February 01, 2023


NBA DFS Podcast February 1: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast February 1: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast February 1: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Feb 01 2023 | 00:48:20


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Stephen Curry against the Timberwolves.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on, F Nation? Jonathan Mphi with James Grande. Welcome into the Fantasy line. NBA DFS podcast and livestream for Wednesday's. Nine. Game main slate. Uh, James here. Nice midweek. Uh, nine games, like we said. Uh, coming off a five gamer on Tuesday, some top tier players once again, uh, on this slate, Joel and Bead. Questionable against Orlando. Uh, but obviously coming off of a, uh, a pretty big game once again. 30, 11 and five last time out for Jojo. Yeah, Jason Tatum and Kyrie Irving. The Battle of the Brooklyn Nets versus Boston Celtics. The little rivalry that they got going on between they, Kyrie Irving really playing out of his mind. Uh, Dame Lillard bounced back from his dead performance, uh, the other night. He is scoring 40, actual 42 actual, uh, going up against Atlanta. He draws Memphis this go around. Uh, Ja Morant back up over 10 K Uh, we had a few slates where he was under 10 K. He's at ten four. Steph Curry popped off the other night. He's got Minnesota here at ten three. SGA at 10. Two is your top like six or seven guys all over 10 K on this slate here. Uh, it should be a good one for nine games. Speaker 1 00:01:10 Talk about like a slate from Tuesday where like we're looking for like, we're trying to like figure out, alright, Giannis or Jok, right? Or LeBron, Giannis, YOIC or LeBron. All Speaker 0 00:01:24 Of them. All of them go for 60 plus fantasy points. Speaker 1 00:01:25 All of them go for 60. And then you get to Wednesday and you're like, I feel like I can't go wrong in any of these spots. There's just stars of plenty. Uh, the point guard position, once again, just absolutely loaded. Just yeah, now they're all over 10 K, so this is gonna be a fun slate. Um, it's been a fun, it's been a fun start to the week. Um, shifting over to Vegas. Let's see, uh, Washington, Detroit, 2 36, uh, Detroit getting six points at home. Um, Orlando, Philly does have a total surprise in there. 2 31 Philly, eight and a half point favorites running it back after the Orlando comeback. The last time they were out, John, um, Philly was up like 20 in that game and Orlando came back and won due to Apollo. Ben Carros, uh, had a big game. Sacramento, uh, Sacramento, San Antonio currently Slate High, 2 44 and a half. San Antonio getting seven and a half at home. Um, they've looked better. The King's defense is nonexistent. That should be a fun game. Yeah. Golden State, Minnesota 2 39, uh, golden State giving two and a half to Minnesota. Speaker 0 00:02:34 Only two and a half there, huh? That's kind, it's pretty interesting. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:02:37 I mean, Minnesota's been pretty good lately and Golden State doesn't win road games. Speaker 0 00:02:42 Sure, Speaker 1 00:02:44 Sure. True. I think they're, I'm gonna look, but I think they're like, they won their first road game like in December and that season started in October. Yeah. Uh, they are seven and 18 on the road this year. Speaker 0 00:02:59 Not Speaker 1 00:02:59 Good. And they're the five and they're the five cts. Speaker 0 00:03:01 So, um, all right, let's get into it here. You talked about the point guard, Irving, Lillard, Moran, Curry, <inaudible>, over 10 K, all of 'em very much in play. <laugh>, how are you? I mean, how are you even ranking? Speaker 1 00:03:15 Like ranking them? Yeah. Speaker 0 00:03:17 Yeah. I mean, Speaker 1 00:03:18 All right, I got, I got here's, here's Speaker 0 00:03:20 What you're going at. Are you going SGA one Speaker 1 00:03:23 Or No? So I think, I mean, it's contingent, but I think if there's no Desmond Bain, I'm going Ja Morant one. Uh, we've seen, and, and look, there's no Steven Adams. Yeah, yeah. We know Steven Adams is out three bounds directly correlated with Ja. There's been no Desmond Bain. He has literally put the team on his back, back to back triple doubles 70 fantasy points his last time out. Um, three straight double or triple doubles. I think Ja would be one in a great spot against Polin. Um, we know Curry's a tournament play. I I keep playing sga. He was one for nine in the first half or in the first quarter. Ends up 10 for 24, gets in the line, 10 0 50 fancy points over five x value. Um, I think he would be too lillard and I mean, it's very hard to deny what Kyrie's been doing, but ten eight just feels a little too steep for me against one of the best defenses in the league. I think Lillard would probably be three Curry, four, Kyrie, five. Okay. And I'm not. And then like the next tier, not getting the trade at Speaker 0 00:04:28 97. Yeah. Not gonna get the trade. Do you play hard in 96? Speaker 1 00:04:32 Yeah, I think we could play hard in at 96. Uh, especially with Jojo back on the injury report. Um, I know he played through the injury, um, and he is been questionable. This will be his fifth straight game being questionable. Speaker 0 00:04:46 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:04:48 I feel like usually this does lead to like at least one absence, right? Yeah. Like we saw Giannis questionable with the knee for how long, and then he sat like four games in a row. Not saying Judge was gonna sit four games in a row, but this could be a spot where, um, there are only eight and a half point favorites at home. And Orlando's, I mean, Philly's the number two seat in the east of I believe, or three. Right? Um, so could be a spot Jojo sits if that's the case. I would love Harden. Probably can't get to him if, if MBIs up the floor though. Speaker 0 00:05:20 Yep. Uh, the mi here here is loaded as well. Chris, Paul, the Aaron Fox, Fred Van Fleet, all in that AK range all very much in play, all with really great matchups here. Um, in my opinion. I mean, Chris, Paul's just been unreal since coming back to the lineup. Yep. Um, for him, you know, 49, 63, 42 of the last three. We've talked to Aaron Fox coming off of 50 Fancy Point Game his last time out. Uh, and then Fred Van, um, I mean it's something clicked for him. Yep. About two weeks ago it seems like. Um, because he hasn't given you less than 40 fantasy points since January 16th. So now he is got Utah here it is on the road in Utah. Um, but again, I'm fully expecting another really big game out of fan fleet here at 81. Speaker 1 00:06:06 You know, what clicked his name in trade talks that he's gonna get to go play for a contender again. Yeah. Um, yeah, I think Van is my primary target in this tier as well without Ogn