February 10, 2023


NBA DFS Podcast February 10: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast February 10: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast February 10: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande previews the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. James bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Collin Sexton against the Raptors.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on everybody? Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of The Fantasy Alarm, b a DFS podcast. Um, as you can see, John and Pemba, he decided to take off today. I mean, what a, I mean, what a slacker, right? On a Friday. Just, you know, I'm not feeling the podcast today. You, why don't you do it all alone? And I said, you know, I mean, I carry this podcast enough. I guess I could do it one more day now. I'm just kidding. John has, um, prior obligations, him and I could not work out a schedule. I had prior obligations earlier in the day. So, um, here we are, John List. Um, but uh, before we get into the breakdown, please like, and thumbs up the video, and if you don't already subscribe to our channel, please do so. Um, it means everything to us, so, uh, we appreciate that Today, I'm gonna break it down game by game. Speaker 0 00:00:54 Uh, I think it's just easier just riding solo to do so. We have 11 games, so buckle up. Um, we'll try to speed through this as quickly as, um, hospital. First up, we have, uh, Phoenix and Indiana. The game total in that one is two 30 and a half. Indiana getting a point and a half. Actually, that line has moved to Indiana giving two and a half. That's interesting that, um, maybe nobody for Phoenix available. Devin Booker is still listed questionable. There's no official status on him. Um, but Phoenix is pretty shorthanded. Uh, no Kevin Durant, no. Cameron Payne, no Landry Sham, Jake Crowder is traded. Uh, TJ Warren, I guess could theoretically make his debut. There's no official word there, but, um, Dario Sarge, they traded as well. Uh, no word on if, um, Darius Baisley is gonna be available Phoenix. So, um, it looks like everybody, it could be the same thing as it was on Friday night for Phoenix Sands, um, Kevin Booker. Speaker 0 00:02:05 So now it might include Dumb Booker and that just makes everyone kind of look worse. Uh, I don't think you can get Devin Booker at 97. I know it's a great matchup, but he only played 26 minutes in his return. Um, so even if that bumped up to 30, we're almost paying 10 K for Booker. No thanks. Uh, Ayton is fine, Chris Paul is fine. Uh, and then if Devin booker's back, all these secondary plays, uh, are just not as appealing. I think if they are out, it's interesting. Um, or if them booker's out, it's interesting. You can go back to Josh Jacobi. You can go back to ish, Wayne Wright, Jamie and Lee would be fine. Tory, Craig and tournaments. Um, but if them booker's in, I, I don't think you can really get to anything on the Indiana side. Um, we have Tyres, Halliburton at the top. Speaker 0 00:02:49 You know, 9,400 is okay. Um, I don't think we're mad if we get to Tyre's Halliburton. I also don't think we care if we don't get to Tyre's Halliburton. He hasn't looked great since returning. He was, he had 52 fantasy points in his initial date, his initial return, 35, 37, 33 fantasy points in three straight games. Not really gonna cut it there. Um, so, you know, Halliburton is, is fine, um, for the rest of the team. I just don't see myself getting to many pieces of this game. Um, miles Turner I think is okay. He's been quite good. 40 plus fantasy points and four straight games. That's including four double doubles in each of those games. Uh, he's averaged 45 fantasy points, so not exactly a spot I would not use Miles Turner in. He has a already a big game against Phoenix on his ledger. Um, senator's just gonna be a really popular position today. Speaker 0 00:03:43 I think a lot of value is centered at center. Um, so, you know, Turner DPPs, buddy Heald is in, in play in tournaments. Um, and then with everyone Healthy, I, I don't think you can play any of these wings. Na Smith, Mbar, Benedict Mathen, I, I don't think you can get anywhere, um, despite good price tags across the