December 29, 2022


NBA DFS Podcast December 29: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

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James Grande Jon Impemba
NBA DFS Podcast December 29: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays
Fantasy Alarm NBA DFS Podcast
NBA DFS Podcast December 29: Top DraftKings & FanDuel Plays

Dec 29 2022 | 00:42:58


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James Grande and Jon Impemba preview the NBA DFS main slate for DraftKings. The guys bring you their top plays, values, and fades to build your lineups around which include elite matchups such as Luka Doncic against the Rockets.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on? FFA Nation, Jonathan Phi James Grande, welcoming to the fantasy Hillam, N B A DFS podcast in livestream. Recording here for Thursday, sixth game main slate. Uh, James, another big performance last night from us. Some's top stars. Uh, you and I were talking just before we went live. It's almost as if Lu Donk set the bar with his, uh, Tuesday performance there. Wednesday comes, we have Giannis go for 85 fantasy points. Kevin Duran, DeMar de Rosen go for over 70 fantasy points. Uh, big time performances all over the map. We saw, you know, uh, Zion go for 45. You know, we got a bunch of guys went for 50 fantasy points here. Uh, may, maybe that's what guys needed to see, right? They just need to see the best players go off and we maybe, we'll, we'll see the end of some down performances from these star plays. Speaker 1 00:00:46 Yeah. And, uh, we got some more stars including Jason Tatum, Pascal si, John Morant, Lalo Ball on Thursday slate so that that trend could continue. Koi Leonard, Paul, George, like that trend could continue on onto Thursday. No, by the way, now Luka Donk guy is on, uh, Thursday slate as well. Um, and before we hopped on, we were like, let's just, let's just mosey on over to Draft Kings and look at Lucas Price. Probably like 13 k, probably like thir John. It didn't move, never Speaker 0 00:01:17 Touched it. Speaker 1 00:01:18 12, 12,000. And it's not, we're not saying the 12,000 is like the equivalent of 6,000. It's not cheap, but yeah, no, the guy just went for the all time record a hundred fantasy points and they did not move his price in a matchup against a team John that he scored 50 against six days ago. He's score 50 Speaker 0 00:01:43 Luca, literally almost 10 x a 12 K price tag. I mean, yeah, that's, I mean, yep, that, that is what, Speaker 1 00:01:52 Cheers. I got my cop. Cheers to you, Luca. That is Speaker 0 00:01:56 Cheers to you. Uh, insane. And you're not wrong. We have some, some very top tier guys. I mean, Jason Tatum's gone for 60 plus and three of the last four, Pascal Sicca went for 76 fans three games ago. So, uh, yes, this is gonna be another spot here where I think, again, we'll see, uh, guys who saw what Luca did, you saw Twitter kind of going off, you saw a lot of these players commenting about, you know, Luca being the goat and all these things. And uh, top tier performance is then coming outta some of these players here. So, um, yeah, we'll, we'll see if that trend can continue. Some tougher matchups, you know, Tatum's gotta deal with the Clippers. Ciocca's got Memphis here, um, you know, but well, again, Luca got, got, Dallas got, uh, Houston <laugh>, uh, went for 82, 82 fancy points against them three games ago. So, uh, what a run for Luka Don here, he's at home in this matchup as well. Uh, top price guy on a six game slate. James, like, just given what he just did, is there any way you don't build a lineup around him, like just the mat? I mean, that aside, the, the matchup he just won for, like he said 82, he just had the same exact matchup here. Speaker 1 00:03:03 Yeah, I mean, look in cash games, you're not fading him in single entries. He's gonna be very popular. I could, I could obviously see a scenario where you're building multiple lineups and you're fading him in a couple. Um, you just mentioned Yak has 70 plus upside. We've seen Jason Tatum go for 60 like every other game at this point. Um, we don't know the health of the Knicks. Like we could just spend up on Julius Randall as like a top priority spend, you know? Um, there's a lot of different directions we could go other than Luca, if you're building one lineup, don't fade 'em, you know, or you know, you know, if you wanna throw away money, that's fine. That's cool too. Uh, it also is gonna depend on like how much value we have, right? Like, there's a lot of, lot, a lot, a lot of guys that are questionable today. Speaker 1 00:03:53 Yeah. Nobody's like, nobody's like out, which is weird to see, but there are a lot of big names, questionable Halliburton's, questionable Van Lee, Brunson, ure, Kelvin Johnson, Devin Vall. So like, if half of those guys are ruled out, it's gonna be extremely easy to get Luca into our lineups. Yeah. If none of them, if every single one of them play, it's like, well, where's the value? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, because then that's, that's the question we're gonna have to figure out. Um, so, you know, I, I think a lot of people should and will build with Luca, but it also gonna just depend on how the slate breaks. You don't want to have a, you know, a Jovan Carter light on your roster or you don't want to have players like that where you're just like plugging because they may play a bunch of minutes, but like, they're gonna take three shots, not do anything else while they're Speaker 0 00:04:41 On the floor. You talk about not playing low floor guys. Uh, I felt, I felt that pain last night with Austin Reeves, his 1.5 fantasy points. Uh, you know, just, you know, those are the risk you take when you play these sort of like fringy guys that you know, need, you know, shots to fall. And, you know, he is not, you know, he is in the rotation, but he can just easily be out of the rotation, uh, as well. And he opened that game like, oh, for three or three turnovers and that was basically, uh, curtains for Austin Reeves last night. So, Speaker 1 00:05:13 Yeah. And, and like you said, it's like it's been a guy, he's been a guy specifically that's been playing around 30 minutes a night, no matter who's in, who's out. But when you're just ineffective and you're not a guy that's going to be able to like, miss shots and keep shooting, uh, you need to, you need your first couple to fall in order for your coach to trust you. It's, it's tough. So, and, and we, and we say this all the time, and I, and I say this to people all the time in Discord, it's like they're gonna be players that have low floors that break out. Sure. I understand that. And John understands that. We understand that, but it's like, more often than not a guy who takes five shots a game is gonna take five shots a game. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, there's always the outliers where they take 10 shots and the hits six of 'em, 'em, and you're like, holy smokes, this is the best day ever. I, I hit on that day. Well, you know, Dorian Finn Smith isn't gonna take 10 shots every game. So, um, you know, just keep that in mind when building lineups. You, you, yes, we want people that are gonna play minutes, but I would rather play someone who plays 20 minutes and takes 15 shots. Yeah. Or 10 shots and a guy who's gonna play 30 minutes and take six shots, you know? So Speaker 0 00:06:21 Yeah. We did get, we did get kinda jipped by TJ Warren last night. He played 26 minutes and took five shots after taking 10 plus the previous four games. Yeah. Uh, hard to take shots when Kevin Duran is taking all of the shots Speaker 1 00:06:32 And, and Kyrie and Kyrie like him and Kyrie just doing everything last night. Speaker 0 00:06:36 Yeah. I'll still go back to TJ Warren. I don't care guys, guys played 26 and 27 minutes back to back games. Like absolutely. I'm in, I'm in. That's a guy I'll believe in until he proves me wrong again. I guess <laugh>. Um, but let's look at this slate here again. Luke is up there, s g a against Charlotte Lam meo ball against, uh, O K C, kind of going up against one another. That should be a pretty fun game to watch. You got John against Toronto. We haven't generally liked playing guys against Toronto. They, they play slow. Uh, they're generally a tough defensive match up here, but, uh, what are, what are your thoughts on the top guys here? Speaker 1 00:07:08 I mean, other than Luca, I think SGA is in a great spot. Um, you know, my, my problem with him during that like two weeks span was that he wasn't doing other things, but now he's doing everything right again. And, and the matchup does not get better than Charlotte. Um, I mean 8 6 6 assist, three of six, six assist, five assist, seven assist his last six games. Six Speaker 0 00:07:31 Guy coming 73 fantasy point game a couple nights ago. Speaker 1 00:07:34 Yeah, I know. I mean, it's just insane. And, and, um, yeah, so ten one doesn't feel too expensive. John Moran, I don't think people play John Moran. Like I still think that people, I don't know what his, the perception of John Moran is to like the public. Um, but he's incredible. It's so weird. He has these like big games that you're like, what could have been, if not for a blowout all the time, like fif, he had 50 fantasy points, 34 actual, yes, he didn't shoot great, but he only played 31 minutes. They took their stars off the floor halfway through the fourth. More than that. Like what could have been for Ja in a more competitive setting. And that's, that feels like Toronto's in a, in like a better spot now that they're healthy, they got si back, they look better. Um, so I like J Lao's a, I think a top tier play. Yeah. Missed a lot of shots and was in foul trouble again. Speaker 0 00:08:31 Yeah, I was gonna say the, the, the usual story for Lamel. Yeah. But again, we love, we love the shot 25, 26. Love it. 22, 26. I mean Speaker 1 00:08:40 This is the Rore, the rore shout times when Lom was out, right? Yeah. <laugh>, this is like exactly what we were looking at. Speaker 0 00:08:46 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Exactly. So, uh, I'm willing to ride it back cause he can't give you that triple double. He gave you 63 against Eclipse, uh, handful of nights ago. So at under 10 k again, good, good kind of price there for lame ball. Yep. Uh, where are you? Uh, we're probably out, don't know. Halliburton mean he's questionable anyways, but Cleveland's a really tough spot for Speaker 1 00:09:02 Yeah, no thanks. Speaker 0 00:09:03 Uh, I agree with you can be out on there. Uh, k PJ opposite of Dallas. Any interest? Speaker 1 00:09:10 Um, he's been very good lately. Uh, just a pretty tough spot. Like his one down game coincidentally in the last four was against Dallas Five for 13 shooting. They play slow. Um, they're very good defensively. Yes. They're missing Dorian Finny Smith. So that's, you Speaker 0 00:09:27 Know, he did have a 50 fantasy point game against Dallas, in Dallas, uh, back in, uh, was like the fifth game of the season. So obviously a lot of, a lot of games have happened in between then. Um, 17 11 8 3 steals also in that three blocks rather. Three blocks rather in that game. Also aiding towards the, the production there. Speaker 1 00:09:47 Yeah. Tournaments. I mean, he's been playing tournaments and I don't know if you intentionally skipped over Garland, but we we got the Garland nuke. Yeah. Last game. Um, I Speaker 0 00:09:57 Just don't know, I I, again, I you can always just throw him in a lineup, but he's like not a core play for me cuz No, Speaker 1 00:10:02 No, no he's not. But he's a, he is a, he he has like nuke the slate ability. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:10:09 Yeah, yeah. He went for 56 against Dallas a few weeks ago. 65. Listen, it's funny, we talked about it that night. It's $7,700, like Right. The price tag's coming down. I'm like, it's getting to a range where like we're comfortable playing Darius Garland cuz he can give you 35 fantasy points and it's around five x and then boom, it goes 14 of 20 shooting and it gives you 65 and then they actually upp this price to ak. We can't get a Luca price bump, but we can get a Darius Garland price bump here. So, um, yeah, listen again, I, I think I still think it's a little bit too high. It's probably like a fringy cash play for me. Okay. Speaker 1 00:10:43 Um, I, I mean I I I think the matchup is nuke potential again. Sure. Um, but again, it, it hasn't happened like multiple games in a row, so. We'll, we'll see. Speaker 0 00:10:55 Yeah, I mean he's been out playing Mitchell the last couple nights so we'll see. We'll see. I can see, I agree with you there. Um, mid-tier guys, which ones are uh, popping off to you here? Speaker 1 00:11:06 I mean, Brunson's gonna be probably one of the more popular plays in the slate if he plays. Yeah. Um, no RJ Barrett, um, mid-tier pricing for no reason, like Brunson should probably be closer to ak. Um, he actually leads the Nixons and usage rate without RJ Barrett ahead of Julius Randall slate very close. Um, any average is 1.2 fantasy points per minute. So if, if Jalen Brunson plays one of my favorite plays is Slate. Yeah. Um, I don't think I'm being like too bold about that. Cause <laugh>, I think the Knicks are gonna be very, very popular. Uh, just across the board. Dedo played, I mean the minutes night last game, were just in the Luca game. Were just insane. I mean, miles McBride played 48 minutes. Quentin Grimes played 50 minutes. Speaker 0 00:11:56 We played 51. Speaker 1 00:11:57 So yeah, it's, it's so like depending on the Brunson status, best matchup on the board by far best price on the board, but again gonna be very chalky I think. Um, Spencer Dinwitty is definitely interesting, very up and down player, like very, very up and down. Love the minutes lately. Love the minutes, 37 plus minutes and five straight games. And I understand there was overtime involved in the Nick's game wasn't overtime in the li on Christmas day when he played 40 minutes. Um, just didn't make any shots and, and we know he can be the secondary scorer. I know Christian Wood entered the starting lineup and he's been good and Hardaway has been good since he entered the starting lineup. Weird that they are using the rest players when they're starting lineup Yeah. These days. But um, Speaker 0 00:12:39 And they're winning and they're winning games. What Speaker 1 00:12:40 About that, you know, <laugh> and their winning. It's crazy. Jason Kidd. Um, but yeah, I mean I think Dinwitty could be a play. Um, and then I think on the flip side of the next game, Trey Jones, whether Vall Orkel Johnson are on or off the floor have has been pretty great. Yeah. And what could be, if both those guys hit both listed Speaker 0 00:13:02 Questionable. Yeah. No, Trey Jones a good spot of 59 again, quickly. He played f 51 minutes in the overtime game, but insane. Uh, he's gonna play a lot of minutes with, with Barrett outta the Speaker 1 00:13:10 One Barrett. Yeah, that was, so that was my, that was my, um, when I was setting the projections off front Speaker 0 00:13:16 Because they're already playing Grimes, right? Grime's already in the starting lineup, right? Speaker 1 00:13:20 Yeah, I think I it's gonna be quickly in McBride, right? Yeah. Like they're gonna have the four man rotation at Guard where it's like Brunson quickly. McBride Grimes. Yeah. Right. That's it. That's it's probably it maybe cam a splash of Cam reddish in there. Speaker 0 00:13:36 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:13:37 Or a splash of Dros. Like is that, I mean like one of the two, he Speaker 0 00:13:41 Had 15 assists in that game. Speaker 1 00:13:43 Quick's great. I'm no, this isn't me like poo-pooing Speaker 0 00:13:46 Quickly, I just think it's wild. Like some of the b I mean he has a game with 16 rebounds now he has a game with 15 assists <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:13:52 Yeah. And, and during, during the 15 it says he is five of 21 from the floor. Oh. But 21 shots. I mean no Brunson, if there's no Brunson or Barrett Lock and Load Coplay because Speaker 0 00:14:06 Dude, dude, Quick's not afraid to shoot. We've talked about that before. Guy gets on the floor, looks for his offense. So I'm, I'm definitely a fan of him there. Speaker 1 00:14:12 The, the best clip at the best clip ever is when he had that wide open layup and he did like three step backs to get to three point line from last Speaker 0 00:14:20 Year. Yeah. Then didn't he immediately get taken off the floor Speaker 1 00:14:22 Immediately take well, yeah. Immediately taken off the floor. Yeah. He, he did like that, like he did like three hardened step backs. Yeah. After having a wide open layup. Hilarious. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:14:31 Uh, if guys are out for Spurs, uh, drop for Juston probably, I know you mentioned Bra, uh, Brandon the other day, um, 23 minutes for him. I, I just, I trust Richardson a little bit more if he's Yep. He's Speaker 1 00:14:42 Out there. He played minutes and he played that was only McDermott was the only one out. Yeah. And he played and he played all those minutes. So, Speaker 0 00:14:49 Um, uh, then you mentioned McBride, he's 3,200 bucks, so, um, played 46, 46 minutes. So Speaker 1 00:14:55 Very low floor <laugh>, very low, Speaker 0 00:14:57 Very low. I played 46 minutes, only 21 fantasy points. Speaker 1 00:15:00 So very low floor. Speaker 0 00:15:01 But, uh, if, if Halliburton's out, would you play $3,100? TJ McConnell. Oh, against Cleveland? Speaker 1 00:15:05 Yeah. Yep. I would. Okay. Um, also we have, we should mention Nebar. Sure. Who remember when, Speaker 0 00:15:13 Uh, yeah, he was bawling, Speaker 1 00:15:14 They were out Nebar was Steph Curry against Steph Curry? Speaker 0 00:15:18 McConnell wasn't playing during that either, right? Like he Speaker 1 00:15:21 Was No, I don't think he was. Yeah, I don't think he was, but still like still Speaker 0 00:15:25 Remember 64 fancy point game. So the NBA is is wild, Speaker 1 00:15:30 Wild dude. This is, this is the just the temp pool, right? Like that's just goes to show you these guys who are the eighth player on the roster or whatever are when they given KJ Martin end of year is Shaquille O'Neal. Speaker 0 00:15:45 Right? Right. Uh, shooting guard Jaylen Brown here, $9,100. He and Jason TA both went for big numbers the other day he scored 39 actual against Houston. But unfortunately, uh, one rebound, two assists just three steals. So he only had 51 fantasy points. It's an aberration. 