Nobi this year, 27% usage rate, 1.19 fancy points per minute, elite numbers. And you mentioned you've been tremendous over the last two weeks in Utah is as good of a spot as it gets. I don't know if we have a total two 30 and a half that's kind of lower than I expected, but like Toronto's the one getting the massive pay spot. Toronto's the one going up against the bottom five defense Speaker 0 00:06:40 Team. Yep. Uh, 7,100 couldn't have a Bounceback game here from Dro Russell. Uh, you know, didn't have any steals in that last game. Shot the ball kind of poorly, but it's 71 for him. Uh, Celtics finally listening to the fans here. Malcolm Broden getting all the run, uh, over 34 minutes now in four straight games from Malcolm Brogden, uh, $6,500. I mean, he's probably priced appropriately, but you know, I i, I kind of do still like the exposure here in this matchup against Brooklyn. You just have to worry like such high usage players that he is up playing with, with Tatum and, and, uh, Jalen Brown. But I mean, Brogden at 65, we know he is very capable of filling up a statute sheet and, and scoring. Speaker 1 00:07:21 Yeah. I mean he just did it against the Lakers 30, like you said, like the minutes are there, the production's there. Um, you are a hundred percent correct, like he's priced appropriately, but also we've seen at times Malcolm Brogan's like an AK player. Yeah. So, um, yes, he's playing with two of the better offensive players in the nba, but Brogan's not, obviously not afraid of getting his, I I like him at 65. Probably more of a tournament play for me than Speaker 0 00:07:46 Anything else. Yeah. Um, I mean we were kind of, you know, being like, why are they playing white over, like no disrespect to Derek White, but you know, Malcolm Brogden here, you know, like Speaker 1 00:07:54 He's, I mean, yeah, this guy, yeah, he got 80 million as a second round pick, like right. Two years into his guy Speaker 0 00:08:01 Won the rookie Speaker 1 00:08:02 Career. Speaker 0 00:08:02 Yeah. Um, and I mean, listen, he's coming off the bench still, but he is just playing on the minute, so Right. Uh, $6,500 for him there. Um, you know, the, the, the Pistons coming off of a game, you know, tough spot for them against the, you know, Dallas, uh, you only got, uh, Jade and Ivy playing 21 minutes that came and he fouled out. Uh, I would expect the Bounceback performance here at Ivy. I don't know if you want to pay the $6,100 for him though. Cause I mean, like Mike Conley's at 56, straight Jones is at 56. Alec Burkes is at 51. Uh, same team there. I mean, how are you approaching this under six K tier for the point guard position? Speaker 1 00:08:40 Yeah, I don't love it. Um, I don't love this under 6K tier, like Conley's in a really tough spot. Um, killing Hayes I guess is fine. 29 minutes off the bench. But is that correlated to, Speaker 0 00:08:53 I think it has to do with Jay Speaker 1 00:08:55 I Ivy. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So it's like, can't really go there. Do like the minutes, minutes at a Berks do like the production, you know, um, you like the fact that he scored only seven points, took only eight shots, but he still got you 25 fantasy points. Like that's still solid. We know he's better than that offensively. Um, I think we just go down to the sub five Ks here and you know, Monte Morris is Okay, Colin Sexton's. Okay. Jay Sean Tate is okay. Um, but there's, well, Speaker 0 00:09:30 We can't play Nick's. He started, he's just not good. Speaker 1 00:09:32 No, no. Oh my God. He is a zero. He is not, this guy is a zero. Speaker 0 00:09:36 Can't play. We'll, we'll play Eric Gordon when we get to him in a second here. Speaker 1 00:09:40 What about Ty Tie? Wa he only played three minutes last game. I know he played a bunch in the, in the Cleveland game. I didn't see he only played three minutes last. Speaker 0 00:09:47 He didn't do too much to do. They give Gordon shooting guard eligibility fine. Other, what's the deal? Nope. Still small Speaker 1 00:09:51 Forward. Probably, probably Speaker 0 00:09:52 Still small forward. It doesn't make any sense. He's not smile forward on the team, but whatever. Um, alright. Shooting guard position here. Uh, Anthony Edwards against Golden State. We talked about it the other day. I mean, Speaker 1 00:10:04 Yeah, he's on a, he's in a, he he's in a, he's just, he's in a groove. Speaker 0 00:10:07 He is just in another, I mean, Speaker 1 00:10:09 He's in a gro. Speaker 0 00:10:10 I, I always forget what draft he was and what number pick you was, but obviously number one overall, two, two years ago. Last year. Last Speaker 1 00:10:16 Year. Two years ago. No, two years ago. Speaker 0 00:10:18 Two years ago. Yeah. We go with this every time he is on the slate, he's looking like it, he's looking exactly like the player that people thought he was going to be. Yep. Um, steels are great rebounds, assists, look at the rebound numbers. Lots. Four games for him. Yep. Um, putting every back to back F 30 plus in five of the, uh, sixth Man. I mean, just Speaker 1 00:10:40 Price, price increased, warranted for sure. Yep. Speaker 0 00:10:43 A hundred percent. A hundred percent. $9,800 at home. You mentioned Golden State's potential struggles on the road. He's playing, you know, a little bit better at home this year. 45 fantasy points to 42. Um, I don't think anybody outside, I mean, you're not paying 98 for Edwards though, right? On like a games, I mean, outside of a games stack, so maybe Contrarian, Anthony Edwards here. Speaker 1 00:11:06 Definitely contrarian. Definitely contrarian because I mean, we just talked about the six point guards over 10 K that like we Yeah. You probably figure has more ownership than him. Yep. Speaker 0 00:11:14 I'm with you there. But I mean, obviously he's done enough to, to break some slates. Agreed. Speaker 1 00:11:18 Agreed. Speaker 0 00:11:19 Uh, JB again, him and Kyrie have that. I mean, they're, they're like best friends, so like, I don't know, you know, is there any sort of, he, he, one game against Brooklyn. Did Tatum playing both of those games? Or he only played one? Tatum played in both. JB played in one of them and he went for 65 fantasy points. So, Speaker 1 00:11:40 I mean, he's really good. He is really, really good. Speaker 0 00:11:44 34, 10. I'm just two four blocks, two steals <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:11:49 Like, that's this thing. Those are the things that like, when you look at, you're like, all right, not sustain. Like, not something that you probably, Speaker 0 00:11:57 I'll say this, if Ben Simmons is healthy for this game, Ben Speaker 1 00:12:00 Simmons, he's out. Simmons, he's out. He's already out. He's Speaker 0 00:12:02 Already rolled out. He, okay, perfect. Then he's already out. I