board. So, uh, Halliburton is okay in torments, miles Turner and, and Buddy Heal as are as well. Nick's Philadelphia is the next matchup. We're gonna take a look at, uh, six point spread in favor of Philadelphia here, 2 23 current live number. Um, you know, just not a very appealing game. Uh, when you take a look at the Nick side, we we're unsure if Josh Hart is going to make his debut. There is nothing, uh, available to us to play Josh Hart. So we cannot use Josh Hart on this slate, uh, for the next, but Julius Randall, ten four, you know, against an an IBE LED front court, seems a little too, um, pricey for me. Speaker 0 00:04:52 Same thing with Jalen Bronson, 86. That feels a little too expensive. I like RJ Barrett's price 64. But what is the impact Josh Hart is gonna have if Josh Hart is active? Emmanuel Quickly, tournaments only Quintin Grimes is forever a last piece in. But what does Quinten Grimes role become if, um, Josh Hart is active in this game and then Isaiah Hartenstein, Jericho Sims are gonna split time hard and sign's been better, just big foul trouble. 5,013 minutes is last time out, so, you know, hard, hard not to expect that to happen again with Joel and beat on the other side. Speaking of Joel and Beat, uh, he is the top, uh, price point for Philly in the Slate. Um, it's fine if you get there. I, you know, 11 games. I don't think we need to get to him beat, but we know he has as high of a ceiling as anyone in the nba. Speaker 0 00:05:46 Um, the same thing. He has a ceiling, but you know, it's, it's fine. Like the minutes are back up. 37, 38, the last two games, back to back double doubles. And last game we saw, you know, 26 and 11. So, um, if those rebounds had been there for Harden more close to a season average, and we were talking about a guy with, excuse me, near 60 fantasy point upside, um, rest of the six ERs like Toes, Harris is really cheap. 5,500, this is the cheapest. We've seen 'em all year, so I don't hate getting there. There has been a very low floor lately twice. He scored less than 15 finish points in his last three games. Um, Tyrese Maxey is very cheap, but what are the, what's going on with the minutes? 27, 24 22, they're decreasing. Um, and as his minutes have been going down, the Anthony Milton's minutes have been rising. Speaker 0 00:06:35 33 and 36 last games, 23 plus fantasy points in three straight. I don't hate Melton. That's probably my favorite play from Philly. And then you factor in, um, they made a couple of trades. They traded my Matisse th at the de at the deadline. So I don't hate getting to the Anthony Melton, spurs Detroit. This is where everything is going to be interesting. Um, 2 35 and a half total Detroit giving three points to the Spurs. And right before I start recording the Spurs, um, officially TJ Warren and Darius Baisley will not make their son debut. That's, uh, now official Spurs are, uh, very shorthanded in the scene. They have 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 active players. And that is because they've officially ruled out Kelvin Johnson, Jeremy Sohan, Trey Jones, Romeo Langford, Devi Vall has been out. Um, they traded Josh Richardson, they traded ya capper. Um, Ken Birch is also out. Speaker 0 00:07:49 They're very shorthanded. Um, their, their highest priced player for Friday Slate on DraftKings is Malachi Braham at 4900, 40 $900. Um, he had been really good up until that Toronto game. Uh, 13 plus shot attempts in three straight games, 15 actual or more, and 28 plus DraftKings points. It's a very soft matchup. These are the two worst defensive rated teams in the nba. I'd be perfectly fine getting to Brandham at 29, uh, 4,900, same Ghost Bates the app, as long as in the starting lineup, honestly, whatever the starting lineup turns out, I have interest. I expect like Wesley to play a bunch of minutes. Um, and I think the, the big question is what's gonna go on at center. Um, as of now, the Spurs did just sign Gorge Jang, so realistically I guess he could be active. Um, but as it stands right now, the only two center options, um, Popovich has is Zach Collins and Isaiah Roby. Speaker 0 00:08:59 Who knows if they're gonna be in a, you know, a 24 minute chop and, um, that's just each what each are gonna play. But we've seen Collins