December 30, 2022


NBA DFS Podcast December 30: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast December 30: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast December 30: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Dec 30 2022 | 00:37:03


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Damian Lillard against the Warriors.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on, F Nation? Jonathan PHE with James Grande. Welcome into the Fantasy Alarm. B a DFS podcast on live stream Recording here for Friday's nine Game main slate. James. Ending the week here with, uh, a slate that has a lot of guys in questionable and out already, uh, uh, most notably the Atlanta Magic dealing, uh, with a boatload of suspended players after their, uh, malice in the Palace Paru Young Day. Uh, you know, wasn't a, or was it Little Caesars Arena, is that what they call it now? You know, uh, uh, killing Hayes and, and, uh, in, uh, Mo Wagner getting into it there. Uh, Orlando has, uh, uh, about an eight man rotation here tonight, I think is what we're looking at. Nine guys active for their, for their team. So we, we talk about this a lot. You know, Miami Heat most recently come to mind where everybody's ruled out. So, which means everybody plays 40 minutes, and that's probably what we're looking at here tonight for Orlando. Speaker 1 00:00:52 Yeah. Their, um, current roster is Foltz Ross, Franz Vogner, Palo Bon Carro, Bob Kon Harris, Caleb Houston, ed Admiral Scofield. So like, we're gonna see a lot of minutes, and it really picked up during the covid year where we've talked about this a lot. When teams are down to these small rosters, it's okay to jam them in, right? It's okay to jam multiple players. All we see it all the time. There could be three, four magic, potentially four magic players in tonight's winning lineup, right? Um, in, in top in, just because they need their players to play big minutes. So, um, all eight of them are probably in play to some extent, especially when you consider they're going up against a Washington team that has not been good, and they're dealing with a couple injuries themselves, including Bradley Beal, who's probably their best scorer. Um, so yeah, I mean the, the magic to a lesser extent, the Pistons have a couple guys out due to suspension killing Hayes, obviously. He's the one who threw the, the haymaker. Um, that would've been an illegal shot in like all combat sports, so definitely, definitely, uh, should get a suspension. I mean, Mo Wagner was literally out, he punched, got punched in the back of the head and was, and fell over and was sleeping. Speaker 0 00:02:15 So I looked at that replay. I think he might've been out at the push in the back. He got a little whiplash. Yeah. And you see him kind of like fall kind, kind of looking like he slumped over, uh, at that point, and then he gets clocked the head and then he is definitely, uh, night he was on, he was probably kod there on the whiplash, uh, to the, to the back there, and then the punch didn't help anything. Speaker 1 00:02:36 Yeah. Um, but there, I mean, ou Diallo killing Hayes both out we, Marvin Bagley also questionable, so like they're dealing with, um, a bunch of injuries and suspensions and illnesses themselves. Yeah. So, uh, definitely an interesting slate. Um, Vegas, uh, I was looking through it before we hop in air. There's a couple notable totals. Um, Atlanta and LA 2 39 and a half, seven and a half point spread, uh, in favor of the Hawks makes you think LeBron's gonna play. I feel like that spread would be much wider if LeBron doesn't play right. Um, but that also could be Trey Young. There could be something on Trey there, but then the, the creme de la creme League 2 41 and half for Utah, Sacramento. Speaker 0 00:03:20 Yeah. Late night Hammer, two 40 k12, Speaker 1 00:03:22 Late night Hammer, 2 41 and a half, three and a half point spread. Speaker 0 00:03:26 Ebone is playing with a broken hand, goes up for 31, 10 and five. Speaker 1 00:03:29 I mean, makes you, makes you feel way better about Tyler Locket catch footballs this weekend, huh? <laugh>, right? I mean, these guys are just, these athletes are just absolutely sick. So, um, yeah, it should be a fun slate. Nine games, great week. You know what? Kudos to the nba, kudos to DraftKings, kudos to all these, uh, you know, other than the back to backs, which I still think need to be abolished. Speaker 0 00:03:52 Um, good. Seven, eight games every day. Every day. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:03:55 It's been, it's been perfect. The perfect amount of games all week. Why can't, why do we need 2 1 1 Slate and 35 the next slate? You know, let's just keep it in this range. No, back to backs and, uh, everyone will be happy. Speaker 0 00:04:07 Yeah. Agree with you here. All right. Point guard, uh, James Harden's up over 10 K uh, deservedly, we called it out the last time we, we did this podcast where the wizards were on the slate. I mean, we, the Sixers were on the slate, rather. We're like, Hey, we're seeing vintage James Harden here. He's under 10 k, that's too cheap for a guy that's gonna give us this kind of production. He's a 12 K player. If this is how he is gonna play, he goes out and gives us 62 fantasy points and now they bump him up just $300. He's 