39 actual points scored. Speaker 1 00:16:04 It's an aberration though. He's Yeah, I mean seven rebounds a game on the other Speaker 0 00:16:08 That's saying like if he gave you his general average stat line with the fi with the 39 points, he went for 70. Right. So Speaker 1 00:16:14 Do you think that, do you think that's any correlation to Rob will getting the, getting a bump? Speaker 0 00:16:19 Yeah, I mean he only played what, 22 minutes though? I mean it wasn't crazy in that game. Speaker 1 00:16:23 Yeah, I think he had a, didn't he have a double double in that game? Yeah. 15 15 15 rebound Speaker 0 00:16:27 <laugh>. Yeah, no, definitely gonna matter. Definitely gonna matter. This is a, this is an interesting spot cuz the something's lost of the Clippers in la um, on their West coast swing. So a little bit of re a redemption opportunity for them here, plus George and Leonard, you know, tough matchup, Speaker 1 00:16:42 Right? True. Both healthy. Yeah. So, Speaker 0 00:16:44 Yep. Uh, where else he go in top shooting guard? Speaker 1 00:16:48 Look, Donald Mitchell's been bad, but like the matchup is so good. He went for 41 actual against them earlier in the year 52 fantasy points. The price continues to, I think sit pretty comfortably. I, I could see myself getting to out of a Mitchell if I'm building fair and balance. I think it would be hard if you were playing Luca to get Luca and Mitchell. Like, I think that's not like the best pairing, but if you're fading Luca, um, I think Mitchell's fine for a fair and balanced lineup. Uh, Paul George, you know, we're seeing the, the remnants of Kauai's presence I think with Paul George. 42 fantasy points last game. And I think we're gonna see that a lot more often than we see the sixties. Don't love Rossier. Um, even with Ure out, like the shot attempts were there, but there was really nothing else. Lum Melo just really just dominates the ball and plums on the glass and Hayward, it's back to playing a bunch of minutes. Yep. I, I don't love, like Bain I think is too expensive for the minutes that he is playing and granted we don't know if that if he wouldn't play 30 minutes, those first two games, their first three, he's been in the blood all three games Yeah. That he's played. So like maybe he would be playing 30 Speaker 0 00:17:56 Minutes. He's just not hitting his shots. Speaker 1 00:17:58 I, but he's not making sh any shots. Um, and then I again spurs, Nick's just gonna be Chalk Central if Vall plays and like Kel were to sit, I love Devel. I think Devel would be one of the best Speaker 0 00:18:11 Places to sit. I thought for sure Kelvin was gonna sit last game and they didn't. He played so Speaker 1 00:18:14 Same, you cannot trust the Spurs. Speaker 0 00:18:16 They were on a back toback. Everybody was listed questionable and they were on a back toback and pop play them all. So until Speaker 1 00:18:22 We know, until we know the starting lineup. Yeah. Anything is like literally Speaker 0 00:18:26 Any, I'm not trusting anything true, true hip hop's there. I'm Speaker 1 00:18:29 Not trust his name. True, true. And then, well one of, they're just gonna, he's gonna run off the floor, his shoe's gonna break and then he's gonna be like, he's gonna, oh, I twisted my ankle while I was tying my shoe. It's like, oh pop. Okay dude, no problem. Speaker 0 00:18:40 Um, Stanley Green's been playing pretty well again, we talked about him a lot. Again, Dallas not the greatest of Match jokes, but Green's, you know, went for 40 against him. So tournaments. Yep. Uh, quitting Grims is 5,600 man, I mean oof. 48 fantasy points. 33 actual, uh, $500 bump. You know, he's generally been sitting in that mid twenties range. I don't think we can trust him to take 25 shots again. No. So I, I, I don't know, feels expensive. Too expensive for me. Speaker 1 00:19:09 I mean he's taken double digit shot attempts in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 games, six games total. Five games prior. Like maybe it's the RJ Barrett effect, right? Maybe there's no Barrett May, you know what, how about this. It's probably a play if Brunson is also out. Sure. Cause they just need him to shoot. Speaker 0 00:19:30 Yeah, I mean he could, I mean he could certainly take more shots with, with Barrett off the floor. Just, you know, that that was such a, it was a double, the shot attempts we're used to seeing him, uh, take there. Uh, any other value, I guess guards for you? Shooting guards 5k under um, Speaker 1 00:19:48 Hardaway Field. A little too expensive. 58. Um, Dylan Brooks looks awful with Desmond Bain back and just looks awful in general. Um, Gary Trent looked really good. I think Trent would be interesting if Van sits, van Vallee sits Yeah, 49 hundreds. A pretty good price. We know how, um, quickly he can fill it up. Derek White's still playing a bunch of minutes still. 