start, uh, earlier in the year. He even played a, a season high 34 minutes against Boston back on January 7th. Um, he's hit 28 minutes three, four times this year. So Collins, Ken get extended to 30 minutes. He's a very good fantasy point per minute guy if he's in the starting lineup. But it'd be hard pressed not to have a lot of interest considering how soft Detroit's front court defense has been. So Zach Collins stands to be one of the better values this like, and then like Rob, if he started, he'd be fine. He's men's salary and has better position eligibility than Collins. He has Power Forward center. I mean, it just, that makes things more flexible, especially when we get to the next game. Speaker 0 00:09:47 There's some interesting center value there. Um, but you know, McDermott, Stanley Johnson, Darren play Dominic Barlow, he's in play at lower end of the spectrum, but he's in play and play. Wesley, he's, I mean he's gonna be in play. Um, he's been a bucket at in the G League, 20 points for Game in 10 outing. So I expect all these guys to be on our radar. Uh, when it comes to Detroit, they made a trade at the deadline yesterday and a three teams swap. They received James Wiseman, um, and traded Sadik Bay to the Pistons. So no more Sadik Bay that we have to worry about potentially entering and not entering the starting lineup before Locke, they announced Wiseman the starter. And I don't believe he's gonna play here, but it's soon. It makes you wonder what they're gonna do because they have a million members in the front court. Speaker 0 00:10:48 Uh, is Jalen Dern gonna go to the bench? Is chief Stu gonna go to the bench? Um, all you know is Wiseman is going to start when he arrives, but let's assume he's not gonna play here. Um, just because the trade had happened yesterday, a lot of things to like about Detroit here, boon Bogdanovic is clearly, you know, now that he's stayed and and wasn't dealt, he is likely gonna continue to lead them in scoring throughout the year. Um, averaging 21, actual 31 fancy points. Six 300. This is cheapest. We've seen him in, you know, since the beginning of the, of January. So I like the price point. I think Jayden, Ivy's price point looks really good at 53. The minutes, you know, somewhere between 25 and 30, typically decent ceiling, especially against a, a beat up Spurs team. Dylan Dun, if he's starting, um, maybe his final game Master started. Speaker 0 00:11:43 As long as Wiseman is healthy, he looks pretty good at 5k. Um, killing Hayes, looks good at 47. Reenter this starting lineup over Alec Burkes 32 and 29 minutes. The last two games, 40 and 24 fantasy points. So, uh, I get to Killian Hayes, Alec Burkes kind of falling by the wayside. Ology, PPPs. Um, and that's it. So this was the game I was alluding to where they're center value and that's Charlotte and Boston. Um, Boston as it stands, 11 point favorites. The, uh, it opened at 10. Uh, that has moved a bit since. Jason Tatum has officially been ruled in or deemed probable, shouldn't say he is ruled in, but deemed probable, uh, 2 26 total drop. Three points from op open, uh, Charlotte side of things. So Charlotte made a splash. They actually traded out not only Mason Plumley, but they also traded out Jaylen McDaniels. Speaker 0 00:12:42 Um, both guys are out. So that opens up it's Mark Williams season. Uh, Mark Williams has been a fantasy plan for minute freak all year long on the year averaging 13.6 minutes per game. 17 fantasy points per he is a freak of nature when it comes to fantasy production. And, and the problem with him is he's been buried as the second, sometimes even third center because Nick Richards is there as well. Um, so who knows what they're gonna do? Uh, whoever the starter is, I mean, Mark Williams is 3,200. Nick Richards is $3,000. Mark Williams is gonna be extremely popular. I wouldn't hate taking a shot on Nick Richardson tournaments. He's also been a pretty good fantasy point for minute, um, producer. Not the best spot against Boston, but like, we don't need them to go for 50, they're 30 $203,000. Um, Mark Williams give him 24 minutes, but who knows what can happen. Speaker 0 00:13:40 So love the centers. They're definitely the priorities. And honestly, like the only players I'm really