker 0 00:37:19 You know, I'm no Gober, you know, I'm a Luca Garza guy. Speaker 1 00:37:21 So Yeah, just throwing that out. Speaker 0 00:37:23 There's called Player of the Year and he goes to the nba. I can't even, can't even find the floor's. So weird how that translates like that. So, uh, alright, build our lineups here. Shon <laugh> and what center are we using in our util here? Speaker 1 00:37:35 I'm so happy you've, uh, Speaker 0 00:37:37 Are we using Kessler or uh, Plumley? Speaker 1 00:37:43 Um, Speaker 0 00:37:43 It's probably Kessler, right? Speaker 1 00:37:45 Yeah, that's fine. It's Speaker 0 00:37:46 Cheaper. All right. 6,100 Lam Mellow. We'll just, we'll just get that one out of the way. Speaker 1 00:37:52 Oh, as long as we get McConnell in the guard spot. Speaker 0 00:37:56 Yeah, that's fine. McConnell 55. That forks perfectly. We have 5,400, about 5,500 a player for a shooting guard. Small four Power Forward and a Ford. Um, let's see here. Speaker 1 00:38:11 We play Levert. We could play, uh, buddy Healed, Speaker 0 00:38:16 Uh, Levert works at Speaker 1 00:38:17 Old Helen Sexton at Guard. We Speaker 0 00:38:21 Don't know the, I got Lata shooting guard Speaker 1 00:38:23 Marks, um, uh, Jalen, Jalen McDaniels Small Speaker 0 00:38:27 Farm. Jalen. Yep. Jalen Speaker 1 00:38:28 McDaniels or I mean, I would say we, we also have the, um, the option to pivot to one of the Rockets if we find out the status of Kevin Porter. Speaker 0 00:38:39 Sure. I mean, yeah, I mean Eric Gordon, right? I mean at 40 Speaker 1 00:38:43 I wouldn't, I probably wouldn't play Gordon at 45 if Kevin Porter Sure played, but I would definitely, that Speaker 0 00:38:49 Would give us a, uh, a $7,300 forward if we included Gordon in the lineup. So, um, but we'll take him out for now. 59, 50, 900 for a, um, a power forward, small forward whatever one we want. Cuz McDaniels has dual eligibility. So Speaker 1 00:39:06 Terrence Man, dandre Hunter Speaker 0 00:39:09 Man's good. I like man. Um, so we'll go man at small forward we'll go McDaniels at Powered Forward and then Speaker 1 00:39:19 We takes 62 or something, Speaker 0 00:39:21 Uh, 61 for a forward play. Um, Mobley Barnes, Harrison Barnes has been really good. Speaker 1 00:39:30 Yeah, I mean we don't have exposure to game that has 2 45 total, so, okay, Speaker 0 00:39:34 That works. Speaker 1 00:39:35 I'm okay with Speaker 0 00:39:36 Example lineup right there. Lamella Ball, Harris Lavert, Terrence Mann, Jalen McDaniels, Rin Sandon, uh, TJ McConnell, Harrison Barnes Walker. Kessler is our Lambo that we're running with right here. Uh, Dylan Clemons is on your playbook today. James and I will be available in the Discord if you have any questions. And we will catch you guys later.

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