10 K. Uh, harden was pretty popular option the other night. I gotta think against the Pelicans here. Uh, it's gonna be another spot where a lot of people look at James Harden here at this price tag. Speaker 1 00:04:40 Well, do you think, um, the Speaker 0 00:04:42 Maxi come America, right? Maxie Speaker 1 00:04:43 Back? Yeah, Maxie is back True. True is like, so Maxi hasn't played since November 18th. Yeah. So it's a foot issue. Probably doesn't have the cardio behind him. Could be. You think that there's a limit? I mean, even if there's like a 30 minute limit, I would Speaker 0 00:05:03 Imagine there's at least some limit. Um, you know, I also don't think, uh, I've talked to this different podcast with you and, and, and Andrew Cooper as well when we do the football podcast. Like, it's not as if like today was the first day that he was like cleared and they're like, all right, go run on the foot. Right. Right. Like, he was probably cleared for activities for a little bit. He's been working on the conditioning of course, and all these things. And um, you know, I would, I would assume the foot's okay, but it's still, it's hard to simulate game minutes and, and, and all the, the work that is actually being in a competitive environment. So, you know, I don't think he's gonna play 35. Maybe he plays 25. That's it. Yeah. To your point though, does that impact Harden? You know what you're, it's, it's a good, it's a good question to bring up. I don't think it hurts the assist, but I mean, maxi was the, like one of the leading scores on this team. Yep. So maybe it hurts the shots. Speaker 1 00:05:51 Yeah. I'm looking at, um, so I think this is a pretty, these are pretty staggering numbers. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I'm just looking at things. So I just have with James Harden and Tyrese Maxi on the floor. Just those two. Just those two guys. James Harden, negative 3.6% usage decrease. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, Tyree Maxi negative 3.5%. And obviously I think we both assume, like with the people with a brain would assume that that would be the case, right? Yeah. They take away two very high usage players just taken away from each other. Um, harden 1.29 fantasy points per minute, still Maxi 0.8. Yeah. Playing with James Harden. So like Harden's still producing, but at a much lower usage rate. I mean, he's a 20, almost 8% usage rate player without Maxi. Yeah. Um, max, max Maxey Speaker 0 00:06:38 Max score. Maxey was just scoring really. Right. Like, you know, so, Speaker 1 00:06:42 Um, but it's just, it's just some, like you said, the assists probably still there. It just makes you wonder if he's gonna continue to put up 26 20. I think it's a pretty good contrarian play because then you look at the rest of the point guard position, Trey potentially gets the Lakers. Yeah. Damian Lillard gets a beat up Warriors team. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:06:58 Um, I mean I like, I definitely like Damon this in this matchup here. So same Speaker 1 00:07:03 From from the Bay. From the Bay Area. Yeah. Not right. Isn't he from, isn't he from that area? Speaker 0 00:07:08 Uh, that I don't, that I don't know, but maybe, maybe, um, let's see here. Go back to Darren Fox. Obviously you talked about the late night Hammer matchup, uh, 55 fantasy points even with Saboni back, um, against Denver there. So, uh, $8,700 for D for Dion. Fox gonna certainly be, uh, in play here. Um, if Drew holiday's in, I would like the, I would like him against Minnesota, but we'll see if he, if he suits up or not here. Speaker 1 00:07:34 I think he's doubtful. Is it? I think they listed him. Doubtful. Yeah, doubtful. Middleton out. Middleton out. And, um, Speaker 0 00:07:41 I old we'll say this now, do not play Jevon Carter Speaker 1 00:07:44 Just, Speaker 0 00:07:44 Ugh, listen, I'm Speaker 1 00:07:46 Just, just, I mean he is a zero. Yes. He is an absolute zero. Speaker 0 00:07:50 Uh, I guess you can go dandre Russell, then you go dra Russell of 74. Speaker 1 00:07:54 Well, was not gonna be playing football today. He's gonna be playing basketball. Speaker 0 00:07:57 Yeah. <laugh>, right? No, Zion. Well, I mean, I don't know Gianni G honest, but you most, Speaker 1 00:08:04 Yeah. Um, I, I usually Chris Paul looked pretty good the other day. Um, if there's no van Fleet, he'll Machi Flyn defense, he'll get Scotty Barnes who's probably too big. Speaker 0 00:08:17 Another big Scotty Barn night last night. Speaker 1 00:08:20 Another big Scotty Barnes night. Yeah. So, so good for, I just like, he's like maybe my least favorite player to Ross of all Speaker 0 00:08:29 Time. <laugh> Speaker 1 00:08:30 Maybe. Maybe hes Speaker 0 00:08:32 There. We always say that when there's no band Fleet Barnes is a guy that we take a look at, so. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:08:36 I know. I mean Ross is definitely in play if there's no LeBron. Speaker 0 00:08:41 Yes. Speaker 1 00:08:42 LeBron questionable. Speaker 0 00:08:43 Yep. Yep. I agree. Again, I like dandre Russell, uh, after that, I don't know, uh, fault at six K is again, again, just gonna be just plugged into a lot of lineups today cuz of the Yep. The, the, the magic spot here. So Speaker 1 00:08:55 Definitely Cash. Speaker 0 00:08:56 Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And then do you play Jade and Ivy with No, uh, Killian Hayes? Speaker 1 00:09:01 It's a big, I mean it's a, who knows, right? Like Ivy still didn't do anything and then just like saw his life flash before his eyes when Burkes didn't miss from the Speaker 0 00:09:14 Field. Yeah, that's true. Speaker 1 00:09:16 <laugh>. Um, this is the pro, like here's the problem. Alec Burkes is $4,400 still. Yeah. So like you look at the rest of this here, as you mentioned, it's like where do we go other than Foltz you play Ivy Ivy's probably super contrarian compared to what Alec Burkes is gonna check in at. Speaker 0 00:09:36 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:09:38 Do you think Burke starts in killing Hayes place? Speaker 0 00:09:40 He could, they're already starting at anyways, so it would make sense, uh, if not him. Do they have um, Speaker 1 00:09:47 Sadik, Speaker 0 00:09:48 Corey, Joseph, Speaker 1 00:09:50 Oh God nightmare. Corey, Speaker 0 00:09:52 Joseph probably starts Speaker 1 00:09:54 And they just keep Berks on the, like just in his role. Yeah, just like on the bench. I Speaker 0 00:09:58 Mean, but I mean that's still fine cuz he'll play more than Joseph plays. Yeah, right. Joseph won't play, Joseph won't play killing Hayman. Berks will pick up the minutes. Speaker 1 00:10:08 I'm just thinking more so like, I'm trying to figure out how not to play Alec Berks because he's gonna be a hundred percent owned. Speaker 0 00:10:18 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:10:18 Like he's gonna be so highly owned. But, and I'm also trying to figure out, so without killing Hayes and Kate Cunningham on the floor this year, John mm-hmm <affirmative>, Alec Burke's very good numbers. 25% of usage, 1.08 fancy points per minute. So like obviously elite stuff. Jayden Ivy, to your point, and this is why I'm like trying to figure out is it worth fading Berks and just going up to Ivy and being contrarian in that way, 32% usage rate, 1.09 fans for leads the team 32 that's 4% higher than um, Boen even. So Speaker 0 00:10:48 Yeah, Speaker 1 00:10:49 Big numbers. Speaker 0 00:10:50 It is. And uh, I mean Chicago's not an easy team but um, you know, the numbers are there for him. Speaker 1 00:10:57 Maybe no carus, well maybe no Caruso, so Oh, he is probable. So that's good defensive Speaker 0 00:11:02 Value, uh, value guards Speaker 1 00:11:05 Bones. If there's no Jamal Murray. Speaker 0 00:11:07 Now Marty, was he dismissed for maintenance, right? Or was he actually hurt? Speaker 1 00:11:10 They listed him. They listed him questionable. Okay. Today. So he is officially questionable with a knee. It was a neat management. Do they have a back to back today and tomorrow? You know, like, is that, are they just playing, are they just playing back to backs this week? They're just like screwing Denver where they're just like, Hey, your whole schedule this week is gonna be back to backs. Um, Denver does not play Saturday so they probably play right. They play on New Year's Day, so they probably play whatever bones is in play if Murray doesn't play. For sure. Speaker 0 00:11:46 Yeah, no, I mean I played 'em the other day and he went for 45. So, um, yeah, we know, we know that about Bon Bow Island for sure. Uh, Bex is in, as we mentioned. Would you play Jalen Noel 43? Price keeps dropping. He is still playing 25 minutes. So Speaker 1 00:12:02 There do we have Kyle Anderson news? I feel like Kyle Anderson could McLaughlins out. Anderson questionable. Yeah. Tournaments. He's just a high upside scorer. Speaker 0 00:12:15 Yeah, I'm, I agree with you there. Any other guards? Speaker 1 00:12:19 Pat Bevis played a lot. He's been okay. Um, I don't like the price back over 4k. Um, and Atlanta started holiday, Aaron Holiday, he played 32 minutes at 20 fantasy points. 3,300. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, if there's no Trey Young, maybe Aaron Holiday and then George Hill played 28 minutes. You know, like there's a lot of like interesting people down here. I don't think we can go back to the Dwayne Washington. Well, what do you, what do you think? Speaker 0 00:12:50 Um, I mean he wasn't awful for the price, you know, still still took 12 shots. But the one thing that was that I worried about, I wrote it up in the playbook when I wrote him up. He, at, at no point did he play with Chris Paul, he backed up Chris Paul Speaker 1 00:13:08 Completely. He did last game though. Okay, well that's, they played, they played, they played a couple minutes together. Was Speaker 0 00:13:13 That last game? Well what's a couple minutes? Was it like in passing like substitutions or was Speaker 1 00:13:17 It Well, he only played 27. Uh, let's see, so, Speaker 0 00:13:21 Um, did he have like, if he had like, if he had like a shift with him? I, I like that a lot more for his, for his value because Damien Lee was hitting some shots. I think that might have probably hurt him a little bit. Speaker 1 00:13:32 Chris Ball and they played, they played about four minutes together. Okay. Um, five. They played about five minutes together. Okay. Um, at, in the second half. Well, Speaker 0 00:13:46 I mean he only played 17. So if he played about a third of his minutes with Chris, Paul, I'm encouraged by it. I don't mind it. $3,700 