interested in, like Lao Ball tournaments, 10.2 is pretty pricey. Rosie Air, we knows fine and tournaments. I like the minutes for Gordon Hayward 35 and 31 lost two games. I like the trade of McDaniels. Um, but that's the extent of it. Uh, he hasn't really been productive from a fantasy perspective. So over to the Boston side with Jason Tatum, probable, like he's priced appropriately. I, you know, there's no Jaylen Brown, so no Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart I should say. So like you can get to Tatum and that's fine. I just don't know if he's like the number one priority in terms of spend up, uh, Brogdon looked better when Tatum was questionable than he does now. Um, I mean he should play a solid amount of minutes. He played 35 minutes in that Philly game. Speaker 0 00:14:36 29 fantasy points still six 300, I think that's a little too expensive. Um, but he should play 30 minutes with Jaylen Brown out. Derek White has been the better of the two just, and he just has, and and he's playing legit minutes. I mean, we're talking about a guy who's played 32 minutes and five straight, 32 or more minutes in five straight games, triple figure shot attempts in four straight, you know, 19 or more actual points in three straight and 36 plus fantasy points in three or four. So he's been a very productive player. I'm okay getting Derrick White, I'm okay getting to Robert Williams and it's not as easy of a matchup as it was in Mason Plumley. But, uh, Mark Williams and Nick Richards, you know, they stay, they hang around the rim and that's good for Rob Williams, um, as well. And that's it for me. Speaker 0 00:15:21 Yeah, for Boston, Utah, Toronto, we have a two 30 live total Toronto giving seven points to the Utah Jazz. Um, the Utah side of things, I mean they, they made some, some deadline deals. They acquired Russell Westbrook in the Mike Conley trade. It is likely that Westbrook is going to be bought out. That is not anything that has been official. Um, so he might not ever wear a Utah jazz uniform, but as of now, he is a part of the team. He will not be playing on Friday. Um, but without Mike Conley and without Westbrook on the floor, uh, Jordan Clarkson listed questionable. He has a non covid illness. Colin Sex is gonna be one of the most popular plays of the slate. And for good reason, he's only 4k. He played 30 minutes in that game, uh, against Minnesota. 37 fancy points, 22 points, five rebounds, five assists. Speaker 0 00:16:17 I mean, he has been a fantasy player for a minute guy his whole career. He is a high volume shooter. Uh, that's what he was in Cleveland and you know, he's coming back from the ACL tears. So, um, it's taken him a little bit to get his footing, but we've seen at times this year he is been very productive. Collin Sexton's gonna be very popular. Um, and he's a good fantasy bring a guy. So he's my favorite player from Utah by far. I think. Uh, Larry Marketing's a little too expensive. Clarkson is okay if he is active, but he is listed questionable Walker Kessler's in tournaments. Kelly o Lennick, who they should have traded. They didn't, he's fine for tournaments. Um, you know, talent Horton Tucker is gonna get some ownership here. Who knows what they're gonna do with talent. Horn Tucker, they traded three guys that, you know, in Malik, Beasley, Jared, Vanderbilt, and Connolly. Speaker 0 00:17:09 That directly affects Horton Tucker's time on the floor. Um, could be something, will love to see the ownership though. Cause if he's highly rostered, come roster lock it just, you can find better value for guaranteed minutes. I mean, Horton Tucker's minutes have been anything but guaranteed this year. So, you know, he's in play. Just, just be weary about that. Uh, Toronto's side of things we do not know. Interesting. The expectation is that ya Capto will be available Friday. So that puts a pretty big wrench into things. Um hmm. Man, I mean that takes pressure to chew off the board, uh, pretty much completely at 5,800. Uh, Chris Bouchet probably takes a step back to someone that we've been using quite a bit, coming off his ceiling performance of the year. Um, thanks, thanks, but see you later. Chris Bouche, I guess, uh, is what Nick Nurse is telling him. Speaker 0 00:18:15 