30, 30, 33 the last three games, you know, 24, 25, 32 fancy points. Speaker 0 00:20:19 It's, it's weird cuz against the Clippers can only play 15 minutes in that game, you know? Speaker 1 00:20:23 Yeah. It's just, it's maybe it's just like this Gar the Celtic guards are just like a stay away because you don't know when it's gonna be abroad tonight anymore. You don't know Speaker 0 00:20:32 Gonna a white night. Speaker 1 00:20:33 You don't Yeah. Outside of smart. Um, I don't, I mean like you mentioned, uh, Malachi Braham if, um, anyone's out for San Antonio. Other than that I don't You mentioned Miles McBride 30. Speaker 0 00:20:47 Yeah. Randy only even played nine minutes in that game, so Speaker 1 00:20:49 Yeah, he's yeah, they hate him. No, I don't even think it was, I don't think he's played since like beginning December. Speaker 0 00:20:55 Oh, was that not even that game? I was like yeah, 12 three. Yeah. He didn't even get on the floor. Yeah, that's that's rough, rough look for, for a cam ranch. He was starting and playing 30 minutes for like a month and then he was just Speaker 1 00:21:05 Completely, they need to trade him. They need to trade him. Speaker 0 00:21:08 Uh, small Ford, uh, JT here at ten three sixteen, three to last four, uh, does have that Paul George qu Leonard matchup. So, uh, you know, could be tough, uh, guard up against him. Same like we've been loving K Leonard at, at 78. Yep. Um, you went for 47 famous points in that game against Boston. You play Leonard here against the Celtics. Speaker 1 00:21:28 Yeah, man, he just didn't shoot the ball well last time out. Um, and I, I was sad cause I had him at 5% ownership, played the most minutes, he's played all year, had great numbers peripherally, seven rebounds, eight assists. Imagine you get like 20 something points from Kauai like he has done his whole career. Yeah. I mean talking 50 fancy points. So, um, yeah, I think again, Kauai's a nine k plus player, mid nine Ks, uh, low tens when he is like going at his peak. No reason not to think that he can't continuously put up 6, 7, 8 x numbers at at this price. I I don't think there's gonna be many slates moving forward that he takes 12 shots a game. Um, I know he is done it in two of three, but I think he's much better than than that. And, and we saw a couple games against Philly a couple games ago against Philly where he starts 28. We saw it against Boston already. Um, I love quoi under ak. All I'm gonna say every slate KO eight K is, is too Speaker 0 00:22:29 Key. Well it's gotten into Scotty Barnes the last two games, 48 and 48 fantasy points 28, 25 and 10 17, 12 and eight. Speaker 1 00:22:37 Uh, and his price is going down <laugh>. Oh, I don't know. He is the most unreliable fantasy asset I think I've ever seen. Speaker 0 00:22:47 Van bleeds out. He plays point guard though, right? Speaker 1 00:22:50 Yeah, probably. Um, they've been playing Malachi Flynn a bunch. Okay. So he's been playing I think 24 plus minutes, like every game. Um, not a lot of fantasy value and that's why I didn't mention him. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:23:02 Um, at least he hasn't flashed it up late. But, uh, yeah, Barnes could, Barnes could see himself handling the ball. I don't know. It, it's cheaper than we've seen him in a while and, and that's definitely a consideration. The rebounds are nice. We know he's a good passer and it's nice to see him contributing on the defensive end because that's what he was drafted as. Yeah. He was defense drafted as a defensive stalwart. Um, so yeah, I mean I could get behind Scotty Barnes and, and og. I think they're both in the same light. They're both solid tournament plays, especially at Van Town. Okay. Speaker 0 00:23:34 Um, if Uber is out, Hayward at six K is pretty nice. Speaker 1 00:23:37 Yeah. Not a lot of just Lam Melo. Look at this Lim Melo effect. Speaker 0 00:23:42 I know Speaker 1 00:23:43 It's the Lim Melo effect through and through. Like this guy Hayward's a very good passer. Not really contributing, I mean doing fine in the passing game. Very good score. Not really scoring, you know, so. Yep. He's you're, you're right. It is, it should be a bump without Speaker 0 00:24:02 See, can always sell Hardaway in there for NCE Houston. Just kind of as a, a guy that can score there. Um, anything on Dort or Jalen Williams for you? Speaker 1 00:24:11 I mean, Jalen Williams broke the slate the other day. Yep. And he was in every winning lineup. I saw Speaker 0 00:24:16 4,500 bucks went for 36 fantasy points. Speaker 1 00:24:19 Yeah. And you've been mentioning it like I Speaker 0 00:24:21 Have. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:24:21 The, the shot attempts are pretty consistent right now. The minutes are consistent. Dort played 20 minutes last game and, and so very hard to trust again. I'm telling you right now, I think moving forward maybe every so often there's gonna be like a thunder value play that we like. Um, especially with now Poku down their front court's gonna be abysmal. Like we Speaker 0 00:24:44 We sky on for the double double, you know? Speaker 1 00:24:46 Yeah. It's just like, it's like what do you, what do you trust there? MU's gonna play 12 minutes tonight and Baisley is gonna play like 30. But I think really it's like sga Giddy Williams for me. Yeah. Um, because they're just the three that are reliably are playing minutes. I mean, you have to go back to December 10th for the last time Jaylen Williams didn't play 30 minutes and he played 29. Great. So, um, he's been consistent with the minutes, the scoring's up and if he's gonna continue to rebound this way, um, he has, he has a nice ceiling. So, um, uh, I I'd get behind some Jaylen Williams especially cuz Charlotte stinks. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:25:21 Yep. I agree with you. There. Uh, value at this position for you Speaker 1 00:25:25 <laugh>? Uh, I don't think it exists. If Eric Gordon were to sit, which it's injury maintenance, so Speaker 0 00:25:32 We got a, uh, Jahan Tate questionable to play today by the way. Upgrade. Ugh. Speaker 1 00:25:36 God Speaker 0 00:25:37 Could be back. That's jhan ate. That's a nightmare. Be Speaker 1 00:25:39 Back. That's a nightmare. Um, I do you see value because like I'm struggling to find it, um, like Ken Rich is gonna play 20 minutes because they're, they just do that. But again, it just talked about it very hard. You know what, uh, if there's no Uber at Jaylen McDaniels, he played 26 minutes last game. Um, 12 seven and 3 26 fantasy points. He's, he's okay. And, and you mentioned Joshua Richardson earlier, Speaker 0 00:26:07 But, and nor Norm's been good off the bench, he's just definitely Ari a boom bust play