if as long as everything, as long as nothing changes. Right. Booker, LANDR and Shaman are are, and, uh, and Payne are gonna all be out then I don't mind going back to the well with him. So, um, again, in 19 minutes against Memphis, he's went for for 26 minutes points. So, um, he's still under 4k so I don't mind it Speaker 1 00:14:09 If uh, if Van fleets out back to the Malachi fly. Well, yeah, I mean if 30, 30 minutes Speaker 0 00:14:14 You wanna play the minutes right. So Speaker 1 00:14:16 Two, two for 12 shooting. Yeah. So encouraging that he took 12 shots, 24 fantasy points, his price went down a hundred dollars. Um Yep. But if he goes four for 12, five for 12, he has 30 fantasy points. So Speaker 0 00:14:28 Yeah, no, I like it. Shooting guard here, uh, Anthony Edwards is $9,300. A little bit of a price decrease for him. He went for 42 fantasy points against the Palade against Milwaukee here without, uh, drew Holiday in, in Middleton, uh, Tyler Heroes at nine k against Denver and a little bit too expensive for me. Yeah. Um, I probably go to Levine again. 7,700 bucks <laugh> Levy K, clay Thompson, Speaker 1 00:14:52 I'm shocked. Speaker 0 00:14:53 Levy K, clay Thompson 77 and 71. Speaker 1 00:14:56 I'm shocked you are gonna go to Levine. Yeah. Um, clay, I mean Speaker 0 00:14:59 Clay Clay's getting in that same level. Like if no Steph Curry, you're gonna gimme a seven K. Clay Thompson, I'm just gonna play. Speaker 1 00:15:05 Yep. And you know what, um, Jordan pulls just like been better with uh, clay on the floor. So like G B Dart. Yeah. His way too, but like Speaker 0 00:15:16 He's still a bit too expensive, but he could get there. I mean he just needs, it needs the points. Speaker 1 00:15:21 Um, I'm, I'm fully with you. Wiggins is still out too, right? Yeah. Um, definitely in on Clay. So anyone is a good price if he's gonna make shots the way he has and, and we've been getting a little better peripheral stats, uh, Curry and Wiggins off the floor. 25% used to rate for clay. 36% for Jordan pool. Yeah. Um, no Speaker 0 00:15:43 Pool high pool is high, but again, you just look at his numbers, he's just not doing anything. Yeah. He doesn't Speaker 1 00:15:47 Scoring so. Yeah. And the price, the price is still suggesting he's putting up 40 plus fantasy points, Speaker 0 00:15:53 Right? He's not even, he's not coming close. They're pricing him like he like at his ceiling. So nobody's getting any value off of him. So Play, play, you're right. Just play, play fully, Speaker 1 00:16:01 Fully. Right. Um, Speaker 0 00:16:02 Simon's I think you can go a tournament play at 6,600 cuz this one could be, you know, high scoring matchup for him there. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, Franz again, we're gonna play all the Orlando guys today. They don't have anybody. Yep. Fran's at 6,200 against and it's a good matchup for them. Againsts Washington, so it's not like Sure. You know, they're in a tough spot here. Really? So I, I like Franz at at 62 for sure. Um, did you play Josh hard at 58? Speaker 1 00:16:27 Yeah, I've told we were talking about this, um, the other day. Like he's not priced appropriately. He should probably be like when he gets over six K is when I start like getting a little weary about playing Josh Hart. But like as long as he's gonna continue scoring, we know that the peripheral stats are gonna come along with um, like the rebounds. He's just so good on the class. Yeah, no Justice Winslow, he is gonna play a bunch of minutes. Murk has been banged up. I know he looked great LA last game, but, um, yeah, I, I like Josh Har on 6k. Okay, Speaker 0 00:17:01 Let's see here. Uh, yeah, we talked about um, Gary Trent earlier or, or we mentioned Gary Trent, but if, if everybody's out again 32 minutes last night, 32 fantasy points, 27, 32 minutes. The last two games here. Um, 5K is a good number. It's a good number for Gary Trent. Speaker 1 00:17:18 Yeah, he's a, he's a very sh freaky shooter and while he's going good like he has you play him so, um, yeah, if Van, I'm not, I'm probably not, I'm probably off him if Van fleet's in, but he'll be super contrarian if Van if you play him and Van Fleet does. Speaker 0 00:17:33 Yeah. I'm not playing him without with fan fleet active. Only if he's out. Um, you mentioned we, we touched on both Allen Bruce Brown also questionable to play tonight. So if all those guys who missed the other night are out again, uh, just helps Highland even more. Uh, Beasley's always a tournament guy shot three for 12. We talk about this when he miss misses, he misses shots, he doesn't score. Um, so just not gonna get you there. Um, any other shooting guards for you here? Conan, Allen, anybody like that pop for Speaker 1 00:17:58 You? No, um, all these guys all have the dual eligibility too, so if you wanted to play any of 'em, um, I guess the sauce Terence Ross. Yeah. If he starts. Oh yeah. Speaker 0 00:18:08 What's Ross's price? Speaker 1 00:18:09 He's 30, he's $3,100. Speaker 0 00:18:11 Yeah, you're gonna have to probably play Terence Ross Speaker 1 00:18:13 And then Kevon Harris if he were to start, he's three K, he's one of the eight available magic players tonight. So yeah. Um, Berg started Speaker 0 00:18:21 For be right Tony say 28 minutes, didn't do anything but just mentioning Speaker 1 00:18:25 That. Yeah. Such a low, just such a low floor in Pittsburgh. Speaker 0 00:18:29 Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, I would play Ross probably over Harris even if Harris starts Same. Speaker 1 00:18:33 No, yeah. Uh, same. I'm just saying like there is probably some value to Harris just Yeah. Considering they only have eight, eight players. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:18:42 I agree with you. Uh, small forward. LeBron's a top guy, ten one again, we'll see if he plays or not. Uh, we thought he probably wasn't gonna play and then he did play uh, 27, 9 and six in that game. 45 fantasy points. Uh, Rosen another little price bump for him at 91 but he went for 71 fantasy points against to Milwaukee. Uh, as we've mentioned already Detroit, uh, down a few guys and not very good defensively anyways. So, uh, in the past we've kind of shyed off a bit at night, nine K Rosen but um, he can probably go there. Uh, I'm just gonna play marking in again. Yeah. In my line up. He was in the cover of the core plays the other day against Golden State 56 fantasy points. He's gone for 50 plus now and 3 0 4. Um, you know, the bulls would be really something if they just kept this guy and said they, they traded Speaker 1 00:19:30 Him. Well I wish the boats had a stretch four that um, yeah, was like six 10 and could shoot threes. Speaker 0 00:19:35 He can rebound a little bit, you know, like Speaker 1 00:19:37 Rebound a little bit. I wish they had something like that. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:19:39 Yeah. So Lori in 84 love it. You know, definitely love the spot, the price. He's a nine gay player right now. He is, he's he's just in mispriced uh, Guzman's in the same boat too. Guzman should be a little bit more expensive. Um Speaker 1 00:19:50 Yep. Especially if Bill sits. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:19:52 Um, you can probably, again, I, there there's not many like true, true spend up here. We'll get to that it's center and Power Forward but Yep. There's some really good mid-tier guys here at this, uh, at this small forward position. Um, yeah as well. Paolo at 78 again. Yep. You know nobody's on the floor for them here tonight. Uh, Jeremy Grant's coming off 61 fantasy points against Charlotte 73 <laugh>, you know, like Middleton's gone for 40 plus and three straight, you know, there's a lot of mid-tier guys here at the small forward spot. Speaker 1 00:20:22 Um, Scotty Barnes you mean I'm looking at, you said Middleton? Yeah, Speaker 0 00:20:26 Scotty Speaker 1 00:20:26 Barns. You were looking at Middleton's name saying Scotty Barn yeah's what happened? Yeah. Looking at Scotty Barnes saying Chris Middleton. Speaker 0 00:20:32 Yeah, they're right below each other. So Scotty Barns for three straight hands of 40 plus. Speaker 1 00:20:35 Yep. Yep. Tough, tougher spot. But I agree. Um, you know, if he's gonna be this productive, I gotta, I gotta hop on the bandwagon. The shot attempts are definitely up, you know, that's a, a positive for Scotty Barnes and I would say him and OG on an newbie are probably in like that same, Speaker 0 00:20:51 It's the rebounding you, I mean like why is he all of a sudden rebounding? It's not impacting his rebounding. Speaker 1 00:20:57 Um, maybe it's just them going back to their siia at Center Roots like Yeah cuz I don't think SICU had like a whole bunch of rebounds last night. He had 10. I mean that's good but like Yeah, I don't know. It was, he's a this guy Speaker 0 00:21:15 10 rebounds outta nowhere, so Speaker 1 00:21:17 Yeah, it's, yeah, who knows. Speaker 0 00:21:19 Um, bogged in and he had just here at 63. Speaker 1 00:21:22 Yeah. Um, it was annoying cuz he was apparently limited in that Brooklyn game. Um, cause he only played nine minutes in the first half and then they were like, you know what, you look pretty good. We'll play you for Speaker 0 00:21:35 19 minutes. He didn't start the game and I know Disc quarter was flipping out about it and Speaker 1 00:21:38 Then, uh, he didn't start and then played nine but he only checked in. He didn't play the entire first quarter and then played nine minutes and then checked out. It's like, what are we doing? And then plays the whole second half essentially. Um, if there's no tray, if there's no tray I can get to, um, five Dan. Okay. Speaker 0 00:21:54 Um, if everybody's out for Denver we can play K pj uh, m PJ rather. We weren't sure if on the back to back what he was gonna do and he played 35 minutes, so. Yep. Speaker 1 00:22:02 He looked good. Two games in, he looked good now. Four or five. He's looked good. Speaker 0 00:22:05 Yeah. Uh, anybody here for, I don't know, 5K or under, Speaker 1 00:22:10 Um, under 5k? Oof. We mentioned Trent, they still started Naji Marshall, he's just such a low floor Speaker 0 00:22:19 Player back to Speaker 1 00:22:20 City, Speaker 0 00:22:21 Bay. Speaker 1 00:22:22 Go back to Sadiq Bay. That's gonna be popular. I would say. We talked about it on the last pod where Bagley was out. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and he had a, and he, his minutes increased. Bagley's questionable. Um, yeah, you could go back to Bay. I think he could start maybe even with, um, with killing Hayes out. Sure Speaker 0 00:22:48 Know they get stardom Speaker 1 00:22:50 So Yeah, I think he's firmly in play. I think we're gonna get a lot of ownership on Detroit. I think we're gonna get a lot of ownership on Orlando. Orlando. Yeah. The, the two people that are lower ro uh, they're rosters are condensed because they got in a fight with each other are gonna be pretty popular. So Speaker 0 00:23:06 Yeah, I mean Caleb keeps sitting and Kevin Harris, who you mentioned already, both are just three K at small forward, so Speaker 1 00:23:11 One of them couldn't start. Speaker 0 00:23:12 Yep, yep. Um, yeah, they could both, they both sides. They didn't see any time. Harris didn't play at all that last game and Houston saw 10 minutes, so. Speaker 1 00:23:23 Hmm. Speaker 0 00:23:24 We'll see Power forward. Uh, Giannis Siia, your top two guys. Giannis is 11 nine SI's at ten two. Uh, Giannis went for 84 Fantasy points 45, 22 and seven. Uh, can definitely do that against Minnesota, so I'm Speaker 1 00:23:37 Not gonna Yeah, no, yeah, no holiday. He's gonna, he feel the pressure to do it again. Yep. No holiday, no Middleton, he's gonna definitely do that same thing again. Speaker 0 00:23:45 Uh, five straight games of at least 50 fantasy points for Ciak here. Um, you know, interesting spot Zion gets Philly, uh, if Zion had a really good game, 56 fantasy points, 43, 3 and five. But, um, I don't know, what do you think Zion is capable of doing? It's a Philly team here today. Speaker 1 00:24:02 Um, I don't know. That's Mitchell Robinson when uh, we, you know, um, Speaker 0 00:24:07 Mitch Rob has a foot on Zion Williamson Speaker 1 00:24:09 <laugh>. That's true. Um, I think Zion can probably stays in that like 40 to 50 finish point range. So probably say floor, but not something that I'm like itching to, to get to. Okay. Speaker 0 00:24:24 Uh, Ze 87. Speaker 1 00:24:27 Yep. He just a little disappointing last game but like can't predict the Rui hot Cham Speaker 0 00:24:32 30 point game, <laugh> 30 actual Speaker 1 00:24:34 Point game. Yeah. Ascension. So I think that obviously had something to do with it. Um, but yeah, I I can go back to there. Speaker 0 00:24:40 Okay. Uh, we talked about a lot of these guys already here. Again, multi-position eligibility doing us in. Um, anybody that we haven't mentioned, I guess a power forward that you would've interest in John Collins, maybe a 57. Speaker 1 00:24:50 Definitely John Collins, he's gonna be super popular again. Um, as long as he's under 6k he's gonna be extremely popular. He's been good with Trey without Trey. Um, just foul trouble the last couple games has really hurt him. Um, he got in foul trouble in the Brooklyn game. He fouled out of the Indiana game, but he is under 6k. I'm, I'm he's been pretty popular too. I was looking at No, I wanted to play Bobby Porters the other day, um, because he's gets just a massive usage bump and fantasy player for minute bump when there's no Middleton and then's no drill holiday. Like there's just Speaker 0 00:25:24 No natural position for him when those guys are out. But he Right when he is on the floor without those guys is what you're saying. Right. Giannis comes on the floor. There isn't a Drew Milton also out there, so it's all on. So Speaker 1 00:25:37 Yeah, and it's like, like right exactly what you said. He is not directly benefiting in terms of like minutes. Right. Because he's not going to play one of those positions. But like he is backing up the four and he is backing up the five. Like he's just staying on the floor in both those scenarios. Um, and we saw when his, when they need his offense, he plays 28 minutes. Right. And in 28 minutes he gives you 38 fantasy points, 20 in 11. Like that's what he could do. And I think just needing that sidekick, we know Jovan Carter doesn't shoot, they literally started Joon. Carter doesn't shoot, Patrick Con doesn't shoot and who else? Allen, they and Grace and Allen who is just always fighting people. Yeah. <laugh> like know, um, doing scumbag stuff. So like, I don't know, like Portis to me is a, is an interesting tournament play that I don't think a lot of people get to because like you said, it's not a natural, like there is no spot for him. Yeah. But they just need his presence when they're second and third best player isn't on the floor. So I think other than Collins, it's probably Portis for me. I could see Draymond getting up for this game. He's been a little better. Um, Speaker 0 00:26:48 Jada McDaniels last three games. 40, 29, 38 fantasy points. Speaker 1 00:26:53 Yeah. Um, if there's no Kyle Anderson I can get to McDaniels, I feel like he'd maybe be limited. Uh, I guess not. I guess he's just been playing a whole bunch of minutes without towns in general. Yeah. So, um, yeah, I can get, I can get to McDaniels 55. Speaker 0 00:27:06 I, I mean I would agree. Obviously Kyle Anderson had been playing really well fantasy wise also. Um, you know, but hey McDaniels stand out of foul trouble. Maybe that doesn't, maybe that doesn't happen against Milwaukee, but Speaker 1 00:27:17 Oh true. We have to guard Giannis here. Huh? They're a hundred percent McDaniels guarding Giannis Speaker 0 00:27:22 Probably. Speaker 1 00:27:23 He's probably their best defender, right? Probably. Speaker 0 00:27:25 Unless they have Gobert on Giannis and they have McDaniels on Brooke, like, Speaker 1 00:27:30 Hmm. Speaker 0 00:27:31 Probably not. Speaker 1 00:27:32 I feel like they were touting, remember when everyone last year Speaker 0 00:27:34 Was Yeah. Defensive player. Speaker 1 00:27:35 Yeah. Like McDaniels is better prospect than Edwards cuz he is defensively better, blah blah blah. And it's like, okay, well then he's, you know, I don't know about that but like, yeah, I think he's a good prospect, but I don't know better Speaker 0 00:27:50 A week, a game after playing 40 minutes against the clippers. Isaiah Stewart played 26 minutes here against Orlando. He was super, Speaker 1 00:27:56 He was super popular too. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:27:58 He didn't do anything so didn't do anything. Um, he got Chicago. I don't mind running back if you wanted to. Uh, what are we doing with Nas Reid Speaker 1 00:28:06 Love the, for the forward eligibility by the way. All right, love that. Right? Yep. Yep. Love it. Speaker 0 00:28:12 It's uh, been good. It's been good. Bull Bowl though. Probably chalk here at 48. Yep. Speaker 1 00:28:16 Sure. Definitely chalk. You Speaker 0 00:28:18 Know, every time we like a guy it's like, alright. Right. There's Orlando 40 minutes from Speaker 1 00:28:21 Heck know, you know, literally every single time. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:28:26 Uh, I got nobody else. Speaker 1 00:28:28 Um, er he, Speaker 0 00:28:32 He's gonna do it again. Speaker 1 00:28:33 The think about it is that like, do it again. I think, I don't think that it's like repeatable, but you look at his, the four games since coming back from injury, he's played more minutes than he was like 24, 27, 21, 28. Um, and two of the three he scored 20 plus actual in like two of his last three he scored 20 plus. So I don't know, like maybe I'm not, I'm not looking, I'm not expecting a repeat performance. I just think it's worth noting that like, hey this guy is uh, Trump. This guy is pretty good. Speaker 0 00:29:05 All right. Center, uh, YOIC is at 11 eight against Miami Speaker 1 00:29:09 Admiral Scofield. Three k by the way for Orlando. You Speaker 0 00:29:13 Know, if you wanna go Speaker 1 00:29:14 There, shout, shout out to the admiral, you can Speaker 0 00:29:16 Go there. Uh, Jojo Yoic. 11 8 11 K each, um, any, any where refer for Yoic against Miami here. Don't worry about the yo, some of the fewest fantasy points of centers. Speaker 1 00:29:27 No. Yo no worry about Yoku against anybody. Okay. Um, but especially if there's no Murray or Speaker 0 00:29:34 He didn't pay off his price against Denver or Sacramento either game. So Speaker 1 00:29:38 That's true. Uh, well, yeah. 59 fantasy points paid it off. 11 seven. Yeah. Borderline. Um, cuz 60 is 12 K. Yeah. Um, I mean I love jojo here we're gonna see, we're gonna see Speaker 0 00:29:53 Vallan. Junis has to play on the minutes, Speaker 1 00:29:55 Right? Instant, instant p trouble from Valentini, instant Pable and then a smaller Larry Nance. And then if Larry Nance, when he puts Larry Nance in the blender, Jackson Hayes, then we're gonna see Jackson Hayes or uh, goat Willy Goat, yeah. Willy Goat. So, um, I love him. I love him beat here. Okay. Speaker 0 00:30:14 Uh, AAB bonus and he and can't, can't worry about him, right, Speaker 1 00:30:17 <laugh>. Yeah, I know. No, no he is in so good. Uh, even with one hand. Speaker 0 00:30:22 Yeah. This is a good Vook spot against Troy. It Speaker 1 00:30:25 Yeah. Um, <laugh> looking forward to the 19 fantasy points in, in advance here, but it is a good vook spot for sure. Speaker 0 00:30:34 Uh, let's see. Aon gets Torontos as long as there's no Booker. We talk about Aon all the time. Speaker 1 00:30:38 Yep. He's been super good again, time game Speaker 0 00:30:42 For him in this, in this matchup too, so. Speaker 1 00:30:44 Sure, sure. And the Memphis game. They did, I think Toronto did start their second half with Ken Burch yesterday. I believe he started the second half. I believe he did. And there might be Precious back, but still could size vintage either Speaker 0 00:31:02 Way. Precious isn't, isn't a big guy, but I like eight and 75. Speaker 1 00:31:05 Same. Speaker 0 00:31:06 Um, let's see here. Um, I did say play Broo the other day. Went for 32. I think you can play 'em again. Speaker 1 00:31:14 You could play Burlo. Yeah. I mean they don't have like Grace and Allen took 16 shots. Portis took a bunch of shots and, and Broo could take a bunch of shots here. Um, do you think Nor is his last game is repeatable 67 fantasy points. Speaker 0 00:31:29 Uh, I mean against Holden State probably, but I mean he needs, he is as efficient as he was, you know, shooting the basketball. So, um, I don't know if it's a spot I would I end up getting to, but I I understand if you're stacking late games, he's gonna be in your lineup. Right? Um, Thomas Bryant? No. Capella, any interest there? Speaker 1 00:31:49 Yeah, tournament only, we just can't predict the minutes. Yeah. Like it's 33, 19 31, 23. So trends say he is gonna play more than 30, but um, who knows? You know, I liken in Yucca and Danko on the other side of this game. Speaker 0 00:32:03 I was gonna ask you, how many rebounds do you think Jalen Duran gets tonight? Speaker 1 00:32:06 I think he's gonna get a lot of rebounds. Speaker 0 00:32:08 18 more. Think he's Orlando. Speaker 