You know, van fleet's fine. 92, I think he's kind of priced out. Cio outcome 96 is priced appropriately. We finally got the ceiling game, uh, and that, you know, bid into everyone else's production. So we know there's a ceiling in there. This is a good matchup for Seattle come, but I think he's priced out kind of at 9,600 Scotty Barnes. Same way. 7,700 feels too expensive for me. And, um, Gary Trent tournaments 6,300. Um, next game we have you Houston didn't know why I said used, um, and Miami. Miami up to a 12 point favorite. And the total that opened at 2 25 and a half. Now down to two 20 and a half. Has there been news as to why that is? Um, I don't see anything specific. Um, I don't know, maybe we won't look into it too much, but, uh, big news for Houston, they traded Eric Gordon. Speaker 0 00:19:15 Um, Kevin Porter's still out, so like, they just don't look good. <laugh>, I, I don't know how to tell you. Um, they don't look good. They're going up against a slow, slow paced team in Miami, uh, Miami currently in terms of Pace 28th. And they're also good Defense League. They rank Fifth Defense. So if you wanna take a shot on El Paron or Jalen Green, that is fine. Um, but other than that, everyone's secondary play. I guess it, you know, we have to wait for the starting lineup. If Jay Sean Tate enters the starting lineup, that could be something that's interesting. He played 25 minutes last game, had 25 and a half fantasy points, the most minutes he's played since October 30th, which was the last game he played before missing two months of the year. So if Jayshawn Tate entered the starting lineup, I'd have interest, not so much if Josh or Josh Christopher or Jayshawn Nixon entered the starting line. Speaker 0 00:20:14 On the flip side, Miami looks really good. Um, the only thing is, does this game stay competitive enough? 12 and a half points spread is not encouraging. Um, but everywhere you look, it's a, it's a plus matchup. I mean, bam, coming off 55 fantasy points in his maybe best offensive performance, at least scoring the basketball. Jimmy Butler played 35 minutes and had 43 fantasy points. Tyler Hero four for 14, not great, but man, the minutes, he, the guy just doesn't get taken off the floor. 40 minutes. Last game, 38, 40, 38, those are his last four games. Um, you know, two of those games, he's gone over 40 fantasy plays, two of 'em under 30. So I think he profiles fine in gpp. Caleb Martin is interesting. He's had back-to-back really good games. He's like starting one of their forward spots every night, 30 plus minutes with Oladipo and with Lal. Speaker 0 00:21:09 And that's gonna continue to be the case as well as Duncan Robinson, Nicole Yoic and o Oir year seven. Um, Caleb Martin is fine. No one's gonna play him like they haven't and, and he's been pretty consistent. And then Gabe Vincent looks like a good value. I mean, 28 fantasy points and 37 minutes. The minutes have been tremendously starting playing a bunch of minutes. Um, hard not to like Gabe Vincent as well, Minnesota, Memphis. Um, I am unsure how to talk about, uh, Minnesota today, uh, at least at this point because what we have is Carlin Anthony Towns is still out, but we don't know the status of Rigo Bear, Mike Conley, Kyle Anderson, Kel Alexander Walker, and I don't think Alexander Walker fits really much into this equation. Um, but Conley Gobert and Kyle Anderson sure do. If go, if Gobert plays like six different hundreds, a good price tag for him. Speaker 0 00:22:03 I've been saying that for quite a bit. And he's in, he's out, he's in, he's out. Um, it's a good price. He should play 30 minutes. Um, he's a seven k plus player. Conley, I like the fit in Minnesota. I don't like the price at 59 making his debut. Um, but if he's out, they gave Dylan Noel to start and played him all the minutes 29 and they won't by a lot. And he broke the slate 30, actual 51 fantasy points. He's still 3,800. I'd be hard pressed not to get the Jaylen Noel if Mike Conley's ultimately ruled out. And same thing goes for Kyle Anderson. If Kyle Anderson's out, I mean l let's say Gobert Connolly Anderson all sit going back to well with Nas Reed. I know he's been so largely disappointing and my lineups can attest to that. Um, but he, he's back in play. Speaker 