there. Speaker 1 00:26:13 He's, I don't, I just don't know why he's so like, he's like kind of too expensive because I played him in Detroit, um, thinking Detroit's the worst defensive union in basketball. Um, there was no Kauai in that game and he still only played 22 minutes. So is Teran Lo just gonna settle Norm into 22 to 24 minutes? I Speaker 0 00:26:35 Think they're gonna keep him as their sixth man and, and go from there. Speaker 1 00:26:38 So yeah, like it's a, he's very good at scoring in limited time, but if he doesn't score, I mean he's cooked. So Speaker 0 00:26:49 I'm with you. I'm with you. Uh, power forward, uh, si as we mentioned, uh, not playing center anymore, right? They got him, they got him down there playing forward. Speaker 1 00:26:59 No, no, he started center again. Moved them Speaker 0 00:27:01 Back. Figures. Of Speaker 1 00:27:02 Course they, sorry, it's under Speaker 0 00:27:03 Ian. Of course they did. Anyway. 68, 76, 52, 57. Um, I mean, it's a mismatch or is it not a mismatch? I guess if Steven Adams is out there, because we saw last year when, uh, Memphis played, who was it? Um, Minnesota. Was it, they took, they just took Steven Adams off the floor, right? Speaker 1 00:27:23 They just played. Yeah. They could just play Jar Jackson or Brandon Clark. Speaker 0 00:27:26 Right. Cause he, because they, they couldn't be his, uh, he couldn't defend a crimper. Well, so, uh, yeah, maybe Sacrum's in a good spot here. I mean he plays 40 minutes a night no matter what, so, Speaker 1 00:27:35 And he's staying outta a foul trouble. Knocks on wood. Yeah. Been staying in foul trouble. Speaker 0 00:27:40 Uh, Randall's you mentioned he's 95, uh, 52 58. 58 60. So, uh, he's definitely paying it off and now no Barrett. So, Speaker 1 00:27:49 And maybe no Brunson. I mean if there's no Brunson as well, like Speaker 0 00:27:55 His assist upside probably goes up a little bit. Speaker 1 00:27:58 Yep. Every lineup in the world. Okay. Every single lineup in the world is going Speaker 0 00:28:04 Start Randall over San Antonio is your play. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:28:06 That's true. Every lineup in the world is gonna start Luca quickly. Randall and then probably Miles McBride as like a punt that is like every lineup Speaker 0 00:28:15 Across. So Luca and Randall give you 47 5 a player. So, Speaker 1 00:28:19 And then quickly goes to five and then when you put quickly it's 47. Yeah. But then the McBride being 32 because then, then they just have to play McBride. Speaker 0 00:28:28 Yeah, it's like 5,200 probably if you use McBride. Speaker 1 00:28:30 50 50. Yeah. 5,100. So like I'm telling you right now, if Ronson is ruled out, those four players are in every lineup. Yeah, probably. That's your, that's the start of your cash build. That's the start of everyone's tournament build. Um, I would honestly, I just quickly maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe if Bronson's out, maybe consider Derek Gross. Maybe. Maybe, Speaker 0 00:28:53 Maybe, Speaker 1 00:28:53 Maybe. Yes. Maybe, maybe possibly. Speaker 0 00:28:56 Um, Christian Wood revenge game against Houston here Speaker 1 00:28:59 You thought? Yeah. Yep. Yep. I Christian Wood seems like a spiteful s o b <laugh> doesn't he? He see, even though he was very not revenge worthy last game. Yeah. Two for six against then uh, what did he do in that first match? We must had a big game. Speaker 0 00:29:15 Probably came off the bench. Speaker 1 00:29:16 <laugh>. Uh, yeah, he hit, took 22 shots in 31 minutes. He had 26 8, 3 1 1 45 fancy points. So yeah, we, we know it's in the bag. Speaker 0 00:29:26 Definitely, definitely doable there for sure. Um, see you can always go Jackson in tournaments. Speaker 1 00:29:32 Oh, he's such a nightmare right now. I know. He is such a nightmare. Speaker 0 00:29:36 You can go, you can touch upon it. Um, the other value play is gotta be whoever is the, the front court play for O kc. Yep. Speaker 1 00:29:43 Um, probably it's Speaker 0 00:29:45 Gotta be Baley, right? Speaker 1 00:29:47 <laugh> John you say that, you say Dude O KC could do anything. They could start SGA a at center. So they Speaker 0 00:29:58 Re they recall the Jaylen Williams today. But I have to think that's just for depth, right? Like <laugh>, Speaker 1 00:30:06 You, you assuming anything, anyone, assuming anything about the Thunder Front Court got it wrong. Even when po even when there were full strength, even when there was an injury and there was a clear cut roll for Poku. Didn't matter, didn't matter. Luck, Speaker 0 00:30:21 Musca Luck and Baisley split the time. I guess they both played 21, 22 minutes in that game. Speaker 1 00:30:28 Yep, sure did. I'm telling you there is no clear cut answer. Baisley is gonna be popular guarantee it. We're gonna look at ownership when we get it and it's gonna say, oh, Darius Baisley, 40% owned on a, on a six game slate at three K. Um, because the thunder are down. So many people, anytime you're gonna start, they're gonna start like Amma Yuri who they've started a couple times is your Eugene Amma. Yuri, yeah. Um, not that he plays, he'll play like 21 minutes or whatever, but that's what's gonna happen. So I, yeah, there, there's obviously value there because there's no Poku Shefsky and there's no, um, j e but has Speaker 0 00:31:06 Poku missed time this year? He has, Speaker 1 00:31:08 Right? Yeah. Poku missed time earlier Speaker 0 00:31:10 He played when Poku was out, assuming j e was out as well. Speaker 1 00:31:15 I think Barry was, I feel like j e was in, um, we'll go to the game last year. We'll go to the game logs. So he missed time on 11. He missed, he missed three games. Um, a 10 point loss to the Knicks where j r e played 21 minutes. Uh, Baisley played 18 minutes. Amma Yuri played 14 minutes. So Speaker 0 00:31:43 What about on, uh, let's see here, uh, December 14th, Hoku played eight minutes in that game. Who, who got the run Speaker 1 00:31:52 December 14th, uh, verse Miami Hoku played eight minutes. Um, they ba