was gonna say, if Ben Simmons was in, he's the one that guards Tatum. Maybe that's why Jalen Brown exploded, you know, like he just had the easier match. He Yeah. Speaker 1 00:12:11 But Jalen has a good spot. It's a good matchup because they don't have anyone to guard 'em. I mean, Royce Speaker 0 00:12:16 Roy does Royce then Garum Speaker 1 00:12:18 Though, right? It, I think it, they're in a, they're in a lose losee because they don't have Ben Simmons's. Yeah. Like they don't have like the Speaker 0 00:12:25 Joe Harris Chef Curry out there and Jalen Brown and Gigi's, you know. Speaker 1 00:12:29 Yeah. I mean it's, look, I, I think every slate going forward, it's like the same thing with Jalen Brown. We know he has the ceiling, 9,200 is not like a comfortable price, but we know there's a ceiling, right? Like we know there's mm-hmm. <affirmative> 65 because he can go for 40 actual Speaker 0 00:12:45 Yep. Uh, we've talked a lot of Josh Giddy 44 fancy points against Golden State the other day. Um, it's all about shot drops for him if his shot Speaker 1 00:12:53 And the minutes and the minutes, like, what, what are we doing? What are we doing? Yeah, that's fair. What are we doing? You Speaker 0 00:12:57 Know, they limited him a bit down the stretch last year too. Um, because, you know, he hadn't played that kind of workload before. Right? Right. Um, you know, where he was coming from, but I mean, he's, he's acclimated to the N NBA game at this point. So dude, Speaker 1 00:13:12 Like we gotta just take the reins off like this O OKC is literally a pretty good team. Like they're a pretty good team. Speaker 0 00:13:18 <laugh>, maybe that's a problem. They don't wanna be that good yet. You know, <laugh> like Yeah. You know, like we, we need a lot of the lottery pick. Like Speaker 1 00:13:24 Yeah, they already got it, dude. They already got it figured out. They literally have Chet homeroom just like sitting on the chill, the scifi. Like they, they have what they need. They just like imagine like being a free agent. I mean like Hmm. Like a good veteran piece. Like where can I go? It's like come to O KC where there's three potential all stars for the next 15 years on my team. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:13:45 Yep. I, I don't argue. Anyway. It's great Pride in 7,700 and Houston Tucson. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, 28 minutes against him and the only other game he played, he had 27 fantasy points. 8 5 18, 5 and two. Um, if Bain's in, I like him against Portland, but we'll see, uh, I told you Bradley be, is eventually gonna break out, uh, 21 7 and seven. It's still not what I feel like is a big breakout game for him. Um, I still think it's coming. I'll still play him at $7,300. I think Speaker 1 00:14:13 There's, it's another great spot. Yeah, it's a great, great spot. He went from the worst defensive team to the second worst defensive team in two sha match. Speaker 0 00:14:20 Yep. So I, I, I just, you know, PGA coming back maybe helps out the assist obviously at seven in that game. Yep. Um, you know, again, I just, I think it's too cheap for Bradley Bele. Uh, they moved Bridges, the shooting guards small forward and it came off 50 fancy points against Toronto for him. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:14:35 He was great. Um, Speaker 0 00:14:36 Tough. I mean, you know, I don't know. What do you think? I mean, cam Johnson's here, he, he had a little tournaments, he had a little bit of a lull and then he is picked it back up 25 and 29 in the last two games. Speaker 1 00:14:49 It's tournament play. We know like there's a ceiling obviously, um, but there's a floor. Sure. And I think like Booker not being there obviously helps, but like, there might be an Aon game that eaten like the Dallas game eight Andnot and yeah, I don't know. There's, I'm in, in tournaments. It's fine. Speaker 0 00:15:12 Yep. 17 three pointers, the last three games for Clay Thompson <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:15:15 So yeah, he's, yeah, Speaker 0 00:15:17 6,900. I'm playing him over pool at this point right now. Just the way he's going. Speaker 1 00:15:21 Yeah, sure. Yep. Speaker 0 00:15:22 Uh, mid-tier guys, Simons, Clarkson, Gary, Trent, all, all good for you here. As long as there's no og. Um, I think Trent can kind of just keep on going into lineups here. I know he is very scoring dependent. Speaker 1 00:15:34 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:15:35 Um, so maybe, maybe you're, you're a little worried there, but, Speaker 1 00:15:38 Uh, yeah, that's, that's what it is for me. Exactly what it is. Okay. At the price too. Like, I, I don't think there's like leverage at this price. True necessarily. Speaker 0 00:15:47 Okay. Um, guys under six K for you? Speaker 1 00:15:52 Mm mm Speaker 0 00:15:54 Hoarder. Maybe 53. Speaker 1 00:15:55 Yeah, maybe. Yeah. I, you're coming off a bad game and Malik Monk was really good. Speaker 0 00:16:00 Only 22 minutes were right there cuz Monk was lights out, right? Speaker 1 00:16:03 So Yeah. So that's, that's the, that's the one. If Hor like, one of those guys doesn't make shots. Like if Kiki Murray's not making shots and Monk is like Monk or can you Marie lose the time. So we just have to factor that in tournaments only. Um, and then under 5k, like, Hey, Malik Monk. Yep. Probably gonna go Speaker 0 00:16:23 Malik Beasley also the last two games for him. 30 and 29 minutes. 29 26 fantasy points. Speaker 1 00:16:28 Yeah. This is a comfortable price too, right? Under 5k. This is like the, this is where we want our, uh, yeah, our exposure, I think, um, to Milli Beasley. So yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm good there. Speaker 0 00:16:41 Uh, Diallo probable coming off of an illness, but I mean, he plays 20 minutes a night pretty much the last five nights, but 23, 16, 34, 30 fantasy points. I mean, obviously a big GPP play. Yep. Um, you know, but the guys's giving you 30 plus and two games back to back that he's played, um, seven X returned basically on there. So Speaker 1 00:17:02 Yeah. You know it g it's term to play. Only Speaker 0 00:17:05 Term to play only. Um, anybody else here for you? Speaker 1 00:17:08 I, no. Speaker 0 00:17:09 What do you think of Cam John, uh, Cameron Thomas playing 23 minutes there against the Lakers. Speaker 1 00:17:15 Um, second leg of a back toback. It wasn't a back to back, was it? Um, no, it wasn't. I mean, maybe, uh, no. TJ Warren? No, Ben Simmons. All right. No Durant. Right. Same. Pretty much same exact team. Eight Speaker 0 00:17:29 13 shooting. Obviously he knocked everything down, but Speaker 1 00:17:31 Same, same could be said for Patty Mills. Like both those guys played a billion minutes. Yep. And they both made every shot they took. So I mean, like, yes, no <laugh>, I don't like, you know, I don't, I don't know, I don't know. Like they're both so low turning Speaker 0 00:17:48 Dark, dark throw Speaker 1 00:17:48 Plays. Yeah. Matt, if you're making multiple entries, if you're playing one lineup and like either of those guys make it, I, I would be surprised if they get it the end. Speaker 0 00:17:56 Yay. Single digit fancy Speaker 1 00:17:58 <laugh>. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:17:59 Uh, small forward here, JT at 11 one, uh, went for 55 fancy points against the Lakers. Uh, again, I I, it feels too expensive for me, but I get it, I get understand why he is the way, I mean, three straight games, double digit rebounds, 30 plus actual, you know, if he puts it all together, you know, he, he can go for 60 plus on you. So I I I won't tell you not the pla Tatum, I just think he is lower on the totem pole for me on this slate. Speaker 1 00:18:31 Yes, I agree. I mean, it's, it's hard to, I think it's hard to get to Tatum when you look at like, Speaker 0 00:18:38 He's a game stack play. If you're playing Boston, Brooklyn, you get Tatum in there. Speaker 1 00:18:42 Yeah. I mean that's very, I feel like that's very hard to do, but I agree. Like you play him in Lexton or something, right? Like you play him, like it's probably, you probably can't play him and Kyrie Speaker 0 00:18:53 You might, you might be able to because you, you're then playing Seth Kyrie, Joe Harris, Brock in probably Speaker 1 00:18:58 One of those, those Yeah. Speaker 0 00:18:59 Grant Williams, you know, um, Kuzma is at 87, but I think that's too high, rather must play Market Mark in 84 or, uh, our favorite player, Scotty Barnes down to $7,400 here as well. Speaker 1 00:19:14 Yeah. It continues to just be awesome. Every Speaker 0 00:19:18 Slate. No, no OG in the lineup. It's working out for Speaker 1 00:19:20 Him here. Yeah. He just, he's just so good everywhere. And it's hilarious. If you ever look at like, the rotation for, um, Speaker 0 00:19:30 Toronto. Speaker 1 00:19:30 Toronto, because they don't play backup guards. They just use Scotty Barn, Scotty Barns subs out early, and then when Van Blee after Van Blee, van Blee plays the fold first quarter Barnes checks in and he's the point guard. Yeah. Like they just, they play eight man rotation with three bigs as their best <laugh>. Like it's hilarious. Like that is the funniest rotation of all time. Yep. Um, yeah, I, I, I think Scotty Barnes is a great, any format play? I dude Toronto today, especially considering like their rotation that they use anybody, any of their guys. I mean, I mentioned, I don't like Gary Tramp, but like there is a path, like this is a great spot. Speaker 0 00:20:10 Yeah. He gets seals and whatnot. Um, back to back 40 fancy boy games for Kelvin Johnson. Again, I don't, I'd rather play 200 more dollars for Barnes or pay $300 less for Clay. Speaker 1 00:20:21 Yeah. It's a great spot though. Speaker 0 00:20:22 It is a good spot for him. I I do agree with you there. Um, Bon Kero, does he run it back here or, uh, Speaker 1 00:20:28 Good. He could. I mean he was literally the XFactor in that game. Um, but Speaker 0 00:20:33 6,700 for him, Speaker 1 00:20:35 Cheap. That's a good price. A really good price. Um, now here's the question. If he's popular, if like he comes out and he's like extremely popular, is that just straight recency bias? Yes, Speaker 0 00:20:47 Of course. Speaker 1 00:20:48 And then are you playing him? Speaker 0 00:20:49 No. Speaker 1 00:20:50 Like if he's Speaker 0 00:20:51 Like, what I'm gonna keep playing Sadiq Bay cuz there's no reason not to for sure. Speaker 1 00:20:55 <laugh> Sure. Sad. Yeah. Sad Bay's been Speaker 0 00:20:56 35 fantasy points against Dallas. He's got wa he's got, uh, Washington here. I I'm, why not under six K for Sadiq Bay? He is gonna keep starting, like, let me, let me in. Sure. Let me play some Sadiq Bay here. Uh, let's see, obviously we have our Houston guys. Um, I played Denny 10 12, Speaker 1 00:21:16 He is Speaker 0 00:21:17 12 shooting 25 9. Uh, mean price bump. But I, I would throw a lineup in here right now, the way he's playing. Speaker 1 00:21:27 There was a Washington beat writer that was talking about Denny and like, what's going on? And they're talking about how impressive Speaker 0 00:21:33 He's a lottery pick, remember that. Like, Speaker 1 00:21:35 You know. Right. And the offense was always the thing that needed to come around. He was always the good defender. The good rebounder they were talking about him and how impressive it's been like finishing at the rim mm-hmm. <affirmative>, which I think is big for him. Um, and we're seeing just kind of an involved version right now. So, yeah, I mean, if he's gonna keep playing 30 minutes, I believe Gaffer sat out and I believe he's on the injury report again Speaker 0 00:22:01 And questionable with an illness. Speaker 1 00:22:02 And I think Gaffer being out would help Denny a lot because they could just slide for Zingus to the five. Yep. Um, but I mean, if Denny's gonna keep playing this well, he's going to keep being in play. I'm saying. I mean, Speaker 0 00:22:13 They don't have, they don't really have a better option over him, Speaker 1 00:22:15 So. Right. I'm, I'm just thinking like giving Porzingis those minutes at the five presents more opportunity for Denny. Yeah. Like in other places. Especially Speaker 0 00:22:27 Since Porzingis spaces the floor. So like that's where all those rebounds I think are coming a lot of times for Denny. Um, you know, I jumped to Denny, kj Martin's been playing really well, obviously. No Jalen Green and no Kevin Porter. He's got O K C, uh, Eric Gordon at 53. Again, we're getting some sort of vintagey. Eric, uh, Gordon, I think with those guys out as well. Eight of 17 shooting. Um, Speaker 1 00:22:48 Do you think Chango coming back hurts them because no Chango off the injury report? Speaker 0 00:22:53 Yeah, I don't think so as much because there's just so much volume from Jalen Green. Like sh Goons still gonna do Sure. What he does. Um, so I'm fine playing both of those guys here. Um, you know, Jalen Williams is coming off a really couple good games here, 41, 20 and 31 fantasy points, the last three, uh, $5,300 for him and then Cam j's wedged in the middle there. Um, not a good night for him against Toronto, but a tough matchup. Not a great matchup against, uh, against, I'd like to hear it for him either. Um, at least in my opinion. So if you wanted to, you could. Um, but I like all the guys basically around him too much, so Speaker 1 00:23:31 I agree on that exact point. I think it's all about the guys around him just being value, like more valuable. Speaker 0 00:23:38 Yeah. That's where I'm looking at it. Uh, let's see, you got Harry B at 5k, you got 149. Any other under 5k guys that are on your radar here? Speaker 1 00:23:48 You mean pick the night at Kendrick Williams place? 