0 00:22:58 He just needs to stay out of foul trouble. He's a monster fantasy producer when he is out of foul trouble. Um, Jalen Noel, 3,800 looks good to Prince at 3,500, has poised, maybe approached 30 minutes here, has done so in two of the last three games. Um, so there's a lot of things to like about Minnesota, but I just don't know who, we just don't know who's in and who's out. So, um, and Anthony, the Edwards, who, um, recently was nominated for the Star game, um, or got into the star game game, I should say. Um, good for Edwards and, and he'd look moderately better if all those guys are out as well on the Memphis side. So Steven Adams, uh, Danny Green, they have traded away. Uh, they acquired Luke Kenard, um, from the Clippers. So a little wing depth, um, is out. But John Moran, ten six looks fine. Speaker 0 00:23:51 Um, he's been playing more minutes as we've talked about a couple times. I mean five of six, seven in the last eight games he's played 33 or more minutes. Um, and we've seen some very high ceilings out of Jaw and Jar Jackson Jr's home, and we keep talking about this, the statistician at home loves Jaren Jackson. He had five. Look at, I mean the block totals at home, the last four games, 5, 4, 6, 5, those are just the block totals. Um, the, the four road games, Briar, uh, he had 2 0 1 and three. So, um, there has been a whole Reddit thread. We've talked about it a bunch. I like John Jackson at home, if you're gonna continue to rack up the blocks and the steals. Um, no problem going to Jackson. And then everyone else looks mediocre, like you can get to whoever starts of Tim Tillman and, and Clark. Speaker 0 00:24:42 But, um, they're secondary place. Cleveland, new Orleans. Um, 2 23 total New Orleans getting three at home. That is because Cleveland is at full strength san's Ricky Rubio. Um, they didn't make any deals of the deadline, so they're gonna run with their regular rotation. And I just, those are the only guys I want. I want Donna Mitchell, if I'm playing anyone in this game. Garland Mobley Allen, very straightforward. Take a dart on a koro. He's been better from a fantasy produce, uh, production side. Just know he is a very low floor because he takes four or five shots again, uh, from New Orleans. Zion is out. Dyson Daniels is out. They traded for Josh Richardson. I believe he is not playing here. If he does, I mean it only muddies things up. They traded Devonte Graham for Josh Harrison. Um, but like they already have a lot of wings. Speaker 0 00:25:34 Trey Murphy, herb Jones, Naji, Marshall, <laugh>, uh, I mean they all these guys play the same position as Josh her essentially. So it'll be interesting to see how they incorporate him. But I mean, outside of Brandon Ingram, I don't really know where to go. I love the minutes. Ingram. I still think he's too cheap. He's an AK player Without Zion not gonna get to McCullum in this matchup at ak. There's just really nothing. Even when Val and Junis has a good game, they don't play him more than 26 minutes. So, uh, I think it's Brandon Ingram for me only Dallas Sacramento is an interesting game because we're getting a lot of Luca Don Church conflicting reports Sacramento to war two and a half point favorites. They're now plus one on the live number or word plus one. Now it's back to minus three and a half. And that is because the Dallas Mavericks said Luca Don Church was gonna play. Speaker 0 00:26:36 And then about an hour later, Luka Don said he's unlikely to play. So things were happening in Dallas. So expect no Luca, uh, no Maxi Kba, still no Davos protons. Other than that, like Kyrie made his debut and looked good. 24 5 and four for 40 fantasy points. He's ten five though, like it's a great matchup. Don't think we can get there. And single goes for Christian Wood except he's not playing the minutes that Kyrie played. He's only played 17 minutes last game. Not entirely sure why. Limiting his minutes before the trade deadline, potentially maybe the thumb is bothering him. A lot of question marks not something I'm in shit in getting to if he's only playing 16 minutes off the bench and then nothing else, like really looks good. Jayden Hardy went back to just 12 minutes. Reggie Bullock. Yes, I'm so proud of Reggie Bullock for