uh, Baisley played 30 minutes. He started and played 30. They did not play a deep rotation whatsoever. Aaron Wiggins and Isaiah Joe were the only ones off the bench that played 10 minutes. More than 10 minutes. Okay. So that is, that is a rare, that seems very rare. But Baley did play 30, he had 12, 5, 2, 1 and one. Speaker 0 00:32:22 If, if Baisley starts, I will trusts. Speaker 1 00:32:27 Yeah, he's gonna be pretty popular. Speaker 0 00:32:28 Trust Baisley here. Speaker 1 00:32:29 Um, um, earlier in the year, as I continue to look, the other game Poku missed against Detroit. Jerry once again, healthy only played 15 minutes though. Um, Osman Dang played 20, Baisley played 20. So Paisley's pretty much played 17 to 30 minutes. Okay. With Poku Limited or out, those are a four in a three game sample. Here's the final one. 14 point loss in Milwaukee. Uh, basically played 20 minutes. So Baley is anywhere from 17 to 30 minutes when, um, pka Chef C's been out, but also Jerry's been in all those games. Yeah. And Jerry's been playing 15 minutes, so Baley could be fine. He's three K, right? Yeah. We just know, like, like you said, Musca has 35 fantasy points last game. It's like if Speaker 0 00:33:27 Yep. Yep. And they called us and they called Aldo Jaylen Williams as well. Uh, he played, uh, 1217 was the last time he played a 15 minutes st against Memphis and he had 17 fantasy points. So yeah, it's gonna be interesting to see how they move that rotation around. That is Speaker 1 00:33:47 Great. I love it. Sure, sure. I mean at least, at least we've pretty much settled in on what, 20 minutes for Baisley. It seems that way is like, is like the, is like somewhere between 17 to 25. Like at at three K, that's more than fine. Sure. Speaker 0 00:34:05 Uh, Speaker 1 00:34:05 Jeremy, Jeremy Sohan Speaker 0 00:34:06 48. I just say Sohan at 48. Um, did, did <laugh>. I played the five and a half rebounds in the day against <inaudible>. He gets five, he goes for nine, nine and nine around him. Man. Like what, what's uh, uh, that's just, that's just the life we have right now, Speaker 1 00:34:22 Right? Yeah. That is the life we have right now. Speaker 0 00:34:24 I don't know if I'd go re his rebound prop tonight with Mitch, Rob and Randall around him, Speaker 1 00:34:28 But yeah, no, and, and a and a and a out of foul trouble Mitch Rob these days. Yeah. And like Randall just being a machine, Speaker 0 00:34:34 But so hands look good dude. So Speaker 1 00:34:36 Hands yes. Good. He has, he's looked like the lottery pick. They took him us. Yeah, for Speaker 0 00:34:39 Sure. Yeah, definitely the 4,800 bucks price bump, big price pump there for him there. So, um, you know, they've been playing with Tomb a lot of minutes. Um Yep. And he is got Boston here. You know, Clark could be interesting if they don't play Adams a lot in this matchup. Speaker 1 00:34:54 Just dude, he's just like the Brandon Clark. Just like the volatility, but like the such high ceiling, such a low floor just always in play. Speaker 0 00:35:04 Speaking of sleep breakers, Jabari Smith against Dallas, three nights going for 45 fancy points. Speaker 1 00:35:10 Hmm. 5K too. Do you think, um, Jay, Sean Tate would've any impact on Jabari Smith or do you think Jabari Smith is just safe for like 28 plus minutes? Speaker 0 00:35:18 Um, he might be safe. He, you know, he Adams a double double that first game against some 30 minutes, uh, 10 points, nine boards, two blocks use three of 10 shooting. So, um, Speaker 1 00:35:30 Yeah, Dallas down probably their two best. I Speaker 0 00:35:33 Don't see, I don't see Houston, you know, taking 10 and Speaker 1 00:35:37 A half point Speaker 0 00:35:37 Their number two pick for j Sean. Speaker 1 00:35:39 So Yeah, that's fair. Also, Dallas's down their two best, like Finn Smith and Clea are probably their two best insurer defenders too. Yeah. So Speaker 0 00:35:47 Yeah, I think Jabari's an interesting tournament player here tonight. Speaker 1 00:35:50 Agreed. I agree. Speaker 0 00:35:51 Uh, I got nothing else though. Speaker 1 00:35:53 I mean it's always like, give me 20 minutes of Caleb and we can, you know, big things can happen, but possibly, yeah, 29 then 19 and 13 minutes. So like Speaker 0 00:36:05 Not Speaker 1 00:36:05 Great. I I, I would, I would if playing multiple lineups I would like Kevin Love, but Speaker 0 00:36:10 Okay. Uh, center spot again, we've talked, see Acumen Wood, Jared Jackson talked about Miles Turner, Jared, Allen, Dave run up against one another here. Um, Alan went, uh, did not have a good game against Turner the first time. 38 minutes, only 16 fantasy points. Uh, Turner against Cleveland had 28 fantasy points, so nothing great there. Uh, she goon against Dallas for 41. He went for 53 against Chicago and then he Goose egged us here against Boston. Speaker 1 00:36:36 Dude, what the f like it's just we're we went into that like yes, I understand. I'm fully aware how good Boston can be and like with Rob Williams, it's obviously game-changing interior defense, but like three shots. Yeah. And 22 minutes is just, Speaker 0 00:36:57 They didn't even try to score with them. They were just so afraid. <laugh> like, they Speaker 1 00:37:00 Were like, Paul Silas should be thrown in jail for giving him 22 minutes. Like he should be jailed. He's coming off like the best three game stretch of his career and they're just like, you know what, let's not play you tonight. Yep. Unbelievable. Speaker 0 00:37:14 Tough spot, but, uh, better spot against, uh, Christian Wood here, so. Yep, sure. Definitely go back. Uh, I always say plums in play, but I mean like, Speaker 1 00:37:22 He's been good <laugh>, Speaker 0 00:37:23 He's been, he's been good. We don't know who's gonna play Center for the Thunder. Uh, don't love the four shot attempts, you know, again, that's just, uh, he was, he's never a high volume shooter anyways, so, no. Um, yeah, maybe he gets a few more there. It'd be nice if we could hit some free throws as well. But, uh, steel's in Forest Street, we know we can