30 minutes and he is gonna get you six, seven x doesn't exist. Right. Um, don't know when that's gonna be, uh, but that's probably it. I guess if Josh Hart were to sit, we could play Nassir little, um, but he has, he has a very low floor. Speaker 0 00:24:05 Yep. Um, is, is uh, Robert Williams in route? Do we know? Speaker 1 00:24:11 Um, Rob Will is questionable. Speaker 0 00:24:14 Okay. I mean Grant played 39 minutes, so Speaker 1 00:24:17 Yeah, I mean that's, and he's back down to 4k. He'll love to see that. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> the 4,900, never a price tag I would've ever gotten to. Right. Uh, we talked about that like that it was just whether or not he was playing 39 minutes <laugh>, like that's just too steep, but this price tag for sure. Speaker 0 00:24:34 Yep. Um, alright, let's power forward here. Uh, at the top we talked about Tatum again. Zinger at nine K, uh, I you said great leverage play for me against him, uh, against San Antonio. Five blocks, three steals. Nine rebound, seven assists 17 points, 54 fantasy points. Uh, and he is a hundred dollars cheaper here against Detroit. So, uh, great matchup Detroit, one of the worst defensive teams against opposing bigs, uh, in the league. So, uh, yep. If you wanna spend nine K on Pingus, more power to you. We've talked a lot about the other guys already. You got Triple J here. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I shared with you that Reddit post about, uh, jar Jackson's blocks plus steels totals at home versus on the road. Uh, I mean you're looking at the same splits. I'm Speaker 1 00:25:22 On the screens. Yeah. They are crazy. Speaker 0 00:25:23 Right. 4.2 blocks. The 1.4 steels at home versus 2.2 blocks and under a steel per game on the road. Uh, they are home here in this matchup. Speaker 1 00:25:34 Sure. Looks that Speaker 0 00:25:35 Way for 52 fantasy points against the Pacers with five blocks in that game. I mean, if Ryan, Speaker 1 00:25:41 It sure looks that way Speaker 0 00:25:42 If I'm one to believe the home road splits here, uh, for those not familiar, there's a, a Reddit post out there basically saying the Memphis uh, official scorer is just giving Jaron Jackson sort of <laugh> blocks and steals to like help him win defensive player of the year or something like that. Yep, exactly. And there's like a whole list of like video clips of basically times who's awarded questionable blocks and steals. Um, but we don't care if they're questionable or not as long as they count. Cause fantasy points matter. So, uh, at home, $7,100 against Portland. Are you playing Jaron Jackson here? Speaker 1 00:26:22 I mean as long as we don't hear that, that uh, statistician has been fired prior to the game. I will be playing him. Yes. Speaker 0 00:26:30 If doesn't mean this out again. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:26:32 Bingo. Bingo. And, and Steven Adams like Jar Jackson has is the clear number two option to Ja he has time that he could play potentially at, at the five. I know they haven't really, it's been more of a split with Clark and Tillman, but like that opportunity is there for them if they wanna use Jackson at the five too. So, um, you know, I think there's nothing wrong going to, uh, old Triple J, especially if, uh, Banes Speaker 0 00:26:59 Out. Yeah. $7,100 for him there. We've talked Scotty Barnes in marketing already opposite, opposite side of Jackson. There is Jeremy Grant coming off a couple good games for him. Um, you know, probably maybe a fade just because Jackson is at home, you know, and you don't know how those, those calls are going, uh, against him there. Josh, Speaker 1 00:27:19 Josh Hart returns. We talked, I said this the other day. Sure. Josh high returns 12 rebounds for heart, two for, and you were like, oh, UR was out too. Both of them returned. No, regram two, two rebounds. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:27:32 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:27:32 Yeah. Just can't get there. Speaker 0 00:27:34 Um, how does Raymont match up here against Minnesota in your opinion? Speaker 1 00:27:39 Um, I mean, pretty good. They're starting Slowmo and McDaniels. So like good matchups in both cases for Draymond. I mean defensively, it doesn't even matter who's guarding him Speaker 0 00:27:50 Because 19 actual against Minnesota earlier this year. I dunno what the hell happened that day. Speaker 1 00:27:56 I, I mean he's been better. Look it does not matter who's guarding Draymond anyway. Right. Because six Speaker 0 00:28:01 Of seven shooting six of eight from the line that night. So just had his an offensive. Speaker 1 00:28:06 Yeah, I had the offensive hat on for Speaker 0 00:28:08 Sure. The Bojo going. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:28:10 He's been good though. Like 12 assists. Nine, I mean he's been at seven assists or more and seven straight. He is been seven plus rebounds in every game since they've moved to this Centerless lineup. So, um, you know, he has to deal with Gobert. Actually you're, I I misspoke. He's gonna be dealing with Gobert. He's gonna be around the rim. Um, Gobert is going to Gobert Speaker 0 00:28:31 Is why I was worried cuz there's just a size difference. Speaker 1 00:28:33 Gobert is going to have a monster advantage on him. Right. Like size-wise. So that is definitely something to consider. It's a good point. Speaker 0 00:28:40 I didn't mean to miss over Andrew Wiggins. So he's $5,900. He had a little revenge game here against Minnesota. Speaker 1 00:28:48 Um, yeah, he looked good in his return back to the lineup, uh, for the illness. Second time he is been out with an illness. Sure. Um, you know, he's, what is he the fourth? It's just, I don't know what he is like, is he the fourth option on this team? Yeah, Speaker 0 00:29:03 That's true. That's fair. He gets rebounds though. He's Speaker 1 00:29:05 Good. Look, he's a good flare last. I feel like last year was like he played out of his mind. Like that's what earned him like the all star game nod and everything now like Clay is back, like Clay is back back. Yeah. And Pool is now in the starting lineup. It's just, Wiggins is just kind of like, hey, I'm over here, but I'm kind of also the oddball out type scenario. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:29:31 If you're Houston, why do you, you know, do you not you just, Speaker 1 00:29:34 You just, you're about to say it. I I Speaker 0 00:29:35 Know you just send Howard Easton back to the bench. Like is that like what happens here? I mean, Speaker 1 00:29:40 I mean why don't they do this right <laugh> and it's your, it's your, it brings your Eric Gordon to shooting guard full circle. It's like Right. You can even use Eric Gordon at Point Guard. Yeah. Just start Eric Gordon. You have KJ Martin, you have just the biggest lineup of all time, but just have Easton, Jabari, Smith and Shon just all start. Speaker 0 00:29:59 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:30:00 What where's the downside in Speaker 0 00:30:01 That? I agree. Listen, I <laugh> I think Ty Easton's still gonna be in play here. I think he is gonna play probably still just 25 minutes off the bench. Speaker 1 00:30:10 I'm a little, I'm a little hesitant because the price, like he's gonna play. How many minutes does he play? I think he plays 20. He's Speaker 0 00:30:21 Not starting, I think he plays 25 Speaker 1 00:30:24 Even with Shun back. Cuz they haven't done that all like with a healthy front court, he plays 20 minutes a night. At least that's what it's been. Now obviously we haven't had a scenario where green and Speaker 0 00:30:36 Have been out and Speaker 1 00:30:38 K pj k Speaker 0 00:30:39 Pj, he's just been so good. But teams don't care about this. It doesn't like we care about as fantasy players. But you and I have been talking to Ty Eon his summer league, you know, like right as we ended up comes in, gets finally gets the opportunity to play is double double every night. So I don't know, just put him on the board as our guys that need to play more. You know, Dan Anthony melting wall of play more, you know? True. Speaker 1 00:31:03 Ain't that the truth? That is, that is a hundred percent correct. Speaker 0 00:31:06 It's like our own hall of fame of this guy. Should this guy's a fancy pointment minute monster. Why our teams playing him more. Um, I mean Jabari is 56 K dude, 56, 56, 54, kj Martin, Jabari Smith and Tara Easton all grouped together because DraftKings doesn't know what the hell to do with him either. So Right. We're just kind of all sogging together. Uh, Jeremy Sohan, our boy, another guy coming through strong 27 minutes against Washington there, 17 25, 27 fantasy points. 5,200 gets Sacramento this time around. He's averaging 25 fantasy points and two games against Sacramento. Um, I'm in, I'll buy into them Speaker 1 00:31:44 Again. Dude. He was off to such a good start in that game and then just like fell off the cliff like the whole team did. But him specifically, like just, I don't know what happened but yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm definitely going Speaker 0 00:31:56 Back. I think Kegan obviously opposite, opposite of him know the 35 fantasy points for Keegan. Marty here. I double, double against Minnesota. Um, just Speaker 1 00:32:03 Yeah, the minutes are super secure. Right. That's like the best I think even in the, in Speaker 0 00:32:08 That sense game makes that lottery pick at him. You know, he is not the one that should be sitting. Speaker 1 00:32:11 True but I mean I agree, but they are in the, they are like the three seeds, so like whatever they were doing was the correct Sure. The correct decision I guess. Yeah. Um, but it's good to see even in this shitty game, three for eight from the floor with four personal fouls and 14 fancy points. He still plays 32 minutes. Yep. So like they're keeping him on the floor. Uh, Speaker 0 00:32:33 Who's been out lead to, to the Bates Diop recent production? Or is it just their gift just playing Speaker 1 00:32:38 'em now? Um, so he's starting because I mean I assumed the cell and Langford. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:32:48 Langford. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:32:50 Langford questionable again. Josh Richardson is probable, the thing is Josh Richardson was also probable last game and then scratched him. Okay. So like, you know, take that with a grain of salt kind of Speaker 0 00:33:01 Thing. Trade deadlines in what, two weeks? Week and a half? Something like that. So, Speaker 1 00:33:05 Huh. Speaker 0 00:33:05 Isn't a trade deadline like a week and a Speaker 1 00:33:07 Half? Trade deadlines Very soon. Yeah. Um, so I mean look not free anymore. This is obviously a tough price to get to, I think. Yeah. But 46, um, 25 minutes and four straight games. If Lankford's out again, I'm okay getting there. Okay. Okay. I'm okay getting there. It's not like a how it was sub Yep. Sub Speaker 0 00:33:29 4k. Um, you've been talking Bouchet you played 24 minutes against Phoenix had five and 11, um, 3,900 if you wanted a dark throw. Probably. Speaker 1 00:33:37 Dude, they just do, I'm like, he's one of their eight right now. I mean, at least for right now, he's one of the eight guys that play. So, um, Speaker 0 00:33:46 Any other power forwards for you? Speaker 1 00:33:49 I don't think we need to go lower than Bouche. I think that's probably, um, probably as far down as we need to go. Speaker 0 00:33:57 All right. Center Jojo's 11 two. If he's in, you're running back 58 fantasy points against them. Yes. Last time Speaker 1 00:34:04 I Yep, you can. Speaker 0 00:34:05 Yep, I'm with you. Um, SAB bonus is 99 is under 10 k. It is a good matchup, but you've talked it up a lot lately. You know about him not paying off that price tag. Speaker 1 00:34:14 I mean people can keep playing 'em if they want. It just doesn't, he even has the two blocks in one steal and you know. Yep. We finally get the games where he actually has blocks of steals and he has no assists. So like he, Speaker 0 00:34:27 He fouled out Speaker 1 00:34:28 And he fouls and he fouls out. So like it's a great spot. Great spot. Good luck figuring it out. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:34:36 I'm getting 9,400 for sicu just because everybody else is popping off that like, his numbers haven't been great, but that does kind of make him an interesting tournament leverage play cuz you know, this could be the game where he goes for 60, you Speaker 1 00:34:49 Know, he's gonna go off. This feels like a spot he's going off, right? Doesn't it? It just, it feels like a spotty spot. Speaker 0 00:34:54 I mean, it's, it's not, I mean, not not a front court. You should be overly terrified about <laugh>. No. Um, sh goon though. Obviously he is our, he's our guy here. Yeah. Yep. Um, I mean with no jamming green now also, like you should just have just, what's it, what's his usage rate? You wanna pull that up? Speaker 1 00:35:12 Yep. Speaker 0 00:35:13 Like something in my eye, I don't know what it is, but it is like causing my eye to tear up here. Man. Speaker 1 00:35:19 I thought it was because, uh, you're so excited to play <inaudible> Shingo again. Speaker 0 00:35:22 I mean I am, but I don't know what the hell last like two minutes. I had something like in my Speaker 1 00:35:28 <laugh>. I'm laughing, I'm not laughing at Speaker 0 00:35:30 You see me rubbing my eye for the last like five minutes. Speaker 