making every shot, but like how often can we, I mean the, the three games prior to this last two game stretch, uh, he took 13 shots last game from January 30th to February 4th. Speaker 0 00:27:43 He took 11 shots, 12 shots. So I mean what version of Reggie Bullock do we want? Same thing with Josh Green. He's been better playing a bunch of minutes, but with Kyrie there, the usage rate, um, is nose diving and then Sacramento. Very, very simple to talk about. Place of bonus, that's okay. I don't love the price tag at all, but like you can get there. Same for Deer and Fox. Like he's been really good. He's done had a couple of these stretches bef this year. 51 fantasy points per game over his last four coming off 58 in his last game. This is just a different matchup. Um, Taos plays a lot slower, better defensively than Houston. Um, and, and from Sacramento rather. Um, so you can get to Fox, that's fine. And then I think Malik Monk, Kevin Hoarder, Keegan Murray, they're all tournament plays. Speaker 0 00:28:40 If I were to play one of them, it would be Malik Mon KC Portland. Uh, this game checks out with the slate high two 40 total and Portland is giving the thunder three points on the road. The thunder, fresh off a trade of Mike Musca, uh, have everyone listed. Questionable. They also traded there as basically two, um, everyone listed. Questionable. Lou Dort is questionable. Uh, Jeremiah Robinson, Earl is in the G League. He could be called up at any time. Um, O Yuri is listed questionable. So for the Thunder it's pretty easy. I think it's SGA if you wanna get there, but ten eight feels expensive. Uh, Josh get eight K feels expensive. Good matchup for both. Um, Jalen Williams 5,500. Last piece in like we saw that there's a ceiling, 50 fantasy points but aided by six deals you can get there as a last piece if Kendrick starts. Speaker 0 00:29:40 He's interesting. Um, I think the only other really interesting piece would be what they're gonna do with Jalen Williams, the center, because he started and played 30 minutes last game and Mike Molet was still on the roster. What are they gonna do with now? No, Mike Molet. If Jerry doesn't get called up, we're looking at Jalen Williams and Henry Williams. Are those there two centers in this game? So, you know, 3,200 I think you could do worse. Um, he's the same price as Mark Williams is the problem. So I don't know. You know, we're, we're gonna be prioritizing Mark Williams and it's only $800 cheaper than Zach Collins. If Zach Collins is starting. So decisions to be made. I do think Jaylen Williams is a torment play on the Portland side of things. They traded Josh Hart to the Knicks. Um, who else? They also traded Gary Payton back to uh, the Warriors. Speaker 0 00:30:37 Thanks for that rental piece. Golden State. Um, I saw that Golden State and now officially traded James. We for Gary Payton. That was their, that was their return, um, on Weisman. So that's solid. I mean I don't know what to do with Portland. Ish is out. Heart's gone Winslow's out. They acquired Camera Reddish, they acquired Matisse stk. None of these guys expected to play uh, Lillard. Ten nine feels pricey, but we've seen that there's a monster ceiling on Lillard, especially when he is scoring it, especially when he has triple double upside like he did last game. We like using Damon Lillard at home. He has been tremendous at home this year. That's really been throughout his whole career. Um, so you can get to Lillard and everyone else is a secondary player for me. Simon's Grant, Eubank and Na Sir Little I guess should play 30 minutes. Speaker 0 00:31:29 I, I suspect Nasia little probably starts for Josh Sharp if I had to guess in the spot. Um, and if it's not him, your guess is as good as mine but feels like a naser little starting playing 30 minutes. I guess I would've some interest in that at three K. And then the late night Hammer, 10 30 Eastern standard time Milwaukee at the Clippers. Milwaukee did not have to travel cause they played the Lakers last night. Um, 2 27 total Clippers are two point favorites and this came gonna be interesting. We just saw Milwaukee last night. Let's see who plays right. Um, Bobby Portis is gonna miss, um, time. Joe Engles is listed questionable. He did not play