give you a couple of assists. He's definitely gonna rebound the basketball. Um, and this is a plus matchup for center, so, um, I don't, I don't hate Plum Dog there all there. Uh, and then Miro, uh, against San Antonio. I'm gonna, he, he, he might be the number one center on the board today truthfully, so. Speaker 1 00:38:00 Yep. Yeah, the Knicks, I'm the Knicks are gonna be so popular. Nicks are going to be so, so popular. Um, Speaker 0 00:38:06 I mean 45 and 47 fantasy points the last two games, uh, you know, the 45 pointer came against Philly <laugh>. Indeed. So, um, obviously the overtime game helped him get 36 minutes there, but still 2016, I mean dude Bees and the file, oh, you mentioned the files hasn't had more than three files since December 11th. So Speaker 1 00:38:27 Yeah, that's, I mean that's impressive. It's been his mo that and on the inability to stay healthy have been like the two things just h hurting him all the time. This, this tier from, from, let's just say Plumley, maybe we could throw Shingu in there down is so interesting because hurdles minutes on the rise. Yeah. I don't hate the spot. Miros been dominant. ZX Zac has been freaking crazy lately. Um, he's been dominant. Zach Collins has been really good off the bench for San Antonio. We talked about Smith. We talked about Clark and then you get to Rob Williams and you're like, holy shit, if Rob Williams gets 24 minutes, he could go for 50. Speaker 0 00:39:13 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:39:16 And who's to say he doesn't get 24 minutes here is the, the minutes or, Speaker 0 00:39:19 I mean, he played 22 against a pacer, so it's within the range of possibility here. Uh, yeah, I I think, I think Rob Williams is probably a guy we're gonna need to put in our lineup today just for some value, so. Speaker 1 00:39:29 Yep. Especially cuz I think, I think you, you're probably in like locks up with me with the Knicks. We're probably gonna go Randall and if we don't go Randall, we're definitely going Bronson. Speaker 0 00:39:40 Yeah, I mean I already have Luka Randall and I just plugged Rob Williams into our lineup. It's $4,800 a player, so. Speaker 1 00:39:45 Okay. And alright, well I I don't think we need to really dip below. You can obviously if you want to lose money you can play Musca. Um, the, the Hornets. I will say John, they took Mark Williams, I believe he was their first round pick this year. Yeah, Speaker 0 00:40:03 They did. Speaker 1 00:40:04 Yeah. And uh, Nick Richards is still out the Hornets play their backup center a lot. Um, Mark Williams 22 and 16 fantasy points, the last two slates, you've talked about it all year. OKCs struggles. I know Char like Charlotte is still the premier spot cuz Mason Plumley is still alive. Yeah. Um, but OKC you've talked about a lot too. Like OKCs Friend court stinks. Mark Williams 3,200. Speaker 0 00:40:29 Yeah. He's an interesting pun play. I guess like it, Speaker 1 00:40:34 I, if there's foul trouble for Plumley, Speaker 0 00:40:36 It's like, yeah, I guess, like I said, it's just so hard. I hate relying on the fact that Mark, like Mark Williams could play 15 minutes and do nothing. Right? Yep. Like that's agreed. Speaker 1 00:40:44 I Speaker 0 00:40:44 Agree. Um, I, I know I've seen some lineups in our discord over the last couple days there with Mark Williams cuz you know, um, as it a punt play Speaker 1 00:40:53 And Nick Richards was playing like Nick Richard's plays like a bunch of minutes Yeah. Every night and he's not there. So I just, just a you're right, you're a hundred percent correct where it's like, it's a Speaker 0 00:41:04 Low, it's a low floor play. Speaker 1 00:41:06 Very low Speaker 0 00:41:06 Floor. Um, I would rather do, I would take whomever starts for O KC over Mark Williams. I think so. Speaker 1 00:41:11 Okay. That's fair. Speaker 0 00:41:13 Um, all right, so I got Luca Randall Williams at 4,800. I wanna put Jabbari in this line up here at 5k. Speaker 1 00:41:19 I think I was gonna say play Baisley, even though I don't, I'm very like Speaker 0 00:41:22 I'll do Baisley. Speaker 1 00:41:23 Baley can go hesitant to do, hesitant to do so, but 50. Yeah, we don't have to worry about like eight 30 is the last game tonight, John. Ugh. Glorious. It'll be the say will be done before Thursday night Speaker 0 00:41:34 Football. Yep, that's true. Um, all right, so with Luca Randall, Rob Will, Jabari Smith, Darius Baisley, that's $5,400 a player for a shooting guard, a small Ford and a guard here. And you want it quickly? Speaker 1 00:41:47 Uh, well I think, I think quickly he's gonna play well. Speaker 0 00:41:50 We both want quickly I should say. So Speaker 1 00:41:52 Let's gonna play regardless. Right? Speaker 0 00:41:53 Just throw on you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So $5,600 small forward in a guard. Did you want to go McBride? Speaker 1 00:42:01 No. Okay. Speaker 0 00:42:02 <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:42:03 Jalen Williams is 5k. Speaker 0 00:42:05 How do Jalen Williams? We like him. We Speaker 1 00:42:07 Like Jalen. And then that gives us, Speaker 0 00:42:09 Uh, $6,200 guard. Speaker 1 00:42:11 6,200 Guard Trade Jones. Trey Jones. Yep. We're lock lockstep right there. Speaker 0 00:42:16 We just quit grinds and run, run for Stack <laugh>. Um, no trade runs is good. All right. That's it, Luca. Quickly, Jalen Williams, Julius Randall, Rob Williams, Trey Jones, Jabari Smith, Darius Baisley, uh, gives you $300 left over. If you wanted to play Mark Williams, he could over, over Baisley get the cash to do it there. Uh, playbook today, believe Ray Koon, I think is on the playbook for Thursday. Slate. Uh, could be wrong, could be Kirky, could be Dylan. I know it's not me or you that that's, Speaker 1 00:42:44 Nope, not me or Speaker 0 00:42:45 <laugh>. Uh, so one of those three will be on the playbook here today. Uh, we'll be in the Discord though if you have any questions and we will catch you guys later.

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