1 00:35:33 I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing with you. All right. Without Kevin Porter and Jaylen Green this year, the usage rate is not as high as I anticipated it to be. Um, still good. 23.9, 1.4 fantasy Speaker 0 00:35:47 0.0, that's where it hits. Yeah. Yep. Speaker 1 00:35:49 So, and it, Speaker 0 00:35:51 What's his, what's his, what's his usage rate the last two weeks Speaker 1 00:35:55 Last, Speaker 0 00:35:56 Not necessarily even with Jalen Green off the floor, but like he's been just, these numbers are just popping lately. Speaker 1 00:36:03 Yeah. The last two weeks. Um, so I took both those guys off. So I'll put, I'll put them back on thanks to our, uh, friends at Roto Grinders and their Cord IQ tool. Um, so sh goons you straight over the last two weeks is just 22%, but again, 1.4 fancy by Yeah. Speaker 0 00:36:23 Not a high usage guy, but a high productive Speaker 1 00:36:25 Guy. Yep, yep. High productive guy. Speaker 0 00:36:28 Right? High productive guy. Uh, again, I've been playing his a cis props at five and a half, man, they just don't, they just look at him as a center and they don't touch it. I have to assume that it's gonna be bumped, but because he didn't play the other night sometimes like these sites just are just like asleep. They're like, oh, he missed a game. Right. And they just like don't touch. Right. Um, so I'll be very interested to see what happens here with sh goon, um, and that assist prop cuz I mean, he hasn't had less than six assists since January 11th. Right. And yet it's consistently been five and a half. So, um, just monster numbers. We're gonna love him here against so kc it's just such a and dude, 65 fantasy points against the Thunder in their last matchup 21, 19 and seven in that game. Speaker 1 00:37:17 Yeah, he's pretty good. Speaker 0 00:37:18 Yeah, he's just, and that wasn't even, he's during the, that wasn't even during the recent stretch <laugh>, that game happened. When the hell did that game, that game happened, uh, November 26th. Speaker 1 00:37:29 He just second month of the year, Speaker 0 00:37:31 Like Absolutely. Yeah. Like third, third, fourth game of the year, man. Like, just, just absolutely crushing it. Um, yeah, $8,800 we're, we're gonna have a lot of him there. Uh, also I don't mind eating at 78. I've been talking a lot about Deandre Eaton lately. Um, yeah. Got, they got the compel matchup, but, um, I don't mind. That's fine. Speaker 1 00:37:52 I don't mind eating. Speaker 0 00:37:53 Yeah, that's fine. Yeah. I don't mind eating here. Um, Speaker 1 00:37:56 Go bear. Good. Bear's been awesome. Yeah, you Speaker 0 00:37:59 Can go, go bear. Speaker 1 00:38:01 He has a, I mean, Speaker 0 00:38:03 Where the Speaker 1 00:38:04 Blocks they're play <laugh>. Yeah. Where are the blocks? That's, that's right. Um, look, they're gonna play Loony in this game, but like is a lot of matchup, a lot of this game where he is like eight inches taller than everyone else on the floor. Speaker 0 00:38:15 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, Nuk, first Brandon Clark. Thoughts on that matchup? Speaker 1 00:38:21 Nah, dude, I'm done with there. Okay. There's foul trouble, there's illness, there's sick, there's injuries, there's like, get me outta here for now. You know, like, leave, leave me alone for right Speaker 0 00:38:32 Now. We got the five block game from Walker Kessler where nobody played him. 'em, Speaker 1 00:38:35 <laugh>. Yeah. And Kelly o back. It's, it's tough to use 'em right Speaker 0 00:38:39 Now. Yeah. Kelly o coming off the bench though, so, or no, they st Speaker 1 00:38:42 Or no, they started all, Speaker 0 00:38:43 Starting all three of them. Right. Marketing is like the, the small floor again Speaker 1 00:38:47 Back in, back to his Cleveland days. Speaker 0 00:38:49 Um, yeah. Uh, precious though, uh, price keeps going up, but we're, we'll, we'll keep riding Precious right now. Right? Double another double double games Speaker 1 00:38:56 Play in 30 minutes. Yep. 30 mid thirties. Double, double in a million straight games. Like it just, I we said it the whole podcast, like this whole Toronto team is just incredibly interesting on the slate. Speaker 0 00:39:09 Uh, not sure what to make. What's going on with Jalen Duran cuz they're not starting Stewart. He's coming off the bench. Um, Duran under 30 minutes in three straight games of the rebounds have fallen off. I'm not, I don't really know, don't really know what, what's going on with him. $5,200. Um, tournament play probably won't have much ownership here, so, um, if you want to give him a, a look, I think you can. Uh, same with Zach Collins. We talk about him every slate, another 20 minutes. He's not gonna play much more than this, but 16 and 11 in 22 minutes for 35 fantasy points. Speaker 1 00:39:44 I don't know what's going on with Zach Collins, but it's been cool. I I don't, it's just, again, this situation is super confusing because Pearl wasn't in any foul trouble, just didn't play him. Yeah. And then they just played Zach Collins. So I don't, I don't know if that game stays competitive. I don't know what the split would've been, but Perle played like three minutes and then they took Collins or they took him off and put Collins in the game. So, um, I, I don't know what to make of it. Um, but yeah, Speaker 0 00:40:11 Uh, I got no other centers here Speaker 1 00:40:13 I would play, I would consider playing Xavier Tillman. Um, Speaker 0 00:40:17 Why didn't you, I was talking about was that just a Speaker 1 00:40:20 Foul Clark massive foul trouble. Massive foul trouble. You think Clark was really good trouble over Portland? Yeah, I mean that's, yeah, I think that's possible. It's like, it's one of those things that it's a Dart, gpp dart and it's not anything more than that. Okay. And same thing with, uh, Deron Sharp who probably gets back into the next rotation because, um, there's no Ben Simmons, no TJ Warren. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and Darren Sharp. Darren Sharp is the Mark Williams ilk. Right? Like all these very high fantasy point for minute guys when they get on the floor that like, yeah, Speaker 0 00:40:54 He's their backup center. He's their backup center where no Simmons. So Speaker 1 00:40:57 Dude, eight 14 <laugh> three assist two blocks and a steal in 21 minutes. Speaker 0 00:41:03 And there's no right will he's doing that against what? Cornett or Grant Williams or something like that, right? Speaker 1 00:41:07 Yes. So, yes. Yes. Uh, that's so I like, again, anything down here is like very Speaker 0 00:41:15 Risky. Speaker 1 00:41:16 Risky, but like what Speaker 0 00:41:18 A fall from Grace from our guy Bowl. Bowl man, down to 3,500 bucks. Speaker 1 00:41:21 What does this guy have to do? Speaker 0 00:41:23 He's like an all-star for like a month. Speaker 1 00:41:25 <laugh>. Like, what does he have to do to play? I, Speaker 0 00:41:27 No, he'll get Speaker 1 00:41:28 Into, Speaker 0 00:41:29 He'll be traded. He'll be traded somewhere. They gotta get, they gotta get Jonathan Isaac up to, to 17 minutes. He'll take Bull Bowls and nine and give it to him. True. Um, all right, let's build Speaker 1 00:41:40 And Speaker 0 00:41:41 What guard, Speaker 1 00:41:44 What guard? Um, <laugh>. I mean, I I would say Moran, if we had more definitive news on Desmond Bain, it feels like Bain could return in this game. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, it's just soreness in the right knee, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it is a back to back for Memphis front leg. They, they know. So maybe he does sit. Who Speaker 0 00:42:10 Does Memphis play in the back to back? Speaker 1 00:42:13 Um, let's look at the schedule here. Memphis on Thursday. Speaker 0 00:42:19 Portland's a, you know, a good matchup. Speaker 1 00:42:22 Memphis plays Cleveland. That's the t n t early game. Speaker 0 00:42:28 I kind of think they might sit down before Cleveland. Speaker 1 00:42:32 I was thinking they would sit Speaker 0 00:42:34 On, oh, cuz one, it's a Western conference up for Portland. It's more important where the Western Conference matchup than the Houston. Speaker 1 00:42:41 Yeah, that's true. Where's Portland right now? I mean, Memphis, Speaker 0 00:42:45 They could, they could sit Bain here and sit in Marant or somebody on the, Speaker 1 00:42:51 On the Cleveland side. Yeah. If Bain plays, I feel like he's, he's sitting Thursday. No doubt. Speaker 0 00:43:00 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:43:01 Coming back from the injury first off, then he injures his knee feels like a rest spot if he plays tomorrow. Sure. Speaker 0 00:43:10 So you Speaker 1 00:43:10 Go there Speaker 0 00:43:11 Curry, then Speaker 1 00:43:13 Portland is in the 12 seed right now. No, I don't know if that matters, but like you're, you're Speaker 0 00:43:23 No, it is more from Memphis to win Western Conference. Matchups than Eastern Conference matchups, in my opinion. Speaker 1 00:43:29 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:43:31 Um, Speaker 1 00:43:32 You're not, it is true. Speaker 0 00:43:34 Do you go Curry then? Is your, uh, two point spread, two 30 something total? You said? Speaker 1 00:43:41 Uh, 2 39. 2 39. Two and a half. Golden State's giving two and a half. Yeah, we can play Curry. I'm perfectly fine playing Curry. Speaker 0 00:43:51 Okay, we'll, we'll, we'll, we'll leave it as we want. Morant, if there's no Bain Curry's a hundred bucks cheaper. So we'll go Curry for now. Speaker 1 00:44:00 Curry Shon. Speaker 0 00:44:02 Yeah, we'll go Shon. Who are our locked in values? We have 5,100 at play right now. Um, Speaker 1 00:44:10 Um, Speaker 0 00:44:12 Let's see here. We had a couple guys we'd like that were cheap. Speaker 1 00:44:16 Sohan for 52. All Williams 4k. Speaker 0 00:44:25 Oh, we, we like the Chewa Speaker 1 00:44:27 Chua for sure. Speaker 0 00:44:29 So that takes up our, in our center then with Shun and ua. Um, Speaker 1 00:44:36 Grant is 4k. We like this like low 5k, small forward power forward tier. Speaker 0 00:44:42 Okay. Um, small forward tier. Um, Speaker 1 00:44:46 Point guard value sucked. Shooting guard value sucks. Speaker 0 00:44:49 We're gonna do Eric Gordon, right? Eric Gordon and Denny. Speaker 1 00:44:53 Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:44:56 All right. Denny's a powerful word. It's a Gordon Small Ford. Denny Power Forward. Speaker 1 00:45:01 The guard value Speaker 0 00:45:02 Sucks. 4,800 a player for a shooting guard. Guard a Ford Speaker 1 00:45:06 Could play. I don't know if you want to play Bouchet and Precious, but like, Speaker 0 00:45:11 Nah. What do you think about, I mean, dial's 42. It's probable Speaker 1 00:45:18 I feel better. Uh, yeah, dial's fine. I like Grant 4k. He's gonna play boat loads of minutes if Rob will sits, right? Speaker 0 00:45:27 Yeah, I mean, I'll, I'm okay at putting him in there. So, uh, $6,300 guard. Speaker 1 00:45:34 Like this is a zone we did not like. Speaker 0 00:45:36 Uh, $6,300 Speaker 1 00:45:37 Card. You like Trent Way more than me, but I, I I understand. Speaker 0 00:45:42 I'm fine going Ivy. Good. And looking for a Bounceback game or what was Bay? We liked Bay Speaker 1 00:45:49 58. Speaker 0 00:45:50 58 for a small forward, let's see, what would that give us? A $4,500 guard. Monk, Sexton. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> Dale on Wright. Your boy. Does he get any steals this game around Speaker 1 00:46:08 <laugh>? I mean, he is a thief if I've ever seen one. Um, Speaker 0 00:46:13 Well we could, so we could go Grant Williams and Jayden Ivy or Sadique Bay and a $4,500 Speaker 1 00:46:19 Guard. 4,500 guard is Malik Monk. Probably Speaker 0 00:46:26 So inconsistent. Speaker 1 00:46:27 I know, but it, I mean it's a Speaker 0 00:46:29 Tournament. You guys Grant Williams also pretty inconsistent. So Speaker 1 00:46:32 It's a tournament play. I, we also could move Speaker 0 00:46:35 Off you, you just play Sexton it Speaker 1 00:46:37 Maybe, but also like not go with a spend up and play like Van or something and just like over Curry and then just like fair more fair and balanced. Speaker 0 00:46:48 Oh, was our, Speaker 1 00:46:52 Or we play like Anthony Edwards is our top spin. It Speaker 0 00:46:55 Sucks that like, it sucks at Yak is the center only. Speaker 1 00:46:59 Yeah, cuz we're playing Shingon and Precious. Yeah. Precious. Speaker 0 00:47:04 Mm. Um, would you play Anthony Edwards <laugh>? Speaker 1 00:47:17 Probably. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:47:18 It doesn't really solve our problem. Speaker 1 00:47:20 This is, it doesn't, yeah. It, it Speaker 0 00:47:22 Doesn't. Gay guard. Yeah. Um, all right, let's go. Let's check out VanFleet. We'll see we play VanFleet <affirmative> because I think we both like Van Fleet here. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, 60. So 6,700 guard. We got Brogden I guess. Brogden. Yeah. Brogden is good. Okay, so we're going fair and amounts. Let's see. Look how, look how the way the wind, the wind blows on this one. <laugh>. So we got, uh, van Fleet, Diallo, Gordon, uh, of Dia, Sagoon, Brogden Bay, and Chuah. 200 bucks left over as you saw. Uh, there were a couple pivots there. We had Kari could have played, uh, Ivy with, uh, with Grant Williams there. If you did want to get the spend up play, uh, that also worked. I'll be on the playbook. You can find me in the Discord. James. I of course are always around with all of you guys and we'll be back for Thursday. Good luck.

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