yesterday. Expect him to play on Friday. But you know, you never know. They traded Jordan Noir, they traded George Hill. Um, so, you know, looking at Milwaukee's rotation yesterday, Giannis played 35 minutes. Speaker 0 00:32:22 He had a big game, 65 fantasy points. He's very expensive. Um, obviously, but it's worth the price. Drew Holiday, 7,800. I think he's kind of priced out, especially when you look at Chris Milton playing 25 minutes. Um, and that was the first time since being back where he is played more than 22. Um, the only thing with Middleton is could this be a rest game for him? If so, that would definitely put your holiday back and play. Uh, much more than he would be Brooke Lopez under six K. I don't hate that at all. I wouldn't hate content or Grey Island either. If, um, Middleton sat, so keep an eye on Middleton, his news is contingent, um, on the usage of the rest of the Milwaukee box. And then for the Clippers. So the Clippers are gonna be interesting because Kauai's out, they traded John Wall, they traded Reg Jackson Bones Highland, they acquired, he's out, they acquired Mason Plumley, he's out. Speaker 0 00:33:22 Uh, they traded Luke Kenard. They also came out and said that the clip, they're gonna kind of limit Paul George and K's minutes leading up to the Oster game. Um, that's why we see Qi out. I'm usually very fast to click on Paul George's name when Kauai's out. I don't know if that's gonna be the case today if he's gonna be limited. I'd rather take a shot on someone like Norman Powell who has been playing big minutes with both those guys and he's been awesome scoring the basketball for the last five games. 24 or more actual points. He is not afraid to shoot the basketball and he's 5,700. Norman Powell is one of my favorite plays of the slate. I think, um, especially if, I mean we already know Kwai out, especially if Paul George is gonna be limited. What is the limit, right? Um, this is a guy who's played 34 minutes and back to back games. Speaker 0 00:34:15 Does that dip to 30 31? Does that dip below 30? Um, just the uncertainty leads me to Norman Powell being good play. Um, Avica Zu Avi, Avi Zubo is interesting. If, if Mason Plumy is in fact rolled out, I assume Plum becomes the immediate starter from day one and we see Zoo Botts take a big step back. But you know, Zubats is, as long as he's starting and, and there's no plumbing, he's fine. Mark's more price makes them interesting. I don't think he's gonna go one of eight or one of three shooting. Like he didn't, I mean he got ejected into that Brooklyn game, but one of eight against Dallas. I don't think he'd do that. Um, 43 hundreds, a really good price. And Terrence Mann, I, I kind of like he's been playing a little bit more. Just traded. Reggie Jackson just traded. John Wall just traded. Speaker 0 00:35:05 Luke Canard. No, Leonard, you gotta think Terrence Mann's gonna play a bunch of minutes here. So I like Terrence man 4k. Um, he's been far more productive lately. Double digit points in three straight games, 25 plus minutes in those games. The last two games, 32 and 29 fantasy points. So the production is following the, the minutes. Um, and then we'll have to look out for what else they do in their starting lineup. Nicholas Petto is obviously a candidate. They could see more time. Same for Rob Covington, but Covington's largely been outta their rotations. So I think it's Powell and man for me. Um, mild interest in Marcus Morris and if it's a Zook Zoo box. Uh, and that'll do it for today's slate. Um, you can catch us in Discord all day. Um, we do not record on the weekend, so we won't be able, we will be back for Monday's podcast. Speaker 0 00:35:59 Um, I don't know who's on today's playbook, but that content will obviously be out before lock. So will the ownership, so will the projections. Um, so everything else here, fantasy lot in the value video. Um, but once again, please, if you can, if you ever be so kind to like and to give the video a thumbs up. And if you don't already subscribe to our YouTube channel. The growth has been amazing lately and we appreciate that. And, and that's all because of you guys. Um, so good luck tonight guys, and we'll catch you guys on Monday.

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