1 00:32:10 I think he's gonna get a lot of rebounds every time he is on the floor. Um, I'm on, I feel like I'm more surprised when he has single digit rebounds than he does double digit re Right, right. Like he's um, Speaker 0 00:32:26 Not that I know Youku call cause that also is probably in a good spot at 53, but Duran has been Speaker 1 00:32:31 Yeah, no, I I think, I think they're both, we've had a lot of good value centers lately. Yep. And none of them start or end with the name Walker. Kessler Speaker 0 00:32:41 <laugh>, right. Speaker 1 00:32:42 <laugh> Speaker 0 00:32:43 Right. Hey, I told you Kevon Looney the other day. He had 12 rebounds. Dude, Speaker 1 00:32:47 He's been good. You've been counting Kevon Looney. He just like fi like five minutes minutes dude. Give him the minutes. Give him the minutes. Speaker 0 00:32:56 Oh, let's see anybody else here for you? Speaker 1 00:32:59 Gaffer played 25 minutes and we see what he can do when he sees out of foul trouble. 14 8, 3 blocks. Um, I don't know if this is gaffer's spot cause we don't know like what they're gonna do. You know, like Orlando plays Bo Bowl, does that take gaffer off the floor cuz Bo Bowl stretches the floor. You know, I don't know. Um, and then there's the always interesting decision where Andre Drummond comes into play. Yeah. And we saw it two slates ago and we saw it last slate where Drummond and Mark Williams, both backup centers both go crazy. Yep. Both went in lines. Speaker 0 00:33:38 He hits a lot of rebounds when he's 11 and eight, nine and 12 rebounds the last four games playing 15, 20, 18, and 16 minutes. So, uh, you know, if he hits a couple of shots, he can get you to pay off the question <laugh>, but probably not a spot I'm going to. So Speaker 1 00:33:53 A little revenge narrative here, John, against Detroit. Drummond doesn't play. You don't think Drummond's gonna play 20 minutes here? Probably revenge. Probably, Speaker 0 00:33:59 Probably not. <laugh>. Um, all right, let's build our lineup. Uh, we're gonna go full-time imaginative guard, right? Speaker 1 00:34:05 Yeah, probably him and Ben Carro and Bull Speaker 0 00:34:08 Bull. Speaker 1 00:34:08 I I Bull Bull being 4,800 is super appealing. Speaker 0 00:34:14 Bon Carro. Uh, I'm gonna go Laurie, Speaker 1 00:34:20 You want to place some, do we wanna play some Detroit value Sadiq or, um, Berks? We could be contr with Ivy Berks. Berks is obviously the really popular Speaker 0 00:34:30 And Burkes 4,400. So we have $6,200 a player for a guard Ford in Utility. We don't have, we don't have a big spend up. So I mean we can, Speaker 1 00:34:39 We don't need, I don't think we necessarily need one on this slate. Um, Speaker 0 00:34:43 Do you want, do we're also do, um, Eboni? Speaker 1 00:34:50 Yeah, I mean that, that would be concerning for us, I think. Um, and we need, we're very chalky right now. Speaker 0 00:34:56 Yeah. If we did ibe, we'd have 41 a play for Guard Ford in Utility, which I mean, again, there is a Terrence Ross's main price, right? Like Speaker 1 00:35:04 Yeah. Terrence Rossman Price Flynn, there's a lot of under 4K plays. Aaron Holladay. If Trey is out, there's a ton of, Speaker 0 00:35:13 If you don't mind playing for Orlando, which we've done plenty of times playing four don't Speaker 1 00:35:16 Games. I don't, I Speaker 0 00:35:18 Don't mind it. Foltz Burkes, Bon Kero Marketing and indeed Ross Bowl gives us a 45 util to pluck to pick from. Um, if we went and bead, we don't have to go and bead obviously, Speaker 1 00:35:30 But it's Sadique, Sadique Bay would probably be the, probably the play there. Speaker 0 00:35:38 Let's Speaker 1 00:35:38 See here. That's, but that's, you know, I don't know if that's contingent on Bagley, but, um, Sadi. Gaffer, Speaker 0 00:35:44 Yeah, I would, yeah. I don't know if it's contingent on Bagley either. Um, if we do, if you take off and bead, uh, it's 77 a player, uh, for a, for, for a guard utility because Ross can play either position. So, um, like Lillard against Golden States down there, you know, is a, a Kee can Speaker 1 00:36:05 Pop. I like that. Yeah, I like that. Speaker 0 00:36:06 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Let's go Lillard. Go Lillard is our guard. Or go Ross in the Ford. And that gives us a $5,800 utility play. Speaker 1 00:36:17 John Collins. Speaker 0 00:36:18 John Collins. Perfect. Hey Markel folks. Alec Burkes, Paula Bon Kiro, Lori Marketing, Bob, Damien Lillard, Terence Ross, John Collins is your lineup for today? Uh, I, I don't know who's on, who's on the playbook today, James? I never know I made the schedule. I never know. He's on the playbook. It's a Kirk scene. It's Speaker 1 00:36:35 One of the, one of the Speaker 0 00:36:36 Think Kirky. I think he's on the Speaker 1 00:36:38 Playbook. Maybe Kirky. Maybe Kirky. Speaker 0 00:36:39 Oh, well we know it's not Ray cuz it's not out already. Um, but we'll, uh, you know, we'll, we'll see who is is. Good luck. Hey, happy New Year everybody. By the time James. Happy New Year. Come back. Uh, we'll be the 2023, uh, portion of the NBA season here. So, uh, wish you all a good, uh, happy New Year and James and I will be back on Monday, uh, for Monday's podcast and live June. We'll talk to you guys later.

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